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The Baraboo Weekly News is
Now the Only Weekly paper pub’
iished at Baraboo, the COUNTY
SEAT of Sauk County. You get
ALL (he county news in the Bara
boo News (daily or weekly).
Police Sweeney Girl Alive
Would You Disappoint Your Friends?
They Are Eagerly Watching For Your
Success .
lorn* Decisive Days of 150,000 Extra Vote
Offer Left,
$1950 Hudson Sedan and Two $1420 Buick Six
Coaches Being: Won Under 150,000 Extra
Vote Offer.
As lhe first period is quickly drawing to a close there appears
another and perhaps even greater reason why you should go in with
solid determination TO WIN in spite of all obstacles. The
thing that has urged you on is your ambition. You want that PRIZE
OF PRIZES the $1950 Hudson Sedan. And it is a worthy ambition
too, I can assure you.
If you have sat behind the wheel of a luxurious Hudson Sedan, it
is unnecessary for me to tell you anything more about it. It is truly
a prize that will bring to the winner closed car perfection of the first
quality; that is, in every sense A KING OF CARS. This rnugnif
icant prize is sufficient reason to make anyone hustle his best.
But Think O, This Also. When You Started Out To Win Your
Friends Agreed To Back You Up.
They helped "M from the start to gather votes to build up a win
ning score. AN i, THEY ARE STILL BACK OF YOU —to the last
They expect to see you the owner of the $1950 Hudson Super-Six Sedan.
Now the question is ARE LOU GOING TO PROVE to them that their
friendship was well deserved.
After their trust in vour capabilities, after all they have aided you,
in waging a successful campaign, don’t you think it would be a mighty
poor plan on your part to waste any of the precious hours during the
remaining few days of the 150,000 Extra Vote Offer? They believe in
you; they are confident that you will win the $1950 Hudson.
Don’t Shatter Their Belief In You.
You may think that, your friends, neighbors and relatives don’t
care very much. But you are wrong if you think so, for the eyes of
every individual in your community are upon yen now. Very likely
they seldom mention anything about it in your bearing. It is there
just the same, however, aiul everyone is buzzing with-'.conversation re
garding your work in the campaign. Your friends WANT YOU TO
Mr. Itfciapst Albrecht 90,54,0. ,
Miss Rose Blem r ' _ 94.160
Mr. Neil Cole .. 75,000
Miss Mary M. Cooper __ 106,000'
Harry Clark 75,000
Mrs. Thelma Eflinger __ 118,000
t Mrs. E. R. Call __ 110,000
Mr. Wilfred A. Griffith _ 95,000
William Hiller ..... __ _ 95,000
Mr. Wilbur Hanley .... ... 99,000
Miss Phyllis Jacquilh _ 105,000
Mr. Harry Mather . 110,000
Mr. Alfred Moedingor ...... 90,000
Aliss Lois Moran . .. 120,000
I Miss Edith Nelson 88,000
Mrs. H. A. Sarahan _ 95,000
11. R. Huger _ ll9 t «oo
Mrs. J, F. Switalski 98,000
Miss Veronica “Bonnie” Terry _. 115,000
Mr. Stanley Weidenkopf 60,000
Mr. Carl Popp . . _ 80,000
j Mr. Walter Alexander ....... . . _ 95,000
Mr. Frank Cerue ..... ... .. 108,000
Mrs. Cora Parks 75300
North Freedom
Mr. Albert C. Kicks 99,000
Miss Adeline Johnson 105,000
Mrs. Gary VanLoenen ....... 110,000
Mrs. L. t\ Webster . __ 114,000
Mrs. William Voss .. . _ 112,000
Helen Groshans ...... ... 80,000
Miss Adda Beck ...... __ ... - 104.000
Sauk City
Miss Josie Brilliott . 110,000
Prairie du Sac
Mr. Arnold Murphy ._ -- 06,500
Spring Green
Aliss Alice Hill - 08,000
Mrs. Fred Ockershuuser . 1 OS,OOO
Lime Ridge
Aliss ATagdaline Ilanko --
If you allow some or most of the precious hours in these tew re
maining days of the first period to slip by without the utmost endeavoi
on your part, your friends are going to notice it and you may fail a
bit in their estimation. Don’t give them an opportunity to lose any oi
that faith they' have in you. Their support is necessary for your final
success. It is mighty important to you to have them continue this
golden confidence.
