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. _ DO TI-"
D1Iooes or Hto .Th -
thedral, by the Right Rel. aril
D., Bishop of that See.- a Co
place at nine qc.ok In th wa
witnessed by anllmen  se'lr p o
The candidates for oo .t ? -aired 125, FI
among whom were aa; of adult .-It. _e
y wh has ara yea or morye flledom
ably, and with such avorable restl* h ti
members of lhis society, the tlo f o of staor j
ofThe Catholi Church inheis town, 00on
-day last psre ahed his farewel saaon, s owd
signed his charge, much to the regret and ea- tce
row of his pa thioners. F, z no T has on
onir hi amiable ways, he ate, in io eement.
and them om vey good the th
and love of all-his society, and the follow
matter of general regret. Hewill, on leaving se
Sie, acintept the piatorate of the Cathol int.:c
Church at Bangor.
Drocsas or L&030553.-A correspondent of As
the Boston Pael writing , from onroe, Wisoon- t
sin, says: re
The Catholic Church here eost 0300 ; h o,
been erected and finished by only fifteen arm- Bi
Ser, and it is free of debt This shows how
wem off they aread. There s100 room now for some
Shefamilies had been e, in a Catholic settlement. o
Lethem come.Jst
. Oure or SAtrA in sWe to nd the tollow- h t
tug inthe Cneia|ti Telegrips ofthe 0th int.:
ather in Rafael Bianchion. J., one of the twotl
ian Jesuits I brought with me in 1866, died in
Mo n the 28aryth of Ohe artober ival f th e ca to
this pleion ary therein with ather Gerim to
preach d a mission inthi important ri ey h
op d $y mn ion on the 8th of October, and t]
on the th ets of e thme month he was taken
ith pleurisy,from which sickness hedied He,
was well knowin already n the diocese, for his n
seal-and virtues, for behad prseshed three smks.
elnas before in our diocese. He waereal*'it
andr aeau, of God, and in his death we have tnfsd
aGreatloos. As a prdef ofthe'fsutt of lits15t 1
eveon, they had over 1800 oommualants.o
Father Rafael Bl was in 1642.33 ar e~adel
he had been seventeen inn the Sond Faty ofher
uthe J llonsueits ame to Green. in the o
JOur Legislatu-Vre , in session inSatebel, has
- n sedomeresolutions expressingt ieir regrets
Stthenrdesthof thisgood e andexenplar a priet.tt
Je . Bishop celea , Bishop of Santa Fe
DIocean or Gains ·· . fg Ctotlici i
of eques-Tm.e G lreen Bay ( e 0he te reports I
ev. Binteresting seices theremb in Den
anniversary of the arrival of the first Catholic
missionary therein 1668. The French,German,
Holland, and Irish Catholic Churches particippa
ted,and theiests of'theay meriettlement,n ng i
or Grove, Holland, Little Chteon .-pplton,.
"1co, dand New Frankle, in Churchesr were. -
ent o the Chplainets, of the Church o Noi-re
Damte, f ilwauookee ho preached an Inter
wastin 4coursen esan in thad afternoon,
and ather ase, of Oconto, in French in the la
evening. The first attesmapt tocetablish a Catho
SChustrpch thereows me in 1642. A chapel
was opensd in L Pointeroin 160, and Fath er
Claudorn one ofame to Greenw C lain the fall of
1668 derdicating a little bare chapel rfom-e
ben ... .
Diocxsx or Prrrzsuuo -ltk -4f Yer . ev.
,bky the ber-Very Rr., John Stiebel, Vicar.
