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[Inscribed to the fond parents, on the occasion of their
daughter'a departure for a convent novitiate.l to
0 beautiful voyage! where .Faith leads the way. s0
And Love lends his wings to the pilgrim's desire; to
When the readl, all unshadowed by sorrow or sin,
To the glory of God winds up higher--till higher!
Yes, gone to her God ! not through portals of Death,
With a wreathon her browandl palebadsonh erbreat !
Not gone iii a sleep even Love cannot break, |nl
so peaceful its smile and seo changeless its rest!- T
But gone to her God through the eloister's retreat, B
Quitting the world for those bowers so fair,
And aloeing her heart to the voies of  arth,
To open it only to Him in her prayer.
Yes, gone to her God linter brighteess and bloom,
Her brow still adorted with the lula ofyouth:
Shie knew that Lifb's premiaseswitmb too soon, ,
atbehsagelets sad ftadeles is God's living truth ' I2
Ars l gmte I ~t neh gtory of Virtue i left, b
It techa our hearts with a comforting grace; h
It brlghtens to gladness the gloom a our team,
And adorns with halo her sweet vanished face!
Gone to her God! And yet always your own!
br as lesg as this life leaves its bloom on her brow,
No clstmant, save Him, can e'er sever the bonds
Blnding you to your darling so tenderly now! ! 88
Yes, gone frem a home where the beaeons of joy
Ever burned with a radiance unchanging and bright; Ft
Bltherlnnoesntheartyearn'dfora weeter repos e light. i
In that shrine where God'smite is the senl'tsaira
Aye, gone to her God! To her apio of Love !
Pledging her heqrt to His service till death,
Knowing no widowhood ever can Qome
To dim with its tears the bright buds of her wreath. Ul
Always a .iel- fii d ihsage d no sorrow f
Can bring to her soul dark forebodings of Ill: of
Always beloved ! Through ydere and through changee for
The charm of her bridal shall rest o'er her still)! M
ione,gone to her God! Yet her memory with you the
Shall comfort your hearts in their moments of gloom, me
While the influence breathed front her life of devotion
Shall thrill all your lives as they glide to the tomb.!
Yen. gone to her God 1 O heautiful voyage,
Where Love lends his wings to the pilgrim's desire, ie
And the road, all illumed by the bright angel.wings, pro
To the glory of God winds up higher and higher! sub
a;od's bleasing, sweet voyager, ever be thine, mol
As thou journeyeat on to His haven of rest; [way idle
May His smile cheer thy path through ilfe's wearisome
Till thou reachest thy goal in the land of the blest ! wa
.Vee Orleans, Holy Week, tees. sent
Christianity'in China and Japan. r
Scarcely three hundred years have elapsed dull
since the Rev. Father Ricci, the celebrated
earant and missionary,arri.ved i-China, -A
and, notwithstanding the most cruel and A-,
relentless persecutionsof the Imperial Gov- has
eminment, instigated in some cases by foreign mit
intrigue, the Christian religion has made oflic
vast strides in tha Chinese empire, which king
is now divided among the principal reli- T
gious orders of the Catholic Church, as a wit)
prosperous field for successful missionary fol
enterprise. .ing
Thre Lord Bishop of Toronto stattes that Pole
the Church"in China is now " governed byi
thirty-two bishops, eighteen coadjutor Do
bisholips, and thirty vicars-apostolic. Col- on t
leges :an d schools are established through- the
out the empire. They are well attended the
by the natives, and are conducted by the the
brothers and sisters of the various religious tiot
orders. Hospitals have been erected for se
the sick, and asylums for the abandoned the
children whom pious persons, appointed for out
tiat purpose, pick up on the roadside, out loi
of the marshes, or from running streams. lit
The number of children thus saved in 1X66-7  u
is given as three hundred and three thou- Poi
sand eight hundled and five, and the funds peo
collectetd by the Society.of the Holy In-- ani
fanlyi fiot their support was five millions of. ni
dollars." " sin
In the emplire of Japan, where the Gospel i
of C'hrist was first preached over two hun- the
tired years a;go, by the great Apostle of the are
Indies, St. Francis Xavier, although thou- dei
sands of the neophytes uinderwent the most int
crutel torture, and thousands more were for
mnerciles.ly massacred, and their clergy- Uin
IitIen were e.ither annihilated or banished the
empirt., still the religion prearched by nayier cou
was hinded down fromnt generation to genter- oti.
