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Smmo ma m cauozin m U - -=
wSW oxLnsAs. SUNDAT. A~t~L .Msa
29th ult., Sister Mary Frances de Chantal
Lampe, of Hanover Germany, made her
solemn reli~ka .ptoiOSidOf in the Monastery
of the Visitation, BlessedVirgin Mary, of
this city The Very-Rev. Father Provincial,
C.SS.R., preished an eloquent and appropri
ate sermon on the occasion, receved her
sacred vows, and said the nass of pro
fession; he was assisted in the ceremonies
by Rev. Father Holzer, C.SS.R., rector of
St. James', and Rev. Father Luhrman, C.8S.
R. rector of St. Michael's.-Mirror.
Bishop Elder made an appeal on unday,
S22d unt., tothe eonpgregtiono St. Mbal's
and met with a respome, which was as ac
ceptable to the Riht Be. Prelate, as it was
commendable and praseiortiy" to the
generosity of the centibutors. The amount
obtained is a large and highly creditable
one, and has elicited the heartfelt thankful
ness of the recipient, as also in the cases of
T~-Tilrgi conti'butlfoi s im Bt. Patdick's,
St. John's, St. Malach', and other churches.
He made an appeal Jst Sunday morning,
29th ult., at St. Frmcis' Church, Fairmount,
and was also very kindly-responded to by
-the people of that pah.There is no
doubt but that the other churches he will
call on will prove equally liberal with those
already referred to.
News from the South gives us the painful
duty of informing our reders that Rev.
Bartholomew A. O'Connor died in Florida
on the 18th of March. Thongh at a dis
tance from Philadel
death, he was a priest of this diocese, having
been ordained for It. His education was
completed at St. Charles' Seminary,- and
after his ordination in May last, he re
ceived his appointment to St. James's
-- hurch, in tisgity,where he ormed
the first duties of his ministry. u re
the signs of that fatal disease, consumption,
began to show themselves, and yielding to
the wishes of his superiors, he was obliged
to cease from his duties and retire to the
country to recruit his health if possible.
By the advice of a physician and the per
mission of his bishop he determined to seek
some warmer climate; and being kindly re
ceived by Right Rev. Dr. Verot, of Sava'
nab, a quiet home was given to him at Tal
lahassee, Florida. For a time his hopes
grew strong with his strength ; he attended
to the duties of his mission ; the people, de
lighted at his presence, did everything that
could add to his comfort. His hopes and
their efforts were of short duration. Day
by day he grew weaker, the bloom of health
gradually left his cheeks, the cruel worm of
decline slowly did its work, and poor Father
O'Connor, with joy and resignation, bade
farewell to this life on the eve of the Feast
of St. Joseph. The Catholics of the place
paid him all the attention possible; his last
hays were blessed with all he could wish
-for; helped and strengthened by the con
solations of faith, he died testing in the
arms of the pastor of Jacksonville.-Catho
lie 8tandard.
day evening, March 28t0, Rghttev. ilishop
_ erot arrived in Aulkusta. On Sunday
morning, at 7 o'clock, a large coigregation
assembled in the church to witness the ad
ministration of the SacrIinent of Confirma
Stion. The Right Rev. Bishop, assisted by
Rev. Father Kirby and Father Ryan, cele
brated the mass, at which a large number
of children made .'their first communion.
At th al~ne of the me thae ishop gave
an instruction nll of piety and unction to I
the candidates for confirmation, and then
gave the sacrament to one hundred and
thirty; forty of whom were adults, and
nineteen of whom were . converts -to ,the
faith. The day 'before Father Ryan ad
- baptized and received into the churc tea
converts,-and we learn he has mhuy more
ender instruction to be receivpd into the
church during Holy Week.
Right Rev. Bishop Verot/has convoked a
an assembly of all the priiests of the dio
cese of Georgia and the Vicarlate of Flor
ida. They will meet in Synodft Savan
nah, on Monday evening, April `2th, for
the purpose of taking into considatilon a
important matterg regarding the interests
of the Church in those two States, which i
are under the Bishop's jurisdiction. The,
services during the Synod will be very im
posing, and much good will certainly result d
trom this assembly.
ARCHDIOCESE O -S~T. Louis.-The mis- a
sion at St. Patrick's Church 'closed on
Thursday evening, and has been productive
of much good, hundreds of stragglers being
'brought back to their duty; besides which
n great many converts have been baptized.
In his sermon on Wednesday evening, tile
Rev. Father Daymon dwelt' particularly
upon the danger of the licentious character
of the periodical press of the day, and
urged it as a dutly incumbent upon all who a
clilimed the Inu:ce of Catholic, to support a
tCatholic pres.
A respected correspondent, who has just
gone to reside at T''iton, writes: " I find (
w vehave a; very tine churchl here, but no
priest, which very-luchl disappointed me.
1 mope 501o1n to see this grentwant remedied."
Thlus it isthunfortunately in many parts of
this section of country. Priests are wanted a
sorely, and ill mIost pIlaces churches also.
The venerable missionary, Father De
Smet, left this city on Monday last, en route a
for his mission among the Indiaus. The
prayers anld heartfelt good wishes of thou
sands accompanlly him. Thre desire of all is
that lie may ie as successful as heretofore,
ill his holy work, and that he will return to
- u---lsie- inu the enjoyment of health.
