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The morning star and Catholic messenger. (New Orleans [La.]) 1868-1881, February 09, 1868, Morning, Image 6

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A-hIr l naiM.... eif( ilaund lnian ni..--flrltIally
i- talletd Mayor of Belfltst for I $-.
.The miiaster ltkerkts if Aratlagh Lil
solvedt t discoptiuue the practeireof o-l Idi
work. -
All tile guis ni tu ad amiiullitiTon in thel
_ Iimerick shops have ItNe.ll aiizel -byI, tti
pols ce, ht shi ,vu, tat ºtt Uiiot get thieni
ThLe x ta Is. ' lt,-. ,,; ;,.nvr
ivlnts to tellt t, tad .tomw Engli.slh C.'atilh-li
alit lto blluy it ld "it li milllt it it.
Kilruinh. ton l1u pieih lib iin aviint Ir , 4 . on,
cet"lned itn thll. "i r of Iol,\vl'r flrout Ithe(
yacht (Car1., lwlituiginlg to -Chlon41 Van -
deleir i'.
.tlllnuary G, the itllleitt-es ill thi.e Nelw'yr
- hounse W4'r4 treatutlw uniL- nil
- ply of tell, currentL cake, rtct. lut tIhe _r___
of Mir.. AM Sylluo, I). -. Li'ie-(;tlIllirtiu o
the- lIntrd .
- Mr. Itlll ack,.ihl Sul-ilt p 1eetr of i'rish
_onstalinthlrv, tis l.e- ttled I.I by tae
Kilkt nny n magislrates lir haii g, .in :1n ex
ca. of hloyal zeial. Itrihily- iiiti t iil nigrtc
tijputthittl -rlmsin i IIIr-l. isse- 0i11j iI
S is p ,.te al nt'ienh Ltllartle- Ital onug l. e h - .11
This Stepl is Ia.liev.d i .to 14 t5. Jwen
-irteii l parl ttly y irecent tt.ts in ('ork.
:'-ljew boly oif a bilnt a li hail leen in thet
employ o4'-th-_ luialhlk liirlor lBrd,.
named (C.ti l ghter, was blfolndl on Jauiiry 0;,
Sill the river at-the couIst guard st:ltioll. The
jitlkeietld htd II nt i-tol Sen ailie' -NIew
Years-1)ati. . -
The Louth a (ette collttinis an ollic'il
aiuillctileeilltit that in tll(law Drogltle li dis
tri"t hlae l.riud hitleithe litj thjiorized l ui tl
clotn tine filr nt njtr iUd trout t sIlitl ralse,
ud - lie h.-tu "tI mt'-shall- tn-be e-1x-twt-
I1ith dihy of August aid Ihl 2ll'(h of etlsru
i 1h )eleellllt' 29,1hi ie tett of St. ThsliIll.t
of Cantelrbury, the lijshol'of' .ultinflghamt,
hesaleLaund laid the thbat istltiet of .a new
domluetic chapel ilontit to be erected by the
-- -Ear h of G*ai .bor-ugh lt . st . t _1-
House, Rutlanld, to bededicate Ldi honor of
that saint. . . -
lunfori"uti ' ii .14 of Satrahl Boyle, who
left ago- aibout eight- yi ill aegi ; wi lien last
heard of was ill Sal 'traucisco, Calitornia.
Any informiation of her -will be thankfully
received by her iephew, John Boyle, - N;o.
44 Caledonia street, - Manchester lioadd
'Bradford, Yorkshire, E -land.-Duldinu
. l, ishi an Iit. t .
ustriti, it seem ias forbiidleiiu ti -en
liistm t of its subjecttoilr the Papal army. l
It does t n the ground that such enlist
itmen out be incompatible with the house
foreign policy-of the Austrian gove-na
meat. The Pope is l t ljikely, however, to
-want meti. F rance ieudrshim soldiern every
day, and Holland and Belgi~ -also.
_)n January 7 at th-l iupeer;ial llotol, Cork,
Mr. Gieorge Holland, the popular and mIueh
respected superintendent of the passenger
department of the ('ork SIteamaship Coin
ay, was presented with an address, tI-ll
acribed toby Lord Permoy and a hsrgs mSui- 1
lbr of tihe nmott iftill-fi at- al fslonW iultliie
city and county. -
From the 'later Obserrcer W:e, leairn tht a
young mll s Jllf the uilllº of ilugh (' eatlin;
who resitled in le lfatrt, w it's isiu'iil dead ini
lhis olln ouiise under strainge t.irnilstanlces.
He wlas well in the miorniug. ingn ailnit fours
-llo'cloc-ik i tin- th eve-uig I WomluniI whir re
- idt-d nitiea we-nit into the rteit otIncupie-.ll iby
decelnseld tniud ,uniiiml him dead 40i the- noit ir.
d'-i-lt plii , lii'l e so s tIll tt l ii'lt'r"l
- diwent-e ari'* t"'' aicetislsftl : Ullell'y Itw
Sthouusaild pouids ta . Iheeu su,,osrsil , aud
th- collection is nllt Iliui-strWl lt-eintli i
- til nI ini hni-.h0.,Ii I-,t i iine l.lsel o
oliiat-t h tw credi t of -lw funild, in ihl.
"iutioual Bat- .lilsthe ltev. E. P.T-I- h1i
1ldmi., a fact i itWhiih spetaks \volnhmei. fil i lit
Catholicity of the le'44nl-Qf the dhiit'ise*.
