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The morning star and Catholic messenger. (New Orleans [La.]) 1868-1881, September 20, 1868, Morning, Image 7

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c--w o-iO"8, svaUAY. 8EP£BE B OeR 70,18.
rIT OM wiDo0. >
A Fiery Youth-A carboy of vitriol. A
The most valuable prise-iEnterprise.
A Minor Chord-A short load of wood.
He is a good shoemaker who is faithful o.
to the last. X
To- keep eggs from spoiling, eat them BuS
.while they are fresh.
r The man who swallowed the story whole Al
was nearly suffocated. No.
The man who would "mend the age," a
must put a "' stitch in time." PI
'eep thy tongue carefully; it may honor, b'
but it may also condemn thee. p
The three best medicines in the world
are warmth, abstinence, and repose.
How to mhke a little money go a great
way-Travel on the low price trains. T.
Hearts are much oftener trumps in the
game of cards than in the game of wedlock.
An old style of "basket carriage."-Car
rying home your dinner in one on your arm.
Idleness is like the nightmare-the mo- oo
ment you begin to'stir yourself you shake it j,
The new moon reminds one of a giddy ot,
girl, because she is too young to show much n
reflection. Bn
Pleasant Falls-Falline in love with a o
pretty girl, and falling heir to a hundred as
thousand dollars.
Why istwice ten the same as twice elevent
Because twice ten is twenty, and twice No.
eleven is twenty-two. Ke
An experienced traveler reports that the Bib
best ventilated hotel ever patronized was or
the Tip-Top oh Mount Washington. sn
Reuben saw, in the window of a book- ai
store, a placard announcing: "Burns for Pi
fifty cents." He says the ways of the city d
are beyond his comprehension.
A London witness having told the magis
trate he was a penman, was asked in what
branch of literature he wielded his pen, and A
he replied he penned sheep in Smithfield vi
"If " said an Irish apothecary, "you
find three tumblers of whisky punch di- T
agree with you over night, don't take 'em
till the next day, and then leave'em off en
Some one asking Mr. Curran why a coun
tryman of his walked about London with
his tongue out of his mouth, he said that at
he supposed he did so to - IL. the English
"I am afraid you have settled melancho
ly," said a landlady to a cadaverous lodger. e
" No, madam," he replied, "my melancho- m<
ly won't settle; like your coffee, it has too '°
much ground" a
It is said that Hobbs, the famous lock- In
smith, has succeeded in picking one of r
Banquo's gory locks. He did it with a pick- m
axe, and succeeded so well, that he has
gone to work on a wedlock. di
In Nevada, a contemplative Digger Indian di
sat watching a party of base-ball players, co
who seemed to him to be working very nu
hard. Turning to one of them, he asked : co
"How much you get one day t"
A young candidate for the legal profession '
was asked what he would do first when em
ployed to bring an action. " Ask for money
on account," was the prompt reply. He
passed without farther questioning.
" Do you suppose you can do the land
lord in the 'Lady of Lyons ' " said a man- c
ager to a seedy actor in quest of an engage
ment. " I should think I might," was the
reply; " I have clone a great many land- is
lords." - -
A lady who had refused to give, after
hearing a charity sermon,-had her pocket o
picked as she was leaving the church. On
making the discovery she. said: " God
could not find the way to my pocket, but
the devil did."
" Please, sir, give me a penny to keep
me from starving i" asked a beggar woman'.
of a gentleman passing by. " Can't stop,"
replied the latter, "I'm in a great hurry to
make t speech at the Society for the Relief
of the Destitute."
A widow lady received a present of a
turkey. "\Who sent it i" she asked of the
Irish porter. " I was tould not to tell," said
he. "Ah ! I can guess," said the- laldy
" Bedad," said the porter, " that's just what
I tould Deacon Gruant."
A Yankee lawyer, who was pleading the
cause of a little boy, t-ook him up in his
arms and held him to the jury, suffused in
tears. This had great effect until the oppo
site hlwryer asked the boy: " What makes
yorcuy'?" "He's pinching me," said the boy.
"Keep off that grass," said a policeman
to an Irish orange peddler, who had estab
lished himself on a nice bit of turf on the
common. " Back luck to yer, I'm not hurt
ing the grass," said the exile of Erin ; " who
iver heard of an Orangeman 'wearin off the
In a certain town there was a shoemaker
who at times officiated as preacher. He al
ways wrote the notices himself in order to
save the expenses of printing. Here is one
of them : " There will be preaching in the
pines this Sunday evening, on the subject:
' All who do not believe will be d-d at
three o'clock.'"
A traveler; among other narrations of
wonders of foreign parts, declared hle knew
a cane a mile long. Thie comnpany looked
incredulous, and it was evident they were
not prepared to swallow it, even if it should
have been a sugar-cane. "Pray, what kind
of a cane was it ?" asked a gentleman, with
somewhat of a sneer. "It was a hurri
cane," replied the traveler.
