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The morning star and Catholic messenger. (New Orleans [La.]) 1868-1881, February 09, 1868, Morning, Image 1

Image and text provided by Louisiana State University; Baton Rouge, LA

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'-A7 Seutalhla AbymAia beIh.t
W4 e" be Reetashe it ptes Ad
aWd tOs thm thy se.s.  d ti
Let thy asty lid eacbh ine afte
ts tOhe hiae at thy r wisdom
,- e its geal- ray. p
whto iag The pr t true us to- r she e
1thmI . • frti
Vit *ever day ame wo u ihw
P beTsamed our 1o0s5ie 7AR.r
a sinking . - otheo"t
oit 1 imlre iposi le to4ri iai-e i
A wte,,,dh_ to _s to do
 heartsiin in thei c.9a Afa
a -to eve theml a fint shadow of the we
gleresof Hevon. V fair was the landsc*pe
wheah k outspread beforme the,petator's eye tto
Sae taryasd of the little village of t. n
-VitoZr re r as it weeoaait eminence Eto
eit h fUolanh, to da, ottaes go
* t *fuldp r rath ,ae u t taea- ti
rarso.(L ten d rotd which epeete t
the mode t prist fr thndhttroh up
....r b A- e to
twas nd ee hasutye of the scens t iy w.
wel _cerroh stood lookingy t t
tof one who We Id fain pierce thm gbh "How
ýre Morl of narof eter curtain of blue or
mueh arehttisetol hsauty, an c5thyaid is
-woe -with illpI mun a nd wood- at
-wild owers s n tlhat t was the -  t
-Ned the lowly. The vilg'
there were, a sopt
&s..et.. cure s-'Li -ýiiowe, si
was still e t
grll a .*m.. i -e wmdi" hkvo to
w i -t ". - oTe- she which - I t tE
with in cIeaere li[ at tm'bad noti yt "
marked.oid their erbrow or. I
is orrowf, eover the ,entaesse a =d t s
dthlng shdark egsislthes te}=se still Itre,
lh!E w5i, - -
labors veerc -i, n f-,
" .ea, father;'ee, replutd,' \nI have fnished I
" everything, and I do think Our Lady's ,-tar
tleeks lU mti thl. The fers make ch a good m
background and show all the Sowler to edvelt-l
reg. ODh! IthinktO will look t aov...-t __
" tlme Iorr ow, and we will takh e wrt suc poi
met would but coatesad see it, aind-dear
tea I dido so hope she Wid be well enough.
Itas pal so oftiein ft ."And her eym
dlled with tesrs. - -
"Alt- Aime," said the curs, "sometimes oat
prayers are ver K ones, and like the Apes
tlsof old,weknow nothat we ask. Lhave
joltlt h see you r antsher-n
\'Aa how did you fnt ber? Rat do you .
do think she isa little better--just a btiIyou
The prest s no answer for moiment, then
ued ldsdie has-ked me to speak She
- would net Have sorrow coad on you too sid
denly. My hildmy poor child, your umetet
earthly altar, and where she may gather how
are in the gardens of eternal bliss. You have
give $etl p to `H keeping who Lath loved her
-+s1" " "he
ylses It ntafs ~ 'a
yen ius p tt With hW, sad
llisten 1tuber eeenrelter the flittife.' tro
ue:Sh .sudden afgu sht, be At
Akg hehbar heart. Thae
a she sad-" the future -theur
' C d ar child," answered he. "Life Mon
iS eI When- weolee book on the yer, we
tyeke1Sbmmti4eSm. -blehJe
I. no I=*vllmli li
sem bas , d -v or thet -- ha... .
ne wee appbi' hadi _
iorill ottu ha h
wed` lan 'ntheir chidt
n. au~li ClaSZSS th bd,-) weak
ripidly pta6;ciin l+resm1- .·l . +
t - it th 1 idof tneir-o faither and that
reand. entwtun . o - . .
