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Pens"A R. K.
east. w Ksr
7.13 A.M. I'.IIA. M.
iu. 17 •• » r.: i. I . .M.
•i:li P. M. 4 :,:!
«.uw " "•■>i
1U.17 A. M. ,Vi *'• M -
L). U. & W. R. K.
«.58 A. M.».«•„ A. M.
ill P. M. I.
ti.lo "
6.58 A. M. I_M7 I". M
6.10 P. M. .
"" PHI I. A. .t HEADING R. R.
732 A.M. U-> A.M.
4.U0 P. M. I'. M.
7.54 A. .M. " -•! A. M.
4.02 P. M. ti.tU P. M.
uvficion Mix-lSt., Oi>po.-<ite the Post ottloe.
operative nail Mechanical liontutry Oaroiully
performed. Teeth positively extracted without
pain,with (las, Ktlierahd t'hlorofonn: Ireat.
lug and Killing teeth aSpecialtv.
Office over Paules' Drug Store
Eyes testcil, treated, fitted with glass
es and artificial eyes supplied.
all Market Street, Bloomsburg, Pa.
Hours —10 a. m.to 5 p. 111.
Telephone 143<>.
9 r- ■ - ~
* Gornellsvllle, N. Y., opens tbe Lake
Erie circuit this year.
I Henry Noeller, Buffalo, bas purchas
ed Amy Aruey, 2:22%.
(Walter K, 2:14%. is now owned by
ff. H. Camp, Bellvllle, Out
* ®ace meetings have been held at
(JSashvllle continuously since 1802.
* Prince H, 2:17%, cost his owner,
John Driscoll, Orange, N. J., !?110.
Leonard Bell, 2:12%, is now driven
fey Nathan Allen, Charlestowu, Mass.
George Castle, Chicago, has purchas
ed William Mac, 2:05%. Price private.
James Butler, proprietor of East
JVlew farm, now owns Edna Simmons,
The notorious 1900 ringer Walter K,
3:08, Is iu the stable of Dick Benson,
Kansas City.
(Welcome, 2:10%, is said to be tbe
Ifaßtest and biggest etallion in tbe stud
la California.
' Bethlehem, Pa., offers $20,000 in
itakes and purses, the largest amount
tor a half mile track.
' 'An old state law of New York limits
the speed of horses on any. highway
to eight miles an hour.
R. S. Titley, Chlcora, Fa., will train
S String this spring, among them King
Pointer, by Star Pointer.
' We will all have to face the mnslc—
(the funeral march—some day.
it comes as natural for a girl to like
ber schoolteacher as for a boy to dis
like his.
Some one should compose a song en
titled "You Promised J4e" to be sung
ofter marriage.
People wear out more shoe leather
because they drag their feet than be
cause they get around lively.
Take an honest invoice of yourself
at least once a year. No man ever
helped himself by overestimating his
Every one seems to be looking for
some one to work for him who will see
!what needs to be done without being
(old.- -Atchison Globe.
More than a million people are treat
ed in the hospitals of I.oudon each
Forty-eight thousand Turks have
been exiled during the last 11 years.
This is nearly double Russia's record.
In the last 25 years the whale fish
eries have fallen oil from 200,000 to
80,000 barrels of oil a year and of
whalebone from 10,000,000 pounds to
400,000 pounds.
The Jefferson Davis house in Mont
gomery is to be bought by the Alaba
ma legislature and, like that in Rich
mond, will be used as a museum of
Confederate relics.
Canadians have ever resented Rud
yard Kipling's allusion to the Domin
ion as "Our Lady of the Snows." Gold
win Smith has now placated them by
calling it"this land of sunshine."
It is estimated thdt Munich restau
rants cheat the public annually out of
$200,000 by selling foam in place of
beer. The fine for not tilling a glass to
the limit is $125 plus two weeks' im
prisonment, but complaint is seldom
One of the probable reforms under
the new regime in England will be the
serving of luncheon at the palace to
ladies attending drawing rooms. Hith
erto a sandwich eaten in a carriage
under the eyes of a curious crowd has
been the only refreshment obtainable
at the most desirable but most tedious
of functions.
' Mme. Bernhardt has played 112 dif
ferent roles.
Fanny Rice is presenting a Nell
Gwynn play In vaudeville.
Miss Agnes Lane of Chicago is the
only American member of the com
pany traveling with Mme. Bernhardt
"Alice of Old Vincennes," with Miss
iVlrginia Harned In the star role, will
have an early production next season.
It Is said that Olga Nethersole will
be comxielled to undergo a very serious
operation before sbo can hope to re
sumo acting.
