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The morning star and Catholic messenger. [volume] (New Orleans [La.]) 1868-1881, December 27, 1868, Morning, Image 7

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We ean fIt'ttii . 3ibsdi e'th.e` . tion ot'
afrbsdtloam re of the well known e
pathik Rermannm who wae nvet m'
Catbolltotatt mewea tyyesms h W4'
We .bad he plasure of stay y
pit}; are the. .'R -
rtrhiog s.retreat,. oi. Lj r·. m
great deeotion t-theram
d to the Bleo!eýýothl th. fieiria 0
cod fthe hi writte·s' the foalleotring
letter ,associates of Afve Afasternities e
hne hs shd in
Lyo, idales ad London:.
"or a year Bast, e rites," nay sight, f. a
tigned by constant .l became radually
weaiker every day Having t lt six t
monthsin the delioioussolitade -r diesertjf d
Carmel at Tarasteis, in the Hante- I
.wis gttacked by an optiaalma s - gmay at
olbience madnme leave at once for ordea a
to consult a .celbbiited oculist. Alreaady, one
month before myldphrture, I had been forbid- 0
den to read:~eran the holy, bheviay. The ex- a
perienced oc t examined my eyes with the n
most serio u'attetion, and with the most s
sympathizing solicitude; he found them in an
alarmipg stge*and said- tlhat he remarked
some veritable 6bnubilations, an excavation £
of themoptia.papillm, a greyish tint on the bot- 9
tom of the cribiform li mia. From the whole '
of these dbiervattonsie pronuneed the exist- n
enceof a malady which is 'known to. science by e
the name of geaacdme;, he declared that no rem
edy could preyent inflanimiitton from c4ming U
on, and that on the le»istihemmation taking 7
plaee it would beneeessary taehavereoourseto I
an excision of the:irl e s sratien invented I
by the illustrious Doe  twseof Berlin (the t
same who operateaaal1y on my brother,
M. Lonis Cohen, fox eetr act). HLIowever I
the evil rew worse (r.ivorb every :ay:_. I I
left Bofe*nxarnted with b'd kererees, bi-convex
glasses, a green shtideWniktiiny ambnnt'of otler
precations. The si~idse f ·tte Ca(lmellte
ad to be replaoed by,shoes ell' furred, aad
monastic tousure covered by the warmest kind
of head dress. Th.,orgaa  f ightsibL:boomeo I
so sensitive that , poy i; not .1eer tliq )igl-of I
an ordinary lamp or cain41o ito, evn the or
dinary daylight. It' res out ;i'n'terals
that Isuan , ec d'l eadihlýý '"I¢ifej .cbrds, and
,that by doing viol 4e1 Weit +le fe1es by i
paicOftab Se 'ea b
Meaawkss the .dd wasuggested to mo to
make a novena to Notre Damee deLourdes, who
had dflrallyi sfirictlously cured several per
sons aQ iie4tWitilblifndnese.
iT-, peypoeition leeled me mucoh more thatn
ie erspect of a surgical peiration, the result I
of which .*hA probla ttif8al. I reuembered
also that twenty-two years ago Mary had ob
tained for me from (lod in the Eucharist a. cure
infinitely more important than that of the
carnal eyes, by freeing me from the blindness
of Judaism; that later sle had by her inter
ceesion withdrawn several members of my
family from the darkness of the synagogue ;
that thirteen years ago by her pr-ayers to her
Divine Son, she obtained the salvation ,of my
mother on her death bed on which my mothe
lay still unlhaptized; ant'I thought to my f
that these prodigies in the spiritual order ere
much more dinlcult to obtain than anry p igy
in the temporal order, and that I sho d not
fate to hope for this benefit from -r merci
itodoesfs. -
I  n t he novena on the 24t f October,
sth· fe of St. Raphael, wh himselfl had
cured blinp ess in the ease of obias. Every
-day I bathed e oe.-with salutary water
tfTen from the a.alous grotto, and every
day I prayed to thb- ulate Vrirgin, and
many oly soui pray ith Ine.
*On thesixth day of ehovena I went afoot
from our convent Ba e to Lourdes,
wishing to make t e pi lmag with all the
conditions that ond lkely secre success.