ý TT -dewaping al a s uimilr
oAnd it ia e not to onder s aer level
forth life had eiin a toii h i ibo thok
rapidly passing-tream.si the
m umat-go tp th-church, now," sdthecure, b.
after a moment's pause.Aimeefo lbowed ' &e
sad, entering in tank -on her knees at the hoot Clow
of Our Lady a afir, me-feesatly decked by bar tore
owt nimble fin ere, church was silent, and At
the lest rýaX the son came throagh' had
the west winadow; made 1 e-'f golden liht Al
upon the paarst e'and dt a halo around the c
bead eTthe raCa w kelt there abeore b H 4't
In pray e ver A prayed before a-tut
Sshe pred now ,'it least" tiILo rgrow Is fairly p
as, tlIre realie that our indlvidp bat-itt
Its la, that thebitteranss which only our wl
own inows irially t or llpe-that we pref
l'inti b itity._lm pored  aot ' herside
vrbssle ~riwc tm id 3 refl to do the-will, ftil
might le her and by her; she reouned refi
the of life, If it: were necessary for lit
ha up'
eas As ,ook bei- upon that w
sod gsit'that Ler - on the thrash
x ofr erlif bad i- areeyted. mo
The sunset bhad :a tw r
sttled on the, e, wh tait whe
/ 5see we follow herf£ooo.te9 s we nist 1o
to a few, laitnate to il tfie pit histor of
i Ams' . mother. Misre Angellque de Brissac
h wa, like the " the sole survivor of a nu
p isiiusoho all per eroln
ye r'bem, ~ amre child,s" ine
. e t e.moth who conveyed-her to
ice E ' vt .her wholelife tobrg
Is, lug up the little g aid procurIng -(or hera
Sgoodee usla. When Merie was about seven- B,
t sewy -sh e (+.teld h=l-I her old nure's
i nrde, g procured siLly pupils. She taught. he
lo- theurdn1a~d of " Ia n the small 00 of
fad town where the o reih woman had. yo
up her ods. Ad It so a, tlishat Capta
nIrae rg-td of hV t' -th cavalry,
his mwas torn his heaseae rok "h,-r leg at re
to the very doeasf M. h. His reoov
axe ry ase t diesirndh5d d;b exosedlnly at
,ah t o -beeiq. at# last so irritable
ns and_ t ' rW. grantuiablesbeto
ItcIae tS_ 1thel to her young lb
scat French Tte4el ayb af1
id fereseen. b d Hund ason-t
oh-ael a w o I rn. aTle-were te
end eusetlerr us d-' Moretoau kie
t i k k iathcr'te conaetit,
ago didb t it, and then wrote to itufounco
etp his to the old man, and its. leave o o0
a/- tod tp the patenal murio in Rue- c
marel s , arie, o.rn. t I ., t and favorite d'
Ida- ode flie i nhgLd in every whim h
bewet, t0 aslittle prepared  1
Sthatiatibml aner at w hml.i for E
~nI mifnte5rtF h·~~. he hdotisl
ink, wife many years l nd_ day f
her+t and oulh, eand h iind-to the a
tier we alth..li be.. a
t his eby lindest 1. But the whod St f
w or heart of the two c ap y sor- t
-minded meni were set en (George, thc. band
I so- h o, ibsa r --,tol, lIbalmr Uger sion.