Oin Januiary i, by lithe gi~ uitiy of Miss
Maitioniil . 1latthi C-ttage, ite iltren in
The l)liudalk Workhbuse were, e'lii-hlel to
enjoy a treat of fruit and eikes.w.hich W1',t.ti
lterially iupplllied to thln in *+ t t of ithe
Sgiintly ldecorattedl for thl. e.cca:sii4on witih a:r
titiciall flowers td everlgreensli -by Miss
Elizaleeth Dolhtei i, t. h wscllohl iilitistrrst.-
ar ry:,, E,.r ,,ie,.•.
Ih( C'ork I E.ra, t i ve relate+l..:t dutllillg wi'º-i
Iswry of narl.si wlJitih.took pI:'ie oii till. tih-it
of Janu:ry by eight ilt-li, wh-11 unlttered his
shlop of hMr. Ailirhrri, gtiulliitl\kerl, I'tllrick
stri'eet, ll l ma l lri.t ig el tolei.rs l' it thatl
gentlenti ii, his tlllll \,. cultl ;lit l.ssisita t.ll ,
Swh1l4 were in thle ishop,. kept tIhenii pri. rj4Istit
while twoi of thilte li r rlei-vi i 1.itetsed sixty
reivo-lv"-r ni1l 1 I51 roillils --tlf aiullnttittliii n
whichi liey .carrl ied of.
Oh Ne'l. Yiitr'.s E\i.'. child wot:n-IT )Daniell.
tPea sei, a iedll ill t tl i lly n:i. ºII at- Lii!ssrti
fromi lIn1_iupati.ick.aind a st.;e'rh. w\hith .wats
- iiunldhitely--io nuti i id, hla-tl till lour;*
atltcr midnlhig-it'. lia.r tdy t " tof e h- siildýtlv
ti 'liytertd et ir \- lilt \ "w Yill ieatrs i rilrnlil .
lying ollun ii fur i itte ii rai ill a ild kihltnto
ai. "1Vaiince Fhield." nee- ltie ih at lii-hdral.I
ioii exiliiittltis- fr l foiii-I to hleve- iini.
its tleatih ily vhllen t meltl.
At Ci-olsiuigleni lir.i Alll.tagh, lln Jsniinrii-y
: , slii-inge-i-l.s wirlT o miI- £9 tel 14 - nlliilh
___o_ I'N, £7 to II s atil3tll., £7- 10 ~- io l-i
ineet etnttle iwere 14cai tthe tr'llirela 1esIt1r
Lr- those otti-.-d rn'lging frelnm £10 t-oI ltl.
Muittoli 4ltii nll chItii eilili. At IatIllIlst
heir, hw-o-e ~ la s sairce-. anld tnyvthig gesistd
wai itt pi l$ houtght ilup. .ilringl.t IItir't
- few-i id nilth enttle wire e.tirtl\ • "
Stllnr . ee lt.i. ol frnlo lllr te nti to .-. -
On L)elt-iiht-i 2!. the grt-t-te-st -s-Xt'eitiunt-ni
S rrevailed ini Liong'fl.ill , it ai lie-I i.s - Ili. I
s_-nflitr- on the iinltgaiihi. whih-t is situated at
the rear o- f thel ielvubh\ h:ttirri-lk t. irst gaive
double quick. The gattes we-i- tl-h,-d ellallt
evt y p'l ii reiteriltio nlllii44 fstri Itetl n l its \.t I
wihlst rulll.is freel t-iii ilat . stan I theri.
o .-usi of all tlia a-lirl 1V41. na.rer-1tiied. A
f-ev htids inre it1i- lig ati pitchn-aitti hls,]
and seeing a polie-nini 1t.i1- took to _he-ir
heel. The eeiiiry seci-ig the-tu thought
they wegy coiniilg to surpiist- this- b|irnttks.
iaulsinalt t ntl-gave the alarm. -
-The"1'uant-iHrad' states "t -ate l3
lar", iimhrty of the laiyal irist-Constabula
iuiiler t ' omnmad ofa - N. Cullen, E+q.,
u+ah-,lwac rife- by the nar.niug
traifn ron anlaaok up their qudaor
-tel.4l ..4   barrac hr Tuam.
Se tration was used by the filet
-that om that day "a iolemtu loin mntsR
was to I' offered up in otw-Cat ral "here
for the repose of the Rowla t-Allen, rkisi
and O'flriiti, who were executed at- . a -
h'lta.l' . -- r.. -
W' it ht charitable thout~htfulnesa charac
teristic of tihe deiimr Captain McClinttock
lhaeiiipte:ldl Hall, Dciry, ad. his esteemed
I-ldy have limale tpresents of suitt
clthiiiin fi this aeauirmm and-i ev'erdal
,n r Vat " atlia' evet.tl tl want-- a rge
iuhtl ril of pertiltOnls on thli BuuIrana prlo
plat-I .'. ()It tm any w"het t ricisirions the oneov
lenet.e of the McC'lintock family has iween
exp lriurtd. . lti tle plresenit instanee, like
tfsnsa r t,'iuejsio*in, the chalrities haive been
ii d-tTrbitiiu rega-tt erei.-r -
I The usual monthly cattle inarket and fair
ias held in Limerick on Jianuary
i'iil. 4i-f, a':t it " of tall ii dsa was A , and
the'ret Iwrle sc'alrcely any by b t l e
q1 at'le heigl that-most the stock obi the
ia'ro'iu r mtaiied T i _ill the 4after4aon in
stlt.l and lt~ esats l-t4 hie-dli- en home agailm.
St-li'aiga-il liauls RohlI at tronm twelve to
ftlrte'entl iol lands each. Fiat cows averaged
-tdletm .ind wavil o dlis.auanla l ft tcs
sold at three xiunds ten shillinýp to four
oitaailas eight thlillings, alnd yearling, five
ipolndls to siix pounds eachli.