On the 3hlst of March, the first sod of the
new churlch if St. Francis, alt Jerseyville, I
Ills., was turned by tile Rev. P. O'Bs ien, of
St. Michael's, St. Louis.
Thile feast of St. Joseph was a gloribus day
among the happy inmates of the convent
home at Carondelet, and also to those who
had the privilege of being present on the
occasion. It is the first time for many years
thlat we were prevented by urpnt bmusiness
from accepting the polite invitation of the
good nuns. At the time appointed, early
in the morning, the convent chapel was
filled. The number of clergy present, both
regular and secular was unusually large.
Of the iek iemonyl it 't a
sy aut_;- i it ims.benm toof twU
prlbed en . e .olenW. Te.· R.L
'athr Henaeesy,)4* " iciped.
'The following am the mseap * the Uir
e vices who madelthe irreniomi *:
 Sisters M. Celestine Ryan, ý Kay,
r Severine Miller, Rose Anne Kuhl, Ida IDia R
Y Adele Kennedy, Clara Culhane,Agues (ion
u aoeva .Ounigunda Schaefer, Louisa
SThe Tollowing are the fount ladies who
r received the religious habit: Miss Bridget
HollySister M. Archiangel Miss Mara
rret- r -Siatý se AMtonio; Mi
' Eliza Falardean--Sister M. Benigna Miss
* Eliza Lucey--Sister Anne of Mary. Miss
M. McManus-Sister M. Fran a de sales;
*Miss M. Griffin-Sister M. of the ,Presents
tion; Miss Rosanna Burke-Sinter M. Anne
t Teresa.--Bt. Louis Geardias,
SVery lRev. W,H. Neligan, v icr, emanraI
of the Bahamas, writing tothe Nt E York
- beautiful' bay whereli wei nl ,
f havlle.. Capt. h.eats
of fil made a era idgrape
trees which, with its lainr fat f ,p
't ected as nfrol, the fierce rays of sup.
rFather Gleason said the votive mua;pflthe
SBlessed'Virgin; I said themass of St.Witus.
How appropriate seemed the GoP the
1 sending forth of the seventy d le
Titus, a island bishop! It'seemed to me
Sprophetic of the great work which: the J
l Church may set accomplish among the no- e
gre race, which are now the principal in.
habitants on these islands. They are in a f
state of ignorance and moral de tion,
not far removed from-the oiginal inhabit- p
ants. The Episcopal church numbers but
few. The meority profess to be Baptists,
Sguided by their local preachers. Itis cer.
thinly. "the blind leading the blind."
| Another Titus and his disciples, whom he
will send forth two and two, msayyet'be the o
means iiging this almost God-forsaken
race within the fold of the -true Church.
Father Gleason, with some of the party, b
afterward visited other parts of the island.
On Saturday, February 29, I baptized the
child of the light-house keeper at the Great
Isaacs, about one hundred and fifty-four t
miles from this place. She -came for this i
purpose, and also to make her Easter duty
How many in our large cities in the States w
would not walk a block to observe this
precept of the Church I have had a
many offers of ground to build a ch h. B
The prices asked are so exorbitant tI s
have resolved to wait a little; room in n
the hotel answers for a churclt present. a
I believe all the Catholics I coildmuster in i
the Bahamas, including tsoldiers, would hi
not amount to more than seventy.
Below we give l tien and name at ear Churches,
the ator lourates. th oliuao of Mass, 8ermoa
Instructons, s, and Benedietion. The location of'
our FreeSch tRe number of ohildren attending W
each. the  of Principals, ete.: - -
ote Concepion Church. jBa s, bewoen Cee
mn Con al treete--R. A. Jordan. S J. President; ro
Rek F ,antrelet. S. J., Vi President, an Prefect of B
die; Rev. J. Cambaso, S. J. Tresurer Professor re
of Natural 'hloeesoph and MatLemeaties; hey. W. a it
orpha, .. Chaplain , Rev. D. Hubert S. J, Profes
Presor of the 3d Collegiate Course; Rev. J. Dow1e,
S. J., Profemor of the 4th Colleglate iKourel; Rev. a.t
Foley. R.-J., Professor of the 6th(oell te Corse; Rev.
A. Simon, D.; ItN. R.J. Graves; Re.t
Rev. J.na DuF Week day Ma,tss , 6,.7 , 7, and e.
Sunda at 6ak . 6n, 7., and 10. Sermon atlo o'lock; In o la
o ,clock. Benediction at 6, ayd Sermon, in French, at
CarrUlcs-Rev. Cel pens, Paster. Mass at 8 and th
at 36 o~S ctlock1.k .M.
High Maas at 10. Ve at 4 'clock, P M.
alit. Spte t-figony e' AouS. Bwedignd-Rv. Ver
rtnma. M., I Rev. A- Msandine, C. M., Rev. C. . P
Baeeher,. tM.,ev. F. edry, e. M., Assistants. Mass a
at sand 1 clock. Frenh Sermon at 8o'lock "- nug t
ih ermopat1 'clock. Vespers at o'lock, followed
by Inatrs tion and Bewedietion-one Suandy In REn
$ - hmrn , Bonitgn. (Oersoaa)--Bev. C. J. Beecher.la
CL Pastor. M&assntlSermonatloo'clock. Vrepersd lan t
edietion0at 3 o'clock. -
St. -Aphnsa, Cerass street . tesan t. Atndrew and
Josepshns ersedlt-ev. J. B. Duffy, C. 8. R., Rector. Rev. T
Father Alexander, C. .S. I, Rev. Win. V. Meredith. C.
