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The morning star and Catholic messenger. [volume] (New Orleans [La.]) 1868-1881, May 10, 1868, Morning, Image 3

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.b. . - "of the
1Uf NW@ Uic4Wý i. d
g' qe e e eof au[ I
a 'convent. '
time Ionagem gPr l of ý t he l
o. ýeth of , re. Ar thur Ge
S .P", of ope B oth were
tee beloved by these who knewo
=The .IFkI e.aI'a J mns ai of the 10th nit.
nouncss the death of Rev. Arthur Ger
Philip smyatL, .' P.P of Ovoca. Both were.
esteemed sad beloved by those who kenow
them. o
Waxrosa.-The constabulary through
out the county Wexford were recently sup- 14
plied with.. breech-loading 8neider rfles.
Subeotbl4Hallidsy has been transferred
from W ord- to elfast .and has been re
placed by Sib-idbaitable Richardson, from
the latter'asMEtoa.
A.cons.a has been formed in Ennisaor
thy for.the introduetion. by means of pur
chase or xre, of good, sound, thoroughbred $
huniter sireu.
Rev.;Thomas Breen, C.C., of Ennisecorthy,
died there on the morning of the 11th alt.
KxLxnmmx.-A local paper of a late date
says: Within the last eight or nine days,
the principal parts of five skeletons of the
old2esh:deer of the extinct kind were ex
humed on the reclaimed borders of Poula- a
capple bog, Garryricken, by two men named
Marnell and Mougham-the. latter ah Or
monde- tenant-whilst engaged in tillage m
operations for planting pIottoes in such ge- o
nimal soil. a
WESiVTMti.--The Westmeath Indepen- b
dent reports the-proceedings at-a-late meet
ing of -the Athione Town Commissioners, '
whereat it was propqsed to present an ad
dress to the Prince of Wales, whereupon
Mr. Bracken objected, at the same time ask
ing hat had any " one of them" done for
Ireland? The qhpirman, Mr. Murtagh, J. P., w
thbught that they might move in the matter.
Mr. Lystbr dfd'not see why they'should in
terfere. The object of the Prince was "to
have a thing hmng yound his neck" and to '
sort imse]fr at Punchestown races. Mr. L. w
Kelly coiitended that they should avoid
sueh sabeists; and this was the desire of e
other mem s, Mr. Bracken again spoke- t
and said "The English Government di hi
setre nothing from this country. The one
eoneeseoh Ibreed on them by the writings ri
of the uaedarsten Pre prisofers, they na
now ened r to put of by threatening 'an in
appeal  to f country.' But I am happy to fa
say that gelmvan` ll be returned at the ol
next eleetion for the borough of -Dundalk
one of themsdt npedent in.reland, anad
without oe . s expense, and he will a
next sLr4Xa5or of Thihir." The
dent ttb~fee ohnthst&b (t h6 Orange- a
man) wold. als be elected to Pariament; m
and tlhenake what was the decision as to th
the addires Mr. Bracken said: Oh ! let it he
" Hlie on the '-table," as they say in Parlia. hi
ment. Dr. Hetheritgton here rose and l~ft "i
"the room.
A correspondent writing from Athlone, Q
under date of the Ilth ult., says: A sad ac- L
cident occurred yesterday at the new Catho- ul
lic chapel of Moste, some seven miles from E
this town. A young man named Ward, cc
aged eighteen years, was-bringing a hod of "'
mortar to some masons,_who were engaged C,
in building a portion of a wall, when the '
scaffold en which he walked gave way, and Q
he was' precipitated to the ground, a dis- v
tance of tvtween fifty and sixty feet. In 01
the fall the unfortunate young man came in te
contact with some pillars, and on reaching
the ground was so horribly mutilated that w
he could scarcely be identified. In a few tc
minutes later another young man, named e1
Cuddy, and hitafather, were removing some a
stones ap a second ~saibld; it also came n'
down. The two men, together with four ti
other masons, came to the ground, all of o'
them suartlad.g very severe injuries. One
of the masonms whosename was not ascer- hi
tained .but who is a native of Roscommon, C
had his epinal coltann broken -wd his right de
leg fractured. All the injuied men are mar- O
ried. I
Lotrrn.-The Drogheda Argus of a late I
aite says ;A few days ago, the wife of Mr.