"Is a man and his wife both one 1" asked
the wife.of a certain gentleman, in a state
of stupefaction, as she was holding'his ach
ing head in both her hands. " Yes,TITYul,
pose so," was the reply. " Vell, then,
she said "I came home drunk, last night,
and ought to be ashamed of myself." This
back-handeLdrebuke from a long-esuffering
and loving wife effectually cared him of his
drinking propensities.
No. 30 Carondelet street, corner of CioL
Metalle, Mahoganpy, Walnut and Plai Cn 0
always on hand.
All orders for Carriages promptlyattended to
No. 343 K gasin street, corner of Del, New Orlean.
_u esoatta tlvou lend alage asaortnsenettsl le
Burauea aand Camlketa; also, Mahogay. Walnut, and
plain Con. Bodies diasnterred, em ae. and ears,
lly shipped. Carriages to hire. mhl5 ly
No. 895 Tehoupltoia street, between st and Second.
Hearses and Carriages for hire.
Funerals attended to in person by the proprietor; and
he hopes, by strict attention, to obtain a share of the 1, 1
publio patronage. apl9 ly C
DL La >x xi
Blank Boeks of every sie and style made to order, and 5
Books neatly bomnd.
Job Printing, such as Cards, Bill Heads, Letter Heads. 9
Circulars, Bill of Lading, etc., neatly and promptly exe tat
oeted at the lowest market ratesr at t
Orders respetfullUysoliclted and carefully attended to,
aul7 3m
No. 193 Josephine Street, next door to St. Mary's
German Churh. Inc
Keepe on hand a general stock of Catholic Prayer Books, am
Bibles, Lives of Saints, Ascetical, Controversial, and vot
Histoncsl works. Also Missals, Breviaries, Altar cards, to
I Cruets, Sanctuay Lmps, Oll-stocks Plies, Ciboriums,
and Chalces large assortment of seads and Meda,
Cruifxes, Holy-water Founts, Statues, and all kinds of
religious Pictures Also, the only pure Wax Candles for drl
First Communion, at the lowest prices. me
Pictures framed and made to order. -
Also. Counter Show-aseos for sale. apl9 t m wi
j-ACADEMY otic
The Scholastic Exercises of*this Institution will be
I resumed on the
a ug3 St mo
Studies will be Resumed on the 31st of August. in
The various arts and sciences usually taught in eel
Slegs Ad hare an appropriate place In a system of t
education established by experience, conducted on the ti
most approved plan, and with a devotedness common- be
Surate with the work entaged in.
In view of the great number of classes in the college, of
a thorough gradation for all capacities and requirements
has been attained; and the frequent examinations and si
fpromotions beget emulation, the soul of advancement, l
making labor a pleasure and success a certainty. TI
The course of instruction pursued In the college is
divided into three departments: preparatory, interme. C
II diate, and collegiate. There is, besides, an excusively S
, commercial course for studeltnt not wishing or not having
y suflcient time to go through the whole of the collegiate t'
course. I
For further particulars, terms, etc., apply at the col. 8
Slege. corner of Poesyfarre and Foncher streets. aut .n -.
-OF Til-
Under the Direction of the Sisters of the Holy Cress.
3- Cornerof Rampart and Congress streets, Third District,
e PnoSpEc TLo -This magnificent Instituton is situated t
1- in a uiert and healtihy locality, on the suburbs of the
city, and ata short distance otn the river. It is very
Bcoutmodious, thoroughly ventllatodl, and atfonds all thol
Salvuntges which contribute to the health and security
of its inmates.
The aim of the Institutio being to fit young ladies,
by a course of-instruction, intellectual, mural, and roll
Ut go, for their respeetive positions in social life, care is
taken to select for this ipurpose the most efficient teach-.
era. The most unremitting pains are also takPen to
secure tlhe pre'rvaltion of morals by a vigilant but
Ill miateral su'teritltende'nce ofthe pupils, at all times and
in all places. They are trirnecl to habits of order, neat
, IlHea, aidl cleanliucnss; while strict nttention is paid to(
to tle clltivatiou or f pllit anl enlg:atgng u.lsunero. Tihe
peli wourshlll of' tnll, l rtitur,;nt is the Roltan Catholic n
iryligiau, Ariftlilf oteltr letn.ill etimv, are admitted l
Il;. fi thle satke ,T f orde irt andi i'gnlaritv. all ar11 lligel I
1. an,11 thhe flxcrciseladt , teirllt to tlie rtule of tle
id To s'e tcure III lreo.urerv il the t],;lth of tile lpllils, the
SSiasters pay l,n't i,'lr at te nt le . toth .u.ality of" the dil0t,
aostrintig t hcltnstlv'5s that It is bhflt wilei~elyoeoI nld
Iat utritious' while lblllllaneitie Ivlvees no rlllln illr ttlose
llrllultllltll al joeultellto so Inatu tiiral tloyoutli. T'ih l 00ours
of relaxation are so ilistrihuttdl that teither mil nor
b t,0ody ahotuld suttir firom too continued an apllicaiilo to
eltl . It sickrneit, tilhey are coustautl y atteUdeI by
hit oe Oi the Sisters, anid whoe necesst.: the l',ysici an i
in in imtediate attendance. When lyw tble, timely notice
is given to parents and guardians.