8. L., Rev. James Sheeran, C. S5 R.. AssIstant. Week
daysMa 5, 6and8o'cloek; Sunday s6, S and 10 o'clook.
Ser.a1at!.o'elock. VPraat 3 o'clock. Evening de
votion"n Sermon at 7 'dock.
etanee sad La rsi-Rev. J. JM. Je S, C S.RL, i ar.
Nt _S ,Swr (Frsa4) Jawisos s , h
rraswreuLr and Consoslee stes-Rev. O.Giessn. C.88 .
L., Rev. Father DlHaa, C. . R. WeekdayMassat7
o'clock. On Sundaysn First Mass at 7 clock, and High
at 10 o'lock. Sermon at 10 o'clock. Rvenlng sermon at
3 o'clock in summer, and 31 in winter.
rsu ntsad H La R t ev. O. Raymond,
Pastor. Rev. Father Perin. Week days at 6 o'clock; on
Sonday. 6, 7 and 10. Sermon at 10. Vespersat 5 o'lock :in
Old O Ursul. Church -atia street, between Chartg oo
and Old Loes--Rev. Father Cster Pastor. Week day
Mae, 7: Sunday, 1, 81. Sermon at 8i. Vespers at 4. 1
t. T'arssa eorner Erato and Camp strest.--Rev. Ths. pa
J. leakney, Pastor. Rev. P. F. Allen, Curate. MaMss, on
Sundays. 6, 7i and 10o'clock. Sermon at 10 o'cloek. Ves- o
pore and cnediotion at 4 P.M.
61. John the Baptit Church, Dryoades, between Cdw ope
and Ctio areet-l cv. Father Moyunihan, Pastor. Rev.
Father Simon. 'Week day MJass at 7 o'clock. Sunday at
7. 81 and 10. Sermon at 10. Vespers at 4 o'lock. 1
lt. Lous Cathedral, Chartr, street, betcee.It. Ann and cit
St. Peter strecte-tev. Father Clhalon, Pastor. Rev. 1"a- by
therT. Tlholonier. Rno' Father Ferec Rev. Father Millet.
Week ilay ;lna at i antd 7 o'clock. Atndaye, 6, 7, 8 od of
10. Sormon, in )'reneh, tit l0 o'clock. Vespcr. aad Ben- th
odliction at 41 o'lock. - Vi
St. P'atrlck's Cihureh, Camnptreet, betteen OirodandJuliao
street--lRev. aetlher F'lannaagin, P'astor. Rev. Father
Sheeluhalt, itc. F'allwrliltoln. Week dayMaxsat 6iband bi
7 o'clock. Sunday at (, 7 und 10. ' Salnaon at 10 o'clock. nl
Veaaln'r at 4 o'eluck. tie
St. Joseph's, Comneon street bet'eeen-arais and ailtare
atrcet-s-lteav. T. J. Smith, C. 3., Siuportur. Itev.M. ltubi, ý
Rey. .,nnlar Tuanean.-l,-M. 'Mass, w,-rk-'daya 5l anal 7 1j
a'clmnk. Sunaalay Mass ,6, |, 81 nal 10. Serinan at Sj d wro
10 ,'chack. Vealtla'I anlal Itenedictiona at 4 a'clhck P. SL
S't. Anyguntia'a '.'aareh, coraar of .It. Clauade and Jltanm
leau. Rev. lIather ilhrias. ,eek lamy Mans at7 o'clock. To
Soaunay at 7, $ and 10.' Seraaau-nt-iooc''oek. Veaperaat me
lt. Aln's Chturch, St. Philip strert, betaen Romnan en'd lan
Prier--lRev. FPtl3r Trlniaaiaa,, t'aitr. arWeoek day a-m;
at?7 'clock. Sunaay, 7 anlD 9b . Sermon lrt 9. -Vepalmru
at 3i o'clok.
it. T'rinlity (German) haurcla, St. Ferdinantd. btetaeen tw
Greatmaan and C(.amcatro erceat--ltre. Fatlaar Sa-k,-rk,
Pastor. lev. Fatlart Leoniardl, Ire. lFatla.rTravil. Week
day blMn at 7 o'clntik. Siulay at 7 and In. Sermon at ta
I) a'aloek. Vcapeyaa at 3 o'clock. at;
St. rtnts de Panl, reatan., brtaeen Montentand the
Clueet stroets--irav. Fatler K. J. Foltier. Week day Mass
at o'clock. Sunalayat 7 ond 1la. Semon ait 1 o'nclock. n
One Suanday in French and nile Suanlay in Euglish. ves- tias
pera at 4 O clan k.
Anaao'neiation C'hatrch, toratr ,f Manderitle and foratee to 1
at'eet--lttv. Father A. D. D At'atlor. Weclakl~ay Massaadm
7o'erclo. Sundtayat? undO. "ermaap  o'elock. Vee
pers at 4 o'clocL.