General of this diocese, and pato of Stev. Mary's
Chnrch, Allegheny, died ala quarter to 2 o'clock
on the aftnd oonoeh ofthist e. ee
On the mornin of Saturday, the 16th inst., Iand
at the end of the Oece for the Dead, the idThe
Rev. Bishop celebrated~b Poftifical High M]ss
of Requi-"em. At the ;"e ofthe Mawill the Ri Gothtic
et. Bishop addid thes assembly i. Devefh.x,
A more glowing uttberd sad one moeqisibeereiy
and riint of this o , could not have thrtybeen
paid to Father tiebel's merits. In losing his
loved bass tat he lostuot only ne of the most
lt to hn e l less his diacest, but alsto dear
t devoted ftind. At times the Bshop'slbei
ings overpoweed him, at . the extent of his lto
forced itself filly upon Iim.-Cchaolic.
The Rev. N. Migntht,e Ins letterto the Ceto..
lic, dated Titusville, January 16, says: '
of the Broth. Brigets, Mother Houa, Ntavi
elate and-schools are in rinsn Thb Lilouing
- was 4feet-in lngth.~and had been cRns uderat
It the day before the oad calamity. rhie sad
catastrophe throws the whole community, or
S teans, itetc., into thestreet. a
DIoc OFre Cwere sero.- na Jan. 8 othf the
corner-stone of bothe newoo Catholic church, on
Sullivan's sland was laid, under the most flatem
tering of the opies. The eaonwas.) rformed
- by the. Very Anv. Dr. Bermingham, Vear +Gen
-mral of the diocese,' assisted by. Rev. Fathers
Quigley and Moere of'this city. Th inoces
A o n on or beautiful enn itssimplcit by thwork
men, in their orking attire, joining ii and
the usual manuscripts were deposited. - The
church is called after the Blessed Virgin, Stella
is-"Starh of the e;" it illbe a Gothic
tructure, for, "f eole design of J. H. Devereaux,
architect, of this city, and wl be thirtyfle ve
by sixty feet in dimensiop It will be ur
maounted by a spire 110 feet in height. We
-trst to be ble, at no distant day, to cwhonicle
eld eompetion and ddiout of the tax .
E.e-sisg of a (aMo uyl.-From the Chilton
mses we ltarn the peigtiolars of the burning
of the Brothers' Convent, near Calvary Station,
'wuald get oodta out of the tax jasysts."
corps diploma quo
p eeled ohouen'
whorl he resew
sub-dean, thiIof
centre of ore th
hte. rn 1,;eld .o
SThen, : as . u r g
following ages conaetra oe
the evtiierance of aolocrect|
Paul.n ehity -
Itheflh sti u n
*om t exils. Seeh ai the hsgtms a
. *Itakour entsp s f eo t thvo i
ten, but which, bed'b __ll tsat. - fthe y
true. i considerig the r t te o n
rope, in seeing so ma thrones e oon tasd,
s they beoieve tylt mdthratChio alo 0 to
w 'h ' te sl o
in bees is Y ice tos
-l,, of y on fall knowlede.. But
it is not senolent for us to invoke t sup
port; we must also merit it by the exercise of
the Christian virtues and notably of humility
and charity."
SAe Pope'i. AlocsUtos on the Spaslseh R.reoltion.
O Box, Dec. 25.-Yesteaday tni ePope
held a secret consistory, in whioa e Pro
Snounced oan allocation reftecting severely on
Sthe Spaneh revolution. The Hly Father.aed
a e hven from the tnrblen'o
minority, who, led on by cspators,
S an owd tl retbody of theSa
anI the nwio d hmdrove thire te gtome tora teri
d fromt the throne. He mispoke b erig to
it terms of the moderation nd love of it der
Wrhich characterised the Soanish people, said
Sdenounced the revolutionit va alikee be ors
of of anarchy and enemies of religion. Jehit
oerly complained of th nsults heapeit on
ie and venerable prod r of theh o -
by exhorting the Sacred College to raise iheir
prayers toHeaven to stop this torrent of. evil,
e d restre to Spain her sovereign and her re
or ome days ago the Holy Father . walked
ienthat poor men werbe trin. to make their
he 0d what wanted. They replied that
they wished bhas to give, them some work, to
Ssave them and their families lofsh starvation.