In the four days remaining of the 150.000 Extra Vote Offer, you
should do just what they expect you to do. You should make full use
of every minute. Do every bit in your power to forge ahead NOW
when it is easy and then stay ahead. You should get yourself into
a leading position as quickly as possible and then insure ultimate suc
cess by piling up every vote within reach.
Realize your friends are watching and waiting for you to win. You
have the start, the opportunity and ability. Go ahead WIN.
Endless Shifting of Positions May Play Havoc With Your Votes.
Insure Success By Keeping Busy.
It is very probably that at this stage of the campaign some candi
dates have begun to feel just a little self-satisfied with their best efforts
and are already beginning to lose their grip a little, if they' have reason
to believe that they are up among the leaders somewhere.
Now self confidence is a good thing a wonderful quality to have
but like everything else, it can be carried a little too far. It can
be over done and that is just what may happen to some of the candi
dates who are beginning to feel SELF CONFIDENT - TOO SOON IN j
THE GAME. . „V, TV,!
Newspaper Enteiprise Association Service.
For Mothers
Li /
Mothers have been neglected in col
lege life believes Alberta Johnson,
! Mt. Horeb, VVis., who is heading a
j movement for the establishment of a
j Mothers Day a. aii universities. The
j first celebration of this l ; nd will be
| held at the University' of Wiscon
sin May 29■
Wisconsin fishermen in ques
j Honing members of the state con
servation commission on the state
|law governing the size of trout
i which may be caught in state wa
| ters learned today that there is
i no state law on the size of trout
| that may cfiugftt in WlsrortSmijT**
! $25,000 IN AN
(By The United Press)
Bandits today robbed the State
Bank of Augusta, Mich., cf 20 to 25
: thousand dollars In cash and lie
j gotiable securities. The robbery
was effected by means of a blow
I torch.
(By the United Press)
Plans to extend the Nickle Plate
I railroad to Pennsylvania territory;
were disclosed today' in an appli- 1
| cation filed with the State Public
i Service commission asking author
i ity to take over the Erie and old
Northern Pacific system.
By the contemplated absorption i
of other roads a direct connect
| ing line would faciliate traffic be- I
: tween New York and St. Louis.
No action will be taken by the
• commission until the Interstate
| Commerce commission has passed
■on the project, which is to come
| up, for hearing on ATay 6.
(By The United Press)
Rain and hail and a wind which j
approached a hurricane are re- j
ported from Houston, Texas, this
morning. Fourteen persons were j
injured at Kyle, Texas, and tele-1
phone and telegraph service at that j
place were demolished.
One person was' reported injur
| ed in Houston and the fire depart- j
! ments were called out when light
i uing struck a fire alarm box and
; turned in a general alarm.
Small houses, outbuildings, and
trees were blown down.
IF. H. Schultz of the federal bur
eau cf crops stated that the rain
was of inestimable value to crops.
Latest Markets and News By United Press Wire Service
Janesville Man Wills
Body to Wisconsin
Medical School.
(By The United Press)
Janesville police today fell back
on thß theory of unrequited love
in the double slayin ? in Janesville
earlier in the week when Thomas
Coras, Greek chief, in a fit of
passion shot and killed Mrs. Edith
Wilkins, middle-aged soul-mate,
then snuffed out his-own life with
a .38 revolver.
Indications are that Coras had
contemplated the murder and sui
cide for several weeks. On Apr*!
7 last, he made out his will, and
'he day before the tragedy with
drew $4,000 of the $4,569.75 of hh
account at a Janesville bank.
Friends today bore out the po
lice hypothesis of a blasted love
affair. They reported Mrs. Wilkins
frequented remarked:
“I can’t think of marrying any
man, but if I do it will be to save
my life.”
Coras’ body will be presented to
the University of Wisconsin medic
al school as requested in the dead
man’s will.