St. Peter's Chureh on Croa street, betuele Moritang and
Mandeeii/eetreete---ev. FatherC. Moynlmhn, Rev Father
litsgibbona Week day Mass at 6| o'elock. 8Snday ad
a17,1nd. tO. Sermonat10 o'lock. Vesersat4. he4
R.os da /lM, Baiou strse, between DorgcaOs and et
sd stre.I-Re. Feather F. Mlttelbrann. Week day
is at ? o'cloek. Sunday at 7j and 10...Sermon at 10 0.
v.. Perche, Cabplain. Mass om Suday at SI
Sit. Joseph's Chr. ,Orem..-.On 8undays at eo'leck,
Ew Mass; at 10 o'ciock. High Massd 5.Srmol In
d Id and ea s4L._ Saedry -ru a y1; at sI
dceek, veslmm aa 8nudlctIa
S aX.s. x .. Le,: su.., Nwoels-..
S--eep.metanty oa assastmems of eed.,
p Crea ests, sad crseS of eveoy daseuipties all
medebyp blaesey, slswest smarkepricesn rhi ly
.. pjR I ILL4) Na1 , m o T obupitoulss street,
(old nmb0ice A ea, 30 New Orieksni Le.
h- promptly ed ad divered free of
ohati.. mhi 3m"
e (oiserly rsokSlmme&Co.,)
 DRT; 'o ODS,
B Non 93 9se 1 Magazine street,
er t stlA nr
No. 719 Canalsrt. beeea Campand Magias.
fela 3m New OrLsas
I S:TATUi 0o LoIm~AlnA,t
S Parisuh eof Orleans, City of Nw Orl a
S.of , n th yoerfarlrd nse thousand
S hthudred and P ieht and of the independence
as e b o Amrab_ the nid neiseood, be
-fosre me Win, J. CasteRl, Hrle Publip in and for the
p Pai.f (OrkassStatesi Leufena suloommlelicued
arnd ieiil ed iadintl thre ea r the w tchoein
a atea ied and e nnslec ed, persoeaily Dme. ani
- peared, the parfies hereinae med and unar .
te tL astu ILosna e rdelateto tbýs a
S thteinereons KMthe thee. bolder.
m . a.nd st o f. t
Sepeei d ojct s ad adr the rfollowing
Theoffcial name of the an shall be the New
SOrleansathol Publication Yo .
The business Adilegal - of the corporation shall
be in the City of rew Or a bect toe remsovalloly by
a vote 'o three- rurts the bona fide stolck olketr
with the eonsent of th ent.
.The obJectof s compay ito publish newssper in
the City of N Orleans and makn e such other publics.
tlons as -afterward be deemed advaable by the
SBoard of tore.
AgrICLo iv.
Vice President of the Company is the officer on
w a, as such, citation. may be served, and in whose
The Capital Stoek of the Corporation is fixed t One I
Hundred Thonusand (100,000,)Dollars in Five Thousand
Shares of Twenty Dollars each. one half of each sub- I
scription to be paid at the time of signing. and the re- r
I mandae wheevTer callein by the Boara olDirectors, at I
any time aier sxty days hall have elapsed from the re
rdine of the at of inorpatlon, provided said remin- I
iae m ay beaid at any time voluntarily by the stock.
holder, wrthout any call of h Board, entitling him to a
proportional dividend.
SThi Corporation shall commence opeations as soon as 1
Two Hundred Shares of the Capital Stock is sub- c
scribed, and immediately thereafter the Stockholders
may meet and elect a potion of tho Board of Directors.,
Directors mast be stockholders; each share of stock
subscribed shall be entitled to one vote. Stockholdrs
may vote in person r-by proxy of another stockholder. I
In case itashould become necessary to place thas oro
ration in liquidation, there shall he appointed by the
Board of Diectors, some one of their number who shall
r represent them, and whose signature shall be binding on
the Company, in such capacity.
oe s l-b o illbehold responsible for amy liabili
ty of the Company beyond the amount of his stock.
AhCTIClt' Ix. -
no saleof stock without consent of the
Boerd, and no tiransfer of stock will be recognised un
less a pproved by the Boad. I
Tbhe First Presidentof the ro
the'Met. Jcan Mari On.
The Boarl of Directors shall consist of, besides the I
President; Flrat., four members who shall be Clergymen. I
I and who shall hoe nahmed y-t.e
three other members to be elected by the stockholders. i
- AR1ICL5 sir.
The Directors of the first class shall be apponted and t
remnoved by the Prvsidet, ead their pise edl wth c
others appointed by himeas frequent/ly be shall see
it, without any responsibility in anywise, on his part tot
the stockolders, or saysubectio to their aupervision.t
The object of this artie is to secure in the handsof the
President, the eomplete control of the newspaper and of
the eneral business of the corporation whenever'he may
sito exeresa it -
The'three Directors of the seconad class ihall be elected d
is stockholds at an eleetion to be held annually In
ms m t o Doember, (after the flrst election) on such d
dy _ay be ssalnated by the Board of Directors,
a dueoatcs al b- gvenIn the newspaper f
the qmpany_ At tis eeition each sharo of stoa
she e bsttlsi to o..evote, and the mjocity at vots 6
castbhll elect. ohat of a vacancy occur during
tqhe erdelspse shall be fled by vote of the remaip
In1 Directrs of this cls. The Vis President to Jis
tieii caseoeftievote.