uttion fll
In the priesent century, whlt't the ports of Pol
J:tpan were opened by the diplomacy, aided nual)
iby theis illtietnclle of the lpowerful fleets of ar
the ('hristian lowers, oltf- dlevottd' Catholic her
.m iissionaries-lv -Iandit-rr--eregretr'li l with coi
joy atid weVlcomIie by nearly two hundttredl h
tlhioustid fiithfgL Japlnese, who had pre
-Irved thle seetds of tihe religion, ats lhe por
descendants of the early lmartyrs. Wi
l'ever enter-n sRik r ,n , in ,wy of per. lo
spiration, as the momient you become cool,
your pmres absorb. l)o not appi'otich cont.-i
gious disceases with atn lempty stoliinch, nor ri
sit betweeC' the sick and the tire, hectituse i it
thie heat attracts the vapor. ts
The wife of the Rev. D)r. Root, of Vine- v'r
hland New Jersey, lately robbed lIm of pal
810,600. Prudent spouse--she thought she'd cal
Root out the cause of all evil from her hus- Vol
band's affections. . ait
A head properly constituted can accom
modate itself to whatever pillows the vicis- oil
situdei of fortune may place under it. ma
bld dogs are'beng soehiot in roviden e. we
The black and tan breed are'sbo(oting paper cv,
bullets at each other in N'ew Orleans. co,
The esug, or Easter week, will present
an opportune occasion for the congregating
together of the devotional and the goopl, of
heir the erring ani the sinful, of aU who desire
to supplicate heaven's mercy, to humbly
solicit itsblessings, and by heartfeltappeals
to the expiatory victim, a crucified God.
-obtain them ; for Thursday,. Friday, and
Saturday will be devoted in their entirety
et! to t§e august service, thanp which there is
none, more, suhlime and holy, known as the
Triduum, or Forty Hours' Adoration of the
Blessed Sacrdment.
The church of St. Vincent de Paul, Third
District, which is spacious and accommo
dating, win be open from the e
and before the sun has illumined the hori
zon.,so that wotringmen and others can
repair thereto without detriment,) until the
bright luminary's declination in the west
has been numbered by hours. -Eaah morn
ing at. half past seven. o'clock, instruaction
will be imparted in the Feneh language, t
and on the evenings of the days named f
"English instruction will be delivered at i
seven o'clock.
The assiduous and unrelaxing Father c
ht; Foltier, whose duties appear to be unceas- e
ht ing, and whose religious exercises and pious
exertions are of acharacter that may well be
characterized coatiauoua, has been fpr some ii
time past engaged in the arduous and Job- b
like task of properly preparing the youth
ful mind, the children of his congregation I
of both sexes, for confirmation. On Sunday m
s forenoon, the Triduum having . closed, the tl
Most Rev. Archbishop Odin will administer of
the impressive and faith-sustaining sacra- to
ment just observed, to all those prepared be
to receive it. As quickly thereafter as he
practicable the " busy bee" of St. Vincent ti
de Paul-(Rev. E;J- Foltier) will, we learn;
proceed to the North and WVest to solicit at
subscriptions for the completion of that jo
monument of his unflagging zeal, the unfin- 8
Y. ished temple. May the Omnipotent God 10
s watch over him during his temporary ab- ot
sence, and may he return laden with honey CO
to thn)hive that he has sanctified, is the dti
earnest and heartfult desire of those who
I duly appreciate His WORTH. Ca
1 -- - dr
I AoA~tST _Rtss:A.-ASt.>Petersburg journal for
- has a correspondent at Warsaw who trans- Imi
mite .to it not only news in some sort fly
Sofficial, but also details of social life in the cl
i kingdom of Poland: ma
The women detest us cordially and openly, m
without concealing their hatred the least in me
the world, while the men dissimulate. The res
Sfollowing seems to'me the system of reason Cu
inag and the line of conduct adopted by the Ca
t Poles: " To bend and yield in everything ; w
to subhmit and bow down before the autho
rities, and fulfillin appearance all its wishes. Ch
r Does it desire the huuses to be illuminated of
on the days of official fetes i Let us put, cu
they sayt , notto, but four lights in each inm
window. But let us reserve for ourselves Ca
the moral and intellectual superiority and br
e the discipline afforded by Latin civiliza- wt
s tion, and by the instruction of youth in the ch
t severe spirit of Catholicism. That means e