Melba says she will not sing in Amer
ica next year, but will go, with her
own opera company, to Australia, her
native land, for a tour.
.William 11. Mac Donald, the baritone
of the Bostonians, will deliver lectures
on the art of singing in several of the
cities his company will visit this sea
Charles Barnard, author of"The
County Fair," has written another
rural play, "Mountain Laurel," and
'Archie Boyd will take the principal
part In it
Selma Herman, who Is the heroine
In "A Young Wife," receives the lar
gest salary paid to any leading actress
not a member of a New York stock
company, so it is said.
For Female Complaints,
and diseases arising from an impure
state of the blood Lichty s ('elery Nerve
Compound is an invaluable specific Sold
by Rossuian & Son's Pharmacy.
It Was Too li\elii*l»e und Weakened [
Mini h.« n Wltnewa.
On • of the older members of the Bal
timore bar lells this anecdote of the
late Severn Teackle Wallls as illustrat
ing the cleverness and sarcasm of Mr.
Mr. Wallis was defending the will of
a wealthy testator, and, as the law yer*
say. when the estate Is large a lawyer
"will wrestle with a will with a will."
A prominent physician was called to
testify for those contesting the wll*..
The doctor became restless under tb?
lengthy and exhaustive cross examlna
tioi» of Mr. Wallis, and finally he petu
lantly exclaimed:
"Oh, Mr. Wallls, I believe the testa
tor was insane!"
Mr. Wallis kept his temper and said
quietly: "Doctor, you are the first per
son who has ever intimated in or out
of court that the testator was insane.
Why do you say he was insane?"
"I believe," the doctor replied, "that
every man Is more or less insane on
some one subject."
"Is It your deliberate professional
opinion," Mr. Wallis then asked, "ex
pressed here in court under oath, that
every man is more or less Insane on
some subject?"
"Yes," the doctor replied; "I will say
here under oath that from my reading,
knowledge and experience I believe
that every man is more or less insane
on some one subject."
Then Mr. Wallls said in that fine
tone of sarcasm for which he was not
ed, "Doctor, lias it ever occurred to you
that you are insane on tbe subject of
Immediately the doctor fired up and
exclaimed, "But, Mr. Wallis, I am not
Mr. Wallis arose and said: "Doctor,
according to your own sworn theory,
you must be insane on some subject. 1
pronounce you Insane on the subject of
Court, Jury and spectators laughed
aloud, and nothing more was said about
the testator being insane.—Baltimore
Leicestershire is the greatest granite
producing county iu the United King
Norway, Servia, Greece and Bul
garia are the ouly European nation*
which have but one house of parlia
It is estimated that in the world
there are at least 8,000 men, women
and children who gain their living by
pocket picking.
On Wall street Southern Pacific i»
nicknamed "slow pup;" Ontario and
Western, "that old woman;" Sugar,
"sweetness," and American Steel and
.Wire, "swipe."
Jacob Itiis says that one of the worst
features of tenement house life Is the
sleeplessness caused by mixed ale hi
larity. Drunken revelry in one apart
ment keeps the whole house awake.
Two Belgian specialists who were
Bent to Glasgow to study the plague
question decided that under proper
sanitary conditions the plague is not
a serious menace in any European
The steel manufactories of the Unit
ed States, which two decades ago
were in their infancy, today control
the markets of the world and dictate
either directly or Indirectly the prices
of Iron and steel in all countries.
According to Malte-Brun, the most
accurate authority of his time, the
population of the world in 1804 was
040,000,000. At the end of 1900 it is
estimated at 1,500,000,000. The popu
lation in 1800 was probably about 630,-
Tbe mining laws of Russia allow
the taking up of mining claims Indis
criminately by Russians or by foreign
ers. The only persons not allowed
this are Jews, clergymen and persons
not in possession of their civil rights
In their own country.
,, '
MoKlnley'a Black Snlt.
A suit of clothes made of black wool
en cloth which has never been through
the dye tub is probably the most re
markable costume that President Mc-
Kinley lias ever owned. That he can
wear it. as one of a very few men who
have enough of the wool to make a suit
of clothes, is due to the courtesy of
George W. Peterson, who owns a flock
of 70 black sheep, the only really black
flock in the country. Mr. Peterson has
also given Senator Piatt a quantity of
the same cloth. No dye of any sort
was used, and the wool is as pure in
color and texture as when it came from
the sheep's backs.
As this is the only known instance
in which black cloth has been made
without dyeing the wool. President Mc-
Kinley will be a marked man when he
appears iu his priceless suit of clothes.
Mr. Peterson, an amateur stock breed
er, who has a farm at Austerlitz, N.
