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The morning star and Catholic messenger. [volume] (New Orleans [La.]) 1868-1881, December 20, 1868, Morning, Image 2

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agamme - AN D -agoun s-um.lia
uwO r uAM, SUNDAY. DN ItS, so.m . I
• _---- - ----_.d
er me xa. sta r san Caler Meemmoar]
To lean from the aeol of i
fae fcts re lataing O of $
Christian chivalry is n orew Fri
student of history is 4o iO't
ency. The romantic tenor of gal
of conlicting ida he can scarc h
fancy from reality. The hloeroic ievemen H
the implicit obedience andiity, t $oef- -
sacrifice of the knighte of thepi'ilas, present
them to our view as peronasges whoee br
panegyrics would grace the ,.g of a novel 5
better than those of history. -he reign of po
Charlemagne, however-that reign opregnaht am
with gre*t and momeptes events, iassid te
have witnessed the rise ofeltviry, as it sprung_
from the bosom of feudalism. The armed
bands of tenants which every petty"endal
despoY had under his command, by tbeir iiter
course with the aristocracy of the soon
imbibed those principles of justice and iberl
ity which in after years were to be fomid oon
centrated in such men as Lagellette and Simon i
de Montfort. Chivalry, from a military organ
isation, soon became an institution that num
bered within its folds the most powerful Eu
ropean poTentates. To be a knight was then a
pass-word among the nations of the world, and
both the young and the aged, the rich sad the bu
pogr, strove to grasp that honor which was to
elevate them among their fellow citizens, and dy
give them a voice-in ~h0 c c f tha naion.
Loyalty, courtesaand justice were quired as
characteristics of the aspirants to the belt and be,
spurs, and thus chivalry became an incentive gd
to the practice of virtue. Based on such prin- Ja
ciples of morality, it daily waxed stronger.
Each succeeding age witnessed its spheref th
action-and predominance extending itself r- Ch
ther and farther, until finally it culminiat n to
that zenith of power which it reached at e end coa
of the twelfth and the beginning of te thir- iso
tee m ensi ury. Then-the true spirit l Chris- on
tian chivalry may be found animating the del
crowned heads of Europe. " Mork' iea, Ma hal
Daneet Mos Droit," became the wr cry of the tio
knight, and we find him always ready to fly to ca,
the protection or to avenge theinsults offered vo
to either. .. -
What greater and more- ip g proof, o n
the fidelity of the ihristlan ]lit to0 is Go -
cail history afford than thl lliie6 d taclof I
the Crusading host leaving their homey and
the genial climes of their country, to-rescue of
from the Infidel .the sepulchre of their
deemer Every one is familiar with the cause
of this sudden outbdrst of patriotism par ar- hei
eibtace. Hordes of Mahomedans had invaded
e.erly h*n w.h'l- esf C-hrie-annl. and' the Em
peror Alexis hadbeen the first to witness the Cm
effects of this devastating torrent. From his I
roýal residence at Constantinople he saw the St.
fairest portioins of his realm continually ex- toc
posed to the rapacity of the heathen, and even nit
beheld his most opulloent cities fall one by one ate
under the yoke of the Crescent. Reduced, to -
such an extremnity, he saw no alternative left oce
but in an appeal to the Latin princes, who.im- v,
mediately responded to the call of theirGrecian On
brethren, and a few months after the Mabome- un
danwbeheld the shores of the Bosphorus spot- dig
ted with numerous encampments, over which chi
floated the pennons of the bravest champions Ca
of Christianity. '. There were assembled the we
Duke of Normandy, the Count of Toulouse, the pai
Earl of-Flanders, andthe far-famed Godfrey of
Bouillon, whose virtue and valor afterwards ele
vated him to the throneof Jerusalem. The stu
dent of history is familiar with the exploits of Ru
the Crusading armI.--He may event wseadii
the description of th9 capture of the Holy Ci.