Already at B eres I had experienced- relief
every time I athed my eyes with the water
fiiiThl tq. I had even taken care to
ascertain er amelioration by the ophthal
moscope by means of which the lhysician
could that the congestion in the 6rgan of
ight nally diminished, while I employed
no her remedy than the miraculous water.
t last, on the last day, the feast of All
ints, being in the grotto itself and near the
fountain, I no longer felt any symptoms of thb
evil. Since theni, I rea and write as much b
I wish, without spectacles, without precaution,
without effort, without fatigue. I gaze upon
daylight, gaslight and candle light without
the least harm; I have resumed- wearing my
sandals, had my tonnnre renewed; I have ob
.ugn4ed what Idesired above, pamely, the ability
to continue to live the hermit life of our dear
desert; in a word I am. radically cauredt and my
intimate conviction is that this cure is a mir
sole dne to the intbreemnon of the holy Virgind
Wherefore I am impelled to publish as widely
s possible the goodness of the-Hert of Mary,
and I beseech al the souls who love'tils tender
Mother to return thanks to God for me. I also
coniure all those who suffer, to have recourse
in all confdence to her whom no one has ever
invoked in vain.-Ame Maria.
Pumt~aN Tawrxsarvnxo.-On Thanksgiving
day, 26th lnt., a Rev. J. D. Fu~pn deliveftý a
sermon in Boston a " Women and the Balloth
In this discourse we have a-clear insight into
the tendency of Northern preaching. This Rev.
gentleman, instead of confining himself to the
obvious reflections, thoughts, and sentiments
natural to the occasion, drifted into the ruts in
the highway of politics and Know Nothingism.
Witness the following :
".The scheme of the ballot for women," le
says, " lifts the gate for an incoming mass of
corruption and pollution. Give her, the ballot,
and the eststrY is givees up to .omeanism.
The priest loses the man, but keeps the woman.
Give him the control of the votes of the thoe
mads of sveast. in the great cities, and. there-i
an end to legislation in-ehalf of the Sobbalte,
the Bible, the school asjtem, temperamnoe and moral
Awful, my brethren, awful! What a.large
hearted, magnanimous Christianhave we here,
making war on servant girls I And this great
country-" the best government the'meorldever
saw "-deponds for its stability on excluding
servant girls from the ballot. Nay, the Sabbath,
the Iibtc, the school systemn, teniperasc and moral
- ity will be involved in one common ruin, if the
servants in the great cities exercise thb fralu
chise. Ahlas ! by what a feeble tenure do wo
hold our existence as a nation!
A young minister, whose reputa'tion for vera
city was not very good, once ventured at an
association dintror to differ with an old doctor
of divinity as'to the eifficacy of the use of the
rod, "Wh~y," said he, "the only time my
f!ther ever whipped me, it was for telling th'
truth." "WVell,. retorted the doctor, "it cured
you of it, didn't it" a
ithe"London Zacetaombg
ai" nsitited aob t of
l to therWai amy ,116545) 5 howe
AMUwhole career i
fint{ which 'iniconteetib fldho the est-ds
once of-a proc.. of naretle 'd g. Evott foi
ifttheyenooque the tiudeno tolsunes which v1l
_iisrsrtý.fets them, they sr although smune- Ja
n.gv' r s moderalteoply, from chronio laguor, tb
id es.d ein, ole] fet, or. even Frlm P.
~ided, though erhape slight, qymptom, of ne
paialys ofseu . ato n. is of io use for uhch ti
persons to suspend smabing for a time; ed
only safety lies in giving it up at once s for- ne
ever. We feel ar6 that the too prevale habit an
of eseessive smoking does debilitate and del- o
moralise a large number of men by producing tb
a general enfeeblement of the nertbua sjtem. ti
We are certain that it is improper to subject di
the organism to the action2I tobacco at all Sol
during its periodof developmbnt anud ebpeially of
beforeand dnring the establishmentof puberty. no
And we. cannot ignore the fact that over and wi
above. ts graver physiael effects, excessive Fe
oking tends to withdraw men from the field ile
of. ati"rleas action into thatofdreamny, B
meditation, hand it too often be
msltated e ~rfmaneof those un-h p
selfilth d - of s intercourse whiqtmake o
uthesppineas of~ e life. •-' set
MAloys O metals, used i ris for the mann.
factare.ofpoooa and forks, ha recently been o
subjected to anal sis by a G chemist..