ThomasQartlaa, a farmer residing at Dro- a
miakin mona, county Louth, gave birth b
to four Pp
The I ý nrat of the 11th nit. I
says the proceedings in the Il
Dnmdalk',  ne board room, will give o
our rea idea of the position into g
whiih the t-payers of the Union h
have got the 'TheAscendancy party e
had everythiq own way, and they S
took eare to diplay their power. Is ap- a
pointing the dilt dispensary commit- n
tees, no one but 'estants found favor in 1
their sight, when vacancy was to be filled b
The same journal announces with regret t
Sthe demise of Thomfie King, Esq., of Knock- l,
bridge, in the fifty-ninth year of his age.
Thle Iev. P: Kent, P.P., has just received
ftrom London a large and splendidly exe
cuted statue of St. Patrick, the Apostle o
Ireland. In one hand the saint holds, in i
lminiature, our national Church; and with c
the other he points to a serpent at his feet. a
The figure was designed~g y Dr Manning,
Archbishop of Westmins~r, and executed
at Munich. It is now appropriately placed I
on onof the side altars of the beautiful t
Catholic church in George street, dedicated
to St. Patrick himself, of which the Rev. .
Mr. Kent is the deservedly Imopular pastor. (
- Waterford News.
Coan.-The Dublin Irishman of the 11th
ult. says: On Thursday last, a laboring t
man named John Connors was employed.
very lar ge ..l'It minsl ,eed dx .fo a
length, e Igb tlML. dI e iand..ttweo. I
incies in widt. It was of deal
apýeared t6aotl& e t' r ifoTOng ie in
rý'_ .r¶Y+4. The lid, ic . w1- l
Unet, WW renmoved, and Iziorsi
awlihappeade to him, at fhdstight ,t
ran,.a menade of wo.4& 4-+
S ".m o .bands. T we also two
ke-hwadns, one of was elegantly -
shed. The police report that there can be _
no doubt as to the for wics teh I
articles were int t oM ii
which they.were ~
hi the district -It
an. ntise part in' the
Iii6P t the 5th and otb
goa6d is, cp 7,.t h
.The CoeTIfosr says e: On thMe3d lt.,
Mr. John a short time in et Lodhy ,
lorrd lietenant's ewarrand wa
twowed to retwas t o Cork,
prov a memorial orwahe brded by inMs. .' th.C
lils, solicitor. Mr. Patrick Joyce; w oLd h
also betyen a short time in custodyandst athe
lord " lieutenant's warrant, was z.elapsed r
from Monatjoy. Both will, we believ, be I
allowed to return to Cotrk, and reuspa I
business asr pblicans. a
The s pme pper,ek onder-dat theire ofwages the 4stone-h 4
nitt. says: The Corkmanded orrespondent of the
Ierei Breddr notices ta , k c al . The i
provement in the building business inome this
citye which for some time had beew. at a'l
stanterstill. Owing to the inexample of the
other trade, the mon athe middlent on
of Mstrikech, obtained an advance to thret oeai1 I
lings per weekmas on their wages; the swilling tone
cutters also demanded conceditions, bthat the
were refused, anda strike tgk place. The i
men and employen have generally aome to
terms since, and the only wort s stopped
rale those at St. Vions ient', unday' Well, I
for which Mr. Mthe rctioMullen is contractor. The
cape Teners, following the example of the
other trades, are stated to be at present on
strlkefora similar advance to that obtained i
b- the masons. Themnsters.are-willing to .
yield to the demsand on condition that the t
" hotur system" is adopted, but this is oh6
jeedted to by the men. The principal works a
now in progread are the p rotestant cath- i
dral and the alterations in the county jail, t
whenterich ncld the the erection of a pretty cJhna
pel. TRenders hae. heh ondiet wasor the
erectionof chool lhreenedo a residence
for the Christian Brothers at Donerdile at s
a 'cost estimated at £3000, and seveial other
works are in eastemplatlon.
