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The morning star and Catholic messenger. (New Orleans [La.]) 1868-1881, February 09, 1868, Morning, Image 2

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(Writte for the lMorninllg St r.]
HTET AVE NO WfiE."-St John, 11, 3.
Thy rompanionn, tenlta-t' tiftrl 'a,
S. Morel the- vimo'n , llcaitur h ii iair - -
. h.._Wen for uraeta at CGata'a Inial . -
Thaou didlt pleadl, " Tl'l.y h al a ' wlae !,,
Where arrmangl in Jewli fashion,
Stood the nasielil l.sta oi artonale, -
Changed i"e tihen to wino tiLe wall,'r
Hearknallng to thy plalftive talta .
Thil l hiOtd ing of hi tii - I
Sllowed lur Lord in 4':lufair;
Pirst revelaled the (ndlhad's power,
Oledtlnt, Mailry, to l,y pray -
Lt thy pity reatrh, Maolther!
We art- Ioar, lhreft anaid mail-
into ali-to. of alfil.l - _o -
S.... 'er 1our ealuntry, dri.lationl
pllreatML ita.dark un,-..I .1 hall-- "
tNuhr$ i geL , ai tuitl hillhT ~,tllew i
Rit, through our lh id.;ll hall.
Uwoln aour hearts w-er tilled -with gladntiawl- E
taller we drank of* Pleasre acorll- -
Turn to Him, sweet Maotlher holy.
Tell HiniihaLt i e-t . hiatl . na Illh, " ;it
Uli will hiioar thy kind pIt'itin- Iat
-He wi giuii' link i u s in. EI
li'l n il iva e, a hI li.. .:ianid Iaomn ..t-aal j
Joiys tlhat do not ichn1r:i Illl11; tol
'T'4a agiain ilte wil. 1." l:halu ..t
'- l i lal 1M i i - r apel'llal .. ill o
IrbPeew t Molther, 'wet illltil-r the., hil,
Whatsoa it our earthly Iot,- - it 1
S Obtalfin Fin ia h iawlal j I inltaig- -
. Dh,nel w m thal fiih~ilth lo. .
hif tiilydevevtitnl ttaein-, , -iever-frh' il (e(
itilmre,tnd- apJn'aropriitil the gtantIt hiart dy
and siultai ntlilihitt -lhie who is its otlj'eC tin.
aud ievtnl I etxists inll ll it l ,iuls telai t
-1 fh e t"op h a reu 1 t" e r a - i1. ca g e , M T
_.._llt a) jnd _ li p (ll tn dllr iJi l 0 l li " l l l llll lo
-s-- 1
N iig, ntenndi-r, unit a4liuresina. fn the I
niiling seeia-si Jihills. in the feil ;i viiiil'y are
n oiluinst thie rid hei'athi of tIhe Allrzliza. the
-lilnle altarl's are hlr adll theril raiell ILto a
the M1lihia iiiint. Thesei little li p ithitivi - ri- pi- _ ti
-is. shadedil with ai net-work of iv" r gree s til ll
ll i n leaves, are sheltered ly.ii- hil." oli itlleat lt
bunglin-, andl thel'ir t.lhiilh is a:it .liovr limanlV whe
ai streal n n th i en , rviil heatt olf linlllin. Viec
tiaritins iver' timie :ld t p l t itii il c nittii alsiti s gl-,ail
-lt hI'-'iid rna ttii-t-halh.< her little - lystit i- -
lnillmp leatlh Ia caoly of Jliagell or of of iitit
tr't--ipillg jatutnlinie. still at -e'vening dhes antl
the sheliiherid of the Itills, the inlit'-ers of the Spae
vaiilley, anld even thelti-tree bliga itndviilll, out- a
11' light thil flikefintlg llinllp, whihi h .iine s tl
likeall protecting star fuir ill on the. tnllt ilnlan,
tins, tued sierlves aa i iwetto taid thei -
wood* - liI -
T ihe littlenttok h ihtre itn t it-ut.a i isnanavrii-il '}h
groundil; tliep e the iimot felliitis anildit o lt ll i
Calilairia woulild not diiare tot drliiw . iltilt llggi n i
andii tilere even lie gio to prai.V whien, th ine b
dlistanit hells chin, frthl tilhe ne Are Jria; it prnt
iN the Inltt link whih hiada h1im tCi Lnumnni
t3, tnrd irarely, indteedil, is that lnilk broken. 'iCti
Tht- ntapect eniterltaineiid by the Italiania
banditti for the . Madonia i av'Well-knowni ethic
tiiast. Fh-Jina Haie ry tellsf alnt, of tiheat
feinae of his lifi-. r says:
'Theriel little solitiiar chapelsiN, lst-allmiidf
rcks t r in thie depths of tihe itoods, tawa l.-k II t
iln the traveler'. lie iheerer so ireckltess, a
thnfiiaiud delighitftulilln titls, like-l the long "n
thnrgtt-n t 1i'rfrume of haoiue-thaawaes, auilden- hinlsi
l'owyti-etinlg us i V i 'rntgeilitgland. A modernia.V l ;
authoir, wbut is iay thing bat partial to Ort a
aathl -ic it K i t al lan-nminf' r itnaoniit-.f il ,'ti the ,.."de
