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thse enl varlan. tsay
r. as wdand fo; the most of
h tlelraf- tidel t of this city, but for
Enafmy vsasast lire Wees !aga Mtmaatfac
•.- TI;hndon, and an uenntI in Dublin,
wb Idh ctdulMad i -_ brushu faetory np
to the time of bise death. He was a -mnan of
strýong feeling, an4pof' iide intqlicotual culture.
H-ad-a tie.p a by with pOretty and mis
fortan, hi. aidek im an active helper in
eve d et ereet, and in h hd dys.
whoe aFherM"atew'ltourisdh ehadiew
'mcs.ieir.aingle-minided atiherents than
Isaco Vrlagn. Into the political movements
which seem'ed almost tq -Teollow the decline of
Father Mathaw's eibrto hethrew himself with
usraetetrio -saegy. r He berme an ardent
ember of. the nng Ireland party, to whose
cause ehe -om ib ited both by speech and
tl " ,.Du'Lt the treobles an 1848, he was
arrest, and sufaered a considerable period of
imprfisoment, buit'tai hever brought to trial.
Thdstrength of hi national feelings or sympa-
thieswas never,41dnl isied, but of late years
he ceased to take any active part in politics,
from a belie' that his exertions would bear no
rgit.: Gentle and yet earnest, tenacious of the
right .onuest to a degree rirely found evum
amoesutgoordt en, passionately devoted td¶his
contry, Ireland loaesin Isaac Varian a son who
did honor.to our common mother.
The names of the following gentlemen have
been retuered by the-Judges of-A e,4e --f e
selection of a High Sheriff for Cork county
dnrutg'nextVnear. : Lieutenant Colonel Richard
Aldworth, Rathmore, Kinsale; Robert Heard,
Eq., Pallastown, Kinsale ; Major William Nor
ton , Castecor, Mallow
hek-following are the names retnrned for city
gh herifi Maurice MurrayEq, Beech
Cork ; Sir William B. Hackett, Glanmire,
Cor -
Cork; Thomas Waters, Esq, Patrick's Place,
A. Waterloo rette , named John Wright,
who had been a eoor-ergeant in the Highland
e diqe.on the 8d hit., at Mallow, at the very
advalnedgag of eighty-seven yearm and four
motths. Up to theay of his deceae his intel,
leet was clear andmnimpaired. He was ahighly
intellge t mea.
CrLn.--CorneHtu A. Keogh, Esq.; of Birch
fie Iehate -gi-ppointed to the commission of
the pesoe for the County Clare.
The names of the following gentlemen have
-been returned by the Judges bt Assize for the
seleetimn of a HighSherif for the County Clare
for the comning year: Robert Cary Reeves,
Esq., Besborongh, Knock; Francis N. Burton,
SEsq., Carrigabhot Castle, Kflrush; Lient. Col.
Sir. Augustine Fitzgerald, Bart., Carrigorani
Newmarket on Forges. .
CA.n.ow.-The Carlow Post of a late date, an
nounces the death, in Dublin street,. of that
town. afters a brief illness, of Mr. Thomas La
cey. Deceased was anold and respected inhal
Itant of Carlow, and his sadden demise caused
wido.eprps regret and deep sorrow.
CAVAN.-4i-ht following are the names returm=
ed by the Judges ofAsaie for the selection of
nset-xear'slHih Sheriff for the Connty Cavan;
Llewellen Treherne Bassett Saunderso,,, Esq.,
Drumkeen House, Cavan; Edmond HRobert Nu
gent; Esq., Bolisgrove, Mount Nugent; Jamce
Saunderson Winter, Esq., Agher, Summerhill.
DeaLtN.--On the 21st ult,, a special meeting
of the Municipal Council was held-at the Dub
lin CitybIall. to consider the propriety of peti
tioning for the releat of the prisoners now suf
fering sentence for political offences. Sir W.
