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HERALD tT) NEWS. JULY 23, 1903.
S well expanded. He uses his lungs ta
heir fullest cpty. People in ordin
ary to not use tnucn over Halt their lung
i-omes inert, ana oucrsa piepaiea grounu
jor the attack of the germi of con sum p.
ion. There is no need to warn people
oi me Ganger ot
consumption, but
warning li con
ilantly needed not
to neglect the first
symptoms of dis
eased lungs.
Dr. Pierce's Cold.
en Medical Discov
ery cures obstinate
coughs, bronchitis,
bleeding lungs,
and ofber condi
tions which, if
neglected or un
skilfully treated,
find a fatal termi
nation in consump
tion, it is entire
ly free from opi
tea and narcotics.
About tlf Tr,n
afro I waa taken with
a nad eouph. vomiting
and tfiiting Hjri
whim Mr It J. Rtb.
inaoq. of Spring Gar
den. W. Va. f tried
many remedies: notrt.
injt seemed to help ni
uirjf It. fierce s Ouiiim
Mr cw teemed to be almost
Doctura pronounced it ulcer oi
I commenced
Mliri U.acovery. Alter saint ten bottle and
: jr viaiaof bit ' rieaaant Peilets.' 1 commenced
iu one
rif iunea. I m tick nearly two year part ol
:,t fme hedfart Waa given up to die ry all.
I ttv-'ht H would he trutKiaalble for nt to live
, rrr ritjhl at one time. I naven't ipit any blood
.. m fjr more than twelve months, and worked
. o fie farm all tummer. U waa lr,
psctce a medianea that cured Bi."
Accept no substitute for "Golden Med-
ficsl Ihscovery." There ts nothing "just
Its giHxl for diseases of the stomach,
i The "Medical Adviser," in paper cov
Isrs, is sent free on receipt of at one-cent
Humps to pay for mailing only. Address
L V. Pierce, Buualo, N. Y.
f. e. Dubois,
Randolph, Vt.
Do you want a
Pass Hook,
Record Book,
Time Book,
Day Book,
Ledger, S. E.
or other kind of
or D. E.
Blank Book?
If so, don't fail to visit the
Buck Printing Co.
W Early Risers
The famous little pill.
Geoboia White, Local Editor.
Lest In ths Teat. ,
Now in m.'lat oi aurenifr plt.ai.ur,, '
Lrf-aviiia: all Ta-a.i.,n j,.v
Her- and Oi.iv ihr bf r Kitnr
i"el Ai.tl ,..u, .iri luiirtU'if
With a auUiiu-r aeii... a siriirt
Ttlt Vlvil!- rt-all
All tttr arrirf aii.l tntiulau.-n
U hi, a await tht-m in tti fall.
And 1 1- 'II uiu lu Hie lvturt-a
Of iutruri.ir tr-im awav.
Filling Dotf i ka full ..t n-i-Jom
tin lli- t...u a .if Ittt- .lav ;
And they'll -tu-lr lut'tlKp.U," oipthod-.
H'.w t'i oiaki. a 'uiimi cr laru
Th'iirb b'a t jiimiiy .u.iertiii;
fc.tiue aurh tiilw.-mlW turn.
But, au. ' lf lijclitful tlinirlra
flil..in lar a .iiijl m'-'fi
iulie.1, prrhapi, l.v .,u, amall nn hin
lu the curt of une ftr?ua.
James Walker of Barre aa In town aov
eral days last week.
H. H. Goodwin went to Rutland
and. staid over Sunday.
Judire John Watson ot Montpelier was
in town briefly baturday.
Hon. Wm. II. DllKoia went tn Hnulnn
Tuesday on a business trip.
Mrs. Otis Dumaa is passing the week in
Lruanou, N. H., and vtoodalock.
fr. and Mrs. C. J. Humriil wer in
White liiver Junction over Hundsy.
Charles B. Chedel of PitUfield wss a
guettt at '. W. MeColloiu's over hunday.
M iss Grace Binith of SnrlnirfleM ia A ninir
uuiiiiaj room work si toe tauaoipn Jan.
