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3ra oazsAxHs pUrant. Jmxa 14, s. s
)w IP II. . i
LLk ast ufonder pretlt rainbow.
Arching o'er the anry I I
'lellin no the stom 1 , /Ot
Aºd the sutn once mote ! ·'
After .l1 what Is that raitbo
* ut.the s uhins In the ~ib
' iltno n pretty .ed .
, Angry clod5:, liLop- tin ]ran '
so the hidden saleo Virtue -
Wake sa beatay In ourtears :
And Ihffsaes round our adnees.
Sunshine In declining years. *
t l- - r.s-ao le, o eeMM repiinng!
Struggle bravely with the storm :
ier the sun of hopol is shining,
and is amiUing oft your tears i-Ane Mariao.
Catholic hearts in many countries have
Sbeen touched at the sufferings eaiseed our
Holy Father, Pind IX,. by the destructives,
brigands, and revolutionists, whoe/ae seek
ing to uproot one of-the most legitimate and
paternal goyrnminents evrd vouchsafed to
mortals. Spain, Switzerland, Holland,
France, Belgium,-Ireland, Canada, and Po
land, have, in grater or less degree, evinced
deep sympathy for the Father of Christen
dom.. It is sad to think, thal ii this general
movement, othe United Stqtes, with its six
million Catholics, has not caught that in
spiration which would dare and do to pre
serve the spiritual, as well as the temporal,
independence of Catholicity. We cannot-
will not believe that this apparent luke- o
warmness has any deeper foundation than
that rising from defective drganization in
carrying out a purpose which must be dear
to every Catholic heart. It is to be hoped
that those having authority in the premises
will promptly adopt measures which will
concentrate effort, whether that takes the
form of organizing a battalion of soldiers
on our own soil, or contributing means to
support a bodyof men raised elsewhere.
We are sorry to see any difference of opinion
on a matter so vitally important. We must
bear our unqualified testimony to the faith- C
f'ulness and ability with which the New York t
Freeman's Journal has advocated this holy n
cause, and trust that any disagreement now o
as to the auodls operandi will be met with e
that capdor and charity which will enure to a
the accomplishment of the great object in P
In this connection we are happy to pre- a
sent to our readers a letter from Gen. Car- I
roll Tevis. His Holiiess has leen pleased
to select him for the command 'of the batta
lion, which, we trust, will, in every point,
prove itself worthy of the sacred cause in
which they are engaged. He is a graduate a
of West Point and served in the East, dar- I
ing the Crimean war; during the unhappy e
civil war in America, he was in the Federal a
army. where he reached the rank of brigar g
dieir generatl. I litA ,now the distinguished a
honor of being one of the "private chanu- y
berlains" to His Holiness--the first dignity
of its kind ever conferred on an American i
Lý'['ECTul e.ýF ,lý.1{\1 R.t, (AI:ROI.L TF.VIr. t
ROME, May 11, 18&t.
editor Muruing Staru and i(atiolic Messenger:
Dear .Nir-In the New Y6or)~;Teniain's
.lournal of a recent date I have seen an ex
tract from your paper which, quoting a pas
sage from one of my letters, expressed an
approval of the movement in aid of the'
Holy Father.
Some two months since, I had the honor
to forward to His Excellency,,the Arch
bishop of New Orleans, the copy of a letter
addressed to me by General Kansler, the
Papal Minister of Arms, in which I was re
quested to intimate to American Catholics
the manner by which they could best aid
the cause. It is but justice to my country
men to state that they have responded gen
erously to the appeal, not only by money,
hut by'offers of service.
The imminence of a general European
- war, and the danger of a withdrawal of tihe
French troops from Civita Vecchia, has so
miodified the policy of the Pontifical Gov
ernment, that His Holiness has been pleased
to direct the minister of arms to accept the
services of a battalion from America, pro
vided that the expensesof the corps be de
frayed by their Catholicfellow-countrymen,
for, as you are well aware, the resources of
Pius IX will not admit of this outlay.