e The system of education embraces the French and
Y. Enuglish lantsisos. The brances of tile conare are:
i teading, V ritu.g, French nd Engllish Grammar,
Arithmetic, Ancient and Mlodern Geography, the use of
b- the Globes, Prose and Poetical Cenmpositio s, HIltory
the Ancient and Modern, Sa'rel and l'rofulan--hronology,
French and English Literature, Mythology, Rlctori,
trt' Natural Philoso,.phy, Chemistry, Astronotmy, Botany,
rho g, ikke g Mtatllematics, etc. Music. Drawing
th Plain and Ornamental Needle-work, Tapestry, Embroid.
cry, Artiticaia Flowers, etc.
ker IN"AI','aNCE:
al- Board and Tuition in Freuch nd- English, 11r
,to mouth .................. ... . . ......i.2:) tt
• I-rile ltrt cl' ( ti) lt(
one Entrance Fto for the (trot year only. .. I 00
tle EXTII.t CltAIit;i:SI
c t: tel on thu 1ia0no, pcr .tuiarter ... .............. BI0
inte,',f l'iant o . .......... 6 00
o..il E, l . .............. tO)
tith' ia l l.'htwct till
ldltlm fur the ltmnuler aron jo.............. ..... (1
B;id Itooks for t(le uinre may tIe upptliel by the parents
Oiith guatdaialls. oilr tn'rtir-lt at thue ilntitlltlh ll lt Ill*lr·tate
priott.. Qitartetly exaniinatl,,ns ,re hehl. tile r,'ottlts of
irri- which are transmitted I,v ttiletin to the iparents andh
guardians. lesides, n tl,,ittiy reports of conlldrt autt
etudlieo are readi in tile presenceo of teachers snolmpgle,
awtarded scrorling to merit. At the close of tihe aunnal
coutrse, abut the end of July, the distribution of pr.
c- minms tukes place. Letters of invitation are sent to
italsneuft, gnarxtslRn, anl relatives of the pupils, also
to the friends of the Institutioun who alone are pernuittud
CD1 to attend. Studies are resoieA on the first of Ochtell.
No dedouctin of quarterly payments is made, even for
ertra charges, unless in caase ,f tines, or tile expulsin
ofthe pupil. Pupils are received at any rime dumn the
rlg year, and the charge Is estimated from the date o en
Board and Washing during vacation.............18 00
sel3'46 tf
The cors o instruction in this Institution inolnude T
all the bracheeof poNlite ed atin ; and vrey effort
I made to give solid baais to the youthful mind, and tie
make the iaqultiton of religious and literary oow
edge Y attetive Y It is 1clprtant. Ed
Vocal and Instrumental Musio, Drwing, and Deeal
Under the Direction of the Rev. C. MOYNIHAN. S
This School will be opened on TUESDAY, September
1, 1818, under the above direction, assisted by a ftl Dir
corps of teachers.
Promotions will then take place in all the classes, and Ar
at the same time a graduating clas will be formed. p
In addition to the branchee hitherto taught in this
School, French and Muslo-Vocal and Instrumental
will be added. YT
Parente and guardians would do well to have their la
children and wards present at the opening of the school, mal
in order that they may retain their poeitions in their re- ,
spective classaes throughout the scholastic year. the
Payments are to be made invariably in advance.
M. JOVIAN, Superintendent. t
The Creecent Night School, attached to the above eas
tablishment, for young ladies and gentlemen. will open pn
at the same time. aue Int
New Orleans, Loulsiana D
This Parochial School, nuder the direction of the sec
Brothers of the Christian Schools, will reopen on ste
The remarkable aucces of thais instltution, its steady
Incrsee in the number of its pupils, and the iar ge
amount of public confidence with which it bhas been fa. S
vored, especially during the pst sesemlon, recommend It A
to the attention of parents and guardins. Sac
The course of Instruction pursued in this School is I
divided into three departmenta: The Primary, the Inter
mediate, and the Commercial. tor
There is also a department exclueively for young men
who intend to devote themeelves to the mercantile pro.
