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The morning star and Catholic messenger. [volume] (New Orleans [La.]) 1868-1881, January 31, 1869, Morning, Image 1

Image and text provided by Louisiana State University; Baton Rouge, LA

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Taal mine Thaut sewut 1447. !Sueel thuAa r '
TbM b.hanM aio se tas
Theinmlawrbu ah is , a lmS
-bm beu hus mtaugl, l ight Qesa ta th Ilbel
*W -Yta dW~ l~~~t1 · I·
Thug Thes,"ewee Virgin te -"St.at f e rh Mmi
h1r. sae atqhue budrea.4tha lhla t L
-Thy dlhbgmk~!pahe wl buthaU'Blatk ae6PdeiIS U'
Tbe uuelslu anumhed by T~heu Queue ef the labs
Tt'u~t amel. , apipm lady, th' "Xauuaa~uhat 3-u.. ^to
Ty .sema thuhbiat tehse b em h1 grw.: an
.t.- if ldrc W- swuat - ;
" l sd, e-iI L~s a. .rC r sewNMrris mare - ai
wy,.ýaatlea d lido to yia wrlilp t$ Aida B
e deq, wint '; leaf gt we thy sa. aI
Whua i trIi 7 y e . thu qa's, d Sb. 11t 'a
,y bawds as :.deadtr'--'- Y Yid !1i dlah b
Aie Naked with my Sued uauufludlu: a time;
Itu pmupilar. M my. mad who ai wor buguila,
Thaysell bathd iiah-b-the Qua.. f thilr Zulu!
s. Queue at healu, uea wiN Iuu bra heve- -
T1hhers is buin Tby k uqu. rthiea with level
Aand lmwrvwul be W'h h'o 1b!aumore alh. a
Whoa ishaywe. . t Tbhu, we·urinabt met bI bu
Mevd il.me.ar d, that gruet the U· 'min
MqOher d I p au U, whel Mary was beum
May wetuth tge dkpul evey mabt . rvy guile
" eue~ruuy Itu hiuetta at that euau.bvu . NOW
Q~tbW b e iwIaad dca, lsat. e my I
Lede L·ta t is the yw h
.T'ibW3 NIZZ.
it .el16 io te bb t mw" bl. Ii, weds I w old
an diawlag .bmms arhsh.'bet'ea el
her belm went beck to its alleut
ud~nribb' bthlwe~vet~tht 1
and as ivows, Lee tb asbt. and ire - t
Lad It beta Ifsd the light. Many a pe
till t boan weeb1t~tw 06mainot
-tll~lwk th.ta p. or sand.
-aei uaosgh tt e o p e.e ad I
it nevmahee nWfl for eM
S wo r . mepl th e bia s. ? Thea Iould ane
" N ., ,ý I z ' I s I t be u a , am h t
he5 sre dýi herer*twaseteatit byJW
Hume ri. atatil~caba thJg5,VU%..,1 alLtue
monorla hiag it, i.IoýMw Me yaw 1ýor ,
it wll H arn earro na
ESUII Nj ·i~gg~r3a LWib U fther ~an mine
"A' he mi. tu~ .1t.ghavy -.
h ae tk m~ h0 owLeemhue 'ba
b..hkm .mee' p "n lie tO
Hrue, weuii :.tneii sides t. l ha
tbeush Lee heart ad t hus
epiahit f meiney for he ~mledyoun' ta.'
areaw sa i than i o Aslal weeds, .fast
"7Ce sold jlibaosi ,::ind madrew Ica~
"Anwnwhen mi ·Lttu Y's the hear' bau
anba 'Sttheran' . ýagihse ý m) hm ~a~Pcs
ýt oi D n se nhkd wa rd, nd ae
>ý, Meep ud wm -'tiscif' dad 46,6 b tin ta
tbkeiiiatr Biea~i4·I-rd ·hbdrencJonQ
limb bill of messy, for be prmeyu o 'a
hwiBe m wItss a e:,, a , -.,d tho;
a• s tilencJ Ink.
_av dglore M i mo iitd tIi
sirth, on whlmh the e dled t t f
ie abGttod I s ins whd;o maYBI w u t
'it i to Well a beql" of, hg
a, n ta y e o frs l a
Wh a not fort he Lorif is peak mOter ki ind
arnes thee to Mdes e poo hi
befoe shatteree onvie yina shangeler. Whee bi
iTis the rol, and where are the words It
mena, na traEne s;he knew o ow h o use either.
eirtheden'o teansm otr , d te n a
is red ove brat Rrolios o
Willie ake asednpu, and b on re m t
athe wo silenco fon.hit an m.
iste< oe, a ndwere a re the. wd I. .