feel within himself that-enthusiastio thr =
which shot through Christendom at the news of hi
the recovery of the holy sepulchre, amgl exclaim Me
with the Christian knight, "truly it was the the
will of God." But, unlappily for the good of Fa
humanity and the honor of Christian chivalry, al
we see animosity and dissensions working mis- tic
chief in the ranks of an army against which
a few years before, the Saracen had dashed C
himself in vain. A hundred and eighty-eix
years after its capture by Godfrey, the Holy Li
City fell again under the Mahomedan rule, and tic
the Kingdom of Jerusalem saw the last of that nu
ashort but glorious line of:kings hurled from ed
his throne by the hand of his inveterate enemy. Bi
Laying aside the study of past centuries, let Pi
us now retrace our steps to this our enlightened
age, and see what has been its progress in the
true spirit of Christian chivalry. Though not
belonging to that class whom the good poet
Horace accuses of "being the panegyrists of me
former ages and the censurers of their juniors," cs
still, to be impartial, we must confess that un- in
happily we want that spirit which stirred the Gi
patriotic feelings of a Richard and a Louis.
The materialistic tendencies of the age have
exercised a baneful influence over the souls of as
our modern heroes, and war is now waged
merely for the gilded honors that success show- in
ers upon the victor. fc
On glanging, however, over the history of the in
last one hundred and fifty years, we sometimes ,
meet personages standing among th4i fellow w
citizens like oasis in the Sahara. Men who, by hi
the wide-spread influence they exercised over
their fellow beings, by the respect paid to their a
words, and the power of their example, drew ti
up to themselves, as it were, the feelingsof ti
society, and displayed those qualities that die- z
tinguhed the palmiest days of Christian chiv- el
airy. Koeciusko stra gling for the independ- tl
ence of his eountry, r. a et fsels, is a true t
type of the madem chevalier. in that strng- tl
gle of despair against vengeane
"When 11"d opstm9 .m to ererews
Her w hFued PwdoM a'and Ihw tahre bwwa' e
what dee4tof prowess unrecorded died, and in c
what bold relief does not ih name of the I)
Polish hero stand when Inmribed on the same S
page with that of the Russian general. "Bua- a
warrow " says a German 'historian, "is the G
name oT cihe, who, though posterity shall not p
cease to admire his bravery and military skill,
must ever be associated with those of Attilla ti
and Tamnerlane." p
In 1till later times, and in the sunnier climes a:
of the land of mirth and revelry, among t
brilliant constecllation of martial men who suc- ce
ceeded in elhvating the Empire of France to an cl
equal f'ot iingrvith that of tile Cesars, Chris- cl
toplue lAuin Leon de nlimoriciere, the hero of t
Algecrin,n shincme w-ith Io hiedimniuxd lustre. Fiust ii
ini the rumks, when Ihis counxutry's good ri'l'uired ,i
his ,irviecs, lie rise iutont t he glade iof li,-uitei-
nut to thut of gitiilial ii. 1hi- shir't slacre il't'l z
ui"i's, nt i ' th n peril't d ll his no -ll - honiiit 1
"120 ,] r ii. ou:"r eye''l' |lIII nni i.:tl l, th u a to e It'i- p
ilg ii . ," ' .'glu-gi-iu hau :tim,u. i ih l otim iio-ug
uIit i:i Ih -' hiiii in Ails hlinim . Ii;t ui u;1 i h...,,
wrncd'l' l ;ll ' In lit"l r't i liH ~wrF ollf tht l l ief nee- i
ei.u1i u in;- i - .1- , i.. 1 llU io , throii , oih :. 1i I ,1" ii
till lto a ::' l  l ', d inl the i0 0 t l :i· '
ci:. ' us. Nut iliur u-litui.it-r iiv " nlhi k l- l ii a
Ib'u.idl---A lula'vtir kiiii tr-v i'" ['ikn -' la ilii.' iil I
a 1mu.h' m- ~sliut'. iIIilWATIIA. (
li l'gil su~ r\vic'is ilu- to li. hithil ill the Cin- -
-cinui unatrii, drin-log the st-inter. Ii the
suiimmriiil, Ii., i I.ti e Ioirms ipart of tlhe "ervice" (
I at caulp iiictiligs.