Religious Instruction, Spelling, Reading. Writing, ~
Vocal Drill Object Lessons First Notions of Arithm .
tic, Geography, French eading, and Vocal Music. IN
Orthography, Reading, Writing, Exercises in Rio sic
cution, English Grammar, Geography History. Arith.
metto-(Mental and Written,) 1Frencl Grammar, arnd
Vocal Music. oc
Rhetoric, English Literature, Mental Philosophy,
Logic, History-(Auient and M odern,) Higher Arith- at
metic, Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Business at
Forms Ee itolsary Correspondence, Penmanship. an
Book-Keeping in the meot thorough form. ca
On the completion of the Commercial Co urse, BDiplo. l
nmae will be cont u . ,o, , h..e f-ilol
are found worthy of that distinction. Di
- Thirty of themoest prominent pupils will e selected
to compom Braes Band. or this purpose two dis
tin akh aed profemsrs are already engaged.
e Each student will e'examined-on entering, and will
.be assigned tothe clais best suited to his capacity. t
Young men intending to enter the Commercial Do- a
pertment would do well to make early application, as e
, only a limited number can be received. d
aunctuality In attendance, order during cla hors, al
and method in all the studies are deemed so emsential to
d success, that no opportunity to form the pupils to these
habits will be neglocted.a
is Primary Department ...............................$1 00
Intermediate Department ........................ 00 t
se Commercial )elprtment ........................... 3 00
ly Special Lessons in tLe Science of Accounts........ 5 `O0
ig School Hours-From 8i A. .L to 12 M.; and from 121
to 3 P. h.
to For further particulars, apply at the School or to Rev. t
T. J. SMITI.V Pastor of St. Joseph'sChureh, Common se
l- e treet, opposite the Charity hospital.
tauOl . BROTHER JUSTINIAN. Director.
iJ Miss.-This institution conducted by the Brothers a
of the Sacred Heart, has been in successful operation
since 185.1 It is beautifully situated on the shores of the t
Bay, commanding an extensive view of the Gulf, and n
affording All the advantages of the sea breeze. . n
The spacious recreation grounds, well shaded by ever
greens; te holiday walks in the neighboring woods, and v
i se at henatln er, are for the pupil great incite. c
merats to healthful smuement. o
The delightful situation of Bay St. Louis and the facili- II
ty of access to the place, at all smasons of the year, are so
well known that only a passing notice of the edvan. o
Staes is necessary.
y he iystem of government in thisinstitution is strictly I
Smild and paternal, infractions of the established rules a
being prevented by a constant watching over the con- n
duct of the pupils.
The religious and moral instruction of the pupils and
Stheir domestic comfort are Lattended to with the utmost I
I- solicitude, ani constant ilteuntion is given to tihe forma- o
is tion of charileter by inchl-:ltil, prinrlpls of virtue, and f
h- habits of politueness, order, lit-tlltnsi, andl iindlutry. 1
to The scholastic y-ear (-O,,, ll',ei,.'oi the i thi of J atnary,
ot and ends on the Lst Thlrsiiday of lnovomber, thus the 3
nl annUal vacation lasts abit six weeks.
It. Plltils are rieceirvedi t ran, li"me of tile year. The age 7
to of admission io tonl ro e.vecn it, ixixteei y.arn.
lI The courose of edualntin c,,rillltri's- all thaIit is tanglit in
lie colnmerciall in,,sittili,,I. mire,-t: nllhaing It l ~i-umIanhip,
I: Englisih ailnd F-lclh (ralImalli. Coo.insstion, Arithmietic,
ii liook-.keeping, Algeblia, (Ii.,ne.t , , ta.
lie TEI" 1IS: IS
Board and Tuition, per sr,..-;i,. p:lyablle half-yearly In
advance ............................. ... . l
ira toliLg per seision l ............................. 10 (o
i- lcdidiing, r sesnsion, (opltillWl ..................i . 10 t i
. hw·tor's J eus.t......-.. ............. ............ 5 W
ine Vacation, if spent at tlhe islltitti-n .............. 50 00
irs EXTiIA CII. I:(;ES: t
' Piano and Vi,,li, per ilotll, cth ...a............ 6 00 t
to Use of Pihno, per month .......................... 10 t
Flute, per mot ............-----..................... 4 00
't Brass Iustriument, per niollth ........... . 1 (0
ice Spanish and Ge-nman lan-nuage., per month, each.. 5 00 i
Each boarder shouli bie irovided with twelve shirts,
twelve pocket haudkerclicfs, twelve pair stockings, six I
nd cravats, four pair of tdrawers, six towels, six table nap
o: kins, four summer frock coasts, six pair summer panta- I
ar loons, two winter coats, two pair winter pantaloons,
o three pair shoes, one caP. one maitross..(5 feet long and 21
. broad,) one donuble woole blanket, one pillow, four pil
low oases, three pair sheets, one mosqulito bar, combs,
gY' brushes, etc., all markeld with tihe name in full.
