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31*3 ANIyi'h'OUC tt> u3i3. 1I
-0- r Latest Chary,,--: I
--e w-Orle s l I always, held the- first
rank in oar cont the t liberil support
of workas of Christian 'eharity . And as an
evikaece thattlyla character..yell eserved.
au jipt. tothat.. noble institution, thee
pride and.glory of New Orleans ah:dl of
Louisiana,. the- Charity Hospital which
opens wilde itirportals to aflicted humanity
n ithout distingtion, of creed or country.
We can point also to our homes foir the aged I
andiufirm, to our retreats for the repentant
hi!heat of GCod's gifta.to maLnthes ptfleet,
and we liaive long hithose magnificent in
stitutions, the. male apnd/female orphan
asnyluma". indi.ed,.it·semed to most of our
Citizens that thirpviridence of God had pro~ 1
vided forr ev' form of sufiering, want, and.
destitution in our city. /
-- But still those' ho wzeracalleica pon to
* arge of the education of our youths
discovere o% ry important and interest
ing class of our ý-estitute population who
were overlooked and unprr idod for by any
of our clhaitable institutions.
Thlraivages of epideiniceand otherecauses
am unfortunately ,iways left in New Or
more widows and half orpintm han
-ierhal 'u any other-city ih Amprica. The
moat of th fatherless childiren are left to
roam about th treets, whilst their mothers
are earning a *i arioqs living by doing
hiy' work. . -g
Tllhese children receive education but
what is vicious, they grow i n habits of
idleness, and very saon learn commit
lpetty thefts, and at last are sent to on, a
e same evil, but in a less degree, has
ee -wind to exist in other great cities in fi
Englan Ireland, and Amnerica, but.the o
-ive.atltanlc-harity utfthose cities have en- a
abled the e t ical authorities in con- r
juuntiou. with i ential laymen to lound b
sawieties asid erect ormatories and pro- c
teetorutes for this class children. a
-lIn New York two hundire thouland dol- o
lairs have been expended on unds and Is
buildings and the proceeds of .Laidies' ti
Y'airlaust s!ammer,tn-aid-of the socie ii
.protection of dvsetitute aai re
auountntd tov er-ne hundred thou
S'!l t.his city the evil of hIvi g so many of ci
this class of childrentgr1wing up to manhood 'b
S*ithoAiit any /f if restraints of religion, or ri
of uAtiaining, wa loPe felt, but in con- si
acoe of the ravages of war anid the des
titution of a large portion of thea n
-t ""iwh unfortmentel- r
nto natia-onsctld be found to providll'ebr these g
children, until about two years ago, whe I
some few zealous members'of thaSolety o 0
St. Vincent de Paul, resolved, with the apl fi
,robation and encouiragemtent. oaur t
temv. Archbishop, to found a lhpse of-han
du.strylur_i estitute Catholic boys. .
When they began the good work, five
hhndrid dollars wa--the total amount they f
had-to devote to the undertaking, but trust- a
ingl; Almighty God, and to the prayeirs of
-thneir Patuon Saint, they went to work earn
The Society adopted the protection c
destitute Catholic boys as one of their spe
cial or general works, but being composed I
mostly of poor, hard-working men, have I
not been able to appropriate much money
to the support of the institution. They
bigan n. August, 1866, by-jpurchliaing ai
property on Bienville :-street,- and so far
they have only been able to pay about one
third of the purchal-money-.
A board of directors was apjpointed by I
the Society, and in Decewber, 15(16, they3
bad tite happiness of being present at the
blessing of the Home by the Most Rev. Arch
.bishop, and on the anniversary '"f theiiu
nmaculate Conception of our Blessed Lady
the Home was opened for the reception of
the dert boy.
There are now in the iustitutioni sixty-aix
boys, and-the applications are so numet'ous
and pressing that if the directors had tfund~i
to enlarge the accommindsain they'iotdd'
require room for at least two hundred bQys.
Thewhole amount of money that has been
received by the directors up to this tJile
does not exceed .eight thousand dollars, be
sides an appropriation -liberally made by
the legislature whiahl the directors have not
-. yet beenable to use. Out of this sum they
have improved the grounds, furnished the
Home, paid about three thousand dollars of
the indebtednessdon the property, and.eup
ported, qduclbd, anif protected on anu
average fifty bo3a for over onye- i
otherwise would have been outcasts and
vagabonds in our streets, preparing them
selves to bome hereafter inmates of our
workhouses, prisons, and penitentiaries, and
thus entailing great expeure on our tax
It was and is the intention of the Society
and the direetoua~t make the " St. Vin
cent's Home for Destitute Catholic Boys" a
schnt of jtndustry as well as a Christian home
br our half-orphan boys, where they can
be. tagget trade as wea .those principles[
ti afta life to, becw \jo d- con., lbus-.
dad,and &fr auda ove all to preser
in thetm 4live the spamrk ip v faith; but.
to dothis requires money aq4 the directrs
are without means-to undertake it. -
If our wealUiy Catholic cit v oId
only think in their heap jo- e ani .and
destitutio of .these poi, gleet~d, half
-rphan boys whom they egret ,eeing on the
streets in the'daily prtctice of viceTf.mdwho
are. mostly the children of poor Catholic
pareit, adi stpt for eighty :1ollsrs a ye
each-of these could be jpovided..f in the
"St. Vineyt'e JIome g.weh- elievc that nuumy
of then would gives amnall portion of the
abundance with w4 li odhas bleiaeiithiem
to the support of this good work.