Oa" Christmas night an unfortunate oe
clurrence took llace near Camlough, Ar
unagh, by which a man named James Quinn
'lost hlis -Quinn, John Smith, (the al
leged .erpetrator of the crime,) Henty
McQuade and Bernard McQqVy4 Jft their
itomesjt oaf Chrinstn ti.day and proceeded
into Camlollgi, wherelhev visited teveral
put lie-houses, and all, with the exception
of' Blrnard McQuade, imbibed copiously of
whilky. 'The' then proceeded on their re
tunrln hiue. Smith left the thrlten-'tAnd
wenallt homle. While ngaged in the byre
the tirei' ni a to him. Henry Mc
idej e seliitiu what pitet
ian thlt he wishred to have a row on the
road, and it it said tha't>-Smith struck him
with at piece of wood and knocked him
down. ,McQuade was then cariri -ihto
Smith's house. - McQuade next-went to the
door, asked- Smnith why lhe murdered the
nli, atnl a stool was thrown at him which
5treek him on the shoulder.- -Quinn fol
lowed up the other in expostulatiug with
Smith, when the latter went behind -the
dooar atnd bringilng, out a spade or spade
shaft, and raising it said, .' P11 end your
days, any way," eliled him. to the ground.
He ligered only till December 27, when he
died. Smith absconded on the night of the
deed and has not yet betn 'lrrested.-y ewry
DARIiO OULTRIAE.--On the morning 6t the
27th ult., some malicious person threw a box
tilled with a preparation of phosphorus into
the late letter-reeeiver4f the General Post
ofice, by wich seveal lettetewere bumned._
The -pce ate on the tlaek pf the perpetra
tor of tils disgraceful Outrage,, and it Is to.
toº justike.--lDublTn I'ieemanas. .
Smith, one of the prisoners confined in Kil
ulainham -prison, died on recently. He
haud been arrested on suspicion of -bein
conllcernedl in the Jacldnel expedition, a
ha;d been in jail .ince August last. Do-e
ceasled haid -ttlen suftering tfrom t
wundl inti waial.iged on criutcthes.
amrI e, tlnher tio secoind .of which he sank.
n inllesln wais ihelld on the body, andl a ver
dirt irn neordatiitiia .with the doctor's tesati
miianºsy ieturaned -
I ala liatl IaIE lliisTs.--In accordance
w-.ithlthe- will-of thie late Thomas M. Donnel
liTi, 1isal., of C'lain, county Kildare, the ex
;.i'ltor, IheIRev. II. O'Neill, ads., Carlow,
hats ci'hia oyvecr lthe folllowing bequests to the
s•veeretal Irties and institutions slpeified:
.111 Ilallowe College, £2400; .ioelety for the
PI'sojagation of the Faith, £2000; Society
if t'sYincent de Paul, £150; Institutions
list-Ihe I)Deaf and Dumb, Cabra, £150; Mater
Micraiiortdia- Hospital £150; His Ho.linesa
t he Pope', £;'u); the Oilate Fathers, Inchi
t"la't. £ 15.); liTiigoweei College, £ 100; Con
iV'eit oft (Clanie, .h50; Convent of Claue, tfor
the pool,, £10; Clurce t- t m andi Evie,
£14.11l; .ohnll street Church, (Augustiniain)
.£ 11MI; a new Ritlaoman Catholic Clhurch at
Clailii, £00); Mount bleili·ritS Abbey, y£100.
y Di)-Ari ior A C "rTEhNARiAN.--Diod, at
llaillyullnalogtae, ait the age of 1t2 years, Mrs.
Altne (O 'Coalor, who retained aher mental
hfoultiesi, aippare-ttly undiinished by her
gra-t-age, to tlhe last mlliimenits of her tio,
Rtaial i as inly tone day confined to led-inlier
illit-ns.her l lihushald, Edward O'Connor,
ai reI'pe'ttl,alllie i .lfuer, was one of the re
ilowiuall ,ouility \Wexfoit;lal "llurlers,! in the
,g4reat-ilaatch wVhic.; took plhace, adaint eighty.
Iulars ago, blet "ne thirty of theliciked men
If thl cmt.l4lt exfora l or onl lle sile, and the
,:nuse nili ler of the county Carlow on the
I atla a't up b3 the great sporting charac
comlaniilolln of eolrsge ITV., then Prince of
\\'Wtalhs, nld wham i,4lllllllnnded thie first volun
ltm'r cor(s-i ever raised in Ireland. In the
a'luteatt raferr-td 't, theWexforadmen waere
yaellowt kerchiefs roaund the waist-hence the
name \'eloral "Yellow Bellies," which
haaq renntined iupon Wexfordmen to this day.
'an K.--An atteijited inurder of anl extra
orllinitry chlaraicter is repotted from Cork.
' lng nlai ilnarned-Bq4tler, leass thaln aix
th'tln Vtears oft alge, dlecotyed a servant girl in
hlt elallupylimlient of hia grandfather to tile
a-niun' ofa iti ald aaistl', tfled the Red Abbey
-taa til prcalt'i'' that sle would there flind
-am, ti'lanat whihh jaie hlad given him to
jlarlhta ial tfhl, I'alany SavLipSng Baunk, but
s hict Iih atld tlapliaat to his own uses. The
fiallots I;tat loaataa ;aboult tihe work with cool
p.i'iintlaitatiaat, hlavhig lire.liously prepared
ii l;i a'e or l tl - i l ttriulldlt vihtiul. Having
itatit a d 't l,'-to fa t( i iltl a, i, hi-'t. .