Legislative Commit
tee Authorizes Car
For Executive Man
(By the United Press)
A $2,700 automobile forme cP
the executive mansion has been au
thorized by the legislature joint fi
nance committee in an ru.< udrqent
to bill 506 S which will anno be
lcre the seim'e Thursday. Bui
506 S takes care of maintenance
costs of the shite buildings at Ma
Fraudulent newspaper eircub;ti..u ;
statements v/iiUl constitute per- j
jury under a bill slated tri action
in the upper ivw :e Thursday, relat- i
ing to publication if official notices i
Insertion rates would be based cu
§L -"mv / /
S v - -ir (w - ; / Gruj Jv ft. ' /
School Contest
At Lime Ridge
James Andrews and Wallis Mor
tensou of the Cazenovia school
won first and second places res
pectively in the Tri-scholastic
Oratorical Contest, at Lrme Ridge.
By an error in counts, second
place was read for Lime ltidge
on the night of .lie contest but
in looking over the paper later,
it was found that Wallis had in
points, therapy winning second,
; which place he surely merited.
i iKteda
$3,200 SUM
Industrial Fellowship
From Quaker Oats
Company to Secure

(By the United Press)
An industrial fellowship of $3,200
; has just been presented to the
| University of Wisconsin in Ma
! disou by the Quaker Oats company
; of America to secure impartial data
i on vitamines in cereal grains and
! their products, with special refer
| ence U> rolled oais in comparision
, with jptTier cereals.
The Quaker Oats fellowship will
: be effective on July 1 and $2,400
i oya*® pa will be used as com
pensation for a competent chemist
i to carry on the research work un
der the immediate direction of the
department of agricultural chemis
; try.
, - ——
Superintendent W. A. Hayes of
the Madison division of the North
western has been pensioned it was
learned this afternoon.
For the past few months J. A.
Worthman has been acting super
intendent following the illness cf
Mr. Hayes.
The Hayes family reside in Bar
aboo. ;
Member of the United Press
Her Companion is 50
Year Old Milwau
kean Who Has Wife
(By ihe United Press)
After a lap:-e of nearly two
months, Mrs. Eleanor Clafendecher.
2S, has returned to her husband
with their four year old daugh
ter anti Henry Bentz, 50, aged loth
ario, with e. wife and 14 year old
son in Milwaukee will probably face
charges of desertion.
The pursuit and capture of Bentz,
formerly Fond du Lac, and tho
missing wife, following her dis
appearance several weeks ago, was
suggested by A. P. Roberts, Mil
waukee ‘my3tic’. whose advice Claf
endecher sought after his wife van
Robert declared the missing pair
were living near Rhinelander. Claf
endecher determined to follow the
clue, and took Roberts ami his
wife’s brother on the quest. Ln
route Roberts pointed tc a red
school as the place where Bentz
stopped to get water for his car.
inquiry shows this to be a fact.
Arriving at Harshow. His party
located the couple. Mrs ClatYn
llecfier expressed williugn ss to
return and her nusband freely ah
solved her. he:.; : uvs threaten t< !
into subjeejm anJ they returned
to Fond du Ip Bed/ vas later j
turned over to the Milwaukee po
lice. i
CLfendecho’', elated at having his
.wife and child back declared lie
had completely forgiven liis wife.
(By The United Press)
Sofia burst into flames in many
places during the night and the
mysterious fires threw the inha
bitants into a panic, according to
a message from Vienna today.
Hand bills, charging the mili
tary faction of Bulgaria with ar
son, were distributed, attributing
the flames to an effort to bring
Communists out of hiding.
Officials of the Communists de
clared that the fires were set to
show the dissatisfaction with the
Zankoff regime.
Bill Suggests
Committee To
Probe Prison
(By the United Press)
Dr. W. F. Lorenz, president of
the state board of control, appeared
before a joint finance committee in
Madison in behalf of a bill to ap
point a regular interim legislative
visiting committee to stduy the
needs of the state institutions.
“It is impossible during th 9 brief
time of the legislature for a small
visiting committee to study the
per and full information on state
prisons and homes,” Dr. Lorenz
“All information and reports of
visiting committees should be in
the hands of the governor by De
cember first that ho may include
this (lata in his message,” accord
ing to Lorenz. “More contact with
these institutions is needed..”