Y., raised his black slieep at great ex
pense and with much care.—Exchange.
>*Ot DrinkliiK a Drop.
"Give me a pony of brandy, quick!"
exclaimed a nervous looking man as be
rushed up to the bar in a Broad street
hotel yesterday afternoon. The liquor
was at once forthcoming, but Instead
of gulping it down, as the man's man
ner naturally suggested that he would
do, lie poured a little into the palms of
bis hands, rubbed them together and
buried his nose in his hands. He gave
long drawn sniffs of inhalation until
the liquor had evaporated and then
poured more from the glass into his
hands. This operation he repeated un
til the glass was empty. Then he paid
for bis drink and went out with a look
of contentment on his face.
"What's the answer?" asked an inter
ested spectator.
"It simply means that there are more
ways than one of beating the devil
around the stump," said the bartender.
"That man swore off drinking the first
of the year, and I don't believe he has
swallowed a drop of liquor since. He
Inhales it now—always brandy. I've
known him to come in here as often as
five or six times in one day and go
through the performance you have just
seen. These swear off fellows are queer
fish. I know another man who stopped
drinking whisky aud took to bitters.
He traveled with a drinking crowd,
and every time the others took whisky
he would pour out a drink of bitters.
No; it didn't make him drunk, but it
neat ly ruined his stomach. He spent a
month in the hospital and then went
back to the real stuff."—Philadelphia
Tbe Spring Fever
is a malady which no one can escape
at I bis season of the year. The vitality
i- lwuallv overtaxed during the winter
months and spring finds the system all
run down. The blood is thinned and
impure. The kidneys and liver are in
active resulting in a loss of energy and
appetite, and a derangement of the
nerves. Lichty s Celery Nerve Com
pound will purify your blood, tone up
your nerves, and leave you feeling fresh
and energetic. Sold by Rossman <fe
Son's Pharmacy. S
The Indian Knew What He WmH«
and Where to Met It.
Some Indians from Buffalo Bill's
Wild West, arrayed in bright colored |
blankets and an exceptional amount j
of face paint, were taking in tttefsightd
of the city one afternoon. They stroll
ed down Walnut street, single tile, and, I
headed by a buck who now and then j
gave a grunt of satisfaction when some- |
thing that pleased him caught his eye,
they halted In front of a drug store and j
gazed at the window dlsplu.. : . « '
moment. Then the band filed into tue j
establishment and began to look ,
The ckrk thought the place was go- j
ing to be besieged and that he was like
ly to lose his scalp, but when the "big
chief," who acted as spokesman, ad
dressed him with the customary Indian
greeting of "How!" the clerk regained
his composure enough to ask the Indi
an what he wanted.
"Heap smell," was the reply.
Directed by the Indian's finger to a
showcase, the clerk produced a bar of
soap. The brave took It gingerly, re
moved the wrapper, smelled it and bit
into the toothsome looking article.
With a deep grunt of displeasure he
handed it back to tbe drug clerk. With
a disgusted look he remarked, "Heap
The clerk began to tremble, and the
Indian pointed to a perfume bottle In
the showcase. The bottle of perfume
was handed to hiin. The Indian held
It In both hands for a moment, closely
scrutinizing it. He slowly removed
the stopper, closely watching it as if
he expected It to explode, and took a
long sniff at the bottle, gave a grunt of
satisfaction, handed the clerk some
money and led his band of braves out
of the store, to the delight of the fright
ened clerk, who had not been fn the
practice of waiting on real Indians.—
Kansas City Journal.
The Lehighton (Pa.) fair will be belt j
Sept. 17 to 20.
Jerome Turner, 2:15%, now owned is |
Texas, is hale and hearty at 22.
The programme is out for the Listowell '
(Ont.) meeting June 25 to 27. There are •
seven harness races; purses aggregating
Scott Hudson will train the fast Jay '
Bird filly Hawthorne, 2, 2:25%, sister of
Ed Winter, 2:12?*. She is in all the big
Secretary Giles will give SG,OOO for a
Crascsus-Abbot race for Cleveland'a
grand circuit meeting. But there is not
much hope of his getting it.
James Butler of East Yiaw farm, New
York, has bought of A. Johnson, Brock
ton, Mass., the fast mare Edna Sim
mons, 2:12%, by Simmons, 2:28.
It is stated that the rival Rich Hill
(Mo.) pacers, Riley B, and ?lon
da Redwood, 2:1 lfc, will must in a
match over the local track in June.