-ta-- bieT l- lavs.i with at ha hett; nut, al
hIasaagli. sa'rioulasl- ilajurdtlat. bh' was fortu
aaatai atlala ' o faa 't tst tlha. i:atac'et 'ralnl hithi.
IhI r,nzan.lit.al fIaa ha tad l .Ir ntil\ fulrthl er in
.ilta a. l lr' v aild rhlit' oailt ke't-p the inattir
r-taa'ct. "T"1' girl witas hakt-n to the infirm
u l\. \ale h'iter woullltal_ _weraireased, and
slha i' ltiaw out aft aatlngcr. The miscreant
hlis ItotLyet bei'n Caltured. -
A cow, the property of Francis Hamiton.
Esqt., of Rowlratow nll'ouuty Dublin, pirevented
hertowner with three calves onl Monday. the
of Decentllar. "lthe calves, (t~wojilhe ilnlls
a a-i+elr".) reo nall doiing -well,- -their antheitr
]givh twelve quains of muilk dAily, :ind had
been m les. until six weeks Ibfore calving.
The i4rt Th nc, of Jai1. 7, says': The New
Year iunningltal thei 1pel'ration of all act ro
specting a ulght'ou s hnaties and idiots, which
weeilave fr'eqeInllth. adllvoeatedll. 'Thedangll erou'
innptic can no nrtlwl consigued ton jail, wlhere
-uclartirtve tretment eult  aitdoptetL-YlJte
a 1rtic i dlisievereld ulnder eClrllnlatfllea tde
nloting e4rangenteut of mind and a-llUrpO.e-of
coluntt u. soe eriae tir w4 . lh Jlt would hle
lisle tI t ie (ted, the varrilat li" two jil
-ticie of tlheiteai', fter du1 i1C11.'ig-itioll, alu
thoritealit rilllllva  ose of oulr 1dItlirlllyl
smtinaged tdaistriet. haut-a i tm
'i9le Sligo quajtder ami.siunao,ned out ºI
ult., wthenl it was an4loIIune{ "tethnd:l
staod as follows:- 1l7 wit-oll«+M
which are defended; 14 -oer c1a. 1- e
flNXitUs» ºte~siols; rle'*t| ,eliS; 5 ,. "13..;,
app)lalt 2e41 appeals lineatllfr on-atlteld
plicutioun liar shitrit li * ver
gut named penir Shalnnon, i/1=-Town.end
street, Dublint rec!ntll relpresenited Tlrtyinelf ua
Quay, vhlen l wax Fiinjtirt.-y Ir. .tDme11 Itanr
say,, of No. 5 Sycaonore alley, whio interelred toa
aft Wlnali, and ialulstlqueutlh lt111eclltedl
Shannon, who-wuatlineal bt., and ti. . .o.ts.
lThe 1Dubliu journals ntll. ' hint. :+ti bansI 1
blen arrestedl in that city ', ;_h "l4tltooIl by
the police to Ie LJelian, whil wlls 'hiert ,l
m1andofthe Fo llilal ilsui'glets in tIIle M.Lrel
incnctiom.atTallaghlt. HIe was airimed wifth
Saa-cltniinbu ... l..l. 1..:.....t .T
iao ce also iimsert that he is-the mlan who re
cenitly shot dead a loliedllanlon ll one of the
On the mornlthg of the 1ith uIlt., an" Ilarntinltg
tire broke out in Lotter Abbey street, Dlblin,
Fin the premlisews occupield b Mr. b John (l-tuir
-haM, 01l refiner and gnrlerall 11eltTr:alt. Trhese,
stores were heavily stockeld, and fromn-the pia
ture of-the goods the fire raged with' p-rf
ferocity, though- the.utinest eflorto of thire tire
brigade were t made towa1l its s1i qav)aion and
Irevention of ita aprqeading.
ktmlthe a e eein MiL.ar 'l
way a native of Blackditehea, in the t-unIty
Wicklow, was seat-t6r trial to quailter 1sesi »,l
charged withhaiviug ts.ded a.£1U 1itoe frIom his
father. Sub-Constable Michael ilriiau 1iTought
the charge, having arrested- hint in thi act of
ppurchasing clothes in a pawn otliee at Naas, n sit
lhis father although swearing the, note, was
to prOsecute.
On the 23 of December, a man named 1iur
ray, whorestides at Hollywood, couity 1Vik
IQw, was arrested in Kilnotlen, on the charge of
having tried tg get a esoildier of the r;.d High
landers, stationeud at the Curragh ellnlp, to
desert the service-iHe was comnlitted to Nans
jail. -_ -
An Euiscorthy (Wexford)-cvrreslondent,
under date of Janary 6, says: An old woman
named Bridged Quinn, residing in this-town,
was comumitted to jail by thgstbeucll of- moagis
trates of the-petty sessions court, for endeavor
ug to set fire to a dwelling-houlat "lonhging to
alady named O*Farrell. Miss O'Far:'"._ lle-!
saw the prisoner plt a bundlle of rAgs and luci
fir matches nl the that<ch of the . house, and
took her prisoner. This was the third time
within lem than. three weeks that the same
house had been attempted to bie set on tire, and
in the same way, with a ke combustible ofold
rags and matphe- -
The Irish Times says: A couple inmtid James
Finlay and Ellen Carroll lately eloped from the
coumautyRilktnny afterstealing sum1eiesltibn"y
to pay their pamage to* Ameriea, -botlr-theor
parents objected to permit them tp get married
on account ot theiar yoeath. Thity were, how
yever, eaught in Waterttr anu brought 1home.
A Carlow eotresppndeut, under date of Jan.
