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VOL. XXXVI. NO. 27--1903.
pring Stock of Wall Paper
is at its best now nearly all the new patterns have arrived.
Remember the advantages of buying your paper here. You
can return rolls you have left over or get more if you are short,
and our prices are the lowest. For the ban-fit of our Rat
ion we have ensured a practical painter and mmt hang
er, .Mr. II. II. Shaw, who will do your wmk in this line
promptly and well. U'e sell only the best Paints and Oils.
MONARCH House Paint, all colors in stock, $1.75 ? Gal.
B. P. S. House Paint, ail colors in stock, 1.75
i P. S. Inside Enamel, 16 colors and white, 1.75
Red Seal Floor Paint, eight colors, 1.75
Scnour's Floor Paint, 1.50
A few gallons other makes house and floor paints, 1.00
Jap-a-Lac, Kyanize and Campbell's Varnish Stains, all sizes.
Kyanize Floor Finish, stands water, won't scratch white,
S2.50 "H ea .
Niceron Floor Varnish, stands boiling water, $3 Y gal.
Flastica Floor Varnish, $2.50 "r1 gal.
Pure Spirits of Turpentine, 90c "p gaj.
Pure Raw Linseed Oil.
Pure Kettle-Boiled Linseed Oil.
Pure White Shellac. -
Green Seal Ready-Mixed Carriage Paints.
Red, Blue and Green Wagon Paints.
High Grade Carriage Varnishes.
Japan Colors for Carriage Painters.
Everything in Brushes.
Gold and Aluminum Bronze and Gold Leaf.
Oil Tinting Colors and Tube Paints.
Alabastine, Gypsine, Murcsco.'Etc.
Lily White Floor Oil.
Machine, Cylinder and Separator OS?.
Castor, Lard and Sperm Oils.
Neatsfoot and Eureka-Harness Oil.
Hammar Bros.' Pure White Lead, 8c until further notice.
Rooaevelt Didn't Meet the Pope.
Former President Roosevelt and the
pope, bead o( tbe Roman Catholic
church, do not meet during tbe letter's
present stay in Rome. He lore Mr. Koose
velt'i departure from Egypt, he wired a
reqneat to tbe Americau ambassador at
Home to arrange ail interview with him.
Tbe reply came that Ilia Holiness would
be very glad to receive him, aud hoped
that nothing, aucb as the recent un
toward Fairbanks incident, would pre
vent tbe meeting. This reference was to
the refusal of tbe pope to receive former
Vice President Fairbanks because tbe lat
ter bad an appointment to apeak before
the American Methodist cburcb in Home.
Tbe propaganda carried on by the latter
in tbe Holy City ii very offensive to tbe
Vatican. Mr. Hoosevelt at once replied
that if it were the Intention of Ilia Holi
ness to limit bia freedom of action in any
war in Koine aa a condition of an audi
ence he would forego tbe pleasure, rather
tban accept. Tbe Vatican responded that
the liilerview could not take place on any
otber condition. Mr. Hoosevelt there
upon gave tbe correspondence to the
press, with statement to tbe effect tbat
tbe affair ought not to he treated serious
ly, inasmuch aa it coocerned bim person
ally, and be uttered no condemnation of
tbe Holy bee for its attitude. But, as
was to be expected, it did not end there.
Tbe i at ican authorities battened to pre
sent their side, and the matter has been
discussed all over tbe world. Church
men have become aroused. Her. B. M.
Tipple, pastor of the Methodist cburcb
in Koine, after calling upon Roosevelt,
cade a bitter attack on tbe pope and
I Komlsb church. Mr. Roosevelt, Incensed
: at this, cancelled public reception at
Koine, to which Americans of all relig
ious js-ere to have been admitted. He
wishes it clearly understood tbat be sides
j with no church, and takes no position,
j for or against, tbe Komea Methodists.
Hostilities have been transferred to this
country, and Bishop Mclntyre of tbe
i Methodist cburcb and Archbishop Ire
land of tbe Catholic cburcb have ex
changed bitter words in the public press.
