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The morning star and Catholic messenger. (New Orleans [La.]) 1868-1881, March 01, 1868, Morning, Image 3

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' Io. -the
e.ca u]rnno im d b"o :l:ui4Mf ~ ,-::,
-_r_,- _i. 'l w-s,
eraek the wuomn, o n
b ad
man li-Mbi emoT 1ii
Gf e fe . "Wes--I as
hasked, o 1b hOe r the
-mss t th"I o , i at.FheGor nd
SuidhIa orw wa o
atisei biat tori l "T esstn
sGod rIeveled 1A baef r " Yce---I
Iee houri-ah waiset te twl oW ta
lidert woar n " ' Te a o m you ,i_'d
mierna . o o' _i.t' oui t s th rersol,.
,o o m ·dis, asuted, SQiI d. t4 sme
.dogf, which wyas imma;terdi-wntied t :
osem omabate doso we a.hIft Gowaeav aine
"Bhise gid, hof.-ods toerw emd 4ath ato
man. "Ias noaaimanae the t het
a I h shulthr e eThemedmye Hsuos
band-he is dying."' p,dI wars eatir
to see-hims-lI . ram thep' "p tae "
shrieked the wo as if the ee dO
stood rgvealed beforer. "Yea-I am
priest, come all the way froa -Toronto to
see him; as hO wished me. to do, " was the
- ietrjointder. sThen you may go asyo
came- for no pre iest will cro this ho
ii  n kelp it, no matter whotwnts weas
him;" and saying-this, the mistress f the
house shut the doof. on iatheI ord e and
his guide,r ho-was ovnge whe med with eon
fusion athe untowar d res lt. "T dnethi
oothat Iahoumde-tog ymr renete hll tihi
distsaoe, and sY the dqlrrue in
did it for thbes ,I "i e sure you dif t
did your nno-more; andI
rasseyor for it. Bat, added til!.pliest,
Ie must be turning my horse's headtome
iward." " hNo, eur reverence nt a step.
pimAkt go )veok blesseduighLifmyuame
olys amile oy-ap o w troy lnd make you.
as comfortable as we can.. It wll be time
enoueh t think of retarnie to-mherow
S Be it so, in God's noamet at d Fathr rever
don..-e, but the truth, as hm a sinner, whande
a oodt supper and a lean saied mSpiade some
amends for the long ride and the keen dis
appointment. The tired mis doory was
soon in a deep al buter, in ahich, prg t
heo-my hone beheld again the igraced
hims lit f by u theng P k you shan't
bearieved she wino her duty, nd
-ihrshold if I n help ctwhen he aoos
ddenl awakened b a great noise of oneat
ter in the hotoe. wht that moment hise mhost
enteredthe room. "What is the matter,
S Spillane 11, "Why, then, your reverence,
it Is a strange matter-the strangest matter
I ever heard of-young Marshall habrought
his father edto-you, as youwouln't be bl
lowed toheme to him," replied the host.
You jest, man; !tis impossible," said-the
priest in his first impulse of astonishment.
"Fait, then, 'tie nojest at all; your rever
ence, but the truth, as I'm a sinner, and
pthat's no lie any way," said Spillane. It
was the literal truth: - 'Whenerhe dying man
heard-bow the priest- had been deniednad
missiona and driven from his door, he was
ntensely aflited; buthe in v ht
to move the stern oduracy of wife.
"Not one belongig- to -me ' r disgraced
be the one to mme Thepowoman
believed she was o doing her duty, and
in this trauillli conviction she soon
forgot her rolesi slep: "But-the dying
andwas b and e moanedit a
to anner to touch the heart f one
ofer fons,-to whota ho addressed the most
afentreaties tha. Whether it e allowed
ther d impo unies oa
therir g th yielded. Bt what
be doac t resa
years, theas long a his moth ed, the
son radid not separate from her dcommunion
now thealin wealthy head of a large Catholic
cworldly throperity.
