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The morning star and Catholic messenger. [volume] (New Orleans [La.]) 1868-1881, December 20, 1868, Morning, Image 7

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the Vandals who f the m
deatwhleef s,aee eddingdaily r I
fadpts. Their latest sasct is . i sp
prhoimn ci( he iSony o s d Paul,o 1
whiehias fpr its eIlee f i relief of the
per. The Plets sol a iDty f the sLondon
shmasq writes As f o that Journal-the
last act of these upholders of liberty: a
A member lfte Sovietety of St. Vinoent del
Paul, -by thie. Provisoial a
=atit d, iýs -saddse4.= the .fo win
';Th.decree of the Protistnal 'ov.rwment ,
viag the' Conferences of St. Vncent e
la I a outrage or.n the it preolale,
who am as Liberal as the Minister can - e
ysi'be- pýt t with al' lay fares st 1 o
nil'tia I ae-been membei of the cnulsei
itiesuitrt the newer ent of the Ponresj1
have seeanlected by the mocratsmemberof a
the Provt Junta: 'Pesuaded, ase I am,
that trunll1ta czanbt be in contradiction
with tbe4asbhis always been called charity, b
I applie&ttohbe admitted ito the Conference.
I was admitted, and for the last .thirtoe sears a
I have contributed owatis'the succor aid con
solation ofthenogent.- Daring these thirteen
yea*fille4 the duties of treasurer, which has
venn oe the right, and according to'the regnu
ae,-e tihe society,. Imposed upon me the
obligation. of lnterpdsing in the. important
i4f the .govetv nt of the'Conferenes*""
and'thikwf oialij rotithat the Society of
't. Vincent do Pauel .d ~ not conspire in any
seL shritaes " the msembers of thatt
-e.ty a~v, p esb_ s m who have noth- 1
nng. 'o' dO. tThey d not conspire;-I repeat
t, lnddI shall repe it a thousMnd times- a
,sy,- . tof. t it. I say mo
on .snearethae , norerenee, t
,othi _ag=wh Lb_ tre w, hasB
erlty of my opinions, which have ever been 1
•ibera, and which the docrep above mentioned i
asso muqc offended. "b
. Joxl Govn an Rstz." i
The London emnart eoannenta. on the pro
eedings of the Spanish tyrants as below: i
Thoee who advIsed the' dissolution of the
ciety of St. Vincent de Paul meant, no doubt,
o imitate the proceedings of M. de Pereigny
hen he was Minister of the Interior some
ears ago. No charge whatever has been "
rought against the institution, which ekisted 3j
nly for charitable purposes. The society,
hich has been dissolved by the Provisiunal tl
overnment without any avowable motive, n
onsisted,'ae in France, of persons belonging to
political parties. and of every shade of "
pinion; and the Liberals, who, like M. Gon
alez Ruin, were members of it, must find it B'
alicult to explain the conduct of those -who ai
11 themaslves niai- f gr and who
ve it by suneh ap act as the ~ pprssMon of a f
cay especially established for the relief of '
e sip and the indigent.
And t~i isa the liberty that they have given
Spain-the banishment of the learneds and P?
e suppression of works of charity Pay and *i
romotion to recreant soldiers, perjured sailors
turn-coat officials, and robbery and ignust- b1
towards the ministers of religion and 0
harity.' And such things are done in the name el
f liberty These seenes have been enacted 0o
ore inFrnce, when hundreds were sent daily
the guillotine in the name of liberty; and it el
ay be that some part of the same awful drama aj
ay be re-enacted in Spain. Everything hol i
d sacred may be violated; and as the sacrea h
e of God'is violated in blasphemy,'so is the
oly name of liberty perverted by revolution- a'
A beautiful trait of character and a lovely at
astern of the Spanish peaaantry a nears in
heir love' for parents. They yieldLo them t
bedience, respect, veneration and love, after
hey are aged, and the children are men and
omen grown. The married delight to hard
heir parents to direct and govern them, as in
hildhood, and these children even quarrel
mong themselves to get 'and' keep possession c
thelr aged parents. This trait of character CC
s said to mark a slow country, where the past,
he ancient, is held in honor; while prores
as no such reverence for old age. Would that
e had little more Spa'in in Young America, if
t is Spanish to honor one's father and mother.
