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The morning star and Catholic messenger. (New Orleans [La.]) 1868-1881, June 28, 1868, Morning, Image 8

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aoam , tr. -M. 4Am-.w ... -.. .. .
t:oemmniuatedt] lI
•T"his i.l|o! the day of doom
b'terein men from a tom
UnLt judgmmt.at baul i--
.parc him. Lnord. who nleror trtl, :"
Itay huad scarcely dawned, tlad faint t e.
tie l ays of the raing sun as they eimterged .
from the Easterhs clouds- just--then, low- -
and solemn, dirge-like and mournful ats the
voice of weeping, and as though they spoke
.of severance and were heralding the flight 1
of an immortal soul to the l read judgment- I
seat of the Most High, tang out the bells
from the towers of the Church of Trinity.
The pastor, ev. M. r. F"recke, some two or
thrine hout anteriorly, had breathed the
last sustaining breath that proclaims dist.
Intion--had yielded up his life.to the God
who had wisely iumpalrted it; and the do.
lorols chimes that broke on the ap ePof1
dthose around, aho wese .wra ptt'/ etai
brace of aimie death, amlbImIMl - to Ida
rrownu congregation that'the fe betweeo
amtor adpeople was somewhat an
ily dissolved, :nud that the m
mission of the fu "metr lhad terminated feo
Memplary priest--pirre, hot,,find faith
tfil-but a wyek prior to his demise, we
were rather startled, as we knelt to head
h is mass, on perceiving that his throat wae
bandaged with tiannel. Hle Iiad,-on the
clay subsequent to this l'eaat fi' puis,
thlisti-bhaving leen. on that fei.tivd much
e.xposed to the fervid rays of-tire sun-n
cnautiously divested himself of hais under
clothiug,.and fever ensued: thus, proving f
how guarded we should he in our actlt!in
regards the preservation of health. B
this sentence is rather vague, an we
devoid of faith;. for, as a Catliic
Sants! we are little more than nominal*,'
one-we should rcmember, that, perhaps
at that very inst-ant, the flat of the Omms
-ient, had gone forth-the irrevocable de
.eree had been uttered--that he should/
speedily die-that he should, ere anothet
tythe of days hald come and gonel, ibe smnti
inoned to the mercy-seat of the .111-disce.rn
i ng and Wondrousn Judge!
The-deceased clergyman witas a uattive ofi
the city of Munster, in Westphalia, antd
aged about fifty-two years. IH w e was ewi
to our clhne;his residence amozg us having
been a sarcely six months. At the instane
of Archbishop Odin, he resigned his pastor- 1
Ship, left his native Pruss, and, with his'
curate, Rev. Mr. Trevis, voy over the
.\tlanticto our city, andtook charge of the
parish of Trinity, vacated by the demdse of
the much revered Father Schierer; and
now, after a few brief days. tf- illnes Is
mortal remains decompose beneath the altar
of St. Joseph; whilst the immottil that
knows neither decay, corruption, nor death,
e4xists for aye, we ttnst, with Him wiot6.
tilthful and zealous priest, according to the
order of Melchaisedee, he undoubtedl was.
His inanimate remains were borne tin the
elhurch from his residence adjoining by sev
e members of the Society of St. Joseph. e
' ti . ,W.,to in black soutanes and sal
pieas,.u mtearying a cross, primajll
aeWr b e sacred weipe; they were fol
lou~enb the Rev. C. l1yihan, B ev. Mr. ile
deonot loev. Mr. Trevis, and another rever
ai et g~ptlenhan, whho9se ame e eould not
aYosearlii. In t4iw vestibule, tihe 'solema
p Milts~4 biied, while a hymn wssmeing
,le then, revreatially andwith s
and'I eUmened pare, the o was borne
site 'p he tio tA ,:rlle draped
IarSinui " N hich i.Iaxafsl tmnmnernms -a
liSbts, _typipal of the et
nesvep, tlat rnever w eaee.
mamsyof the congregation grouped -f
it, bowed their heads, and wept.
A solemn iigh meas was inrmediately
.o .'teed..` The Rev. Mr. Trev~it acbi e.