Carroll, Lord Mayor, occupied the chair. Town
Councillor Devitt moved: " That this Corpora
tion do present a petition to the House of Com
o praying&that Honorable House to address
h~er ty to extend her royal clemency tg al
persme undergoing imprisonment for political
offenses, and that such petition, with the city'
sel attached thereto, be presented by the Right
ion. elrd Mayor, with the officers of State, mand
such members as shall accompany his lordship
to the bas of the House."
Ay-tng man named Edmond Mu3es, son to
Captyles, of'Sandford, and a stideat of Trin
ity College, recently met his death from the ef
fects of a miserable street row.
FF.nMAA oi.-The .following -4se the names
returned by the Judgcs of Assi&fmor the solec
tik of nextyear's High Sheriff for the County
Fer~managh: John I. Brien, Esq., of Castle
town Monea; Hugh Do FellenburghlMontgom
ery, q.q.. F nvem..etoivn; the Viscount Cole,
Florene Court..
* ~WAr.--The following, are the names of
those returned by the Judges of Assize for the
selection of next year's High Sheriff for the
County Galway: Thomas Reddiunton Roche,
E'q,, Bye Hill, Monivea ; Johk Wilton Lynch,
eaq., isenmore, aiway; nsan rollock, Esq.,
Lismeany, Ballimasloe. '
The names returned for the selection of Gal
way city High Sherif, were: Marcus Lyneh,
Esq., Barn, Galway; John Galway Holmes,
Esq., oekwood, Galway; William George Mur
ra q ' MaryMvile, Galway. -
mne 4of Patrick Clayton, late ofE
sqare, in the town of Galway, not nowAn any
hi e, has hpered in the insolve list.
Thf onaus anlt Patriot announcesthe death,
on the 17th of ovember, of Mr.-John Burke,
whitesmith. He wasoneof theoldinhabitants
of Tuam, and was much respeted as an indus
trious and honest man.
KnLExNy.-Harvey- . Montmorency, Esq.,
has been appointeda magistrate for the ~County
of Kilkenny, upou/the recommendation of fHon.
W. F. Tighe, Iautenant of thie county.
The followiiig are the names returned by the
Judges of')ssize for thie selection of High Sher
iff of tji glounty Kilkenny for the coming
year yrthur l'oe, Esq., Harley Park, Callan;
lich:ael Sullivan, Esq., Locken Hlll, Kilkenny;
Ilfnry W. J. Laugton, Esql., l)Unignnmore.
The names returned ior city allgh niterult,
were: Jamnes SullivanIi, Jr., EIq., i'arlianmentr
street, Kilkncny; John Smuitlhwiek, Jr. Esq.,
])rakelndl; Wmn. V. Potter, Enq., High street,
.- Kilketny.
The Journam'ltouncea with regret thle donemise
ofJohtn Feh:cl,:n,- Es·q., T. C., Kilkeikny, who
died suddenly on the moraninug of Novemer 23.
The Journal aids: It in unneccessary, ini lKlkei
iny, to dwell ipoiu the nmnny virt net of our deep
ly-lameniteld ftri~cd, for his lic: liad bIeel one ol
devotion to the poor, by s'hlonI lie was Ieloved
as a father. Week after week for years, asn
of the most eminent nmembers of the Society oc
St. Vincent de Paul, he labored unceasingly to
• soothe their afflictions, aind labored not in vain
as the voices of the poor and afllicted testified
Kgei's CourrvT.-The following are tin
names returned by the Judges of Assize for thie
selection of High Sheriff for King's County fo:
the coming year: Capt. T. L. Dames, Greenhill
Edenderry; G. J. Minchin, Esq., Buaherstown
Roserea; Bernard Daly, Esq.,Tullamore
_ . o, c, i nha , :,l
Lora.-A beeaahb of promise Of mana D.
case was ,en, tried , Dnblin, zesulti.g .