Mr. and Mrs. James Morgan of Lock
port. N. VM snent Friday w ith Miaa t'elia
Miss Kose Cooper came home Haturdav
from a two weeks' visit in Cabot and
Mrs. C. E. Eniflihh and son, Kalph.
were re-ent visitors st Ctiarles Thurston's,
leaving; Friday.
Mrs. J. E. Eldredge returned Friday
irom monin s stay wiio uvr brother in
Paw tucket, li. I.
Miaa Winnifred Briiri?s of Somervllle.
Maa., wss the s-uest of Mrs. M. E. Grand
er last Thursday.
Mrs. F. O. Wells of Greenfield. Msm-
was the guest of Miss Mary Howard Fri
day aud Saturday ot laa. week.
A. F. Lamb, m hose marble business is
overleaping county boundaries, was in
Ludlow Friday to set a monument.
Mrs. William Barnes of White River
Junction is w ith Mr. snd Mrs. K. F. TU-
sjq for two weeks, coming haturday.
J. U. Msnn, who bad been at his store
in Odemthurgh for a month, returned
laat Thursday for tht haying season.
Lawrence Iubey, who has been w-orktng
for Charles Hlodifett. was taken to Ur.
UifTord s sanitarium rriday fur treatment.
Mrs. L. J. Paige of Burlington and
granddaughter, Lylah Dutton, are visiting
relatives in this vicinity for two or three
Mrs. John F. Mead is entertaining a
college classmate. Miss Elizabeth . Vt ebb
Ballard of Lies Moines, la., who arrived
Saturday. v
Mrs. Emma Co! eon and daughter, Ber
nice, returned to Burlington Monday aft
er spending a week with Mr. and Mrs. 8.
P. Lelaud.
Mrs. Ids Mann and Miss Beatrice are
with Mrs. Mann's parents, Mr. and Mrs.
Alden Boyce. in West Brookfleld for two
or three weeks.
There will be special communication
ot Whitney chapter. No. 6, K. A. M., at
Masonic hall Mondsy evening, July 27.
Work on the M. E. M. degree.
Homer Kainey went Monday to Proctor,
where he hat a position as civil engineer
in the construction of the new reservoir
tor the Vermont Marble company.
Dr. and Mrs, W. B. Msyo ot Northfleld,
who were taking a carriage trip to Koch
ester, Pitutield and Woodstock, stopped
at the Randolph inn last inursaay nutui.
.Mr. and Mrs. Calvin Oake of Jackson
ville, Flu., arrived last Thursday on a visit
to Mrs. A. A. Smith, leaving Saturday for
Williston, where they are to spend some
Mrs. A. F. Grover and daughter, Cna,
returned to their home in Lawrence,
Mat., Friday, after spending three weeks
with Mrs. Grover's sister, Mrs. N. C.
Mrs. George fparhawk is at Dr. G. E. E.
Sparnaw k's in Burlington, her she went
last haturdsv, accompanied by Misa M.
Blanche Sparhawk, who remained over
Mrs. Mary Crain of Grand Rapids,
Mich., arrived Friday morning and ia
staying with Mrs. Anna Adams w bile tak
ing' osteopsthic treatment ot Dr. H. 11.
Miss Gertrude Pelaney is spending two
weeks with her grandmother in Burling
ton, to which place her father, John De
laney, accompanied her Saturday and re
mained over Sunday.
Mrs. Wslter Brown of Holyoke, Msss.,
is visiting her father, John Hatch. Her
cousin, Mrs. Charles Psrker of Spring
field. Mss., who came with her, left Fri
day for Dan bury, N. H.
Sirs. Henry King ot Woodstock, who
waa called here bv the death of her sister-in-law,
.Mrs. Forrest Burke, went away
Friday. Mr. King, who also came, left
the Wednesday before.
The reported sale of land above B. G.
Bass' mill bv H. P. Riford to t he firm of
Marcott 4 Hayes is incorrect, Marcott
Haves having only purchased the spruce
and old growth of hard wood lumber on
the lot.
Dr. and Mrs. George Cheney went to
White Kiver Junction Saturday to stay
over Sunday with Mrs. Cheney's sister and
i... ...., .4 Me and Mrs. Leonard Wheeler,
sud from there returned to their home in
St. Johnsbury.