m- His Holiness directed them to attend next
e morning at the Capitol, wen they should be
ar- employed, and, returning to the Vatic
, senth the Mar a valetti, senator of
he ome, and complaine that the unicipality
LO- did not provide work for the poor. The Mar
l qui delared that the funds of the municip
tr were not adequate to this object, on which the
of Pope i him to nd what was practicable,
- savendt.h d n the defi cieny from his
privP y e i d ehei tood an age.
ev. The Roman correspondent of a Paris journal
ar reports the death at Rome of a celebrated
y's French priest, the Abbe Minetx. He was born
ck ia 1770 and was consequently ninety-eight
years of age. He was orned ati , e age of
t., twenty-one, specially for the Irish mission,,bt
At remained only two years in Ireland, and left
as Weford for Rome in 1794, where he remained
ht up to the time of his decease. During his life
h. time the Abbe was an ardent supporter of the
ly adoption of the Immaculate Conception as an
en artidle of faith.
hs es and thme Hol Bes.-In reply to certain
t ssiato npoo the Prpoope has declared his
wilingaess to admonish the priesthood in Po
land to acknowledge the existing government
tionally, provided the direction of the Catholic
ho. Church in that country is restored to thei Bish
ops and Holy See . C Thy negotiations which
i- conducted by M. Valuveff, the late Rusian
Ing Minister of Internal Affairs, who-has bren stay
ra g at Roe ethelast few weeks. To what ex
on tent Russlla will concede the condition with
lad whichthe Papal proposition-is clogged remains
or- to be seen, but the proposal in Itself lookse
very much like aoaymptom that the hope of
the ver witnessing-the resurrection of Poland is
on at last abandoned by the V atican.
A- The .Marquis of Bote, says the Westminster
nied dsetue, has jut been formally received into
On- wtheoCtholic Church by Mgr. Capel, at Nice.
The Scotch Catholic Directory states that
ke- thirteen priestse, including the Grey Friars,
k have been added to Scotland this last re
. t utallowanco must be made for otherinci rntal
Schanges, which only brings the total of
hit priests in North Britain to 209.
nx, Two English book were, after dueexamina-ce.
v tion, put upon athe Indei at oase recently.
air- One of, these is Mr. Renuonf's ".Condemnation
We of Pope Hoorinus" the other, Mr. Foulke's
o ee "Divisieon of Christendom."
The Rev. Father Brown, of Lancaster, BEng
land, died in that town on December 99th. He
ton had resided at Lancaster for man years, and-H
was conneeted with St. Peter's C erch there.
ng By a very large number of people-people be
longing t every aeotin of solety-r e was re
mpected, and his death will be much lamented.
O e It is intended to entrto the Catholc schooli
a at Wick, Cathe oneshire, otland, tom the order'
SMdoanas called "Fthful Companons of Jens."
en- A letter t vtome, in the Deletsyh
the The ording to a hiner on circulatione ter,
kas Pope ihs com unted thnm senotene ofd I
plo, An aesociation, with ramifications to
Christmas in Rome, If difterent in its eels
the tomed to tos far more tching to a Cartholi.
em- The oor moutaineers who come on this an
Ro Ean dr, and twentyd more oAbrasian
the medaival representation of the shepherds of
ow. Bethlehemt as it Is possibol to ewiththeir
Mhis r sheepk in dresses and an ips,
Atm- Rome, and so.are the beautifl "cribse" In
who almost every church. One ia Trastevere ls se
arraged s te Album muantains, meal
Corner otCamp ad Oraver streets. O
e n eption and Opeaag sooRar
Oppote tdhe ai S a. Seea4 aender Wah.
I-' .
a Al ermt al am. re Bless als ba .nti -
_ ara tae out snt4e ae and beranhB." wrINs
v en . e e m of tM e ea gne e i e a . o
1, OCmo0e, CAMte STREET.u
o adaanee, dlad peedt a asos .thd
4 W OLA GAWOB aO t obe g.'
rie, shft iorT, asdr ull perge all Fuagua ah i
iu Uboa sa Grewie ,o Casm Uslatgle
ialg Oeai the weE and EAR, and -all CoU*oIC
orCmplant c ored.3.t
t 0 ool mr-om v A. L· t Sit . r. toLadie' Raieptire
xY Beg lemve to, earto hbose in e4etthv leso the nyi
f Over np00 in the ty-rdaer of them threee year olde
Bean][ 1o Md lo' U C ecknr.ser. _.