All our riches must sepa be left to other~s
perhaps to those who will make a bad use
.of them and who may think i'erylittle of
tae whep we are gone. Let us then act the
part.of wise men by devoting all we can
sparp to Agod works whilst we iae alive an
gifts. .-Bythus assisting to provide for the
temporal aatneternaleltfae of those dear a
little ones,; whom our Blessed Lord loves so
much, we till anot only be bringing down
the blessings of God upon ourselves in this
world, bu we will have what is above all
price, the certainty of haoug laid up for
ouraelves treasures in Heavan, seeing that
what we may do for the least among our
brethren, Jesus Christ has promised" that
He wilLacceptas done to Himself.
(. 'm-omnu ril.i rc p..
The Late Epldemnlo.
This subject, so fraught with the most
saddenijig associations, presents as many
'Fere s minds, as the prism which reflects
fro n ingle ray the many colored hues i,
of light d shade. From the happylhome C
and the tire " e, a here domestic affection b
reigns and sw ens the daily cares that w
besat the path of e ryday life; from the
counting-room of the hant, the
and broker, and the less p, ens homes a
of the artisan, . or la r, . come
sounds freighted wi otions liar in
their , o tracks of the plague ered
heavy ght in its ravages on. eac
ais dreadful visitation had many aspects t
to be viewed from, affecting the social, e
business,' and domestic relations of the
citirend. 9ociety at lArge stood appalled .
'business in all its branches was crushed.
the noisy toiiguies - oT politicians were
silenced; the gay reinrts of amn ibemitt I
were acuss * acft we iesesrted by a
sure-seekers, ind the vehicles that it
glooiuinsplrin hearses, with their funeral a
processions. 'lnhe dark pall of tile grave S
brooded and hung-over the city, and menl, g
the most reckitse, looked in their friend's i.
fai¢ewith. t.idliftartling question, " Who g
net-t" '. .
ItBuTi we ar not writing a history of the g
yellqw fever suowrge. That can be found -A
in its prototype if d(ilation the great ["
Londpiplague, of two centurie.e-go. h Ih
scenes of unutterable Woe depicted there C
found here. the ghastl- role enacted o ver -
agaia. No written description oulcd ve I- t
in hunan language. the remotest idea' of o
the ocean of tears shed, the woes unnmurn- 'o
bered-of broken hearts, of family idols /
shattered, of loved ones lost or scattered, I1
of the husbhand's pent-np agony, or the
-piercing wail of wife and children, as the e
iusband and father was carried out- of the a
home, and from the hearts that were to a
know hina no more.
No, 'tis not a history we write; some e
futnre'time we may record some of the in- I
cidents that came before us; but for the e
present we have to do with kone plapse of
rho glioniy times which is refreshing to
i'ecall, and throws a halo of light that seems 1
to claper even the darkness of the grua.
Anid all our sorrows, religiu Lnuorn of a
heaven, stepped in between its vt'utiml and I
the grave. She sent her--finisters, regard- 1
less of death, standing near, to soothe the
frightened conscience, and make the dark
sihadow of the tomb more enduralle, lessI
appalling, by the torch of faith. lin the gay
houses of the great, in the infected shanties
of equallid poverty, by the noouday's heat,
the miduight's opprl'essivCe OUanm, her manis
ters stood, telling his Christian brother to
go forth with courage--with hope; that it
was not all darkness hi the land befor him,
Swheredft a+ Lec et i.,and how
Soften the very lips that uttered these words
iof cheerto a brother mortal iweresoon them
selves to be sealedl in death forever! Yes,
Sthe Catholic priests scaled their devotion
n to thair flock with their lives, as they have
e always done from the earliest age down.
In the late epidemaic there died in the
Archdiocese from fifteen to, twenty prjeata,
y of all orders secular and reg lar. The
t Jesuits, the ledemptyonist, the Lazarists in
the city all fornished their quota in this
martyi-thong, and proved their titles to be
e alled the good shepherds, who lay down
- ir lives for their. Aock..Their heroic
. deeds are-registered on high; their divine
work done in poor,hllturble flestmh ;canronl-y
Srnow to God -hinself.