Many American Cut holies regret tbe Vati
can s attitude, especially as itooseveu nas
always shown Catholics aud tbe Catholic
chnrcb much favor and consideration It
as not to bave been expected thai
Roosevelt would have honored tbe Roman
Methodists offensively, under the condi
being told what be I Weston street.
must not do. While in Home, t lit
Hoosevelts were received with blgb honor
by King Victor Kinmsnucl in his palace.
If Vnn'm
Isjlllllll III . lions, but be resented
F4 II " ' T ... 7- la !
1 11 II ill n Vis-vS- ) ''if Indian. Coe. Insurgent.
iUlllI U ?ZS'f ' yZ'' ' V lffi Indiana Republicans took advanced in-
. "Tl 'JV1'i'" 1 -v i V? - surgent ground Tuesday when, instate
t f M A ta " ' - & 1 t wV convention, tbev endorsed Senator Bev-
r P 1 1 P P arcT 1 . 'ilM , i ' ,b,t ,ti,e ho vo,ed 'mHi the
I UllUUI Wt,-'i'il'W,Sr, -r-hf'' LVV ! I'sym-Aldrich tarid. The senator made
4 " Jr'"'r'r',"VSLl-44'''i v1 Jt-f 4 a speech denouncing the law, which was
Bill 'ttr-?i4yi'fl pt"U:$ji5' 1 heartily cheered. The resolutions favored
1 1 1 1 fl f V - v-.Vic9il. V-V-" s,H f' -yfl'sV tariff protective enough to provide for
U II U U TO?i-r;,H the higher wage scale in this country,
U , ,2 I - - SrlTif' and called for a modirtcation of the pres-
Pflrtfl linn I 'LjtT '"i '" 'tj'''i inl law to that end. Taft's admlnistra-
UUUu UIIU I '"" :p,VV' Ition and the Roosevelt policies were en-
Wood for sale, tf J. V. Newton.
Will plow gardens. G, Ii. Slack.
Cash paid for poultry. A. B. Fish.
Early seed potatoes for ssle.
,tf a W. Hayward.
ForBale: A few tons of good bay.
2w P. J. Campbell, Randolph.
For Sale: 5 tons extra nice bay.
2w E.A. Gaylord.
Wanted: Bob ealvee and hides.
tf P. Ii. Clark, Randolph.
Psering and whitewashing clone.
2 J. W. Hardy, North Randolph.
Bike buggy for sale, good condition.
3w . U. S. Jerd.
Cash paid for hides and poultry tf
L. A. Jerd.
To Rent: Two good borne pastures.
llarrixoii 4. Harwooj.
For Bale: Dry wood, 11.75 per run.
Jobn H. Wood.
Nice yellow seed corn 3c. per pound.
Byroti Wakefield, East Braiutree, Vt.
Good tot of second-hand bicycles for
sale. tf W. E Lamson.
Bass" shoes at Bell Bros.' Moat value
for money. 4
Wanted: A place aa housekeeper in
small family. Box 348, Randolph.
Bee counter ladies' oxfords st ahout half
former prioea. Bell Brothers.
House for sale on Central Rt. Apply to
M. M. Wilaon. , tf
I will be at Randolph Inn to do sbam- An increase in pension has been al
pnoing, manicuring, face treatment and lowed John R. Williams at the rate of
chiropody from April 12 until , April 21. , f30 per month from Feb. 2, 1910.
Miss Anna E. Coughlin. j Miss Sadie Kent, who bad been since
For Sale:-Second-baud bike wsgon at Feb. 1st at Springfield, Mass., caring for
How to Fight Tuberculoaia.
place to stqe
Herald office.
buggy, sound and
M. H. Miller.
Randolph Center.
Wanted: Good
household goods.
A second-band Bean
good, for sale cheap.
Seed barley for sale.
Mrs. J. A. Washburn,
Wall papers at low prices at Tewksbury
A liaymoud's closing out sale.
Will store carriages in tbe Bean reposi
tory at Beanville. 2w N. B. Byem.
Highest cash prices paid for all kinda
of feathers. V. O. Box 194. 3 in
For Hale: 7-yeaiwild mare; weighs
1100. C. C. Morse, Randolph Center.
Table boarders wanted, rooms for I
few. Mrs. F. W. Jewett, Randolph Ave.