6, says : At a late hour on Satullrday night last.
two or three men in disgunise, and stulal
be strangers, entered thtn ._- odging
house kee r, am, an havig tirlst
terrified t - an, fterwards ralsal.kedL tfie
- an0 took awayabout £10.together with
somia-liver which they teimd in ai pure, in heir
pocket. ,ite'-' ha1ts Ibe dni11l to the wlleri
abontta f- the- perpetratore of this dariaag and
heartlenn outrage.
On M-nday, Iha.".3t, at Naas pr- ty -1ssit,hmq,
Kildare, Jane Williams anu Anl lhe aley were
sent for trial to tile nex't"-qarter seeioells.
charged by Sub-Ceoistable McKeinb with at':ll
ing wearing apparel, the property otal wnolat
named Elizabethn ecornack, of Noat. :ti
named John Quinlan, a dealer ill cat.irot asni
old clothes, was charged by acting Couistable
Richard Philips, and stot to jail telr ten dtays,
for stealing straw from off thvucartof a f:arulel
named Patrick Grady.
On the same day, andi at the .same pllc.e, a
man named William Kelly, a native"- of N:lan,,
was charged by Head Constable Evauis with
violently assanulting a wemnlu ranced-Bridget
Flashefty,on Christmas Day, by kickinglaherin
the back, and blackening her eye.; and face viti
a box He asiiftflied £1, or in dtaultt.tt iln
prisoned for onle month.
At thei}petty sessions in N:as, the 7th uilt.,
Thady Shea, t pauper inlmat-pifeti"rr:l ed a eharge
agaititt another inmate mtitued 'Thonllta Mcller
matt, mlian Thomas Iitzp.aitriek, for robbing hint
if t- ilttiin if .s l. It appelinrad frlm t-lhe
avidetlrc, of another pauper inalued F'alnning,
that le saw the accused tikek a lll'se ollt ll
.hleu-pitckeot, and he afterwards re.plrled lIlthe
;= ar to tile mlaater, (Mr. Nt.4 ClsoCie,) wh1*,
scarelhed the prisoner, and foullll thit. uns till-».
"1. in a purse illilar to that stolenl frloll Shea.
the prisoaner was eout fol trial to the qluarter
.; :,t»iolua. .
Dr. Joseph H. ilatchell, son of I)r. llatchtell,
Inuspector of Lunatic Anylllutn-, |ta.s leOn ap
pointed Resident Physielinl to the Mierylhoroulgh
District Lunatic Asyllum, Quleen's cunlty.
Lord Clermont recently }proured a royal
patent for the fonnrmation ofel new oyster-behds.
and several hundred tho.sand yeoung oysters
have btau safely laid down. it .has allotted a
nortion of the strand to Mr. Rice, of DuiIlalk
who has laid down atleast oCIe huIldred thoe
sand young oysters on his own accouCnt,
A Drogheda correspondent sayse: A large nlum
ler of hand-joom weavers, whlJ:ithertuo, ley the
.aplpllication of a small eapital, were nhle to pro
duce and retail in our linen markets thee work
of their looms, now find they ar¶. unable toe sub
sist, for, in addition to the ordinary presIurIl toe
which they are subjected ill eeCnlllleUl with
othersi they have the additional one of Ibeing
cut out of the market by the catton cllhs.-
Other branches of industry also Inftlhr, and fro41
every appearance we have a vely hard wintCr
antd spring ufeire no, withinit n1113 well-i-ul.ded
hope ef a.better state 4f things blolll settinlg iCn.
Iu Dundalk, on the Ath ult., a 11mllI iined
Robert Grley, a seanlllll, Wiil cioiiltCid til ihe
county jail by Cap.te.Loete, under the foJllwinlg
circualstancCs: A private soldier ,,t I he .ent5.
Greys, named Thomas Leinster,-callell on .Sub
Constable Morehead, and stated thlat a civilian
had just need-ve-y -seditious language ill hi=e
presCellE. The prisoner stated that his nCme
was Robert Gray, that he was a native of I'e
-lsnl,-,tt had-residrd-for- -sverwt-yemers in Liv
-On New Years' evening, between live and six
o'clock, as Mt.2qenry Garvey, it relSliutfutlet
farmer, residing at Killeneer, about two miles
froml .)roghredn-was returning hoee, and1l ' ii bin
a short dist jami o-rY-h-ihouse, ihe -waes. alt' rely"
beaten and stabbed by some partita whit, lplt
i-ious to hisaeoagirp, were quarreling allele-g
th si-elves. Garvey's lite yas mnuch endan
gored. -" -'
.Ti-body 1of a .pilot, in the employ of .the
lDunasalk Harbor eaid;,-naiiid Gailagher, .ws :
found, on the 5th4elt., in the river on the coast
guard tatitinl, idoldierm'.Poisit.
It in eAxpeted that John Lynch, eutler, who
has been incaxrctratiaF-in Dlrogheda and else
where, on eharge of -Feihaniam, will oonu be
liberated on bail, Patrick Ternan,J. P. Liatoke,
Jolhn Grudwell, and J. P. Patten having ten
dlerted themselves ant securities.
4 in-hse snight of tlrloth ult., about half-p
eloven o'c.loeek. while two ineno were w a
rlngPatrietatreet,Vorya- bott np
to contailn Greek fire. explltº poc
-nue of tJemU. lie isnnie" ely.threl-n i _m
coat, andl in compapn t his con ion dim
ftpe'aured. At a coat haull bhiu-tshnan on
-thne gllrun , at i inatedneat ciindcliottlle.spLnded.