a verdict for pl tiff namedThomasJ. Mak -
at Thonmas Ro d, and aSsanlt swier. ti
ladywasforrpenaky a liss Smith- who rest- o
Sdel'with leer uncle in theCounty Lonuth, and f
r hlad beentwice .ngaged to Marks, a--armer hi
. C~n4a, wbo she induced to sell hi farm o
and stok in-order to come and mar her in
Irlnd4 Whelntrcame showeMrs. wifland. tan
t Verdict r plainti; £X4006and oete. " of
The Drogheda municipal election, to fill va
canees of six retring Town Councillors, took
place on the 25th nit., when Messrs. 81imeoek Lis
and McDonagh wpe re-elebted from the Fair m
r Gate W Nrd- Nichiblis lynn and J. P. Gorm-:
ley f Zroth .-G9te Ward;- Thomas Greene, of
(MayI , andl W. Whitworth from Lawreea th
f (ate Ward. It is said Mr. E. McDonagh will W
be the next Mayor.
. LoPoFnD.--At an aggregate.neeting of the Ge
a National School teachers of thoeCnunty Long
I fort held in Ingford on the 14h iult., a depu
t fatiol,. was appointed-to wait -ni the-county
f membewr, Cob (revillo Nugent, .and Major us
. O'Reilly, to solicit their support whenever te
O tclaims of the teachers were brought before Pat
s liament.
LIMIERICK.--The names of thafollowing gen
tlen:en lhave been returned by the Judges of im
° Assize for the selection of High Sheriff fir the Pe
SCounty Limerick for the coming year: Edward
a William O'Brien, Esq., Cahermioyle, Tmthkeale;
Stephen De Vero, Esq. Monare, Poynes;
the Viscount Adarei dareManor, Adare. on
e The names of those raturned for'selection of il
it-fHighgSherilf are: ionl Thos. Devitt, Esq.,
Y Qutnsboro', Limprilk; Peter Tait, Esq., Limer- t
ick; John McDonnell, Eq.,'Fairy. Hill, Lim- th
cerick. O
LErrtrrii -The following are the names'of
those returned as eligible to serve as Highdherte
iff of the County Leitrim during the coming he
year: hIeod, Esq., Groghan Honse, Boyle;
J ohn Madde;Esq-., Hton ParkClones; Percy to
La ToucheEsq., Haristown, Brannoxtbwn,
Newbridge. '
We (bR sommon erald) are glad to findthat
a very handanme tribute of respect has bee to
Spato the memrory of th lte Mr. Arthur Me
SDermott, by the erection of a monnment in the
Roman Catholio hapel ofCarrick-on-Shannon,
y his native town.
MAro.-Theoilloging are the names return- a
ed by the Judge of Assize for the selection of ,
High Sheriff of the County Mayo for the coming el
year: Oliver VanughanJakson, Esq, Carramoe, to
1BallinL ; Charles B Miller, Eq.,Milford Fox
hall, Team; Major Ernest Knox, Cadlerea, t
Killala. cl
Recently, Father Lavelle, having some busi- tl
ness to transact in Swinford, was waited on by ,
some of the inahabitants, and requested to briefly in
Saddress4he-thousanis assembled at market on re
the coming'county election. YieldiQg to their a
1- solicitation, pressed as it was by several of the e
it clergymen-Fathers Colman, Stanton, and it
I- 1Harte-and with the consent of the veierable
and patriotic Dean, he acceded. He bid the n
d people give the coercionist muster demanding tl
votes the answer given by O'Donnell toO'Neill, n,
,when the latter ducalled for tribute tothhTormer.
f we:.eyext, eo, he.-tdlorse,.to., &lglwh. .