Mount Shasta Is the name borne by the
8-year-old colt by McKinnajr, 2:11%, out
of Hattle, dam of Monterey, 2i0&%, and
Montana, 2:16%. He is owned by John
Rowan of San Francisco and reported
Geers has found an incipient pacing
"phenom" at Village farm. It is The
Prince, 4, by Gerald Rex (son of Rex
Amerleus, 4, 2:11%, and Geraldine, dam
of Robert J, 2:01%), out of the dfm of
the pacing queen Lady of the Manor,
Greenlander, 2:12, who holds the Amer
ican two mile record (4:32) and long hel4
the stallion wagon record (2:14%), ia now
at Red Oak, la., where W. R. McClln
toek of Essex has him. As the sire of
24 from 2:1 to 2:80, he is the leading
aon of Princepa and at 19 is very vigo
rous and well preserved.
The Delegate'* Big Haatlas Kaltm
Helped 111* Oratory.
"The most Impressive scene I ever wit
nessed occurred at a state convention,
aaid a Spokane (Wash.) man."ln 188#
a delegate from Spokane to the state con
vention owed to a member of the third
house a large sum of money. As security
the lobbyist held a mortgage on the dele
gate's home. For certain reasons and to
further certain ends the lotobylet dealred
to be present upou the floor of this con
vention and requested the delegate to give
up his seat to him. The delegate, know
ing that by so doing he would not alone
be false to hia constituents but that he
would also enable the lobbyist to further
certain corrupt schemes to the injury of
the taxpayers, refused. Thereupon the
lobbyist said to him, 'lf you don't give me
your seat in that convention, I will fore
close the mortgage I hold upon your home
and throw your wife and children out
upon the street.' The delegate, aorely de
pressed by the ruin that threatened hitn,
appealed to a friend for assistance. The
story spread like wildfire, asd the isosl
Intense indignation ensued. So bitter
was the feeling it engendered that had
the lobbyist not escaped his life woujfl
unquestionably have been in danger. He
left the state and never dared to return.
"This Incident enabled Patrick Henry
Winston, the silver tongued, to make
probably the most dramatic speech of his
career. The night the story leaked out
the caucus waa held, and, taking thla in
cident as his text, Winston made an im
passioned speech. When he came to its
peroration, he walked down the central
aisle of the convention, saying, 'Do you
know what I would have done had that
man made that proposition to me?'
"He then drew from his coat a clasped
hunting knife, and springing open its
seven inch blade he held it above hie head
in his right hand.
" 'Had he made that proposition to
me,' he went on, 'I would have burled
this dagger in his foul breaat and have
insulted my Deity by offering on the altar
of liberty the most putrid hearted Shy
lock that ever disgraced this or any other
country!' For an iDstant there ensued
a dead quiet, and then the convention
rose to Its feet with a wild yell. The
instance itself had made a most painful
impression, and this speech coming on
top of it so wrought on those present
that had the man who caused it been
present no earthly power could have then
saved hia life."
The Emblem.
The landlady was helping her $!•
per week flock to sausage.
"I hear that you are an Odd Fellow,
Mr. Danks," she Bald, pausing in be#
"Proud to say that I am," responded
the new boarder.
"Ah, then I shall Just give you three
And as his table mates received from
four to six links the new boarder knew
that he had spoken unwisely.—Chicag#
The Elderly Caller and Johnny,
"I hope, Johnny, you are a good little
boy and mind your parents. You must
never forget how anxious they are that
you shall grow up to be a good man.
Never do anything to give them sor
row, Johnny, nud let your conduct al
ways be such that they may be proud
of their son, who"
"Say, them new teeth of yourn don't
match the other ones at ull!"—Chicago
When You Get A Headache
don't waste a minute but goto your
druggist and get a box of Krause's
Headache Capsules. They will prevent
pain, even though your skull were
cracked. They are harmless. too.
Reed the guarantee. Price 25c. Sold by
Rossuian & Son's Pharmacy.
Why the Confederate Lender Declin
ed to Correct His Spelling.
"General Forrest of the Confederate
anny," said an ex Confederate officer,
"was a military genius of the first
rsnk. Without previous training or any
developed taste in that direction he
went into the army from a place as
overseer and attained commanding
rank absolutely by merit. Bough and
uncouth at first, he became in later life
a gentleman whom it was a
pleasuic to meet and to know. I re
ember > ti one occasion some time aft
er the v> sir coming up the Potomac
with him I wanted to Introduce a
young woman who was under my es
cort. He said he was flattered by the
request, but that he could not meet
her unless she knew perfectly well who
he was and that he was not held in
high esteem by the northern people
chiefly on account of the Fort Pillow
affair. I assured him that she was ful
ly apprised of his record, and then he
went with me to meet her, and she told
me later she had never met a more at
tractive man.