0 Nr Was the Chiurth's ministering angels
i in the gentle formn of woiman, the Sisters of
SCharity, unknown in the dark hours of our
desolation, as thE number of deaths in their
Jr anks ihs borne a sad, yet glorious testi
ad many to their self-sacriticing devotion to
x the siek and the dying. The amnals made
glorious in past days by the charitable
-heroism of the daughters of St. Vincent de
ty Paul were again renewed, and while they
n- reflected fresh gkry on their long, bright
record, they adi renewed lustre to that
faith they adorned by their lives. Could
e but the vail of the tomb be withdrawn, and
an the lips of those inclosed beneath be per
i mitted to utter aqoepts tellii or
Stell oftie .soothing w of conseoltibon or
advise uMired by miateriang.aels,
Sbreasta rw for
s %burst eu a$ the arst Idgh of e
'pen rt tlielrbkinkgb hesrts:
Hi- M1:w tbt-y not. deeoribe the.4ects
fdimvgie a that *",U- Eked ;for tban
as the world receaei from their view, and
*ere consoled by 'th e- aismnrane -hlehi
-mueted thir fears,, that the little ones they
ft and loved aroswo-d not be orphapi
for religion _ u they so fitly reresnted
- ut-od-ut~ke m.- tbher arnms, -ajd'l.itcli
over them, as her own. Surely suh-i
'would be the ong.of gratitude that would
echo.from the tomb for scenes like'these
were witnessed damy; and many a--loving
father and mother under the-onaohition
eAO on this worl and lept in peae.
Sbc was the only consoling aspect abj
the ts epidemic, the aid which religion
inspired. -For ,roud man, in the
righs fihour-of-such vismtations, is-ham-
bled to the dust, and fears.to face the pres
ence-of-his Maker- andtI il i4ten, perhips
for the irst ime in his life, to the voice of
Warning th atell him to prepare-his lt
hour is at.hata .
A volune mi ht be written of unlimite'
size and interestoon this view of the shtb
Ject alone, and p-yductivc uC..fvilal.as
profit to its reade could they be only in
du.ll to peruse and ponder over.the inter
eating pages of so lipaful a record.
With this we close oir-remarks for the
present on the yellow \fever epidemic of
1867-trusting-we may belong spared from
witnessing such see  agali, the memory
of wliich' an never die or be effaced from
'the iinds of the survivors. The number
attacked will scafce ever be known, but the
deaths were: counted by thousands..
+-. i-. E.
Nothing can be more absurd, says Johk Mitch
ell, himself a Protestant4 than the Churiph of
England; with its Thirty-nine Articles, each of
them susceptible, as Bishop Burnet demon
strates, of two very different interpretation.;
and, indeed, there is one of the Thirt~in
which that worthy Bishop especial ydights
in, for the expressareason thatjt mits of tWeir
interpretations. The t- i' ia, in fact, not a
Church at all, bec ithas no particular faith,
but a politi tablishment, which. has hand
soin towmzents, and affords a god li '
ny youngersoine of arist c . The
yr pre t attempt, to harmonize
and , to make it in some sort a real guide
in faith and morals, was, of course, destined to
fail; and it has failed most signally. Yet it
may be permitted to doubt whether a " Come
dy" is-the appropriate weapon to use in such a
case. Ridicule is not only an edged-tool, but a
t ged tool; and can so easily bet made to
entu ways!
A MAGNI ENT PRESENs.-Sice the lat
issue of this j rn.m . .soed Pastor
oSt.LMicl ela nrcl -Rev. -Maurice A.
Walsh, has bee nhe ipient of a splendid
present, consistg of a e,carriage, har
ness, an l obe,-worth in  agtrete not
less than T2I5Ja
o ames Easq. a
wealthly Protestant a an resi near
St. Michael's Chnurch ro re
gard and - esteem of Father Iash A1 e
prompted the bestowal of this ndi
gift. l'ihe other gifts presented were
tlbulted for by the-lnembers-ef the congre--'
gatioll of St. Michael's, who were repre
sented by a committdi' of competent an
well known gentlemnen of the pariah, con
'g of Messrs. John J. BIyrnes, chairm ;
George Kelly, Patrick Daly James illon,
-John Farren John Nolan, John A rady
Miciiitbl M'Erdy, Bernard eke and
others. The gentlemen abo named, met
on Wednesday evening, 12th inst., at St.
Michael's Pastorial residence, and the formal
presentation of the gifts toolk place.
Mr. Daizle" fl~et presented his own part
of the donation, in aneat, well delivered
and thoroughly appropriate speech. liHe
said, the cause of his making this present
was the undeviating regard which,he ever
enutertained for the Pastor of St. Michael's.
He was glad-' his movement had been
seconded: by the parishoners. who thus
showed by.their action, that they coincided
in the respect and deserved esteem enter
tainied for the recipient of this gift.
John J. Byrnes, Esq., then presented the
other gifts on behalf of the committee
present, in a brief speech, which was e
the preceding one, received with ap
plause. This having subside -ev. Father
Walsh made a touching reply, followed by
several addresses frmn his many clerical
and secular frie nd' present on the occas
ion.-Catho;lirtanda rd.
CorrixnlATrONs.--The Most Rev. Arch
"lislloi administered the Sacremeut of Con
tirmation on Tuesday, December 17, in the
Chapel of the Convent of the :Good Shepl
herd, to io persons.
On Thursday, Decenmber 19, in thea~it rch
Sof St. Teresa to 700-persons.-Tlhbet.
The holy sacriflce was rweceny offered up
Son thle tftp of tihe highehst ountain in.
A merica. On the 30th day of- August last,
feast of St. Rose of Lina, the first flower of
a the American pottion of the Chnrch, the J.
