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Adj. ran in nil su pnpor.
ll.ir. ! " lnK'' time, pro rata,
State of Vermont.
Border the
Sparkling Lakes of Maine.
hk Al THY, happv homea at low coat; prtfe
-iVr Ion-ream, ruit, vrneuble. dairy. tMlc
r ..,.ulirr; local creamT.-, carmine twlrvt
3 i ifai'iuriiiK twna and putmur board t-ra make
?m rh mark!; early value of canned corn,
, rui-eed a,MWl,0uu; county ships over
' (Mtti worth of ittoe each year; thoufuiiuls
i i'tntu. of milk, butter and pwwl cream- t-hipped
t .nihlr; rtl cheeked apples have tnade iiiHny
fa rmera wean ny . Mwtrv t na fig,w,wv
In Main every tumiufr by touriMt; no
no malaria, uo negroes, no deatrmtlve
rliarnnriK aceuery, abundance wuo.1 and
titr: now la Tour opiort unity to s-eure
n-'wtive farma, Improved wub coinfortal.le
i.jiHink't.. near railroad, a boi.la churchea and
'r !Mli Yankee nHcnbora, at A to 0 an acre;
,lu"irHt"I liMt rf lou bargain 1 to lOuo acres, with
r. iul l information of our auila, products, inar-
Umuie, eic. ir.
'it, i'
Last Call Listen !
In reply to many who have aked,
say my last visit to Randolph
i Randolph Inn) for a short time will
!,e .Saturday, August 1. You have
li.fO thinking of calling on me about
vour eyes. Do so before I visit my
other points. 8avo time and money
this week. Watch tnis upace for my
Graduate Optician,
Randolph Center, Vt.
if n.n want the beat rrattlt In derel. jdna? out
i r lo trativfB u' O. K Ie,l.per. flneM on
r h all on local dealer, if be d..ei D"t have it
r, I tnkf "notni-l Uinif iut a frvd" but arnd
rr t t.. me; 10 . U ct bv ncol.
W. K. OKAHAM, I'ti-'t -rMhfa, Bethel, Vt.
I miTienoed young women t the
Northampton, (Max.1 Insane Hospital
I'lrainiiiit; school fur nurses. Apply to Ir.
j J. A. Houston, Kupl., staling gv, weight,
'ihcifht, eduction, present ami previous
if occuistlons. Send recommendations.
Male and Female Attendants Wanted
;u Taunton Insane) Hospital. Taunton,
I Miss. W aires of male attendant flrat !
Sinn months, fJO per month; wattes of
fltmsle attendants, 15 per month. Ad-vn-e
in waves niay be expected if service
I ;i wti.fsctory.
Ladies and Cents!
j WEPAYri2PEKl'11CASH ,or cl'y
letters at home during spare time,
l.verything fufnlshed. (Send stamp for
I; artieulars. MONARCH SUPPLY CO.,
I 8U. 3, Worcester, Mass.
t A new and complete circular sawmill.
rapseitr ten to fifteen thousand per day,
or will take of reonaiDie parties a nul
lum feet or more U saw. lor particulars
J. L. DERWAY, Burlington, t.
Ytmnir mn to lam ahorthaml at th n?t
-.if h.TthantI in rin-.nt. ur mtiuair
i witifrfd hII ver NfW hniund ami ara n-'H-
tn Htiitoim, to many of which thf hnv
I. ht-l.f hr ihf iw hti, Thr iti aoari'ity
ttn-KrHihtra f.r th a;..vrniiint arvh-.
nn- ant ir-t r-a1r. A.t.lra, Walter R- iavn
n. l'rnu Moniirlir Seminary, Mout-
''r, Vt.
A Bargain.
Business for sale at f 100. Hay, Grain,
losland Wood. Furniture moving and
impressing. Four first-class teams always
lisy. Owner eoina west. 20 minuites'
de from Boston on electrics. C. 8. Smith,
"2 Msin 8t So. Medford, Mass.
Camera Free.
To lntr.toe our Vale Cmen. we will enit
' nit-ra .no utni in rarrvintf re niiiiiH . .n.