brat deliv a brief-but ol a~t
1batl referatg tothe  ee of the
o ~ .-In "aordane
ga i plRight Re v.t. Bishop
at visit to ety ro'
Hg.At 10 o'mlokdt H
asd 9C. Ma 8s J., Pastor. Ae eover
asien f . oto&e ote erMsse Ben . Cwhom
brnt dolly ~a ,brief but elo_ ent address,
wersstataly referring tthe of the
ealeinityand the-pious oafwhich em-.
·ante' rom it. Right Bev. l opWood also
'md a brief address at usion of the
DkOkO~t -F -In accordance
wIn the -a the Right Rev. Bishop
a t visit to Gettysburfrom Getty on
fanday, November . At 10 o'clock High
ws celebrated by ur Pastor. Mass beig over,
the Bishop the e Sacraent of Con
mti to y-tw one persons, thrleven of whom
were eearts thee ol e thechi-ith.
In the o oon the ight Rev. Bsho pro
Cheededurch of Ignatthes' ChurHoly Famich, on thelaid in this
omony was pefourteen miles distnt from aettysdi
burg. Lancaster. The large concoursed of the spes, he con
fion thrmed grounds-two persons, three of whom were
convehalf allre be likened wise adbressed ttenhil
tioren to a% VeryRe. amnd eloquent Fatherald
DIOCESE OF CLV CW0..1.Ou Sunday, Novem
ber 29, theo sokghte in a. strongop Duggclear tone orm
,d tworitundred persons .in the. Church of St.
James, Chicago.
DiOCreS or NEW YLos .-iiom Sundays ago.-
the corner-stone of a new church, styled the
ChuOn Novemberrch of the Hly Family, was laid in thre-is
town. It is 119 feet long by 45 feet wide. The
ceremony was permed b' Rev. James Madi
ison Lancaster. Marye rles concourse of people
on the grounds was composed of persons of all
denominations, and for abont an hour and a
half all of them listened with breathless atten
tion to theet. The Very Rev. and eloquent Father Lan
caster, whoDspoke in a-strong, clear the of
DIOCESE OF NaC Yonx-Retigohes Redationof.
On November 30th, Miss Eliza Grennan, in re
St. Magionryister Mary dch, in thles; issouthe Ann Pof thers,
in religion Sister M. Ay, lath, wis Margh solm-aret
urnity inrelightn . Bistehop Rose thcrnompassion
of Our memorabledyand Miss Anna Heals in religion
divine ser Marce. Agathae preceived the buildite Veil urin
the Chapeld from the Convent of the Good Shep
herd, 90th street. The Very Rev. origin. tarrl cost,
D. D. thousand ted, and preached on the oc
cpaid durio.-ngbblat. oriod.
DIOCESE or CPORTLnD.s.The dedication of,the
St. Mary's Church, in the south end of the city,
took place on Sunday, 29th, with mch olrtland,
nity. The Right Baev. Bihopodministecrd the oaici
Dzocnsx OF VxxcaczNhs.-Riehmend, Ind., Do
cmbe#r 1.-Last Sunday, 29th ult., was a day
mver memorable in the annals of ic. Almod.
On that day St. Mary's Church, Avhich has been
undergoing extensive reHampshirs, was opened for
divine service. The present building was pur
chased from the English Lutaccoherans by the
Catholics, in the year 1860. 'The original cost
wMeas ten thousand dollars, allof which has been
paid during that porish of Gd.-Cir. Talegr and alemh.
IOFallCE o the twoD.- neat brickhe 29th ult., the
first Sunday of Advent, the Bishop of Portland,
Right Rev. Dr. Bacon, administered the Sacra
ment of Confirmation in the Church of St. Aluoy
sins, Dover, New Hmpeshire, to four hundred
children, male and female;- including at the
ed wertime someferal convedults. ndThfter ght, in
the afternoon, the Bishop, accompanied by Rev.