O. U. Slack has expended over pw late
ly in shingling and painting his farm
buildings, new fencing and other repaira,
to the marked improvement of his place,
which is now one of the tidiest in this
prosperous-looking fsrming region.
Mrs D. F. Lewis, who is convalescing
from a nervous disorder ot the stomsch,
from which she has been suffering this j
summer, has gone to Boston to spend two
or inree weeks with her sons. Fred and
truest, who are living in that city.
Mrs. K. U. W right and rhilrlren nf Rn-
ton. who have been visiting Mrs. Wright's
TnnrKur f k: ti7-:.-. i
' 1 - iiji'u r tt rigoi, in i.msi
Randolph, are now w ith Mrs. J. C. Austin
on rish hill, who slso entertsined Mrs.
ixyuiour Wright oue day ht.l wtxtk.
Rev. Homer White went to Burlington
yesterday to officiate at the marriage of
.usuti si. .mix ol that city to Ford K
Bingham of Bristol. Some twenty-live
years ago, Mr. White married the bride's
parents at Lnosburg, where he was then
C. H. Whiteomb, who suffered shock
affecting the right side four weeks ago at
the home ot his sister, Mrs. N. W. McCol
loin, hsd recovered sufficiently Tuesday to
o to his home in Roxbury, Msss.. with
rs. Whiteomb. who waa called hare bv
bis serious illness.
Walter C. Woodward came od from Bos
ton last week and acted as best man at the
wedding of a college friend, Harley K.
Willard, now professor in Ken von college,
Gambier, Ohio, who was married in East
Barnard last Thursday to M as Leona
Alice, daughter of Mr. aud Mrs. Owen
Adams of that place.
Dr. L. M. Greene of Bethel and Dr. F.
E. Steele of Montpelier were here last
Thursday and discharged Mra. Mary
Blood from the Waterbury asylum, find
ing her so well after a two months' fur
lough from the institution tnat they
deemed it unnecessary for her to return.
She is being cared for by her son and his
wife, Mr. and Mrs. N. C. Greene.
G. H. Slack has arranged the program
for grange meeting Saturday night and it
will take the form of a mock session ol
the slate legislature. If anyone has a bill
they would like to have introduced, they
will please leave it with Clarence S. Booth
at the Randolph Telephone Exchange be
fore next Saturday noon. There is im
portant business to be transacted, so the
grange win commence promptly at seven
An item in the Northfleld News Tuesday
of last week states that Evan Evans was
badly burned the Thursday before in an
accident ot a peculiar character. His au
tomobile, in which he was travelling,
broke down a short distance beyond St.
Johnsbury. and in repairing it bis hands
and part oi bis clothing were covered with
gasoline. When he tried to light the gas
oline Jet to start up, the flame caught the
gasolene on bis handa and clothing, and
be was badly burned before be was able to
extinguish it. Soon alter the accident
Mr. Evans took the machine into St.
Johnsbury and sold it.
Royal F. White was the victim of a pe
culiar accident Friday in which he came
near losing his bead while retaining his
iresence of mind. He was draw ing hay
into A. B. Tew ksbury's barn and w hue he
was standing on the barn floor and reach
ing in between the cart and the barn to
pick up the scattered bay, the horses
started and the hay rack caught him un
der the right ear, crushing his bead
against the nartition of the barn. Fortu
nately, the horses stopped as suddenly as
they had started, and Mr, White came out
of tin dangerous situation with no worse
injuries tlisn severe bruises, but he hasn't
been a subject for photography since.
George B. Chase of Bethel will present
his special company in the amusing com
edy. A Gilded Youth," in DuBois A
Gsy's hall tomorrow evening for the bene
Hu'of the Green Mountain band of this
place, which in purchasing its new uni
forms contracted a debt that it is hoped
the proceeds of this entertainment will
liquidate. The piece is in three acta and ia
cast as follows: Sammy Gilder, a gilded
youth, George B. Chase: Col. Culpepper,
fiery old fury, James L. O'Neil; Moses
Margin, much misunderstood, Louis P.