In order to obtain the proper guarantees
for the morality and sincerity of the volun
teers-ofiicers and men-the entire move
ment must be placed under the direct su
pervision of the clergy and, for this purpose,
a circular from His Eminence, Cardinal
Barnabo, will be sent to the different bish
ops, who will take suceh measures as in their
judment will best promote the good work.
With the advice and consent of the minister
of arms, I now earnestly solicit the assist
ance of the Catholic press in the collection
of funds and the enrollment of volunteers,
hoping that all difierences of plolitical feel
ing will be laid aside, and that all will for
get that they are Northerners or Southern
era, to remember only that they are Catho
lice, fighting fbr the cause of their faith.
Among the discharged t onfederate sol
diers there must be mniuy devout Catholmlics
who will gladly join in thie defense of the
successor of St. Peter, ard to them I appbeal.
It has been decided lhere that the c:orpn
will be called " ('hasseurs Americains," en
listed for three ye:ars ; all oficern to Ibe ap
Imuinted by thie Pontitical Minister of Arms.
The fear of interference on the patrt of tihe
present Radi~al government sat Washing
will nceen~ittitc:, b, reaUdciici: n-tht.
ganelz , a thcan ea
nt, I wouldggeer or e
or ofuMieag as tuoh, Ca
innf s without the gn on
of ther geshp-h te -is, u tai
past micesp,,irDber mMn thoýthey
Yon enrwl, readly w t t tcan ready to i
asd tatbleo officer or.ma we w e
,w.lwo are not in any way infeted with
revdoltionarv .i,J in shurt, earnst , sin
cere Cwtholicwo will ight from asense 1
of aey,.,nd who will not grumble because
they are badly paid and insueiently fed, I
and sabjected to very severe discipline, No I
oiee lshould be deceived on these points-the
Sundiig moniy of a Pontifical ,spoldier
S ount to about two .cents per diee, the
sum allotted for his subsistence to eight
r cents.
To cover the first expenses of equipment, I
e armla aent, encampment, journey to Rome,
and ay for first year, something like two
handc and fifty dor, :in a old, foa r each
man will be requila..; eaneqpuently, t1l n
si rollments made fois beshebed upon tis
r calcu~atlon.
I weuld suggest that a committee be
formed, under the. direction of tie arch
- bisop, to collect funds and select volun
I teers, and .hat a division of-labor einog
those persone who may be selected as proper
candidates for appointment to positions of r
commissioned and non-comfniseioned offi
cers, according to the system pursued in the
Propaganda, will greatly expedite matters.
It is urgent that the corps should be in.
Rome, ready for service, on or before the I
first of September, 1868. 1
Allow me again to expre5a hope that f
your paper, as well as the other Catholic
journals, will contribute their efforts to ad
vance the good work. .
I have the honor to be, very respectfully, i
your obedient servant,
[Communicated.] *I
On the morning of the feast named, we 1
were presented with a vivid portraiture of t
a solemn festival in one of the ancient i
Catholic kingdoms of the old world, when a
these kingdoms were in their palmiest and
most holy days. - From the German Church i
of Trinity, situated on St. Ferdinand street, I
as the bells from the towers, which bear c
erect the emblem of man'ssalvation, chinied
sonorously out, egressed a lengthy and im- I
posing procesion. The boys of the male (
school connected with the .church first ap
peared in ranks. One of the stoutest
of the lads led the van, bearing aloft a
pretty flag, and some hundreds in couples a
proceeded after him. They were in holiday
garb, and some of them carried large and
handsomebouquets. The girls of the female
schooln many in number, principally, attired
in white dreses, followed closely. Then
the Children of Mary, virgin daughters of
an immaculate mother, clad in snowy mus
lin dresses, wreaths on-ther--rows,-blue 1
sashes or ribbons encircling their waists
and pendant adown their sides, the zephyr
wind wafting them, as streamers on some
goodly ship, on the bland, clear air. A neat
and tasteful banner was borne by one of tobe
young maidens.
The Society of St. Ann, a veiy numerous
organization of married femalep(widows,
etc., came next in the order of procession.
If we err not, they also had-'an emblematic
flag. They were appareled in silken black,
with bonnets white as the down of the thistle,
the pure drapery thereof falling gracefully
over their necks and down their shoulders.