For Rale: One Holstein bull, one good
fresh cow. O. C. Hill, Randolph Center.
White Wyandotte and Rhode Island
Rod eggs for setting. 2m
Jobn N. Benharo, Brookfleld, Vt.
30 prs. men's work shoes, only one or
two prs. of kind, st an off price.
Beii Brothers.
To Rent: Newly repaired upstairs ten
ement, piazzas, garden. Harucod bouse,
See our new JUMBO Pittsburg Perfect Fence, made of No.
ii Vi'ire throughout, stays every six inches. U'e also have the
regular styles 3 and 4 ft. with 12 in. stays. Regular style Pitts
burg Poultry Fence, Union Lock and Diamond Mesh Poultry
Netting. If you want to climb, remember we have the ladders.
3 5
The Leading American Portland Cement
Hie one that stands the highest test. A can?
Another Russell Heir Turns) Up.
Tbe remarkable Bussell case at Boston
! has developed a new feature. A second
! party, claiming to be tbe long-lost broth
er who went West many years ago, has
come on from Fresno, Cal., and claims
! his patrimony. Tbe first claimant was
from North Dakota, and a trial that has
: now lasted several months W in progress
to determine his identity. Tbe brother
' who remained at borne and uow bolds the
large estate alleges tbat the Dakota man
I is a fraud, but seems disposed to believe
' tbe last claimant.
Judgs) McCall's Sklrta Clear.
Superintendent Hot cb kiss, who is con
'ducting the iusuraoce investigation in
New York, bas received a statement from
ustice McCall of the court of appeals,
whose name aptyared on some of the
Ot It Will Up hfrf in n CV ( 1V? SnPri.1 firire "yellow pup" graft checks and.eaystbe
J I I. ! judge, is innocaut an
if taken from the car. Sold by
3ES. 3MI O S S
judge, is innocaut and simply did a friend
a service, tbe nature of which be did not
''S'-j iV
Corned Beef
New Cabbage
Home-Ccred Hams and Bacon
Telephone Orders Picrptly Attended to
Car Company Wins Strike.
Tbe Philadelphia Rapid Transit com
j pany announces that it bas 5.000 of tbe
i 7,0(10 men necessary to run its system on
full schedule, and that tbe strike of tbe
i union carmen is detested. There Is idle
1 ness in a large part of tbe bituminous
coal section by reason of tbe expiration of
the wage agreements and tbe failure to
units on terms for tbe future.
Conger, Too, Geta Out.
Senator Bnnn Conger, whose chsrges
against 8enator Allds led to tbe iattet's
downfall, and who was badly enmeshed
himself by tbe revelations, resigned bia
seat in the New York Senate Monday
with the statement tbat he felt be could
no longer be of service to bis constitu
ents. "Mad Mullah" on the Rampage.
' The "Mad Mullah," who bos caused
the Brit ib a great deal of trouble In re
cent years, bas killed fcllO tribrsmra in
Arabia w bo are under British protection,
: and continues bis work unchecked. It is
i likelv that an expeiition will be sent
Plain sweet, fancy mixed, sweet and sour.
Pesh Crated Horse Radish Every Cray. All Kinds
of Fresh Vegetables. Page's Butter.
-20rders by 'phone prompt-ty delivered.-"
Jerd's Market, Randolph, Vt.
Where the East Leads.
! Iu s speech I efore t he Ohio society Isst
i week l'reident laft said tbat the pre
j ponderate influence of the test in Con
jgresslsdue to the policy of keeping
good senators and representatives iu
office, whereas tbe et makes Irequent
Crazed at Childbirth.
Mrs. rvibert Allen of West Union, N.
Y., aged 45, on the birth of ber eighth
child, being craied, called ber busband to
tbe bedside and shot bim dead. Her
four-yesr-old sen ran into the room and
suffered the same fate.
For Hale: A bouse in Randolph vil
lage, all modern improvements
tf P. O. Box ti, Randolph.
Man to assist aa carpenter wbo can run
a gasolene engine, ssassnd planer.
2w ae K. L. Bass.
