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The morning star and Catholic messenger. [volume] (New Orleans [La.]) 1868-1881, May 17, 1868, Morning, Image 5

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....om enden
Article 11th- *
!~ 3iC~`L~J ~ · ----=---- fL
eape byinga ter * aehasim e etai
oJeW' theAdstite w Eml'qo owt Wye
-is "o . "p wipummel ýerYamgoweso
Ut h ' t . Kt tt!, wo 
r2 he l ni t
awisely detene sk the  es t'`
whiatche or r irs de ah iah
"beed th wl b1 .a sý1 ia4A toMr
jeer of an 1y/ we .o i t ourselves tbi. .
ourubleI Jto A ita.. bs W e ep intre olloen
dieoeas. It in written i n h es
iactls Sodenl ausy heo, ias *n&
our city to St. Louis, lay wail et atle,.hat
nsreinew gea rty in t ue sh
- tey:tem be vetbed j the wso, "ee thiks
Wehat he the yuii teu"idss watee Lo
seep," and te scop l s- m tslves quas
t eonra woen e pow the wntion.eon, twh
ereotwdd leat iledolythaa is o ear
eeral fle the 11iu1eae 'ap ote "ok e.
ropai thle tJ ieseie o artem-e
one teýkd th aonsr"6 6.
The Iper secuI opth weal '7 a
i l tr e qqe - aI49 lo
at ieOhs s hear o thus1el wmho w o
the esopathy, thee seltam teaditr y.
tireless uergy of C -am charity, owhe
dsvotlo ha hs beeholy snoulk we q roaneedo
captives byf assuming their ohalste arape
ral pleasure' a. the cease dthe sick, thse
orphan, the rodestitute, were atportrayed
is languasg whosae eloquence miksts long
thrill in the hearts of thoee who wegor
tousse eaoghto be amotng :the auditaory.
rnW ObDA WreA R n nA wt 3iAGi urZoox.-Csaa
sturdt has been aonowledged by strangers to
bits.. of the nobaqt throughfarse onm the
eiatineat, ai . s*ci', our citizens hay. just
reason to be proatd o it. The great aorta of
lthe city, atha af iitaity ssone theoe to itsr
entrane street, retsun bo .d drct ad cir
cutit ans t saliSutinin the human bey,
to the common pet. there to lay in a new
stock of llt givbg enegy. ::iql gOiBd -0 1le
vad has jriust reaived te wnetg a toialtb
oaanbrtaoxiw. Hacuhalarsds'a eeAeoaas
soda and mad estalilanmeut on St. CLiree.
street. Tliereaw of in iceoeragee if khsiwr
to all, for all can unerringly appeal ,to the
palate, an.d oly estletaet I our t watitdi)a*
pear like e a "tl.g the liab, ae. Woe th-at
lady ey thayt an idvitato wo tore pmciatefor
coing rmhil, and we think imeeat bthei roage
featare taothe temnerate that the tuo rsilo
Cisey;mrie above the oey tiselI to health.
Coion whiof ETwQoIKr e a ONG se iaUh
morstu co Inteleigene faom the Leeds
nitoal nsd godly style of the low, oatitwdiha
nerian, evangelica paerty in the English
Reeantly, the Incambent gave notice that
confrmation were to meet at the parsonage,
ble at the parsonage.
- ,., been d a "
c.i ,ttý; Ahe Pau lw o
ea azet~  Ini, i ... .
,,e , l ozpoolr.,w .,
. -_ m .
Awe r itent o ow Apt
hundred and an Engulan#*Bn Ttoi'
Our deit i ation, w kissedebyed
oeumhureh sewt i n bl
_it s e h F isthe New Yo
iwt at en Kthe« coner ofne oa
Death osfstreea0.sigh than e*roed inr
_ 6 1s tidiv a. ~ . rrve. i . is . e ee iat
·roe a tr asuoiir ane ardly .e adelte pre
-Wa.hen"hu ."arOe m n
Tle rns oef dao iterebnt so n h Bisu-e
StI-ntdhos. Bet nexd bN-to-- n !t
ane suppol' a-ae orta in lorene
t.in.ý iiew or .e _ a.
eteanae adre. e o the Qempo roI
aMt "r. Ut i.si, wis si wase b
b iee ted cr:nt e ro iihne and
ewtokes lost.e...H- art Ys he re in 1er 1
the rmials for O Oake Bc t sty" oe
taa ant can, hals b maney o t
#The ne domae- marfanmt in oaw
aThe. i oapiesfresof the New York
ibur hn1dr.d dople. sltbonan
A mante Vii;os. Whas next houp wives
we spo. cie.
