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The morning star and Catholic messenger. [volume] (New Orleans [La.]) 1868-1881, January 24, 1869, Morning, Image 2

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- A-N-te .-- --
6 Many years agon an old Italian
livedan artist amed em.d ._
ter,,a fairy youn of
Angela was her name, bad 1' i
her wall-fbr her sweet ce o ahple;,u_
and the bright wavesoet bar'
-whtr we might ray . o
death-bed was rshdeeed be h
words of hope and eoroH
Neo her ow then, wonard s ii, e º In
hbitione s e le othn oe e hofrm
delighted in paintinag i e ar aed
hou intr it wee mereli that o a w
admiredr men, d an dd to e earthly id
weor The sweet eonntenaee of the yout a
Jesus when it, eanled upon him from tht
anvas, tawakdeine ao thrill of love na the I
heart of theprydeartis,-heonly felt a glow of I
pride that h was the band that had pintaded
o exqisite a pioarer
Next to his ow enLeonardo glorwed in i
that of Albrecht, i pop a ho, he regarded
as his successor, andthe of to whom he
ahold entrest the completion of any work I
which might remain andnished at his death as
Albreet was a German, a handsome youth, e
with abroad fair brow, that bore the impress
of genius, and an eye kindling with inspiration. t
de was an orphan, nd his home was with r
Leonardo. An eloandhehiu nowlivedbeneath i1
the same roof rt years, she was quite a child e
when first he knew her, yet evon then She had
maebr herself a :place it. hi- Jiksh_. 'rsry v
day she had grown deare to him, uontil now,
in the dawn of her womanhood, her presence I
seehied the very ebnmiine of his existence. A
Albe h girl a toved him also with true af- a
fgetion, but as yet  it was only with the calm t r
love ofs a orter, an, ad witha dear aieon
eions gldnoe tha, dhehlrn ed intoow , bhe eyes t
which, whoen they t.'ne urpondu.h were an- a
cold, pmerosf seamed to chillte all hose
who apirP bhed ow ,an if men c him
their praise, he cared but little for themselves. t
He li shedn a strnge, old-fashimned villa, ni
which e alone and remote from other dwell- t
ingso; a brp, aolmc os utu ot from the world, tl
withf no companierA wane n ier father and Al- s
brecht, Angela lad, lived 'a ,p8aeful, happy v
life, w eth, however, one sorrow ih yea t
ily upon her heart. Grave apndh, toere t- r
her years, it was with a pa dfn to en uish a
that the girl observed how the thirst for fame
was corrupting herfather's heart; and fervently t
did she prayse that he might find the eptiness d
of human applause, and learn to work for a c
higher and holier motive. Every evening at I
the Benedictio houer, when she knelt before b
our Lady's altarin the church, which.was close
by her home, she implored, with never-tiring a
faith, the grace of conversion for her father. l
Time went past, however, and her prig ers t
ere arnot answ ered it seemed as thouh tey o
never would be, for the shadow whi adr
fallen upon Leonardo's soual grew rer and t
darker, till it seemed to stand between him and
every glimpe of what was good and b oly- 
religion was neglected and every thought of a
was patient, and prayed on evening aftle
evening, when the twiight crept into the quiet
ourch, and the air was ll offragnt incense l
and sweet music, the same earnest prayer rose
up to heaven before our Lady's altar, ."Ohe I
mother, change his heart."
The church where hAngela prayed was a very
beautiful one, rich in all the picturesquetbeat e
of arch, and pillar, and stained glass, toro . t
which the shone in with asoft and mellowed
beam. The altar wasof the aret white marn s
ble; upon its broad lab nealt snulptared i
rneli swppsrting a canoev ofr ought gold, t
beneath, whnich reposed hte Holyt of Helisi I
Above the altar was a large vacant space, t
which seemed intended for a pactnre, ander wch
was, in fact, shortly to be fnled by a painting
of the Immaculate Cornception. Leonardo had
been chosen r, the artist, and requested to exert
nnt a place in so splendid a temple. The proud
soul of the artist swelled within him, and he a
deternl at paint so agnithe ficent picture,
that the whole world shaould be anmazedl at its
beauty, anid dclareim tuobe the first of living
ar e tits. 1
Fooliesh Leonardo! ae this the spirit in 1
which to approach the delineation of her who, n
for her humnlity, was exalted t I
One bri nht summer evening, Anaela, her
fathler, d Albrecht, sat toeeter in the stundio
painting. Angela soon laid down her brushes, 1
and st with her forlehead resting upon her
band, watching her father. Albrecht, too, had
ceased to work, and his eyes were fired upon l
Angela and far away in the future a vision rose1
befre him of a home upon the borders of his
own blue Rhine-a home that seemed A very
heaven upon earth sanctioeed by the sptuience
of Angela, ise awie. Leon ardo alone seemed
absorbed in his aintng. He was working at
h-l---re , º Luish toich waone ow pretty far
advanced; in fact, it was almoste aosonroet
with the exception of the Virgin's face, ohich
was merely ketched i, and seemed as th
it had beaen ý imptlyeasd. It reprbented
the woman clothe4 with the sun, the moon be
neath her feet, aed " aonao h er be i a own of
Leonardo worked on i 'islene, for a long
time; d teoauched and het imptiuedntywe dre
shall earn for a fame thbat will re as
halog ays time shal last; my-nainahal adwn
Anrgel made sam slight onthardet (n br he
eintthise tee of y pictue. Is it no our
ncr, Alkawi, for on to the habmrch i"
hIbreehn left the eindlo Immediately, and
Alnges, so res ad w abot to follow a shim,
when a dden impulse made her turn ack.