mbe OGeorge hs pem a matgch, to sit ii d
parllmesthandh e stine attin a peerPge; a'd I
iyour as, aeseording to rumor, dy Adelaide Oswalde
- a- oly too willing to. enabale him to take the
shed diststsej th eprogreinethe news of George's t
sitar merris . a penui as French gnverne ss wae
eod more tha the coaceifnstd pri le --of the etwto I
e- nattrt could- bear. mGeorge rs forbidden r I1
eae- t totmmmeete with his. amcly jgain, a
ins ladinm alnmwnce was cutt o ft .-i
:if Geurge' laughed heartily told his wife the
d ear aloud would soon pas thanked Heaven he was
,ugh. not In debt, end declared It would ho an
ees able novelty to have to
'intereet of. e L1thouslude he had .ehar~a
a our from his mother. in' ess than tw .l Ir
ipos- his marriage he was again thro m his
bee bors and met this time with such mortal I u
rise diet he never spoke again, and expired in
.y e . ewa hours. ullHs elleodw-ofers did allthey
··I aeshlfe r ~- yo u :bseha~-hearted widow snd
lyou h bi e tnheyoung;. The commaldinglf er
you hb' e to Mr. 1 hues to hjore hel bu the
then appeal was in vain. It was then thought better
wits., to ýprchaee ame smell annuity for Mlre. Morton
she wit theiIttle fei og hid diýdpo'eeeed
imcad- of; andes she had heard that one of the early
.that blends of her fataily bil tble appointed our
sed an to the jittle village of St. Victor, shedeter
flew- umned upon moaing thetM 4t least a these.
have There her eld nurse, who followed her every
a not wher,,dled,uI there she contlnued tO livep
pd her aduataher chld. Time had softened her great
sorrows, and her existence bad been for mny
eter yer a hapy sntauqf one., Her pohid pe
Shai~R huf·4rpo ee otess r0
Twh.a wh t .ease
; is ' t- -off _ t e At
cnaut, o he iede 4o bo h
ari bT the s - -n
ýdsite masys y spensei .
T hbea,:. owe IlcMtinre
taiios,-- worts j "aht ul
thrlogh her wes teyht lof aa
T o home. oar eha rs twine,
w reno. meas at 5te `aetor Se so bý
ti alle re wa we;ll
i that desth-bvd to te s td w
orphan of his oneove hsogn. .
boldened b-theaaptOaOaFHf
"ldea furnit reto b a
levels the
g tos jinsit hoi otng U b
Ll -had.a b -
it Amee and her mother loed inm a e
h1 u ht a p an d-twaottea, and it did, saa,.
h m-tabobat ar mIIi rone bt h M . se4
t clios , er et rone .. . . e
r wlls, arngd rse pePe a the h
re prtyugrden steoun e hoi
i And atelr many days'" suspen the.. tie th
er e, thte r th implv
t ibilby arranhed; webeboysI . h ad
ad refinemenst noa sehe w y * ,S
or it tim e, ini inne
at w b ants e naso. ...t .
h w hiat iiSib T b . M- e
me ea;l botate casge had e e the e ese
ret*on traty garede se iu bt etoo
~ohea. och sOP s. Noto
y b -
il on kniow aara llgmy dalngoisihd she. a
o n seer mother, the ri n "add"w
Sase eltl d ed hrta
deerov bakel m ttoheri et ."e atd, about eo
m, l othaterder. God ha. oivo be witde few
alolte Iamnt notprohld hop -
juondly kised the bright, eo lowbi the
tht t he eredling on her haoimeetOdevilse thee
ou"ghnd may be it won't bery
oul hr mthesr aidwiAseeo m ;e.
ynl~t' siu en-wllbe waiting m ems p the
' ote tsideh" e .
Af "Yo nu k wlle t -m l ioe.
U Y^ sehet moter, t .. ..
oe ba ck th ristt te e too ge*oa- t
he e mt d dea row G t o shrd tee givme I.
a losn wim asput into giue y , io
tond- te d the briesf, . smht, hae ss eP °f
;tnc Mr. Rlphs on staeh o bder. ttesht
eto f Mrs. Oeore wiorton death, w wie ,
onf- tohetherpdaughter All to ai -t rhsb
into dringhi life, and m y to leae ver
him hi deth;pvded her onduct - h
ard shold l ilvroe o; tht oer
bla er's mtrriagecertifcat d t b igs
af- al register; tathe ders ld betIsta
a ll erpinen of hewa res totin e of Rsien
hoer torefr wn signm~~ent radiness
mt, htture; hf that t he oat to peans
Ma Mr- tRal wton that hed o a ine uliF
ard-t e during Mortoan tolevhr
hwit shol bythatra ofhat at .r
fod cheog l ad o asrush eqreco.ad the .tenc
thtlsr' marrriathe thifcheld enthe hill' Inot
rg's that reasti;.ult have ouden i ea T the
aSo she al o exp vse af glaer j heouthnE'e .