Booth; Aunt Sadie, no older than she
looks, Pauline Reed; Sadie, the bone ot
contention, Eva Gay. The play is artisti
cally staged under the supervision of Mr.
O'Neil and has a picked company to pre
sent it. It won tte highest prsise of a dis
criminating audience in Bethel and ia
strongly recommended as something
worth seeing. The company plays in
Brookfleld tonight.
The Times-Herald of Mason City, Iowa,
under date of July 3, contains the follow
ing account of the marriage of Hubert E.
Smith, a native of Braintree who was
graduated from the Randolph High school
in the clasa ot 'W and waa in the class ot
3at Dartmouth college with several of
the Randolph boys:
"A quiet home wedding took place the
evening of July 2 at the home ot the
bride's parents, "Sir. and Mrs. A. C. Griffin,
on West State street in Mason City. The
occasion was the marriage of Sliss Nettie
Griffin to Mr. Hubert E. Smith of Los An
geles, California. Rev. Parsons of the
Baptist church performed the ceremony,
which took place promptly at eight
"To the strains of the wedding march,
played bv Sliss Olive Sullivan of Sheffield,
the" couple moved to their place in the
large double arch windows in the west
parlor. This window was beautifully
trimmed with roses arranged in heart
shape and entwined about the windows.
The house was beautifully decorated
throughout with roses, and the dining
room with smilax and carnationa, which
encircled the chandeliers, and hung from
the ceiling. Throughout the ceremony
and while the newly married couple w-ere
receiving the congratulations ot their
friends and relatives, Miss Olive Sullivsn
rendered some very pretty piano selections.
'The bride was beautifully gowned in
cream silk tissue and the groom was in
evening dress. The bride is a well-known
young lady of this city and has hosts of
friends here who tender them their con
gratulations and wish them the best of
success in their new life. They left on
their wedding trip to St. Paul, Slmneapo
lis, lake Minnetonka and other Minneso
ta roints that evening." ,
For several years Air. Smith has lived in
Boston and Los Angeles, Cal., engaged in
real estate business, but proposes to re
main for the present in Iowa, of which
Mrs. Smith's people are prominent citi
zens. ,. '
Mr. Smith has two brothers living in
vrm,mt lieore-e C. Smith of Brookfleld
and Carson A. Smith, SI. D., of Weston.
Miss Slattie M. Harding is working at
C. N. Gore a.
A party ot 28 enjoyed day at Fairlee
lake Saturday.
Mrs. Dr. Moore is visiting at the home
of John II. Moore.
Ja:ncs S. Morrill Bpent Thursday with
irienas in snaron.
Sir. Ackerman of Ver shire was in town
Thursday on business.
The Misses Chandler and guests spent
neanesaay in nanover.
Hsviland Stevenson of Boston is a guest
si . .m. listen s residence.
Mr. w ardner of ew ork city was a
recent guest of James S. Morrill.
r.c. Avery and N. r. Morrill spent a
tew days at Fairlee lake last week.
Sliss Christine Beyerle ot West Lebanon
was a recent guest at SI iss Hatch's.
Raymond H. Delano of Walt ham, Mass.,
ia visiting his uncle, A. K. Kittredge.
Sirs. F. C. Avery of Athol. Slass.,
arrived in town Saturday for the summer.
George R. Beyerle of West Lebanon, N.
H., was in town last week tuning pianos.
Sirs. Wm. P. Stone and daughter. Mar
jory, are visiting relatives in Lyme, N. H.
Sirs. Hiram Clogston of Vershire has
been visiting friends in town the past
Sirs. Elwvn Young of Randolph has
been visiting at the Strafford House for a
week. ,
Sirs. Frank Perry and daughter. Mar
jory, of Burlington are guests at the Straf
ford House.
Sirs. Harry Hoyt and two children of
Burlington arrived last week at Sirs. Si.
A. Alexander's.
Sliss Mabel King of Union Village has
been the guest the past week at the home
of F. H. Harding.
Roland Lew in and Sliss Slinnie Brown
ot Hanover, N. H., were guests at Wm. P.
Stone's Saturday.
Curtis K. Currier left town last week
for his new employment at Sargent's hotel
in West Lebanon,
Sirs. F. R. Jenks and son, Richmond,
returned Thursday from a month's visit
at Pawtucket, R. I.
