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The Raraboo Weekly News is
Now the Only Weekly paper pub'
lished at Baraboo, the COUNTY
SEAT of Saule County. You get
ALL the county news in the Bara
boo News (daily or weekly).
Andrew; Removes Dry Force From Porto Rico
Golden Wedding An
niversary is Occa
sion for Congratu
lations by Friends
The congregation ol the First
Methodist Episcopal church gath
ered at the church parlors on
Tuesday evening to honor Mr. and
Mrs. A. L. Young, who yesterday
ct lebrated their fiftieth wedding
anniversary. The affair had been
planned as a surprise for Mr. and
Mrs. Young and their astonishmen 1
was complete for they expected
the evening's pleasure to consist of
a visit, at tiie home of Mr. and
Mrs. T. it. Deppe.
Members of the Ladies Aid soc
iety had planned the delightful ev
ent and they had made the church
parlors cozy with rocking chjiirs,
mgs, tables and candles.
Miss Edna VarnMl was in charge
of a. program, which fittingly op
ened with a wedding march, play
ed by Mrs. W. I). Morse, and J. E.
Yon Wald.
A group of old time songs was
sung by the assembly with Ben
Jones directing, after which the
presentation of a basket of roses
to Mr. and Mrs. Young from the
Ladies Aid society was made by
Mrs. H. H. Taylor. Mrs. Young
lias long been a faithful member of
the society.
Pastor Speaks
The pastor, Rev. J. E. Kundert
gave a talk which was replete
with htimoi as well as serious ap
preciation of the meaning of such
an anniversary.
Mrs. George Hughes read a clev
or original poem written for the
occasion and Mrs. T. It. Deppe
read a letter from (lie Mr. Cooper,
now of Canton, S. D., who was best
man at the wedding of Mr. and
Mrs. Young .fifty years ago.
John Accola of Prairie du Sac,
a friend of the family, sang a solo.
* A violin solo by Mr. Von Wald,
accompanied on the piano by Mrs.
Morse, was followed by the pre
sentation of a gift from the neigh
bors of the bridal couple, live pre
sentation being made by Miss
I.ena, Little who gave an original
After songs led by Mr. Jones,
informal congratulations were
made bv those present and refresh
incuts of coffee, sandwiches, pick
les, ice cream and cake were serv
ed. A beautifully decorated wed
ding cake ablaze with candles
formed an important part of the
Married At Plain
The marriage of Mr. and Mrs.
Young took place at. the home of
Mr. and Mrs. R. If. Douglas, par
ents of the bride, near Plain.
Tlie bride was Miss Georgiana
I ’ouglas.
For many years, Mr. Young was
in ilie grocery business in Bara
boo. He was the son of John
Young, who took up land in the
Town of Troy at an early date and
who was a sheriff in this county
about 1878. The son. A. L. Young,
was a farmer on the old homestead
for some years but left it when a
young man, engaged in business
in Baraboo. passed ten years in
Missouri, and lowa, in the mercan
tile business, and then returned to
go into business here. Tt is inter
esting to note that the parents of
Mr. and Mrs. Young also celebrat
ed their golden wedding anniver
sary in Baraboo, Jan. 11. 1002.
Embargo Lifted
On Florida Freight
Washington Orders opening up
all available freight traffic routes
to and from Florida have been is
sued by the Interstate Commerce
Russia To Join
League on Condition
Moscow—Russia will enter the
league of nations with the uuder-
Si •?i ding it will receive equal treat
uieut’with the othfer powers.
Newspaper Enterprise Association Service.
Jc 'i Higher In
"Certain Cases
Last year there was an exemp
tion of SSOO on residences when
occupied by the owner. The last
legislature removed this exemp
tion and this year when you smile
on the treasurer you will find your
taxes higher if the valuation on
your property remained the same.
In the city of Baraboo the rate is
three per cent and those living
in their own homes will find their
taxes this year sls more than last
year unless the valuation was re
duced. This means the taxes will
be higher on most houses in Bara
Swedish Princess May
Be Choice, Rumor in
London Social Cir
London, England—British soc
iety is again speculating as to
whethe a possible bride has finally
been found for the prince of Wales?
The speculation follows an an
nouncement that Princess Astrid,
niece ot’ the king of Sweden, who
is immensely popular with King
George and Queen Mary, is to be a
guest at Buckingham palace as
soon as the period of court mourn
ing for Dowager Queen Alexandra
Astrid, who is 20, is one of the
prettiest younger members of Eur
opean royalty. She has an attrac
tive personality, is a splendid
dancer, is fond of country life
and sports and is well versed in
domestic, science.