orthres·hold that inult jesse itei. Mr.eMor
*rtotnb taunt had tohpowra to mseeth heart so
a done wth eathoh a
e the cerom timrtahereand theahte oenot
awa tpokogether of the tirse obld f hº shoul
e sepaated, and eliee reea s1<' y a wnise
her nlbther'ls Ii Sobe treasured
ofnd ' sp 1r dausto come, t teld her all
Sshheknr of the cherter of t r otnho
a his would soon be her only ritative.n
i n- life ha bad been disappoainte in proth
ed in and treated with great'itpeb nnfes and
they hour hoe rew hard morse',ueliP, and
wand brew himielf with all the strength of hS' iron
officer natui into' the acquisition of wealth. Still,
at the however, his' strbng atfection ffarhis bwolF
letter George had atwvtet the wra+k of hisonarh
ieasd that Ralgh' anger wound, in the event of Wis
early death, be ended. and that he would extend pro
cars tectiof to his mwife and child.
ame.- "ifelt emampell( to write once more to our
every' nndel, beieving that in doings =1 .
great it wll comfyrt yen two e, whenyou are with
many him, that yea are o ing g.t yur fta weeld
unesdo to abetter libfe; a
r how o act. --
she o da wnt on. September, wdre the
raear swa-rm, ra o
tinLonn nwo ~uadiude the o t
't om h nA thowhe e att. e ar-ed
SAndso theno ten . on. Septthmben nlwi$ tee
.herbed.to a na rtsorse th at wnd . thou
h h ine b~ry and instant she h
gzdgel liste :be eLsýeht herself should :"A
"i bht Df, 5-fomtb Aikmee m
leaepd ther da was begining t te
hne n e rored the d
an eth et
l rO heder ood , oe on m e
whi ooked sofair o i he - d
"hshe te noeh t her dagte ,
.i E" he heer l n thtr eadje l to set re
t am going-from yp my Aims.," she said, now
abut remember aslwas,-'),am sot gone SO .into
Ssoftl, and tMrs. Mor- dl
4tea see" sie eep. : thze _lt tit thoe tod des
en arhefund e wen she-entred
what. .heez ,an hour ate And then only did to .1
wis; t- hd andfih th e m fo
hb ad o te slept in and that she had
thremerent- teno.henro A lt hern a m i
She s.r last words. rang rin t
A .'s ar as she prfoed the He
M - to the de !ead. -Se niof the fulfilled her int
ad .w ;-buir wohe aned  , I
AIN ;ee ere wtere no tears in thelar , eoft eres, ,n,
b the psae ch eek;'she coe ed those O4i dear
ct'ai r shroud he crossed the wasted e it
ba n n thebreast, atndm thli le eritliy , o nsa
tloved e, between the fingers; then, wh un
sndiapt ' ahe gonet toh a: ,l
errse to her Friend anll' ro-o p
=h p Is . Also fours nd mine, my child.- co
SLeas,' then, this poor lily tabernair
e Aee h )bra w iele, and nd meet her atp
S fet" And- ms went wi him to M s.