eittiolns, whlii h he fttlt hia s t -inag tanl oflihea-r ea
1 Phttjtia itiiltl-li r in l tinh- ia l .ettltjs iii il l l
iliadontlirn hin l it itn i' u i f tih II. l ce titsk i
fioml i -gntall niche |Illowed in 114.t rock, P I.tl/
wthitih its Matomn inal tithe lut, whichth ig- thill
Ioall.mottuintiniuers light evtri- evening, ill a n il
thie tdti Iremus e oitlitdllles tihti ws at hli to elis
ioot of the runti i altar a hunch of fish gar-i low (
den-flower; tllhat ulighted tllmp, thtose ('th
anlonlgsat thie bleink nolalntaiins, were the of- su cila
tin'llUgsl of a devotiol mlore NSimple nul an tirl I rintt
tiatnittg than any thisitg I hmt a tiventi'een of tannit
the kinid. t'-i
Not tmore than tiwoi plaes froil thie Mll- tie t;
donna was a precipiret-. aloang tihe v-erge tf tiilli:
w Tilit 1 la y ptlhetll hl'ir olt tof the l fth-flia. I'ntlr
thfl, litrgin i tlininist I hus iet f gl-ant sice- getieil
icet- to the unigltis tllaveIrl'" a-i ei
ini tie tirst earoft lihetiinienthI til al- t ille
iJii'Oilte iht: ent \'111. ijintly nni:-nntW-l'e l y tif o n
Elngllltl a Ia tl tirlt aolll I h li ta t, lati
ittll hthoifi . thlil nli i .ic f i i e- aihJ
thint uncce, taf tine Cai rtti- st , r
¥lugii thnBly ed Oph a , thnfl.n ill
ntitntne ti n- -tl-nl t i h l'I li ii _ / le e
'ired that to ith-e niirnlnhr'ipi
inntt h teal ltnnliiie - of ht jbriii,ik , i niil - tatan
art a tt- mlt ai ot liiA ' Tiiii a tnu iaatl itn- ltienlt i , i Ii 1
tp che oitf hi'se kitf:,r.. tit cttl lann i_ t-, i a.II il
ionrcivcd:a " at itihrc. . i Vrgilnt tia lln. ihi- aai
it-nta-a tm, h ai l ki l ,'t Ti ' . t a"i atli
ki-a-'llihe op their ttca £w'a ictl I - wt all n lf e'i. n l
iotll, ctioa t rlinlnliivena a pla-elt i eti l  l lil ll nl I
I itn hti r -t.at f(iri- L)iti al tiei- ill it. ,i l'. ii .1ll1
ifr. wi t i l it t iin lil )icllli- lll n lllh - .. n Il
elil, a._eiwt tlvr intJil i, ,t ra-lt , - ,ii riti : a I- l
att-u'. wtl, k laa
"i - . toi ltll tie MJII' i lls. l clnl'ljla1- I| - -11£1 ii
l l - la- Iint
Piilir . il t P li'i ,IrlklillIhr +1.#,,.,. .-ita ita alI
" V '''ltpl
S~ A large meeting of lPrlates and Clergy
took place in Dublllin, lately, the olject of
11, 3. which was to promnote the creation of Catlho
lic Stlhond of nil 9gn1de1, which should lie
free. fi.o. governtntllent interftrence--or as
we- woull st4 ht. it here.-exelulption frTonl,
- -ttte control. Thlie --jlitiont of our ow11
' nlrooito ill this iregard, makes evlepty i in
r£illluctin with thti subject of ilnterest
- nxe111 of the points involved iln otlh iont,
t rits-:ilew irgileTt iatdl.; The ChuIlh can evelr
Slrrllendr i rtit itll I poit nt-as the educatill. of
1hil clhildrlell to itnsitntiolls -ihere Catlolict
dc4,.trilnes Uld lI morals] arel' not inseuteated.
All ilttneilt I itlerti; made in tnis Statite
0..rul' ;in elnpitablee listrilbtion of --blic
school BIolds hlave proved abortiti; but.we
do hot dhesipair, hut' dht-( b"energeti _!and
p'.sistulll el(ffilt.w. will finally succeed inll
rceiv.i-iltg an eqtluihlle-shanlre of a flind to
S ,which ('altlline c.nltlilhllute no large ai Iptjo
puit Iiuu.
\e appellld tmet- retlnuaka ll ado Iby his
Eminenllce, Carditnal Wisenuzni:
tEdlation is one-of the leading qutesiioil.
pfa"isedni. antl routiuttged, antd occupies the
attlentionl of aeulatelCuld tatesltan; but nu
filrtllnitt-l'., is very eontiulollnf3' emnployiel as I
- ate enlinl i for assl;lilg the trle i -ligion'nito a
the (.';tiitrh of t(od. Th1'hti inl the uti an
EtIjil't i the' overnment-t -of the n. em- J
i'loys it firl the lfrimose of fo e. g t.
on the Catlolic Pole,.. - In -vertl t-tates of
(ierittllt3 If in used tli te luttiose of uili- n
holding Lutllrani , Calvninisu, or Evau
geJlinm. Whil. - 't1ationii tnrned to sulC al
hl nurpo- ,,ilnnny kinibms of Eturope, em
it hel es thiose who have tlie-cre of the
i inal interests of the people to exercise 9i.