De Ih  ýy allo w the dJ ý. ' ., ;nil
am an ricomended Yermoayi ear
one doQUe foaa agtiilu Tear.lt the
faneilm of poor buri rbynhadly
ThenaE.?hs l.CT Asseatlen ap
Thog peasats areproatatbedI sotieb
keatl tie ypVhey' ` 'a opr nkian
ma=, not woilf grouude41 miate s"t a
broke. out inM a1 Y d
uares, with $,OOOOOO, flying to tba apsLt.
a man i Ohio recently diedofcoo -
1'he runso han asdfelnt twon ih. ve s
roads ar rcommende to em~ploy surgeon
L. Lnsan
1aU.. " lit w~)`-z a.....a
Dr.na B' g'h y arke ime
aver ed aw ,wmd than
hse win him , th sltGr..E e
D. . .Be,._..d bo..b e are sare
Ahserla wer likewae, have
hse -usu .e"
by a y ewis
okar die.. 'e i " eie
ited_.o4g, tisso othese, bt4. e
That was a agreag ,i (a by)
testio e ss esi beeeme se wato- er.
Wbs "Bhs1 a r' was8 ssi ed somew
agRwhere iteesibtlýl a tied
on eo tedd .. - ,ed, Stats H us iof
,. ns. le.w...a otmakaue,, .ltl o1ea
uv stiped :e. b er. "^ors E l,
regate , ,lp or to in:•val ibut
NIew Y hbim up, a tes Mlt lir -
cheh efB ak Mare " was sepsed some
tanrs ag mainn a newf at p vei rpo
baggero. eait ed ho athenk a whing Untfaea
bustates Com r biaes r fan heer he saln 's.
the e bvieiigh h bil. -
tDek inrev has boos fial woffe-r
,on w" ih V ieto . Wasbura dand
tion t ole fl tha United States House of
~beesssentv3,eywealtnak. espital egitimr
boef tn amet eiruaoson. want was
Powvethe Amserlao s solptord ha exe
ioted fve hihired tibute s hae 1840.r We
know a saii i New Or s, not ver po w
erlhl, either, who thinks nlite  tetag a
.ban a often as hie ean cua: sealoons.
vention stole a easaat foem a fellow-ment
ebar of lthe sametaran A wabt ratet was
iosued for the himslbut ase bawdas
for a mental pal o he coulda't
at ols Grisewold thn t idi oies
spenalet and th better to enre
tines ok . hil elf pre 1 is have 5
bess stripped br pbere. .i ti
BrtrACTert ST THE LAt l x OP
Iiorxns, or VERworn.-The Rev', John
R. tIopkils, son ef the late Epiessipal
Bish SM Vermont, in a valediotory ia the
New York OurahTJotrninal, states that his ta
meated father had prepared a work in -which
he retracts the opinions expressed some
years ago in one of his previous works-
that the Pope is Anti-Christ. Mr Hopkins
is now engaged in preparing his father's
manuscripts for publication, and he taides
that in reviewinghls books for final correc
tion, with a view to a new and uniform
edition, he felt that a mere alteration of the
text in i matter of so much importance.wss
not a safecent tribute to the truth; and he,
thereibre, wrote this little treatise; ac
nowledging his error, showing that he wss
misled by high authorities without sufcent.
examination on his own part, and going on
to demonstrate ths4 that common Protes
tant notion cannot be eorreot. No Qoj t
Proof could be giveu of his I
eonseientioas honesty of eh
smbae eabe to aeh armems
M a- s ·
it 'e, ai e
gsoene ro eommadel of the 'th Military,
shate4IU:a' r'e~'f this soul
ottonoafithes ot Wihos li thfis ltur s
not m inat- i r ne]csM *tigesrial, it has
made AIprsnid ddwlearid tml duim eaanot
ree& a st.h eeea "
e -saýIIýiiX d a
*,eea n-be
of ver n as " eneestu am.n aI
bmdin,evryq ntof whieh eldited
warm eneodm o the t n isahe
sos m t; onoatalniag" . aaoch"
ourown lwot, an.at a as next
vipmumivent *i V romote the sod
preser the ea t .the little twas
and ubee trpn.,;e,';by ,. -
. the wuwYtar ib etiss to all
Akluaes a lifn d a h ..s well
o o o wa'r. tomw
I4tbe wuabes t iee n fih b . It was
u _ b t heirasit' e
hi ref, is the ofephb t ,t
Not apatient was Ad.n thl
, dlb oe I u heali
knowledge of 't fai* ust be to the gea
yer reeemed te tohavslorgten
their besreavementl ndl'a " in
stance lookpibd h tth , ery
contented. What [email protected] d
given owe mothearl care d'i& do-.