This manal eleetioa of Three Directors shall be the V
only mode in ich Stockholders, as. ssIn.ralean
influence in the centrol of the paper or the omu of the -
No member of the Beard of Dire ts shall receive any
pay for his services, nor shall he hoany other olfiope or -Ci
employment in theopeper for which be will receive an
compensation. bI
The Presldent shall hold hls'oihe until his death or f
voluntary reesignation. ti,
Upon a vacancy in the office of President occurring in w
either of these two modes, his successr smhall Ib elected
by the Diretors of the first class, or as many of them as
may then be in office. During anyabsence or incaacity
of the Presidaent, his place shall refllled by such oae of d''
thle therwe Directors t the first class as lhe shalll appoint Il
Vice PrUaident.
The Board of Directoars shall lave entire control of the !,r
busainaess of the Comtnay. Tlhey shall appoint editors
anId emdoyees of the newaspper and fix their compenswa 1 Pi
tion. hey shall regulate tihe issue, size, name, rlnen- at
cy and time ofpublicatlioun of tlhe iler. Tlshey halliave In
the powar to buy ntnerial s...1 hlake all arrang.Ceme.nts CO
flr the calnhart t aof btatiaea-shaa. cria os nnta,,nlllat-a in Art.
It,. Tlaa'y may iaalrvake hieetihlgs oi the etoklkhohllers CO
wha-,en-aer dqlesirable, and dieclaen divideods of priAt, if it
Tlals oct ohay he amendledai byn vot- of tla ct-akaiulhlers. hit
To e-hiaat this tilere nmaat le r'aot in havocr ,f eiial anaaaid
mont two-thiraiL of all the votes eatlitled ta he cast, e~ach a
shaal' reI~r-eshatilg one vote. ,tijl aaaaull lhaeut most
hlaue bHeaa prohlased lay the toarald el I aia-eCtois anl up- 14
lproved by the P) ralenta p
The term for which hias Cuorpuntlon Is formed lshll be CO
twenhty-five years. nl
AhffiC, 3XI. - of
Shoukl any stokhohller reftue or neglect to pay pune
taaally ll or her instalment as tlhe sasae tklls adua, tst-rst of
at the rate ofeigat per cet. per annaaum shallie addeal OD
thereto from maturity- unatil lmayment, anal if any stoak
holalhhr rcfaasea, or negleats to pay lais or laer instalment Se
within thirty "day3 atlir the saealcfl time of pamnent,
tia board of Directors nhall lave the right of casing tny
ahrtre or shares apan which any instalmant naa3 bedim, t0'
to he sodll at atrtion or otlcerwise, as tle aIoard may deem
Naw Oazzns, JTaunary Si, 15ee.
I, CHARLES a. LUZETBNURo, District Attorney inE
ana for the First Judicial District, Parish of Orleans, do Vs
hereby certify, that I have carefully eosmuined the fere
Iomlg art.r of the New OreMs. atholio Publication Ma
District Attorney Fir Judlal Distaict
No. 140 Poydras treet, New Orlears.
all asu aw ayb prispee fexeat alt
ilns ofa JOB WOR dsuch sa % y~
JIOPGOE R NOTIBSI '.j l- ., e..r.
Ton ,
Sever ert hbeen mtter ofsto e t,
n t hto ot t t i t E i
ism 'and Fa nasei s i b oursmnitt ee  t
Fos the intellectual d materlal e we have,
chboaen .sas ·M suehI f l s to_ a86oed samad ixi
o a usa. 7v7's.
To prevent realenteethe pmi .
aty of the na.t ag i ll hes te ajo int
Y The joint stock. a will be omposed of stock e to
e Five T of Twen  o Dollars per share- I
e onebhalf of I to b nofaid cash. t •
! i semest.ly mtd
a T whole mang osnent will be under the superviecon
c Thetllte oo n *ded ofafour n Prient, apppmited It
by the stocckholdmfers. r4a toe ymen, to helemo
We t a em e of the aforesaid undrtaking, nd oem.
Smendit o the Catholics of ou diocese. We appoint
Rev. PN.t . Pem he ash Presidenti and Revs. Thomas F
Smith and - Fisa ngan m eclesiastical eorember os
w the committee. C
tJ. M ., Archbishop of New Orleans.
anw Orleans, December 12, 1o7.
it The Rev. Parish Priests aretuvltetl to read this pros. C
President of the Committee.
n Miu.--This institution, ondneted by the Brothe rs
i of the Sacred Heart, has'been in sneeessful operation A
since 185.. It Is beautifuly situatedon the shores the n
Bay, cmmanding an extensive view of the Gulf, and
Saffording all the advantages of the se breee.
d The apaclous recreation grounds,. well shaded by ever I
. greens: the holiday walks In the neighboring woods, and r
,. sea-bathing In summer, are for the pupils great incite. C
at ments to healthful amusement. tt
t The delightful situation of Bay St. Louis and the facili.
i. ty of aeee to the place, at all sesons of the year. are so
t weli known that only a pemsing notice of these ladvan.
a taes is necessary.
The systm of government in this instltuti m stritly
mild and paternal, infractions of the estabished noles Uo
a seing preventeI by a eonstant watching over the on.
duct of the pupils. c
aThe rellgfous and moral inetruction-of the pupils and
, their domestic comfort are attended to with the utmost a
k solicitude, and eonstant attention is given to the forma
a tion of character by incual principles of virtue, and
r. habits of olltenem, order, netneo, and industry.