i grenatest-ivigilaence ankd .ta tti st It
S atti ve mnlaltellmes to preserve their childr~en
eilogi every danger of loss of faith or cor- 411
rliption of mIoriiT. VWe ought to Jnake it lL
ris, censitint anld etoer'nliied effortn to secure-the dii
u lt dluenitional rights of our Catholic people. fol
j r iplaus.) tin my opinion; we- ought, in- po
Sthc first place, t.nsist upon having a-sys -ml
ionts toll of Catholic eTu~i ation for the C
lge e . o io interfere with the I
the elucation of -thetrs, but we hold that we
t-le lIve a full and undisputed right--ti'have i
-' Caltholics hrohtll ti p in the knowledge and le
a] Ilprietice of the religion of their fathers. In t
trhe setioid place;, we ought to insist on free of
to dilrcation, totally- independelnt from the I
1- control oftie State. Experience teaches tit
41ius tlhat goernl'llllt,itlld e-seeially bovern- st
es nouts colltliptd of Itcn of various xeigi tln
Swhten they usurp the charge of schools, al
il wavys S.pread irreligious opiniolns and j tlicet
s, great Wolunds on the interestnoMfTnnmortal pi
it iuls. Sil have bieen the unlhalqpv esult'
oof Statte educationll in France' and Belgim din
e :land other countries. Irreligion has been ri
the ntl'ld, l il at the saute time a spirit-of 9
ntt soialisun iland revolution. This was Ipre- o
*e litul-l.h tilt great urtatesman, our co ntry- :
nisli- ln, E tmnd n Burke. Dr. Hussey says :
the e ttrequently agreed that ifthle Catho- to
li'es welre eductd or bullied frol tlhe only well
-i relitgion-. tlne -It -o-n - -have-t -the itni '
t ll into inudiderence or into actual atheism fo
or . -t etincomitault direct tendency, acetual
te relbellion." Ihtving laid down these two "~"
;it 'riniciples, IN shU Itrely aid that we ha ii
-it right to a Catholic "Tniversity, with a ofn
elt. 'ter alld proper enldowltents ;e Ihaive Iae
ia n ht to a ]prole.r interimediate Catholie rid
ien educa u and i-- to Catholic setidinar itl
eItltn atjo.-t Al r our s -hotls ought to be so &sil
at- lnot only Iie free i'tonl dangller to fiit itut It
that they nsi: nll ffiji'd -s wound and full l
to " C al holi c.'ed u ac: tion to (':ltl loli a "o thli. - ill
le letter taddlesed hvy the SIered College tii
le Yon will lea:t!y explain iu yor patorial t
tltke ', the dtlocta-ile of tlte (;lhirl about
, Ist'ritg the la;lge-rs of mortial sin,to which t
i( 110 ne wit-hiott grievolus sti can expore has
Siltlself t unless tunder the Ipressure of serious
nitt mdll ldequate tenmexssity), and unless sltci un
ti( ':lll tiilluns 1" e alploa. d as may remove the eti
nA' ase, where', as his Holiness hs s declared, Ism
I tIone. who Ifrei('uent Jthe universities incnr meli
a lt .-ilirtilnsic ;it'iiost grievous danger to ttm
rk, pIuity of lorals, is well as to faith (which II
s i ltloll.elyv nt'ecessa.ry to salvation) who bitl
illi tail hin it se tthat it Is next to-initpolsitle A4~
lt ti" n isht5Oer" i('tilnalltiStiitt.e 'hil weltwot-I l- Aut
h- w (';tllchlits witlhoult sin to attend non- mate
, (';lhli uni versities ? 'Ie light and unl- Miil
n hddh" IlIte ulI of yvouth, the errors which in tIels1
u- 'l] insttions are inlhied, almost tofu
irn tl l hth a ;tolllsot)phere, without ieinil tirut
of l untetlralrtd by Iore sislid doctrine; tie t.ug
vtv e great ipower whit'l humnan respect tld t
It- t ile itlllintris i colitpaiions exercise uIpOnt iea
of tltIg lIII, i'lllad tlhel so Ireadily ald iso 1i y
lel. ltrmitii-lyl- inlto tltti'ttlatnp! tof farligt;that ).It
., c gneraiýll no sill a ieth t riason cain lie cin- .enC
re d a.llhy .}h1\ oq (illnfleli shoul i. intrusted Ouch
t- to intste uivtersi itis. IiMuch -illng the case., the
yv u 011, is' ou t-lr wisnhnul ll..niO nule em.. g Kantt
r-t lllc"r"'--4--ui itifiit-'* atent reiason inu plllijhl- hlti
ch' Ilwthi-l- teeni. a nni well hiv I the -lergy Ins _y hew a
ihe thiithfil. what it i their dutlt: to think tin
. tndl..t. do- ir,-flr+1.mot-ray - F;ty .................
a- tin i
I naiitna . ith;e lr,,nt. ] nAT in atHIS 11,11 )t itt'
"I t.ill {|i·t"rli| Xtltlt ill the St. Louini C....- - '-trltl'n
I' s sol -Ir m' lml'viCe. of the. Catholil. tnheir
- I r l.th replo, of tihe stitla of tht dmlnal Tih
I _ r It t he reasii n.(i of th1 Il lecelneid, Crlis
me t ,treb otlnwisite Wathingtin lgr.
- ir ath Mrave--urdl. The fattat---, lreve
tile that tne cortege ditlaot thttnIm.
Il aut i l 'amrl- live. .A ..ren.ehi.. e-l ll i r in . )'
ut ton a t11 -il' , . t i na ticn lnt - ettmthI-ll o liwLm
nit m. nm n asll hnt llltllletll line fo nhr the W hl] i Ittii.
' , nrila I Iram iii nlt- ii thel l otm itL.r'e t ll. pt-t Jil . (.t
at 1lttm l l 't rmt-3 ai s itarsIt lnientrn t s flat. tion. W~ tIlli
" r o'm-n ma mot titemimll' n l-s n ls :.itt f ntai .... mat Ic It --ol
Itl ' of Wi n iF I|ealt iiilo-ti-tuna onrt
-tntaanm t t 'St thittrtaleal [otr the eIlnmlit
-I:aiatil. M.~n.-. ":V (A c.' (latismrtll,.l Whiut pat1O1
n am t ta ' "r Ii " rtll llt iltlteir li o iten
: in' natir ,, h ri.tInIi'thll "' tl  th * f'l s, tlhere- unno
" ELL Uii E
Clerg' iWszt, Mhe grr ianisti f -i
lject of )ill tighlmg ai d t 1idd ut
Catlto- ill the capital dtaitrldt il tlee: M
ti 1 A letter was latlyh" reo'ivuel in lomidon on th'
fld i tilhe filllwmillg luddlres: "To aII1 R."