votion of the good Sisters of Charity' wo,
as mi tistering anes, rfe life
the dearest ese lal ties in their
less dorts " to render less the sam of -
mo , rethednesa " fIn this conte it
isto be regretted that a greaterh i gr o
our !itsn do not eM-str onrplasnayonab
and othor of tb institute
habithations of lowly' a rde taf " -ales
sons might we learn of cont wai ith
our own lot, and gratitude Gpd for the
blessings we eqjoy in, With' the in
mates of such onswab'by tha vi-.
des of lifer d n o. hrt hense
doomed to depend on the' hwtd' cold
It would be difficult to pise Gen. f~in
cock in ny tioia in whl b be would not
sap)et vantage; but here visiting the
sunfortunate, and interesting
himself in the holy ceses of charity, the
true greatness and goodines of the man be
oeme, iuL wSer, more nailkred and appar
ent, We-e.can ia ne n-mornworthy go
cupatirn even for be, who.ranks among
the very'di,.t in our BAnd, and we iacerely
regret that before leaving us he could .ot
have carried out his intention to visit all
our asylums and charitable institttions.
The orphanseang two or- three longs very,
much to the gratification of the visitors. I
Abeat this time a most pleaing incident
occurredrentirely nnexpectedhowever, by
est n, is her hane hand
some box, kerselfbeforethe (een
eral, when, at the same time, the following
beautifad little address was read to him:
Sr. VixczxI9', IsrANT AerYsvv,
New Orleans, March 8, 1088.. ../ -
To Gen. W. 8. Nameocks -ya fer
Risd sad Good _ relief
thoughtful and generous action n
and support of this institu eSte the -
with the many other aim its. their :
little orphan inmates, to st. Vldesnt's a
Asylum. b Ably Pa~her that He has
We thank our peas and orde; to
sent you heartsto revivete hopes a
bind up the wrehed the mufirings of our at
and makn whom in the days of their
peoplo rswere once numbered many, very
pre, of the ory bns best frlends, who now,
s, are themselves desmtitte. m
There is a plesslabellsf cheishd by many
pacieaetbs or m
assthis ses bm e ralm to as
follesih ezat In yeerlal we sak eastO ms
eadmable lady. , g~.
# O*~w who~ ido
been s. .ariS4.~4 jat. ept.peia'
seen ~ ~ ~ ep 40eon;tdýo
Steorthe at dili
oolirw t b eobe
kbionow iiL ~ther.*1 be. we
peel to the a9St TN6SS P,
oowLer,. d to oar wouthyegp,.
befar~eq ` ther "s"% o .ae t
Wh w iby no w th e ý` r, i
a aý bb raeoetitk t &eiiýFeen
tiw..er upn " he sttea..
I L Ut. a a U. Uir.
1 s DICnat
asca t.. Mur..
3w...; . La.
A <tOi~awhdal~al~iD e ,
4· -- r.
!' eIili1T . aO ci isiasa moo,1
c pi m el , bla
Soil, P, . * Jrzm i Ce* m
I -00004 a bit of Y SODA WA?3n,
3 2................CABAL OUNUNT ................f
So~aaj~b~s i aal >nz~aeha Pbo.e
Tbe ploe of a 7oda Wafer wad Mee4 Wrfl)wT.n
Ust. aC S rj~~. tUUL fy liae
* H mao asaobolio b...evmi wWi tkaqmr of DZke
jmepusup, or msy tus *uziw. -oa..
.,ayii it NUGE YaCLO .
5T. GIDO 8 &. 00.
GDAI&, CORK .3*1.. .3D BAgw,
Zis .................. .Pai y$4ºi ;,..... ....;........3
myl7 ly . New Orlena.
PAVER V$ LOGGS,-AII D asa bpG3At i ta,
3aaý*ýaaii s.ato
Rb.al Wr. 1L.. 3A 4
TcoI~ntash aýmy1, 1 1 ftba
aa a M~a8, tIPT1ý
At di ý w
ii. fit t l b bmeit of ý
iniaatr ýa~am. _ f.rt
1am, Jto NU NDERO
epilb tf o Na. U Tobeepliada. a
1 makerablsob Batimo Tr 1
s. . Wtsa~f. TURRXD,
No.Y~ 10 l .O2LL TRET .
leaohs. Id sras COe96 N
AIM= lrard AM oaararsa am 1
Nadrgmeo.met ml m NOW a m " a.
C&nmlis ml exemla
P.incarrmstUOU. CP~BI ·dI111

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