J m. rn. 1-1 .1.. ilrT pbns.l kK. ilvl.. er.l (kt.
I'"-1 1'ktr. Unin imwiler. fikK rul'.v .iier,t
? K-r i.,rr. I until Ills' frame, tr.r n.l ! "1
-1ru ton rur . SI liill. i prli e nMiall.r ' oulfll )
f H'lw luiio. AiMres. P.O. Box. 31 blralforil.Ct.
Your Real Estate.
1 'U It nan.elf. Oar monthtr T. . Ke! Ent
V nal will iihow jrou how Klvlnif to. Ihe s.l-
,.( c,,h IniTers ml eichsnKers Sil nvej
A nrnu one year'. uhorlpll"U, tl 00. '!
f -'n.il,,n aci.l mile price. The Ural Journal
2 hpi maT make tr aave Too many tollara In
3 'l iuif "t wi-lltna Haniple Journal tt renta earn.
J 8. kKAL EBTATK JOI KSAL, M Hunae Block,
P n. X. V.
Building materials.
I hv f,, .. it,. Sum, aforkft of a.inth
Slfin to tie founil In the alale, eonIMtnir ol
" ' lion nnj l..nB leaf varlellea. Hoorlnn irom
v --') .rr M. to Ihe Terr l-t sll-henrl. rlll
": I'rilln. from S16.0U per M. up. Plain sn.l
' ni, .,1 raafnir s Inrve K'k of mouWHiT In
V " "mm..n aivlea and iiea Inolo.llnir ele trloal
f. "' ""m nioultlinaa. All a-r.lerfee.lar shlnirlea
i'.m 1 75 .vr M. to the lt that the market
I' :. Ijnh,clain..r.l, h M pine fl.rlnn.auit
f l.,r, u0, , (.. W. P. HfBBABU,
I to. K. yalum, Vt. Telephone People'a Uue.
Poultry Alive.
Highest cash price paid for liens and
H. E. REED. yorthOld, Vf
-.'""tanrant an.l Lnneh for ante. Haa a rood Ire
' ;r"-am an. tra.le: no N.anlera; e S10.U00
'-.ir tinnlneM; oiiwwite Irit; the only rea
larani in Hum. a cltr of lO.wiO. Alwaya run I'T
'' ",,'nl proprietor, f hla la a..methln(t that yon
, Una on the market everv ilny. Write or
,L O. J. H aWKS. Barre, Vt.
SEIF TJllirUT 1 " ""P'1' eene
IHUUnl. throuirh neKleot yon have
, f.irjroiien hat yon om-e
V,"' ah.Hit arithmetK, Pr.rf. BnKenlerK-
M-tli.l re.iuirra no teacher. 1M PKe;
Pi'TI?'- "eat t.k eTer pul.hhet. GEO. A.
r ., KR' Pul Koiu 618, IS 6. tb, 8U Louia, Mo.
-"Ul'ilshad 1.76.
. Elective., shrewd, reliable men wanted
u rj locality for profitable secret ser-
. - Experience unnecessary. Write
Tiean Detective Association, Indian-
New Cond.naed and R. written
for Our Reader.
an. . . .
a uarre woman ouiecteu to paym?
a ioll tas that had letn levied against
ner Dy minute of the assessors.
Judge Henrv C. Ide. who is aneml
ins me sum mer at hi old home iu St.
Johnsbury, ia to return to Manila at
the end ot his six months' leave of ab
sence. He will leave St. Johnsbury
aixjui, Atisr. id, .-ailing irom San irau-
tiscoon the Coptic, Aug. 1
A despatch Irom the navy depart
ment at Washiiiirton received in Lur
linjrton the 2id savs : "Command
ant San Juan cables necessary to send
Paymaster Auld north. Able to travel
in two weeks. Another operation im
perative. Climatic conditions against
One man killed while in a state of
beastly intoxication, 12 arrested lor
drunkenness or disturbance of the
peace and the arrest of a circus em
ploye lor collecting pay of boys and
ettingthem crawl under the tent to
see the circus were the results of cir
cus day in Kutland, July 22.