is the only one remaining to us to obtain aft
dthe victory-to restore Poland, and drive
r out the Muscovites. That plan is scrupu
it lously executed. The functionarieb'of Po- yo
lish origin distinguish themselves by their bl
* astonishing submission, and among the At
"7 youth in the schools the regeneration of un
1 Poland is being prepared. Those youn th
is people study with extraordinary ardor, an o
accustom themselves to a strict discipline, h
1 animated with the firm conviction that the
f. moment will come when this forced dis- ce
simulation will be converted into open
el resistance, when this apparent obedience bh
will be changed into manifest disdain for i
1- those on whom signs of exterior deference a
ie are now lavished. The Polish women h- fru
derstand this matter perfectly. In concert
with the Catholic clergy they speak only of R
it intellectual development and the necessity
re for mental labor. Preparations are .being th
made actively, determinately, incessantly, G,
for the future material and intellectual eru
me szde against Russia. 'lThe natives of that te
er country are observed, and their weak points
r_ and defects studied; the ground is care- 13
fully -ounded for the coming struggle. lie
And there is no possible doubt the arm the to
Df Poles have now chosen is mlost dangerous, re
d and Ruissia ought, on her side, to prepare
, early for the combat, if she does not wish icd
to be crushed by the nmental superiority of th
her adversaries. The peril is imnuinent. I hi
h eonitiiiimIt oiio t lhere quite small towns di
d where there are colleges with two, three, or i
four hundred pupils. These establlishmlents ti
are attended by the sons of cooks, stlreet~ oji
I porters, concierges, railway-llatelatel·ay,.s, etc. th
\Vith ny own eyes I have seen a collegian al
poring osvcr his books in a pioor porter's we
.lodge." 1)
i. A certain iphysician, whtn he visitced his on
r ric h Iand IxIriouis patients. always went th
, into their kitchens,l and shook lhands with
their cooks. " My good friends," says hC, ,
" I owe you much', for y'ol confer grealt fa- a
Svors upon Inc. Your skill, yoour ingenious me
pf palatable art of pissoning, enables us medi- tie
'd cal men to ride in our carriages; without
e. your assihmltc ould all go on foot, an
and be starv-ed." he
s- olics of the United States will learn with M1
much pleasure that the Right Rev. Bishop fit
Carrell, oiCorington,8ae been for several Am
e. weeks steadily convalescing. There is
r every reason to hope that he will soon re- Ni
cover his usual good health-Telegrapk. st
German active part
sent in the movement to the Pope.
ting As a reward for the great services which
1, of Mrs. Catherine Rone, an Ameriean lady,
sire rendered to the wounded at the battle of
Mentena, she has been decorated by the
ibly Pope with the Order of St. Gregory.
eals His Grace the Archbishop of Westminster
lod. ireached at St. Mary's Church, Hammer
and smith, on March 8, on behalf of the West
London Hospital, making a most earnest
appeal for that institution, which extends
S1is its valuable aid to all patients, without any
the religious distinctions.
the At the Frendh church in King. street,
Pbrtman square, London, the Rev. Father
Las Planes, a Dominican Father, from
Lyons, is-preaching a Lenten course of ser
mo- mons every Sunday and Monday afternoep.
The church has been attended--by a large
number of person anxious -to hear one of
- the most eloquent preachers connected with
can the Catholic Church in France.
the A letter from the Cape of Good Hope-ia
rest forms us that the igiht Rev. Dr. Gnrmley,
M. Catholic bishop of the'diocese, has, at the
on request of his clergy and laity, written in
Sthe nanie of the Catholice of SoutkAfda to
ge, the'Emperor of the French, thanking him'
ted for the aid afforded to the Holy Father
at during the invasion of the Papal territory
by Garibaldi and his robber bands.
On Sunday, March first, the new church
her of St. Jamnes', t Millom, England, was sol
as- emnly opened by the Right Rev. Dr. Chad
wick, Lord ishop of Hexham and Newcas
tle. Millom,itself is quite a new place, on
be the western coast of Cumberland. It.sprung
me into existence about'thrbe yearsago in con
ob- nection with the, hematite iron mines and
blast furnaces of Hodbarrow.