No advances are ilade bIy the Institution for clothing
traveling, pocket money, etc., unless a sum of money be
ad depanited tocover thlee expen.ses.
The nnmber of pupllils is limited. Parents and guar
dians will find it advantageonus to enter their sons or
IT, ward in the beginnii' of the sssion.
For frtiher iaarti.-iruIaT, apiply by letter to Brother
Oden, Director of tllh, Academy, addressed to hay St.
Louis. (Hlhieldob~r',) Mien.
il leFeao.vcco---lr. mIIIIas. Lnaylton, President of the
I l) Siiuthern blnk, 1,-ew irh.lan;: 1,r-v. rather Jourihon,
00SiiperiTior of tile ,.i-o(itl' ilolli.ge, X,,w Orhlens; Rev.
Tiriil 1)i.stri,'t, Xiisw lih-.anls; hInto ii-r Athianasius. rue
ner of Lawi-elnee alu.1 MaItacllusieItt streets, Mohile:
S/ery Rev.l'clliicr. :at tile Cotlheiral, Mobile ; Rev. Father
SCurie Ht. Vinet (h.ri'h.. h olele. ie23
i U) It inetnlt;te CeOoli-.t ill ew (11,X -lclll0.
1(1T41 him lit reary hnttltalioli iIncorloiratedl by the State
10 Lolisi;lna. anl -,l,,.;ie n ri-l to ,-,ul..r ihi-gre-en, is con
Smductci liv tile F;ottir llr the Soci-ty if Je-sius.
2 (S The libtildins -are sw-ell lalcited fir tihe purposqe. A
coiirtyarl. enltir.lv 5,01 ,f froinl the et-i(ci. is ri-nerved for
cuts recreation; so ih;ll. t'rout tile arrival of the pupils, at 1;:3
rate A. M., till their dtepaiture at 4 I'. H., they are constantly
a of ecluled andt superinti, nlei.
anci The course of instruction embrses Greek, Iatin,
sol English, Freneh l'oetry, Rhetoric Ili.torty. (eo ...ahy
hue. Eathematics, Astronomy Otural and Mental fnhiloeO
ihy, with the lditin ok Bookkeeptng and the usual
a &omercialBranches. -~
pre Students are not admittepe unless they know how
also The moral and religious training of the studenta is th
it lead ng objects of the instractors.
ir. Every mouth a report is sent rents, stating eon.
n fr duct, progress. rank in clas and attendance. -
ls The academical year begins on the first Monday .1
October, and ends about the 31st of July.
Collegiate Course, payable in adrance, and in UnJ'e
.48 00 States currency. two months, .21.
preparatory Course, gI. fer
The Marist Fathers, who have obarge of the astlh. It
tle, are provided with all the halitiees tor imparting a
thorough English, French, Claeuical and Mathematical
Tsmia-Payable-in advance, ISO in gold, or its equi- KA
valent, for the half-see ton of lye months.
For further particulars, apply to the President, or to
ans3 tf No. Natebes street, New Orleans.
Directed by the Brothers ot the Christian Schools. E
Paoeracru.-This intltution situated on Napoleon
Avenue between Magasine and Camp streetsi unur.
passed y any other . the vintlt for is h. thy an
salubrio location. Possessed of ar pacious yard, B
planted with fine tree, it offers all the desirable asdvn
taes to furtherethe physical development of the students,
a well u for imparting a refined and solid education. o
Thesysitem ofgovernment though armand unyielding, fo
ils kind and pelrsuasive; every pupil being required to Pa
maintain the bearing and the manners o a genemn. an
The besst means are employed to excite a laudable aft
emulation among the pupils. BStrict attention is paid to
the rellglious lntruction of CathoUolic children. P plof w
all denminationsa are admitted, and their reos of
opinions are unrestricted. Speisl attention is ito f
the commercisl department, -l
Preparatory Class, per month ............ ...... 4 00 to
Intermediate Class .. ......................5 00,
Superior Claso .. ...................... 00 Or
Instrumental Music, per mouth ......... ........ 6 00 he
German .. .................... 300
Drawing ..................... 0 wi
N. B.-The services af a Drawing Teacher will be
secured when a sufficient number of pupils will desire to
study that branch. - the
"l~miling l·ading-gng Tr .ade Fench ; Wrixldug
Arfthmetcall Tables and Cyphering; Geographyda, an h
Sacred History.
In addition to the above, United States History,
Grammar-English and Frennch yasuelle' Introduo H
tory Course; Arithmeti-Intellectual and Practical; Sh
Dechsmatlon; Mulo--Voo\ and Inst rumentUal s
peoition--Enh l -h-and Pene sla uoele a uperior d
Course; ~Elocution, Rhetoric, Geogra pby, the use of the ho
Globes Astronomy; Histo-Anient and odern; p
Natural Philosophy, etc.; Algebra; ensuration;
Geometry; Trigonometry; Surveying; Drawing Mu
sic-Voal and Instrumental T.