Wlten -.ith" .jillce' errl, d, '<tity kept at a rea
ailrr etcat u -uiip.,r peolie wino were' lookinigat
the-tilaum. "i'lea they tk tnok To prison, a bolne
iftheil, i poor throguce-inlaker- ti* -lmlJanina
Aipenn, was: next dany blrought up f exaunina
tion, which, thoIugh there was eatcrthty-evi,
drence. to *alineeI't hiln wllth- affair; .n-edelqli
his thin-~ler ndetd to jaifA 'r light days, amid
the cris',rt" his paier iif.e, who ipr4atisted she
had no nieInaeof amippolrt nliai i ne '<
lirtVok-a u- the Oith ult;, a court;mar
tnuie+re-aids l ntv4.r -.yiety in tal Miller, assmemnle
aon ienaIrdi4-J ýitii ante MerMo'y; for the
trial of ait aniftor uaneld .Jl yie, for. walking
in the lat.- funeriall proceaniobthit Dublin. Tihe
acelnntl w.as birghtMl-nnrinue, fro-.bthe Royal
(it'oii' :t KilngStuw ini the Raven. Tine deel
Hionll oif t he rllt wasI. lilst hit i siloual li, diaratt-et,
ritwead to tie rllank itf on.linrymeatlims ",id" tthe
ne.aciil eai tno indergo forty-two dalys'
imine macnent-ite hen -r
The ('ienk T'onarItetiea.o ny: -aintry on
tihe tiniiit!-iirry estnatet tink the op]
ull .lunlliary 7, of presenting a testimonnial to
llady W\'illoughbly le Broke, on her first visit to
her Ihrither lat Futy, sine baher marriage with
Lord WVilloulghbly dle lrokeu. A dlepitatiou, con
ni»tliig etf telt _efthe tenaintry, repraesutniing-tihe
dlilerenit catatesl, waited ailleons her, andlhaving
eien i'eretiv!st by Mr. Artlhurji. ianithlBarry,
11. P., Mrs. Smith Blirry liad tlhe fimily-, Mr.
(ieorge WVine, of Kilbarry, in euoniintimentary
'speeclh, realllutetl her lamyihi aiMi ac wdegLaf
a lantifil bracelet.
At. lnhe Liniricka qaa i eii , on the 10th
ult., the discharge, under the ianlotaaiLncy -et; f
_Delnin MauiKan, u eLewecalt4e Went wina opposed
by Cnulsellor Bhlickall, at the naitt/ii Edward
Cruling, Enal., angent of the Dnavon Estates,-and
it whosae suit tit~. inanl cy hals tle-n in eue
teady ineseretltlllnaif .-lae nt, for thie clintuICf £fnt
vexatilous litigatil.u Tihe chairinuan renianuled
thit inusleveilt for-eight moInths. -.
At then Litarieklt tatty tlienetism, sitsthe ii0tl
tilt., Edward Daly, the soan of a reslictahhle citi
zen, wasI put tfrwanrdLby Collutable Meliarry,
charged withl -aessaulting somle soldliers inn
(Oedtge's street, and obstructing theirpuerge
onl the foottway. - Mcanrry leposed that his at
teutioul was called to the prinonler by some aol
diers, and he saw him follow a soldier through
the streets its if to strike himn. -He took himn
ltat -lw tly; wzieau y cat rfn is-ffW
nalid a.ss:llte,Lhinw Tihe prionter, throughnhis
solicitor, Mr. Howard, pleadai that he had
taken solne drink, and did lnot well kndw what
he had been doing. After a short consaltation
bet waenl the nlnagistrates, the prisoner was sein
tenied to one nmonth's ilmprisonment with hard
labor, much to his surpllrise.
The Lord Lteutenant has revoked the license
.for keejping and canrrying aurus granted to Jere
luiaLh itettrnaan, of Coilksramgh,- in the barony
of Iraglheonnor, alnd county of Kerry.
A in anlnaulnl ld Sith, whop, with soene clum
pIannilans blii St. Stephen's day, anmautal llanother
lunteeItl Fiitzg'nraldl, in Killarney,, wasm recently
Iinutec 4Mn A kaife, was drawn by Smith
E:aIrll oln Christan tng.o m nne eraun
iedlil on hing nlinae l enutsaid the
nl- e of Canielnl, a green placard, npot{
wvhiaich we.re written the fiellowlng woir: "'A
llierry Chris-t lls, but a oleloidy ef•w Year! Death
toI lIunrderer. temuteaniler 'lblnu, O'Brien. and
Lanrkin!" /s -
.Cace,.ring an late ft'utin figlt n hich recently
ton.k sl:alue ear Neweport, thie Nunthern t'Iiouie-e
inaia: 'Timinathy Mar-lakey, whin, Ia.rultutael as
.Iniug. lanin- so reien.t' r.el that he ntimade uneIniufoer
Ianaltileln, hinnangig -" two nmenSaainnel Ryaln IsaLd
itlaurkk with te;ienltitnghain. One John Boutike,
wtroe isia anloeng with hilln aswore another ilfor
inatienl, ciarging liyan anld Bourke, togetlhr
with i. aiali iinnid Cnin'ell, and :another ini1
Jtininl:n -'with-in1naing also eelrnek his un the
bead g to. l ,,+. -/
! air CerIt ,e ellolllalenet, Iunllter ate of Jan. 7,
sans:- Ai'at'innaea; eanae- tEdal d O'Douuohoe, of
_Kyt en..o an'aaedn wi  aetnri inl-o iaa-Ulntii
ltin; I air int his ear. - 1hanl pleniing irishtown
('l(acs I hn was s niell tio iy two men. One of
tile maini wcli i ,It tit., i elianler his namllle was
Bushiel, lkkd himni inldw anaud robbed hinm of
I i, .t l eaondil lanali.taking loi-part iln the affair.
harts i tihe lll thl rail Rwat..ow rI the
weirkhllucase bridge,. Two aeon are arirltted, anid
hailve-.llnal .enllnaunlitite to the c iounty jail, Ulon
inil, latn suspici-nu ilt' n iehg thei perlietrators..