I'CQ. and very judicious, wasiee
;foe the 'reverend gentlema~u, e
Sill d, has been the curate Or ooad -I
* tor of the deceased-since his ordination up
- - tw ses atime Calm, serene, and de
voat btp. pthoat-ly feeble inbhasthWe,
t houpll as he oferttl up the august shri
father, his esathlyy, falter,- linfe-v
wae,,'Sl nee wth a sanew - eoCld .
the afalster of God, whoa
relati Ieady, .a.. the
~moaieen, the.- Bedomo r.t sh
d n. We ecould aot ev`' a dt l
'rihteemid, pulaio~iigosfoaamaý
S_ it death, Iy near e us- .pv
vaa.t ! m 'epyJg our mind
thes he deep hom
which itought _ti Usb ndl' poubds
the tramor ' ¶,S asoisemerest g
hime Wwhoi wee nt aerie re
ºehadteeS de., actve ei e 14, pI t.
What a leeson to pa." aaid polwas
Feruhe volume--lifebwime .s I tsi
and open before ts, and Oa-na
its fifty-two or mort ye wo s w .am
graven the brevity of eisteme
uncertainty, its littleness, a 4 a
shadotes To all those ae t
the deceased waa esu ale t ei
But t.i nasumtewhowu woul
fenp him by any ahbnagsve tMe final
who hadjourneyed with him frem his hie
Shome p Wcsphaiia, he was Lanwn,
ssteemedl,d revred. As. the latter in
ceased the hfad as rain dios ell the
holy water on its outer lid~ji-emtmust
byve ~t even more than his grave coater
nance avexpreio a to and his voice en
daieavcfe Irconceal.
The i or dloing ceremony, prior to
.elaad idmpraesive. The areh
adsheea· t some oa r eihteean elurr
men were in atteadanae,aa catedL
bial serviee. The Rev. FPather Tsevia
the faneral sermn, wheh wa
iPy. a la .pneo . CIbs deseent
, rslI,r l. oorga set m its s~traps,
the choir at the same momet b ,
doleful die. rw, dibes ella. The cofin was
tderward uplied from its position and eol
emnly borne down the nave, thelw arhbishap
and blergy preeeding it, foloowed by the Mo
ci ot : ef-St.*Annaimluih dbtetS e ';
Sthe shooi, onn"tenringtbe ch .,
the coln 'ached the altar step it.
lowered to the floor, immediately
the place of sepulture. The arch patie
cited the litany for the departed, the nanlir
ous priests responding. When they had |
withdrawni, the Rev. Father Ballaktary-'s
eended the pulpit and delivered-a-brief-es
hortation to the vast numbers -who. at his i
reqIneMt all knelt and offered up pritaers,
beseeching the intercession of the Virgin
Mother for the soul of him whogem inu andi
stifrtieal, form lay before them, 'P. '. J.
I'LA4UlF.ML'}, June :1:, ht4;. ,
31dit1,.r iourijg tar anl Catholic ~I m"nger : }
Although somewhat late, it nmy interest.
some of your 'readers to kno*- i9' Corpus
Christi was observed here in tl~ ionntry.
The celebration of the teasit Vies deterred
from Thursday to the Sunday following,
Lwhein, by mix o'clock in the evening, every- ~
thing was in readiness. T'lie ladies of our
Altar Society hlad fteil, ip three beautiful a
o repoodptltdr.-d oti'he altar of the Blessed I
.Vizrgin fnit. ltNn'u iie on St.'Jobn emtsare
in front of the ch oterin the
:yard of thei :on'i," 'ocout a
squar distabt > - l~totquet
iarmon by Bather Duber d, of Sta. "I-k
briefs, a processioni-wi ' fo bddaa issn
'from the church .jr the following order:
CrosK-,barer an ; brass band;i
about A- hiuy
followed by nearl3y A yired young g i
some of the largeref wheta carried a statme
of the Immaculate Conception; the congre
gation, followed by some sixty gentlemen
Sbeaing lighted tapers after-these fUllowe
abeat a-dozen little girsestrewing fowet
and after all, thr blessed sacrament. AftE~r
nediction, at the repository on St. John's p
lnqnare, the procession moved to the vem*
vent yard, where benediction was give
fromn the repository erected there, after
which it returned to the church, where bene
diction was given from arepository erected
on the altar of the Blessed Virgin, and the
ceremonies of the day closed by the usual
benediction from the grand altar. Taken
altogether, the demonstration on this oeeb-a
sion.was truly beautiful, and as pleasl>og
thei congregation of St. John's as it was
ing to our wortTy pastor, Fath~Sr'
Arrangements haIve been made to open ' *
Catholie boys' school here about the ssitkbf
next month. A school for girls we have, the
Acaddiny, f St. Basil, under direetion of the
made to get up aggesd school it is toeb
hoped our Catholi eteirba will nobly do f
their part in the goodt wdrk, and make it a -
complete success. h
During the past ten days we hicve had
pleasant .lhowers of rain throughout this
section of country, and the crops, at one.