SJ. O'Cennell, for twenty year paslt Pastor
Sof the CGhirch in Columbia, said, it nmalbe
a safely affirmed, the First Mlass on the Black
a MoNoulain.
e (TOu ingman's Peake is_ erected a rude
a hlIt built of cedar wood. The neighboring
c reelocks and surroundin trees are marked by
e the names of mnany o the more daring nud
e vgorousaexcuf5iuui-L, wiro succeeUeu aIl
reaching this proud eminence.-NMesouri
o Watchmae. -...
if -------R-"-C
ir C'LLI.O<I1.-Wc copy as foillowsn lrom the special
Washington eorrslondelunt of tihe Cinisaeti
, Eaqsirer, of the 2d:
e There was a.rumor that McCulloch had ten
Le dered his resignation. He said to a friend to
y night, if" such as the caae, he was not -awar-L
of It. l'hbire is a direct issue Ibtween'tha Pres
id~uitadJ McCnlloch,- s regards-.thC-tatame
at made a few days ssine, about the removal 01
Id certain officers. The President to-mnight ind
id rectly declared that.the statements made b,
r- cCutlloch were notF correct.
Tr U c$T A -.aq COLLEGE.
The e* eha]Crlea Collea eGrnd .Cotean, La.)
5bou mot ,94thof Og rAog to end, a usual,
SBoo'ksanldedeines forn extra cbsreea.
S*ua iatte teoton.f tle rats, tuDt month.I
u "teddig, it-urninhod 1y the College,
.Thtehne mPt toh.fl by half seasion. In advance ;
,Pt'8ra-esap.n d g the the4th ofOctelr, the
1pend.eing ctthb h of Mactrc.- 1 b" -i
0o l eeps fee clothing, travtig.-im r ex
l)aeon l made b" the Institution bsudting the
mai ruooaen e lted by the parents for these p.ut
Theie of dirEmtsioataroa tn to fittou year. It
L]ruqired 1Lat tlppitl know? P ioeoosly how to read
For adner informatioPn .alýy o
- - P. PAgRS~fý_ E cýQý..4y ur ta,
.3t aaltbhistreet. New Orleans.
S*macaolste acepteion New Orleans. i
ThisLiterary Intitntione Ineorporated y the State of
Louaisna mind. empowe e".to eugtbr degrces, is con
_4uctqt ýy;t hesLhteraotthe Soce-t~ller Le". - - --
-The o lin aie well adapted f the- porpose. A
emr tyard, entirely cut olr'om thie astle is reserved for
ri/etes oa; sotbat, from te arrival of th pupil, t 7:311
, till their departure: 4 P.M. they ar constantly
e d and,mnperemr d.
--Te ourse of n stbucno emliraeris Gre-k, Latin,
PrrU~b.~s leppea 1tor oten, nl*oryt 3.b raPf hy:
-Itudntiare 1~ jadtted, unless tlhey knew how to
The moral andrdliglous traniulg of thle studenut is the
Sleadlj Cldeet of the instructors -
Every mouth a report s sent to parents, stating sou
duct, progress, rauk in class and attendance.
The scademieal year Ibegiu~ on the irst Mouday of
Octoberand ends about the 37st of July.
ColegIate Course, payablejl advance, aud in United
Ortes cunrrenocy, two mouthsm, ei. h
Preparatory te.trs.SE $16. ften
Christian Brethes-orner oGfPoyefarreand Founchr
iteetas, aew Orleans, La.
This Institution, Incorporated by an act of lt I.
latnre f rl year 13M. u tu empotwere to  ulnt D o- t
 celbr Dolgrea. asllt bestow nll litfe ionors, oI-,re
dly adrvantageser - I -heppl-stieal. , s Intellehtual
derelopntent of Students. It conujdlious odl well
ventilated; situated Ida al d-.h lthy part of thei
city. "Its stl"asfifllt r is markal hs y the highl degree
of public coatde hasoalready ga insd, and ley annual
Jalrease otf l sma of rtlaiuentsa The system o" gt
ernmenlt I d snd, tyareal, yet firn in enforing the
oboe coftmlisld 'discipllne. o pnnil will Ih
ve fro anaother College nitho e Nhut uneceptionable
(tm :ials; and none wtiji e rtlalned whis menners n
nationa are admitted, and thelr religions opinions are it
. TERMS: i
aen t n: i de mate quarte rly In adva: i lows: Ip
The on thn first Moun da' r; the seaomd, sr
on November I:,lh: the n k tihiary ist and the 1I
fourth,on A rIll
Tuttlo ol oteol Coanl ot rerial Citres)--' I .