They read alouad from their manuals appro
priate prayers. A seraphic band leisurely
paced after them-infantile children of the
feminine gender, aged from four to seven
i years, "toddling wee things," truly, and
e numbering fully a score. Baskets filled
with the leaves of red and white roses, jes
r samines, pilnks,and carnations, were carried
- in their hands or suspended from their
r necks by ribbons. Their attire was spot
e less, as free from taint or stain as was their
sinless and immortal souls. They bote a
a bijos banner some two or three feet in size,
di which was. strictly in -keeping. To gaze
upon them with their pretty wreaths and
redolent flowers, their innocent, upraired
, countenances, their clustering curls, fes
tooning, as it were, their brows and necks,
n was to imagine that they had just descended
e from .the paradise of the seraphim and
o cherubim. They were under the guidance
of two of their teulxers, and the office was
d no idle sinecure. They preceded the altar
e boys, some six or more in number, who wore
red, round,caps, and had on surplices and:
soutanes. Theseladsbore with them the tiny
bells from which the solemn, awe-inspiring
f sanctus is diurnally rung out. They unre
mittingly rang them as they progressed on
a ward, and from the church to the corner of
I- Casacalvo and St. Ferdinand streets, passing
down the former street a short distance.
L- And why this unceaing peall Because
beneath the crimson canopy, carried by
four of the members of St. Joseph, the
- pastor of Trinity, the Rev. Mr. Freeke,
r re in his handi the sacred host-the
oblatory Saviour. His cutater FatherTrevis,
r and Father Redonoet, of t. Vincent de
SPaul, accompanied him.
a 'lhe Society of St. Joseph, male, having
two banners, (all the members dressed in
- black,) slowly and reverentially moved ia
mediately after the clergymen. Most of the
Scongregation of Trinity Church some re
citing prayeres and others chanting sacred
songs, brought up the rear.
S The procession entered the gateway which
c lendso the field in the rear of the schools,
e where four altars, had bee erected on the
i. preceding evening. "These were tasteful in
structure and elegant iu design, evincing
much artistic skill, considering the exlIe
ldition of the work. Tihe high walls of the
Sotton press served admirably to place the
e pendant drapery thereon. Fir. arbor vithn.
and other evergreens, hemmed in tile altars
me nuiht lith sides, leaving the entrance way to
• .h e C e !oA be.-4 1 w.
oT rather ente th rene wiceh
ed with spotteed, mtsnc, we.
SAoaen 'pelnton 'Redserget
ubrie lined tbhoedlllowes
: around in d prf while M in
tsnd Oe s'' p 'u'l very
" e t.,:"
Ther pastor gave the benediction
S the of .the altars, all kneeling on the
or hn o th t elm e
e, oterals throing beneath them, sprad
n, sit so y and- lavishly, by y ame
Ih nature d Above tbheml the gi, htted
º- wmnoppy the senaeu s of. towyploud.
re blott e e tlr.therbllue nandhrgrg l the
se Ceartossr :vast i rmamHe rleontreteon.
d, Ol! it od. r fitting place-that teeaa
lo field of many altrs, devmouo ,wupshipng
le coagygtleon, and s wanetre4 paeststo
eo fervently implore the ben the Most
ig ih Th e, kneling mpillltude, lofed b
t t the boundless, horizon- i. outspread and
glorious handiwork-the brighf osrleen
it, clouds, rolled out above them, uw-heaven's
e, outer. portals thrown open to their praise,
ro their pryey and Jubilant hymns! Awe
hknelt, we discovered ourseif cn guous to
a- one of the tiny- cherubs that had us larel f
is engrossed our attention. ther brown tresses
hI, nlosely dwn, and were chasged.to a
wgolhen hue by the fervid rays of the morn
mtheig sune, tYoserihgly we asked her her
a- age h uat e thebby little d oring was too
g infintile to know or respond. -
er At the two next and almost dajoining
of agtars, Father Redonott perform"Wed an
- t e the cthoir,  nFles and fe
te malessweetj ebantang t14;refrains, etc.
a. At . l of the 'altar, Fther Trevis
in thile Te.lie holy b ervr c terminated,
1e the atte4 jluti.eu.tskneti rapt obheisance
befoie the blessed sacrameut, and continued
t for p~eamoments in silent nd heartfelt
i prayers e ree, .r
i-; ere e tle. beols from the church tower
.suddeJnly ;pealed out; the procession re
`, Sormed, psrbeded down the street of St.