-or asu Jlay Enll ishiNrlallll-sre aliisehliragiug their se
Ia froma a init l simply llm;e 11lmev" are Irish.
'i'le itata mit' of 1eha5 i'4 i o one in
Ir ownI Aira *I 'tio wltif-lh dt enortsm.wa lolar.
ijg i A I n 0o te t is to le ereted ag t-11re um
. ilit of Mfoilt l i~0M ficat a)aorve I he level
treat- of the -al.
c'otmmm- A favoite ili. h of.tm Qh aai'ese' ias hais of emt
tln frial is, oiil. J[ a ,stig ueeffi'4 . withi-,1t. 1kt
tnever fied in - t i * . D
tinam oaf Chlea laxaimn hard *tim.es is one ,f tl
ptlolic i"N qrmn' invrntlnsfr tir the Ibneli
[eated. . ikagti and unany f the mestli·,Ii titions vies.
a i iur'ig asii to timeir amemaetive cjrit S fmmr
- aaamg chlmaaaity.
iu /lie ' emic .m . i" 'terest i"g "ity tinr three
at. we i'.m.-bmmt i'ter tilmt outn mmhigat as w.ell let inh
I'la a iamhieljihia.
iand Thi rce aiuiim which Parini composuid thw the
eal in tal'nq ne oftlhe ntltsa of Hel'ini to. C'ltaalo,
m' red " fu ]lims ownl fnelltral.
Id to Manrtin, who rediilmt thle Qm' lrr,sa -ill
t two' pro1maly' )am'e klaighteal.- He is the 1 eptaet. of -
H;ime m Fa),lt. this celbineatalat.a 'ha.
l' i ura llultlrl' ext r ioults I s , i.l'aiigs Il;Ave
hen1 puit aip 1 Wimndsm ':mati, to .giwv- ila
atias ri'e:a"a w',nritr tmot rsail-rreidatei - m.
t te timnma'l twelvymoara. "itmt wa'aen tweauty-ninea
ecoilrae anidit ifty tilHbra.nti killa mtf ,rilam. - 1
it n- A col~aied b:rlwr oi f tnItlu ll haw iomuneiaelt'ia :t.
4 asnit against Blind Tomal, Imra'anmm hie was iolrt
l't anitted to tie Ileagro pianist's euataart. A
ln There ar over Ita Iholsandl Aulaaeale.u ltest
m- ,dieuts of Pariria who-live la getnateiy sdlwindling
th'ir c'almmtantrvasnetr-atVita tile gay calital.
a of A It"ill 'ila solar claims to) havoe -iino-efetl.
S the first copy of Fat*el.t's Bible, two earsa oldaer
V than aa i y otlherl. witl tihe lrilmtlr'sa anitograph.tI
M 1 Meismmimenr's paintiug of ' Napolee,." which
ailractm d a t ulllaoh atteamtion at tile universal (
olw, exhilltiolm, hamn Iieml mold raecntly ft~al.lataO i
Ste St. Georg e im tile p,:Ua rou sanint' lmatih of Ahb. am
risC Ainia ald Iianginl. '"'le obl follow is mial to
F1at la punzzled whiett; tuioimm at|a , t-t
"sa ~Tlasaam Himamiojaeia~l'll~ tetie_ of .Rmmmt-Imrihmg c
T mft ing p -rmas -witla tla. aored lallmtl oft tilt
Ganges etil lwevatils naler Britialm raulei Ti aIn
din. -
the Thie l'a'amiamnas ha rected two nariouas tatratas..
Tiie. fi,rmationin lnlmlg-a11 'they hilavaethUntge i )-ll
iy- nato ilicenn. 1
S Henry. Warl. I. i- •. n • - --.
the lt. Ther is n excellet histo. a .tCrimi
we in a-work- ealedi-th New Tel'amtiieant,- whith-i» C
Snot likely to Ile italov.l iId nlni m C
-- ohnel Whits-. who eliallhmgtvi General Hlt
lari , ill RiCimmhmma t Iahe ot her day, ia u )mialnlal of irf
In the Z'itaiaaiam (ommelmlt, iOm , anla local ]ra'-aeimar
ree of tle Meth It Epini hal Ch lreh.
the n a rrecent lmerformancae of :fe mational an
hes the minl Egliallni, rl-.iiat r of tle chorin subn- l
rn stitntedl for 'Collnfounlld thrirkilvisi trickA " ill
ti m h limc . Cl t )llatltnd tir Fenian t ricks." i1
I1- 1ast Ilmidy week it waa.' tuloalalt 'el ill all
the acllmi'hi. imn Pa-risa tinat ,hlietir,lls ia aitd of
Piet Ier' pence Wwmlald take illmce awi'' " vyear. mn ti
ta P:liit s allllmy admmi thle .`tl l imid:V imn mi a-.
lt' he lllolllanat tlf Petear's iloue rtlli't'tl ita tlhe.