time seriously. te tned .by drouth, no,
look welL,.  n ; .ut good har
'Ithe Toegaao L
and will; e' ;
from thi ofe;ir
have lost their crops not, h be
able to plant atsr win an hope Vhi
icing anything for thoar lt this
year prove different from. - simy i
eason whiclt, lhave. Z,
lantedt witbip tlhe next ton day 3n gver
owe. land, would make, but
generally wSarms with insets,
destroy the seed or the plant, tils or, r
ing the etrfott to p~naeoe a late'bdpsele. t
This .tnmer we  e..debrewfl be
made to sec ureof eea S og the iverý
and thus protect ' rccuho % luobyear1y t
The people of yoear citye, it seems to me, r
have eoncare4 themselves but little about I
the opening of Bayoun hlp plýoj so so"
Mobie -n t ý,, J
may bee - moegh
we take the .-per till
others, or either
NA faring the e indiffer
eat to it accoip
lI nh its.
Sould' b
bur' c ».weitiu ,ns , , .....
. - .. OF / . ..... . .:.
J tsrv~o. , Jude o,. 68...
matmr torg sru d b mtboe ete: .aei.
Year big metropolitan sehoolt bsc b
a to oLt Well to their laurels. The
f edbition and distribution of primes to t
4 pepisl of -St. Vincent's Acaemy, at our
kriS llU last night, demmaoitrated
4hi0 tiye geisha by the rising popsactym
For urrbrs the crowdedaudience was
Sheld atteatiie to a raoA sacereee of the
interesting Meg euatve Ie ne
ia n r t t he biasemc ave * sr he can- 1
I d6a we thee rue , bra. bwat j
aoIneatly nifoorm a hem St. Mary's o
otr, dwhome mem
sat Sallivan, i( II
erfus ed bytholf to the cater- i
;o. 'f the ir oi h anpr
ueod ret talens in that line; and it is
-rs toa m et for thems mueh maccmee, l
othd hmereser be aceitd upon to act a
asslab peelrsertheirbllow-cetisen. e
.Ater such a last( night's of the I
eduaetical vautse ed3r by our a
Chriatlan Bcther: isto be hoe that
er yoth, latoad e being At for i
inetruetion, wilhamefsth,beimeptt aheme ,
sce at St. Vinen a Aedey help to en
conarge HOxa INDUsrny.
Swe before your own door, before you a
- "ase ----r sttiggr. t
61The inftasaoe"f +f
t49 t we w".sone swhe;ni
I tosome Saeie ty.
r The C-p, the most 'ts -
lqent of motherqever
caions of her n
I evil and direct
clae. Ungare e
The Cathoýe fe tfew1 'sera
number.e esc ompeel of ons
of then Chanteh.k A the apiwrOt.pxýem
forms anieop4e;tfttheirae lot
are arnred oen so- quletly, tha,.ift i onl
when an anniversary et sopt$elemn-.festiý
ni -dsaws4em out of their ceweteil obpe'r
ity tbitethey :gladden Cathoi.lhert.by a.
public mantfestatloneut the3igeareaus ithaIy
of our holy slkgiem ,4 * : , " .. .,,A
Siuhan oc alan as last l en
Young MtdrOsae oli edriml ecity
St. phon seubrat the
fest of At an
to t e churh,
nt the , they went to theyi 
munion to le n abody to realbv blessed
:aecrament. What a jpypus and hopeful
Sght to . ee yopg np,: with souls
~f ansed einace, rev
S toparta of the' strength
a _ h fortifles. the nst
uLettion. appy youths ! _y, ryf tom.
a lo in your bosoms Him whom has.
pledged :Hid- nipot ntt--lqrd that they
who reoeitl shall have everlasting life.
I the 1pid .earts of men glow--at
thought, with f hatrransport o the asgelp
hover arond many souls rescued froihi
the 4nore ý d ,ia slngthened' wit)4
the mm eisye o anpsses of -eveaoa -1
thdety y ande blod a t u s0 4 .
-Afteir is their piaeaet same sase
was spent ina on dud g,
teir devotiehons havinld t. as
close, they preeeeded th t ,honsusHafl.