The Independence Beige mentions a ru
on mor to the effect that the British Govern
ay meat has expressed-itself favorably toward
he the maintenance of the Pope's temporal
er power, and that in consequence of this and
of the friendly attitude assumed by Prussia
n- toward the Holy See, France, not liking to
td be outdone by Protestant powers, will, in'
as her negotiations with Italy, speak more
nt decisively than ever upon the Roman ques
ni We hear that the Anglican Establishment
ait at Hackney, from which seven of the Sisters
at joined the Catholic Church a few weeks
ago, is to be converted into a Catholic con
vent, and that the ladies who formerly be
ld longed to the house are to be joined by
,- others, and they together will form a new
convent of the Sisters of Mercy, under the
direction of the Archbishop of Westmin
ie ster.-London W'eekly Register.
Canada has sent its contingeni of one hun
dred and forty-six vol s apa[
T -'They a  Paris one day last
w eek, and on the next took their departure
d for Marseilles on their way to Rome. They
. marched through the city with their flag
flying, bearing the national device Aime
Lien, et ra ton chemin. They excited great
e curiosity. Large crowds followed their
march, and in spite of some sneering re
marks here and there, the reception they
met with from the population of Paris was
e respectful. They attended mass at St. Sul
pice. St. Sulpice was the birth-place of
Canada. Thence it was that its founders
went forth, and the apostles of Christian
civilization, and it was a true filial and =
Christian piety that led the Papal Zouaves
d of Canada to the altar of. St. Sulpice. The I
cure of St. Sulpice addressed them in touch- I
h ing terms, and, alluding to the noble
Canadians who had fallen at Monte Li
d bretti and at Mentana, said that their blood
was the seed of new martyrs. Outside the
1 church the people formed in two rows, and
Is received with heads uncovered, in token of 3
, affectionate respect, these new crusaders.
,e On their departure the Canadian volun- I
- teers were loudly cheered by a number of a
, young Catholics of Paris, who had assem- '
irbled to offer them a last tribute of respect. I
1e At a signal from their commander the vol
)f unteers gave three cheers for Pius IX, and a
three cheers for .rance, and marched, fol- [
lowed by amt-immense crowd, to the stationl
e A letter from Lyons in the -Univers says,
t that the Canadian. Zouaves were well re
ceived by large and sympathetiQ crowds, t
n and were accompanied to the plice of em- t
barkitent by an escort of honor. They C
r parthed past the Archepicpilnrisidence, a
,e nd the cardinal gave them his blessing t
I from the window, and after a halt of only I
rt two hours and a half, they embarked for 3
of Imonie.-W estminster Gazette.
ty TIIE NEW CARDINALS.-We copy from 3
N the correspondence of the Westminster c
Gazette a description of the ceremonies at
it tending the creation of the Cardinals: t
ts Before this is published, namely on the c
e- 13th ult., the Consistory will have been
e. held. in which will be created the cardinals t
le to whose elevation to the purple I have al
., ready adverted.
re On the day above named the l'ope will t
h he bolrne in tat in the sediia vesrtator-ia, to
of tihi traia cosistorialis, whilre he wIill take
I isi at 1on the throne surrounded by the]
na dignitaries of the houselhold, whence ihe will
or annloutce, illn a Latin allocution, his inten
ts tion of confnirring the cardinalitial dignity
et ol the tir't ,l' tlhon, to 1h t'to.:.i, -.o-on
c. this oceionll will I,)( his Imnqperial Highnessa ,
Il Mgr. Iucieln Iohn:lparte. Accordinglill to pre
' scription, he will then tladdress tothe assem-
bled cardinals this question, "'Quid -robis t
ridcettr f" and fhe cardinals having one by J
i olne gi(ven their adhesion, hlie will plronlunce
at hte fo1rmula for tlhe creation in these words:
t" . luctoritate nostra 't beaforum Apostolorum
', 'ctri tl c'iauli crr,(Edits ct putblieoltts cardi
i t- lIcenlt presbiltecrume ,-anctae ]Icclesia4 R1o
us an'n, (.. 2'. runt olmniblusR clusltis et cderona-c
i- tionibtus o.portu,niis et nec~ssariis."