For Salo: Wiard plows, band and sul
ky, Htar disk bsrrows with fore truck.
Ueo. II. Temple.
For Sale: One open buggy and one
two-seated covered rarriage, Bean's make.
Tewksbury Jt Raymond.
Wanted: Man, with wife, to board him
self, occupy my tenement, snd work for
me." W. C. Clark, Brookfleld.
"Bans" shoes for men mean dry feet
and alwaye satisfied customers. At Bell
Bros.' only. iw
II. E. Feed, Northrleld, Vt., will pay
highest cash price for all kinda of poul
try. Writs or telephone for prices. 4w
Buff Plymouth Ruck eges now ready.
A few settings at f 1 per 1 j. Feople'a tel
ephone. 2w
A. E. Edson's farm, Kanrtolph Center.
New goods just in. Everything you
want. Come in and see me. Sbirt
waists and ladies' suits.
4 w Barney Shapiro, Randolph.
Wanted : To buy good wot horse,
11',; to 12 hundred lbs. Telephone,
write or show me tbe horse.
Dix J. Camp, Bandnlpb Ctr. R. F. D.
Boarders wanted on .Weston street,
three minutes' walk from station. (Jood
board and rooms, ft per week.
Sw , Mrs. J. E. French.
I am prepared to do all kinds of truck
ing. Also plowing s-ardens.
Fillmore Bruce, Weston street. Tele
phone. 4w
For Ssle: -Poed potatoes, Kdots!1 and
Early King. Third year from potato
ball. Kaiaed one year in Vermont.
3w Henry liolman.
Am agent for the Montpelier laundry
and coufldent you will appreciate the
work; can gratify ycur wish for any
kind of mileage. C. K. Steele, leading
bair dresser 4 Main street.
a Bargain. Kubber tired surrey, canopy
top, for sale or exchange for young atock.
tf F. B. Thomas.
For Sale: Morgan mare and boggy.
Mare aeven yrs. old, not afraid of any
thing, safe for woman and will work any
where. Address this ollloe.
For Bale: One National Bulky plough,
bought last fall; also' Green Mountain
seed potatoes, 40c. per bushel, one losd of
oat straw. 3w Seymour Brothers.
For Sale: Two ne houses on High
land avenue. They are up-to-date and
first class In all particulars. Now ready
to occupy. 2w
The ti. F. Emerson Co., Randolph, Vt.
We carry a full line of choice rrass
seeds, seed corns, seed oats, seed barley,
Hungarian, millets, field peas and spring
rye at tbe right prices.
N. N. Morse & Son.
Last call for paying water rentals Apr.
15. I will be at Emerson mill office
Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday even
ings to receive tbein.
F. a Dudley, Collector.
wsnted: At tbe Froctor hospital, a
competent cook, permanent position for
tbe right party. Application with refer
ences should be made to Mra. M. E.
Green, matron, Proctor, Vt. tf
For Hale: At Randolph Center, the Dr.
Smith place; bouse ot ten rooms, stable
and lot of ooe acre. For further informa
tion amply to Curtis, Msllet-Prevost &
Colt, SO Broad street, New York city. 4w
Triumph strains White Wyandotts
eggs tor hatching, 75c. per 13. Incuba
tor oil for your incubator, 18c. per gal.
fash paid for poultry and eggs. 4w
W. F. Blood, 6 Summer street, Ran
dolph, Vt.
Will pay per cwt. : for rags, 75c. ; old
iron, 45c; old rubbers, ?; bran sacks,
f 'j.25; also good price lor metals. No
agent. Send card to Box 408, Randolph
D. Hevenstone, Mansion house basement.
Am prepared to clean carpets and furni
ture w itb Improved Vacuum Cleaner, per
fectly aanitary process and great improve
ment on tbe device I bave heretofore
used. Try it.
M. V. Cbadwick, agent. Telephone 11-23.
Having purchased the feed store and
stock cf Messrs. Q. B. Farr & Son, 1 wel- j
come old and new customers. Call and
get my prices on mill feeds, poultry feeds,
Hour, baled hay, grtiss seed and seed
grains. E. 11. Mason, Randolph, Vt.