St. Prnais of bales narrates the etuversion
f a libertine as follows. Two young men, one
f them no-Catholic, schoolmates of bie in of
aris, spent the night in scurrilouse dances at a
he Felboarg St. Jiaee. While, thee they ay
eard th one oavt at - the Carthuelsa as
hurch. The noaa;S olio youth askd.of his
om don what the sound meant, and having a
such an i of it as the other or
ould give, Oh, my God P hbeexlaiaed, "wiar a
S t. I the6'-oupatieS of thee uin eisamw
nrm-they olin the sagels in their e ,.
ad we act like beasts Th felewn dt
nxious ttet the truth of wl ia hd a,
repaired to the ehuar at the hour of divine .
f and e atthe monks assembled in their to
heir, senlble to every other oeen tlon but
hat of singiag -epraiesof the The n
tonlahed youth remained riveted to the spot, th
nchated the sight of such sincere worship h
flredto Cod, and yielding to that gace. a
rot ray of 'which had fallen upon him in'tbe
laceof abomination, he was, not long after, le
'ceived into the bosom of the Church. t
NOT A C*ATnO.ic pouX'TRY.-The following
rrible statistiesof crinjies committed in Berlin i
ill put to ehame thiose who have been re
e.tly reproaching the Catholic church as rcea
-nii le Itr the wickedness of Vienna. There th
"re tlll'nd 13 corpses of chlildrcnput to death
uring tihe flirat fortnight of October. In to
l ritld of six days there were i2 suicides; ;
,in th i i thI to the 2((th of August tliefe were
1. In il. lit there are habitually 2U,0UU un- o
i-leart'N LI.' f.--lltI writesc the poietry of
it" ie", biL lu tliIe "y" tha; t oIf thl' mat ncu.au, aia tl
ink i fw'i r'i with usiile, bilut hit,1 ai. Iit
ith igho. Such 'is tc wice Provi hleic' o n
'-I. 'The ' ci p iii lit'c ix awc't'~r air th et;
lii, t lt' lvor'au is impiirjeioi as 'e triilk
hItlI-i, a thli t tli 't'gs nIl' miadle lliilttr thait v
, miay tot .-t'uggle wilnt it is taken from
T'iree hunidre'i feiiales practi'o mcdicine in en
,t tited States. inijny a wretch linds to his ry
it that' hlo " practice" without having I
itheear tha to s Irea-t~:~dsainhd0bi s66a' n o n
hoeM  ts M oa.. h ""
S wo v tha t the earthe
.te _t ie en lt n- i ,.ep bt abae
uea t resto. Wte th e rt the
Th .n aoy eaot e,. o ftw. ermhilt
ene r ai~ a nd th t he ' dknole s
n; eiko tho ore - tdia teof t h oot whe-r
nheBe a oevere tn- gre.aI Thi l nter&nor .
ste b hea rda e t the on it of
theen. .in sa eet tohe L lther settho .u
howe te ra extre h in t omet hin
wlhen neas of o -te e t a(yh on 'nowrth arco
Bnew ark of teart . The pehbin a't ee
hs earth, tofil an i hidbsnts f the ibo nwhoe 1
hing pth of ohe anppee t aers t to the eorth
apparently has no motion,- going through all
these chags o inri the ame portion of the
heavens in respect to the Laari the.
The  an appears to ris and -set in something
overn- urteen days and a half, oaking about
fifteen days of alternat day and night. Now
to one half of these -inhabitants the earth is
never visible, and this s half are in darkness
fifteen of our days and night, ,wwalk the- ether
portion enjoy, besfd ctthesame eli t,h abouhe I
fifteen days about ights by or time of relected
light from the grand old eart - b - o it
TherseIs, however, a great differene aIn our
earth to them scordiaergo the longitude of
these a peatfrges the -omedil u nie
nhen trlechia;t tae this o r asksp, au thonse
toh iý tion th ees fed Iet the lzim arodenith- r
tilriney boet theand thn The ieore he grans.