qtuat er of ~i mouths:.-. .... $1$ 00
Tuitiau--7ycuid Flrst l'relartory Cissesr, per Il
Sqnarter-oýfC2 t24 -t--.--...-...- 7 15:00 p
-sttioe-Thil Preiparatory Class, lpturquarter of cI
I mo th ..\ .................. ...... ....... 12510
Tution--ourth Plreparatory Cutts per tlartar of f,
Smoths ... . .... ............ 00
Msle---Piano, per (larter...:... ...............15 00 st
'. Violin, istrh funiishuedi perquarter.... 13 UW l
' rmte, or anyother.Wind nstrument, per
tr.. ,.............................. 1 00 F
Studments entering after, the beginning of a quarter, o
will pay thequqrteriuntll-but properdeductlon for the
time elapesied, Ifa week or more from the beginning of
-th said quarter to the time Of entering. w ill be madte on
thebill for thile cnuning quarter. c of
/' Books std m tationery rurihedat current pric, l t
No deduction for sbsence, except in iase ot protracted b3
illaess or disnmisal in which latter case, however, it, is
respeetfily suggested to parents and guardima io bear A
in--mtad tfas when a Student leave the institutlIon
without permission, or does not satiafactorily ftjuont for m
pretendd absence, when he repeatedly trausgreses the Ri
rules of the-College in udatteras of imrort net and after SI
roper ldamoititon, ineurs, aee dlinn i the Presldent's t
:O et rn d-ei y ore a Jioter p.er.i:..thna one
tn-tsr. No dendu.ion madh when withudrawn darrlng p
the S~ arter, n-rmatter how ahortatime he may have
In the College. - -
English Literature, Logic undl Rhetoric,. HIttory,
cuelt and Modern; Elon tiolnm etalhysier, Ethibis,
t iatry Algebra, higher; (uluthry,y I'lane. Solid m
and r ~e Ic; prigioniitry, irvevlng, Novilgion,
Antom ,s4-u '!,Philosophy Freich., ramnmar and i,
n aind Greek.
"_ iOMlMEiiIA.. "
Grammar, Epiii cry Cirtrapoldenel. Composition. r"
eography, Aritn Boyok Keiepin Histoiy, French R'
.ParUi~atr attention pa to Penmanship. St
Junior Clse-Spelling. i. Writing, Aritl.me- M
ties) Tables, Cyphering, and F ib Reusdinag. "
Intermediate Claseu -n ad. .ion to the ihobve P
Gora . nlish trrammr. mti, Intellectual S"
and pr raical Sacred HIstory. Cowls' ton. Elocution, F
Algebrvva, elsnptar-v; French, Music. voc and istren- A
mental, and Latin lrammar. -
Special attontion isygiven to tiloebiusical Deport At, o
both-oenal sad -intrnmtrtal. Two brass bansa, e
members of which are chosen among tlhe students of th
College, rehearse daily underthe guidance of a comwl
'tent professor. -
The Commercl Dehpartment is expressly do i t for
young men who intend to devote -theomely o ths ac
countut't profesaion b
Thereis an examinati held eae nater, when the i1
students are promuoted, thouglh eS lucy be prhmoted
oftener in case marks rofleency. Athe end of c
the scholastic year is the publtc>rimuinatlion, at the I
close of which p ms are distrlbuted accorlidng to
merit. Vaa coummuencl about the 3d of July. and j
ui on tb at Monday in Seiptmher. ti-P
Miss Iniorporated October. 1,8; li an --act of the
Legislature of the sitate of Mi~ssisippi. Iitrecrtei' ,y thet
Christian Brothers.
Halving long felt the many incoues enleol.'- attending a
boanrding scehool in the city, the-Phrtrstian lrtlher have I
been nutiring in their efforts to procure a i eligible site
tor one in the coiutry andl they have now the satiifae
tion of informing their patrons and the public that sl
a solac ham been selected. cmbiaUticg sna y3 aiantjs t
which could scarcely be found all taog-theriu anoy cer.
The building at Iass Clhristiau, hitherto known as tih,
' Pass Christian Hotel.'" has been 1,ircuslaedl wilth this
view ad is fitted up in a style wblli'e caunIl fail to meu
bar i a faIorite resort to studlents and their piarnts, as
once it was to the usutnter ec-urlounist.
The spalcious hnldlin"s of the hatel now adapted to
tihdncationsi purpos.s, the aluple and w,-il-"haded pla3j"
grouands an surrruii dini grove. tin' -anitari iudti,.'uIce
or the wilde-spr-ead pime loreto in ti.' rear. with tile op.
portillntiies lir sea Ilathinig stlir inu thl. iliitllu" immdt
ate-ly in front, and the delighttfuil -aua ec i .cl l con' nr
in making Pl c a C:hlriltian tdlege i bulte . r iti dil'etCI ri
.."nlclaim fpc It 01 any" of tLil 1"trtllili, *rimr.
T'hat uothlngluaiight lit Usslillg ti the ilittiltllJOiI. a
eon.plete gymnlssiunm hlas ,1cu e,'ntrulc.d.. sn vtr,sivol
iibrar3'Oel ict works cmtsiiliched, sld chalutaer l
rained tflrai the eSttat LegltlRIt . 'iv mihich i is enlliw
erm-c to Lga t laplonis, tcoler degeees, and Ie.stow all
rThe elmsi eols, stndy halhl,lt irii t-ry. saud vreiuor y
are 1onI aeiit cul¢l1i tic y. yin Lthe country.
t With gysater ibrilitieu.than those whlch have already
Swon-for the 'luriotisln rothers 'th confld,,Ice el the
siral, 105Li iliellectrua devehpt of tlc stelt
11 conlniitteil-t tflir i-re. TIe. cistlni of Vlatrlruuleut is
na'ld nim p rintal, I:s rm in e uforciug t .e ol,eerva·ue
of estcablliihd dledpll'. No student Will Ie retalned
w lwloe lnsuulleta aiu iliioral5ri- ilt satisfactory; students
In ofadll d leolin~tnlio o"r a-iuiitld, and their relllonno
Thbe -saeaireunii var i.'lulennRiiO sle tihe frst Monday in
-i Seotemlfer and suds as the heginning of July.