IlMu oiueaseof alrt thims year, sint rula-1, ta1m.:li,
uen ti-'nuc . Ism this tota'l isr enprie lklll a mm ai"f i
-of 69591 franIcs ealla.temi hy thie i Hin IPmeblie amll h
re- other. Catlolic journai. il the tiioeitan. .i'
iThere imn very aoimallllOn olpilniOll that large O
r- ((:l hrIna longer ;andt is therao re lawt a e Blmir. it
'se: Imehn-r( haave- to pnt Ihe finely ibroken eoral 'i
tlao- it lower prie to get riad of it. Thise opiniot in
ly Iwe alie. to mirmerrtnaolheisuan- . _ W
Tiio - b eaais ,h ganiummg ai amy
n oaiaiin lmtIe l ritish armm il lh "a vimti a oI (a"
rua itimr the finrm.e. aIlt we o bsoh - ti:ait it
i l ergeant of thei n- d1iighilllaIersa alUllcmmt Sn-. a
ie itre has Imcw'r Ia'orlnitteal lil tlrial on a c harge l
l of n Feli unia tl. h t
S r. Joa l h ty ('iarimtt. 'i'immia.l
a" last mrivivor,_ alav ome, of the eidishir, of Part
hie ri tenrtly smuid owrer of imelr oid fiitnil.. srtatr
iry mIal ,iurma'i..ime, of thint , tiPe.at rtor, dlie's a.t hIis
ao resitllelme at HIll elil), on tile '7ti illat., i ll ll ite
jill seti'Utv-sut-cral[l ymalmvlmtf Ilis age. ofplr-alysis. C
sat It i.s in 'tltlijilmlllll tiol lt It:lvaiv eoihetion '.
ll mad i e llll all t thie nlis anc iim ls ti
in tile alioca'a of Wttestimitjl',r :lL ofmolltl- .Ca
wark, for the relief am the suthmllia bIV tile ill- 'm
g famllnmo olltragat Cierkenwmmell. ()f illse polur tia
el nWol thiere are not oln e tllhat m a atlot-ll wrlo .l'
at- - The Collegir of trhe Prlpagal;h.at limorea, ih: iel
c nhlt'ayr of l 4),uoM voamhnra, inll lalgmnalllges it It
, has l p-lantlnng omfice, the lloait comlll.te i thle Cl
ol world, ih1 phicr h iar printead thirtv-live ti'Hreult ol
cl l Tagm:mem. 'areliege has lgU ai y eacr of an wit
hendeowlrte. aretldent are sanalsrtmrluu, all cnl
.eaeoict'ft, fr\e.
it l.ogrmtat has- been ithe alarm thrlmlghallt Enig .
t, land ty tLe Feiia deprediat!tliolmh thatit sateN
mar aMen Imamv' comw, .eti'me thme Hit r llr.v (i-rmilmg im tinl
to stromg llariage thlat Ireland's ,flv:maes lucsmair i
rt Ir-lw at=one rlaemlaeal,--herlamllilalas c'omplid- '1
Irto itlh; al evmry wralmgamf which, tlhiyv emlltlllpii Tll
e amoipletely spt awi.v.
AI'o A tter f l oline says thlt ImImIIimm s ma (,a - .:1
lmmmtert a'mmt usae to arrive fiar-lh,--Piupal Ar m.am
I)- May Italilanll fromlt the kinmimnn of the T-o
at- iaielies halmae joilumml the m'rv'i''.. T'lamra is a l:m
aml lImly of Zoa'Ii" m'rmallita mt:mti.ljm.mi al Mmmnma. Ho- 1 im
st tomdoaa'l, mi tlay re daily exeia t ni',lm Im ham't v-a aV coi:
llg roualal wihere the fmllmaoimn batm e la f.M:2\la:| wa - l in,"
a bmfilght. - 'im
l Two of the amkagiels tlh:at Wert. fulatal ill elh a
hIttmerlbx it Chumr'mh ialtm., tamllimi, eres fiat'c
toi 'lltrl to Ki m Hoimmtla aa-t',, ;r~b1am' ammaam- I ammm
so 1 ::ilt the c tll lmamld, "ataaad' a t I haill ia m t ai shi ia'
)_ I hmcaahaw immatjmlcdriiet with them lm'enst frm'aatima. hlt
la (m of mlte laaakagct axlilmm till aml", f il
Sthe dleteamtiva. wimm iml-algit thiaa ta Sia' ltsmim'rt a'
ihe ciemf lim'amiam of lall nt B]it Ihi 31\hMm-T iami
mk tim fat, -ely a f lsi Il,
Iaaam. -m".. I". Tmorllm llry tmly tila' aia.'mama Of j sac'aa
lhmi as Iii hat alha, lhrarai a",flitm tlmait lhere I tela'i
a m 'l a'Ia" 'hi all i Ill ahe lai :tras atla-.' itmolmll-ll e ire:at lIimma1
isa tlae.'aa ('m'ltac-l'amk'e mamOamatma.. wsilmi him-ig main atlamm
CRaIIa ill mt Im'itvaatas aIamaailjumimam tmlo e Istlm h lltillla . tiaraa'
M-gr. litiammom', tiaajia' miaa iaai r w11io'tmamh tmmaa]itI'1.' thliar '
]prevenlt' at b" ima 'ligmt hi-al:lm-isatmm fimoma necom'm. fto la
pmammymaag Ilmasmam butt " igr. Ta albmati m n-11aathca I 1cama
.'tv nmmmst toum(.'lug woratsa whaii'h-atarm' iaamea--timl.am
mmeaat' hI-. i)e Charette, was a-ct''um aam:msi d Iaat I
tlim l ima. lllolim'A e lartieailarl-y dliamtilmgaursimd
XIr(. George 2llinarlalge nd _kv wilh gret 'iott ,
W (_ca.lah :lli o hir;ction oi" m bamie.-lliIt brothl ti,
- -T.e V;.atirartr-.#&,5, F l':mitiaiam, m ah t (tra,-em If Cii
(jpat Immrumm. gitm.a.u time limliowinm Inltlg --T
Ottion oal time ,gmro'ai'ml t mhw: ls.oetiom. J. l I,,trdl
gao ilmtmn me mmltiltdimim0. 'spitila. Mamny of tolada
onaiotim'i'gl. Timey are hmiillt il, nhe IUaleiiat mlahon
thoa li-lhtaiajls -oathhe tiirt velen tile? rt iCn
aleaa, cenfhjlam teings. Iin theeat .hieketsa time Utr
nmlncmtehihlren are beinglreara1 ia abaolatt.- al
Imaelat ItrbUarao.t Idlenless Tbe.se ae- the mirast Te
frillts of aboiiiouis---the einuijilg of the .'