The mobolasti year commenos on the Ilalth of Januay.
a;nd ends nopithe lastThursday of November, thus the L
annual vacatlion lasits abot six weeks:
S Pupils are received at any time of the year. The age d
of adnission is from seven to sixteen years. -
The course of education comprises all that is ta
ommerial institutions , nmanhip
nc  ramnmar, Composition. Arithmetic
I- Book-keeping, Algebra, Geometry, etc.
TEItMS: a:
Board and Tuition, per session, payableultu-yearlyi 6m
advance ......................................i s 0
Washing, per sesion............... .............10 00 Ha
Bedding, per session, (optiuohal).. ...............10 00
Doetr's Fee .................................. 00 p
Piano and Violin, per month, each ............... 6 00 pt
a Use of Piano. per month ..................... 1 50i
. lute,jer' month .............................. 40o 0
u moth................. 100
Spanish and German languages, per month,,auer.. 5 00
Each bodrder should beprided with twelve shlrts.
Itwelve pocket handkerchiefs, twelve pair atockin¶s six
cravats, four pair of drawers, six towels, six tableap.
kins, four summer froek coats, six pair smenmer punta.
loons, two winter coats, two pair winter peat loeos
three pair shoes, one coap, one matres. (5 feet loong and i 5
bread,) one double woolen blanket, one pillow, lour pTl M
f low oases, three pair elmeats, one mosquito bar, combh,
brnshes, etc, al marked with the unme in full.
No advances are made by the institution for clothing, g
treuinpocket money, etc., unless a .sm of money be
de te to cover these expanses.
de.t'en d m ner of pupils is limited. Parents and gear.
dians will find it advantaeous to enter their sons or t
wards in the eginuing of the sessalon. e
For further paaticulars, apply by letter to Brother u
olon, D.irector of the Academy, addressed to Bay St.o
Louis, (lbieldenore',) Miss. t
tPamua. ass-Mir. Thomas Layton, Prestdent, of the d
Southern Bank, New ,rnes; Rv. Father Jonrdon, -O
Su ior of the Jesuits' College New Orleas; Rev. Bu
thsDu rer, I'ator .of the Annunelati n Churcho
Third Dlstrlet,,ew Orleans; Brother Athenamliua, er- F
ne" of Lawrence and Mssmaehuaetis streeta, Mobile;
' Very Rev.-Pelicer, at the Ca Mob ,.v Fathera
PMies. Ineorporated Octoibr,;- -by-un-ysea the
gila tur o the State of Missippl. Directed by the
Christian Brothers. so
-.Harving lo g felitthe many inconveniences attendg ant
boarding s  hool In tne ity, the Christian Brothers haver te
been untiring in their ofibrte to precure an eligible site 100
for one In the country, and they have now the eatisfac. one
ion of informing their patrons and the public that snuch
a place has been eelec'ted, combining many advantages I
which could scarcely beIm found all together in any other. the
'ItIa, bnildingat Psas Christian, hitherto known a the woe
",' ate Christian Hotel," has been purscxee with this fe
view, and is fitted up in a stile which cannot fail to ren
de ?t a favorite resort to students sad their parents, as
onc, at was to the summer excurslionist.
Ti. al;ianiu buildings of the hlotel, now adapted to T
educ,.. aamd purposes the ample and well-shaded pla Lou
gilma islld surrounding groves, the sanitary influence doT
i the ilte-slprean d pine irests i the rear, with the op
pertunities ior sea bathing afiimled in the Gulf Immedi. coo,
ately in front, anil the delightful sos ireees all concur recr
In auakhin Pass Christlan College whatever Its directors A.
could elanim for it, or any of their patrons desire. sr'lf
Thait nothing might be wanting to the institution, a TI
complete gymnasium has b'eecOntructed, an extensive Eng
library s1 alect works c.atablisliera, and a charter ob Mat
taine froumtloltatnto Legislature, by which it!e empow
ered to grant liplomas, confer degrees, and bestow all
literary honors. St
The class rinm, study halls, dormitory, and refectory rei
are on a scle equal to say in the country. I
With greater linilitics than those which have already lead
won for the Cliriatian lirothars the conlidence of the -H
public, they will now be Imtter able to promote the phy- dun
tical, mural, anai intellceital levclopmtntof the scodounts
coommitted to their core. The system of government is O
mlilal and ireutal, yet firm in r.l-otreing the olbervance
ofestablihieldi tltline. 7t student wilt be retained Ctdl~
whose mancncr anll moralm are inot etisfactory; students lt
of all denominaltions arc admitted, anti their religious Prl
opiilOns are llorectlrtl-i. l. CIT
The ac'aolcic vycar c..oimences on the first Monday in
SlItcml,.r, aidl nt;ui ait tiin, lo-giilliing of July. on 11
N. I1.--Cla1s will Iii kelit etsn ,luring vacation for of
those who usasy desire to avail themselves of the olppor
tunity. li
. TERMSa:Fees
Payments fr term of live months, Invariably In ad. Hut
vance. .l
Board, washinF, tuition, and doctor's fee, per term
of five months........... . ...... .S Ti
EHtrsnce fee, to he tmid onceonly...... ....." 10
Vacation at Collee- . ....E . te
Mesi--Pliao, per term of five montia0.............. eao
" . Violin, (strings furnlahedm, por term of five Nt
months . pens
Music-Flute, or aneths. wisd isu n, sum
ters ofe moeIn ............................ p0os
Drwingt,'er tem of lve mastha . ........ + T
Iph end eas pee mee .......s.... .. d
+ aBGIIAH osdqt. Fe
Adat in New O__te ,C ke D Um,ter N 14  ey.