The funeral party accomtianvin the
remains ot the Hon. S. L. Griilith of
Iauby lett San Diego, Cal., for Ver
mont July 2j. They expect to reach
home on Saturday, the first day ot
August. The funeral will be held in
bauby at the Cong'l church on Tues
day, August 4. at two o'clock In the
afternoon. Services were held at the
winter residence ot Mr. Griilith, "The
Palms," July 24. There was a large
attendance of friends and a magniil
ceut display of flowers.
The engagement of Miss Alma
Wright ot Castleton to Mason S. Stone
of Montpelier has been made public.
Miss Wright is the only daughter of
Prof. Kusecll M. Wright, at oue time
at the head of the Castleton seminary
and later at the head ot a school in
Ka.-thampten, Mass. She is one ot
the most popular young women in the
place. Mr. Stone was for several
years state superintendent of educa
tion and for two years was at the head
of a department of educational work
In the Philippines, lie returned irom
that country only a few weeks ago
It is not understood that the marriage
will take place tit present.
During the electrical storm of July
21. lightning strucK me nay Darn oi j.
D. Walker near the detiot in Ver
pennes. ripping oil' a few shingles. In
Mlduleburv Perry liingham's house
wa struck, the bolt coming withiu
lew leet of the baby in its cradle
Fred Marseilles of that place had
valuable horse killed in the barn, and
a Mr. Kirby lost a cow that was out in
the pasture. Three horses were
struck and killed in Lincoln, a house
in Bristol had the paper burned off the
walls, and the wires from which the
pictures hung melted. A man out in
the garden picking potato bugs had
bis pail knocked out oi nis nana.
A verv severe wind and electrical
storm passed over Nortbfield July 22
the weather bureau records showing
a wind velocltv ol 40 miles per bour,
The rain fell in sheets and was blown
bvthe wiud with such velocity that
inuin etriL-inn- hnil. lines or OhieCtS
cave a report like musketry, the old
t. II. Ellis granite shed, a building 100
bv 3;t leet, was blown nan over. air.
K'llis estimates the loss at fl.WO.
Crops were laid flat and the damage
to them Is considered very heavy.
Numerous shade trees were blown
over and many limbs taken .'rotn otb
prs nn.i In some places the roads were
badlv washed out. Telephone and tel
esrra'ph service was atiected.
A severe wind storm with rain,, al
most reaching the dimensions ot a tor
nado, struck in the vicinity and with
particular lorce at Koxbury on
Wednesday afternoon, the 22d, about
4:;W o'clock, and lasted for several
minutes. The old red Ellis stone shed
u raised from its foundation on one
toil nml a space ot about two feet re
mains between the shed and founda
tion at the present time. Corn was
i.i.wn down In the fields and the
streets were strewn with broken
bl anches and small trees which were
unable to withstand the force of the
wimi. In I.ieut.-Goveruor Stanton's
vnr,i tree of eiirht inches in diameter
wa blown down, having been broken
ten feet from the grouud.
The patrolmen of Rutland have been
reaping a rich harvest under the fee
system for the past few months. Fig
ures secured Irom the city clerk show
that the regular members of the police
force made the following amounts iu
fees between June 1 and July 20, out
side of their regular salary of ?.0 per
month : Chief E. H. I.awson, y.ii;
Thomas C. El worth, $73: John lau
cuav, f 112; John P. Cliflbrd, $51;
!i,.V,ooi MnnnonTh. S.W: Ornn It.
p.L-or.1 s7r total. ?;U7. Some of
the members of the board of aldermen
will make an attempt to do away with
the fee system, but it is not believed
that thev can do anything, the lees
bein"" paid according to state law, but
tbevwill probably investigate charges
which have been made that the patrol
men make unnecessary arrests lor the
sake of getting the fees.
rhrW Humphries and Smith Nor
ton of Wells risked their lives to save
. rt.irt ilntf 1 flfi IJOo
lit'. if a dncr OUO tfaV. "e
lilt lit V v w-s .