men, demanln a nCtraveers p rse w'iit.h
dagger at his throat. They, with the dagger of
" notice to quit" in the bailiff's band, demand- a
U- ed the tenant's vote, to which he had the smane
° right lie had to his purse. Every nllusion to f
their " brothers" beyond the wave was received t
g with rapturous applause ; and three hneers hay
b- ing been given forthe Irish in Ameriea, for the
ti- priests, for Moore, etc., the band accompanied a
If- Father Lavelle and the other clergymen to tihe it
V. residence of Dean Durkan, where he entertain- a
rn ed them at dinner with his usual hospitality. t
a- MEAiH.-On the o'th ult., a beautiful now t
-n marble altar, given by 31. E. Corbally, Esq., 1. a
m P., to the parish of Slkryne, was solennily3 con- n
fl secrated by the Most TRe v. Dr. Nllty and a nlum- t
al bher of the lergy. One present says : burely l
t there ias that initlhe events of the day that r
ht appealed irresistibly to the hearts of Catholics t
ul and Irishmen. In sight of, the Hill of Tarn a
IP where St. Patrick preached to the Kings of old I
and Drid priests, the great mysteries 'of oar
to holy faith, and whore- the first signal .conver
n- sions to Christianity in olr holy islandl took
bf place; as also in sighlt of thIe Hill of Sklrwy
where, to thoyear 875, stpo4 the faaotte m6u- t
ine astery in which were depositd ihe shri con 1
.c_ t:iiang tl's acrdl relica' St:'Colunm tle, te
ty occahioin bre ht.back to thaeonle those as:'
Ile sembled tq glorioua reco jicio46f the ages. ,
M_ of faith, aiin a ~irit wothy , f the fervent
le, Christianity of our feretathe" - i
MoNAona.-rThe f4epiig are themses re-"
of turned by the Judges 9Assize forthe selection
le of next year's High eritff for- the Coasty Mo- I
he naghau: War. ,lj eison, Esq., Loughbawo , i
SShantonagh; John Bradl, Esq., Clones ; Caot.
Thomas CodteiRacinnell House, Monaghan.
q, Qi:.t~cIoNrry.-=At 'a late meeting of the
Queen'p-C'ounty National Teachers, held at Ma
al- ryboough, Mr. D). Collins, Luggacurren, in the
eh, chair, it was resolved thAt the wants and re
es, iements of the teachers be sabmitted to the
ur- oyal Commission, and that they e reqiuested
to embody them in their report to Government. 1
se- They demand an incriease of pay and a retiring
ny pension.
SJoo.--The following are tle names return
th, ed by the Judges of Assize for the selection of I
to, next year's High SB efor the County Sligoe:
t Denis M. O'Connor E!I.' Cloonalis, Castlerea ;
as- James Hale, Esq., Templeview, Dromore West.
At the inquest on the body of Capt. King, D.
SL., who wasahot during the Sligo borongh elec- 1
' tion, evilence was iven tending to show that
. lie was not shot accidentally by his own pistol,
lbut by one of themo]-apecrson uinknown. The
he Coroner aidjonrned tie ilnqlnest for a week, on
er- tile groulld tihat the evidloence could not linish
belfr-ethe county election conlys off;
n; TYi-llON'E.--An action was-recently bronght in
iy; the Conrt of P'rjbate, liublin, to teat thIe will
of tlIe lateMr. ILmlard MIClalla, of Alnagiller,
itj County Tyrone, wBo dini iun Jlntn, ion, iossn'
sedofproperty worth neir £1.1, and which
q i Ie wihnlld to the dcfendantnis, Messrs. Daiel1
et, Qnllin, of Coal Island, John l)ounngly aind Janileso
llarli,insol, , of MLahirafclt, in trl5t lmlr the Ileo
i of his C(tesftor' ) miothler during Iher life; ifter
l her leath l l£hnt was to be paid -nto each of the
* 1nhIt'rilE, tile sisters of dewceased, now nallmulln
u[i- L11ns. Fulmlon andi Mrs. O'Larrell. Whien tile case 1
ep- was partly Pnened a mettleumllnt was etfected by
of which the plainitiflt were to get £3t0 each for
'ii their separate use, in additionl to llne' 100 lie
ine qanlitiel by tine will afterth Ieir nluother", leath.
of A verdict was taken establishing the will on
to these terms.
i The following names have been returned by
ed the Judges of Assize fur the selection of a lligin
the Sheriff for the County Tyrone to serve during
the the coming year: Capt. Yher Henry -Btrges -
for Esq., Parkanure, Dunigannon; the Viscount
ill, Stuart-BRichardson, Oak]andsaCostown; Jno.
irn, Byres Gunning Moore, Esq Loym nt, Cooks
S' y i = rel r., ii- lnRn ,mis: Mre- ..