" e ,.ay, ,nni. ., M1an " it.rue., of Ciellnani,
in full rwh, ,, ,t teilneld H igh .his in the- chunrrl
ot' M. K eter mne 'nal. lie war attendedlI ill
state nby the nltnllnibers lof tile vcnrlor.a;.lionl and
otihel flroliilna. IFor thile , illundred lcars cuich'
aill te'nt hed otl tnaken i:inte.
A clrrile'euondient llo i tlhe Ithrry .0enerul nsays: A
na,,itis ,' i uannsincal ize was c aplturecd in the can
tr Ioa teniil'i vll ~eliele blay, bly ' hmllll n obinnoln,
Ibehtgiang to unfainaKlly, recently. Ati ideat
of its size nlt.ay I inilagieietd witen it weighed
over ; i luinanl. A gCeul llals'enn's tlishing a ex
At a late- Weaterfordl letty mesnions, a man
named W\\illiamn Day was tilled 2y . tld. and cemts
of :olart, for not having reagistered accordling
to law, the birth of ilia clhid, then over six
Onl the 2d ulit., the body of a mlan namined Isaac
Jetffres, was foud floating in the river near
the mllarket-louseo Waterford. It isanuaj sd
while cletanning~a ti nener. Wihtet, Brothseal'
aewers, leadiUng froln their store into the river,
hIe nliiepped thia!engii. .
One laltnl ne lInalling the premiJes of Meianrs.
tmautrell & Co., apolhecarie-s, Belfiut, we-ris
terlael Iy iehurglhrs. A safe was broken open and
£:0i in notes taken away. A number of false
kleys were founud inthe room from whieh-the
nllellny l.had been taken. About the same time
the aliouli of Menrs.-'Mathews, Brothers, North
stleett, was broken into, and a small amont of
mlloneny nnniu| ntamimeIp carried off.
':.ulle'.-AA Paris jouarnal thias declrlilwhs
the general situation of Europe: Firanee,
Alnsniltl, lllnd Pruiair aippear Tequal~l. to de
ilme tile naulntenance of peace, and are de
telrinnied toee einlloy their inftluence empe-,
ti'ely in n attingl aside conllplications whichi
alne iarce er less meenatning. Theinclna
tioni of Prus.iia in thlis direction do not ap
pear doubtful. Hence thie attitude of those
Sthrl.e l'ow,.ra twanadI Italy can only tend to
ierieiinti'etltion. As res)pects the Eastern ques
- tion, ilnaesin, it is still l believed, will not, in
Sspite nef hrn very significant ll roceedings,
ninclnediately briing it to an issnue. Baides,
tile ieren.clit nlenllieit iasa been chos~.n by the
ies'ctclan Clnoulrti to Urge ulpone the Pidrte those
ilintenrinil n.ierllren whicil wioull give satisfac
tioni to tile Christian lopulation of the em
ei nd thles deprive the Cabinet at .Yt.
Petnnrsbnug of its most specious pretexts for
intervening in the affairs of Turkey."
-- ---ImpesrIt Oriets.
The ng iiapenaeicg coltxroverey reliatt
"the Street Com.isTlnr'rDe r-lits
been brought to an, abrupt , a wilt be
seen by' the followin rtant order, ISaed
by Gena. Itanco .
- H XAirTaT n FirrR Muarmar DIeT.,
- _~ew Orleans, February , 1868.
peelal Order o, . --trt
_ -- -- *ll Uroc .I - .-_,
-T Te ivestgatiu ordered by these head->
qnarters,, 7, ian the matte i z
the charp of icualfeamiit ce, preferred
ga int vL Baklt, _ Street "eo zr for
tey of ew lr l at oueivll t n tnn
The t -Att4rny of ,tJe parisliof Orleans
is liereyiydihetet tske chit eof this aust
ter, and take tsclC"eltlon aa-Unas-be preoi -and
neceaneary agalinTt the party, p aeaipgtherein
by eite Cotuse of'hS..
Wm-.Hatker, Street C-~auneiiiiiiif-- r for theirity .
of New Orltana_ (luiliter . apoiatment,) isa :i
moved fronl otfq,.an.d .eo.-DD Field is ap
pointed in hitlslare.
Ulpon accepting this appointment,.r. "Field
.will fiarared to thi oince a copy of the oath
preoscribed by la-: -- -- - -
The ease iavolving the ineligibility-of the
Recorder of the Second District, so long befo~re
the courts, has been thus disposed of by tha-.•
sante military-authority :
Atlur Gastinal, Recorder for the Secnd
J~stricifRacorder's Court,-city c-t New-Orleans, -r
having been.declared by the,, Snreme Court of
a lth ible to All eap
ulclce whlen elected, but so n,
unander the law -tle State, Ii he ye ap
d Recordes af sld coert vided he
tlyq n at tnthiesate quarters a
copy of the Traluir
Thrtfoll'win tin at orders w
nued Frid v 11HeuhaIgotbiiuarnrhyeadIep -
t ,.rsn, lpnaiself:
Si-:Anej AE*Thls EhTn "r MILITARY DIRe., -
-ri-w O)rlanus, Featnary, 7, 1867
p i l l .E tr. ct.l
4--asw-pwoceedrin-tn-hold an election for RA
corder cif the Second District, city of New Or
leals, in cntemu plt of orderp from thee -head
, the following members of-the Boards
of Aldernmen aail As tatant Aldermen, of the
city of New Orleans, who voted for the-resalU
tion (iuilita y iy .-:iiti:* , " b r---' -
anoved, vi: .