I. B.--C'lassrs wll be kept open during vacationl for
those who may desire to avail themelves of the oplor
tunity. TERMS:
l~Pamenta for term of fve months, invariably inll .i
hi tilolrdawhdoctotni , rs fee, per ternn "
tlltan i'e fC*e, - I b i# h dul e i lly .....i .. ..- - Il0
Vaustionatl C0ltgege.-......................... " 0
- EXTRA t-HAinE..
Muso i - iillnu. l) r 1,-rem ,f ti've nui luth - . . . .
• % VioliU. tstilinlt fu.lllshedi, per luinl ou five
months . -- - - - -•
-Fthlte. or any- othi~r wind instlunnint. per
Df terms of live Inoul -...-. .. . . . i
tss of inatroluents. in the stud-y i mUatoi pHI llilowia"''
nd chemistry per eo............
BRi. LiuhJLAhl.t, President.
(HT.-Joanr.), NEAR MnoILIt. AT. oMax -This Litesay
Inatitntlon, iuooorated by the Set of abe ia. aid '1
empowered to- cn-nhr.al t tea hannl Ila.-.
duated by members.of the Suehey of Jeans.
he.1 aeo niie aan usng grounid, one hpndred
aitfl by ft above the of a, i i eIqually healthy
Sand a reeable.
. 1uppl of e ~a e religion denomeonation ar admitted,
ro ei..tt, wth a vioew to, order and nifolrmity, they
are willing to attend the elterlica of the Catholic wtO
na.l plan of imutruction emhrares (rlek, Latin,
Engliabh. French, Poetry, Ithetlri,', Iliatory, iOsgtwaphy,
Mathenitl,-a, Astronomy, Natural and Mental Philoso
eby, with the addition iuf l uok-Keegpiglnd the usaul
Cisln.cclnl .ranchea. W -AU h
Ixlnnish ad German are taunpllt at thre opinion ofa "
prnen or guardians withlout ,xtra charge.
tage of admnihon in from nine ta fifteen. No one
is reteeiedtwho donr not know how read. an.d writ.
Every three monuth a report in sent to parent. and
gardiht.. ;~aLi tatin jluni y.l ges. rank In clans, with
t manlt ofthe qU erly exanlmnation.l.
Letters, notl known to ie fnrom Iarnts or gnardla.ua
- Lbawn-pa-oei-hy an omeer or the Collego. - -
1Tuition, Wahnhinii-t;ittionrey'3-.-.: itt0e 00
Entrance money. (firnt ar mdiy).......,....... i0-00
Medical fte aud rPlanr ',.. ..... ... . : i 0 010.
Bedllding, if fnrnialbl byt the Coliege.... ..... i... 10 n
N. I.-Il.' Paymtcnti aretto be made in ghld or flrlta--
lentin ilrMnc-v. -
Yi. Ran i IhalU.as-iun l is to epaid in adloanco bofori" a
pupil i. am.Inltted.
3d. Nod,,cdction ia made for leas than a monb. orfr "
mnlo'i. lauva'cUd frlr otltn.. lite, beddingf , and medical
4thI. fl*ksre ira lon.hi.ylay to (': College at.tae expense
of hiurlatr aullnl guaiiiu . a.
5l,. No aidyanceto I ntoil by tlh C.Iuilg*i for books,
clothin. travelilnog. lentistric Imocket money, etc. leb.
yond tine almaunt d'pasiti.l with the "rrea.nrer to meset
tlchl expenle s. - .
Form extra uIar es- lie taugtld t at thle re t of
parenuta and guardian,,. It' T terml tin golds a
Pltuu,.................. ...... o
V ,cal M.....,.... . ...... ~ ......... oo
Drawing............. ct,
Twe'lvo ahiT "\"e halikerehiels. twtside pairs of - -
nMttka: ixra . oiolr pa l'sid. dlraw-.c. six towel,.i.t. -
napkilon. aomomer I'ro.ck c..ats., ion, octlnlo.r vinlwt,
two a of winter ainntalnna. 8faurptulinallaleim iiauta -
a. tiur pairs of lina',. one cap, one gobtiL.,-wi apLw,
one fork, one tatle knife.. .
I liarunisahi|l by pannlao--oni pilliit, three pillow case.,
thrie iIaR of sheet,, ono musnqito bar, one doubli
wnud, bhiuket, one elite rouutptrine.,
fet . L L. UOZ.I., H... Presidelt.
For seveal yeara it lia Iwar t eki nihlmant,
no itt, a* f we i llllliiatia l atg -fU lhe u t rle  dlrlau thlue
intl-lli.gu t !nre.gi4u«, t trd II " was ýotin a igir,
(" tipa itrr in EuKiush. Adillinsig that nuch a )laer
iL ill olur o~ly. a d elt unail li. vie intendl. witlh the ail.
plIitni' tfl thie Eciteirteticul A iitOli'ity it' this I.ime to
Itart a \Yeekly Englihi papter intlly devoted to the in
teireaL-t« if the Catholti ich hllrll. which will he talled the
* For tilhe intellettallanad material departeiteJlts we have
choen mcni of faith and talent. aille editnl., and ea.
perienced imanagers, thourughly devoted to the Catholic
.he "MOlRNING ST'I " will be printed in quartu
"*''1 rll--.nr d lullara ear tnullllnll, Til adivanre.