W o.---The fllwing are th¶hsmes re
turnedby the Jndges of Asise for the selectiona i
of tgh heriff of hCounty Wexford for iext
veT John Hatell, Jr., FC q., Dublin John
b'Ollez George. q.h -hore Houqse, orey e
ieutol. Chas. . . Wodstek, iLwto0w e
mountfndear. ,"
WeXsrrxaM.--The fd wing are the names St
of those returned by the Judges of Assise for of
the selection of High Sheriff of the County W
Weytmeath for the coming year : Walteri u- i
ent, 'Esq., Donore, Multifarnham; the Hoen. F.
W. Brown, Galston House, Kilucan; the Hon. ]
George Mostyn, Rsmead, Delvin.
SUNDAY ALL- THe Wxx.-Truth comes up to ]
us from unaccurtomed pages occasionally. But
it is-powerfhl, and finds utterance sometimes
from lips butof little given to "spoaking out in c,
meeting." Our meaning will be clear when it a
is known that the following is the following is from te n of
aanny FeGe, and pHblished in the New York b"
OUa Cathdlic brethren have set usne, at least,
one god example; their . churches are not
sileiriat the tq~b on week.days. Their wor
do not do up all their religion on n
Suny. Itweay be only for a few- moments
hey in throuh that open church-ogr,
on w k y, to kneel and lay down burdens
eeoo hevy else to be borne. I like the cos
ism., I should rather say, I like the reminder,
and the opportfinity thus afordied them; and I
heartily wish that all our Protestant churches
oould be thha opened. If'rlh Christians object
to the promnieons use of their velvet eushions
sadgiled prayee-boolks, at least let.the aisles
and the atbRi free for those who need God m
on the week-d·ys-br h o r, the tried, the r
optodhe oele tobe borl. I Ikn their shabby
hsiments from the 8unda exhibition eof
fine toilettee ad sun eurueWsttanity. Were
I . minister, Mad obliged to preaeh to paenie I
and diamonda and satin onSunday, I think I
should hrseto ease my heart in some such way
as this, to make my pastoral life endurable,
else my ofioe would seem to me the most hol
low of all mockeries. "The rich and the poor
nmeet together, and the Lord is the Maker of
them alI" should be inscribed- outside my
church door, had I one. I could not preach to
those panters and their owners. My tongue
would be paralyzed at the sight of those kneel- I
ing distortions of womanhood, hearing such a
resemblance to organ-grinders' monkeys. I
am not sure that-I should not grow hysterical
over it. and laugh and cry in the same breath,
instead o preaching. I can never tell what
vent my disgust would take; but I ant sure it
must have some escapo-valve. You may say I
that such worshippers (Heaven esave the mark,!)
need preaching to. Itell you that women, so
given up to te " devil .and all his works" ae
nast prayine forl-" heing eyes, they see not;
lotw a n elmo,ktherhes.n o h They are t ssih edi
-impervious; they are Dead-sea apples, full of
lashes. There! now I feel ,better.
Having alluded to our Roman b tlsolic
friends, allow-me to ask leave of themn to'v.e
the cross surmounting all ot Protestant chuyeh
es, unless they have taken out a patent fi the
same. It is lovgly to me, this symbolri I pass
along our streets. It rests nmy heaeto look at
it, amid the turmoil, gud din, anut hutrry, and
anxious faces, and sorrowfld f~o, a1nd, worse,
tlhan all, the em)cty faces, %at I meet. I say
to myself-there is trutl fiere; there is hope
and sem~rt there, sanYthis tangle of life-is
not the end. When J-tiin a Protestant minister,
the dear cross shlab he on Iny church, and no
body shall stayAwny fromn it eeetmuse they are
ragged or p to,. or beoause ho cushions ate
too nice. 9b, I like Catholicism for that. They
are near r heaven fllan Protestants on this
-- m vry glad for the Protsestant noon-day
yer-mcctings, wheresoever held. One iit:ay
vre a great spiritual need on other p lays than
Sunday. One' ma:y l pln -in there-if such
things aver happeut, wvltrcel I doubt-atnd there
learn that neel, and the way tosatisfy it. The
devilis acunnig and wisely busyf every day
and every night of the week-why theleo should
good Chrfstia~t, think to circuinvent this bkil
fI diphemetist in one-on Suaday only?-., lho
-devil maims easy lI the paths leadiag~to per-.