The first metal, a beatiful yllow lo is al- I
uminium bronze, and is composed of 89.3 p of
of copper and 10.6 parts of .alminium. The
secos is aalso a gold resembling alloy, and has bi
been named "oroide ." This is composed . of
79.7'iJarts' of coiper; 13.05 parts 'of sino,:.09 w
parts of atoVi; with 0.98arts of iron and 0O.9 dl
parts of tin. v, Wlb two.last named are probably tl
ocoide ta rd entu The third isa leauti
ful white itnal, very bard and taking a beauti
fnl'polish. Tt iscomposed' of69.8 parts of cop- at
per, 19!. parts of nickel, 5.5 of zinc and 4.7 of ft
cadmium._ . ... , I
A peasant recently discovered in the village jo
of Idallon, the 'cnemetery of a ,town which
formerly .existed. The' Consul of the United
States caused some;, emeavations ;to be made.,
which have ,bsought to. ligi aseveral tombs in -
pefeat ipreservatiop, fropwhlah have been ex
treated as large qisuatt efi reotioeus stones,
Jewels, coins and vesselesa gold eilver. At
a. frther deps h of as on eeq other bury.- T
ing.-plaaes have been fosind ' g Phenician.
inscdptionl. e ..: .. " . "
.Cti Adi-Thi% acid, - ed chidfly from
lemon .and lime juice, as been recently di. s-t
covnered in the fruit o the cyphoasesdr, etaca at
a plant-of the nigh ia family, sanative of e:
Mexico, whetce'it as spread to Per andother tt
parts-of-South nerica. It is grown, also, in g
the gardenes of icily. It is a woody porrenina, a
growin to a eight of about 12 feet. The yield
is abundan the fruit containing from one to o1
one and e-half per cent. of pure acid. The o1
acid h been discovered in the potato, and, ft
withot doubt, exists also in the tomato, both i
belt ing to. the same genus of plants.
Ls for ide Goanuieenas ofjewels.--Diamonds
ad garnets only give a single image of a small
ight when viewed througlh their facets. All
other precious stones give a double image. All
imitations of precious stones except the
diamond, the garnet, and the spihelle, give a
single image; they may thus be distinguished
from the genuine. All precious stones, when
moistened with alcohol of water, lose their lus- a
tre, except the diamond. A common method V1
o C g the genuineness of prguons stones ti
it touih them with the tonguee eontrast I
with an imitation. 'The genuine ston being
a better conductor of heat, will feel colder than
the imitation. The latter method, however, is
not reliable, unless the two are of uniform I
temperature at the time the test is made. I
Young men who are desirous to educate t
themselves, should select elementary treatises
at first s such as treat of their subjects in a i
familiar manner. Having thus selected, they
should set about reading them with the stern
determination, not to let a single page, or line,
or wrd, pass nomr phie
names shoul be properly proounced and the
ilahes they indicate carefull locate, not on
a map merely, but in the .minTm -Ailusions to
men aiid events should be at-once followed by
resqarch nteo the histories of the men and the
events themoelves. Therwriter_of this article
once, upon commencing to peruse a volume,
found, before he got over the first page, that
he must read up two or three biographies, and
several other collateral matters, before he could
go on intelligently. Such ocenrences will fre
quently happen, but the labor involved must
not pe shirked: if labor at firt,, it will soon
become a pleasure.
Astrh lrsEIaklst, has come to the surface in
Pittsbarg, Pa. He may not be destined to
attain the world-wide elebrityof "B. Franklin,"
of 1776, and earlier, but he is a man of genius.
He has jst invented a steam-engine that re
quires no piston, crank, or steam-chest, but
works by oesir4Jga forcs e loe, making l600
revolutions perminute, with but little frction.
There has been cenatrfugal engines exhibited
before in England, but they did not with tand
the practical tests for heavy work which this
one i said toepees triumphantly.
Cheap CoAkis.paraltus is a grand desidera
tum with traveIer anl. dexplorers in all regions,
as well as maps and guide books, and Capt.