S-itO'- t. COLL.3G .Du
u hrdI t tw '-ot P of Pofalirrecaud Yeaoher
"ttestseNew wiraammdnsm L
This Inatltealncorporeted by an eet-oth;- Leile
latemr of.tUm yeat 1113, and empowered to grant Dlilo -.
man, eonfer Degrees and estow allwlterary llb er., oQut.
i esp.aldvatnags fut r thJe pbyslelu , slrl.a and intellectual
dIeveopment of Stldents. It is tm i.lhus and well
Ventilated;: sitated in a'qelot and eltlly part of the
city. lte aneseeful career he mark.d by the bi degree
oph loae .etl iuria cruiod- gantld, anti to annual
inoreue. i tSb.nultner otdtmlenta The myajem at'go
S. ernments-olnt-aalb muj mntal yet tfirm in edlinmlthe
ob·aer'vaoe er eee itbed dilclylie. No pupil will be
-reelved fr another College wtht nnexceptleoahle
.teatimoesi iL;_llLnone willis retained whoeo mannera
1, alnd morele re net etlfaotory. ,Puphl of allU denomi.
n. nations aa liluted, and their religior s opinis are
unrestrietad. TERMIS:
TPa mentot be Imade quLterly. In advane, a'fIllowet
Tie etet, on the flnt Monday In .September; thoseeoni,
on Novemblljflth h tl iird on February I; and the
foulrth. on April 15t
Tuition--.(CM a d Commercal Coures)-
_p. r qur... of 9 m. . tbs........................ 18 0
Tithuu--i.cml uand Firt Preparatory Classes, per
q_muater .............. ... .... . ................ I, 
in i'tn$Lid Preparatory Ciass, per quarter of
- .tn--t eu rth Pph utoryCoi er q e.rn.. f
H tde..... ................
aV ore....:.......... Y..... - -*. fN
1o--01-,no, l .quarter........ ... ...........ISM
0 Vilin, (etans thnlndd,) perqa.arr.... I s
linte, or ws other Wipd Iltrmem$, Pr
Drawing . quater..... ..................... 10
Ix E .................-................. ...L .'I N
il puaynt enterln after the eginnln of a quater.
*LM f ml ; in the : butnh tttper nei omm. h rteis
e .the ea quaart tre e nt. ing. will bato
a Booka wSltationy Purnihed at enrseat lnlts.
Swithout perison, or doe not satisfactorly acem tthr
Sprotracted Ableenee, when he repeatedly transgre the
rules of the College in matters of importaCnee ad a/fr
proper admonition, Incurs, according to the President'
Judgment, the penalty of expohian, the Directs dSe not
hbohlthmnselves hound to refand any of the mony paid
XNo Stndent reeived for a shorter period the. oan
Quarter. N.o deduction mlade when withdr-.'n during
the Quarter, no matter how shorta time Le may hanvoeon
In the College.
it COLLatIAl.
English Literature, Logic and Rhetoric. istaory,
I Anient and Molern; "locutlon, Metaph tic, Ethic.
Chem isyety Algebra, igher; Geometr., Plate, hoid,
and Spherical; Trigonometry, Srveyng, vliou,
IAnalytical Geometr, Differeianla- gate t -
Aeteononmy,Natnral Phllosoplmy; Freuch, Grammnar
SComp..ition; Latin and Greek.
Grammar, Epistolary C epoudence Compositlon,
eography, Arithmetc Bok.Keelpmng, History. Freneh.
jaticlar nttentiotlpaid to Penmanship,
Junior Cliam-Spelling, Reading, Writing, Arithme
tical Talilc, Cyplilering, and French eaullug.
Intermediate Clamers-Iln addltion to the above
SGedogrsplty, Engllah (Grammar,; Arithmetic, intelleetnai
Sand Practicl;. bcrt,,t Hi.ato.r, C0olupiltlo., Elocution.
n Agelra, eltemenota; FrencL, Music. vocatl aind Instru
Smental, and Latin Granlmar.
d OTOtAt. mUIInv-umcyisll, 1itiAWiNl, Mul'iC.
Special attention is given tm the Mumldnil )elpartment.
both voceal anid instrumental. Two bm" hamlnds, the`
Smennlbera of which are elmumri moinmg tAs ttndte of tihe
, College, rltearse daily umnder tile gulidbhco of a' compe
tent profemor.
iThe Commercial Departumemt im exprsrly designed four
Syoung men who intend to devoute tlhemlve .to the a.
countant's profeslion. --
There is an examination held each quarter, when the
etudents are promotedl, though they may. be promoted
oftener in case of remnutrkable rmtleency. At the end of
the achoileastic year Is hl'th"lhitlic exaiuutmtioo at the
clun of whi pro miume arm distribluted meordllng to
merit. Vaeatluon commence abtout the 3m or" July, And
t endon the first Monday in September.
Agent to New Orleans-Charles D. Elder, No. 140 Pop
idra etreet. Post-ltmttlice abli . Blox Pi34. (e9
e(S.. Josi.), l gA MoalL, AmuimA.--Tbti Lltersry
s lstiutluon;, neorpratet by the State of Albama, andi
Sempowered to confer all tile academicmal honors, is con.
duoted by memobers of tile Siciety of Jeaus.