ditloh.'. Christians make htur4l aid difficult the'
road t b ch on, with their inu ch~urches, and
fine -worhtIse., and empty preacht~ l once a
wgeb . aXiiill aroyuw d us pltifuil hutnds are
outedittehed, and hungry hearts are waiting
for.oie .o ing Christian word of help, temp
an spriai; and men and women go down
int~obemaelstrom of despair, folly and. s
and we open our churches and letweln-d
SChristians in to pray for them on Sundayt-the
rard has no meanings Call it Monday or Tues
day,-er --be fourth of Jaly, oranything yo
will, but not'*Sunday." That once meant sone
RwratcrtoN.--Some months ago, a charge of
l a most saendalous nature was made by a Ro
man correspondent of the Pall Mall Garette,
against two religions institutions of that city.
The disgusting details were extenasiely copied
by the English and American press. With that
spirit of fairness which the English boast of
1 and sometimes prtctice, the Pall Mall Gazeote
publishes the following retraction:
"In reference to a statement by our Roman
correspondent, a week or two since, reflecting
upon the inmates of a certain convent in Rome,
I a correspondent senls us wlettcr iii which Mon
signor Talbot is eite,! as authorizing an entire
S tlme story. The Vicegerent of
Iomen (our corr.esponent proceetlds) was re
In oved trotn otice l,'iause hie did not show en
ergy enoug ini exposing the deceptions of T a
e orltain -nun, who lurtel-deul to be ao safin , and
rlwho would not obey the Sluperiors of the con
vent in wlticimlshl lived. Blot there wais nio ac
I cusation wuh:tever of any immrality,-lor had
the story beent so ulnlIl m.i hSeard of in Rome Ih,
Sfore thuorepy of the l'r!l, e all Gazetle in which
it was published cu-ale to hand. A letter from
a I'r-,utestant gentl-nltan in Rome, to a fim-nd i
.england, gives, almost worl forworl, thie semne
v -ersion of the bstory as ,uMousinor Mlltuot, amnd
denies that anRy accusation of imlnor;ality was
brought against the convent of nunts."
Will the American pressfollow this exam tle,
and do fistic it t~he premises .t Judgingfrom
t the~past, wd fear not.
Better than waiting for a turn of luck--turn
ing an honest penny. ,
Ye t ' " B , 'T
SS T .D2lnSM .4IT TS, --.
Is. IM sad ' -alt, sa a -ee str ""
n ____ tterlnn, and all kinds of Jobbing done
A assortment of TIE WARE always on hand,
and a p and me. y 1y
McKND oRuIC. or M I
etween St. Joaseph and Julia street,
From wty yeare ' prLocmotive experiene in tho biine, do
be spared to merit th cond dce of hiads trons, by ha. oh
et L noticO.ICI O S .
W itted up with W ater snd as Pipe. on.
All work done at this sablishment willusur at
teed equal In point of Wtookmanehip and matnleto any
Sthe city or elseherNe. - be
Planters and Merchant. are respectiully invited to
bail qnd examine our work and prices. mhbl ly
- ot
464. ... A NE STREET.........
S etwen ace and Robn, - ° B
From 'twenty yes' practical experience In the buLneas, -
can warrant al work entrusted to him. No pins shall as
be spared to merit the confidence of his patrons, by hba
ing all orders promptly executed with the beet materials
COPPRnd ltt improment on the maodrtr
Fitted up with Water and *se Pipe. of
AndSh ly o Bathing pparhmeatus.