Warren of the British Navy, has turned out a
neat thing of the kind, in which viands are
cooked without coming into immediate contact
ith water, etsam, or ire. The meat placed
in-n inner chamber is cooked entirely and
absolntelyda its'own vapor, by the case of the
e chamber being heated with water or steam
s kept at boiling point on the ountside. Thus, not
one particle of its nutritious properties is al
a lowed to waste or eseape. Leesthan 28 pounds
t. of coal will cook a dinner for 120 men, inclu
ding every variety of meats, vegetables, and
0 stovefor so large a dianer would be3 feet
f inches high, 2 feet 2 inches wide, and 1 feetQ
, inches deep. It will contain a well-ventilated
Soven, and hold, on the top andon its sides, the
six cookers, in which all those procestes are
carried on at one and the same time. The uses
Sto which so compact and capable a machine as
, this could be sut are endless, and to the poor
it would be a God-send. On ships, in hotels,
restaurauts, hospitals, etc., the hot water and
- steam that heat the structures, could at the
self-same timel the cooking.
t Dr. Brownson.--The New York' Tablet, of the
S12th, says:
g We are happy to learn that Dr. O. A. Brown
, son, who has been so serionsly lndt evein Ela;n
1- geirously ill for mane y inoliths, is now copvalc
Scent, and lhopes ar entertiilned of hisa cnpleot
restoratiotn in health and activity. 'This will
- eo gratifyvilng news to his Iluiltrous' fricnds.
o We hope ho will live to labor nmny years yet
for thb Catholic cause.
- Charles O'Conor hataldis pocket picked of the
S inollt'y il his possecsb~fn, whlile oil hiii w:ay to
rdefend .Je. Davis. ThI-t was a novel way of
e breuaking-dowfn counsel.
The Pope has reduced the enstoms' dues and
Stxtaxes in his domiuions. -In the "free" United
States taxation has an "upward tendency."
Jame ll a ee e'e celebrant uo
or that ora .timwas th. enerable ander a shed
where staeysda,.tibe aeO*ue catiedral, St.
James'' church; Jay Striet. " 'h r elabrat ~on
that occasion was the venerable and -zealous Nas
Father hlannahan, who instill living, and is The
now atitchod to St. PetedoKiurch, in Barclay Orleo
street, New York. A few years, later another
edifie, St. Paul's chrcoh .on Court stteet, cor- kee
ner of Congress, was built, andfor several years the e
sufficed to meet the wants of the Catholio yeya
community. The Rev. Mr; McDonald called f ted
the attention of those amibng his hearers tothe speak
time when they, like himsaself, had Walked a m
dlstnuce of live miles to attend'lnse and Sunday trial t
school at the latter church. Thein the number
of children in attendanee at Snnday school did I f,
not exceed 160, while the aetual number now Page
was upwards of eighteen thousand. At the Gas I
present day there are sixty churches and no ls
lees than seventy priests in the diocese of
Brooklyn, which diocese was establishedOcto- D.
bher i, 1851, when Bishop Laughlin was ap
pointed to the see. There pre besides' these
evidences of faith, charity and progression, 9..
numerousne aroehialsechoos convents, colleges,
orphan asylums and similar institutions on
every side. As, for the. plendid.. memorial of Ju
i'hristian faith and the new cathedral of St. P"'tM
Mary of the Immaculate Conception, in course bract
of erection, and the orphan asvlum, -Albany: Li
venue, he urged the early ompletion of these taue
bll s throughthbe aid oftheataithful. ever
The GermuanCatholi hldrch in Brooklyn futl
was built b v. Father Kunz, in the Eastern Re,
district, in 1841, is known as the church of serva
the Most Holy Trim,
Robert J. Walkorconfessed re the Recon- Cif
struction: Committee.that he reeei 1 $6,000 csout
for engineering the Alaska bill, and pjerseaded -O
Forney to take $3000'ingold for Ctlronicling the AMi
$5... -........ .= Gd
TIL cOX a 0Th rant
Always'in order "aun rea y St
sew. Suchnl i ts4imllcity'..a'n
S athe a wliths whelt' tis t rda--te resa
step. th.t the child of sixp.215 . 'U, bas
asd the k.uandntother eofroe,"l 
enopetor teitt uceesaffllv. The
tlrr ee is fmsed from the riglnal Spec
spool without rewinding. er men
Machinc is frnibshed with L
er, Foler nd Braide 4ll11 the diffreut first.cias st
Sewing Maelhn.s' for sale. Sloat's aorebrated Elliptic ip
and the Howe Sewing Machine-the first invented, the
one tlme which all othoer ta~kRthl r origin. All kind
of Maehinrs repaired. Needles, Silk, Tinhrad and n
for alLkintlenlln uihines. Machines cal be sent by E -
press, with tihe bill to be collected on leliv-crý- ,,l Mi.