The class rooms on school days are opened at Du
o'clock mn the morning. From 8 to 81. the pupils who ma
are in attendance review the lessons for the day; t a. m
school begins; at 10, recess In the yard, fifteen minutes;
at Iti, recess till 1St- at l, recess fifteen minutes;
at 3t, the pupils are dinlmiesed. rs
Pupils who may e detained after this hoar, tor any B
aue whatever, will get a note itrom their teacher,
stating the time when they were dismissed; the parents i
are requested to sign that note, and to send it back next
S meo absena ofrom school without permission from the
Director will he tolerated. When unavoidable absence
occursthe pupil, at his next attendance, will be required
to produe a note frmhis parents. B
Thursday is the regular holiday of the weseknf le
another occurs, it replaces It.
No puppi Is alowed to leave school on any day without
a task c o commit to memory, and an exercise to write. t,
each according to his proficiency and talents; these
duties are to be performed at home, as there is no time
allotted for them in schooL P
Parenta are expected to insist upon the due perform- at
annce of these duties; and they are also invited to call ta.
occasionally at the academy, to inquire about the dill
, genes and conduct of their ohildlren.
op Parents of limited means, and yet dsirous to have
p their children well instrnucted by the Christian Brothers,e
p will have a fair ppolrtunity by sending them to the new
and spacious arochal oel, ere.te at the corner of
Chestnut andi .ons street:, where arrangements can be
t made witlh facility.
N B.-No pupil is re-admitted wholeaves the academy t
to try another schlool, or who protracts an absence without
Ssulfficient reasons.
aug 30 BROTHER AUSTIN, Director.
S Christian Brothers-Corner of Poyefarre and Foucher
Sstreets, New Orleans. La.
n This Institution, incorporated by an act of the Legla
s lature of the year 1858, and empowered to grant Diplo
d mua. , confer Degrees, ad bestow all literaryJ honors, ofers
many advantages for thephysical, moral, and intellectual
r development of Students. It is commodious and well
d ventilated; situated In aquiet and healthy part of the
Scity. Its successful .areer is marked by the high degree
of puhblic confldence .r has already gn, and e annual
1- Increase of the number ol Students. The system of gov-.
Io ernment Is mild and parental, yet firm in eniforeing the
- observance of established discipline. No pupil will be
received from another College without unexceptionable
.y testimonials; and none will be retained whose manmmers
Sand morals are not satisfactory. Pupils of all denomi
a- nations are admitted, and their religious opinions are
unrestricted. TEIRMS:
d l'aymentsto be made quarterly. In advance, as follows:
t Thie first, on the firat Monday inSeptember; the second,
a- on November 1511t: the third, on February Ist; and the
d fortlih, on Aril 15th.
Tuitiou-I(Cullciatc and Commercial Courses)
V. per quarter :non tlu ........................1.8 00
0e Tuitio,.-.,a- l,' t .add First Preparatory Classes, per
quarter of d- moutls ........... ...... 15 00
e Tuition-Third l'reparatory Claw, ,er quartcr of
2) mtnolntls ...................................... 12 50
n Tu;tiw,-Fourth lI'ipclaatory Class, per quartcr of
P. 2i mouths .. . . ... .. It 0
c, Italf oarders ................................... 7 (()
ES'Tit.t ClII(tiU ES.
Ma;snic--Piano, per n;larter.. ... ..15 00
In Violin, trin'gs tfurnished,) perquarter.... 13 W I
Imp Flute, o:r anyS ther \Vind intrumlent, per
. . -t qarter .. . . .... .. to 00 I
S Drawing ..........................................12 I
L Situldents entering after tilhe begpinning of a quarterr.
wO will lay the ;quarter I.n fuall but praolerldelaction fI,. tihe
tilns elapsedl, if.a week or more from the beginning of
O thie said qluarter to the timae of entering, willU be made on
o the bill for thie ensuing quarter.
00 Blooks and Stationery furnasled at current prices.
SNo dedutlction for absence, except In case of protract6d
oo illness or dislmisal; in which latter ease, however, it is a
A respectfully suggested to parents and gnuardians to bear
i in mind that when a Student leaves the Institution
without permission, or does not satisfactorily account for
a protracted absence, when he repeatedly transgresses the
Srules of the College in matters of Importance and after I
p roper admonition, incurs, according to the President's
it julgment, the penalty of expulsion, the Directors do not
, hold themselves hbound to refund any of the money paid P
In advance.
No Student received for a shorter period than one
SQuarter. No deduction made when withdrawn daring 1
tle Quarter, no matter how short a time he may havebeen
Sr in the College.
per English Literature, Ltgicund Rnl etorie. History
it Anrir.t and pr.lern- EhloLtion, MCtalphlaoac. Ethaias.