COPPER, and m
mhl ly For brt water pipe attachments. p
Dealrs in Cocking' Ranes and Boilers, Bath Tabs,
Water Closets, W iStands, Kitchen Sink., LIlt
and Force Pumps, Ale Pumps, Sheet and Lead Pipe,
i46................POYDRAS STREET........4....16
N.B.-A¶?ats for Ceiwell's, Shaw A Willard's Paten
Itydrnts put tp, extended, and repaired. g
neatly done. . iv
A rich and beautiful D ing for restoring Bronse
t Boots or Slippers to the original brillianoy when tar
r nished or soiled. W broog~ e oally well over any
color or surface. F salo at all the prinlcpal shoe stores
in the city.
-Principal Depot
'fManacfurers and Dealers in lBoot and Shoes, Trunks,
ýVualimos and Bags
c... ...... CAMP STREET...............
1 (Successor to A. Jagnler,)
0, to...........ST. CIIHARLES STREET ............ tI
Under Murphy's Hotel, New Orleans.
a Personal attention paid to all orders. Keeps constant.
ly ron band a choloe assortment of liats. ee6 ly
y 177..........ST. ANDREW STREET ..........177
8 o2d bm New Orleans.
S During the last six weeks we have received, and are
e still receivingper the diifflront New York steamers, a
,d large variety of
that isnot only Fashionable lbut. Varable. For Balls,
Weldilngs, So}reb, etc.. we have thehaoicest Kind of
8Kli and Satin Button Boots, Lace Gaiters and Slippers,
e dilbrelit colors, French and Amerle-an, all new, and not
4 to be fond in lany other to re Itowa . ,.
o Our Ctldrop' stock is so varied and extensive, that it
re still remains unequaledc Our Rosettes are in all colors
and sles, up to the Grecian Bend.
r NOTIC ........................... ..- .....NOTICE
en -
Having sote very Expensive Goods, whioh would
of inevitably be slaughtered at -lctlon. I have deckled to
o. offer my Entire Stock at such prices at Private Sale, as
is, will certainly induce purchasers to take .advantage of
Y* the opportunity.
Expensive CASHMERE SHAWLS at One-half their
value. SILKS the same.
le Balance of Stock at a HEAv DacoUrTr from Sri cost.
S N. B.-All Goodls remaining on hand by the first of
ig January will be offere at Auction.
of d3l-m 13 en'l tr el. t
(Formerly Peet, Simms & Co.)
e Nos. i3 and 23 Masgazioe street
d tjethly New Orleans.
---- _- -_. . ... ....
i 372...........COMMON J TREET............37
o Corner of Clalborno. New Orleans, I.e,
il -Dealer In -
l)rucs, Medicines, Chemicals. Fine ..ilet toepe,
le, Fancy hair and Tooth Brushes. Perumeory,
anmFancy Tolet Articles, Trusses and
Sihoulder Brace, Pure Wines and
Lineors for Medicinal l'nrpose
Paint., Oils, ulshes aod yUe Rt, tter Paper,
'- PhysIc£Ian' 'rracrlptlons aoua tely compounded
We have always on hand -one of.t o lp t sa.arla of
goods in ourline to be found In say as ta the oty.
tevpay, particular attention to ouar' JIRS.CLASS
They cannot be excelled in quality, style of alsh sad,
durability. Banks, Insurance Cuompaniqp aknd...
chants, whose books are used for tefAsence A-'-yes,
will appreciate the advantage and necessity of having
them made of such paiper that the Ink' will net disp.
pear in a short time" 'Is frequently .the eem b m-ha
hbooka are made of nhl or papet.
David's Writing and Copying INK Copnline&-t4he
best in the market. . -
David's Limpid WRITING lrID-superlor to any
Letter, Note and Woolasap PAPERS.
ENVELOPES of all tmise.
poley's unrivaled GOLD PENS, in a great variety of
- New Patont COPYING PRESSES-vex neat, cheap
and fully wartanted.
Initials handsomely embossed in colors, latest style.