chine. All Machines warranted at the Great ,outherr n
Sewing Macbhine and Vlaey Store. '
M. S. HEILICK, 57 and 118 Canal st.,
L Agents wanted. [de 3m)] New Orleans. O0
Is the best Sewing Machine ever offered to tde public.
It Hems and Fells, Braids, Cords, Tucks and Marks
and Embroiders, with such elegance and ease that the
finest needlework would look mean in comparison. It is
I the only Machine ever invented that embroiders wth
5 the Lock-Stitch, and on aceount of its.adjustable foot
I has a greater range of work than any other. It is used
almost exclusively by all the Lady Mlnlners and in all the
Convents of this city, and it has the greatest circulation
of anyMachine in the world. I warrant every Machine
I sell to give satisfaction, and after a fair trial to return
e the money if it does not do so. JOHN McNULTY,
s 7 Camp street, New Orleans,
a Wholesale and Retail Agency for Louisiana, Texas, Mis
' sissippi, and Alabama, and agent for George Clark's
Celebrated NEW ThREAD.
Sewing Machine Twist and Flax Thread, of the best
quality, for Dress Makers, Tailors and Saddlers, con
n stIntly on hand. ma,15 3m
o NSw York prices fir-Splendid GROVER & BAKER Lit
0 SEWING MACHINES, atilhe ofdie, 182 Canal street.
Machine warranted five years. an
Hemmers, Quilter, Tucker and Braider given with f
every Machine. aJ 3m 3
164.............CANAL STRR -T............164 to
(Directly Opposite Christ Church.) p
Depot for iee
1O on
Wm. Knabe & Co.,s Baltimore PIANOS. lea
O revesteen, Faller A Co.'s PIANOS. it
is Ge A. Prince & Co.'s Aptonmatic ORGANS,
- Edwards' Baltimore ORGANS. dr
t, And for the SHEET MUSIC Publiestions of the on
r "Correspondance Muslcale," La Haye. Holland. n15lm fm
re be
id TheBEST and CHEAPEST in the Southern market. A
SCHEAP MUSIC-Fity waltzes, fifty Polk°s, one
hundred Irish Airs, all of the Masses-4 to $10 worth of P
m usic for 50 cents. Send for sample copy,
t Planes ented, Tuned and Rpaired. Leave year
I. orders.
S Seeond.hand Pianos frem s59' to $100.
noi 3m • PILIP WERLEIN, 80 Baronne street. in
Id A. Uzol.a. . w. .nauRs li
10 Importers and Dealers in
e 98 Camp street, New Orleans.
reJoinst received, a complete assar.ment of the Celebra
es ted PLEYEL l'Pano, which we viii sell at prices to suit
as thbtmes. Also onhand the celeebrate Steinway Pi..
Piano Stools and Covers in great variety, expressly im
Pariclar attenton ppaid to Toninng 'a Repairing.
Give us a call before purcnasng elsewhere., and con
he inre yourselves that we offer the best bargains. nlO if
he hils.t Chlokering and Steinway sent their Planes to
the Paris Exposition, where both got a Medal, and are l
now quareling as to which is the right one, Weber re
sn minoed at home, manufilcturing his Superior Pianos,
knowlong that the people of New Orleans, in selecting a
Good Instrument, do not look for gold mtdls. a
ill My fliends and strangers are invited to examine these w
dv. Splendid Instruments. which I pronounce emlphatically
This assertion lv ndt nmade Ironm blbastic nlotives,
ibut stir a carel, and cil~oe exauinatihn Inla sincereny I
le convinced of their sul,eriority; and I challenge any
t othelr Piano, with or withount gold medals. when placed
oC ile by side to a WiEBEIt, to excel it in Pl,,w'r. Sweet
rese, Brilliancy, l'erfrct Equality nnf Tone, Elasticity of
m Touch, and Great Durability. For nle n
ted Toh Barad e street, sole agent.