a the evening of the 7th ult., four men
entered the ho onf Samusi Mier John '
-Republic. Theio r conduct was ves
violent, ad etey threatened to shoot linto
the houaughse rif their demanow, whie nothey
instantly complied with. Mr. Mimer's
fowling-pieced open. -li ed towever, wad
n writing it tey he editor p the
The Cork eorrepondent of .the Iiish
Lsmer, under dater, underth date of athe 6th
a nocturnal attack on the e'w.11ing f a
fIrae ys: a The petitioom for Rligious
ughd by anedhekn on yesterday, and
coned between six and seven. two shots nto
the house through-a.window, which they
names, headopen. Nory Lye howevr, wasJ.P.,
hurt, and the whole story s.rather suspi- f
ThCroo parh priest-of Croom Rev. John
Quinlan in writing to the editor ants of
teblhmenportr,and dinder date of the Pth
estant, says: "The petland.ition Thefor Religious
Eqality wast the nedw ere on yesterdayb and
contained between six and -seven hundred
names, headed by Henry Lyons, Esq., J.P.,
Croom House."
sA public meetingdedof the inhabitants of
Queenstown and th e t reat Island was con
vened on Tuesday, 7th nit., for the purpose
of concerting measures to obtain the disson
tabliabment and dlsendowment of the Prot
estnfo Church in Ireland. The meeting
was held appointed the new school-house above.the
town, and wasr very nmerParish Priestly and re
spectably attended, the bishop of the dio
cese, the Most Rev. Jamr. eMoran, and a
number of his clergy, bean; among thos. on
over by Dr. Maurice Powet; L:P.'
L~Iunsrcx.-The Lord Bishop of Limer.k
has appointed the Rev. Cornelius M'Carthy,
C.C., Bsllingairy, Parish Priest of Knocks
derra, In the room of the late Rev - Deals
O'Brien, P.P. Rev. James `Morin, C.C.,
Templeglantin, has been appointed C.C. of
The Limerick Easter fair of cattle, sheep, I
and pigs, was held on the 6th nit., when a
buyers were scarce, though stock was
plelty. The quotations were as follows:
Ine alf heifers, from £16 to £18; at the
latter price, Mr. William Spaight sold a lot
of six; Mr. Robert Holmes, of Athlumikard,
gave the same price for springers; a few
heavy beeves and milch cows fletehe £20
each; sheep of the best quality were u to
58s.; hoggets, from. 30Ks. up to 40s.; the
average for best was 58s. perewt., and prime
mutton, 7d. per lb.; lambs, 17s. to 25.. each.
The supply of pige was below the average,
but of the best description.
CLARE.--At the last Coumity Clare Quar
ter Session, an action of a somewhat simi
lar character came before the court, in
which Mr. Michael Duffy, recently an as
sistant in theEnnia4 post-office, appeared to
be the plaintiff and Mr. Frisby, the post
master, as the defendant. It appeared that
in February last, a package containing nlu
cifer matches was put into the receiver,
addressed to Mr. Duffy, and in which he
found a letter which he subsequently de
stroyed. Mr. Frisby eventually thought it
requisite to discharge the plaintiff, owing to
his connection ~'ithl the transaction, and tihe
action was brought to recover the sum of
£7 10s., alleged to have been withheld by
defenldant, although he hadl drawn it as
'" salary for assistant post-master" from the
government. 'The ease wais dism issed,.ane
that plailntift was alloiwed ..s. i.1. for three
wtel'a prlt violS to dismiieal.
W 8e: U , I There wes lere i
Sd ow s ,;s ll ready dbmand armes
t - I p folows, Ha sl4pp, iP
0 'NUW baa 50-Tke . do.; gileso t
- :a anderstand, that Wia , rRy a.
,.e' Q Men bes se"n .Lwee. o- -
wa naatsar.---twm mbr P a e
o fol _ ws Iaeivs o rtwrdia seal s o I
about being built in Tarbe-is fee nmae
also Vi --dl a of heAWg t ther
ua-B h wes .g In Listowel ie
u!t ,posoneu " It appears tTianist C ilat
t4 by comic means obtained aneeesa to a
F, -qantitylof pansclc acid, which their father
Sin ll , and swallowed a prtion
a 'WArahrosi.--r. Grubb was recently
I re-elected Vice-Chairman of the Waterford.
e Poor LawBoard of Guardlans... In -repert.
r ing the " affair the Waterford Nows rays;
hhweLink a Catholic and a Liberal
Ii ought tb ill one of the principal chairs at.