Messphn.- Canor.an and Drummond, proceeded to
thervie neghboring the deparish of Great Falls and Salem
Falls, and in the two neat brick churches there
also administeread the Smourning brament of Confiequetrma-ed of
tio to three huns oredndsvf the Chnty-fve children.
*OIOCE5E or Four WAmxE.-Reiusoleer, lad.,
Nerensber 2.3.-Yesterday the Right Rev. Bishop
uA aer administered the Sacrament of Confirma
tion in the Chapel of the trarphan Aesylumon, to a
numberof the inmates. Among those confirm
ed were several bronvert. Tee Right Rev.
Bishop was assisted by Rev. Joseph A.in Rome for
phan.-Cer. stions aPilot. of
Romor, November 11.-The great Requiem
service ofor the dead of Montana and the late
campaign has been the principal local event of
interes. It took place at the Church of the
Gebn oh Friday slat with all possible solemni
the, ll dress and .mournnll being requested of
all who attended it-at least, within the re
served portions of the C rto h.
A eatafalque veiled with black gauzple, roes
in ths centre of the transept, plsaced on a tenplat
form of t he n adutifully ioritted, and strewed
loin pietc.;res the confsta with arme which had
served at erns . Atlled the restn of the dais
were immense bronze csadelabra with the
heavy toreht of yellow wax used in Rome for
General elerations, and trophie of anciallyt
armto , which recalled a4zitook L pchivalre with
title oftMarchee PaCrsadetrizi, od a t. Petnumber," of o the Pon
persofinsal bvelnteors have sognobly won The
oave music announceand the advent of the el
e by Monin Cgntellacc,sthe late vicegherat,mand
then alow and moarnfully troopedarlyn theMass at
train of Potifical office, wre prrsto their plaes ary, Mon
the eatafalque. General Kanzler odipied a
pri. Dim apaut, and took his place ss chief
mourner followed Generals Zappi, DeCourt
enignori lnstide, )anitl, Stoner, and keelemst
enlg a ond g hsi, and twe colonels an lieutenant
h*Thelosof the various corps, Alltt, D'ry:,
De Charette, Jeannt at Evno else , Ehghly
Sivot, letc.; the staff, the field officers,
and tbalterns fil 1ed the rest of the space, and
General Dmont, who, though not offi. cially
o assist. at the :ceremon, tk i pla e witb
SI the Marchese Patrizi, ani a nulber of otheri
persons lon itng blhto th t e great o families
I at the side altar.
The Requiem Mass of Mozl, whi t was m gnifi
cently sung by . , and utherous ald  ull-hosen
t.choir, and the Absoltion was grived o hisn at theby
- clo liv- Monsic.or Chastllacci. 'aro military
el,,hnplhditr who hld Ballsaid a terly aMuss at
m)iicli, i'itra niald 13zrili; andl by the abbot of
-e]oryto: Tl
.bi g ia m a slwhic he )a
.. the Church ir, at the Coro, o
s4%the festival f . Charles meo,
withi diffeclty, was persuaded e up.
e stae oach an.dgo in a carrge aref
e losed. The exposureandeetmah
e abad effect on te and his cough becomes
more distressing.
o Rome, Tues thNovember .10.-The Hoy
p Father was somea in bed, and during this
a time received a vit fom Dt. Connea,-phyas
, ta of the f mpererl gaen who bhappened ]
r tobein Row h Holy Father is now ,en
. valeseoont- -...
a Roux, Tuesday 'November 17.-Thetru5
formation the ntibes Legion into a simple
Sview with the ex--inofN lee. No decison l
l~eepe-will a the seatente of death.,
h.-. ew" . . .
rI ive r heee t&r' "overnment-at Civita dee
i- chin. " :  - - .:
o. ROME, Wednsa, Ijovembe 18.-Toda -
the Pope, Cardinals, and Prelates celeburated
oin St. Peter's, the anniversary of the dedicpktion
e of the Cathedral.