It After a pause tihe Pope then proceeds to
t, announce the nanmes of the other prelates
he intends to mnlake cardinal priests; who I
will be Mgr. Moreno, Archbishlop of Valla
.- dolid; Mgr. Gonellat Bishop of Viterbo; 3
th Mgr. Ferrieri, Archbshop of 8yda, in par
Stibus, now nuncio at Lisbon; Mgr. Barili,
Archbisho ofThyania in rtibs. cio
is a aurid; agr. Berard, Archbishop oj 9
- Niccea, in partibus, now under-secretary of
state; and Mgr. Monaco-la-Valletta, as- a
aesr of'the'S.~oingrekation of tlhe' 'HIoly
Office. A.sM otW4oMe'ta -be made cardinald
art deacons, whofi Hbe Mgr. Borromeo-Arese,
matordomb Ifthe Pope; and Mgr. Cspalti,
ioh secretary of the 8. Congregation of thePro
Spa ida.
Sphe cardinalitial beretta, ao:.-efta, and
SrsueAetta, ar conferred -by.the Pope's own
hand on those new cardinals who are pres
tent in Rome. To those who are- absent, it
ter is sent by the hands of a prelate bearing
er- the title of ablegate,'. accompanied by a
eat guardia nobile. In this case it is customary
it for the new cardinal to make a handsome
ids present to' the ablegate and the guardia po
ny bile, and' that the latter should receive a
deeoratibn from the sovereign of the coun
et, try. The three who will be absent frotli
ner Rome on this occasion, will be Mgr. Moreno,
an Mr. Ferriel, and Mgr. Baili.
nr- On the'eveain-tof the 13th, the new car
'P. dinals'will hold their first rIceiomeste, that
30 is to say, they open their rooms to receive
of the eomplmentary visits of the mbnitbers of
th the' e d q ,the nobility and pre
lsature ministersiand public fanctionaries.
n The .terMor 76F the palace is brilliantly
y, ilmiated . tr ibarrels a"full of bl aing
e avigs light up the iisnrroindin'g plaks
in andmilita bands lenid their aid tothe
m i Mgr.Bonaiarte will give his rioviswlsento
er at the Ftench Embassy ; Mgr. Monaco at
y the Holy Office; --Mgr. erardi, and igt.
Borromeo, at the .Quirinal; Mgr. Gonella
h and Mgr. Capalti, at the Propaganda; and
the Spanish Ambassador will give on6 at
the Palazso di Brpagna, in the name of Mgr.
Moreno. "
- A second and less formal ricerimento will
n be given on the morniiig-of the 16th, the
day of the Cohaistory in which the hat and
d ing and cardinalitial. title are, conferred.
The new cardinals will be presented to their
places in it, after taking the customary
L oath. Te be invested with the hat they
kneel- before the Pope, who places it on
d their head saying: Accipe galerum rubrum,,
I etc. He then places on their finger the car
d dinalitial ring, and assigns to each a title of
a one of the churches of Rome. .
0 The hat, which is red, with gold tassels,
l is carried home to each cardinal's residence s
e the same evening by the eamerierie segreti,
-with considerable ceremony. a
The title of Mgr. Bonaparte will he from
-Sta-Mria dblla Pace; Mgr. Gonelle's, Sta. a
a Maria sopra finerra; Mgr.' Berardi's SS.
s Pietro e Marcellino; Mgr. Monaco's. Sta.
Croce in Gerusalemmne; Mgr. Borromeo's, I
- SS. Vito e Modesto and Mgr. Capalti's Sta.
r Maria inAquiro. i have not been able to 2
learn as yet what titles will be assigned to
the three absent cardinals. - s
.Mgr. Borromneo will be succeeded in his
post of majordomo by Mgr. Pacca, who
cedes his of mawstro di camera to Mgr. Ricci. ,
Mgr. Franchi, Archbishop of Thessalonica,
L and formerly nundio at Florence,-will re- v
place Mgr. Barili lit Madrid, and Mgr. -
Oreglea di San tefano will succeed Mgr. J
Ferreri at Lisbon.
TrxIKINro-Thereis nothing which makes
another as the practice of calm and serious
thinking. To those who have been accus
tomed to it, there is at first an effort; but it
is entirely in their own power to repeat this
effort if they will, and when they will. It I
becomes every day easier by perseverance us
and habit-and the habit so acquired exerts _
a material influence upon their condition G
as responsible and immortal beings. In
that great process therefore, in which con
sists the healthy condition of any man as a
moral being, there is a most important step,
of which he must be-conscious as an exer
cise of his own mind. You feel that you
have here a power, however little you may Pa
attend to the exercise of it. You can direct
your thoughts to any subject you please; u
you can confine them to objects which are cod
before you at'the time, or occurences which
have passed during the day-or you can
send them back to events which took place
many years ago. You can direct them to A,
persons whom you are in the habit of meet- c
ing from day to' day, or to those who are I
separated from you 'by thousands of miles.