--rub eartth, wkab-faille just at their mid- a
he st , - kno rhe e
o hosb t eo r 'i aoeare in the west have I
less'benefl'iof its light. 'It beaomeene* earth to
tbem whenthe og uis about fsrthove degreesi
below the western borleao-tuh is, becomes
visible and full at unrisem - To those who see
it in the east, the crescents appears when the
sun is about wfhrty-fiio--degrees above the hor
izon, and it fullsip about snst. -And so it ato
arntyg forthccupi eg erydegrebl e of longitude, and
from horon to horizon. I
These ppear ances are readily understood
when we remembflec that tmoon maketes a dirnthatl I
rev olution in exactly the same period with her l
journey about the earth. The interior plathe blue
ar bject to thee, e ame of mases, bt, owing to
their p, to ons, iand threspec to earth and sun, are
not visible at oree is'ear the time of fll.om
Let us not forget the comets, th of Ausientgust
wanderers that appear 1859, when outhr sy, rushing
with inconceivable velocity around the sun,
We mept consider ll thing the heavens with to have a directns
and folute away, who emnoatg fs where. Great
May they not be embryo worlds thrown fresh
from the creative element, rushing through
space ing and setting dimn g rations hence s and
cooling, to take elliptical orbits and in time to
bring forth vegetable and animal life; and i
pass on thro as mucgh the natral couras e of pogresing
sion.-morrow un.
We must remember? too, the meteors, that I
blaze out npon the night and leav their lineno more
oflighet moraedlity than by instant-ivpon the blue
of earth, to fash and the to disappnear.
The Aurora Borelis s a familiownr phenom
non, and mdoes heny perceivesons ill remem his owner the
appearance of the sky in the month of August,
inut the year 185insind when the whole canopy ofared
heaven was brigt with a red-rose htoo, t- t.
We must consider all things to have a direct I
and absolute cause, emanating from the Great
First Cause, and not without design. Are the
desins ofmen as reliable in alt. their wisdom, c
at the distance f a oment's time, as the co
rising and setting sun generations hence ? Has
therew ever been a doubt as to the certainty of
ny onef t eartablised law to come to timeo?
Eclipses ire calculated thousands of years to
come with as much precision as om thising perodf
to-morrow's sun.
This shos an Unerritng Hand twhose laws t
are infito ite and mmutabl. There is nomore
certain method ot insuring piety and its con-a al.
equeh nt morality than by cltivating at once a
study so purely grand. a
As the s tudent progresseiven h ivestiga a
lions-as, thegas spacknowledge of thetellatiowsi p
then dos he omprd ehto inrd hise. ownfhi argapoer
-not only does thise perceive his own wsolar system.
bat the oinsigntemplation of these world omparelutd
Swith the immensp e Creat Uioneseen Power sothat
oteply felthimel and the world, bulyt osilent. system
f worlds, coulhas d e strhat anm n tellience, swmdpt
withay by the Grelociat Will,to levet, or about nprciv200,0- 00
able blanper, a second nof tiowme, and yinges by all d
ae for mi i who can rplacest reach
To the ighxed stars thee Is no pcome toarallax, no
shadow or hagewould. At on extreway bme of the t
rbit of the earth, a direct line ball of ig taken to h>
hey fixed it woulr, and six months from this perod,
when the earth is , r00ligin, of milesn wos the
pled toff orme'i oevtion, another L ilnbgt eVi e t
h rlito the sme star is i found to show no, w
snle-or hni other woldsii tilt ar parll l.
inch Is the immeanse distancs of those nerest t
o oursu , e eit in. -
SThe'tar in the northerln, heaves have ibes b
oticed to have become gradually separated- to
ihat is, the space of parits ela Imcrsllation 0m
isbenoen observd toinr. cre e. This argues a
Four gemlration of thonese fraily hevote carrio i
eads the minufad to subof silve feelingonsd in spires gi
tles per secn carried of time, aft larger bying through i
inthce forsame lliqne in the brief spac neust reachn- o
r sla rb otionn c.a
w ogah never huny ? Because he
Sqa' i de that a shemaker, who is ever
Slasting, is continually "pegging'out" "
S`Theo litest way to a man's heart Is down
5 ishthraat.
' _n's love is lko the mpon-if it does not
grow larger, it is cestain to grow smaller. *
What debt is that for which you cannot be B
Snsued The debt of nature.
SIf live and a half yards make a Pole, how di
* many Will make a Turk" -
.What goes mostsagainst a farmer's gaint w
His mowan machinl .
SWaOtring-plaes that remain open all winter? p
STio mouths of milk-can.. . i
A man may "do good by stealth," but for his
blushing "te  d it fame,' that'. all nonsense.
L n' -n shrinks &om cold meat. Does this arise
from- man's innate presuamption of always oe
Sruling theroast '
Man takes a woman with a dowry in the
same way that he accepts the hamper thAt
brings him a handsome present of game. B
. Men have "two ways* of .extinguishing the -
 of love--they; either let it burn out a
I quietlS, or else they nuff it out by one blow.