Y -d hes nmst omn s Ie pel h oo ind 
dsrkuihes that hiehe poo wdhite fand
itaie oer ic, bt ineson bie lre., aJee
the is to ad arods undm the dn{ h' ohi
busth spaahm it hate ua tderyt is
aur theo a t . br . I .
"I **annetter' ofa biut youve spoken aaird an
Silnoie has me, and ou rmus aenriamo g
no "blme he ouo hniad he her.y....I. W nhe I
Is thevoce,; and whre areeo the wod t
et she buest sp e- be wi. TIh o a iew
I car usen to th the, wlrin ad the hae
i sotaei ' ov t ieri e tie' b t tho er.ge . o . an a
hih t whilhe tcn th ou tha. hve uttre, I
iy ie bt. Eolorl Dean lloff my tan, or I
., sWie'heetxp, oh. ow is toIongesteai.
haod lma o ud Honors heIai . t"Ir hew
it la sinymh` a tdo ItI 'thou-gh--L odid11 vem e
man's the fahae ord. But a senw
t ha wll i o e,, , o l - tI, r laie ,I me wet i
-o- umhti iill s over. Kep
W llie e elul . ..'. to
i-d l. 8ie#r of soldof" nshe oelameoor.  d
ar l-a to ayou witte trnth. Bnt, en a
eIa a1 1l_ ' . ....... ...lc i i, he
-a love bos a 'o, nmake youcW,, an'm our
ar _t own, a' I i a t ep ,hat I
G1od kno itnIs't oo t rea
tenlowei dButI b i .
Ist, tha 1I' ta I tcan oase hle t esHelte'
es ThireIs a lul in Hb o ia's . atm.
t' Shei. so amuof " " e lamed. . -on
A n oe't mak yourha t wtse .av.e i i he's
a not ra the your Ne  hht Eve
W oherslfto it a d ir H
ah, It wa wrell that y wn I, , or ie1eaa's
me wrds mtba ended In eeb. He ls ih
hne mitmheg am Deaemt *Now.o
' he I kl*ldl Pwh doin'ot nw. t -"
lead lbIt- -- --
is, "n'w B you ha %n't, no mehave I. Whit
to aboud a lone ou ewaihe arm an'oan.
led H shl ue's hdd d the bother? ith
a tHoinor' asalon , a' upoi # this lifa
it. Heonly'untit onl 40 Y etene and
mus the thing; sqesityIikW i about temlti'
y. "Doan!'t"a taid Willie, tones ef do
*51d sdmit"duont "nethfwy aout an' out ti
as nou. But you on't hau * 'you're ta
ate about. Thatwano"hep mapld gae# bless him!
but he hson he ' rf a woman.
in. Hre'lle r ore t a do u thino h l
giehsard~u~hhd aid out w ith
- d du t' dowr, to; wntht
'me "Den't my hat siot:n, Wielie.tlen, she
Aint ridaia timeo.Iws goe ( o, a
lla trouble en e lut .t s lb
solyteoMtepm aai 't'a olaM taobael,
"y AL" eve ver a
-e ma f .eiu thatnever to
hee-osi 'b bper t-ber, .btl lar I
i o ddu yo oI
e-l wo,1r d w.ed to p ga
iet ed t yea f it yr t
Tt oer r~ . -r
_Bhea ;":at t wothey g
itr"oesai:a queo. wrsol nraw Ii
uba ehm~sthý b 1.ut and ci
Saoo lhare, at he? door, and, we . e
door b 11rry&ivlkkds iic ias
*if all tit bMan epa er you hhl o ad not lb
.et out of Diet, awaye r ver and ever. e
helwe o i-is who, whoathey 0
•n. I mi dhe. . her .1
have a Lry sorrow to b ar, blarit I b
maku no omit nnwoated duty, cll on no
I onefor I non! E Knowing .that.: t tl
Sis nottobe , look !e tfo t
i e: het d .co g theetflredusabere' a
ith eashes nest o mornIng, in ead of t
Scasting herself upon 4 oor i n -h agony,
la est sh.might a nslgb heara gaheing 3
It -cndasyLb e hr h I
Wi ilen deertedere. e ithe did shked d
Stearas, ho hichael migh ti mary , ande ier
I sspet their sars, sad hl d resalved, y
I almost b instint, t to im. Not yet. S
So se completed herodds nd ends of t
eheld arsage)t hr .the nIght, md thon ent t
a in!ad etlremsd h fter.
Yo g be be sh, "it's I
"I' 'asle 1e n ue eahl
- ------ I he Ia -
a "yI", s.-" H," hohortaon e. go.