had in some manner gone part wav
down the ataost perpeudirular side of
a mountain and had reached a prouwt
inffrock from which he could neither
SKip nor down. The rock was so
small that the dog could not even lie
down and there lie staid and howled
for nearlv five days without food or
water. Finally Humphries and or
lon decided to try to climb down he
side of the mountain
canine, although it was so steep that a
sSeemisstepg would have meant in
slant death to either ol them, luey
nSnaJed lo reach the dog and then
sorted back up with him One would
climb a few feet and the other woum
hand him the dog. Then the second
man would climb a few leet and take
the ""ing nd so on.
t rue. a Cold In On. Day.
each box. 25c.
Joseph Bennett, a Waterbury farm
er, tried to commit suicide, July 22,
by taking a dose ot strychnine. He
had been iu very poor health for some
time anu euner uesponaency or insan
ity is given as the cause ot the deed.
Mrs. Kalph Hopkins of Cabot was
quite severely injured July 22 by being
thrown from a horse rake. She tried
to drive through a bar way and the
horse stepped one side, catching one
rake wheel on the bar post. The
horse became frightened and ran,
throwing Mrs. Hopkins from the rake,
breaking her nose, dislocating her
shoulder and bruising her generally.
Mrs. Benjamin Howland and son,
who reside east of the village ol Bran-
dun, were injured in the severe elec
tric storm July 22. Mrs. Howland
and her son were returning from the
woods where they had been after
berries, when the lightning struck a
large tree near them, rendering Mrs.
Howland unconscious lor some time.
The boy was severely burned on oue
The two-vear-old daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. Edward Smith of Middlebury
came near meeting with a fatal acci
dent July 21. While the mother of
the child "was mopping, the child was
left in an adjoining room and the
mother stepped out for a moment.
During the time, the child got into the
room and was walking backwards and
fell into the pail of scalding hot water.
The child was seriously burned on the
John Nicholson ot Barre, a young
man aged 22 years and unmarried,
was instantly killed at 11 a. m., .July
25 by tailing litteen leet from a brid
to rocks in the bed of a brook. The
accident happened In the town of Bar
re, near Woodbury farm. Nicholson
was on bis way to the city and it is
said was Intoxicated. The water In
the brook was not more than ten inch'
es deep. W hen picked up, the man
was already dead, a big gash ou the
top ol the head telling the story.
A shocking accident occurred at the
railroad station ot Waterbury at 4:23
in., July 21, when John C. Sween
ey, conductor or the w uite .Mountain
passenger train between Burlington
and Montpelier. in attempting to
board bis train which he had lust sig
nalled to start, misjudged the railing
which he usually 'grasped in getting
on the car and went down between the
coach and the parlor car, the wheels
of the latter passing over his right
loot, crushing and mangling it so bad
ly that amputation just above the
ankle was necessary. He died the
same night at St. Albans, lollowingthe
William A. Riley of Ludlow, who
went to Rutland to see the circus, was
instantly killed on a sidetrack in the
railroad yards and his body mangled
in the most horrible shape. He was
seen shortly before the accident in a
badly intoxicated condition and It Is
supposed either laid down on the bank
and rolled under the cars or crawled
under the cars and went to sleep. An
engiue was attached to the cars to
move them and it was not noticed that
Kiley was under them. His body was
draffffed some distance and finally de-'
railed the car it was under, which led
to iu discovery.
H. O. Edson. one of the prominent
residents ot Rutland, met instant
death July 22 while In a barn lor shel
ter from a severe storm. He had gone
to "The Notch," about four miles out
side the city, in company with his
brother, Alonzo Edson. for berries. A
severe storm came up and the men
went Into the barn nearby lor shelter.
After waiting some time H. O. Edson
stepped out of the door to see what the
went her was. Just then a heavy bolt
ot lightning came and struck him dead
and rendered his brother unconscion.
When Alonzo Edson regained his
senses he started to a neighbor's lor
While at work digging a ditch lately
Eliab Bolton of Chester was Diirieu
about four feet deep with solid earth
by one side ol the ditch caving in, and
it was fully 30 minutes before the
workmen could find him by shoveling.