You can place before you personsorho livied, c
anl events which occurred-long before you c
came into existence, and you can anticipate sr
and realize events which are not likely to c
occur until you have ceased to exist. Study. -
these wondrous processes of your mind; S
observe what power you have over them, Tn
and what consequences of eternal impor
tance must arise from exercising them. D
aright. If you can thus think of any subject Re:
you please, why cannot you think of God- '
of his power, his wisdom, his holiaess his -
justice-of his law which he has 5if'itn in D'
your heart, and in his revealed word ? Why gra
cannot you think of and realize the period n
when you shall lie down in the grave; and sea
that tremendous moment when all that are box
in the graves shall hear the x of th t? -
of God, and they that hear shall live, and j3
shall arise to judgment ? Such truths as 11
these, duly considered, or thought of, could re
not fail under divine inflnence,; to exercise ate.
a powerful effeit upon all our habits of L'"'
thinking and acting in this life.
A CHIEAP FElTILiZER.-lFirst gather anly
qulnantity of kwanmp muck into a pile to dry. ca
Measure off six barrels of this (or any other &
rich black earth) into another pile, and add T
the following salts, previonasly dissolved in ne
a barrel or mIore of water viz: forty pounds
nitrate soda, sixty pounds sulphate ammo- an
mlia, and half a bushel conmnon salt. Then a
add one hirrel of ashes, one barrel of plas
ter of l'Paris, and one barrel ground bbnes.
Mix all well together and use in the saIme I
manner as Peruvian guano.-Soulthern Cul
A \Velsh clerg"yman alppli ledto his diocesnn
for a ihing. The bishopn piromised lhin .
one; but, as he was taking hil lenve, he O
expressed a hope that his lordship woukld
not send him into the interior of the princi
pality, as his wife could not speak Wels. toTi
Your wife, sir," said the bishop, "what has toc
your wife to do with it? She does not preaci, a
does she?" "No, my lord," said the parson, cn
"but she lectures." of ti
ga-t4which has been sunk nine hundral box
years in, about to be rained to recover a large Com
amount of bullion. If they sncceed,' theyll
make a raise, one way.or the other. eI
ree, AMUItr L 0533K. THOMAB 5. ELDER
o. SI OOMaC. A-
d Front O-, New Orleans.
Front e fet 3m
flag No. 13 C. ttI street, New Orleans.
IY Constantly on hand, forl sa,.&lrT stock e Molss
vry Blarrel and Half-Barre. ; alo Hoop Poles for Hoseads
ne aniBarrels, delivereuat lowest market pric. eI=
rea . L'nceAi.DN.. - JAL. . COLIUSA.
fo, . Na S Com.srcias Pla.e, New Orleans. oe tf
thata s =
a of No. s Teheuplmeles street,
fell Sy Now Orems.;
e '. J'OHanSN
1tly .F. oa YNDERTAKEn,
No. ass Rampart stree, etreen Delerd sad Caliope.
SMetal.o, Mahogany, Walnut and Plain COPFINS
always oa hand.
, go All erder r Carriages promptly ttended o.
mhft ly.
No. 9 Mag va steet, corner of Delord, New Orleans.
i K ieeps fas e had a argetm t SeC 39et1l1e
Eugr. s/ppa. carrrgs/ · to here. ' ly
Jill HoULAar-
ed. No. 373 St. Charles street, New Orleans.
leir lox,l'o Mechanic' Exchange.
lry Orders solicited and promptly attendedto. mbuh 3m
" No. 33 Commerce street, New Orleans, La.,
of Post-OMee Box No. 2342.
, Particular attention paid to consignments of Hides,
ice S i, furs. Wool Tallw a and Bleeswax.
ti, All shipments to and from our house, by ea or river,
se cered by-our Open Policies of Ins.uro.. n ...l
ordered otherwise.
-Orders from dealers and tanners carefully and pnacto.
tn. ally attended to mh 3am
a Manufacturers and Dealers in
to French and American,
Nos. 99 and 101 Canal street, and No. 5 Chartres street.