- - '- " • 1 ....
n w thl fl.s two hu -w
SProtestant n
1r ser- fg  ona~ about egynty mllioms. Theco'mm
ries of the Glernisme` Confedermtir
na" 186l ) lhau ,5,40o400 Catholiec and 20U,993
sum-O- Protestatn .
level The Very Rev.D. O'Brien, Dean of
eicik, ,wiho prepared the declaration e
'f a~t- L ck l tiie , pub tty.ai
.' !I of rtte 'the e
.f i t - i7SL f eta. ,,- ,.!
r V icnar. oic of Jestern Bengal, has re
mturned u iln excellent health. He
tf i Erlu a recel Tion. The Higlit Rev.
Dr. Fe ", 'ý r A-Aai e t Madrast
t the i t m eoTo, wa
-tano, coied with f . tl.tieiatmn by-hit
Iht. . "k.___:_
Sm'' wheOriittbi n ithi th
fdýllowhint in g i)il' " .'..z-lihgence :
lne. "The it inaun (atholie Blio or rather !
in- Archki'4 :p) of.o ra, alhu who aa
been Ilfteie yearS at MLttinla y Ml,'3
-ine vel lireiti. l I n 11 - to . tit ih fwith. ,; o
ilt.m iissunean ap~aL DiT sehltRomn e-thl
no olie n. askuafor mmne1 nenable hi to I
out t~tl~tnit to mjid him in .his 1o'
eai- gnltytizing catir3ite. "- " ' "
fiing The Hol.y .Se isi rereaw,,ut.eda at f
I. conrta~i- Aseven nntCios- (_Bruaselsliz
, U. tlree int ernamiit (agne, Ploredee M
hbeh na, and Rio Jhfieiro); on" eharcdaffawres
l (L(ere4.-); and hl s thirty- coniul. Tlie
so. diplomatic orpls at the l S e, idZ,. the
hvs- ccredited eonsults, coul at of tlree-nbha,
1' to jM11or1A,foaflteen mnmhanandile z$laotetn dini al
lek. two niistatra .paPri~telst, nand thirty-ae
rin eotl.g , of twhom gL t't.enu live in Reime.
i- 'The C"utillics of Afriea anllaot in roand a
nllbllers to fivre imillions, .J aire, divid.4I 1'
^ ,,into tlhiEytvfour diceses>cr, e'anary i 
couut 70, 000; tihe ..A es, tt6,,M; M- A
1 1,110; umdeoira, 100u,00U; Blo un; I al
'isr 1,000; the intleppt l ta of " a
E- a Congo and Aagollt, ithre
cet- "u'; Egypjt, in-the two diimoeem of Alexal- 1:a
ilt- dri and Caro O; the C4A! ," l_,' M.; 1
", f 'niLd,, 10; Dit)p9,i, .150; , 7,re,,ea7,- in
111:( the Bishopric of ;$t Tihomas, on tie ~-'
an- Gulf of GPurea 1i3,000; the Apostolic Pre- "
nh- ketuare f.~i t. Lmuii in S~inegamlbia, 10,00M);
ka," inud tJmh( newly eiicted Prefecture of Senegal, '1
f'Talilt Atri.ca, i0J0 ~nalm, iq
of' Anl ofli.er inl tle guards, who would, in 'ih
1on tie ordiunarv caull~ of events, have beetn 
t*t. palinnuotel. in about twelve mounths, to tile I,
rtilln-k of captain and lientetnaLtt.olonel who li
i. iitth ..ilore tlian thirty yeIa. (of itg. alu lI
"f ,hal every lnxumr -wlhielr w-ialth coukl be- it,
lI iow, hImsi, after matur  ojrdideratien, sol of.
rge out of tile ser.viC, aMnd ente~red the Ora to
er. Ja am aoice. lie will have to o- th'-i-g ay'L
onl prohlation of f~Inr years before lie ca ad- p
ion mitted to thle prietsthood, Protettants often1
woamllder at the influence our, clergy iave oil
over their tflh ks. Frmmi tihe alcove anecdote DC
the te.y isavy learn olte retson for lthis. The
atioferl. wiho ha taken- t1his step Do
rg imea .tholic -of 41
>.,'ve.ral ytrnme' t g.= a-:T+imdo eJ li
rut " t,s.Ia. l)'Axnlt)A.-I. t is a great con- En
ls .olltm1 i, to ev(.Ity ('atlihliCt hellrt to read of En
hf(e m'-ilete It - r.talm to the -.hbIIomm of tile g
hllurela of Ctarliiual Andlrea. Time Romani
1'. Q.F.ial Journal of t he 7th, pnrblishea his re.
vli trite*dtion. It is dated tilth Deicember. The
til- .Cal',iil asks plrdln f~t having gnio ton
Sti- e i'; notwithae de ling the prohibItion of
tte Pope; lie depin.1e Jas
Ui nt-seel anti its c-m,maet.in with t. .~- na-
,mumtore newpaepe-rt. k'i Frem heretical piat
It, Lrrii"a of whichr-he _alapprelvea. The
ire Cardinal dllhere, to t~--riddr ~Wiftie r ih- the
at oºps mmemnabliiafionte in JumIA 117 he the
ai withldraiwsiHia protetst against the Pontifical li'
ii- Brief oftlie 12thi of ;June, 8IP5e, and asks iemi
i admmat of tihe Pope andi all those whomi. lie te
fInas olthnmled. It is isad to sanw. nlen a-greatt
.imeri -uIen i Iht.ighlmlritioi BAt...go estray even am ll
"i for a few n nmonl h.I ms.n.l ohld'uirer'ercse.