He was loath to ithouitbnddIn' you f-odI
U G~h &bood boy, o-40 F ,ywned qld Michael,
e "he'll come backthe soener for't. Get to bed, I
t rlsn.. -It's late. .' yu wr6ktherd asl
L d. You're loo'
Aye," said Ecacris, "ras tired." I
p Teny who had kbwn her sere WOtOM
a. hads heosntire no ingimato, htMchaewa
not osnettee wfof doable meaning,Or Io
I shadesin tonesofvoie. He was fssdd asd
a cand as ha e-rasd the kitehenm in I
it hurry upte her attic, sad get a sound night's I
a A good night's rest! Best fort 1
' that fie Hstort'a -e-rst for t Ie ·chip
er heed that hasbeemiryng to stave of thought
and not go wild !.-rest har Heacria Deane1
But Isssp oan, iShasil the rafters are hetwees Ii
t yousand year ohidgamineithar you, nor any
Lt shall everhew that HBearia sufer's.
ar Herai needs nouight;. in the thick dark
?a nees she paf her, ayt ho bed-eide. You
roe 'deed 'a tb t litsit so Searoelyaos
o- hoe 'I at 9eyond:the gulf at your
'a w 0o days - jn e wraiths wil
anto sn eea l yt, o -it .s.
I There.are pln l sights Ia the dask sky, and
m 5.sý seam f1neJt beature eneugh s take
She sits enýtlie fdace of edan'.fres
at hadsstha harming ead ahlaeyes, bak
MIheghiO1W t beckt
w ty yhan haIt
Iatereet purchas hheer
wnt avev
1'F9"uWilio " the little eytlmed piarate,
mhg had easerld her on his back over he wet
pll ai, who had hg his tin mug beaide hers
mil pocket from ie fairi " b !" th ltd- who
an. carried her books to sohool asd readto her by
1ii tlotIro-llght of winter - eonings, and mended
it1 the old arm chair like any a ter, and made
bat an ftforher pt ben when t broke its.leg.
""iue P" the man who had -nursed her fa
t a the sikes ddmee who had watched
u n great bonny llor whom she had teased sad
VedUid~l pridad in, 11atill other men seemed
she eassli mean I he eyes.,: Willie, .who had
4p be his wife. And, then, oh! then,
se! te by l ing, summer'
mornings, the hays e meadow,
atigtt dafb a d 'old it lie that -all
masi R·e thagin .a rit, feltit, it wq
~out I snIhe evd her amem, aud wet
, e'. isr life ba gro.. wn Into his, and ha
owaliiit, eu it' •Yeswiat tas .1 her WI
-w. fs, bd hi adtden ebr truee tue l ý
deraniddwtln ads,, id t d te
ii nd a ter mate. or
l st was mall comfort, i1
Sagain, and sgain;that it Is her hai
b thau does not make the no
y sler tobear she feels In het LI
tooir ''nd now aises the question,- - li.
hiw 'is she to e tbwi that new life whlch esi
, sn ttlitoirr w She must
milk theows, and bkethe .b,., adr eat a
talk, and knit, jut as if theevehi as MM b
to bring Wlli, and the idea oft . !
were these tois rehllh,; .. ar O' n
spirit to her 1k. t ut put wail- te
florwers inthewihtdow, to have her no
lean-starehed g.ewa. at ihtflallnor I
g anl·n swept hearth for feet t are et.
never ol oore. Above all, oh above an
r all, bal mnu te stray near Letthereen. The sit
Sflowers may bloom and die, the grass may grow wI
in a wild tangle, but never more must she n
follow the winding path through the heath. ae
rOh! no. Honoria loeks her bands upon her as
I breast, and vows that never again shall la i
SsqMna inch of Letthereen soil be touched by an
Sthe le of her oot.
i .sttheresn the dear home other fte,
r the sweet the pretty
n asany wouald ,have  hit, A to
f the mountain girl it was a The new ed
lattice windows that she bed bee so proud and pa
; ond of, and the interior our rooms which ht
s had seemed so specious j onoW i, the . quee,
I d.er, oldchars of p. woodthat hr itod- o
i father bd left init. All the ite u
i, points, and advantages of Letthereen, which w
the hapi had learned by heart. Many a a
-tme m A . ad mad e ~es to race over, sad 01
A ust-take, a look that all were there in reality. til
Ltthereiu with another women. baking bl
a bread uponitehearthatone andanotherwoman a
watching for Willie hem is sunny door-way. I
. All her little household gods receiving homage in
Sfom that other woman Tbs was a picture hI
more ey to relise than a long le spent with- ri
. oat Willie, and .Honorla's dry anguish broke h
d forth into a passion ofteera. Tear tha a,
th er that wash out the trlv . lanu ar m
I, of ildis e, and rain a wide ocean b
bAnhd so Honori sg .ernedO-erelf round upn_ 
her bed, and burrowed her a.s in haer iow,
nddawn found her slesping the heeavy In
i SIIJiseniay eenin. MichaelDeane hasJ· m
Sfosre i "pein rsmble with ona or to e
mlotaher-s a of Lettesgech Hoia mite
a in the alone, wlthhor arms resting on the I
a kitohentable. HBrhairsas tidy a5eerOand
'a her gown as neat; but where is the bit orosy
ribbon that ws wont to it up her dust
beauty on Sunday evenings 1There it is, tyin v
g ta ble. .