Depot of Catholic Church Mus~l - d20 tf
NW ORLENS GAS WORS, October i06; 4
Thereare eight of PAGE & CO'S ROOFS at the New TEA
Orleans Gas Works, and all porlt tight. Those put
upl three yces ag re appr -nu ly Ip t. During tme the
Int severe storm, when the ot of -latorofs failed to - sites
keep out tierain, .not a single leak eola hbe foundin -
the roo eeovere.).lsPage & Co. Buring the last three I
yeaveiallaloyee of the. Works basve had some twenty G
of these age do Ca,'. htofs, aal" without exception. Core
I that any eee s o n t ly to girve themea fl
trial to become satisfied of their merta.
I fully concur in the above, and recommendt Mesers. ie
Page & Co. to persona desiring workf n thMdr line. T' he .
Gt bLIght Compa y have had extenvo deCihmwr with
i rm. and have alys found tihenlIrompthe an fs o
hie. (ni2tf) N. O. ,fiISDALE! Oen'l Sup't _
D. B LL.......... ......... ADY ARnL E. e
90............T. CAM s STREET........... 96.
(Etablished in i80.)
Just refitted and enlarged, with an elegant Vstihulo Fi
Proenenade fro:u the Academu of Miueio, makietglt the
most extensive Rtefeshment V eno1 in the world, em.
Liquor Bar-- i here every known beverage can be oh- D
tained of the beat quality of WVines and Liquor. Lunch
every day at lO} A. . 7e h
owling Saloon--With air new Tenpin Alleys; hIt Ith.
foel amusaent.. -
tatestaturana*.eit all the delicacies of the season
servedl with dispatch and at modrte plricesa.
Oyster Saloon-In otelry style, fro the most famous
bedsin the South-raw athea counter, or in a loaf tor
home ervitoe. o ,
Cigar Statnd-With Imported Cigars of any fiavor, to
suit the mofst fhaio lu d. lo
Come early and oiYe. - a dult 4t
"To all who value their Sight, aund wish to improve It.
Ia EIInNA G NG & co.,
t ...... .. .AMP 6 T.....i ..... .... 11
Begleave to offer to tlabse In teed of tenses, their ere
aente t to preserve the eyes untnhpeiber5 to eAreme old T
muritoure taken unil ups d ato osremoveld
Sage. "Their construction." ,says a leod writer on An
optics, ~Lnacoordaueo .with the philomophy o e ure.
ein form eoneavosonvex mirror'' nadt their trsaa
reney L so perfbot that the wearer can only perceive he
has them on by the improvement in his eighlt.
The" advantages of our 'impruved Brazilian Peblble C
Spectacles ii've been fully tested by the moot scientific
men of both Europe and America, and approved an the
a beet spectitlch now known fur the preservatlon of the
c impaired vihts iu. .- -
ror tele only by iERNAGIIAN & CO.,
nil 3m Opticaias. oe. 11. CNamp street.
IMg Wge Vsgna.,u.37t Mellpomenemtreaet New Orleans to
Furniture token downund poe t uptaI Pianos removed
c-uefuliy,. on most reaseonablo terms.
Orders may be left at the Music Stre of Messrs. Zorn
& Bremnr, lo. i9 Camp street. -
The Car stands at the corner of Camp and. Poydras
streets. inhi ly
Officn -121 Caroudelet street, (iavildson'.s How.)
. J. .L Lapeyre, W. S. Mount,
at John Davidson, L. It. Pothter. ,
Hi. Zpberbier, Wllliam McCualloch.
Al I. N. Mark. WitliamCreocy.
le E. B. Schmidt , T. K. Finlay,
William Cooper. Anthony Samlola,
W S. a. IK ...................... Vice President. o
' Il. . ot ................ . S ecretary. -
L.A. Foue lt;a ................T.. reasurer.
it W. B. ROONTZ, Attorney."
n V. C. NICOl.sI , Medical Exminer.