e ouj Paor Law Board, as is usually the ease
i- 1 all. catselio unions elsewhere, silL. we
Sthat the Liberals rallied rond r.
u made by the Conservatives to oust .him.
e The rult of this .election, as also ,that of
-the mayoralty, proves that the old Ascend
- ancvy party is all but dead in Waterford.
t On the morning of the first lt. at his
e resideme, near Kilsheelan, John uincahy,
e agedthty.eight wasfound dead in his bed.L
I An inquest, was held,w~d a verdict, died
, from nathral causes, returned.
e -
aIRss Co it siors.-Earl Mayo, tlheJriah
i Secretary, in his late speech ain Parliamenet p
s stated as an evidenee-of the-praperous con
B dition of Ireland, that she consumed- more
spiritous liquors than atny-formerperiod. t
It has been universally ridiculed. When
the English Government labor under -any L
pressure for ameliorating the condition of t,
Ireland, she ra tee a Commission, which r
t erves two purposes: 1. To give salaries to
dependents. 2. Tomanufaetute a bluebook,
establishing beyond eontroversy the benign P
Suale of Great Britain, and the comfort and
t" happtess o terdriseursbjeots.. A Leondon
some of the statistis :entributed to one of
t these Commissioners, which came very sear
Sbelag oicially pablished.. genuine.
Some year/back as Jrish.Commission pf 6a
n aqiry circlated a set of inquiries on the rn
condition of the poor. Some`i dlvid~ial sent '
fin a set of metrical answers not very com w
~ plinatary to the Comamission, and not ex. bi
asy.pe6nveying the kl d ?f information fr
wanted. The answeris to the anterrogatories in
werea Ctually pisited-at least a plrt-for A
- a -be , -fore the charact er-.of -the
communition was understood and the t
impression erased. I gave some of the b
Squeries and their answers :- P
Q. (4.)-WhMt is the ordinary diet, and condi- a
tion with respect to clothing, of the labotrng a
cleases in your pariah t a
. A .-The general diet Is potatoes and wp.st,
I For sldom; if ever, they see any joint; h
,I Their clothing is various, as every foul
knows; «1
Some dae.t, some ragged,- without any 4
f hose. . s
Q. (7.)-What would be the yearly'expense of 01
Sfeed for an able-bodied laborer in full work, at o1
e the average price of provisions during each of c.
- the last three years ?a
- A.-And nowforthis question :-to answer it
I willndyouamanwithafair appetite;
You can feed him a quarter, and Judge
Whai would be a just average during the
Q. (9.)-Wht is the usual rent of cabinic with
A. p From one to two pounds they willt
k promise to pay ;
But the landlord is glad, after two years
to ay,
"'ll forgive you the rint if you give up
the sa y;'
He then gets another, Who acts he same D
Q.(10 what description of buildings are a
, those cabins, and how furnished Are they 01
a supplied with bedateads and comfortable bud
A.-A cabin consists of the walls, roof and 0
e With dssetimes a window, and mostly a 01
door. n
0 A lip of a pig, to keep their feet snug. a
SAll the metrical answers are 6dd and F
e rather good; but the oddest thing is that
e they so nearly made their appearance in ft
'* the shape of a blue book.
SOC Lovs.-How sweet is social affec. ai
tion! -When the world is dark without we tI
have light within. When cares disturb the ti
n breast, when sorrow broods about the heart,
i what joy gathers in theire ircle we love I We h
o forget the world, with all its animosities, A
- while blessed with social kindness. That w
t man cannot be unhappy, who has hearts a
- thlat vibrate in Sympathy with hie own, i
r, who is cheered by the smiles of affection n
e and the voice of tenderness. Let the world d
be dark and cold, let the hate and animosity
t of bad men gather about him in the place of ir
o business-but when he enters the ark of
e love, his own cherished circle, he forgeteall fr
f thlse and the cloud pastes from his brow he
y antd the slorriw from his heart. The warm Is
a sympathies of hii wife and children dispel
e every shadow, and he feels a thrill of Joyt
il his |.m which words are not adequate 1i
o tocx re.i e nIho inf aii stager to the t
joy.' ot s(i-a' kindntsis has not begunto live. i .
