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The morning star and Catholic messenger. [volume] (New Orleans [La.]) 1868-1881, May 17, 1868, Morning, Image 4

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c- tai ,.. , g 
w'ei t M.b  MUIMt
. ,hoi o-nerenA ro ýiF ne tes I
the at e on th mthis,
Wehve . r .'J.e,,t ise, thire re-C
rae, ". 4.18e , I
. ;,b 'oa iealB D w Iay h oltrel eth e asea
m rwh a t2
•aen.-Ot, ,ey.*,, 7,-Jh. P rtb, 1 ie
are in the C.A!i O r. St.Af sqo
as t.e anna, the l1bi, eMAtBie.
Mhkop aonrsloo teo iiard r and. tohur
aqeA ii the areticb of Ni e A rneuncs, o,
SBuscs rox Fuos ras PoxvimAL Amvr.
Wea*ave firwrded, this week, a thrd Wre
i.ttance oasne'thoa nd tfans, in gold for
e oetiease. aeryJ. T hi. throe. thousand
wh, Job harve been ireviously resitted
hare e omilent to eight handed andrl fteen
. dillars in currency. We hope next week to
lge bardof datirectors of thi oet orporstin,
thae afolowiuig, igntlneui were unaanimosly
eteoNed: The ardablsbae of Now Orleans,
.abe foVery Re. N.J. Pberee, the v ic- C.
oaenhat, thie ev. Wa . P. Condot, G. Col
ysie, J. Lndol J. T. MhoNos Thomas L
^bsii; John Dev6*rz; Victor Sere, Octave de
Aunts., andJ11daundflermudee. Ata meW
ingot the bard doo, the im Aeh th e s-p
of New Orleans was unamnimously re- ieleted
il'resldent, th Very Rev. X.J. Pej e, Vice
President, u ThonasLnyt Tesq., Sedre
dsdy. n r ot ,
TMe PAPAL 8usscas tox.-W oall the.
particular atteytiost df our readera to oar
puisehed list o ntbscr ptins is aid of the
Pope. Its adneatlcs ra eeeustrily some
what like an advertlsement--might avert
from it the attention of certain readers who
cannot afford to buy anything, but are
always rich enough to give. Many persons
hesitate occasionally to bestow a charity
ameply because uncertain whetber the pro
posed object of it is worthy. In the oppor
tunity here oebred, there. is n room for a
sruple of that sort. No better destination
can be found for the serplus mine which
god has given than the support of the case
which involves His honog. While Europe
is awakening to the importance of hbe occa
sion, let not America alumberon in indif
ROGATIrO DArs.-Monday, Tuesday, and
Wednesday next are Rogation days, which
are always o..erved on the three days pre
aeeding Am~msio Day .These are called
Rogation days or days of prayer, because on
these days the litanies are sung in the
churches, and in Catholic countries proces
sions are formed, scan St. Mark's day, to
as of God that he would turn away his
wrath, which we have merited by our sins,
and that he would bestow upon us temporal
benedictions, and, particularly, that he
would accord in abundance the fruits of
the earth.
Io most Catholic churches, Rogation days
are days of abstinence. Abstinence is not
of obligation in this diocese; nevertheless,
we sbould conform to the spirit of the
Church by making this time a period of
penitence and prayer; but the recitation of
the Litany of the Saints is not of obligation
- on the slpOjae fithful.
These qeaoiats and prayers of the
ha(rch are fa f instructioni For many
lears, we have Beed risited by so many
scourges, that menM Misir pride, are comn
pels4 toaeksewledted at ia spite of thsm
mrles, theey are depeagagt on the power
Ni arm oreat~ ,nd that lts' equsalr their
intsresijaad dn..h.i. d . Hi. m justice
- U -.p~~~~l~~~r
It fbia h i .
debt. ,~ham'
TJs qu .t R i, , Do yoe he ý l,"
hkp e a~e a~ r'a d the tiroF
Ees mty ori uls1 a oele.d
belrs o e ns m slee immert dts.4"
msue t, w it tha atny monerty no -t
i fit r a fIued te4s mean
the presvees uyeari tous aa ntesvthre yf
hshoud no4ipt to sopertby, yeut
Pnt'u thos s 9 ts eir
thouvea, mesppth in t.she mtoaae were i
ehnmesl. Gedn, apeais thae ot mstn
gds appthut .periods d ,.Chr.einsay eo
oho Id that e to "an L onset ·iiebtor,
privater mu a n cparl, when hei it ai s
Thed value for ch ioneyl Antdu bi'ee
tation, tany delsf in meeting be tohea
forsuecih reasoua .hew wa & n gae ailr*
nets not-to hay debtio Uan to t a 'i
tae of technicalities by way of
the question is yes o t owe othoe "
ceit oerantioen' :If I o*e ite r e hae Aorei
pright todImn ih ithe vJin o the a
a n Intentional delay of ont end .teom
rdelay-m iden myo iateeolast. We-hadly
thrink uh a pronepleo in ga the Pn t Lst ouf
bantsrtbl ought to take immedate-bos
to pa y oln rore' tle benfoe tthe l otea
a eit the city has-thny poperty not
f thsr e ot ts municipal
lal b dear oll aiy luaer, cdn
Tnhei oletonea ofses in gre e b s suth
mthe petansis r ed tthe the hoiarg. eof
these- delb,.o flt ast h* t$o; a
Aiftyflug servao .S oney, r th ere it eai
pene ofe eN s ety. W l an ea b the tityo
hate no right tonmlesn i petty; tlereby
Icerpinjcire oI edetoedn9 oTheir lbr R
-orThere ois amei anboweslinotbepgs.