Ferdinad to the sacred edifice, and, halting
there, dividd into double ranks-men,
women, and children-on both sides of the
thoroughfare. All knelt there reverentially
down on the dust-covered street, bowed
their faces to the carth--motlher earth-the
earth from which they had been originally
fashioned into thinking, sensitive beings,
e by the plastic 'hand of the Omniscient-as
f the veritable God, the God of their fathers,
it in:- the uplifted ciborium, was borne past
n them, On entering the sacred temple,
d which appeared like an umbrageous garden
h with its stately trees, green shrubs, and
t, beauteous flowers, a solemn high mass was
ir commenced, As in the old and far-off
d vaterland, the German congregation of the
i- Blessed .Trinity duly observed Corpus
SChristi as a holiday. P. C.J.
Is J. a. SHiLLj. IL-. DicKEI.
n e Canal sti.e, N~w Orleans. I.
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to] ni9 I
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H drants put up, extended, and repaired. Reiring
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-7 Mis.-This institution conducted by the Brothers
of the eered Heart, h been in suceesmfl opertion
Ssince 1855. Itla sbeauntfully situated on the shores ofth
Bay, ommanding a extensive view of the Gulf, sad
aerdIng all the advMtiges of the sea breese.
g The spacious recreation grounda, well shaded by evere
greens. the holiday walks in the neighboring woods, and
msabthl in smTmer, are for the pupils great ncite.
ments to heatihful amusement
The dlightiful situation of Bay St. Louis and the faeill.
ty of acces to the place, at all seasons othe year, areso
well known that only a passing noties of these advan.
t's is necessary.
th system of government in thliinstltution is strlctly
mild and paternal, infractions of the established rules
being prevented by a constant watching over the con.
their dometlc comort are attended to with the utmost
Ssolicitud, and constant attention is given to the form.
lor tion of churter by inculating princples of virtue, and
habits of poltenessu order, neatnes, and Industy.
The scholastic year commences on the 15th of a n ,
and endsa on the last Thursday of November, thus the
annual rvacation lasts about six weeks.
- Pupils are received at any time of the year. The age
of admission Is from seven to sixteen years
The course of edueation eomprises ail that is taught in
eommerdl institutions, namely: Beading, Penanship,
English and French orammar, Composition, Arithmetic,
R, Boo-kaerepng, angeabenetrhu etc.
aerd and Tuition, pert. sessiaon, payable half yerly In
dvane S...... ........................... a
.1 Washing, per semion............................ 10 00
Beddin, cr session, toption"l)..................10 00
Doctor's Fees ..............................oo 0
'In Vdction, if spent at the institution.............. 30 00
SPirano and Violin, per month, each .............. I 00
Use of Piano, per'month...................... 0
] Flute,per m onth ...... ........................... 4 0t
Bras Instrument, per month................. 1 00
Spanish and German lanages, e er month. ,nh 5.. 300
Each hoarder should be pnvirdl.with twelve shirts,
twelve pocket handkerchiefs, twelve pair stockings, si
t cravats. four pair of drawers, sIx towe, six table nap
c k- kins. foor summer froek costs. six pair smnaer pant..
oas lI|),,,, two winter coats, two pair winter pantaloons,
c's tllree pair shouns ono cap, one matress. (5 feet long and it
he broad,) one doubls woolen blanket, one pillow, four
an. low oases, three pair sheets, one mosquito bar, combs,
brushes. etc., al marked with the name In fols.
h No advnce are made by the justitution for clothing,
'ol tavellng, pocket mouey, etc., unless a sum of money be
dI'het to cover these expenses.