Chemictry;: AIlgbra, highlr: Geonntry, lint;o, SIpoid,
he and Splherical; rlgroaonoatry, Sur'erylng, Navigation,
, Aonalytical Ge-ometry, l)iff,-r:-ntial and l nagral Calculus
lv. Astroonm. Naturnl Philthsotpy; French, raammar ana
IJ, Composition; Latin and GrCeek.
aer Grammar, Epistolsry Correspondence. Cnmpoeltan
Ge1,graiyy Arithan:etic. lnjkKlik-elpinag, Ililtory. French
an. tikal Tlabrli. Cypiuur o:i.::, nFt -,arblt-h :;dling.
lnter~n'-piat, ( Calo.--in aiddation to the above.
A Gcr:aph¥, English Grasmnr ar, Arithmnetir, intcli, -toal
anp practical : ilcrerl iict,-r Cu:, Omlaltie.on, EIo.'tion
t3U Algebara. eh,-oeoatrv" ; Fre-n.ch, Music. vocal and instru
Gy mental. alld Lati.. l rasnunar.
n pecial attention is given to the Musical leipartment,
by beth vocal and instrumentsa. Two brass banIs, the
ao memlbrs of which are chosen among the students of the
usl College. rehearse daily undeethe guidance of a compe
tent professor.
The Commercial Department is expressly designed for
young menuwho intend to devote themselves to the so
th ountat' profesion.
There is an examlnation held each quarter, when the
so. tdeutsa ae promoted, thotagh they may be promoted
oftener in cue of remarkable proficeency. ithbe end of
the scholastic year is held the pubi s examination at ths
close of which premiums ar distributed aordi'n-to
merit. Vacatlons commence about the 3d o July, and
i ed on the first Monday In Septembat.
Agent in New Orlean--Chrlesi D. Elder, No. 140 Pey
S drm street, Pest-om ce addres. Box004. te
No. 0 Poydras Street, New Orleans.
Thisstbl Cst iRs .w te es -I
minds of JOB, aWO nsy as r te o Oa f wo
PROMISSORY OTUS ý thre . y -he e. Era.
hepr nthue, ne wo e siooature sldl be thedn Ion.
Pari h of Oreans, City of New Orle
day of the eo ne tbs , aru o o~ Lord oe theout nd
ihthundred sLxt eight. and of the independen o
Pariah of Orleans, tate of Los--1- to .dnuly ommlinfed
and qualified, and ntirnee sn of thtoc e ewi taereo ersea
aoter named and undrnlno d, porsonally eamo and a
peaed, the partem hereinafler named and udrs
wbode clare tha availing themelvos ofe the pro on
of the tatutee l Loet oina relative to the orgaeiai
selve onto and onati~tte a corporaton or the folowing
speclfied objocta-and under the following stlputioon,
The official name of the orpoation shall be the Now
Orlens Catholln Publication C nay.
The buneen and legal domicile othe corporation shall
he in the City of sNe Orleana. subJect to removal only by
a vote of throe fourthi of the boo fide stoLk hoIleris
with the consent of the President.
The object ofthis company Is topublih a newspaper in
the City of New Orleans and make such other ppullc.
timam may afterward he deemed advisable ty the
Board o ireors hll lr
The Vi President of the CompCany I the officer on
whom, as such, citation may be served, and in whose
name sit will e brougllht.
Hundred aThomad (100,000,) Doellar. in Fie thousand
Shares of Twenty Dollars each. one half of each sub.
sriaptien to be paid at the time ofer gnia snd the .
mander wheneer cealled in by the Boardti lrto rse at
any time aftersixtyn days shall have elapsed trom the r
cordingof the act of lncorportion. provided smid remai
der may he paid at an time, voluntarily by the stolk
holder, without any cll of the Board, entitling him to a
proportional dividend.
ThiCorporation shall commence noperation andon as
Two Hundred Shares of the Capital Stock is sub
scribed, and wimmdlte b thedreafter tsbe fStoeboides
may meet h ranoneia peorn of the Boterd of Directors
subscribed shall be entitled to one vote. Btockhold er
may vote in person by proxy of anoter tor holder.
In ease it should become necessary to pl this copo
ration In lquirldtion, there shall he ppointed by the
Beard of Directors, come oneof their numbher who shall
represent them. and whose signature shall be binding on
the Company, in such capacity.
No stockholder will be held responaible for any iabili.
I ty of the Comprany beyond the amount of hi stock.l
There shall be no sle of stock without consent of the
Board, and no transfer of setock will be recognied on.
oles approved by the Board.
SThe First President of the Board of Directors shall be o
the Most Hev. Jean Marie Odin.
The Board of Diretors hall aonsist of, hesides them.
President: First, four members who eshl be Clergymen.
and who shall be named by the Prtesident. and second,
three other members to be elected by the stockholders.