For Sale: JOth century potatoes, 75c.
per bushel, great yieldera. First planted
ten eves two years ago and second planting-
from that gave me 50 bushels, all
large potatoes, 2U of which weighed 60
N. L. Boyden, Randolph Center.
I do not employ agents to sell my
Miss Ida Battles, returned Tuesdsy, lesv-
ing Miss Battlea considerably Improved
and able to be about town.
The ninth birthday of Miss Marguerite
Thomas was celehrated by a party of a
few of ber little mates atjtbe home of ber
grandmother, Mra. Clara Prince, Mon
day. Tbcre were games aud a nice
II. W. Whiting of New York city, who
handles Sugar Market goods in a wide
territory, was here on maple sngsr busi
ness from Sundsy until Tuesdsy. The
Market bss taken in quite an amount of
auar and syrup this season, from a crop
tbat is somewhat less than the average in
quantity, but of a quality never before
The various local organizations of the
Boston Co-operative Milk Producing com
pany between White River Junction and
Montpelier bave chosen B. A. Manchester
of Randolph as their delegate to a confer
ence between delegates of t bis company
and tbe Hood company, wholesale milk
dealers ot Boston, to establish a summer
price for milk for tbe months of May,
June, July and August, to be held at Bos
ton, April 15.
For tbe benefit of new comers to tbe
village, wbo are water patrons, as well as
others wbo may bave overlooked the
matter, it ia stated tbat tbe tillage by
laws clearly provide that all water serv
ices shall be paid for, for the entire year,
unless tbe patron bas in advance given
notice In writing to tbe department of tbe
non-use or discontinuance i.f a service,
and services are not to be discontinued
for a less period than two months in tbe
expectation of securing a discount In
News has been received of the recent
death at Kansas City, Mo., of Edwin J.
McWsin, for a number of years an at
torney at law in practice here. He died
of a blood clot on the brain and was
buried Good Friday. Mr. McWaln was
associated in business with the late Judge
Philander f'errin, with office in tbe old
DuBuis & Gny block. He married while
here Miss Mabel Kowell of Randolph
Center, wbo survives bim, with four sons
and one daughter. Mr. McWain was a
member of Phoenix lodge, F. and A. M.
He removed to Kansas City about 23 years
ago and bas been a practibing attorney
there since. S
monument! work for the reason that it
is necessary to pay them 10 to U0 percent
for their services. This means that the
customer must pay this amount in the
end. You can save this by buying di
rect from the manufacturer.
tf A. F. Lamb,
Grass Seeds.
Timothy, red and alsyke clover; rid
lop; Japanese millet, Hungarian ; alfalfa
and lawn seed. Prices sre right. 2w
W. W. Morton.
A Card.
We wish to thank our neighbors and
frienda who have remembered us with
flowers and fruit while at tbe sanatorium,
Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Fletcher and Fam
A Card.
We wish to return our sincers thanka
to V. 8. Grant post, G. A. R., tbe
Woman's Relief corps and the neighbors
for many kindly offices performed during
the illness and at the death ot our uucle,
Granville W. Barnes, and for the flowers
received at the time of the funeral.
Mr. and Mrs. O. R. Greene,
Georoia White, Local Editor.
Willard Gay ia able to be on the street
again after bis feebleness of the winter.
Miss Icy Manchester had ss ber gnest
from Friday until Snndsy Miss Anns
Averill of Barre.
An eight-pound eon, Roscoe Fraser.
was born at tbe sanatorium last Friday to
Rev. and Mrs. Fraser Metzger.
Col. H. F. Brighain of Bakersfleld was
in town yesterday on business connected
with tbe estste of Paul Wagner.
INTO. 5.
- 1l
Death of G. W. Barnes.
Another soldier ot the Grand Army was
mustered out of the thinning ranks of his
living comrades Friday morning w hen
Granville W, Barnes breat bed his Inst st
10 o'clock. The chill which eeizad him
Htindsy, the 27tb ult., hasteued a decline
which bad been apparent for the last two
or three years and bad grown more rapid
during the winter mouths.