"Earlier in his career that is, be
fore he had learned to spell—he was
asked by a young lady to put his auto
graph In her album. He wrote his name
as requested and under it his title, 'ma
jor general of calvary,' as he spelled It.
The lady called his attention to It in a
very delicate way, and he looked at it
a moment, and with a full conscious
ness that he was lacking In that regard
and with a beautiful and scarcely to be
expected humility he said, 'Let it stand
to show how ignorant General Forrest
Is.' There are not many men who
would have done that I imagine, and
It was the little things that showed
the man's true greatness."—New York
Joe Maatoa'i Pistols.
Joe Manton, the famous gunmaker,
was crossing Hounslow heath when he
was stopped by a highwayman. On
hearing the summons to "stand and de
liver" Manton recognized a pistol of his
own make leveled at his head. "Why,
confound it, you rascal," cried the in
dignant gunmaker, "I'm Joe Manton,
and that's one of my pistols you've got.
How dare you try to rob me!" "Oh,
you're Joe Manton, are you?" said the
highwayman coolly. "Well, you charg
ed me 10 guineas for this brace of pis
tols, which I call a confounded swin
dle, though I admit they're a good pair
of barkers. Now I mean to be quits
with you. Hand me over 10 guineas,
and I'll let you go because you're Joe
Manton, though I know you have got
£SO at least about you."
Joseph swallowed his wrath and
promptly paid the 10 guineas. But he
never forgave the highwayman for get
ting a brace of his best pistols for nix,
and he made himself a special double
gun with barrels barely two feet long,
which he always carried about with
him afterward when traveling and
christened "The Highwayman's Mas
ter." With this weapou I have heard
that he subsequently shot a highway
man who stopped his chaise and mor
tally wounded him.—"Kings of tha
Rod, Rifle and Guns."
WMtt< to Oo to One of His Wed
The Rev. Dr. -—, a prominent cler
gyman, relates with much gusto the
following story about himself. His
present wife, by the way, Is not the
wife of his youth uor yet of his early
manhood, but the lady of his third
choice, and as a consequence the doc
tor's Bet of olive branches spring from
divers maternal ancestry.
"Such a condition of affairs," Bald
the doctor, "might at times become
embarrassing except for the thorough
amiability of all concerned. I confess,
however, to a slightly disconcerted
feeling when shortly before my third
marriage I wt9 approached by one of
my daughters, a girl of 9 and one who
called my second wife mother, with
the question: 'Papa, will you let me
goto see you married? I have never
been at any of your weddings.' "—Fun.
Philadelphia Feline Duplicity.
It was during the natural history
"Give me," asked the teacher, "an
example of the alleged deceitful char
acter of the cat."
"In restaurants it is sometimes said
to pass Itself off for a rabbit," answer
ed the head boy.— Philadelphia limes.
One Csalnf.
"Could you tell me the meaning of
the word 'cataclysm?' " he asked of the
street car passenger wbo was folding
up his newspaper.
"Are you going to ride two or three
blocks farther?" was queried In reply.
"Yes, sir."
"Then you'll see one. The conductor
has carried that sharp nosed woman
two streets past where she wanted
to get off already, and she'll wake up
soon and start a cataclysm that'll prob
ably Jump the car off the track!"—
Washington Post
Called to an Raster Field.
We wonder If any men with white
skins are called to the ministry after
the fashion described by Booker T.
Washington In bis autobiography. He
says: "A colored man in Alabama, on*
hot day in July, while he was at work
In a cotton field, suddenly stopped and
looking toward the skies said, "O lawd,
de cotton am so grassy, de work am so
hard, and de sun am not so hot (lat I
h'lleve dis darky am called to preach!' **
—Chicago Standard.
Blackburn Judge Snyder made a
rule some time ago that all women
should remove their hats In his court,
but I nee that the order is not enforced.
Whitehead—No. The women folks ap
pealed to the judge's wife, and Bhe ren
dered a dissenting opinion. Denver
TCseape Impossible.
Jack—l wish I could get out of marry
ing her.
Fred—Why don't you tell her she Is
too good for you ?
Jack—l did, but it wouldn't work. Now
she wants to marry me to reform me.—
Town Topics.
Death Is natural to a man, but slavery
unnatural, and the moment you strip a
man of his liberty you strip him of all
his virtues; you convert his heart into a
dark hole, in which all the vices conspire
against you.
You can take out a patent in Belgium
for s22* lu France for SOO, in Itussia for
He Is A Wonder.