To pre-venlt all failure. and to guarantei the i aetna.
uenoy of the undertaking. it ill lie baoied ou atjtint
seuck company. adinintitred ae'orilitg to the laty of
Trhe joint stoik coajnlline will 1ti ,Onut tild i f itack to
the atount of Unt lluuLred Thon u aaig Jullarl , int
Five Thouanud Sharea of Twenty Dollars per, shalre
one, half of each to Ire pail rash.
The patrenage of the fey. Clergy oftihe neighboring
diicetec ia earineutly olicitel.
The w hole lianagemeit will Ilie under the snperv-laln
of a eomlnittee colpne'-of flor Prlelt., appinteld by
the Mont ier. A rhbiahop and thre layIen, int beelected
by,the stockholdera.
-'We approve of the aforenald undertaktn. and coa
mnend it ti "the Cathollcs uf oun dioce.e. We appoint
Rev. N. J. Perche an lItesidrilt, alndl Ieva. Tltoala 1F.
Smith aund - Flanagani as eefleiatlaatal inembers_ og
tke cmmie--- -
The Rev-Priah Priests are invited to read .thlisprow
pectus to their respertiva uunnrrelrUatiiou V G.
President of tll, c'onumittea.
Below we give tlhe location and unate of our Churchee,
the Pastora and Curaten. ,ile hoirni of Mae, rterioii
lnatinlhl ill.u, VeYpe',, eand ltrLIrtliaiiaO. The Ilo:atiein e
01i"e1 -eciai, wiath emtwrf-chiiidtren-atrondiauL ---d
each, tie natua of Princilala., ci'a.: -
I anralatrt fonepltiol ('hrttrl, Itrnron)le. tetier en (cnll -
an iatin dGbnult rele-Rtrv. A. .Tinl .h, Sl . .J 'nresident;
R ev. F. Ganttrilet, S. ,i. i 'i'. e t 'rcu iiieot. Prd l vl i,,J t 0k
tnteliC.. F Rev. J.1. Cau iia o. S. .1.. Ti,Te slller, Pl'riif neor
of Natural Philthtuly cld Mntli·lt.atletvr Rc. W. ..
Morplil . t. .1. Chaplt, t. o .. iLl. UI tiaU it $. J.,'lrot 'am
ar of the let Co'llegiate Corllr,; It.. it. lulind, . J.,
Pr.feaeir of tr e:Id rullh.siaie il',itu rtv. .. Dow.e3
5.J.. J'a oi;.d m cr et ihi " 4t ht 4t'0d i'ate' "'iIirn ; R1ev.'.J!
Fo1tS... J., i'r -"iir l theu Cillegtate Cuture; Rev.
A.  . . y D. ,).. Av. IL J Rne-,' I ,. 1'. IP. di Cartriure;
Rev. J. Iuciti7Wa. - a as at 5|, 6, 61, 7, aud t.
Sundayt at ,i, iand Ie.. ernjui at lU oelock, in
('ta-Rev. F. Ceuippeict. Pitstr.
t. lepalsu.h Xapci.ti urlatit/e, Bo ojp-Ruv. A. Ver
r'na, CM]., I -tur; v. " 7.A, diuu, '. M., N C. J.
folore, 7 C. M.. Rev. F. C ndry., C. M., A iatetanta. Maa
at 6i. tad lt oiiclrk. Front'trl Sirlnin at Sto'elock; Eug
Ibh Seat kul ni at nu i cl'k. Ven iratat i6 tulcik, olowi'etd
by litrut titn and lhttndlctiun-One iSunila in Eng
lhli, ourn in F ci. -
St. Hlenry, ofl y ((deramia)-Rev. C. J. Reecher
C. M., Pntito'. Maas , It hioUUatiuiliUcluk.k Vepernaud
Beuedictiuni at 3 o'clm -
St. Alphaiii., (',,alits.itrrrl. titween .'. A ndrew and
Jo,. ohinaes.L fr4--Rc i.B.ui. tl', C. eait.. Rtt.. tor itev.
Fathci.AltttAndi'r, C- Se. It, By)v. eVt: V'. M'ereith t . h
SS. It.. Rev. James Shl.eeran, C.. S t.RC., AInIIIlnti. wteek -
dlays Mae ,1i, 6 ands t o'rihk; Suooliya. 6I anad 0 'clock.
Sermuon at lIo'clock. e\'treatl 3 o'clnck. yueninlg dn
votton uand Selmon at 7 i' aIck.
Assumptioni, (Oerma,) .)aa.7iine street &,wee-a 1
aaone ead Laurel-Rev. J. .Mtit ,b C. e..., yv.
Henedict N1itht't, C.SS. IK. Maesia ant devtoii . sawme
at St. A|lihltlMl.