The nnmber of pupils is limited. Parents anl genar
dliajne will find it advantagnwuo to I,,,trthr llstic eons or
LU- warlo in the beginning of the smsion.
to. For further particulars, apply by letter to Brother
,le d,.en, l~Irector of the Acardeny, arldri,-d to Boy St.
.l) Lniis, (thiedsnbro',) Miss.
Re:vE:,uyr-c---Mr. Th,)oa Ioayton, l'resldent of the
I.y Sontlh,.rn Bank, -wv (Orlhtnn: l(Rev. lratlr Jourdonu
or $up,'rior of the J.T-silt*i C',llcge, New Orleans: Itov.
or.Father Durler, l'sIutc' ..l" the; AnnunciatioU Chursih,
Third District. Xew ir,1.',:;n; ltrlilrr Atlhnaoius. cor
93 ner of Lawrence aI ,., t,,,huraol,,,u stretet,, Mlobile:
La. Very Rca. Pellieer, at th,,- C'th,.,lral.-Yohilie Rev. Father
Co'yle: St. Vlncent (;hVP. r,'h Mobile, ft"-l.
r ]tins P r the
Christian Brothers.
b witth this
t r 'no " end
op )t, nrw adaptd d to
_The a he fýe year . her ndacyer
p ýt ,tI bnm o t oytheI
o d all
iad aswas ,tud eoamfee, sadre tfetory
.rs a " so - Ae t'
hatonts .annre an .. ls atre not aqta.etor. : t.de.nts
ofal- de.nomonats oate admitted, qnd their religious
opinions are nrasietRd
The acdeS M year commences on he rt 'Monday r e
SSeteber edsatthbeginning ofrJule. n
N meeee sw n beepet open during '"uatiton for
those who may desire oaal itheteelves 9f, the upper.
L aymeoata-Term o fire is fl:Is ,
Bo e l, w t' ,editiOuasnd dotor s fee, per term
. fpl ut erm......... .................... 41
Enane fee. te O.p --m e ouiy................. 0
or. Vacation at.............. .............. 19 0
o usl-Pia t, per term of fivoe moths..........4,
eV4oin* (strings tarnished), per term of tive
m ore t s a. . . w. i nd. .n. .r u m e nt... . . . . e p e r
Coterm o4todn amn tde G.......... .. ...
W.ing.~"a, term of fiv nmonths........... ... .2
a of iatrms ent, i the study of natural phelo the
o eld ndety per iseal.ih ceof.... co e
t estia n BO, In .Ad, Presiden.l
n Anent in Now Orlans-Carl. Elder. No. 140 Pe
drsirdet. P Toue Pfe M 9i."a a
t Ch Bthers-¶frner of Poyedsrte nnd oucher
streets, Now 3OrlanLa.
Thly laati tion w roted by n act ofr the Logne.
lsture of tie 5, awlesmpowereal to .rant DIam
Lnmas cof P6re andbewtewliliterarylaooors oers,
oomyad vpmrefo thephyrc amoral, and intellectual
dtve o- at of Students.,lt is comei odilou sad well
reatitd lttedIna quioet and healthy part of the
c It sucrf esful o h reor is arked by the high degree
drjwbioconfdeuce It h hasalredvokginel and the snnual
i ncrse of he mber otStLdeaitr The s.ytem ofgov -e
erment is moild and re ental. yet pim eno arin athe
obervance of eatalb diripline. e ppiwll be
received from another College without use.ceptionable
testimonials; and none will be retained whose~'iranets
and morals are not satIsfctory. upls of all dnomi·
nations are adm tted, til the. r religions opinions are
WE unrestricted. TERMS:
SVe Payment s dto be made quarterly In advance, s follows:
The Brat, o the first Monday in Sfptember; the second,
on November 1uth: the third. on Fsruty lo nd the
SPeart, on karl 15Ith.