The January sa stretchesitslf pon the
our, and fells to her feet. She se where I
.a se siti themiling br-own R t e ee al ..
mI pIe arade ste ling dow  imn the d snd -
k. valley riveroi ppin o in thsun
k- shine showing its tsweet w hite wet glarntin
it here apd there through a gap In ebrokea bak, r
ow or a lureb in the uncertain upland.Eae l
ad thing is still, and glad, and at rest. He
ie, has somewhere rea, Blessed are they that r
ar moun, for they shall h m ted," and she I
Ln tries to have faith.
0. Half a dose hot, heavy tars rn into hp .
ad lap. Sttled and an at their nbidder eo -
ke pwarnaes she kL th es her soore
wik their dew h h eyelas , and loks
es straight on out through the ýI~ý There 1
be is;an invisible path
e iyold hdld, with the ra robe of
k' i urple, and the golden crown of whine- Where
ig, does it lead to? Letth reu. Following eHo
er lie must set Ltthrsem Ta it.
rh Willie mast get Lethiere to ll andtoh
to, onoriae  stthink andI for,wbile she ha
r uetn lesre to th ein, oad be a it be too
i ts the truthef
'be will b!urst with a terrible oh o
by when what ehas hppeed can be no loagar hi
ids aash tlled bOy d ing aillis of e Letthe
fa- thinks of that unless-he can be induced to
led give it to him befooheh knows what has passed
he betwseen them. In that 6"L% the smel~ale
md rdwOld forbld him to witgfdgw a fF made
oed b re the eyes of the world; and Ifthere e
tad o inr he bornewith, Eoetia would boar the
e, b fnt oit. She will use sl hritS her vry
, for W .ta d iro p u r r has risen before h er eyes,
diusnted her. since that night. WLllie,
broken downd. Lsu l man, toiling e
her own abe can eone,ho but MaeL
Wilie's serhing. Her bthe does
tisLalyafa tuer e wandtsiu r k .
hit.h She wahtpusat thefol&
no husband. She has vow
ttand doen Und s the he . l
alen arthe raiws al b omo
a. .bb~allt °ne;ai she unst
'The un fade uon the oor, thebeeh line
eased to dance, th cloudIegsi to ghtheratd x
eat. She tak it in her  nd tl the a
and sit dorn upon the heart baol
stirred, and overit u no - Hgu
when she draws it bask, more sbites
and looks on its cn Behold the lati
al for a funeral p whereon are to beco
sumed the a dead hope. Ah I igb-ben
lady, you w hsmile oveer yo"st oea b aUls
dval the euhl easperin w iat eabl
acselo weddilngt eeo te e-a
Koh.i- noo of the a
There aae few te. tte l t.
tose we sr wnu o6
to di tould r
on lat Easter m Sunday a ei at.
they ploked on their iay, while siseling
rouna by IttheteelL Thre Is-but it ls
Sus lt aso unspaibgly whabt Hnoda
woul:, have died,nam, jthan aaowedge to
a nthyivn ot ,aobune thneraT .l
tifleapm has been sasepasatelynocsfuhmd.-ilrth
blamsedbranch has eeete dtio rckie, tsd otll.
s heart . Lst of all othe sta t Usa.
and begins to set d.. table the e"
1,me she mal .~ •
. H an ' s. .. aid s . hy. Lie
laby w fl, d uyd . urpe tes da, 6
Tstill Her was o!
longedh-for opprtunity,sr a moment
ae shrank om seiing it. -'t the stg wil
hi  sahow",rid she, " tld UN ttrb.
o m fatti a 1 ahboat Willie u
d Michael Dn sled bem under o e wuia
oked brows.trd. atrs was Hemla
10 a" E vitbar slit
m Is'tý strong In' wellt, an' NIL.
- fe him You're time minP a Vyol'
- "I don't w t to mauyr do
4g "we're both yoan a? we've no b rm toab
k msrryln'; but I w& maythe&Mb bard em-0,
it mam's ian' and your own lyin' by?
a, breathless. Bat ther rrW to
k The old man aidmid, sad b h d
You. You'd soth thlc
to e' thebesid brown dsham, a' fA"eb
ml- whoa yeo listtherr aet .aCig
at long a ' give sthe tapbis wigi
ho Henoas was sheee late abase. ' .tmb
of like a eiminal; "tfi wary eimisaim e
dense= ofthe' _ tL Wife sheba
to dcas, at sndkoib t dlf ac, te imifr ikiml
me thael d him eLtheeeeaee -
esneuel," sad he, , 's rsh'aele
dsrIr wgri ehsad. -.

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