Even honesty c nl be spuced to a fale: e
treme. Genui i , reaonable hoiis te y -a , rm
atanter at any sacrifice whatever. SOel of
our ewort efinanier, in their seal on this
subject, would have the city oney all re
fiee of thei fiture. Tehey -would aatieiate
the revenues foyears to eme, though they
should notl refse more thny potwerty-ove
centson the &iias of their probable figure
Fiat ea brtitia, tu h cait, I their mottoi
though misapplid. Il this ease it would
hie toe much lioerslhin g borptrimny fori
a mess of pottae. Jusnt at this time coat
mercial depression to at the point most un
ifavorabletotesaloed f mariktande wharvie
for a-long period, while before the expia
ena prosperity to which nothing of the past
will bear any comparison. son
The collection of ael city -dues in city
money stands o on the same footing. The
citye ought to have currncy to meet its cur
shave. Our cAo..vn ue is reported atfrom
We are An eve se
4 . . . . .. ' ' N - I ;[s" i
59mortassk M .etas, arip'tra aira
sesh oi sra leto f ies entsuv aLa
t r; hat sesoned 8 illisp i
Zroa h io  .retene. it
hndt is, etat oatestao th! ii
wef thrie aerhe e si e , a cWi
tlmea Bpredal bas
inhatrlt sad wi e .hQIsGe sacu e o thet l*
froem ethe w tiof ab ture.iathet r is in
has ubduIed thet teid.'T histe ag1opb
that Christstylone restanced cvisisn
ethe iro and that alone '
could ye brought it st basa brhebtgt it
its p t dtenelpomut.
a fact is bbid gmestatoa thatei . t
enturies ater the a .e0hsp we h.w "1
tiwa .redligtioi. sd be as gre Mos eas
teis moral and iJs a dez elad bares, ea
tmblhed. Bprbts ada wasd ttlfiags ik ea
were tur 4tethe higher: t oawvisv 1i.
Aun e ade io acme insta aspe toaayt '
had become oielsotete15: `
nineteeh eagery. a I ta:.:its ations, Is
Thwt leas ad .befdas np t se .the..pe b
teatw ;a str?$5 which6,;1 na e4it i tihe the,
nw es tn;* alea T e~, -f d t oeter
the.sa tade t eht ea a h !'!
tehicas the Basot brn, aua which e a let t
S bitt wo*shops?' NIot i .r i :
ub fore os tat~he ~e es asion has reih
ether arts were obliged .to soeek n ate iio  ism
where they did not properly etoa iog 1
where they wereahrslb and slckdj r: I
ages passond whe )9v orm ne toether
rnineteenth srcenry i. Its iviliatian is t
longer conftind witMniu often wells, butof
has subdued the _ od. ' he Philosophy
that cowered igrd ishose a impiotea one
neath a fed whih i acple4 itin the ires, lt
now sit in adeini o shadesc robed inraer
ince; the Reasoa, Thich we saw peworlem
before the lawlsess of passion aa re
umef thets exeayse; andof those elties, a thature,
thexerciseslodepeitndent geon opportunity. In
propnd fortion th ereal is P opportunity, less
But eedom te tde lies of minde to grace.
That contraon ct. icAll artold not avesra de
tract fy,rom the libertyom th d for pgtunirety;
that Phexerciosepy, which was the onition plurckedent
drowning, nowtell pretend mto have clpmed t, of
waves and ie then a the. alrm, and together
they take that regenerated Humat, hamer
upbe for worship, crow -wit the laurel of m
attainure d. T what is devlopment is thelrelte
~nature? and what is the pelaspis h~IshU
IIm Wi rti eoi a tas and re.
l. d a ee . .-r~e,*.4 pr e ' "-=
h... _ med . or eac nl
ait .i6 ·tirMiast sh prieset evewhom saif
ct b arlme teseor rasft hrsdea
ihsejo'ia uhsh nrsthm.th oegpih
or *.n W o ay Sk i4.. k * * -win: S
'` int hdsl i se aseias alt at
;alt [email protected] r dever a The.