Mr. Bolton was working alone at the
time, and l. O. inner, wno nappeueu
to come along and, knowing that Bol
ton was in the ditch at work a lew
minutes before, gave the alarm. , hen
found. Mr. Bolton was in a standing
position and in the net of lifting a
shovelful of dirt, and was thought to
be dead. After he was released he
wa taken to his home, and at last ac
counts was apparently all right. Mr.
Bolton is 75 years old and lor 17 years
of his life he was a sailor.
The mill of the Stark Taper Co. in
Shaltsbury, which was burned July
13, Is to be rebuilt as soon as possioiu.
Charles E. Welling, the senior member
of the company, is m the norm pan
of the state purchasing the lumber
which could not be procured there as
the lumbermen In that section have all
the orders, mostly from abroad, that
they can fill.
The P. Brusa Co. ot INorthtieid.
workers in monumental and statuary
granite, has just completed a monu
ment of light Barre granite, with rock
face, having dimensions as follows:
Four feet six iuches, by three feet, by
two leet, which bears on the obverse
in letters six inches in height, three
fourths raised, in a sunken panel, the
word "Sampson," and on the reverse,
n letters three Inches high, tnree-
fourths raised, also in sunken ranel.
the words, "Hear Admiral vt imam
Thomas Sampson, L nited Mates .ay,
February 9. March 6, 1102."
The stone weigns iour ions anu i
modest piece of work to mark me
grave ot the distinguished aumirai.
The monument has been shipped to
Washington, 1. C, where It will be
set in the National cemetery.
No Falsa Claims.
The proprietors of Foley's Honey and
Tar do not advertise this as a "sure cure
for consumption. - ineyoonot cimiu .v
iii enre this dread complaint in advanced
cases, but do positively assert that it will
cure in the earner stages ana never iu
eive comfort and relief in the worst cases.
Folev'e Honey and Tar ia without doubt
the greatest throat and lung remedy. Ke
fuse substitutes. Drew Leonsrd, Ran
dolph; Wm. J. Fargo, Kandolph Center.
C. S. Kimball's meat market at
Northfleld was entered on the night
of the 2lst and the cash register con
taining 40 cents abstracted. The post-
itice was also burglarized. ihe
amount taken there is not stated.
II. C. Gilbert of Waterbury. who
had been convicted In Montpelier city
court ol furnishing Intoxicating liquor
to a habitual drunkard, was sentenced
July 22 to not less than three months
and not more than three months and
six davs in the house of correction at
Rutland. Mr. Gilbert was the first
man to be convicted in the Montpelier
city court for furnishing under the li
cense law. Charles Childs of More
town and James Turner of Morrisville
were also convicted of a similar offense
and received a like sentence. All
were taken to Rutland.
William Wright was In Barre city
court July 20 on the charge ol bur
glary, it being alleged that he had
been stealing liquor from the store
house of the Aqua Pura company for a
week or more. When arrested ,V right
was in a bad state of intoxication
Being arraigned he waived examina
tion and was bound over to county
court, bail being fixed at $500. He
was placed in the county jail as he
was unable to furnish the amount
The police say that Wright was of I
peculiar philanthropic turn In that he
took the stulf and then made a divis
ion among his Irlends. '
A Montpelier woman horsewhipped
another at the corner ol state and Alain
streets In the heart ot the city Satur
day night, July 18. She grabbed the
whip out of the socket as a carriage
containing a female occupant was
driving bv, and applied it with such
vigor over the head and shoulders of
the person in the carriage that the
latter cried with pain. The noise ol
the whip frightened the horse so that
It pulled the woman away from the
blows rained down on her. The irate
female then gripped the whip in her
hand and made her escape before she
could be Identified. The affair hap
pened at 9 o'clock and was witnessed
by a dozen men who were standing on
the street corner, but it was over be
fore they realized what was taking
The bouse of I'liited States District
Attorney J. L. Martin in Brattleboro
was burglarized July 23 and a gold
watch valued at $ 10 and a clock worth
$4 were stolen. The watch was the
property ot Mr. Martin's daughter,
Margaret, and the clock belonged to
Margaret's sister, Helen. Both articles
were on bureaus in different rooms
upstairs. When Miss Helen weut to
her room at 3 :3o o'clock her clock was
missing, and a search throughout the
house failed to reveal It. When Miss
Margaret went to her room she found
that her watch had disappeared. The
girl who is employed in the family
said that during a heavy rain In the
forenoon she saw three women on the
piazza. They looked like peddlers
and she supposed they were on the
piazza to get out of the rain. During
that time all the members ot the fam
ily were away.