.where a bountiful r had been pre
pared. This was hedtTl ygao yed by the
soeietarwith thecir smited gwestaofcerEof
er Catoulic societiesreom di'erevnt -
eand ,of the Sat. A'lplhisuss Bea
cty, composed of married men of t
Long ill the remembrance of that re
Sherited b7 tb& wh·o were-so
asto _iatci'pMe m .
mirth igned .inestrainndp
laughter rang in the hall atthe -ain
an' humorous sallies of the oyoa0 crowd.
Who had a better tight to be happy than
Their belve a etn de sidentlfSaf eoye
i ,W-theo ......... tM ta-r
room they o 'evout mm
hopes for aMe h
as so strong al le a ion of
ruled supremen
there was nell mode ý. -in ica na
ten for eaxess, t ut to be plain litfore
troom th; they w devout assem- to
S , Pno ., w t
_t he . d- ,. _ ladaene, s tah,
of the Vte- all e of Popery.
the genlegtions who. am to uceed them.
be NGLA.-No Popry." -That which hbe
n holbeen a ide int j ore often in
ironyu-still more requsently in sad and
iber arnestes its tdoom to be plain linot
bstated as math his oseo at ristl" fo i,
ether judymet the Tory adter has made
sihonorable Ii aeasan to olee. It aue about
it the fVata a-t ais elyag to all his Poper.
iIme ; it is t impos e ble to tink s mean-ses
even tldhave it, sth le tonahs of criesart
and thbrain.-Ht a deMed Peas .M have a cry
tIf you wprht als plendid silveoo; for pitcher takennot
Schance in the grvest of thg rae ayto comgrave erroff atrs
itthe itale vthat hOkland Riding to l Park.his
the pac-nie gives at Oakland Riding Park.
1. Jtced
°twho t, ,0 0 street',D
the , fir. 3ý b 'ýeu~a ý
-hi7ncan, we- o`tiecprwy
Sof other church,, amoog whom were
F Fathers Jeremiah M Father om- ti
r nelius, 'his brother, 'Pa euaunny, and ie
Sothers wboseatames " o t° soemember, a
reaaiP #" our well-haew iioite
,wit lebdShe yo
the nrothers,,many ot 0
whobt, Ot asiypop r rotheroAm- d1
Sbrose, director of the Foucher ,ehools, ;at
ttma.u dapls9 ANlic, agat
hn te d ring, the exam- ti
iain,"w r.leui .:taleOted co- 
- laborer,B, who is.the imJ- ai
-m [email protected] to r o¬ these sehogl, pl
º+p ,a4 -n, aeter-- P'
o tn: .... " . ..dring a ' ;" re
tin d ,.telecta, trauinga. 1ti
e ps bad, o. ti
B .r, woey7saso'1,, was in atten4. ti
j1 ee nst
he mhat'e it
of conesitte l_ so
the following: Q!
`. ý iictusvýýý artYas "" oT te
Clas,..~aDido on, Wa, 'Doi; sune, 4
Brass Band. e , a. -, i' " , lt
P. ..lla.t 1.tv oase orsmet:Gajb. _o
oed riqdAuP Cerer n eu- o tio th -w
Braos lad ; t Deeeainb og w l en Ceanis. h "
Papu iDecil Ssttm,1, - t. 'e i
eewas -in t we n a.heou
'i i the .s o e n;eean. p
einestionl ; no d s swe qthate
Std -suc t-eheot too- m on, tm
ethe b il ua
-r c
uwnlike the dry, g l
asnlike the dry gy their
cation ; at the same time p
merited tribute of thanks totie hristian '
irecore t the ti e
Bý mi dbea of the tdo
'Bra s, Jsstjpia ed brought PU
the t e sucadth Th everm +w!
,i*e hsa charge of theam.
This eeishin s exercises consisted of the fot
examiarhn lthe classes of the lax
meeb advanced pupils. The hall ws.
AIsplayof evergresfestooms, and fowers,
the happy, Pt tthrog, the well heb
loved groupofzvervd fenther who hon
ored tte evening pWt reenir c the a
proad, smillag faes. of the pupil, wo,it
their neatpcrseosel, showedafoudmother's On
,arethal hand, all combined, mader the hlae
of gase-iita, in fhrniehing a Irighi and
The solai programIIIne was then hiken
up and gone rUgI rith astuigreater "
degree of interees on the previous *'
evening (If that were osble4) on soeonat
of the asture of tbh shgr sndhesl.. under
examination: nor did dimwpoint
IsIDAY Evinwao, JURN gs, 186b. g
vertre by the li5s BDm;SeagPuPls. E e
Montro mer ; Brus Baud.