Tuition-(Ciio sad Commercial Conurs)
pea quarter o4 ; months........... ......618 00
Tuitin-Stoted and Flit Prelory Clasess, per
:aiaarner of SI months......... ............ 15 00
Tuition-Third Preparatory Class, per quarter of
montsr ..........................:........... 19o5
rc. T oti u-Fo rth Pre tory Class, per quarter of
i months....................... ............... t 00
Hall Boarders.......... ...... ........... 0
SMus-Piano, per quarter.....................$13 00
m Violin, (strings furnihed,) perbart ..._13 00
ws Flute. or any other Wind Imtrmeat per
uv. quarter................................ 10 00
Drh ........................................... 12500
w tentering afhe the bgn gof a uarter,
,' wil pytiequart l all but aper~otn hr the
time elapsed, if a weak or muore ke the beginaing of
the a, th e sto the of ýentering, Will be made on
filbs ocr flioniomi in rhiih-lelS-si h bess it is
in mid whoen AS•dent 1iethe Institution
sthouet p on, or h esnot Maa dteely aoenbtfar
3, proetnctssees;whesr behe sepeatedly tstsu me the
role of tshe Colle in Umatters of Inpn des d ler
peefadmonitioni , incurs, aoetSurein t l Preaident'so
boid t ' ele bhond to refund hy Gof hmoe paid
in advance.
o Student receiverd ftr a seorer period than one
Quarter. No deduction made whn withdrawn during
the Quarter no matter how ahortatize hemayhavebeen
n. in the College.
English Literature, Logi amnd Rhetoaric, History.
Ancient and Modern- Eloustios, Metaphysics, Ethics.
e Chemlstr- Algea, iger; eotry, la Solid.
Lift and heri Trigonometry, urve. Navigation,
ype atral i'hiloscphly;" French, rammnar and
Compeetios Lalo and Greek.t
Grammar, EatolaryCorreepondenc, Composition.
y Junior Class-Spelling, Reading, Writing. Arithme
tica! Table., Cypherig, and Freny h Heading.
Intermedt e hClameesI.n addition to the ahove.
Gi155 6=ah a , Arithmetio, intellectual
mei, a owlemetarmI l1 u dMsc, svocal aiernd instro
erse oruis,, srvounts-I-v tA wLno eCmon
gvn enttetion i ie to the Musical Department.
the both nool ad itnstmental. Two br, s hande the
d members of which are chosen tang ther studen o the
rer Cos  r a daily under the gidance of a cuompe
d T Commercia Deprartment is exLLsly designed for
it h. enwh intend to devote themeyves to the ac
.oanta pr onjmion.
ll. Thee t an eminaton held each quarter, when the
,)o tuadent are promoted, though 4tey may he tromoted
an. oftenerincse of remarkale prceny. At ts end of
the sholastd o year is held the public aination amt the
y close of which premiums e distributed aoording to
des merit Vacations omence bsout the 3d of July, and
on. nd on the orat Moiay ie n September.
sd drestret. pqet e address. BEon U 91
nd Charles College (OGrand Coa, La) wJll commence
on the l4th of October, to end, as sarl, about thefroh of
Bosrd Tuitiou, Washion. Sttioranedryyande Mec.
oeess, PDA ilnold, or the equivalent in publi c nrency.
i Books adi edainerform extra charges.
Msc aoui the oaptionw1thepsre nnt'er iSpr month.
tin Tdhe aofBeddin. furnhish li y the College,
The btrmsredei.tre apyalfd ssf or nt. in advane;
a srclondoheng due theo e .11 of Marcoh. th r, ltb
on No tdvioe clr reothing, traveyling or simila stl
e00 pses wUrsl b s by the Iestitution esreeding the
oO s im tofhmoneddeposited by the parents for these pur
is reqiared that the pupils know knrerou bowO read
S reand d write.
,o ,Fo fuhobertl normthint aly too
r~very multe Concepotin nw t;rrl tti.
ins, The building s re well anldpteli for tht e -munpoe. A
ourtyard. entirely ycatoramth strnntme fis Mrsieysa 1_
O, A M till their depaul e at 4 P. th . they are constantly
Masthemati, atro.noy.i, Nit:l;-alaud Mill t a s;l*oa
her rendtand"write.
Pt. Tecmorat l re , llqo.. itaing,.f Jr o;.liutoio the
SIi Preparatolry t(:i;; ris *~i;, .

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