There was a social dance given at the
Tow n hall Slonday evening by the young
people, which was much enjoyed.
Chsrles Webster had the great misfor
tune to have his residence on Carpenter
hill burn to the ground last Slonday.
All ladles interested In the local work
of the L. B. C. are requested to meet at the
Town hall Friday afternoon tor work,
F. C. Avery, accompanied by Sir. and
Sirs. C. F. Avery and it. D. Slorrill, went
to their cottage at Fairlee lake Saturday.
Sir. and Sirs. L. L. Cdall go into camp
at Fairlee lake this week and are accom
panied by their son, W. 8. Cdall ot Ches
ter. Sirs. Emma Aldrich, Sirs. F. E. Pushes
and son, Fred Pushee, of Schenectady, N.
Y., arrived Slonday as guests at L. C.
Mr. and Sirs. Fred B. Hazelton and
daughters of Waverley, Slass., arrived Sat
urday evening at the home of Sirs. A. SI.
Mrs. K. A. Mother is assisting at Sirs.
J. H. Moore's during the absence of Sirs.
Blanche Kendall, who is home on account
ot illness.
Sirs. Wm. Lory and two children, who
nave oeen visiiing irieuua in tuvtu. cu
Thursday for their home in White River
The L. B. C. gave a lawn oarty on the
grounds of Dea. N. B. Cobb Friday after
noon, which proved a most pleasant social
affair. About a hundred were in attend
ance and the net proceeds from the ice
cream and cake on sale amounted to fU.
The Old Home Week association met
Tuesday evening at the Town hall and
voted to observe the week. The following
officers were elected : President, Wm. R.
Sanborn: vice presidents, J. W. Tyson, Jr.,
and Edmund Mclntyre; aecretary. Sirs.
E. SI. F. Chandler; treasurer. Dr. Seth C.
Chandler; executive committee, S. B.
Buell, H. L. Hatch, Wm. H. Kendall,
James 8. Slorrill and George SI. Moore.
There is to be an entertainment at the
Town ball this evening under the auspices
the Ladies' Benevolent Circle. The pro
gram will consist of readings and whist
ling solos by Sliss SI. Blanche Townsend
of Chelsea, a tenor solo by L. C. Hazelton
of Omaha, Neb., a bass solo by Rev. B. T.
Marshall of Scarborough-on-Hudson, a
Suartet by Mrs. F. C. Avery, Sirs. F. R.
enksand Messrs. Hazelton and Marshall,
a piano solo by Sliss Hatch and vocal
duet by Sirs. Jenks and Mr. Hazelton.
All are cordially invited.
Jim Dumpt asserted, "Toe ranch meat
In aumraer causes too much heat.
What shall we eat all summer long
That, without meat, shall keep ns strong;,
And in the best of summer trim t
Why, Force,' of course," laughed " Sunny
The Beadjr.toJsrre Cereal
the strength of meat
without the heat
Eacludes Chops svrtd Steevka.
) " 'Force' la a regular breakfast food In
my family to the exclusion ot steaks or ch
the old standard. . A. Gamut a.
W 13
Dissolves and swiftly removes
, stone snd gravel (red and s hite)
from the Kidneys snd H!adler,
thus relieving tlie paiuof Klilney
V Colic and avoiding the sunreim's
Snita. caiura PoivennirrvriHa
the formation of nric acid In ths
Wood and correcta those condi
tions of the Momarh which pro
duce tiout poisoning and Hueu
niauaoi. Cai-civa solvent Is
Dr. David Kennedy's
, New Medicine
It expels g all stones, (rives health to ths Liver and
cures bilious colic snd conttipation. Dr. Dsvid
Kennedy said of it, "Cal-curs Solvent Is the outcome
of my long experience as a Phvnician and gurceon
and I conauler It the greatest schievement of my life."
Writs to the Cal-cure Company, Kennedy Row,
Rrmdout, N. Y., for a free sample botus. Largs
bottles ll.Ort. All drngrlsts.