" My own dear father," she said, "will you not
kneel and pra,h betabre you attempt topaint
this heaveany ml nake an offering o you
picture to our Lrd and ask him for ispiration
to paint the fac oc Hlothe."
Leonardo frowned he was in no humor to
be interrupted, and le impatiently waved his
Mbrecht was waiting in the rden for An
gala; this was to him th happiest hour of the
da when his studiesovsr he was at liberty
to walk with her to the church and kneel by
her side during the Benedieton. she eamne
walking along with a slow and Ilsless stepC
and Albrecht started when he saw her bee,
p.le and streaming with tears-that faoe uppa
which he had never before seen a cloud. Hse
heart ached to witlessher distress, of whiskj
heshew too well  , e
comfn mher tt a
Siea he answered, aond his oloee
remed a ge h with emotion; "my
love,, m r yo f le; sow.
She seemed p " and almost frightened
by his vehemence, the words had met with no
reponsive echo in her heart ; childlike, as she
was, she knew nothing of a deep and burming
love liketbis. .
" Dear Albrecht," she said, at last, "you are
very good to lovo loe e o" m heº. " , feelfe j
grieved that I should die; t we shall ee
I hope, in heaven--fb and I, and my father. I
Albrecht, dear bther, do tlog, s tVe
am not going to die this moment. Ty al
reache dhe church by this time; the bells
were already a g, and An gela as she, eun
tered, olerelec, the whol watde withb rit I
mile. Hoi never forgon that mile; mdlik yas
afters, when he was an qld man and bisair i
wals og yiets m-eoy ingered ike a snbeam·
"e turned aware -e was too stron gly'ýi1
toted togo and kneel sown among thed bet
crowd within the church, Walking quf-klYI
through the streets till be found himself otad
the town, he huarried to the sea-shore, w here he
sought out a lonely, nook amiong the rocks. It I
was an old favorit hant; heth had often come
there to listen to -the waves of the Mediter
ranean, as they broke at his'feet`, and build up
.plgasant day-dreams of love and faure fame,;
now a mysterious voice was calling at his heart
that all these vJsiomns were gone forever, thamt a
darkness had' fallen.ond his life, even 'esthe
clouds of night were creeping over the Sicilian
hills, swallowing up the golden sunset in their
The t3euediction was soon over-but Angela
still remained praying in the 'silent church.
The daylight faded away, and long after the
twilight lhad deepened into night, the glimmer
of the sanctuary lamp shones down upon her
white dreses, as she remained prostrate before
the n tar, offering the sacrifice of her yon life,
Meanwhile how fares it wie h Leone do f Hat
he pantead the face wth h to t immortalize
him c A face worthy to represent her whosei
seed shall lrsnh the serpent's head t Let uas
look into his studio and see.
y surely this looks not like it. His brow
istnit, his hands eleanched his cheek burns
with a darkred awya, and he paces the room
with rapid strides. Once more he seizes the
pencil and begins to draw. His hand shakes
he tries to steady it-his eye bl u, and again,
he tries. It is of no use-away l nae smashe
the paynted th e tiled floor, and i linze
himsesl in desrsr upon the eusheond oL us
look ,n y o d he tu"Idino and,
baffled lost. Oh! e e the weak lngers
that writ ot second the Wsy, baursti. ng brain
I am ruined, rined- esn not.paint the face
that haunts me - - -
The Italian summer night went quickly over.