S Wherein conots the humanity of a horse ?
e He parts with revery bit from his mouth, but
is never deaf to the call of woe. i
Kit.Burn's -rat pit is not the one known as
the bottomless, notwithstanding the fact that of
the prayer-meeting has fallen through. H
8 ome one who has been swindled in the Ne- st
r vada mines, insists that the coat of arms of
that State ought to be a sham rock and a lyre. m
Wives are often foolish enough to sit up for p,
their husbands, but you hear of few husbensle
who have the patience to sit up for their waves. a!
Whoever saw the "pail of society" runnina n
over with " themilk of human kindaessw . If
so, where was the "cream of the joke f' LI
A Western farmer. re ntlyhung up a hoop
skirt in i co'n-$ild, _.o ýrighten away the p,
erows. The crows . went e' but .the field was
Sfull of boys. ci
In a dilemma, during the time a man has
been standing like a fool, ftmbling for an ek- a
cuase, a woman will have invented ten thou
A young 4qy went to one of our photograph
artists a day r two since, and wanted him to
take her with an expression as if composing a
1 The following question is before the Sand
I Lake Debating Society: " Which, do women
love best-to be hugged in a waltz 'or squeezed U
in a sleigh ?" or
A country paper says there is a nian in that at
neighborhood so mean that he site on the door- Ci
steps of the church on Sunday to save the wear
Sof his pew cushions.F
A rural exhibiter savs he has enlarged the
establishment, and now'keeps a head of oxen
ahead of hen, and (everal head of cabbage, K
while he is trying to keep ahead of the times. Ri
A physician stopped at the shop of a country C
ath and inquired for a pharmaSopma.
'Sr,t" i the apothecary, "I know of no such
i farmer living about these parts."
When an acquaintance says "How are you ?"
and rushes by you without waiting for a reply,
I would not, if I were in your place, follow him
more than a mile to tell him I was welL
" Why do women spend so much time and -
money on dress?" asked a gentleman of a belle.
"To worry other women, was the diabolical
but truthful reply.
A good newspaper is like a sensible and
sound-hearted friend whose appearance on
one's threshold gladdens the mind with the
promise of a pleasant and profitable hour. Cu
Blonde hair is now all the rage in New York.
The Erpress says what cannot be dyed can be sa
covered with a "golden wig," which is thought
cheap at seventy-five dollars.
Atphonse Kerr wittily said, touching the so
abolition of capital punishment for murder:
"By all means; only let messieurs he murder- do
era set the example, and cease toikecute us."
A highly educated conistable, somewhere in
the Northwest, exposes for sale a - roan horse, thI
"or so much thereof as may be necessary to
satisfy the judgment."
A military gentleman, at the dinner table of
a fancy military company, gave the folloing
as a sentiment : "This company-invincible in S
peace, invisible in war."
A white boy met a little colored lad the other
day, sad asked him what he had such a short No
nose for. "I 'apects so two't poke itself into
oder folks' business," was the reply.
Some one, who had a keen appreciation of
domestic matters, gave the following toast at a
dinner table:" Woman, the oily sewing-ma- 10
chine that ever basted a goose."
"That's what I call repetition," exzlaimed a
wagthe other day. -" Wat's that, Tom I" sald
his friend. "Why, look yonder, at that sign
aros the way, 'J. E. Weller, jeweller.'" di
" Dad, have you beeni to the museum sa mid a
ten-year old. "No, my son." "Well, go; and b
mention my name to the doer-keeper, and he'll
take you round, and show you everything." tr
"Now do take this medicine, wife and l11
e haned if it doesn't oure you." "bh, I will
take it-by all means, for it is sure to do good
one way or the other."
,A photographer in Massachusetts was recently E
visited by a young woman, who, with sweet
simplicity, asked, How long does it take to
get a photograph after you leave your mea
sure n
In reply to a young writer, who wishes to
know "'which magazine will give me the high
eat position quicke.st " a contemiporairy advises, A
"a powder magazine/if yol contribute a fiery
Jerrold wiut to a party, at wvhich a 3r. Pep
per lid a ll l ad nsemll his l ilends, atd riimirk.d j
to hi.- host, oi enttriig the ritm, " My dlar
Mlr. Ptltpper, how gilad tl .vou lut be to ste all 5
your friendti mnusteredt."