We invite the particular attention of our Maeds to
our aspeieny of JOB PRINTING, such as Cards, Bill
H.esd, Aedtbonutales, eto., etc., which we get up e the
shortest possible notiee and inth. neatest meaner.
Bills of Lading. Dray Receipts. Cusatomboumase sad
Myrentile Blanks of alt kinds always o1-h d. sand
printed to order.
Stamped Check Books, on any Bank in the ity,
name of frm printed Ip, frulahed at thirty heir
notice. - -
Bills of Usehange, Notes, Drafts, etc. eaAd sa
We dent dret with the o upbete n t sad , W
prices are as low as these of similar sstaslbmt
In the South. Customers alwan reeselve the be .t
of any decline in the c of goods.
City or eount ory s will reeivepro pt sad essa '
All goods warranted as repremsatsdl.
d - T. YTITZW. Y CO., '
deem W' " 75 Camp street.
Catholic Prayer Books, Bibles, Tales for Children, and
Illustrated Books of Romance Science and Art.
Portfolios, Albums, Writing Desks, Work Boxes,tea.
All at~a Great Reduction in price.
New Goods received by overy steamer.
Quick Salpind Small Profits.
- dn Im 92 Camp street.
- Wholesale and Retail
u 106 .............Camal street.............106
Law, Medical, Miscellaneous, School and Juvenilo
Books. d`i 3m
P. STATIONElR, 15L Camp street, olpoiioe St. Pa.
7 trick aChur.h, keepaagenrai otock ofSiYOt.OLlitOKS,
BII.ES, 1'RAYEIt IB)OKS, Standard and Mlseellnseouo
Works. ,All the latest CatlAolle IPublitatons at publlsh.
er's prices. Beads Medals, Crucifixes and Religious Pie.
tures. General Agent for a ll Catholic Newspapers and
agaszines. Base Baiat, Bats, Bases, Score Books and
Croquet (Game. - o&5 ly -
No. 193 Josephine Street, next door to St. Mary's
German Church.
Keepson band a general stock of Catholic Prayer Boks.
SBibles, Lives of Saints Asettleal;, COontroveapl, tau
i Histortcal works. Also lisals, Birevlartes, Alta cast I.
SCruets, Sanctuary Lsops,'Oillstocks, Pnxes, Ciboriunms,
and Chalices; a large assortment of Ieads and edal
Cruciflxes,. Holy.water Founts, Statues,_ and alld kinds
religious Pictures. Also, the only pura Wua Candles for
First Communion. at the lowest prices.
Pictures framed snd made to order.
r Also, Counter Show.cases forie. nS 3m
CLARK'S 0. N. T.
fis Cord Soft Finish
Universally approved by the princtplaSewing Maehine
Companies as being the BEST for the ewing Machine,
and for hand sewing has no equal. !
SEgery number of this Spool Cotton Is six cord to No.
of go. elastic, smooth, and of uniform strsegth,-~hreh-rea
der it superior to all others.
itr Sold by the principal Wholesale and Retail Deale in
the city, and at Singer's Agency, No.7 Camp'treet.
u I no' 3rn Rle Agent., 88 I,'idle t_ect, .',,w York.
_ Between Third and Lexington Avenues
]ap9it iy New York.
10........;...... CAMP STREI;T..... ...10
Visiting and Wedding Carls engravted in the musat
clhegrilt iui tlll r. .
c $liileo5 (t.arcl, Acronnt Snalr-o'(tol. Till if Ladin.
( trklre., livuicea, snol Circular I., tt·i .,'t.i, htisrlatph.
ied. Seal. Canceling rt.llli. Iic,.r It', c.(.:. it-al
| intbosed ot l'ap4r aiul Il; i, I.,iP,,. aithout charge for
'dum dn nu w th unh M or-
Sh~mantcrs and Leveo Contractora r
In Ave, ten, and 15 pound cans., bermetically sealed.
Free from tne and waste.
A saving of dfty per cent to the consume
For male by HBAYS, TUNSTALL & CO.)
a ni Im 30 Noew Levee street, NewOrleeans

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