N. C. FOLGER, Agenlt.
The plan proposed by the Mutual Abid and Benevolent
Lle Insurance Association Its as follows: h
1; Each person, upon enrolling himself or herself an a
a member, shall pay into the Treasury a membership
fee, if between the ages of U
16 to 30, inclusive ............................. 10 00
31 to 40, inclusive ............................. 100
4i to 50, inclusive .............................1 00
51 to 00, inclusive................... •........ . 25 00
which payment constitutes him or'her a life member.
2. A Life Insurance Policy is issued for a sum equal
to one dollar for each enrolled member oppearing on the
books of the Association, at the decease of sad member.
But in no event shall the amont paid on maid policy ex-7
ceed StiO.
3. On the death of any member, an assessment is numade
upon eaeh likey holder for one dollar and twenty.five
cents, ayale at the office of the Asaociation. within
thily sl after notification thereof, by puonflcatn in
one daily nowsaper publLshed is the city of New or-4
lesns. innog1is. and one in French, for five onsece.
tivo days. Should the applicant reside out of New Or.
leans, he or sbe shall be notified by written notice smnt
to hiMor her searest Pestofitee.
4.Shoeld tbe number of members exceed five 'thon.
sand the amemsment of St 951-wil be reduced In proper
tion to the number.ofmembers oeceeding five thousan..
5. Should any memberfell topay theemsesment in the
time specified, 'he forfeits all previous payments or
he credits.
6. All accumulations from whatever source, such as
Im forfeitures, interest, etc., shall be credited uppon the
hooks of the Association to the members pro ref, to be
withdrawn in lieu of aeesnsmente.
Medical Examiner in attendance at the office of. the
Association daily, from 9 A. . to 4 P. at. Whenever re
n qoested.the I'hysician willbe sent to the residence of an
of applicant. d Y
We respectfully invite the attentiot of gentlemen wisab.
ing either a iress or Winter ltl4lr. to our present stocLk
ol h.mnd. It has not only been manufactured with car
bult acleial pains huave Ibeen taken that it should be fslk
luablte an-l sduable. Our English Shoes should be seen
by thosodesiring somethlnA EL & HOGA a
ds3 Im lot Canal _treet.
are- Near St. Charles, New OrleanS.
ae. KAJuWAcURga o0
o. Cabinet, Pier and Plamber Slab. made to order.
N. B.-Marbleannd Ilrick Tombs built after the latest
designs, and executed in a workmanlIkO manner and au
are cheap, if not cheaper, than by any other Marble estab
-[TINES AN'D TIitfiORlU Old COG.AC will
be tl,ld to tiae trade. or I' al s:pntitlaV to suit putrrlhnsers.
Those in wsnt aouold do well to call huFo bung else
anewhere. SCoT A.N*D IRTSII TSKT.
ais A supply :alwuy. on hand of the choiteet, anl at most
reasonable paric-lt.
eO. It Isy lnlalit ahlays t" ihove nay .t,.itrsi Rplritn pea
rey thra',l, ain, thac' to alle rctit'ers s,,lidly packed. T'hls
Si'1,irit. thes r'scli;|t's natt heb sp.,rior. Tlhos,s ina want
any prtrlSclaarly fur tino purposes, will plea call and ex
aced amine. DOLESTIC I.TQUOI
a Brandy, W'hlaroj4'. and Gin muast be choice, the spirits
Sof beintg so very Islr. R
A choice supply always on lamnL
16 d13 ly 15 and 192 TchoupitooLn street.
- Q C E ,
Corner of Frankln and, alde ate st.t,
peps ooestaity en hand a Chip. Aasortablt of'
Particular attention givea to the selectlon of Fine
TEASond BUTTER. Gooas delivered in all partest
the city free of charge. Orders sollcited and punctnuall
attended to. do S3m
GUROCERY TORE..............orO r STORau.
Corner St. Anlsrbwid Miagnolia streets, eller's Re
The undersigned would respeetfully inform hisafU
and the public that he bas removed his Grooery Starl
from the corner ot Lafayote Cnd Dryadee tothecgrerol
Magnolia and it, Andrew streets, keller's Row, whore
he will keep constantly on hand a large asortment of
Family Girceufes, whch he oi sell e u . colap, if not
choeapr, than any other Grocer in the city.