All who see Mr. C. F. Collier, of Cher
okee, lowa, as he is now, cheerful, erect,
vigorous, without an ache, could harldy
believe he is the same man, who, a short
time ago, had to sit in a chair, propped
up by cushions, suffering intensely from
tin aching back, in agony if he tried to
stoop all caused by chronic kidney
trouble, that no medicine helped till lie
used Electric Bitters and was wholly
cured by three bottles. Positively cures
Backache, Nervousness, Loss of Appe
tite, all Kidney troubles. Only 50c at
Paules & Co's drug store.
■•u Df«|ifrntf I'erionn Adopt l#re
« HIMHK Style# of Dentractlon.
"The remarkable methods several sui
cides have adopted in this city recently
call attention to the fact that methods
of self destruction are largely matters
of suggestion," said a doctor. "When
a man gets in that condition where he
wants to die, he has little inventive
ability and adopts the method that has
been brought to his mind. You will no
tice that after one person kills himself
with acid there follows a long list of
acid suicides. It is the same with any
unusual method. One person gets up
an original way, and that inspires the
next one to try his hand until we have
a whole series of such grewsome nov- I
"I have proved this theory. Several
years ago I was discussing this feature
of suicide with several friends, includ
ing the coroner. They ridiculed my
theory. I offered to prove it. It hap- [
pened that shooting and hanging were j
popular just then. I wrote an article !
for a newspaper on the horrors of
strangulation and pistol wounds and >
explained the ease with which one I
could kill himself with prussic acid, j
Death from prussic acid, you know, is |
absolutely Instantaneous and, many be- r
lleve, painless. There had not been a j
suicide with this acid for more than a
year, but within a week after the arti- i
cle was published there were four, and
one of the unfortunates had clippings
of my article in his pocket.
"Of course I was accused of killing
these four by suggestion, but I was
never arrested and do not feel guilty,
for when once a person has decided to
kill himself the method is a slight mat
ter. No person in his right mind will
commit suicide. We all know in our
sane moments of easy ways to end life,
but when In the suicidal frame of mind
nature seems to rob us of our reason in
this direction, as if in a desperate hope
of preventing the sacrifice." —New York
Mail and Express.
The Heniiou They Teem With Mala
ria uud \OSIOUN
Good gravel has so largely come into !
request that many suburban lands
with that valuable substratum are
quarried to a considerable depth be
fore being sold on building leases. But
It is essential to restore a level surface,
as even the most speculative builder
would hesitate to run up "neat villa
residences" in deep holes. The owner
frequently gets over this difficulty by
allowing urban refuse to be shot into
the excavation; in many cases he even
exacts a small sum for every load tilted
on his ground. The surface being thus
leveled, a year or two are allow d for
the soil to sink and become compact.
Occasionally grass is sown to give a
natural appearance to the spot.
All is now in readiness for the build
er, who proceeds to lay the foundation
for his "terraces," "avenues" and "gar
dens," which he subsequently adver
tises as "on gravel soil." So they are,
but between their ground floors ai d the
gravel lies a thick stratum of partially
decomposed rubbish, teaming with
malaria, and not for many years will
the deposits cease to give off noxious
But the tenant, coming from a dif
ferent locality, knows nothing of the
"making" process to which the plot
has been subjected. When, therefore,
111 health dogs his family, he puts it
down to defective drainage or some
other structural deficiency and spend*
money freely on remedial measures
without the least beueflt. All this
misery might be prevented if it were
legally prohibited to build human habi
tations on decomposed refuse until the
soil had acquired a wholesome char
acter.—London Globe.
London'?! Future Population.
What will the population of London
be in 1950? This is no mere question
of curiosity. It must shortly engage
parliament, for it is because the an
swers given to It are so divergent that
London's water supply question is so
complex. Each plan that is proposed
for Insuring to Londoners enough wa
ter to drink and bathe in is based on a
calculation of London's probable popu
lation 50 years hence. Boyal commis
sions and experts have put the figure
at anything from 15,000,000 to 50,000,-
000. Other authorities denounce these
conjectures as absurd, and an increase
to 12,000,000 is predicted as the more
likely Inflation. A city of that popula
tion is sufficiently appalling to put one
In love with the still more sober esti
mate of Mr. Fryee Williams, who in a
paper read some years ago before the
Statistical society argued that a limit
Is placed on all sublunary things and
that the breaking point In London's
growth will be reached when her chil
dren number B,ooo,ooo.—Loudon Chron
How to Walk Erect.