"A person inquirted ait one of t,, ra.ihil..y
st watio ihat tile 1 tl'( L .-I. hlti it ¶oU lI' : it,l,
tllue" tim oni thii lilei."
A chap fronu the 'ountr\y, stolping at on.. of' ;
the waiter, he re' ar e'a : "'I (It;i't i-at.' ",.tIIt I
readit' iiow. Ghta i.- 111 wait till aiter (iditnri."'
An exhorter at a revival It'etiitig (tctiia iil
his ,itperiritr ii sigittg. "l3roloher llrtwn,"l he
,uidi, "'c:l sing iiand Iray; lint, Iby the ltlsilit Pi
of God, there is one thing I can beat him ii--l p
can fiddle his shirt oil" a
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rian . doe"and alnot also, "an lh oay, Walnut me,
planCon lie . Bode edinr ntore4% him. a L·&f s
allyspld. Carr est ,' ,t hire. pU.
No:. 85 Tehoepitoula street t'betVee Flrsttd ai5oaad
Hearsce and Caitages ftr hire.
Funerrla attended to in person byl the proptLtqiuj
he hopee, by strict attention, to obtrp. a hr e LmL
ýn4lio patronage. eapiS ly
_DEW :LEo ...G.
213......T... T_ CIIAILLES STREJ[T......... 11
Between Julia and St. Joeeph;
Nuw OLru.Anse.
All order in thoe Bunilding Line thankfully received,
and immoediately attended to.
Refers to--rlchard Eeterbrook, Esq., of the late La
of Oallier & Esterbrook, Architects and Blilders.
SAgents and owners of property will please take notice
that the subscriber does not encourage the confluence
operation known among mechanics ms "what per ent.
will you give me if I gt yeou-the Job I" Of ooursm Ph
agent or owner pays for il nsuch little trifles when met
tlngo up. He . oes not ak and will not give any pw
centage on work entrmst to him.
n99 g A. LEO.
Seond.hand Cfeterns alwaya on hand.
All work guaranteed. de im
Claiborne stroet, between Oravier n Common.
All orders promptly attended to, and.entere satile.
tion guaranteed. d13 Im
moved his F urnitnr e Store Irom No. 174 Camp stret
to No. I Delord trsestr, only one blak from he
intnd. A fmir por paid- fr eoo0nd.hand Honeehold
Furnitur of all deeription.. Torm-Cah. For ale
at the same place a large lot of Once Furniturend
Iron Sedsteada. Irnimture taken on atorage and taker
good car. of / .a1 m
19...........oHA3TCRU ST3 ........ 1I
A. BROU88EAU CO. Imoaters, AoDr at lAowR ei
CARPZTINOS, En i·cer and Amerl ao de Aill
M.o1TT -NG-.n rofll C-l-M,00 VAE W Ce
WINDOW SIHADES, anble audPLa e Covers.
I oriO h, Bnds. Pente., rte.t Will? IT -
A large enl well taeleatoed tea . the above gee d
alatye c bad mad hr esile at eal a r ceued -r at
16 ............ CANAL STRiT.............. 1
Near Barone. Street,.
Imsorpter of All asretle aOf
Also-Oil Cloths, Xattinga, Curtain Dmasue., Lace
Curtius, Window Shades, etc.. and a complete
aeortmeut of UPOLSTERY GOODS.
No. 70 Now Levee, nearr oydrss mtreet, New Orleans." "
lreeioeloSntaatly on alnd a 4·rge umoertment of Bread,
Cream Bi'uitr . and Crackers of every desoeiptino; all
icle hv r ,.u,, irlo~l v, at lonwl.t emarket prh:em . nl ly -
I," :.lt '|l'll(l'INI. ,VIOLErtALE MA NLI"'AC
-':r+n. (;I ]',, ,tX. , StaaI.ad aar.llv " t . ,|l,,ln. aalall.lte .-r o
93............t i T.lI:\A:I;:I ".Cr:f .:T.' .' ..........95
rnalt:a iy
(ll:co and S a ILT.01 lv i ?t;:raaiir. nenrCrOnalIactatreott
-il na.ll al-:ma'ii. nli, utt, e. g. : .aI| ¢ , nxnnnll nl.
E+at iii. an.rl vcnyata-ariatita of MeglaaLnhtiai+ lra ompt!y
l~gtllar rinle D~yI--MONTS, VWEDINAE8DAYS,
and "ItDAXYS. Dm O A

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