Angela, when she' '.rose from her knees, could
we the fir streakes of dawn steaing aiet the
sky. By the time. she rea.hed her father's
house it wa .abnost drayliht. As she crep
softly up stairs, so as not tq awaken any ote,
a sounda, which steemed to seome bom theatndio,
made her start and. pause. Another! She
pushed open the door, which stood ajar, and
there, stretched upon' the sofa, lay her father,
his hands clasped above his head, and his cheek
burning with a feverish glow, moaning and
murmuring to himself, "Lost, ruined-I cannot
do it!" m
r Angela raised his head and laid it gently
down upon as cool, soft pillow; she bathed his
, burning temples with fresh iced water, and
Sgradually the moaning cea.sed, and he seemed
I o fall into agent lesand refreshing eleep.. She
a guessed what *ae the omatte -the blotted ioe
Sof the picture and the brokenpencil told their
p own tale. Angelt was tired with haer long
f watching in the church. She brought a low
e seat and placed it beside bet fathaers couh, so
I 'that she could rest her ead against his pillow,
Sand bold his hand in 'hei.- Sweet m ancies
r floatethrmgh he brin assh and watched
gradualy teuns e mo ning ceasda'nLdg he eem
Bthe itarrnhe o th pe sl morn
he chu
in ds, there seed i td eo fthpon her the
i hat she ces t he ead agaistd his pione
r _oedonfo a f b}e ai o perftly lovely, a he
n, tse evah w snohin ofeei ito o the .,oghe
ot goo toer slokry Dow mtoughr. th oy Go;
bi lud c ha ther slmd to bnm pt o herl t
mtsenlvef ilandle, elanot lis nh ther
s a prec , o rou chasther, at her
7 thorgsh to ihe tbest aoda uthe omoie
cthea fieure i otieng thes a e"owin
4ro ae it aen twhisapaee lAogel, Ire dhov es
s* bl mo daem hnesels eosrioby oel ha
"as a tek oyeno bhee a rmother fa mhear o
of ms f lullth aint i 1n b as
d|ter me. T eud'sthe ithos tmy hl r potnisa
i thyself ithe ftae thy a re wo as onelvey
L wi tout aloan hoe beauty lot he wiee ot
-et suen ro u fa" elther Ito he oooet" ciehis
it tierre et even to ihve ow the wuord uMp r, y
lmy bdreams aface soe gloriosy lhovel tatd it
|o comud uony bhreowng s tothe mother. ofJe m Id;
"thae up thae pencil sura the eyes sa matn po
biforr" .s. .
S . F
ntly he lie sarling, and bore her
to her own little room, where helaid her on the
white curtained bed callin hr b every e"
dearing name, and tendely chafing her hands
was of no iseo-never again woumt-the blue
g el'sar d en c d the angel
had surrendered his charge at the foot of the
brone. ; She was dead. - e : .
Ionaerdo ctlled wi*ldifupon' Albreeht, wbd
came silently to the btdaide, hia heart too truly
warning him what he wag to pee titeer. All
d therough he nihtfo her ia~o , o ~~Tie a
solemn vok, that hb f Od" fore ge u f all
ienl h ell nigh in orel orml
Sthe bati wid al i his firttl, an heonly neer
-souglt 8ae. e lives again in the picta.es
he'pic has behind him Hce d i the church npo
a St. Agne-o he fuhsral, b uedle that chast mi
ed the ever saw upon her soul,'ip. The deep solemnade a
heyich, as they grow bh nesth his brush, alwaysou
Alseemed to himved to ear a warning look,e andown
bid him iwarer-bt no woman everdos sin aed so welled him
dihusband. Angela had beenrning, that himth very a ome
drals of his native land, the painter of wl0eh
was unknown. People ed to ask tbe astlet'
name- that no gooed ould tell ait. They never
sought another.at the lives againted byn the picturesold,
he has left behind him. He excelled in paint
y- mogoldeniht, all of whom they me orte lo s
ahilot Angela; In u" epecially
a St. Agnes-h was enreproduced that last smile
he ever saw upon her lips. Them thrdee ysolemn
seemed to him to wear a warning look, and
iat tOrsBnS, AoS WORl Oek 0tober fIoi; 18
the rooaf coehrte o PAGE & .CO. d .0r kt te New
bid him beware ofs Leonardo's sin - nd so wel
did he theed their warning, that his tery nat
is unknown to posterity. Leonardo, too, has
bee forgotten. He kept that vow ar e made ae
tare hd-ts eatiwp tbi mereitortiesanl d athe
drals of his native land, the painter of which
was unknown. People used to ask thede artist's
name-but no one could tell it. They never
suspected that the were painted by the older
ggrraay-hai monk, whom they so oftenm sw
kneeling e a grass-grea graver, that was
]Page .te assif asn er," wor d. r tlne.
aLiewsh a by a white a arble arossnp on
wthir. asnengrave d the name ofu "nr gela.
Ie, SRE AL FUms. Ues a.NTEEr aa
Over 00 Inh the city-so. of them three yese meld
NEW ORLEANS ....WORSE, October s; 18.s.