Many growing girls are inclined to
stoop, and well meaning persons often
advocate braces or shoulder straps as a
means of correcting the tendency. The
braces may force an upright carriage,
but, says a scientific writer, they do not
give the wearer uny means of maintain
ing it, since they prevent the exercise of
those muscles which should be trained to
produce an erect figure. Any exercise
which strengthens the muscles of the
back and shoulders will aid in correcting
this defect. Old fashioned mothers used
to drill their stooping daughters to walk
with a plate carried ou their head, and
this is really a very good practice. High
pillows and very soft mattresses are
blamed as an aid in producing this de
fect, and without a doubt a flat, rather
hard bed, with low pillows, is preferable
for growing children. —Scottish Ameri
A Historic Throne.
The biggest episcopal throne in Eu
rope is at the Exeter cathedral. Com
posed of the very best oak, with mag
nificent carving executed by the most
expert designers of the day, the throne
soars upward in beautiful tapering pin
nacles, which rise up to the lofty roof
of the sacred edifice. The throne Is
not only the biggest, but one of the
oldest. It was saved from destruction
by the Puritans by the Ingenuity of the
Cavaliers, who when the Koumlhcads
marched on Exeter pulled down the
throne and divided It into 305 pieces,
one for every day of the year. The
pieces were safely secured in many
hiding places, and when peace was re
stored the pieces were put together
again without the aid of a single nail.
Fought For His Life.
"My father and sister l>oth died of
Consumption," writes J. T. Weather
wax, of Wyandotte, Mich., "and I was
saved from the sauiß frightful fate only
by Dr. King's New Discovery. An at
tack of Pneumonia left an obstinate
cough and very severe lung trouble,
which an excellent doctor could not
help, but a few months' use of this won
derful medicine made ine as well as
ever and I gained much in weight. '' In
fallible for Coughs, Colds and all Throat
and Lung trouble. Guaranteed bottles
50c and SI.OO at Paules &Co s drug
store. Trial bottles free.
It is a pity the Carnegie lightning will
not strike Philadelphia, where we have
been carrying out Mr. Carnegie's library ;
ideals fur years.— Philadelphia Press.
Indianapolis is the only city in the Unit
ed States that has furnished a president
and a vice president and from which
both have been buried.—lndianapolis
That the people of Boston are really
In earnest in their desire to mend their
ways is made clear by the fact that over
$6,000,000 has been made available for
street building and improvement this
year.—Boston Herald.
It appears to have become a well es
tablished fact that you can at least
bribe a New York policeman to do his
duty, provided of course that the bribe
you offer him is more than the bribe the
other fellow has offered him fur not do
ing it.—Boston Herald.
In our army 304 officers speak Spanish
fluently, 224 are handy with their French
and 130 are well up in German.
One British regiment has been in mourn
ing for more than a century. This is the
old Forty-seventh, the Loyal North Lan
cashire regiment. The officers wear black
blended with gold braid in memory of
General Wolfe, who was killed at Que
Japan has greatly increased her caval
ry in the last few years and still more
recently added nearly 4o field batteries
to her artillery, and as the country itself
produces no horses suitable for this pur
pose the necessity for importing them is
The artillery of the French colonial
army is composed of (I field, 10 mountain
and 20 foot batteries. The headquarters
are in Paris with the relief depot com
prising 4 field, 2 mountain and G foot bat
teries. The remainder are distributed in
Cochin China, Madagascar, the African
settlements and the French Islands in the
West Indies and elsewhere.
In Minnesota a law has been enacted
making the maximum penalty for kid
naping 25 years' Imprisonment. Other
states have raised the limit as a warn
i ing to child stealers, some going so far
as to make the offense punishable by
death. Meanwhile Pat Crowe is still
at large.
Gold Mining & Milling Company
This Property is Estimated to be now Worth More than
SIO,OOO per Acre and will be Worth over One Hundred
Thousand Dollars per Acre,with Proper Development
CAPITAL STOCK, $1,000,000.
Mr Divided into Shares of 81.00 Each, Full Paid and Non-Assessable.'"unß
The Arena Company offers 50,000 Shares at 50 cents each
in a Property that is Worth over $600,000.
Fort tie purpose of raising money to purchase the necessary machinery
to make the mines produce daily fully Three Thousand Dollars in Oiold.
thus enriching every individual shareholder according to the shares he holds.
You can buy any number of Shares you Wish,
and make more money than can be made in any other line of investment. The gold ore is in
these seven developed mines. There are 8.000 feet of ore in a vein, and these veins are true
mother veins, held within walls of granite, placed there by nature. The Company has already
developed this property to demonstrate that it Is one of the largest gold properties of the
Cripple t'reek District which is the greatest gold-producing camp on earth, its output last
year aggregating ¥2-1,000,000 or nearly double the amount produced in the whole State of Cali
At 50 cents per share the Company is giving you a discount of 10 cents per Share to start
witii, making 20 cents on the dollar. As already stated, this is done for the purpose or rais
ing t'ij,ooo to purchase improved machinery, air-compressor drills, and electric plant. We
have two large hoisting engines on this property,a commodious shaft-house,office buildings,
boarding house for the men, stables, a powder-house, a large quantity of tools, etc. The re
ports on these mines, made by one of the best mining engineers in the State, succinctly de
scribe these improvements.