,,tre t me dIedoe .mceiO+ri , I Preaeh.) Jeckanm tree. be.
t c eet . , .o.r l , nd C o ,an ,reea t t' rl - - R v.t S. b i ..... i i , ei .
i .. R ev. F atter )' ha , '. .%. It. S l e na S.ii ..\Iphianiii .
. it. Mary A a'¢tiehrpio ¢'horh tl, ii (;hrlree t,. vI. btetwec
L'rsuliue and HoBiLpit al 'eie-a-Very IRev. t;. tI IIni, tIoi,
Pastori. Rcv: Father l%.rrin. Wiieek ltis at t i;'i.ii-k;
Sulnday, it. 7 ad l '. terntOlllt lit. Viltern at 5 .ielh-k.
- (tAd i'ritllac ('hlrlh, .I(routine ,rtrtc, 6rt,rteiCt ('lhre.C
a nd O ld irr,'e- i- iv . F a l hrc l , ti -itr, c t -.or . i k uVt "
Masa. 7; Suiniiay, 5i, ,. S'irmin, at mi. Vaipeia at 4.
.1. K ullr), Pastor. i-\.. at F. lIeis. (,:irate. nMms,
S. ulayn 6.i 6 -, and l ,'i t'l.ick. i-t 'n i at I0 ccLu k. 'V," "
peri and IBeledi:tine itt 4 1. It.
St. Julohn the lBaptist (.'herdh lryades, brltweeen C'aUiipa
and ('flu street -Re'v. Fattier M., uiiltar. lIat,ilt. l.i.
Father Slamo. Week deay Ma-i ut 7 o'rai.k. Snlldiyat
7 j and 10i. Sermonat lot. Ve-perirnt 4 ilih k.
St. ,Iius cathedral, (harlrrrs tret. btetv+ne,a s . 4 ~an and
't. Pe e r itretl-lIev'. Fathb " hldon, I'a1-Iti. XI "%. IF-n
Weuek day Ma at tetld 7 il'ti hluk. lUllhey I,. 7. aullul
ill. iteluon .I in -rro li, at it o viaLk. \ , -l .r anilii.n
edicthii at 4hk,''i ick
,,q . l 'a tr .& ( J aa re h t, C'a ur ip c tree t I, r t w n ( ir r, ,d n d , h dl m .
aireetx- lt'.v, Fat heir Fi;tu lignii l Pit R. 1' F Iather
Sheehan. lRew.Fattherllilteii. VWeek llev ?la-iat t}and
LiSivL-tIn L j a . p rUIe atn It i` lietlk.
Vealut-'i at 4 e'rIaHk.
St . .]Jenphi , (.'Loi(iti i at-,vl tr f ,,.,iMt ],irviia d it'lera
tr(re--aet.''.. . J. Suaith. C. M.. SUlietr. Iti.. M. Rhutil,
I1 . M., Rev. ('. lttgltoli. i', M., Ib-' \'.ii. K.,tiI. t'. Nl.,
1ev. Jamaea Duiman, C. M: Mvss, we: ty i an4d i
io'clock. tSundaity Ma6cii, it. 1itll li. SPrillltn 11t t: li
l ou'clocl. Veaperand ienuih.iiiil lot 4 irli'k P. _.
d [t+. uyul Achur chnrr , eror"r ,7)' St. r'lat"eurtdliaya
Ilcad-.ltev. Father Jaulwlht. P:atit. 1Re.-. 'atlher Shubi
lean, Rev. Father Ibtriae Welit lrv Ma-s at 7 ic'c:l-k.
Sunday at T, S cnd lI. itetinen tt lanclo'k. Vepalliat
4 i'clo:k.
AI. Atnna' ('hk reh. ,i't. Philip strcet lrtwo-n lt a n na ind
Priler--Re.v Father Ttitatll ili. 1,'icti. Vivik day Maei
at 7 rlisak. Sutlev. 7 aidii. Srctiiilayt it d . n .re*lrl
. ittetianti , (t"Le?. irt. . F. Cdrdinuid, ieieren
II Orangetrnani ,mo I'altl,.. lr. r-,t,-l,.tv.. F'itlh."r .kerk,
i0Pastor. Ieit. Falt-i Lntl i-i--.. I~aliac ir kia. tek
dat-" Mass 7 o 'lark. .',thlY : t ana lat. %tuola at
l'oi.'ahiak. \'ri*ai.c at t),i Iiiik.
t• L ie',,et na d ae -'it.. (irreulmao brt'lrei .tl.l..a iltand
('loee? streets-- tIre. l-'atiler I"..I. I'iltitrr. %We,+k dai" Maa,
t6at 7 iehlck. itlSailtl\ 7 lld oii Sli.11tniu al lie ndlck.
On. SiiuIdatt ill Ir'tiLli atid "i mJ,iUtIlay ii EUIglish. \ ea
lt I..l'm at 41 o l.h k.
24 Aaanciittti, l'hurch. crv,"e uWJ JltdeerriUr nd Aorw.S'
etentc -lIi-y. F'atlhri A. I)tIII PL*'a tI \ek.vhty M ast
5 7o',iitiT. Sltuiavy at , al !. ,ermiit atil 9 ,ciak. -Veie.
pera at 4 vrloek.

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