L 1 woted sormte ofroet l
t Prst rle hed whi the ra of a-riig o
lr weihad love sl ~,aper~wgelj; s hu de so r
jg reverently tend. There Almwe left her;/there MI
shea d her last' the early nrning, her
oo beuforoe the tsehe oef knelt i
e at' t he ure's hisL last bleiig, ad the oit
se oi er -as as m he pronounced the
rev wis. n e desth and lAimee' depasr- d
g, t h robb his W of other little sunsln ntb
it hadj wineed; but he murmured net, s
Y and   nheroi that tie after`tie ws a.nt
o hbld in to the love of earth.- w
VMa el beie hsn conld have been f,
lad. fsiwellnto the only h-om ea
ie bad ever known, and set out to
beet >Y eUdan uneU re inters: She had bn
la never bsaifrther thanuto tshe entr. town d.
ret her village, and the journey astonished
l bwildered-het. More than -onecomp.s- si
tionate end acdjuring glance was cast on the v]
ijight lovely girl, attired in such deep mourn- j
lag,sai. whose eyes weressoo dim with unshed
Itears. A truty farmer of St. Victoraw her to
the ee coast, and put her into the charge ofthe b
icptinothe vstsl i which she was to reach '
4gand. le, in his turn consigned her to the ~,
L uitoerth t At o -lenegth, Aimee found
her.lsningi the great wildrness of a
I- e railwayy station, with people jostling,
at h inten isating, sweareing arounlhe,
V a: m  , o`.bthes. A fotman at iast ame up
cistdkher niame, an, findingashewas MitsMor
h tnteldher he wati sent for her. He showed
h to fly, which was aiting, and having d
IafatadhlsilUW.P nshewas soon oIllingthrough
the b tue t. At thoeA lon, dreary intermifaw .M
aid ed when th d 1
licarriage hipped at thedoor one of the bar
esgoomelooing mansions tohe foundin R
iqare. Another footman opened the door ' and
antered. No voice wclcomed her no ad
er- htOlt to meet hers, no i ee
ts largeroom, fern in the
fashion fortyer halff luxurious
lf hung wit 4ark-brown dames i
wie curia t wereot same hue. a
lraed massie '*ldrols hairs wme
who be moved, au4-man emptydi
sho uhddered. buft not with.' -whod a thenh
door cin edhehind the. nt, she thlre her
t ns slf, nto es chair and bitterly. re intly.
ttha e roer wee-n el dt it, _was to cast her
Sn self o on her d press her crcifie to her
iron pshesoedn cabhi; the sae , of loni
80t ics a ntd -had a Friend who never
left her, in whoe t the odreariest room
ieved wee bright; and Limee rose comforted ad at
is aee. bi went to the windgr and lookred out.
If her was a  mall pavednoourt, and beyond
ipro- thehouse a vista of other houses and lanes; not
rton, aspeckof eon or asower met her eye; but
she looked liuhear stiLft-sad she saw the sky'
'very 6ePdi at that momenant- surtainlv "hut
then," thought she, "it wllltbe often blue, and
' I ean · fslook at it." Ando sbhetried to
enlve d the rospct. A knock at the door in
= a Jrishulule absmeth
__, lte tosMb, m odt1
anunwou ed she
beeper. ev ad,,
~#5i fase Anuldesp' s o'1
essio n and interest
Do e want i n
ton told me you were coming, and
toe, na'Wn Dinner won't be served rirt an
"Ismyinorle at hmer "
Smi, nd will t be for half our;
thenhe to-dea, and then di selerd.
Why, o n "o r earsid t wd
ma' cruoifl5 on the
thougght of that y1 nb e7º' Mr. George had
"Are one, onnell n said Aimee, wth
o be miss. I am an Irish woman as
eia you ma know.' But as Aimee had
eard English save from ler moether and
cure, Mrs. Connil's- accent w4Ito lost
her. Shefelt, however, she lTia 11 d _d
a d; and she gladly t accepted eMrs. C 1
fonIale inter ew with her
met in the drawing room afbw m to before
dinner. Mr. Morton put out two of his fingers
sa-cy,"lieiw are out" aftEr which-h
Srela into' silence. When dintire wa au-,
noun he gare her his amifinrd they went-.-
.into the dining-room./t Two Zootmen-and a hut
ier ia. The plea wt-e-nargna ~ nl e t, the
dinner vey -ehi- a ner word wt ad
dressed, to the poor, lonely , o. terriedt
L neat.-.n or twice sice made a desperate eort
to -brea the iee of her own aýccord, but Rho
foi~d evidenutly that this wase 4lsliked, and she
S" gave It up. And so Iday succeeded ay, and
here was no alteration iu her uncle's behavior.