She is a daughter of Prince
Charles and Princess Ingeborg, be
ing a grandniece on her mother’s
side of the late Dowager Queen
Miners Reject
Markle Plan To
End Coal Strike
New York A new peace plan to
end the anthracite strike was pre
sented to the anthracite miners
and operators Tuesday, and like
all the others, it. proved unsatisfac
tcry to one side.
The latest propostition came
from Alwan Markle of Hazelton,
Pa., chairman without vote of the
joint wage conference of operators
and miners. Mr. Markle is a min
ority stockholder in the Jeddo-
Highland Coal company.
Whether his plan was acceptable
to the operators was not made
known, but the miners promptly
voiced their opposition because it
contained what they termed an ar
bitration feature.
Opposed to Arbitration
In an agreed statement, issued
by both sides it was announced
that the workers “were as much
opposed to arbitration today as
they were four months ago, and
will continue in their opposition.”
Tonight the joint conference
was still in session, going over the
various plans that were offered by
different interests since the strike
began Sept. 1.
The proposal made by Gov. Pin
cliot at Harrisburg a month ago
and rejected by the operators was
urged by the. miners as “a con
structive plan for settlement.”
The operators, however, would not
listen to its adoption, arguing that
it was “destructive and unwork
Report On
County School
Board Meeting
The County School Board Con
i vention held on November 30, 1925
j at the high school building, regis
tered in attendance: Clerks —110;
Directors —75; Treasurers —73; and
Teachers—l 4. In spite of the
bad weather, the assembly hall
was filled for the afternoon pro
Latest Markets and N ews By V nited Press Wire Service
Former Mate of Dan
cer Eccentric to last
Cuts Wrists, Hangs
Moscow Sergei Yessiuin, the
Russian poet, Isadora Duncan’s for
mer husband, committed suicide in
Leningrad by cutting his wrists,
then hanging himself. A note,
written in blood, was found on a
table in his room, but it was ille
gible. He recently married Sofia
Tolstoy, Leo Tolstoy’s granddaugh
ter, He had been suffering from a
nervous breakdown.
Yessinin was a poet of the Bol
shevist school, described as an “im
agist”. He was the son of a pea
sant, tall, blond, curly-haired, with
a pugnacious face, who wrote of
plows, horses, clods of earth and
revolutions. He was 27, 10 years
Miss Duncan’s junior when they
were married in 1922. He seem
ed 17, mild-mannered, and naive
as a. child until, as many newspa
per articles recorded, he got some
thing to drink.
London -Flood waters and a
raging channel gale brought dis
aster or discomfort to a large ar
ea of the continent and England
While the Transylvania floods,
designated as the worst in 30
years, had taken an estimated toll
of 500 to 1,000 lives as towns were
swamped in a 200,000 acre region,
reports from Germany, Holland
and Belgium told of flood damage
and continued rising of rivers
swollen by early thaws. Here the
Thames was rising, flooding some
low-lying streets of London, while
father north valleys were under
Widow of Well
j Known Lawyer
| Dies; Freeport
(By United Press)
' Freeport., 111. Mrs. Venetta
1 Crane, widow of Joseph Addison
| Crane, who was long prominent in
! the practice of law here, died to
j day at the age of 85 years. Mrs.
J Crane was the oldest resident of
Freeport, having lived here ever
! since her birth.
Find Only Few
I Normal Men In
Milwaukee Pen
Milwaukee—Of 317 inmates of
the house of correction examined
i during the last 20 months by alien
! ists and psychiatrists only 24 were
J normal, William H. Momsen, in-
I spector of that institution, says in
j a statement issued Tuesday.
The statement was a reply to Dr.
John P. Koehler, health tommis
j sioner, who recently said that all
| criminals should be given such an
i examination. Mr. Momsen says
this already is being done.
Of th 317 examined 90 were feeb
le-minded, 53 were degenerates, 84
i were of the “character defect type
i 25 had psychopathic personalities.
1 38 were of the recidivistic type, 8
| were insane and 4 wfere normal,
i the inspector states.
Wayne Munn Father
Of Eleven Pound Girl
Kansas City, Mo. Wayne
Munn, heavyweight wrestler, is the
father of an eleven pound girl. The
child was born here Tuesday. Both
] Mrs. Munn and the baby are re
| ported “doing nicely.”
Adjourn Case
Before Andro
Charles Herritz, Ableman, charg
ed with possession and sale of il
licit liquor, was heard before Judge
Adolph Andro today. The case
was adjourned to February Gth.
(By United Press!