The bill to advance sr,ooo state
aid to the Central Wisconsin
Cheesemakers', Buttermakers’ and
Dairymen’s Advancement asso
ciation as referred back to the
committee on state and local
Wisconsin Corpora
tions File Articles
With Secretary of
(By the United Press)
New Wisconsin corporations with
articles of incorporation on file in
the secretary of state's office in
Madison, include the following:
Wisconsin Hardware Specialty
Co., Madison; $25,000; O. B. James,
F. C. McKichan, Roy Beat and
Phillip Bettinger.
M. F. Patterson Dental Supply
Co., cf Wiscosin, Milwaukee, $250,-
000; L. B. Bauer, W. A. Rose and
R. L. Babendrier.
La Crosse Airways Corporation,
La. Crosse; $2,500; L. M. Moll, O.
M. Narowitz and L. B. Moll.
Harry S. Cooper. Inc., Kenosha,
800 shares without par; Robert S.
Cooper, Nelson C. Cooper and Lucy
P. Cooper.
De Pere Pulp and Paper com
pany, De Pere; 1,000 shares prci
ferred par $100; Morris Miller,
John E. Carey nd ( Jlurine Carey.
(By the United Press )
Europe-wide activities of the Com
munists reached England today
with the discovery of a plot to mur
der Austin Chamberlain, British
foreign minister. The plot was
conceived in Vienna and with its
discovery, Scotland Yard placed
additional guards about Chamber
British and Austrian authorities
believe that the danger is past with
the uncovering of the murder plot.
The plan to kill Chamberlain was
probably an effort to disorganize
the European government.
(By The United Press)
Secretary of Commerce Hoover
today summoned a conference of
those interested in fish conserva
tion in Atlantic and Gulf 'waters.
Governors of coastal states were
requested to send representatives
to the conference which will pro
bably lead to a series of fish pro- ,
tectioa measures.
The Baraboi Weekly News has a
larger paid in advance circulation
than any other paper published in
Sauk County. Everyone in this
county who does not take the Daily
News should have the Weekly News
Slipper Found That
Was Worn By Crime
Victim, Claim
Pump Lake Dry in Ef
fort to Locate Miss
ing Legs and Arms
(By the United Press)
The Chesterton Indiana, mur
der mystery deepened th s af
ternoon when word was re
ceived that Mrs. Lucile Sween
ey, £7, was alive. Her hus
band, Thomas Sweeney, 35, was
released for the second time on
receipt of a wire from Farina,
111,, police said that they had
located the girl there.
Lux, a Chicago owned police dog,
for years a man hunter for the
Berlin police force, late ye Herd ay
located the first new clue • a
hidden shoe near the place
where the legs and arms of the
woman in the Chesterton murder
mystery are believed to be hidden.
The gray slipper, with one strap
burned off, was found In woods
off the Chicago trail 300 feel
from the spot where the mutilated
and burned body was found.
The trail continued, to end at
the border of a, small swampy lake
in the woods. There was believed,
the missing legs and right arm
will be found when the lake is
pumped dry today.
Crowd Watchec Dog Work
Five hundred policemen, Offi
cials, newspaper men, and curious
residents of Chesterton arid near
by towns watched the dramatic
man hunt staged by Lux, owned
by Mrs. Rita Mudson, 5912 Normal
boulevard, Chicago.
Identified. Then Mystery
That, was the most important
development of the day, the police
said. It came just as Raymond T.
Sweeney, a switchman, was being
released from custody by the Cary
police after friends had identified
the body as that of his wife, Lu
cille, a dancing instructor in a
Gary roadhouse.
The release came after Mrs. C.
R. Watterson, keeper of a Gary
lodging house where Sweeney had
lived with Lucille, had received
a postcard from Farina, 111., say
ing that Lucille had gone there
and mail should be addressed to
Louise Garrow, the name she was
Early last night, however, news
paper men found a girl who knew
Lucille Sweeney, and the mystery
became dee;er. That girl is posi
tive there was a motive for slay
ing I in ille and she left at once
for the Chesterton morgue to see
if she could Identify the charred
(By the United Pre»s)
An oil explosion at the K & S oil
company station In Canton, 111.,
today killed two and seriously in
jured another. The dead are E.
D. Hansberger and John A. Young
and the injured is M. L. Beck.
Hansberger was plant manager
and Young was a truck driver.
100 Arrested
In Racine Drive
(By the United Press)
Over 100 persons were arrested
in Racine during a la\v enforcing
drive; 63 of the number for traffic

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