Remember : Only one Dr.Dsvid Kennedy ever lived
in Kondont, City of Kington, K. Y and be anre yoa
fret bis rww and In feat medicine, Cal-cara Solvent,
For the Kidneys,
Liver and Blood. IV
Of either variety sent to
anyone sending name and
0 1 M DT P adre' 10 Berry-HallCo.,
uAIilrLil Burlington, Vt.
BERRY-HALL CO., Burlington, Vt.
Famous tea. of oue of New England',
oldest tea houses. Incomparably rare,
dainty flavors. Scrupulously free from
dust or adulteration. In exqiusite, air
proof packages. If you've been drinking
just ordinary tea, why not give to your
tea-drinking a new meaning and delight
by trying Gold Star. At best grocers.
One Second-Hand Steam Boiler and
Engine attached, suitable for running an Ensilage Cutter
or Sawing Machine. Less than Half A'alue. One Buffalo
Blacksmith's Forge, 11, as good as new, at a
Some New Cultivators just arrived.
sJT. .jr. Trerise,
Randolph, Vt.
N. S. Johnson wUl hold his '.OTth'
Combination Sale, Saturday,
AUGUST 20th,
at his aale stable. West Lebanon, N.
H. This sale will consist of 70 head
ot horses, varying in weight from
900 to 1400 lbs. each. We sell to the
highest bidder with our warrant,
giving you a trial, therefore making
this the most reliable stable in New
England to buy horsea at auction
or private sale. Horsea constantly
on hand for aale or exchange.
Harness, new and second-hand,
Carriages, Hurreys, Koad Wagon,
and Farm Wagons: Mowing Ma
chines and Horse Hakes for this sale
also other farming tools. Property
sold on consignment. Auctions the
third Saturday of everv month.
N.S. Johnson's sale and exchange stable,
XTVcmt Xsebanon, 3NT. XT., - Auction. Saturday. July -18
The Best 5-Cent Cigar Going.
Made by 0. C.JAYL0R & CO.. Burlington, Vt.
Sold by All Live Dealers EVERYWHERE.
. .. . i i i. 3 ; -i i. Uant In a Vioon c exl or f rH ffnTTl
a. a m isr x-r Eacll 0110 OI lliese items is oi a wauieu, seasonauio aoi t; oaix "ou v,-ww.w.
J (JaSTT I E N 1 i ti iVl a different stock, and the price so reduced that it cannot fail but impress youas being a
veritable bargain. In each lot advertised the quantity is limited, we state just what the quantity is. While the lot lasts the reduced prices win
hold good, but tiy to get the first pick.
"9 pairs of soft Canton Summer Blankets
'"U double-bed eize; the honest worth of
60 cts.
th blankets is 75c; they
be gold, per pair,
10 dozen white Huck Towels, size l?s30.
Thee towels are hemmed ready for use.
c limit the quantity to 6 towels to a ciib-'f'mi-r.
They are worth 15c.
e offer them at VVeloa.
9..n vskIh of Silk Ginjfhauis, new designs
and colorings in stripes. The regular retail
I .rive of the- goods is 50c; 9 Cc
IhU lot tvillle sold t .IJlperyd.
2. white nd colored Wash Skirts made
intuit t.vle. perfect in hang and tit;
regular retail price 1.23 to 8X50; choose
from this lot t$lto$2.50 each.
25 AVah Waists made of good jiercale or
cambric; excellent patterns, actually worth
50c to 1.50; thee now at
4oc to $1.10.
25 dainty sheer lawn White Waists, pret
tily tucked and embroidery trimmed, new
est collar and sleeve, regular price $1.00 10
75c to $2.25.
5 dozen woaiens fast Black Stockings
full fashioned, high spliced heels and dou
ble toes; the year-round price of these stock
ings is 25c; pick from them ft
at a w
per pr.
5 dozen women's thin White Jersey Rib
bed Vets, ribbon trimmed around neck,
low nec k, regular price 20c, C.
during this sale J
10 dozen black Socks, fast black and
seamless, a good summer weight. The
are 25c socks; you may choose from them at
per pair.
An assorted lot of women's Stock Collars
made in the newest designs; these collar
are worth, in a regular way, from 37c to 50o
each. You can choose any collar in the
bunch for 25C

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