L Dr.- eavmas Decies.-It is believed that Dr. 15
e Newman, who had been invited to attend the
i- (Ecumenical Council as assistant theologian,
Shas declined on the score of ill health.
1 ITALY.-That 'the loyal clergy of Palei'mo
a have not supported their miserable ex-confrere,
i or comforted his seoul by showers of viuting
Scarnds, or eased his eonscience by condolences
on the present occasion, is evident from toe fl- J
lowing brief address to two tli tingniahed Pro
f essors of the University f a erilto, by our
. Holy Father; and, as it is tolerablystrong ad ap
s concise in its lnguag e, it meay be as well to
Sput it on reeoa or t enefit of those who
n believe the anathem of the Chur a.to.be a -
n dead letter in these our days:
n " To our Belawed &ins, Bruno ned Todart.- Be
,. loved sons, health, and apostolic benediction. w
, A pious priest of Palermo hCas informed s that d
you, beloved Bruno, and you, beloved Todai, ~
hav!e refusied to sociate yourselves with te ia
Professors of the University, who, by way of t
-doinghim honor, send their visiting eards to
the rebel Ciricco Rinaldi, congratulating him, o
!inasmuch asthat he, despising our wi, still -
persisted inexercising the functions of grand
judge of the mnonarchyof Sicily. So noble an
- example of courage and devotion to the pioly
Y Roman See has filled us with joy, and was most 21
1. consoling to our heart, more eispecially in these
n days in which perverse men rage against the
r rights of the Supreme Pontif and endeavor im
, piously to drive us from this city of Rome,
10 which was constituted the eternal capital of
it the Catholic Chulrch by Jesus Christ and by Sit.
a Peter. This, however, will certainly- never
happen, if all Italians follow the noble exam
e ple you have shown them.
"Persevere, then, oh! beloved sons, Todari
. and Bruno, in the struggle you are englaged in,
. and tight bravely for the defence of the Roman s
e Pontificate against the impious who, preferring
e the darkness of a vain and false religon to the an
n divine light of our infallibility, despise us and s
r. that which regards us. th
o "We recommend both of you with all our
n strength to the Virgin Mary, conceived withoutm
e sin, anud with the profound atfsection of our pma-s
. ternal heart, we give you affectionately our as
. apostolic benediction, which opens the gates to
all heavenly goods.
S"Given atoo R e at 88. Peter and Paul, Octo
ber 23, 1868, twenty-second year of our Pont-if
cats. Pus PP. IX." '
a It is thus that Peter confirms his brethren;
n: through a great part of Europe the Church hasl
returned to the catacombse, but while one chair
standfis erect the cause is, if at war, victorious.
Our enemies know it, and avow that, while the
Rome of te of Syllabus exists, their efforts re It
fruitless. The martyr spirit is daily increasing ,
in Italy, where, of all countries, st was most g,
m needed, and the courage of the bishops, the
to clergy, and th religious Orders is fortified in
of every persecuted church by the voice of Pins
e IX. hmaself a model of unflinching courage hi
i- and constancy, the type of chivalry of the gen.
of tleman, incited and inspired by the constancy 0
- of an apostle and the fervor of a saint. Its a
only future ages who will be able adtequately
to what his everlastins mso poessm s has g
tdoj do .Goe s Chwghat o for the weal of
edChristeridom.--Bousalt nc_aZ o Begt er.
s ScansexAramps.--Mr. Chapmanhsreeently
published the result of fifteen yeas, trading
t and hunting in South African which eontains
us some striking features,- few of which we at
subjoin :
i. At one stage of his narrative, he xoords a
ad very shocking oecurence-, the putrti todeath
of child born with omer deifow i Iwas
# too il1," he ss, "to Pay any t towhit
a was going on o utelde the wagon; but our
ef eo awthem smothe o r the chld undoer skin
Ite let. and tgggrni and wailing over
lr notnsnouet li of t aent probably the
o lmnd hnierd the rinspie b o the dyinginant.