1L (A "
Cornr St. Andrew and Magt i r hoes
jylt am .e eller' Ro.
oCO. WAnaIIUCE. J. D. zanwo
506............. CAMPi STREnTr............I
Steamboata and families anpplied. '11 Sim
and BULK MEATS of All Kinds.
74......... TCIOUPITOUtLAS BSTR...........4 74
All orders promptly attended to. nli m
Dealer- in
Corner of Common and Chlaborne streets.
A Ci'hco A...rtn,..t oTiiE'A(' nd¶
mAt (iOiIcH' BUYTTER alwyi dn hand. G +tlo t-i'
ered free of drayage. . "
r AOR. M YcAR Y '" "b ' '
And Dealer In Impoded and 1i' a
Ltpa s n nrt. os snrtei4 F ', ' , ta'.
always on hand Choloe Bngtish , eta°
S 73-CAI '*O
Scorner CAllope, _n Orleans..
onatassta aco saien ow ntrAn'r.
Dealer In Choice Wines. Liquors, anI'e
City and Country ordels solleitad, and unctually
Stemled to.
Goods delivered i all parts of the city free of charge.
Choice GOSIIEN ITTTER always on band. nlt53m
60.............MGAZLNE STREET............
ccll 6m New Orleans.
W.L. KER & CO.,
At Victoria we make no extra charge forreetl nand
forwarding, and will pay RaiL cad Freight and.ha
t. onall consignments to nas for tile or shtpment. Jy If
Nos. 726 Levee and 35 Water streets, Fourth District,.
$a Corn. Oats Bran, Flour, Potatoes. Oil Cake, Rook
it Also have constat on hand, a eupýrlor quality o
fresh-ground Corn Meal. Oat Meal, omin y, Grit.,
a Chicken and Cow Feed, Corn Bran, etc.
p All orders promptly tl.dand dshlpped, and goeds dI
Ulvered in any part of the cit yfree ofdrelyl
We sell cheap for Cauh. Give us a call and onin e
ourselves. apti ly
Wholesale and Retail Dealers ia
al -
X 71.............CAMP STREET.............71
Country Oders promptly attended to.
In N. B.-Goods delivered to any part of the city free t
ar dr sage. aU
or Office and Salereoom
as 1i1........::... POYDRASSTIREET............167
be Near Carondelet.
be Succession, Port Warden, Underwriters', Farniture,
he Groceries, Real Estate, and all outside sales promptly
r attended to.
r egular Store Sales Daily, at lot o'clock. n2 5t
b No. 85 Tohoupitoulas sttrew Ot l
en felly_ - New Orle
35,,..............Poydras street..................15
my17 ly New Orleana. _
80............POYDRn STRET............0
SCorner of Palton. nl5 Rm
IFb OR SALE.-.... ...................FOR SALL.
SPOTATOES-o bl Bll aLckeyes Ruesete.
.. 0 bblt Peach iaowa ar d Jackron Whites.
ONlOyNS-50-bbl. Siliver Skin and oeds.
eIaIlerN--5 bWlese. White, orthern on,! Otsro . B.
r. I El) FRUIT---o bbls, New P'eaches ad ed pple.
cc- in Sos shlipping order.
DIEI) FlIJUiT--tI ncks I',aleJ l I'reh,t (choice)
FLOU-It-5' bbla. Srllp.'rtne. Ertrm and Double Extra.
At .. 00 half bbs. Ct,'hi,,. for family use. .
Constantly on Land, Cure hal. I'eas, mrnot. Cndle.
O5 Gr'en Mleats, TeC.m, etc, JIi.N A. Ol ,tIE,
he d13 4. t2 Tchoupitonlla street,
t-- B - -A-I-I:E-_______
it Corner Elyslia Fields and Front Levee, Not : and,
near Pruatclartr.n Railroad Depot, Tdra District.
Dealer in Western Prodnee, IIay, Corn, Oat. Bsn
t. d13 3m Flour, Potatoes, Onltme etc.

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