Srlw mhe rmoI This ettd was re
a . toh11:am'p ,, pl.d a ol ,q
adrestraIin thgy e"a
saume,.~y. ..dor suh ei. w...
were n did, Beran wrathes e Whed.
ttrutht Onathsa trutay olodk as 1 wit
np M sime. erid.At o ,the I bie
rhwormAel ws the fesh; andteh e dv.r des
nerrioer the depotio bchp~iea i asf` tamugh
leseuWas cekea, salut, Morer Theo a
N and e resttio ns w . wl ispl! ..-1eao.. . sI
a y she aUl 'we ,bme nte He'vorene o w'it mon
't- hu ireiiase b lu esed.s soo
$OS 8er omm Thilh-eiles ahall eordt
o * oli*1 hurediberth e basS etowe, 5 s a
to eare ratM it . Att t eeat a ,
a flOs -- rpod ý i iu
e*arse lmon cPhet ied, salurey ordei otn
Sstrutivees0t' oltod and ele t i vater eaied
o the wes 'th duree oiths or ahe
e maheted ad eai there. -iunc -wheoen
i ewa t he ee my sohe a saly ieAnd wet
ti w orl hes Beiseh hes e j. w ood. e a
0 Moeganiw bea aiu rtahesj.H Hle npe sf
L r t ver a rniest at whse reelt
e keto asrn hel that itr rtion Th nudl ein
.t an d resitrn deseie chiei wra ift t ous
t are ulr o t arn e o tta raie mheiad
a opende. Tere the ramtrs ich are raed i
wr iwer movted, liatorodd.
rogress- pnd iwted., At t Ie sam h4e te
ert iaton as ie rntl had eencouanged; fr -
T emiweed it hoheelod and c aio nee
U-e irbaon. ib mhi COhenrts hiaoith it
t Thle patruea m ightyt and ordaase.d Ita
s nowr bhisin o rneof the. motH opited hs
n peodroen these three glvyries oarn e ft
the eqenyt hter hretevnce weenof eha
libenr twas erege s trn d e d
"r lV The djalta disatalA st
on toe 1 Th" -' yW
fa d .-9 SA4+1ý1 eý dclu .dP to
quee poesy, m tes. Te happy
S a le'1 i .~fav i i- .
im t. a wil
rsaed by th e de lb
byb:thBoathds of No ll '..wasl b h
reoe dad the a : and
I seunal tax ansid - - losh , a"nued a
tMte heem-a ge bi 43sb -
anore pats uaras anoany"sa .s
othfe o oe athred ea a od th M'al.e e.iws
speSiatsx of one Prt cenPta toa iSm1me
taeMer Uaheo.tao te o i. in .trs end,
4tZis ,lM5 l 3 mdon 4e. T th etter
sandr astoition hltof the eetms P.s ofys
"--M alrapented the Ortlmeans. of
met*asee°on rea betts spl. n gen, sgie.
oe4 bo 3hane ein store ofro Mbaykor nte
itDy eesoe r.t ~ the al
ooted by the aki wveo tocfabeen o~ d,.
b e our courtn who ithe ntea theo
RTeser ofthe pst raeistal dbto th
oibert Watson. The reieiptrle rio ved
it Ap some amportie. -The dmrendeam
raoned ey nalerst of*note. held by the
BeLk, ait ws helfd aby TheMa. P. may, r
and simply represented a tranctio be
tween May arnd Fames F,. E Duu, given
he the temasary wc- dsIhamm in
place oitietr note of leeamoant, exeon
ted by Dunham in favor of May for. three
hund~e4 and 8tr shares of th pital
itock of the mband, which stohck My hld as
secuwity, and which'he continued to hold.
Therefore May Was rela dbtor of the
bank. The hLesrtsy of t us oraiesco ex
hibits some saarp .pfactlee, not' unusual
among keen fanolers, and thd int eecy of
which it would not pay to esmiavor to sin
cidat, in-the peent anas.; We';wil there
fore mesrely give the dscsldn 610 te eourt:
In this case, the Court r li' higsuy eon-il
sidered the leading and evido h , and be
iargofopiu that the latrw e te evi
Idenoe are in favor f defeidan t is ad.
juded and decareed that ther. Orieag
ment for the defendoat, Bobe t Watson,
with costs.
PSawend oa-.mad eomplaints Jte. been
rung inthe eies of the atiorltie aspct
ing the bbetriotte4nd defopttye sefa
the riy, hitheoto un.,alxo H Ja. Irw, i. is
aIbot t.o late in the season to ndertake
experience hoasntanlyobtf ttias Is thiehl
thin s houald bdone to anoure evearn a better

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