ThemDireatonr of the first clam shall be appointed nd
a removed by the President. and their places tilled with
s, others appointed by him, as frequently as lie shall see fit,
w ithnltany responsibility in anywise, on his part to the
i stcikholders or shiey other.subjection to thrir sperv isn.
I The objuct othis article is to secure in the halls of the
Preslent, the complete control of thie newspaper and of
the general husines of the corporation whenever he nay
The three Directors of the second clatss hall he e.ecaed
Sby irhe stockholders stan election to be hoeld annually In
the month ofi)ocemier, (after the first election.) on such
r day a maybe appointed by the Board of Directorse
whereof dun notice shall be, .von in the newspaper 0.
the company. At thi election each har of stock
shall le entitled to one voteo, oand the majority of votes
cast shall elect. In case of a vacancy occurrang during
the year, the place shallbe filled by vote of the reman.n
in Directors of this class. The Vie President to do
ode in case of a tie vote.
SThis annual election of Three Directors shall he the
r only mode in which stockholders, as such, maylclaim any
Sinfluence in the control of the paper or the latiry of the
is corporation. aCe X
No member of the Board of )lretorsshell receive ony
i pay for his services, nor shall he hold a, other office or
Semployment in the papor for whiich he will receive any
, compensation.
The Prelident shall hold hia office untll his lenth or
' voluntary resignation.
)U thUp a vacancy in teile o ili, t.f P jresicllt ocenrring in
eithler of ibes tuo mlodes. 114 asorcc,-eeorl ilaill be elected
Xi by the llDirectors or the linst class, or as mainy of them as
or thile P'reidlt, hi placn e Shali.l h ii l he by such Ill eof
the three ditrtorsufl the first clues as he shal rlllloint
Vice kccaidolt.
The inoar of Dirmy etrecshnalle b iy - entire coitrl of the
hosineas 'hi tihe Vlmatuiv. 'bie re uin ll fa ll-or o iatdrs
me tclllwtilyhlss of tal te vclinI.c-c ndfixd thei crnta eh
hI te lweepro1 to1 011rl I m aer Illiadke all rrtersan u-ents
Tr. III. t'Iey oray rcohvke tiletiglls olt tile sHLaklles
re whlocevr dlsirable, sod declare divideucoi of Iprofit, It
ot any.
This act maybe amclodel byr a vote of the stoe.klyllere.
To eUict this there msoat he cast in favllr of said amend.
W met twao-thlris eif all the otes eutitlacl to be cas, each
is share representing one vote. Said amenisitent must
ar have been propeaod by the Board of Directors snd ap.
,n prored by te p residen.
he The term for which thie Corporation Is formed shall be
or twentyfive years.
ot Should an stockholder refuse or neglect opeynne
id tually his or her instalment sthe sam falls toie inorest
at the rate of eigt iher cent. petr anam shall iro added
e thereto from maturity enlil payment, anId If any stock
og -holderrefusae, or nyeglect to pay his or her instament
en within thirty days alter the specified timeofpaymene-
the Boarl of Directors shall have the right of cauuitg any
share or shares upon which any instalmoIt a- y bIo 'due.
t.o he .,ld at acti.n or oaeris, as the -Iord mpay deem
d ,. rut e ~ai fxl lo ri" . t 1ou 1 readoinl at the
, . , T Ihs donstid paced) i(t my oJ'.e at e IOrleans.
aforeuiti . the 1181 llllti; ani 3anr Itiret ohoi . urirten.
Io'-I'Erlt |()LT(1t.T JOhIN I'loANAI;A N
.lAhl.t O'DOi)OD TIlI)MA.,t. K.'NY.1
i'.. W. J. CASTEIL. ,V. It. I..LA(NAS'I'tK
ad l. 1'. SCA.LAN, LAUREN('E \fcCI'JIMAC]E.
'I JOIIN A. (;illI(iiE.
u WVM. J. CAST1I.I., Notary Public.
1 , CHARLES 1. LZZE.NItEtI.. Ilistrict Attorney, in
lb s nd flr the Fitrt Jdiicual l)isrlrict. Parish of Orleans do
Ihereby er.fy, that I have carefolly examined the fore
ps [oln har of the 'ew leana Cat~holio PJubUcatlon
for Company. and that I Anti nobing thrersn contrary to the
Constitution and the laws of the tate of Louislana
._/iitrict_iAttoehey FIrat Jucdlcil Ditrict.
A 1,thenderinedi ueputyeeerder of Mortgages, do
|b hevcby e~rtfJy that present set of N·orperatto was
|-duierlcrdecd in thie ofcoa-B. 5, No. 7, folios o56, l4
S. , Signed, A. DUCMEI-., Jr.,
DIeputR D ecorder.
.'..-' A true copy of the original onrfile in my ofice..

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