" 'lisE ~TrliIJet. C(iiImmatr IN PENGLANI.--
i Tle oflirtil- '"('iatloli. Directory" frtle, th Ti.
ý'1'- :mr lti;e, lilillkslied pcraiista aapaeriorrut, linen
- hImse ,mad its aplwseraue-e. It gives, i , Ca
1 a Ia;titiriI slnmmiH-y of the (Ulbrch in El. ut
a lati, WaYles anidelandiw and there is On
siedmlillag iij llllmm1's ill Glmleat Britin, mm1tn
, v .hrlle-isl.;ii,14- imer(a:f-ti In time clergy, chunrehresh
x i (e)imliV., e l|"maims'tnd amOoaIsteriesa pincelas Mihas
t ytam. Tl'he totau! nnila t otr-bieslos ie, of i th
t',oulr., mtie mtn ie--unanely, ome sat hbioioj of
i aidl tw-.l\',e hilchr (Iwxmoircthis thi t iret re
ilnllmps) in Englulntiind m a tle " oor the om'
it S c ntl1'"l. The ' nlnnl r'ffpri,,rtjH In r r it n eht
Il. itrti:li nntnlllinlt to I,ej, agaInst 1,41W last imam
Sy3nr tlt-llt IItlmlmr of elmrehe ahes an ebals Ia t
t art-: !+s:.kii.giiust. wltwiqe-.lat hlret h- i
toltm was lii.l-lislhed; tiln- 'onivments of wome fll in'or
ft-i'n weaet i.iJ); nll aitlnI te uoi tars e itli
iIllllll. (;'7, lmgtlimtm d;m| last 'vear. 'l ' Tut a .
f seV*I- mlmwnv4.-ito ef' wVoiimI-i anal foulr wonltm- nd 11
mllumnit mm Ilammt' mart, rivaute chapels of S e Sli
vtlnt1t. m o',.r tm;ls-il(l inalividuaml; also of thim On I
fiamam uinieui.- ina tile .uvmlr (o monimstef-r-ies iimri
tur'.e nlae )lmerm-ly Ilillmst' il _whichl two om' 'rim
tlmrem- of tm,- me-oml-l clergy c-well together tearhe
ftlu lmimaioilrlmi- work ; time Oln-rtIh is lme new ilitami
I)omluiuicain pimory at Havcr.'toek Hill. In stho~ml
tlhe eo'tm'entm or religions Iliammi oaim of Woamem n
tlmt·'inmcrenaet. lins eenu very greinmt dlun,, tt'ia of "Ih
Ilmlt ti+'v % eami'.-; )ant it hlua, lmem-i1 altog.-tlmm'h ,el.)ym
or wvitlh v.ry fti·- exwmetIton.-', miualng the nIrlm- zthmmmmm
I of Clnnarlty. tiaisl'1. of Merty- and time like. tauuaied
4-.'flie mlioi-mtt or c,,lteimlatlamli Cruet's O mml tim
Imnar l.v." s(Vlt'. to inm-rnser-M all, iir v(t- tlh-im 1m
snlltgv, 1 in cld ou t~mlnri- ; hbt for liuns to smoaT-!,
t'omd11mt mcli ns for t{e upninli aI-b fddh:
('lm .lls.e mis im'a.-ll as to sIal.aeltend )to)r' MOW, 'm
stClm1oo, n, lme., a of--reemgm-, UaIn the like, the the Imm
.eanaul ii. fio- gm'ter tlman thd SUlplpi. Tlle ferrihuh
folw)gl a snnllnlm- of C'atlholii staitis- tjmen, ii.
tlcs'.-n. _Ymlatt.!' icetland and WVales, t rmanm
enai'ing tlrm Ieit fland itiriiyars Con:
alm'q llh hmh. i en . ,. t rini
S... Co.-hI
with a The Aa t
P .t'ge sitzger it e o
-tte o in r
Coa oin , astor St, Bridget, New
Seetnrel behalfof the
" ioeiety, the success of
ws it aarrejiestedll to re
r the ehiee f t. Pat
iv ltimo, -which, we
utant are glad to know, rli l ilding to the re
denesouenrees of theColferriue landsome sani.
iteins, Bie-e.the arrival and insltaitfion of Arch
ias e- l u , lditlIi ill the See of liltimore--a
Hitle lucr 1hau-cu"' Iar~ago-the total unma
e lher of Jlarson ofir el- by ea .
_7tlu e tosami four i.. ihuht woi
Sonvert, eotiidtlrnldy over twel-e perl t
thh. th ie Illnuf r pe.r runt. o
--ence: afin. Anr- lreis al te hi lit1a r-o, th
ather c.hurch of All-tiiiiit, at Bdi ilelt.bdeiui*,fV,:_-
uhisl brother He. Mttii-thwe.w kgnrt__i "
.tor 'LholeOig i tttlta*rllr olf $lt. 'i z
th- eese of W h MA litcl.r.Jn
'cc 0St, " l'hatlifln, Wivhwro iae,. waeli x-nrii l u
nth-' " t-.ativ-i orf liie ln-i-iii7, ly Rigbt Rev. -
lti aurl V. VWelnahIiuD.fl], thit olurlth
aat e nthe a r eh f iif i as morin
of tl  .-r a trtl e the b ut ily
n f u .i etº " rinda
T "he lr.jeeru ,a l a % qiathoi. l t of
Th e eel-th Satlit t,. pe in a i, m -
tLe ulilele i, o. fianl-.. nan Ineanl'f tll n gott  of
oi-- t ir ii.Aloulf. TlIIr Tl tiom
- Pt Piarstr on the el thi "l hii yi. inat. Ci-n,
a idle.grtinlahi ArehliAeurtal tt i$lein. thi lu
ne. MluI-ailtbl y 1'VPil iatr, ev* L l3 n L-.