Ta thee are neightofRAE ror" ROOFSat their trNow
Orlena G rk, and all perfecttly tight. Thea put
it up three year ag are paroently intact. D the
Sf late eaves oe a tru, when h est of aatesofs toe
the coh covered by Page r Co. Duringthe ast three
yearts pleoe es of thee Works have had some twenty
, - tese me, an. xwitet elO~mptin, -
speak f them ine the set tez btMreri ehare
1e o hthiaw Means d aha er be1ent .ea most
0n Iat eeo eabviw noe o t rhat a o n erhs alyt aSO
ltar to beomes t teaerIteo. -.
o U Lario al tmoIatiIg. O
in I fe&y coneur in 00 - rTsD
nnIT g. e tP , e a.ntai k u The.
- _tatand 1 v..lAe.a .e 1
moalheio value their ight, and wi to impre t.
or s bees o w i ALc sat tee s wilsd
In 11 i .............CAMP Mra ..te...........
Seg leave to offe to thoea in need ofeea, the
dt o uL os es, ter
na ranted to preerve the eye un red to extreme old
ka age. Their conatruclin." saya a celebrated writer on
9. .. 100 .... St. C]lm 98thoe ..9amd. 10
Of optica, "ain accordance with the philoeaphy of nature,
i, in the ferm oucavoeenvex minror," and .heir tranapa
renoy to a. perfect that the wearer eftn ,*pereeivehe
m baa them oen by thetmprovementin Iy td ,
The ~advantages of our improved DBrallian Pebble
nt Spectacles have 3en ed by te nPet sdcientiei
eof bth Europe and America, and apj ed aa the
Sbeet spectacle now known fl r the pra.ervatio' f the
at impaired visien.'
nl Sin Optlelaae. No. lttlap ake w
rder hea felt art the Me uSritae oe. Mesea. Zera
re. TEt aeP ase OL COGNAC will
,be aend t. the ta . q tut.ee. ar abar .
*jj, imperlimi Wheplaea DsaClermalkrelgmdm
aBeO2o . LEWIS,
Between dlees and Derbtgnl
New L
eeas Neee htof Pt. x.
usie, e_ ner x - ,oo. stre
_ s. ExsBTIuMS. 3
ter i t1 06Ca d
,a . Cna . . .2 o
R S- .
|ý1 No tom( a e leke. a _ OSt.
-I ER. m-is a fi I -
-  ,,i _-M ~-,-,,  - -- "
he 4 o5esi te asa ew (Mnesar o
N.. IU Wlrsineeiqleea Cmoe,
d' e I (Old) No. 11h l onn a.m.s, _
S- (aNext to ae C "·tare, rssair ua)
n fRdTH in aBq a a
to hIC-e " , -o ts,
__n of DENTIST, thIL bbe
S19I .........]Bronne ataree... ..........19
toowel hndred who teajylag the be.).
e an of aseal d !yoeohe roaDr.aera etedl to ll
- 1r TEPRS GO11 h DOLIiomhbmran asa moeim rme
Djatotctd cwir adtbae am
SDR. F. l. KN PP.
[C Haswremoved to 110 Canal steet, New Oda.,
19t--......... . _A L ST_ o T..m.emm m ..7u'
g o• e~t the - to S tot bh a in tehs_leraaoL op m
urnteo 'fn Ibtrw Char s ao dwa
Residence 11 3
_ 1 le l s Joorao 3'am . nlSb 1
17 ..............Canal E S. e...........1576
p S.........e. B arne street ...........1
AU b an. hsoif t e Lae s li.)