Frank H. Porter of Middletown
Sprinsrs. who was arrested at that
place, June 4, on a warraut charging
him with larceny and placed in the
house of correction, where he had
since been confined, was arraigned
liefore City Judge Willis M. Ross of
Rutland at the house of correction
July 21 at his own request. He plead
ed guilty to the charge of grand lar
ceny and was sentenced to serve not
more than IH or less than 12 months In
the house of correction. Porter's wife,
who was arrested with him. charged
with the same crime. Is still contiued
at the house of correction, and It is
probable that nothing will be done
with her case until "the September
term of the county court. The crime
for which Porter was arrested was the
stealing of several hundreds of dollars'
worth of goods of all descriptions
from the Moutvert hotel, the thett be
ing committed during the winter
months while the hotel was closed.
,itr tXS
w - ss- v,i . -. .v 4
1 life" Sy i
Catarrh of th. Stomach.
When the stomach is overloaded; when
food is taken into it that fails to digest, it
decays and inflames the mucous mem
brane, exposing the nerves, and causes the
glands to secret mucin, instead of the
natural juices of digestion. This is called
Catarrh of the Stomach. For years I suf
fered with Catarrh of the Stomach, caused
by indigestion. Doctors and medicines
failed to benefit trie until t used Kodol
Uvspepeia Cure. J. R. Rhea, Coppell, Ten.
Sold by O. M. Miller, Bethel; M. J. Sar
gent, So. Koyalton.
Over-Work Weakens
Your Kidneys.
Unhealthy Kidneys Make Impure Blood.
All the blood In your body passes through
your kidneys once every three minutes.
1 ne Kianeyi are your
blood purifiers, they fil
ter out the waste or
impurities in the blood.
If they are sick or out
of order, they fail to do
their work.
Pains, achesanflrheu
matism come from ex
cess cf uric acid in the
bleed, due to rerlected
kidney trouble.
Kidney trouble causes quick or unsteady
heart beats, and makes one feel as though
they had heart trouble, because the heart is
over-working in pumping thick, kidney
poisoned blood through veins and arteries.
It used to be considered that only urinary
troubles were to be traced to the kidneys,
but now modern science proves that nearly
II constitutional diseases have their begin
ning In kidney trouble.
If you are sick you can make no mistake
by first doctoring your kidneys. The mild
and the extraordinary effect of Dr. Kilmer's
Swamp-Root, the great kidr.ey remedy is
soon realized. It stands the highest for Its
wonderful cures cf the most distressing cases
nl l aM nn It merits G'- .v"
by all druggists in fifty
cent and one-dollar siz
es. You may have a
sample bottle by mail Ban of -unpfc.
free, also pamphlet telling you how to find
out If you have kidney cr bladder trouble.
Mention this paper when writing Dr. Kilmer
& Co.. Binghamton, N. Y.
Don't make anv mistake, hot remember
the name, Swamp-Root, Dr. Kilmer'.
Swamp-Koot.and the adiireas,Binghaojton,
Y., on every bottle.
Ovarian Troubl
and two terrible operations avoided. Mrs.
Emmons and Mrs. Coleman each tell
how they were saved by the use of
Lydia E. Pinkham s Vegetable Compound.