_Tleh ite of the College, oil rising gromud, one hundred
and fifty feet above tme level o the sea, is equally healthy
amid agremeable. -,
Pupils of every religiois dlenomlnatlhmm a dmitted,
provdledml that, with a vlew to orderand un formIty, they
are willies to attenit tlmeXcvijsALofxhmCathlW wee
am sill. 14
º Theplan of nstruction abrse't Greek, Latin,
En.gmlh, Frnch, Poetry ; Ptfturir, history, G grrashy.
M ....emat, Astr ....... Nat l and et Phis.i
Sphy, with the addition of Ilok-Keeping, ad the mual
ommercial bralncels.
Slanish and iermna amre taughit at the opinion of
iparent. or guardians without etxtra chalrge.
SThe age of admilusin lIa. fr nine to ilteen. No one
Is reoeived whllo dlms int know how roal oud write.
Every three month a rpoirt I sent to parents and
S(uardia.s, etntiunglmotnut, progress, rank in cha.. with
Sree alit of tio, quarterly examination.
SLetter., not knouuwn to ie from parents or guardams
will he opened by-asu officer of the Collge.
Board. Tuition, Washing, Staltoners ............ .0 00
Etne money, irst year only) ................ i n
edesena-and lamacy ................. 10 W
Bedding, if farlaishedl by the College .............. 10 00
N. 1.--lst. Payments are to be made in gold or eqmiva.
lent In currency.
nii. Each haliasesioun in to be pald in advance before a
pupil I. admittel.
3d. No deduction is nmile for less than a month, or for
money advanceed for entrance fee, Imetiding, and medical
4th. Books are furnished by the College at theexpense
ofparents end guardians.
5th. No advance i. made by the College for hbooks,
lothling, traveling, dentlstry, poclket money, etc.. be.
yond the amount deposited with the Treasurer to met
menu expenee,.
Form extra chargers, anl are taught at the requcet of
parents .lnd guardian. The terms (in goli) are:
Piani . ........................................ .. 7 00
Violin or Flute ............................. ........6 00
Vocal Muaic ........................................ 2 Ito
Drawing ............................................ So
( l;( ITH ING.
dfielve shirms, twelve, handlkerhhiets, twelve pairs of
socks; six cravats, four iuura of drawera, six towele, ix
napkins, two sluimmer frock coats, two sumnmer vceis,
two paism ro winter ppu o.., firir.a.n.mr pan.ta-.
loons, four parr of eod.t, one cap, onut goilemt, itie sploon,
one fork, one table eie.
Iffurniahed by parenta--one ilillow thre. pilliw eaes.
three pair of sheets, one mnlluquito bar, our double
woolen blanket, one white eobfftrpanet
fell L. CURoiZ. S. T.. l'reindGent.
I maculate Conception, New Orleans.
This Literary Institutlon Incorporuteld by the State of
Liouisiana, aml empowecred to confer degrees, is con.
ducted by thle Futhers of the Society of Jesuas.
Time buildings ore well alptedl for the ptrpose. A
courtyaru. entirely cot off from the etreet, is reelrved for
recreation;: rtlhat, from the arrival of the pupil,. at 7::5
A. M1., till their delartmre at 4 P. M., they arm constantly
selaclded anti superintended.
The citnrse of inatruction embracee Greek. Iatin,
Englis, Frennch Poetry, Ithmitoric. lietory, Goopahy-
Shattheiiatles, Aa..tnomyy. Natur.l and Mental Phliueo
,by, with tme addition oi l Likkeepiug and the 1indt
omit~mercill tranhm.m.
Student arw not admltted, m.ulece they know Ihiw to
reamiand wrile.
The morl and religions training of the atudenta i the
iel.ang objects of tleu initrurtore.
Every nionth a report Is telnt to parent., atating con.
duet, progres, rank In claM. and attendanne.
TIme academical yer begin. on the frst Monday of
October, and ends about tie 31t ofJuly.
Colleglate Course, payable in dlvance, and in United
Statu E.trr,·ney, two months, pn0.
Preparatory Cmmrnee, #16. feo
I) Charlee College (Grand Coteau, La.) will commene
on time 24th of October, to end, a. unual, ahout the 61th of
of Auguat.
Ilorrrl. T'itl ThItima;
Board. Tnition, 3Weliting. 8tationiry, and Medical
Fees., ile in golml, or thle equivalent In pubtle currency.
Entrance for #0.
I toks and Medicine• form extra ehbma.
'uoat, at the option of the parent., ( ner month.
The artiSlq of Jledding, if iirniehod by tha Cohlega,
Qti prannunp.
T1e lermeare lobe paid ~ halfrl muean, in advaaea
the rstinetalent ing due the 14th ofOctobmr the
a-cend .being ,lqe tlb. 0mit of Marc.k
Xe advanee for clthifng, teraeling, or ~liler ax
peneer will be lead. by the Xmetltntio exedla t
e.Ur ofmoney depoatsla by th pirent. for km. p.
Thu age of adnmlaaioa Safe.. teal d~a. yeam i
For furatherP~~i u~kb~
andP. wOte a a J r .UU..1,
fo -- Nateheagee j~i J0-Od.

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