Mr. Barnes was in bis fi.'ird year, hav
ing been born in Royaltnn, Sept. 3, 1827.
tbe son f Epbraim Barnes. He enlisted
in Randolph for the Civil war Oct. 2i,
1SII2, as musician in Company C 15th regi
mcut, Vermont Volunteer infantry, and
served to tbe expiration of his term, Aug.
5, 18H3.
For bis first wife be married Suran,
daughter of Joel B. Thayer of Randolph,
and she bore bim one son, Fred, who
lived to be a young lad and was killed
while his father was with tbe regiment
by falling from a moving train on which
he bad climbed in the depot yard. Mrs.
Harnea died some time after and Mr.
Barnes married her sister, I.ucinda
Thayer, whose decease occurred March
25, 1901.
Returning from tbe army, Mr. Barnes
worked ss brakeman on the Central Ver
mont railway and lost part of one hand
in coupling cars at West Hartford. He
then opened a candy and tobacco store in
tbis village tbat grew to he a Nvorits
rally place ot the old soldiers, who were
called in friendly pleasantry "Barnes' Par
liament ' on account of their keen daily
discussions of publia qnestion. As the
years slipped by tbe Parliament lost mem
ber after member by death and at last in
1908 the day came when the few who re
mained met aadly for the last time, in
creasing feebleness baving compelled tbe
aged keeper of the place to retire from
In 1873, Mr. Barnes wss elected collec
tor of villsge taxes and faithfully held
tbat office for 33 consecutive years. He
was also school district ccllector fc?r s
Tuberculosis, the great white plague,
whirh claims a vlrtlm every minute or so
in ths United States, is a preventable die
esse, and in its early stages, a curable
disease. How to discover it, how to pre
vent it and bow to cure it were illustrated
by a special exhibit and lectures at l)u
Bois St Gay's bsll Mondsy and Tuesday
of this week, under the auspioea of tbe
Stats Board of Health. Tbe importance
and interest of this subject drew a Isrge
number of people, especislly in the even
ings. The campaign is bound to be pro
ductive of good in informing the public,
allaying unnecessary terror, and paving
the way to an intelligent handling of the
About the ball were many exbihita of
educative value. Miniature models of
sanitsry beds, drinking cups, napkins,
milk bottles, cuspidors, window tents,
sleeping rooms, porch and outdoor cham
bers illustrated tbe devices used in the
care of patients. There were msny views
showing noted sanitariums; charts set
ting forth tbe prevalence of consumption
In tbe varioua counties of Vermont snd
tbe progress made In checking it; ethers
tabulating tbe relative showing of tbe
professions and occupations among con
sumptives, with stone cutters leading
among men and servants among women
laborers, bankers and laundresses proving
the most immune; cultures displaying tbe
tuberculous formations among cattle and
men, in varioua glands and structures also
a bell which atruck sverytime a death
from the disease oocurs a veritable knell.
Or. A. a Bailey, local health officer,
presided and in introducing tbe speakers
alluded to tbe growth in tbe work of the
State Board of Health and teat i tied to the
value of the state laboratory, whose in
spector, Dr. E. H. Buttles, lectured Tues
dsy evening.
Tuberculosis, ssid Dr. Buttles, baa been
singled out from tbe varioua diseases for
a special campaign because it is tbe most
fatal, and at the same time, one of the
moat easily preventable. In the I'nited
Stales, from 150,000 to 200,000 deaths
from it occur each year; 450 of tbein in
Vermont. Pneumonia is its near rival in
fatality, but for special reasons, ss it at
tacks tbs sged or weakened system, while
tuberculoaia attacks mankind in bis
prime and full vigor. Yet any person
tree from it may avoid it by taking pro
per precautions. To show tbe relative
record of smallpox tbat once-dreaded
scourge snd tuberculosis it wss satd
that in New York state last year four
deaths occurred from the former; 11,000
from tbe latter. Science bas robbed
smallpox of its terrors and is now coping
with tbe otber grim monster.
A series of stereopticon views helped
the lecturer in his further tslk. These il
lustrated the varioua kinds of germs that
produce the various diseases and showed
how they differed in form or grouping.