Sreason why we saw no dieforma itis among them.
nd Besides, the way in wlhioh they bring up their
fly children, without pampering, lacingaud band
aging, has the efet of givmg them their thll
it nd natural deelopment.r Frm the earliest
hr age, theyare eosdto all inclemenciaes of
Las weather, their li e shaved heads laid bare to
the heat of the sun, and they grow up hardy,
jO. and able to endure anything."
en Amongst the most horrid of the seenes he
he witnessed was the Porrah or devil-dance, at
r Chenamla, under the intluence of which the
at natives worked thenIselves up to such a pitch
an o exciteent that they fll to the earth as if
mt shiot dwn with a gun, anl writhed in nginy,
iid amini g lt the inthi , till relieved by the let
ting of hlad iby the uie of needles or othier
,h up int.t'ients. It was awonder that some
i who thus ftell vwel Iiit sutieated with the
isidut i- riit rii:i ,, asi tthey danc- it i a circle
ir in id i l t rhe t, tr'Iig tn i tthe li i-o one,
d t w,, i::,', te. na d  in itillg their bdih's. :te',
m udl ], s di, mu lt a:e , ly ut d i f te r e nt t r, .e s t f
ttte dan the al u. lte iienll carrin d Inkis iof
,hnau-tath in thei r hlntd!, s plaut of IAl.wk ,us
ir batli athe ' u an,'d oxthe hir foreh,. hard, nt
Smoiit, sed-pud, whijh rattled at ev.eriy trauiili,
,'A,'li'l'hd their .nt lte'. A short disctance itoh
il] (tit-llin, Mir. Uhi tontnin enconutel-ild sotle
hi ie l'.atthklniakcs. 11hanceet lrheant, iini.tuil, 2
iil.~ , e twni,.ty feet long audcapable of swallow
y, ing a l1ntiluio.hi
by A hlolt has been mtanufli-tured in Hlarlford
to w-ighinigsev-enty-tise pounls. That bookcan't
of come under the head of light literatres.
Or --.ra a - o . " " . 4 tands a5r i =
c ra-Nf. 7a s t ossS.L
' eeeas bumS 4. isa. .,*e U o3,s anamrees
Beaijamee N.MH·:y P ~'fr N.s wOdsa.I5 syNE
017103-No. M GEaRT US STBREET,
the 3B70 ad U a g DI amses, Lees a, t u Us
Il .e. Bone Felon, C . Crarb l... White Sell.
lugt, Sald Heds. and Dropsy. apn ly
16. cA.A.... CAAL mSTr r...EET .... 167
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J. 8. KNAPP, D. D. S.,
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te biM wlith thelmeans of all. Teeth la rt en'gomd.
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uin the root.. by eanw proes. A fAtgoarantesi.or
themoneyrefundod. Tbhe dctor was a-wardethe drt
a gold medal-for the best sem of artlicls teeth.
Teeth extracted without pain, by the use of nitrous
oxide gs. se3l68 ly .
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r ICanp street, New Orleans.
Wholesale ad Reteil Ageneyer Loalsana, Texas, Mls
lasddpt, sad Alablma, and agent for George Clark's
Celebrated NEW THREAD.
SSewling Machine Twist and la Thread, of toi eat
C quality, h ar esMakers, Tailors and Saeedrs., .
e stantly ma hand. hr 3mh
Gew York prl er Spled GIBOV3EB & BAE~B
SSEWIoaa A at the ces, Ato Cati streeSt.
t Mahi warranted aive years.
SaHemmrss, Qelter, Tocker ad Bralder given with
every Machine. na9 ia
164 ............. a.L STREET. ..........16
(Directly Opposite Christ Church.)
f Depot for
S"CotT..'rlmndan c It[nterle," La Ilayc, Holland. ni5 3
pIAtnbS ACI) OI'BAlior - O
The lII-ST anld ('ITEAPEST in thie Southern market.