One for the ni-idents onnected w ith Bish
suop Englands missior to the frailty labors is given as
One difeveningcult to hey b ishop, who was on thisrved
yoasion accompanied by one ofas his mothef lived, the
Splliane or Sunllivan; am not certain which.
a-his wn Af , t Dr.
wmmened wv-te air, u
4 ie'd g" it ' a
ý e. iyw iitlr eMne ae eaas,
o ooma
si I i asaieHn s
in rantiseAtie theM heath,
tap t eseqrlt .nd the u~aoa ertha
'Ned by - go a tt'r. herily
""xrign " PrO NOliro sw "I:Irox .-
me-toh it tenflo e ofe e~m
cadm ,and havo -b one Af te
-ad,toy'sda7,_g e c: tirel
iwys glad to see o; b "spells ad
s,_rvsie of s ar thI the tiaulrlei
Aiing r a the FrPO-The Uhrh- oi. St
olars  ub will amone
ado e nionof. oBoeman Cat e - has
iea heussia. In replyn their ad wilak
Mai said "Itiswell knownt n
I mored ihmyself haits readers nd
k wenols never bew y ofthe Hed ofrng
tl lie caque. It b, ajhd it fat be
nprotest t hatsof the l ion list in its
and is henity efor the toindpermane nt.
The ishoerp iand hapter of Gtssward at
o_ 'eMGrekrit. in Muujar~s have oeeba
1ome,allorins the attention of the ioatilen
lashemy, workingd ave- chndayone ofetc. theis
t seems, rhas not meto tthe approbation of
aree thinke nna, thatindels. e nde, re
himself to su.eport oweeris, sayso s
rviNothing is more simple. isult
masposa one Zl uve,to in ll tirty-six
ate. Weso vn Pr -The t Uawrs an
nounces tha far rrom having any idea of
hePapal armyst ei~ hope thats
columns aloe- theubseriptioi will amount i
to a imilion of. ~ view fs. an h e law,
reached this sum thn the inde e wildemon
ar' more knowing that its readers and
iends will never be weary of sortlngi
the Papal cause. Itbegrthatit sdbe
understood that the subscription list in its
lumnsis henceforth onfoe permable to the
An order hag been recently issued at
Rome,-callins the attention of the cithens
of that city to the laws re apects ing pbliome,
blasphemy, workinon Sunday, etc. This,
it seems, hae not met the approbation ofre
freethinkers andfree inkerdels. e Mak witre
plsing be one of these scdutioffers, saysfree th
Nothing is a more simple. Anto puinslt
p thbliclyoe respect due to plandis asof reprhensible wor
as an insult ed to sity. As or the work
imn lesis days inre the week are not enough
ernment iioi Ttiergespest 4eto
would grches im, each iearthreehundred
the d sipty-e. wold
make a ttempt isbeg ma- view oby the lawmost
f y Commerce to establish an indeoortittis demon
$n ti a French law prohibits
science and court has alwa is main
n a t p the Lord eonformablt e to the
ome share of the abppropriatie o for such y,"
A correondent of Lons I. Thipaper says
prthat Am erica has more power for good ore
evil in the lir of Greastt is necessBr. itain thusan al
mst e urone of the duties together., tehihers,
man sidas haFenianism on this sidare not enought to
disreg attempt. is'being made by the most
{ of ye at
tet av
wI d aMh ero em
- --,;pn   - ,- .~b1 e h
hhAs t e ar D a he
thatlo oftwhaais ntgmodd JIs
An h eai o faq wrd ire, Look
lb, toi5 U w'.m ofmires w :oif t repnte'e**
So he not l t ihthe oter Lt
Mho-eonte ae tedrle.- His ed
-ese, prl ar d bloodshot, hia f a as
ohis f hi..r"
ult bi~s by the murderer,"liial n ihr.
rI wer h e id g r thh flou
.ba tone .t . The re fears
,a . wherbo can$be sarae frpo
 os who ide, ist Ao
be lt- bnd !or.' It is thi a
Ite ie oft'e apseis t ("o,
everow he he a mn- 1 h
"Even he can be save" as' utbas: ,r y,
for hw can be torn from --I idos ls."