Os. I., iii attini h rlnl lnia' ti, 'i r- n rt a r -ina atl
Onad I pnhrO ri;alte unllrll'c rxf tlr-nnte--h to wlahi
deal h t.fraie V i.hlica-l, eri-oatpiaaell ttg, tli atw (Me
ano their r:Ijhf ual e t hnrt tud tnel t ioa,
;otal iarritn llIr oaSa-ei tly titl a id th at he r
al.atl,r hitn ue. er giive" hlt- nn}" trouble-in bl,
it of anth , h n iiihledons r
dio- lin.-. , J IIciuI l. hetvl.- ,il ghent a,
.ia- lat, ,sir of thC ath,, ole (fhn r.h in alerm,
"e,; M seaii-., snall illav idwaki rtl he ithl life on thl frlb
17,- inst. 1-altler r ' lt snllo we. do an vlsit to Father
thl ill' h t trll I e r i~'e . Rdiug-with hupu,
o Ailh' 1ua . a o thilly ia s lattldisji taic call,
oal, a ln d gl a f I i tlef.oraiar ina'd the 'aetghio.,
ing streeta. At a tplaru uf th. arcner the slerigh
aes aai 4. thr iniit alieyni nat iat, d at witl,
Iolt ailiari, ut inir. Ta lul.. iine his fright,
hP- vhen- is colisaionl with psoke f ucren, ond -r
ae t hiv laut ll aanu atii illi ,etati . 'uisfo. h 1e.l
t athe l le(YRil llyoi theansceiaent, aonf l ,,et with
ho u t the phtace wham. tham haunt.r-oas3fitg.
atil lTh, f xeiter-aart inoftvei itieu uaah for h antalj-r
todr of organcf -ilicul o ide eaU tlo ifa
d lel. -catat-r iaetuxa- wa-s ahiaereut h ut -
h- a 3taia off". .ata4 wan. gra-ti a-tenein byd
ad- inris -ionticse . h ~ Li
Ul- I)EATII O, A SISThIi fa, M -ie-ll l,
ave on tle s14thled i l t. enth poi-e~i 'u; t
a oe det-li d t ln u,, at i o thaoale lt 'lt if
O Althouatghnc ase-tal is hia tr n ntau . oloo- as
libe frte rl patlla hial atriug; yet :tLhe aLd
anaou aeaueut, tlntghi litina lotgnpe,-n
af En ed with ahlsilathooif iotii a ..
igh Oilier, with i a liclw, i' tii witiil' 'oa -
ali Whoi lae\J ler Iy it i ecrtnei s, alrad in
I h en alts aiu .rtu tstf ofvinll b e h  ellh''.iltld
• well , - d.tt , .-..rit'y nc a ny
o ler-t e eii t laied of rhle rala- IJi caratit i ie.
d eh eeceaed- waaiia e-a it: jea ii4 aulated-l th
Or deahii of Melt-n ill tis aeiot aq wheree "ll.-_ -
Wen the a iii -ti r ot a ailllIv ly hit a h ;l atleaesata nal
ie ilett. l'a in talaIy Ihert SulMni- ral ateIes.d l inh
h- tha t O ')ll.rn ltlttial , sl e. at .ca eel.e- Od n-eyonth
ate the aaa41st s:uiaa-it ae. 4*vpc a teitaoans. hhe, .re
al tatila.--l h - art-iceof Sthhinre tio ti alanti her
Sldeathl, i- t fat wal-aaich .slrl aia a dicat- thtr ,
. highll e l tialltti ou is ll wh"ic sret W aIlei ie U 1y
' the r, -lgjof (urinaaafalia V of wiach W - i. wlla
aa ahobeib a nd'- oaah la er nalaaa-aa i i'it]iRL nr,
s' Catholic.
Nl#:ºv 14 1i1t, ior: l .tlhir..u nll\ u i )-r. i'sroi o
ro Tliirfirlt-t rae-art ot' this ihiiti.ih ,io i has lately
'4, lito -iuiliilk.,l ,lir-, I ha hl i Ltha t lite ihrt
it carcar he e ittlea , thlo great iawifilaae o-alt
S l ntirh'ftr, i ti of Ilheia- ' ldl tiiaea Wi- utppeld a
t t Scha ol nall naiii h1 ' aeit y oh u lew ekjj- w elal oeli le -
let the Chi h ot , Nltiai"ty, nih ilsj. . 0n
thllatire, a Uh, art,:srttli dl, l al,,, t he lay at
Tu lrs ie' li Ie',''liaiiiigth ieaoatrae.aaad bject0 o ft
Sthcpin.u , a"ieI.s riaa i ts,.al tt saiwd thea - i l rellilal
t ian late CoaIt-a " ol'iuri, -frarn~tttfh & aioa of thIel
a lay I- h-li .r of'th,. i nllthlii undatLy Schoeolsi n
S,-la ..-.it ..At l'is aurueti alg filaa-n we hre Ire $ian -'
all. hfe d'.dut-icv '- arualle-at. vr bn deeate~
(.lhlli~.ll(g alb llhl(,hi l it 1hul t jill(: Ice tand f 2thu ie
eeJa-ail z gi. .1tn-. I " •ia "l ajam C am iaaacrinait -iac
, Itll j a ilt4 c , ia lie itlil h L, all li" of V e of
tade hn:lliit()aaa-haa lhai eeiaia i lOailt th ai-rl tl Do llor
ri'ahnla-a- ,,  -f ithe- tiiaia. allYtll S thal L byolfueia.
nt,-r nall .......ii: l ral-l aiii- a, a l i w nu tve , .bth.e
as yeh lt tna-aiell alirt -l thcl e i-,a of a e bie
testalishe i t i ri,, ci aty. is the ii h

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