.Jamet (Iraehlar, F. EI. Dtnmris, John R. -I12L
of the Inoard of Alaiertuen; And AM.r. ST.
Thlnezaa (). J. Dunln. . Straight, B. F. Jo ,
C. S. SaIauvi.tet, of ta iBoard of Aeiesitant Alder
Wtalia. _ -
U. N. Lea, Robt. J. Watson, Guy Dupscatier
are hereby appointedl membera of-the Board e
Aldermen, and Williamson Smiih; Geo. Urqau
hart, J. H. Moore,- P.-II. MorgaraI Chas. Lean
wont, J. 8. Whitaker, appointed members
J. ii. Ogleeby is uppointed .a nmeitber of the
BQatd aoAsiethbnt Aldermen, in place of C. L.
Oumniabl, resigned.
Upon aeccepting Ithese appointments, the
above namedlparsone will transmit to these
headquarters a copT-of the oath prescribed by
DRtr..--The Act of Parliament hl.ing been
repealed last sension which fora an
-Catholic mayor from a Catholic
Chrch w e ivic inasig' nia, advan
taken in Dublin of th arst San-
day of the new nmayoralty on Jitnuary 5,
(the Lord Mayor for 1ii, Dr. Carroll, -being
a Catholic) to celehrate' the triumph at
Marlborough-scfreet Cathledral bi ap
service. A 1troces+sinm start fro the
Mansion - Iou*ae _ -hoL- L trwelve
o''clcic prieeded by t o moute aci police
men.. Next caue a carriga int which the
city marshal sat; the e carriage followed
with Lthe mace antji1 l-l'arer; next camen the
Lord MSa vtr'.epatriage, and tlhe- lrocetioun
cloeed j le- carriaagc otf the Catlholic al-
dernmei ad town e 'illoeilli in their robes.
Ti'eK strcets were crowded. The Lord
.ay'or, on de'cc'idiig at ti. C(lhurch was-
received with cheers, and greeted Iby Car
dlinal Cullen. lie wans cendlluct ,etO a special
seat p'epalred fop the, ceorporatiin, richly uL-'
holstered, ind panIelled. inl Irish oak. er
-Mass, lisi E Im'enilce -a'iiitYdinajfl Illen
ar , achel a ,te'm eacea whic- h le nta'ines sreveral
lsaliti'ael callusiaeui . The dIlay wayj; hie said,.
a dtey. of rejoi'ing, oil which tJtiblrd Mayor
itthL great city of Dullin wasa enabled, af
tear nearly t weo centlries4 calne to a Cath
olie (athedral in staall, cI+ºt  is
othiciils, and bearing the jlnblems of his of
lice, to tsasiat a4t thie sacritice of the Mass,.
This was a sign of the plrogrea of religion.
in thle cllntiry.
Me'wAS( IC' " I.ciE.--Iavtel Taylor dam-Sibflug
the nironnatery acalled tihe. "Gritlu 4hirtrUsise,"
iln tie araoth of ct'rnrcc , splaks of a single cr
ridor mcix hundra-l and sixty- feet lottg. Loelking
dositt it the perespective \ _iindwUa alutmot to a
point. U1Oe iug fromai it, and frmon theutler in
tersecting corridors. are the cnlls of the maotka
each w ih at hillic:tl sealtence in Latinpainted
on tilhedcers. The furnniture 'of these cells is
very simnple, but a htianm skull is always'l part
of it. T he only diversion to break the solemn ua
and silent mI:onaon3y of life is the cultivation
of t' few flowers ill a lurden -attached-to each
cel. Sile'nce is imposed upon all, and the
prieats, geidesi, acd visitors can slpeak only in
Iamshed lwhisal,-rs. The w-rifer says heJaongdd
to stalretle tht duead repose of the corridor by.a
shout of freedom anal rejoicicng. In this cele
brar/twt iluaonastery unel'e tire but forty fathers
and twenty brothe-rsc . "This monastery dates
from the year 1138.
Ro.rtNce en' AI.WKA.-It was to be expected
that tle limniits of tieu woellh ooan be exhausted
with regard to this treascres and wonders of the
Iew terr-itrcy of Alaska, sind that fancy would.
lHe drawin upoe to increne' its ntopk of marvels.
Jut the fillowing tale of enchantment is ean
tirely Itsyonl Iche wildest anticipatioa. ~A Ru
sian gelidce, it seecs, lwing c.attly.aked- by a
traveler abact a certain mohntain range- in
Alaska, replied: . t
"1'hceyv are mighty in size and cause much
cold. Wonderfit things are told of them. It
in said that in-some places there are deep pools.
and lake-, in which dwell aconestcrs--eerpenta
uas lonK lu a flr tree, which, were theylin- t~e
,,Ien sea, would coundlt mnighty damage. Ot_.
thinng is certai--that yonder, farAway to the
noalthlr theleart of thlese hills t'herels a won
derful valley, so .arrw that only at midday Is
thae face of the stiu to be seen. That valley la- ..
undiscovered alcd niknown -fr-ttuaida of"
yea-rs;: aao Icerona dtreamedcf itcexistence bitt
at last, a long tinme ago, two Indian h lntqrs
entered it Ia chsance, and then what do you
thiunk they fond T Theyfound asmal tribe of
uunknuown people, sipeaking an unknontotngue,
who had lived there since the cretion pf the
world, and without knowing that other beinga
Here is a splendid chance for strange Jiaeov
eries. Who will venture into this marvelous
valley sud learn the" unknown tongue," ad
othecpeculiarities of this pre-amite peoplet

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