"'New I &d0 tdIt the heart of the exam
-olarny ar n mbwasr.tdrn bid lest the
!fall :o4. of-his frids. ,As for
he felt no fear, nor didthie thougah
abley danger to himself occur to rid o the
wrs he not better thastheotbeMs4 He felt
tatheas. superior to tbhemin inobrity,
nTin. .º o d btae: de," and saw nt man
wheat couftengehnwas terrile. - His eyes
re glaring and bloodshot, his face aor
own onhis airre matted, and a daten cowl
on his features.
"It ihe murhad erernch wninm ne, hbor.
it ith ysel,"t reph tly in the Ean
b ,tl tones.I Thh oam rer fears
and therfo rehe, h mbre ppOr
tr fth- oh rwhose prid~ e inds th to
al ' l d tiser be separated from
t thy idol tsthysel ir-who
t t~tyken thy adoration to
e roomglish and the French. The fr
is be last-and ' It is thou
maho art lowrit
The vo s eased,- and n eighibor,
ipin the beaded, perspirationd-writin
brow sismissul ed the thole scent as ban
tsm of the imageination.
EANnwxrnrrm PcOLIAfflma-It Is a rasari
able t, that no man can everget rid of the
his of ndwriting pec to his country.ign style.
be whe En youlish are sleepy writbeause in is noth
style; if French, in Frendch rntylej. if ,rees.
Italian, or paih in to stland in watpeulir up to his
tiyour knees fisorhing fator: "I atrout when you can
with a Frenchman who has Paied sIl his lif
is Englnd, who speas EnIsh like one o-or
own countrymen, and wrilest' with ten times
the oram tin a clean, dry ninema hndred of
exquisite sensibility, who cannot, for thehimitate
see amodanimal pof ritung. Ito deathnew a shot youth,
host as ttention tothe varietyn and re
xciusiv unle payinth French peopl-bliment -ho, ofl
thoe dgh he had a French nthe lovely widow of
a crhs old msaw anything bweeds, and the grit
ig his yife, yet wrote exactly in the En"
style;urvit vor of a rich old shrew being part.. In
in the choite and isplay orof his weepersto teach
the lth style of writing, but with all teir
buy a horse froand all their erertion, tande can
paver get eir pupils toadopt- Any but the
cramped hand of the French. Some pretend to
tel te eveharaety word ste saysof individuals ofm their
handwritingts. I know not how thiscan bebnt
certainly the natis desirous to whdispose of; to cindiviall
a mongs can sinstable who indulges his vanity
handwriting Thedis sference of plate to hi rich
rio given r English and the Frenchallyin want
is F .-ense-a schoolboy r, in rlwold ting hi
atexperglnce Mi n city farming, of
manoutscridemy window a laedx, filld it
with moulder nd sowed itith ed. W
or oatsricans, a noolicen, who ordred
tinguish every one of tjiem, thovgh all should
be written in the samme language and with te
;ame pe ad paper. The differeno. be en
A Mr. Nathand Germri, now residing is
Michia, who appliedn fct, there pabotent for s
i" ath irene between-the-hand-writingo, o
raiiened it nations in thit
a singular truth, that amesn mAy be
me identified with nation, and speak
languages so well, better, than-i
own,-yetsever can he cceed in changing
his handwrilting to a foreign style.
AnaouDrrITs or HUMANI LIFE.-Not to go
bed when you are sleepy because it is not
a certain hour; to stand in water up to
your knees fishing for trout,. when you can
buy them in a clean, dry market÷-people of
exquisite sensibility, who cannot bear to
tamned it last mlonth.