Pupils; Dia
loe, hi. Hart aud J. Malone. m
Band; Declauaationa.m.LohmiIlr"
Song, Pupils; Deolmation, J. Canai. As
.9- -
et, DiTaloge,'J. IJo
o a 1Freshept; Pa -ianh nd
SAs we canniot aititnian in
able and e hl fthe sub
.-.... .. :a,.q_. 1 t ot.ll ob
tion 'ote cince, tih varhios smthat
aver agttended t n manation
nnmdeVs. ·"a more
aend se+.ee examiiki on'than that
theamine,• tt-i -M riaib-one wvher(,.
W_ thel td rioi a, . r ,et '
a faurent ne ec t n es, of the diit
ad morent es' t raino8n areli
and we here s that wanting to
dile antidea sf dnd ie
o$ site >t"in eti, -
.... tmients r7weCaun over at
ofonuslteh osout
on -w a ' r thgt
at no le an sto In t
M, yulrie to, eods ea nalyzed
hn- And *broler -with a tnit othat
.holrede an intimate c naintzu-, ~ath tbhe
Pr kl * o .iund not the l sft d..:--Thoicud
L routine of gramnnar and its rid-...
4 . Bopk-kerping followed xr :" ,d Itfrct
g, the bosheowed the l kUowlue . .ti ..sill of
their theni teacher.u - l ou, r1.- dleaini
tion pf the science, the veamion. ...ok ea
pl 'red"fln' 'tfuble;uaetry the 'iahiy book.
ý. ]ournhl,,i.ld lerdgerwi-Wth c4eO.i r ,cetical
i- business, illustratiur thet. liw. -.-a. of
Seade--jourualitang, with itrtll r lt. :'oting,
Sdewn to seiking the .n tril oiuce < its
ehatl'e, use, etc., to tl. filllnal c.lt.isag o1f a
',sst of .bgos,wws all oane thrpgs f irth the
' g l jLi" of gneset~qin - : t-pl-, till
l te audilene, perfcctly delighted with thl,
Ssucness of thle pnpils, bt.at- our i r. ro, nd..
e a:oloed, ll ti
and mensuration followed, and rcre all ii..
pd.a_ by the boys being required to givte
a pl a'o daily bqsiens and` nu.rcantile
life. These examinations rfecr- over
g, whelaed. e youpg nandiaaes fer ,lisltiue,
t ipn .wtx9 ' I ocup mulctd Jdaosorn..
-One feature must not I, torg.io[eLt that
. partioclarized the e..ptu*ttiooni. inuel3y,
thasa Brother ,stitnan a rwp, ,,lil on the.
;andende to--examnine the' pupils, relying
,; justly on the faith of his owulfit l,.& of incul
caf".n; and, in some'Uises, the audience Ye-e -
Sspoaded, ld found the boyst--s much at
home -under a strange hand sS they were
A under their accustomed- teacher. who ha.
added -. , laurels to his already well
Sarned fame as one among the best teachers
, of his distinolished orler.
_ Theset ibjet closed the examinations,
k the interedt of which was kept up from the
Sbeginning ,to the close, .as W have nevere
Sseen It surbpaee latee or public
.. Tiit:mlde of t fausms bra
d, under its leader, ]l. ttricek, the
S aU denmdwel dlered pieces,
in teeen mng, te a f" a lo trioti"a
unrdeir the by corasest o f et. joe
ld 5et'_:an, hre in all mtestawo
td . yal boonI
et.,m by , bu thea oys,
for half an our. We osca n -
t ofc
u dation of the en dp rth
isd i e t . e ied
a' fel tOand
' douaa, i,[so ,..,
e eS 1i O.la .*bw of
~ In cluini weith, fothat the
bm*eti nd eofTNee ,tbeu,St fu, who,
a fieryI ihi:n ae  et of  h. ad
Spgle m are l net e ebnvied1 theirris
SwilT be uo common fesaptia hdlity. -
J. A. ri. E.
gAll the Ult le Ibyhaws a anot etn for3
• oDt race by atiomdbma t5e~o-Iae at Oak
: f , and by w ieno g the rae will win
matm Li otegb lbie with their foodu if
0 t and ofiee are thoueght Jeaeoh what

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