Healthy blood cells wsgeconstaut warfare
witb these germs and ordinarily absorb
or digest 1 hen), carrying them out of the '
system. But when tbe cells are weak
ened, or the gernis ton numerous, they,
in turn, succumb snd the germs, gaining
the mastery, throw oft a poison tbat de
stroys the tissues. They fssten upon
them iu a moldy form, being of a vegeta
ble nature, instead of animal, aa quite
commonly believed, and in time harden
into a cheesy substance, finally breaking
down the vital structure unless tbeir hold
is weskened. When such lesions besl'
they csn be found, snd sbnw a shrunken
condition of the tissue, with fresh
healthy tissue about it. - .
Some of tbe common methods of infec
tion are by communicating the germs
through sputum, especislly when dried;
by sleeping in close quarters with Infect
ed persons; by drinking at public water
fountains from a common cup. Spitting
promiscuously is tbe most dangerous
practice. Huuse flies convey tbs germs
as they go from one place to another.
Dr. Trndeaii of New York was the first
to proclaim the new gospel of salvation
to victims of the white plague. A vvrtim
himself, be went to the Adirondacks,
lived nut of doors in tbe winter time and .
took plenty of rut and nourishing food.
He effected bis own cure, snd bss made
that w bole region a resort for consump
tives wbo are proving his formula. Plen
ty of out-door air, much rest, good food
these show the way back to health. Tbs
records show about 90 per cent of cures
in Incipient esses, over 50 in moderately
advanced, and 30 iu fur advanced, when
these methods are consihtently followed.
It is well, but not essential, to go to a
sanitirium. Careful and persistent hmre
ong time. His religious atO liation was i treatment along the same lines will da it
with the old Christian cburcb, of wbicb as effectively.
be was a regular attendant and one of the I The lecture Tuesday evening washy
ushers for many years. Since the union I Dr. W. 8. Bryant of Ladlow, a former
of the Christian and Cong'l bodies, he member of tbe State Tuberculosis corn-
had worshipped with tbe resulting Beth- j mission, wbo gave additional facts and
any cburcb. , explained a new aet of views. C. C.
The nearest surviving relative is a i smith of Woodstock was tbe electrician
The Dessert Course of Grant's Harlequin Cream and Rich's Wed
ding Cake shows class.
Fill the bon bon dish with Liggctt's Chocolates, Cafe Parfait and
Apollo Chocolate Nut Meats. You can get them all at
nephew, A. T. Clark of Barre, and three
great-nephews, Willis Barnes of Law
rence, Mass., formerly a photographer in
Randolph, Leon Barnes of Boston
Lewis Barnes of Claremnnt, N. II.
Tbe funersl service was held at the
residence of the deceased on Weston
street at 2 o'clock Sunday afternoon.
Rev. Fraser Metzeer officiated and a ouar-
ette consisting of A. H. H. eille, O. J.
Marcott, Misses Blanche Sparhaw k and
Kate Howard, sans;. The lean ra were
A. R. comrades James Cai-ft, John
Minney, J. II. Lamson and B. F. Bow-
mun. h. b. Grant port, with nearly full
ranks, escorted the remains to Snuthview
ceT.eterT, and took cliarue of tbe inter
tmnt ceremony, W. W. Tykr readinu the
ritual. Miss Ann Sargent of Bethel at
tended the funeral.
and assistant accompanying them.
These Beautiful Spring
Days make us feel
W9 ci
st il3Y8
Rheumatism, Lumbago, Backache !
and Sciatica Cured.
During the cbangeshle weather of
Hpring and Fall, thousanda of people
suffer with rheumatism, lumhago, back-1,
ache and sciatica. We bave a -prepare-j
t ion that will cure these diseases, and!
anyone suffering from them can get re
lief. No opiates or harmful drut-s, but a
scientific treatment of ccnditiuns that
cause more suffering than all other dis
eases in the world.
One dollar a box or six boxes for Ave
dollars. Medicine by return mail cn re
ceipt of price.
Ru-mat-ik Remedy Co., Box 2123, East
Jeffrey. N. H.
Sparkling Codas.
College Ices,
or Sundaes
Headquarters for the famous Brick
Cream, which has been in such
demand at all the leading func
tions this past winter.
Always at your service,

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