.e7X,. e
7. . , pand10. anon Ssmea at o'e. eiper
'.:Ae . U. s ..... ..Bed i -
O . SNndinayd 8 I8 r
ff, )4 el, - k.
Io e trm o we t
Td iiY64a1diwi
Taox A za . . .r
tor siu .tl e, b of atoor~illhma
mdiction at dock
S'lo.t Shaumynto, ta 1 l0Slert lart pe10 o'bcl e
eal of eachur to be asshr.n, nm w
pad iLo v byr 7uOer Cr of te Du obor n
tAe aT aeae _ et wi_, bt der ted uisL
te. S ermth Pit rhe ch. was eio'0bot, Sperl. hom tRh
mdith Ano Ft o'clock.
CRW 0co.RnLv. C O3r`gio If.n iopJ e ODw l .
v. Oeav. Runsais, $ *wek dayDesbi 8i m7
o'locr. 7ondda Prest Sja0 nermon 1 at 10 o'hsatoS
Bt Jo - h, r rpect , betuan Months and iG
_T. T-tntt oJr. hS , wPr. ewL. S perior.- Bea Bitee, o
C.reLRed- CFather . ano asr. Wm. Kethe CubIL
PIaN vO.t PIAneh -AL ThOLa DAeek days ol
Suon . al end 1s . unrm neat l4otlo d a
o'eloc - et.ea
S, lo md10.e on ad uno b ri eý m-st
Arnd i- hrc. AL Philid stetor . Boisse pasin
Re m Ter m samopLdnet, ar Week dhaas
Sat lock. Spday, and 9 Sermon at 9Uocl Vepee
at 31 o'clock.
Si. Canal Stre.e, oppoAsithrdhiho CLh urch
o Otlmm~ glt, SeIn s, h are o
ThRO v. PsPries TAT indten sr
v. te wi . Freathe i Week
day Masi nat7 'clock. my at and 10. Semanat
s 'clock. Veepers a PS R',ook..
. d Pal Gretss bei e Meatateed
selet-R. c ath ey E.. toer. --Week daMtes
at 7 o'clock. Sunday at 7 and 10.Swon atl1o0lock.
One SIand in Preach and One Sull in oEglish. e.
no ay intre h pu bi tnI, am n er tem
Pthn, awi. 1atproAnunrier Pastor. We tbday tos
8aY a auseton torpae atrelalYrgd anig. ad
Y 3treta-8v. FaperC.Yonihat irFathemL
Eitsgib Week day Mass at t o'clock. Sunday
es Sermon atl o'D. TrS4.
1h pt ore oftre te str
ra7o'clock. dy. at WAIL
La to . Veon aat 1 ru -
he bn, Cap W arr ass on Sf h day at o Sal
Bt. .TpIa C*Ahurch, Sndnth y "t.7 do-eok,
Low 5]G.; at l. o'clck. Highll an *rus4 wis
o'cl k, I Frespers a'tdi
UM l aCtn 6eece tO onk oods
Foalweaveal yeas It has heen gamatteredofedspriesat
net to aat humiliation, that in the metropelia of the
South, with a Catholic communi like oars numerous,
(C~atholic ta Eiise'hA t that auch a ae
L is ciJur cinty deseram weitt with the
proval of the oclesiastical Authority ohi Diocee
rt a Weekly Ragliab par, mainly dvoted frs'inn'
tereeta of the Catholic Church wib will be celled the
3 kls the intellectual and material department we have
The -IOEx liS5TAk will bi ds
15lt per annum, ln d t
To iatall wirUte, ded to t as.o thsepmea
nsoey of the undertaking, it wll hd based on a joint
stock obbdpyy, aiIdnLetered according to the laws of
Theont steok eomany will be composed of stock to
the amount of One kundstd Thousand Dollars. in
Five Thousand Shamey eof Twenty Dollar. per shared
The patronage of oB ey. Clergy of the peghbortng
dioceesn is earneetly solicited.