'He might have been deaf and. dnmb as far as
r inf re with him wa n onern. His or
Sdens about hatohis o w
r -giewto Mrs. Coe urnish her..
i self with clothes1ol ce tin sp oh e. - .
Snam oe bills were to e sent tothla
a a as poeesibe sire was to leave of her
heavy mourning. -he. wa never to go out
aI lone: a for exercise, the SqnaMa so rdetis
)1 of the .a leutiments, Mr. Morton a a
- considered that his duty- to h
madoe. He provided her neltb.em-.
t ploye tnoteimusoment; avae nrdo 1s e ,a
s mne, a she >d g asmap o la I su
'wn i on reained ermwhos hihe ex ve
ie tomed mountaihtow in -
- ?wallw to tkia'
a rle tnes llage, ,fellilkl esged brd"
* g tip and dowthe gravel pathsof Russell
-e an aid watching the London blPaoks ettl- -
on the eaess trees. She eiJoyed onA .Eomfort,
Shat of the daily wak to Mass with M. Con
a' no~ve aed be the weather what i might, the
os two,'giee of the old woman n youn irl -
e might be seen flitting throngh the dusk to nhe
tnesree- eio churchL. Still it was almost
imossible to evoiaSe, lgbothhaSlthadpir- ....
its-in sc s atmosphere. She w-ery sher
he ageo, and she struggled resolutely a t
r- depression sad enubs a word of whi.che fe
n the first time besan to understand the.S
O She wrote long Iet tlis thpttutre, .andhis an
swers, conoa 4ngt tY scrap of v -Ill ns
- wýreeager edvOn>is, a well as some soheat
fulthou its on higher themes which he nevar
me failed to give her. She pulled down the 1eoý
to disused books inher uncle's library, andguided
d by a list the cure had given her-for in tbs
"u days of eile. he hand attained a,-good knowle
led of Englih literature-.hehae11 a goed
-She ractised on th.oli, long-disuse d pianta in
the the awing-rom"much toMrs. Connoell'sde
Lr light. She-tried to tenach herself Italian; and,
as visiting the poor was strictly forbidden-by
Sher uncle, she sent-sme flbr ownr money in
biher ssad made rlothus them
In Thrn,nh a .ne hardes-. sb d
the with dsi ra who, with their norse-maidl,
f ovresp sadthe placemnihiaoon became their
Sfrisend , favorite, and sla, wo alve w terty a
Shorse for Master Walter m a is vitn
un- story -tellig to the whole tribe. Society she
up sawliteralIy none; oneuet only eover mat at
to- Mr Mortn's ttable, and his eeranes s
wed joonlearnt to dread rather sire. Mr.
aean, with sharp ferreteyes, o harsh, yn
a o t int tof her;
aao e henflltoat to
and tic, eds5 d t ar
Land i mil~lL; hays
sted -sentimenta; but
innocence wipe a
S Hulme's' comarse
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v. Father B.-' c!k, of Chippew.
her r itting WAl'-"
L, her . h do peopleoutni e Church
toer privations, self-denial.
room dni/neeof the Catholic Priesthood(1-etbhil.,
tother ge. ntlemen, who couci'e the'..
yond ali to the ministr3-, enjoy all the oi6r
ot meants of ibesdecomforts, family,
s ky friends, the Catholic priest, let the ine-im1"
ad ncy of the -weather be what it m~,en
l to eounters its fiereest consequencea,-p.el
or in- i hastening to Console the sick -dying,
he ai listenig to the oawtp~ringsof a re' mn-~
* antheother in the coueesional, -
~P 4

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