. t severe to he beat of slate roofs failed tor
beep t the rain. not a single lest be oled in
the roofs cevered by Page &.Co. During the ilast thre
years, employesof these Werks have bad seie twenty
speak of then in the highest terms. xy experienee
with this roofing has been so perfectly tistory, that
I amt convinced tst any one asly to give the a
trial to become satisfied of their mnertia.
, WM. )IcCULWCH, Man-ger.
I folly concur in the toe, and ree end essw
Page At Co. to person desiring work in their line. The.
Gas Light Company have had extesaive -dealings with
tile firm. and have always found them prompt and rolls.
To l who value tw teStimprove it.
SBreg leave to Oder ie-chess in aesd of Leases, their
tasted to poussevm tieyhe al aimpe to exricre oad
-age. "duas buveiss,'maa es t'yrsteimmon
coenks, ",isilgt* 5PIewilhl be " )m yef as,'.e
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S..se..w se. R Y ei ty oY r uo..... aC , 186
Qe3 m. 1.341 JashulI, ewner of
- - C.uhar- u r stairsr. l -3m
"-JC J . -WEC D. D., . .- m-+-
.. . :D . nal Street.-.._...... ...r17 I
Nl.I Sea i admi..sndtDrop Sa.y. jai 3my
Next (Old) No. L9pos's Caronfectione Streeta 3m
. S. KNAPP, D. D. D. S.,
15. .. ..... O TREET--"-.........17---5
10.. .... .. ew Canal Street .
* Tem. moe... ALLEN. uI :
R , -' .---A . a C. PE S S , . .... ,
Can be oemslted at l octe. 145 Canal street, coner
of Bou-.rbon. Dr. Allen wilrb aslted by Dr. PLOU ,
oJreaa. a Dr.Rwill be Ae bothe msk.ol theD meamlar
Cast l who desire pd operation or by us al e enrb
apprve meno w for pin s.... opera s wia be s"e.
" 1 ' DENTIST, " "
1 .. ..... ....CANL •aM r...- ..... ..
n e d ato as Cnetl oore . .
D J. s.th o N pu, by h. a,, D
................. , c-(, STRUT..........._1
Cmarbes m.oldrte. atbia oee0.ana 1treet4d25 3
o Dourbem Dr.E leA ilDiesletod by Dr. Pe OUGH,.
A  s im 14p Canal s o treet.
W Oulee-No I 30 Camp street, uel
21bii h a...s..COMMERCIAL PLACsE...........21
13 3m NEW OEANS. sree
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i3* in (oUK5O , 30 3.ania m.oe,
Jown B the o LUin. ar man..)o
1se, 03. and ar- X.gr s - -. -t
IFaser. obxseauA Shildahave purhased the above
oThe yide fDior, 4w Oasd
known n twheat o oata ere ou L.ren
left dayr night wil.ro. o ve t . Carmrie
e ls or hire a o reasonable price. e S
rA R e h  E. _ Ar so ,
No. 9 anor of DeTerS. Now Orleans
F ti. wn ler le_. ys Wand cMand
puben Itrnig o, apS ly
Sand l....... si. ca se sta w ......... lags.
, T sw Omsass
all kiendes a the Wodeng 'OfI tlSe al dy tserlvedn
sltr asband. Tb1& CO.DONa
Bast --Camp mStrek t mc., or tt D aý rm
o Partier & inbwant oelik, A Itets d Baowellbs.
troatble and i. S. and f baty of pinea ean
b a cthar ld-ibelr edes an ot hr ever maneeaared
wIwoodr Iget you tWan jobt Ol o so the
ofCOmns always ott andd. J41Mrr0e
Co~aer Ster Andrewsorll such aistTe tiForte wstr set
tlin, up. Hedoes aotbsk and-will not ge sayper
e awork ntrufi ted to . m- to IEO
All erdea in ulding Line thankfully resved.
ond-hd mmediately attende on and.
REfers tee-Rihshd Eateebreok, Esq., of tHe lat Am
of allework A star ,ee, cts. & lttnd ders
Agentsaend wn.r. tpropLSrty wll pEsaat. motion
operation known mo neg' mechanics s "Wbst per cent.
erer payds pr all such littded to.ries when t
ling up. He does not ask end 'will not give any per
centags on work entrusted to him.
. m A. LRMO.N,
CO HOWARD ........Be D PODle STREETS...........
Second-h and Cisterns always on hannd.
AU. wo gar. an.tee , .
............ "..T. ChARLE. STR..E.E....... 375
Rex no0 Moohaanla Exchange.
Orders solicited r nd prptly atnded to. enh lyn
SC. . r ATrMA
Sb............ Bienefte Street.. ....t2re.
An oaR s Iar the above lien w terag ad attended
ReMwaed uted In the meat pe manner.
"M J. . W.-LAS.*
J.; RA..N*
A fal IanrermoiFesplQI h Dp and ',L,
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