Davenport, lowa —A 63 year old
negro known as William Brown,
alias “Three Fingered Dad,” alias
“Kleist Whiting,” was arrested
here on Saturday as the man who
criminally assaulted Michael
Lescher, 8, and left him in a rail
road car after the attack at Mil
waukee. Detectives took Brown in
to custody today and he will be
returned to Milwaukee to face
1926, REPORT
(By United Press;
Milwaukee —Senator Irvin L.
Lenroot, senior United State sen
ator for Wisconsin, whose term ex
pires next year" today announced
to a group of newspaper men that
he will be a candidate for re
election at. the election next fall.
Lenroot is visiting this city in
a series of addresses on the world
court and other national and inter
national matters.
Bus Lines Have
Snow Troubles
A number of busses in the east
ern part of the state ran into
drifts and stopped. They had to lie
shoveled out and this required
some time. The lines have not
been operating for several days
hut by clearing the roads they are
; . "A
Neils Aasen, Stough
ton, Honored for
Service to France
Stoughton—Neils W. Aasen, in
ventor of the hand grenade used
extensively in the World War, di
ed at his home in Stoughton after
a few months’ ilness with tuber
culosis. He was 48.
At the outbreak of the World
war, the French government em
ployed the inventor to organize
factories for the manufacture of
grenades. He put into operation
14 factories employing 25,000 men
and women.
Mr. Aasen came to America from
Norway in the fall of 1924, mov
ing to Stoughton, where he organ
ized the Aasen Corporation of Am
erica for the purpose of manufac
turing the Aasen sleep-maker and
other smaller inventions. Due to
to the fact that there was no ap
parent, demand for the “insomnia
mask.” as it was first termed, the
corporation has been inactive for
the last year.
(By United Press)
Will is ton, N. ,D. —Fifteen men
made their way to safety today
hen the Swanson coal mine be- j
Alamo and Corinth caved
in, i\. was learned here today.
Tlie\ cave-iu started in a long
tunnel |nto the hill and miners at
once started to place braces in an
effort temsave the shaft but their
efforts vrere futile and they were
forced to\dash for the entrance.
S4O,M Fire
In North Dakota
(By United >• ress)
Page, N. I). —Fire of unknown
origin destroyed two garages con
taining 9 automobiles, a pool hall,
a meat market, and a restaurant
here today with a loss estimated
at $40,000.
Newell Williams
Has Operation
Newell Williams, son of Rev.
and Mrs. C. S. Williams, of Wat
erloo, lowa, was rushed to a hos
pital Christmas afternoon for an
appendicitis operation. The op
eration was unusually dangerous
because of the advanced condition
of the disease, but the patient s
getting on as well as can be hoped
under the circumstances.
Newell was in the Baraboo High
school two winters ago. He grad
uated last June from high school
and is now in his third term at
lowa State Teachers' college, Cod
ar Falls.
(By United Press)
Peking General Hsu Cheng
"Little Hsu” — is dead. His as
sassination at Langfang Station, en
route from Peking to Tien Tsin ex
piated Little Hsu’s murder of Gov
or nor Shensha, the governor's son
killing him in revenge.
(By United Press)
Beloit By the terms of the
will of Porter Hawen, Racine, filed
in probate court today, Beloit col
lege is left the income on an es
tate of $225,000. The money is
to be used for necessary improve
ments and poor students, it is stip
Avto Wrecked;
Driver Dies
Wausau Although his car was
reduced to a tangled mass of
wreckage when it was struck by a
south bound Milwaukee road train.
P'rank Bluhm escaped with a few
minor injuries.
Member of the United Press
The following are the new of
ficers elected at the regular meet
ing today at the Warren:
President—G. H. Hood
Vice-president—R. C. Under
Treasurer—T. M. Mould
Director —E. C. Deno.
District trustee —C. M.Dußois
The secretary will be elected by
the board of directors.
Rev. J. E. Kundert was elected
a member.
Secretary E. M. Doll reported a
membership of 67 and money on
hand, $120.56.
A rising vote of thanks was giv
en Superintendent A. C. Kingsford
chairman of the program commit
tee, for the number of excellent
speakers the club has had during
his administration.
There was some discussion a
bout Wisconsin enjoying a tour
ist boom. During the past year
summer resort property valued at
$2,000,000 was sold in one county
of the state; also half as much in
another county. Superintendent
A. J. Worthman, W. E. Baringer,
Mayor Adolph Andro, T. F. Risley
and others will see what can be
done toward getting a road to the
top of the west bluff at Devil's
Light Keepers
Marooned 21
Days Escape
Marinette Frank Drew, light
keeper, and Alfred Cornell, assis
tant lightkeeper of Green Island,
arrived in Marinette Sunday, end
ing an enforced stay on the island
for twenty-seven days without mail
or communication with the main
land. They came over afoot, push
ing a hand sled, and were obliged
to stop twenty times, owing to the
extreme cold, the temperature be
ing below zero.