.ed sab d dsh t iwa,ýba,,,a,,-,
Rtn thiilmaa p ts .
sdmeaaim s eml ý v ti st"essmihu to faew h
etwºdamesdigenanesmealhilaifses h
einmtou 1 psllaa )e . -: z,, . .
tmes to ,n mu istoe d
o the l f: , "oo& 'U" e'.
1an, antaoe dandt' g of b
r " , tone tobt
Slit .1timags witeh
omnyt ero
sand sossd d howssiymitlA X ' . Po tig.a
ood t ti w sples of Vh S l o ioe -the
timesor h when might alrodies
aBut all tha t great and worthy of admi-ehe
isprevaile amonstwthhIe is f
n their works. Even w bea hre
press of aste, ine act rallelr tothe
feather as thofse of the all nto in Elord's
to the mighty emnants of fornakr dr
still mories high, with church p eof Gatre
roof, b. ne th h bisup ewsi b
fiooras generally usc d s "cemn*, 'mage f-the
Campargtura; the pUbe is gined, Iof AS
kam, and a more, modern kind of Abyssi.
ncant,, uasuajll a cad " state of apae
delicately seulptured, seem to nar tiesti
mony to the llorer spsuedor of the ancient '
Ethiopian emp.it
to the past. The anarchy whicha so , a A
prevailed amongst thepeople iso peandeae
in thei r works. Everything bears to the a
be dweallings of the- mdea amlarasi ea, r
rthe mie relont, the e r hi theirre- 'pla
mathers as those of  the a fe nino Egypt, tj
to the mighty p remnante' of hnakead t
case, ehac as , well ai cw' ort ah otoif hi
Luxor. They are mostly built like otewe
two stories high, with a. prqjeotin, oAfeap
roof, buneath whh te wind up op- le
side, as in a Swiss chatet. The i ground
ioore ais generally used ef sa nt ga t the tue
pr oof of the ke faith f ated ilu nc inoe no
hecond one beringt reserved o f the faielty tr
Furniture,, s maer howbe igined, snt bea
scant,, usually con istin e of a few mats,
tsome g, carpets, ait edt foe r niches tr
in the 'warl, 'with tox.a e Ito hang the v a
'ske a ays fricng sama eoan .fo o a o
Tose ifeiof ao in uw e nlies tho ude
ianuse of 'eac, wis not b rveat an a
ner will o enlv seo d t a a ius ia te fi h
abveahing. v I the oa,'afer having a ,
eaJe the Geeu o pvreroet ateof fste a h ever
srawi e ent, e ilcs , pas, si aterl ti h arhe
"fhm;" oer 'udge 'reo ith 'o andf the. t
wles gati boingathere. the likrihati of th
nbroa isgstierally avery anfusing yfaIt. , It
from thein tense,love dl pt and a g-,r
ent which is a chaen tletic fmatureofins thei
Aoyaeinianos,a wlt are of the bastehs, or
iJewsaied ithe heum reat -lgreat iacetdei a
og io n Which ob dously co wer d id
by the judges, is the bet which ta.esP see hi
preceding each lawsuit. The e oaiutif lays
a wager with the delendant as rto the issue,
as a roof of the good faither asnd innocence,
and the proportion to the importance aof he
case, such as a muleng, a cow or a polt of hi
honey. 'The stake, however, Does not be- hi
come the property of the winer, but of the
judge, no matter what the sentence haste. i m
is a remarkable fact, though, that ti.e value
of the stake often influences the judge's hi
opinion; but in spite of this, the slightest i
cause no matter how mprobabl to the ease
be. w oft en give rise tout a dispute which a
keepFs the court in a perfect state:of fever m
atis t, sntoe a snntnce is toe T oh s he tar
sifreely, ffred and token; the vn le the.