S ., Ins Dr. u o a A, nitered. js3 3m
A who de n ood operateons, r e urnble a a d beap
rIllor r for i operateots l use t
C.. alamblmr Thus are prthup byr as he ous
as Tira oeat. isan 3
11 - e.stdeoor to Ra paesa Confetiaerys nlt5'3m
east D AaBL Ps DE 0 A O pbRATIOrNS
o 15............CBANALax STREET..........i.
6 Nex No o -anlsrreet .
e0 3 o. eo ct 5 Col street,
_e Der Ly -- xW ON.TA..
Ca be e mutCaS' eL C t
o etBo.rbn. Dr. All will be assetd by.. Dr. PLOUGH,
JLr., andDr. COCURAND, both sklfllinthelDentalart.
tiful Artifal wort, will call a above. All the moot
pproed mans for pant operatin wll be usd.
PoeSei adrl teeth iasrtdthe -m dy their teeth
LO(- arc extooted, will please call before 10 A. ni 3m
sW~d et tbam Cms ndot ar elm
- slmhiam . rubber and silver, 'with without g
lag the rootoabynew 'paeesas. Atli ageetse en
1 - ' .t .
..6 4 street .......... 0
ls are of the Latest.
S_ -n and Ladie. esd:h m
ý ArtMuae Flowers, Laone, Eta.
. h z. ........c¶,anO es....... ...1 9
e.......at ........... 1.
a edo t e Herte Oet teanse
` 1 a3cU oeas5 pai. 1e00 D. iuasa.
- OHHiS0NSO - .L,
13, 10S, sad 1197 Magas ie. stroewO
The ierlotes of Mr. HFl RAY, soweo amd _ý_ ýste
khmown n thtrol e.bLip s s e. db
R5ges, btlhla e.-ble ..'..'s d90.,.
a LwCOFFINS r an an
n Order
-.D RU 'N.l3ILDEAETS t, dbER"
Cl Otnlh"a n.hOs eWelet n a d
il7 i oay a Patnate es lorCB nd CASETn
el a Coleand rd tea ter o basa.y Wat  ade
As-. of , shri Cauai, to ie. smhi 1y
Nr. ne TbApitods set, betw een FrntsiSec.
5ms.s and CassSte for hird.
Ftmtbe atnded .t in presn. by the preplteri anad
ees, by soat on atldes. to obtain a re o
35 andEIr n Ylds set Adand 273. end 17 hultr , g
Carriages, Bugis, eta.. to Hsr. 'Metalli CASES of
alwao oand.THOS. COeDON, eS d
g ! All orders inte bllla o L ie toa. ly d
I- 1 ....... W tam Strset o... a . D 118r
Plrderesin wntef ietdicOFFlnS would dowreiedby
ol Gllier W.& tWebrook, rsitectbme and eramldnnr
A76 nay orsPatent fn e CA and CAE Kno
forthat the sb erhber doe nSot enWaouranted the o Indene
operauctibleon knowd ai tgtanfor besauty of finish er cannot
of Coffns alwalo ysa oand. Waa btO arTye
wyCorner St. Andrew aend Fulten etreets Forh Dicth.
COFFINS ol descriptions tsty
n atordser psmortb atdrete trina o .whe o.et
nor llm to ham.ketr ded to.
eo Betweena C Justers ad St. Josephand.
L7 All worders in the Building Line taklly reemved
n and immediUately atten-o.-
Rs to-W d E , , of OaF latI firmF
of .....lier & Etrb. , e itctr ......d Builders....
Agents and owners ofropert se e notice
that the subscriber does not encourage the confidence
operation known among, meob s "what per cent.
win Yllst gie elrs l =get yo t JebJ! Of coar the
- agt or owr pe.. ir ei suck little trifles wheen set
llng up. eth not ask an will nMt give ay per
oreege en work entrusted to him. o
nor aso ··m A. LEO.
earcon..ud .Cistern always on hand... desk.
T.r D .ATUM[AN, -
.127 OMC O~B ~a OD~ S~IL~

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