, New Orleans.
Gold Medal awarded for best home-made work at State
Fair of 1868.
SSlver Medal and Three Blue Ribbons for best Trunks,
Val Vis, and Bags at State Fair of 1888. mh8I3m-- -
Near St. Charles, New Orleans.
en -
t Cabinet, Pier, and Plumber mlas Inde to order.
is N. B.-Marble and Brick Tombs built after the latest
designs, and executed in a workmalltke manner and as
cheap, If not chebeaper, thbn by anm other Marble *stab
Ce lalment in the city.
t8 fe,0 m r'
1V 0 Canal Street, otipoete Christ Church,
l Inharge of
r- (Lately with T. K. Finlay).
on Prearipos rlf compounded. All the standard
ty Patent .i.cineso and Perfumeryfor ale.
Ct The businessarried on for the fmily of the late
Dr.WILIAt CLEARY, and the public may depend
1; that nothiag but fresh, pure, genuine artles wsll be
re sold or ned, D. P. SCANLAN,
e9 - For the Adminilstration.
1 ........... CHAIRTIS STREET......... 19
A. BtrOUSSEAU CO., Importers, odbr at low prices
SCARPETINGS, English and American, of all kinds.
FL POR. Purnltre and Enamel OIL CYLOTHS.
MA 5000 rolls China, 100 pieoes Coon.
.WINDOW SHADES, Table and-Piano Covers.
, CRUMB CLOTHS, Drugget, Linen, Felt.
CURTAINS Laes, Reps Worsted, Damasku , etc.
U FURNITUR COVEING, Linen and Cotten,
8Stripes, tc.
p CORNICES, Bands, Pins, etc. . fee 3m
•I am selltng them now at the very low price of 3r'1'Y
II. DOLLARS.P, ri with ech will throw in one ot MoCall's
t Royal Charts for Fittidg Ladies' Dresses, at the Great
Southern Machinl anl Variety Store.
mht am M. S. HEDRICK. 87 Canal street.
r 10 Camp street. Visiting and Wedding Cards en
y glraved in the most elegant manner.
d Business crds, Account Sales Cotton, Bills Lading
SlChe c enStDo In=voie, nd Clrnlar Letter, etc., lithographed.
, eals. neeling itrmir, Door Plates, etc. Inltials em.
e bosedl on Paper and Envelopes, without charge for die.
Blank Account Sales Cotton always on hand. fe9 Im
c 1115Camp street, same old stand, oppositeSt.Pat
Srick's, New Orleans.
Keeps constantly on hand a good as-ortment of Bed
e steads, Mattresses. Arluoire, Tal,le,- Sofns, Chairs,
jf L,.eking Glasses, etc. Furniture taken on Storage. .
fi-9 int
lgaoe Wagron, No. 371 Mellpomerle atrect. New Orleans.
c Fmirllurn taken down andl Iltt ul,, and Pianis removed
cnr-folly, on moat reaeooablk terirrs.
Orler may be left t ithe Music Store of Mesnrs. Zorn
& creorr, Žo. 95 Camp street.
I TIhe Car standrls at the corner of Camp and Poydrm
streets. mohl ly
arnl 'ferlmichore str-,-tr. otel riring, fitting up, and
all Job Work in his lion aatiatactorily nttendedi to.
Office--No. I! Comp stref. rear Common.
Ily. Pyclrnud, i'rsidcnt; P. Maloclwr-' Vice President ;
Louia Barnrett. ),crtiary-.
Lafayettrr Folger, Job I. Aldams, 1. P. Maloche,.
'rlrras N. lllake, ('. W. Iarlllul-ry, .trrg. Conrtllrie,
TIll (;ate, M tadire Hidge.
ARRTIN BAYN ES, Proprietor.
The undernsgned begls leave, most respectfully, toetate
to his friend and the pueblc that he hae on hand a large
Sstock of Fruit; Flower and Ornamental TREES for ale.
His rren-house are well stocked with a choice selection
of.PLANSI embraclng a great varietyZW ould se
emll attntio to my SweetOrange Trees, some tholrusds
or. yte be. c9utv it a •largearuount of Shade Trs.
01S of nte ; am prpared to sell on the moat reisnk
i box will be kept at E'd's Hous" Front Levee, near
Common street, Where orders may be left.
_ _ Orn ge GrveN ry.
l ei OGate, near the Shel ee

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