The whole management will be under the supervison
We approvls of-the-aicrosaid undertaking, and com.
mend it to the Catholics of our diocese. We appoint
Rev. N.-J. Perche as President, end Revs. Thomas P
Smith kod - Flanagan as ecclesiasteal members of
fJ. Mf.; Archbishop of New Orleans.
New Orleans, December 12, 1867.
The Rov. Pariah Priests are invited to read this pro.
pectus to their respective rfEns .
Presldent of the committee.
fOS ly No. 105 Canal street.
1 .UfAM1 .IE --"E
Jo P-emGsesdaely - a --d , i ,
.lm aC apry othe esm .rI a autefiue e Ma
as5e ado plemse teethoio U ayoe Uehe -s.-
a e---g She" aaoee 0tm tm e
J.308. tm A. AM
1. O.' d M tibet, , ew Orle ei L
Petirto PliEE~UaAS  f -sMetiChala, b Thoumai
ke lees"* -
Pr. e...Ushe!. . emesar-a e...o s. s..
Norgthoa plies., teelolag dahlie hysaretht
be ... Bos.. - al a.. . S .U .. . -.b .le
ib.es tes I ."toaa. ea oh . _= -m
rtrslsg (thr a Lwesths BassaniPdix t"!rs iell,
by Momps t udr ploaddlly Illetrad o at do
-- r rlN Y GOLD MEDdst-,:
WlTOQRT .g ,aiRLAND-endoS omit Modera-a3
M-aM 'sHawfsl ihed y is tatod. A obwledot
to be acs ma s roldl i·so7 exan.
FUNIAN ~nOrS; .1lAiTYBS-aBy John Saw.
ge. The lO tba e this esloig the - +, ime,
- s ,r s on - u ,vez yesc.+ , - +
S151 Caop etroet opposite flt. Patricke ChP h,
Kam a genmeralooctae SCHOOL BOOKS, espealally
thooe oeod in Catholio Shool arid College.- BibElde,
Prayer Books, Standard 4 nd MioellaneSii -Works, ap
prove b tbe hiaghetolCatholl authorities. All the ltest
h beo the moot p BeuMee.at myandta., Co es. .
imPi G nera a.... t.... .o a. caothno. .g,,
ap-ars. ~T.e.an.s oa.bOl. oaths Bax., i. rS..m.
Lo, uMendinca oaellom Son sool, and Jg oule -
-tuR E nrlae, t r al Catl N.8,
Delr in Coostina, tend- nd Bolta, aper, ath be
e Pleaonshan waANted aortmet Sear.
Water Closets. Wash 8teddKitbeun Soan s  iLf.
eW r treet. N, ftng ,n
Sra seatEate nded, i
Jor tO' owDER oor. ,. . . ;
D e nCo.sreet, Th eupet a oerse, Naeur
landel P w Pano sAle m, sanee ao ea y.
I . .... . . . .. T. P . "RT . . . . .
treet Nmol an eolea
tl o tWru putR extended and repatirmed to.
tr - eNe e ew Orleans,
l ot Camp usiretL--VFishing and Weddleg Cards an:
rd In te most eleant man tner.
&1 LS ' .PAl , Door Plmet. in't! o
Iron Worker endel er inttwn 9 ap and Mgas, no.
F1n Cmp Otree, t NeworOrleas.
Iooting, tottering, and all kinds of Jobblngdds0e
to order. lelO 3m
11015 Camp street, sameo old sa ddi. nCpo arL d na.
grav ed tin tly en anal a goo asaortment of Bedr
stecks, viatteoaesd armoulrs Tales, Stofa, CiharrS
Losl.nT GlasseS, etc. .urnltnr taken on Storage.
IA and Terp orn stree. T epaiWrine alfw t tisn g u, andmade

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