'I11.:.\u AIt_'ll'--itty \V.lites. fifty iPlkac, oine
hu I li ints .it ,, nil o h thI I.,M. ,..--i, to 1) worth of
Ii it,. Ir:cnutcLk Tuud nu rd llt,i;nirrl. Leave your
.r,, .l. • ,,n  Pi, ano trom )rPt to $,0,.
I Ihind PI.n lr Wl9Nfr-l.D..ronno street.
&. AIT~iENS & suN
21 O........TClCIOIPITOtLAS STREET........936
oImpnort:,r nani Dealers in
For Bunldings. Foundries. R..ilro .ls, Steamboats, and
Cotton rtese..
' also--Paints, Oils, Varnishoes, and Window Glass.
Swa r awaRwa, s i
em s eaner w ork and t'lMe. o s tol
lg all orders promply istd with the bIt aterd
and ltet inprovemente, on thevet nmedeste -, 'tera.
ea itted upa workith Water as Gas Pipe.
And etween ae and RAp u.
Arom twenty yeSTs' praNDiaSperienals tbabldes,
can w work entrusted to o pa el
be to merit the condene of his patrs, y.
Fhl itted up with Waterp atnd Gas PihU.
" e d o Dois a N• ' .. ýý _.
HGA rOmt U e d, tc .,ANd 1
ando Fr orce Pu s alen st Snthe p an pt:a,
tub!i1wn For ot water pipe thate tmey.
Dramad P pait era ns
Dls in aenCODa, isa Kt a
annFcPoro, Ale Pmpa Sheet an
14 ................ ST R T...........
CAHILL'S FRE............N.CH. IMPERIAL ONET...........
A rich and beautiful Dressing or restoring Heme.'
Boots or Slipperst to their original briianey whtst
Sor soile. Will bronze eally wele any
color or surface. For sale at althe principal shoe stres
-Principal Drpes!
Manufacfurers and De inBooas se, Trasts.
1 ...............CAM STR ..... ...
(Successor to A. Magniser
0.n., ne e h e
snoma) agttention paid to l ordas. Keeps constant.
ly on hadtl a choice assortment of Hat. ose y
177..........T. ANDREW STREET..c....
45 eOm aw Orleans.
During the lastasix weeks we have received, and are
still receiving per the different New York steemers, a
large variety of
that is not only Fashleable bt Durable. Per Baib.y
Weddings, Soirees, et.. we have the Chotiest Kind of
Kid antin Batkoe aoeet, r lace GOatseered stps,
different colores, rench and Amerioan,. an asw, and net
to be found in dy other stre in- town
Our Children.' eteek is e varised andetmaetwe, tatit
gill remains unequaled. Our Resettes are ia al esies
and daes, up to the Grecian Bead.
d3 im 1 Canat tret.
R TE.......................... NOTICE
Having some very Exp.enve Geds, whi would
iaewithtybe*e ughtes atnsl atnd. I C s is.dte
ofes my Entire Stock at tch peorse at rivtte Isle, Ma
will certainly induce parchasers to takeadvantags e
the oppnrtu ty.
D value. SILKS the sar N O.
Balance of Stock at a HE AV DUcoat fkom fIrst eoat.
N. i-All Goods remai on hand by the iarst of
January will be offered at .Au ctiou.
, *3 Im 133 Canal dtreet.
LEtiSli, iaoenqeed olooe a .tor.at
68..............4)YAL 4THiEiCT-- ... 65
1letwrnn Ill lille an Co.1 tc ti.
She solicits a cuntiunane of iipthe ptloge ,,f the Ln .
- .e., who Bhj kiutly accr DI her Iwirci. Ian kOe.
Alme E1MEY keetrin un ean, 1e ukcs bfoe.
(Formerly lPre.,t, Itinmms & Co.)
Noe. 33 and hgaane stree tre.
toi lyNo rlals

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