vtendorof ustie being infuensed ,bIt. Ith
is eal s remnarked upon by ther sl tators. w
Some teink it too little, and openly express
their opinion, offering theodda against theI
plainte, onhers, who are, perhaps, better f
poted hup in' the sham's ahotrs, take the, th
fswilhinet t so that a eodrt of. justice n of
hiabech Is very much likn we the couse ben l
Derby day. hIt
Even the Greeks, verse as they are, ever wi
fdor h jalse. An ide," nd m pinedfor th ua flo
hsince the days of Gorgia, dn all the arts
of sophistical reasoning, would find them- at
selves as- bewildered in the intricacies of hi
iAbys lnian argument and logic asl the M- o
otaur in the Dredalian labyrinth. Things hi
of utterboy, she let down a basket are often uttered and
a dozein oftained wi. th the greatest gravity;e as
Ssos obviously cmade aontr many ito truth and
in the ol ale the
eto ''I , - 'b '
fsanch as then aevet 4
that we g rere mssa'U i~ HI&
ththd Pe
" amWeI,7 to rhcn eusedwv itt
fmc l s time, snhe retes e a per
wht dold tmy ife fhean l n .vr .
" Why, did we not ind tiwelve lttle ishes.
Didst thou not maiO s they had eaten
their wc intho it L-sleed w .th
mel me, she , turn ., a pr
, Alr-a have maey upon me dI Alen '
Am it ! (grace) No I' think me lord lis.
wande tnle hishmind. dWho ev"r heard
owt fshon I liwaer- manel
"replie d thel ette shy
ol~ih talk, and brinme the 5orby
the beard oftph ro etI w h ti
thee fo.thy im.pertinence ' .
" Fish in a water-ppo. Ha! ha ! ha .
Pray to the Prohet y berd, the.
e p"reserve thy senses b Ash;d, (by A-_
lh I fear me thou I . I . -
gave .bef molkbox od ear.
SThbe asadelilt " shreled  Gainas
"thouarý possed of a e At lp belp i
hit bbd I suddenaýtýewly None tadt, ba ,
really . believe;d and ad r ,witrmel
i th the n, and asweri he trhe ts o .
hive, "hs wife's relatives thought i$ Aý
e be'e shoud te -separated, aind alth
pa ourned to the "a en's," that
bHere A llah stated his case, s ave t
irest, in the fall consciousness of his gMSQ
faith accepted the wager of u fine r sta
which the perfdiou Gulnaere had offe
htim, and related all that had pased between
him and his wife. .
"eAnd dost thou-really aimrm that thy
melostn contained these tswelve flhs thua
" V'Allah, 'Allah! I am speaking the
truth !"
Thereupon followed a long diseusson;
some arguing for the poussibllity of tafeair-
acle, others denying it is toto. see
that it ws- at opbcal- dlusioa-ae kind bew
hmirmgei'nl --til at iengt ma wise mifan
expre ed bs thopialon that thi a
mquel on c beeause, if the esn;, in the U .
instance, had stuffered from a deluslon, he
was still laboring under one. and wst.h
the lfore, of unsound mind if, on. the oth.her
hand, he really believed in what, was an
evident impossibility, he was a lunasti all
the more. stly, suppoIint. for the sake
of argement, there had been these twelve
ah-thssed transformed afiter - -what coa
have becom e eof them It, was clear there
never had been any fsh in the melon.
Almlallah hereupon began to voeiferate.,
still mreore loudly Tsan before, ond swothin
his senile rage, that he would be awenged
on the woman who thus dared to trife with
" Nay, then, Adllah, son of Joseph, we
cannot allow thee to vent thy mad ire on
ahn innoent woman. It is clear thou ear
nresessed. Thy anit is grntedh O woman,
urnmed Gulah reo and thou art dievorae
speace, for the loaw lta besifliean or"
Ande thus tn was dereed. to tlallah wisret
"iraumvented, and uare set free by her w
Another thee a man appeared before the
him bettng a horse upon the aIs sue. Un-a
fortunately, the shm, Wa tho was a igood
fjudge of horse fle, if of nothelg else, soon
perceived rth.t the horse was lame. Judg
Anu1 w, therefore, naturau d in faaor .wa
the defendan, and uon the slintfres up
riding the t dge for the ieustiee of his
decision, the leairned man said, "oHow canl
ou exlpmct a ]tre horse to win the race U"
better than we s mht good is it, theng to
-ipray e God knowtrn oer wantes, and it is foro
that r asoan anHe wishen s to speak to Hn,
pray to God, is to begin to posses God.. A
fither knowg the wants of his child; bt in
the enild, the refre, t addre ws id word oal
en titien or gratitudme to the fat re t.

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