"Dear Mrs. Pixkham: I am so rtWand u-ith thn monita .tn!na,i
from Lydia 11 lMnkham's Vi 'iretnlilfl 'jiiiiimiiiii1 flint T f.jl If a Hi, tie
and a privilege to write you about it
"I suffered for more thaa five years with ovarian troubles, caus
ing an unpleasant discharge, a great weakness, and at times a faintness
Would come over ine which no amount nf inwlirtn. r1i..r nr .v.,r.ica
seemed to correct Your Vegetable Compound found the weak spot,
however, within a few weeks ami saved me from an op-rutlon
all my troubles hud disappeared, and I found myself once more healthy
and welL Words fail to describe the real, true, gTatfful feeling that u
iu my heart, and I want to tell every sick and 6unerinir pis tor. Ion't
dally with medicines you know nothing about, hut take Lydia E. lMnk
ham's Vegetable Compound, and take my word for it, you will 1 a
different woman ta a ehort time," Jlrta. Lacka Emmons, Walker
Yllle, Out
Another Case of Ovarian Trouble
Cured Without an Operation.
"Dear Mbsl Pinkham: For several years I
was troubled with ovarian trouble and a painful
and inlianiod condition, which kept me in bed part
oi the time. I did so dread a surgical operation.
" I tried different remedies hoping to get U tter,
but nothing seemed to bring relief until a friend
who hod been cured of ovarian trouble, through
the use of your compound, induced me to try it. I
took it faithfully for throe months, and at the end I
of that time was glad to find that I was a well
woman. Health u nature's liest gift to woman.
and if you lose it and can have it restored
through Lydia E. Hnkhnm's Vegetable Com
pound I feel that all suffering women should
know of this." Mrs. Lat.-ra Ueli.e Cole
man, Commercial Hotel, Nashville, Term.
It is well to rememembor such letters as above when ame drupp-lst triea
to get you to buy something which he says Is " Just as good " That is impos
sible, as no other medicine has such a record of cures as Lydia E. Pink
ham s egotable Compound J accept no other and you will be glad.
Don't hettitAto to wrlto to Mrs. Plnkliam If there Is anything
about your sickness you do not understand. She will treat you
with kindness and her advice Is free. No woman ever rcirrotted
writing her and she has IicIikmI thousands. Address Lynn, Mass.
FORFEIT if ounntrt forthwith prodnwthoriirln1 and IffnMarw tf
U.m UK.mwhiMU, ulutU will itot thfir txio.ute Bt-nuinenemi. .
Lfdi C i'iiikhaiu MeUiuia Cu Lynn, Miti
At N. 8. Jobnon, Bale mn Exchaitfr
fllahle tf you are tn nrrnl ol a front! hor(
ramafre, b a mens, or In fat anything la
thr line o( horn or h " furniahinira.
W buy direct from thm manufacturer
anl can aave you money. Giva ua a call.
V ball boltl our ltwtu
Combination Sale, Saturday,
AUGUST 15th,
Homea aoM to fh hlKhent bliMvr and
erery bora warranted exactly aa we rep
resent It. Should any borne fall to com
up to our frunmntee. return It before;
four o'clock tbe Monday followinv the
an le and your money will be ready foryoo.
In no cae will njteed or welicht be guar
anteed; neither do we guarantee horaea
ajrainat "icknena, accident or death. 4
New and aecond-band carriage and
harneaaea alwaya on hand. Alao team
WNirtma, dump carta, etc.
Ir.tHrty nM m consignment. Auction
tbe third Katarday of each mouth.
N. S. Johnson's Sale and Exchange Stable,
West Lebanon, New Hampshire.
Th. moat reliable .taMe In Nrw Enelanit at which tn bar hnraea at anrlli'n or prhate aale.
Come iu and see onr line of
P!rjs0 Marrows,
And Corn
Planters: Also the
We are Wholesale and Retail Dealers for these goods.
tkod for Catalogue and Trice List.
Lister's Fertilizers In Sale. W. R. JUNCTION, VT.
Some Claim
That ALL pianos sold by
them ar the best.
Music Dealer, Montpelier,
Sells all grades and honestly grad
ed and the best for the least money,
according to grade.
You ought to see the little Jewel of
.a piano be sells lor
S75 to S125.
'Polis, Ind.

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