AZTEC, 210 feet in depth, with shaft-house, boiler and engine for hoisting, well timbered all
the way down.
150NDIIULDKK, 200 feet deep, hoisting engine and boiler, large iron shaft-house.
M EX ICO and M A N H ATT A N, both over 100 feet deep, on same vein as the Aztec mine.
CRYSTAL, JASPER and GREAT EASTERN, on the same vein as the Bondholder and open
ed in depth to over luo feet, and developments already made show over 4,000 feet of ore.
If you want to make money out of nature, become a producer of gold out of her treasure
vaults. The Arena group of mines will do it for you.
We can furnish the best of references -bank and mining engineers—and our title in the
property is perfect, coming, as it does through a patent from tiie Government. With more im
proved machinery, from Si.OOO to So.ooo per day will be a conservative estimate of the output
of these mines.
Remember that only 50,000 Shares of this Stock are for sale at 50 cents on t lie dollar.
Orders tor the number of shares desired, accompanied by Draft, Money Orders, Express or
Cash in Registered Letters, can be sent to
The Arena Gold Mining & Milling Company,
501 Equitable Building, DENVER, COLORADO.
Doors, Sash, Shutters, Verandas,
Brackets, Frames
and Turned Work of all Kinds.
Also Shingles, Roofing Slate, Planed and
Rough Lumber.
Speciul atten
lion given La-
dies Suits and Delivery.
Give j lis a c
Danville Steam Laundry,
No. 20 Cana St Lore and Kase, Pro
Jules Verne, now 73, has written as
many books as he i* years old.
Mrs. Craigie hit upon her John Oliver
Hohbes noin de plume !>y chance while
looking: for a plain sensible signature to
»n early paper.
Edwin Austin Abbey, the American
painter, has been elected a member of the
famous Atbetmnnn club of London un
der the rule empowering the annual elec
tion of persona illustrious in science,
literature and art.
To oblige his friend, the great Civour,
Verdi accepted a seat in thi- Italian pjr
liament, but the proceedings bored him,
and he occupied his time setting the ora
tors' speeches to music. The composer
was very religious. lie had a private
chapt-l in his home in which mass was
said daily.
Not only is education free in New Zea
land, but, where necessary, children are
conveyed to and from tchool gratuitously
an the government railways.
Pennsylvania university has a new
mascot. Down in the big swimming pool,
in the basement of Houston hall, floats
Ben Franklin. He is a big duck, orig
inally white, though now dyed in the uni
versity colors.
One of Booker Washington's college
professors at Tuskegee, the Rev. Charles
W. Wood, was once a bootblack in Chi
cago. A boyish contest in oratory, the
honors of which he carried off, started
him on his career.
Ellery Coxe, Jr., of Philadelphia has
an endowment fund to the Univer
sity of Pennsylvania for a perpetual
scholarship in memory of his father,
Charles Brinton Coxe, a graduate of the
class of 'OH, who was a major in the
Sixty-sixth Pennsylvania cavalry during
the civil war.
Mary'n Lnmb.
Mary had a little lamb
Possessed of many rocks
Ami also very much inclined
To deal in railroad stocks.
The lambkin down on 'change one day
Was spotted by a bear.
And when he left the pit he was
Away up in the air.
Now Mary ha 9 no little lamb,
For, having a great head.
She shook him when he lost his fleece
And took the bear instead.
—Portland Oregonian.
i mm if
fe vant to do all
Ms of Printing
| |
f\ n
V y J I
ll'S H.
' II ii KB.
is OBWI.
A well printed
tasty, Bill or Lei
\f / ter Head, Postei
A) k Ticket, Circulai
Program, Stat<
ment or Card :
(y > an advertisemer
/or your business,
satisfaction toyo 1

New Tyjo,
He* Presses, ~
Best Paper, M
Met Wert, "
\ll you can as
A trial will ma
you our custom
We respectfully i
that trial.
— <*♦*
No. 11 E. Mahoning St..
The Beauties of our
Easter Mill in
The question nearest every ft
heart just now is Easter Millinery,
are ready for every demand w
showing far excelling every previo
fort and wider and better fac
that point to perfection than ever,
npon scores of the most exqnisit
med hats await vonr choosing.
122 Mill Street.

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