Bay Is Frozen
They report the bay frozen en
tirely across now, and believe that
traffic from east shore points will
start within a week across the ice.
They crossed the path of the Ann
Arbor that left this port at 3 that
morning, and the ice had frozen
solidly within seven hours.
Local fishermen are now getting
ready to begin their winter fishing
through the ice, several going out
Monday morning.
Light Kept Burning
The lightkeepers will remain here
until spring, but the light will be
kept burning throughout the win
ter, having been changed into an
acetylene light for the winter, that
will flash automatically every nine
One of the big improvements to
be made the coming season will be
the erection of a lightliou.se to
take the place of the lightship at
Peshtigo reef, at an estimated ex
penditure of $65,000.
Road To Portage
Has Few Drifts
The road to Portage is navigable
but is drifted in places. Snow
plows have been used on portions
of the road. In Columbia county
slat fences have been erected in a
number of places to prevent drifts
forming in the highway. They are
a wonderful preventive. Most of
the road is in fine condition, not
withstanding the snow.
New $200,000 Hotel
Planned at Portage
Portage This city is to have
a new $200,000 hotel it was learn
ed Monday from representatives of
Gill & Walerman, Madison, former
owners of the Corning House block,
which has just been sold to the
Schroeder Hotel Co. Architects
were here to complete plans for
the structure, which is to occupy
the site on Wisconsin st. just north
of the present Corning House-bldg.
Work on the new hotel is to start
in the spring.
Prohibition Czar Is
Enroute from Ha
vana Aboard Coast
Guard Cutter
(By United Press)
Aboard the Coat Guard Cutter)
Modoc, enroute to Key West, Fla
—Lincoln C. Andrews, prohibition
czar, has ordered withdrawn from
Porto Rico all prohibition depart
ment representatives with the ex
ception of Attorney Frank Buck
Andrews is enroute from Havana
aboard the Modoc, after a check
up of liquor activities in southern
Farm Policy
To Be Talked
At Annual Meet
(By United Press)
Madison What shall be Wis
consin’s agricultural policy?
Badger farmers will discuss this
important question when they meet
here Farm Folks week, February
1 to 5. Among those who have
been invited to present their views
to the conference is L. J. Taber,
Columbus, Ohio, who will speak on
“Our Future Agricultural Policy,”
Taber is Master of the National
Grange and well known among
farmers ' organizations throughout
the Middle West.
In addition to the principal ad
dresses. which will be given in the
morning and evening sessions,
there will he special conferences in
the afternoons for dairymen, breed
ers, horticulturists, cooperative
managers and poultrymen.
Four Banks Close
Doors in Montana
(By United Press)
Helena, Montana —Four Monta
na I)anks with a total capitaliza
tion of -131,000 have closed their
doors in the last two days it was
learned at the hank examiner’s
headquarters today.
Those which have closed are the
State Bank of Nassau, the First
National’ Bank of Malta, the Val
ley Commercial Bank of Glisdale,
and the Glasgow hank.
Week of Prayer
To Be Observed
The week of Prayer will be ob
served in the Baraboo churches,
Jan. 3 to Jan. 10 as follows:
Sunday eve., Jan. 3, Presbyterian
church —Address by W. F. Sey
mour, medical missionary from
Monday eve., Jan. 4. Congrega
tional church -Leaders: E. C. Hen
ke and Wesley Markee. Address by
a missionary from Brazil.
Tuesday eve., Jan. 5, Advent
Christian church —Leaders: H. E.
Erffmeyer and W. Harvey Sproule.
Young People’s night..
Wednesday eve., Jan. 6, Evan
gelical church Leaders: Samuel
Weisshaar and J. F. Nuzum. Soc
ial service.
Thursday eve., Jan. 7, First M.
E church—Leaders: Harlow H.
Ferris and E. O. Coontz.
Friday eve., Jan. $, Second St. *
Methodist church — Leader: J. E.
Sunday eve.. Jan. 10, Baptist
church —Sermon by Evangelist
Britton Ross of Nashville. Tenn.
Thtse services will begin at 7:30
each evening and a very cordial
invitation is extended to all.
Mrs. Clifford Butterfield has gone
to Chicago to spend the week-end
visiting relatives.. She was ac
companied by he rson Forrest who
is employed there and who has
been spending the Christmas va
cation at his home here.

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