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The morning star and Catholic messenger. [volume] (New Orleans [La.]) 1868-1881, January 31, 1869, Morning, Image 7

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ethe lavo h eat hlavinY
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a,r  nt"hir tolte earesst o
S se a o imlc ' trel tro
t- _o ý e b it to do th,, or is it by experi
ene P Now, 8 kharlfe Bell" wa one ow the l
- estioable. '2 .
a ofo too n~~t i ecelen-.rd oo t
w ewith nthi oo i bat
e i of Cribe" roo " la e root, had l
SiaThe ornorm i. Iteo was en
th~ edstre i e h. an sne salaer .hseo he
.. _ stoe were onstantly -ayer in0 po
wtho stead ina towardins the pk of
ofhathe hwanitdowh wtre s all doresy pre
si fet oihthntamd the same done or
. sqsi.hua. pwr er smiagitr s th into tC e
teirm theroon,.s them tothe urft~e ofve
e wae bor. o f the mstraee, ~i ltywi
aw to and quite a w d he6sa s .ntabo 1s
ifbeneath it, The fors ane cod ra e
teol French oofare always ch of lht re
sixfeetd Athe sirtae of t the tseor ders
lastic enapleittowe do A in itsymo7thit w
e e; No, SirtChaelt es ll wasone o th be
set obrrsd and ea gie. to the tpostorthy ,m
-iantrdl. O tsse isg fo ata the au riorty int
oisii aabl , s
had o~eeion tlsitne theid-yTs of logt
cttellhedof the wteard rooe
ne," Now, in Ca wbrewas on o the
robert M.,:eatet .s
sre ry obs hev a. the mUostOtust ,o
Sowith this rof, aud thoeit
r aiN the inqentioniofnael
hadctcasd Froenh architect of the name of Frau.
colaMarwl who wre lwrin Priesin t156 w o h
ofIt has ouuone .als-not toa since. dro E
orally one stdiry, but occlohaliy of two or
threesto ries iegt. Inthe latercasethe
- aupper stories were constantlyloser in proa."
portion aending towards the pea ofe tre
roo y and thiin iron wreismell dormer,, not
titol better thab "oopfholee, meant for anb
glrmmeringf light in, ad the ventilation of "
I has caesdereone ..man odflcf The sine. t
toyheo te roof, that is the ohrt w asog n ave
teallsya bodn oafsthe ttoas , was alwaos a
iual sItorand niteiasde.sirable a thoe im.th i
uinStelr benesth it. The form and construe- .
asp to ecure r pltmb or prpendicular w p
rithin the ronom, owith a very tfkl lo e of
spoaeas theclnationwfsom a vertical lirne, in
the tie altitndeof an thr ,vent sar ol .
etettary the thines the drl-o
.as maintbody stye of Mansard roof has been aw
improved and muodieed ato the point of ci- I
·intea Deat fi T he origina ide
of a~riitlal o tlp withsborontal i
c teilings cd sthie am roo is now
foimsi the moats, with aighey trflnhed aoss-o
tpede, etc. in clmnatlolnr aindo s oVa land
eom stimce rounatditheualimio loep-beles for 1
a eeisdertle heght, skes usuafly thmefael r
atrwe o the Pisianmdnard roof ha ben.
i3 a gueat arctters tadweatherin-xe Bal
ecoo hofpee afeeatnioeds a seldom
iateataallyi _ roofsrby the oriinal. This,
ceilin gaiseat and indistensaobl
Lf egetas~arr5in a hretharto theaterla
lstreo the 014.wiCh uig 1 Mrd alus
msicet w.s smrs to winil a his ab
requesing of all present, tor cie, ,t se
-eornmet. fee-tiS ceavem th'e matr'
bout a ort t before hsdatlh he ar
fuohaim Mad a lagow
The children in aemplnee were aeIrihng,
wn taking his dguteutrs wealthal eat "thbree
h.sles for ,"whee amentoned,.re seldom
ways e rr o tof foblyl tihe d th pay a
t to robert iatei t and indin. at Lbek,
an while on the rsra bothr to thel
Fher Wa g asrrvouly d felt by aatne
other la rather than any; to do
. jam.. 1 s r;
s Ot in
The masn who * w ?.hbe
n umsa-sdowitha utam. u " a b o rl..,
• ami..a... ..
m'under.head ofone
headed ;s een ak a jokeths :ore i easily,
.bseaet aint ateable mf getting
"ceo n de 'bween°' High:
rCtbrd, Bo a.nd ` rm  One  ef
in AermaIa'BIns ir tookora his mott6,"Bet- ;r
torplease one gaet"e 'theaa crowd of bad aI.
n mt. Louis has bored 3500 feet without dhditlg e
ll, At a dinner, given not manymiles freearWest
at Hartford, Conn., a farmer havingbeen asked e
for atoeast, gave, "My own iwife.andaingly? s
le Mr:-.ump, being long in rrears, complained or
) You benad better settle forthe coffee," said the am
its landldy,' adhen complain."
Isp -;. A reistln f intelleet i, s ir red dn the a
a d suru ewar S ansl lroadsa J annent Le
thhrmeM. a asgart nan, bin .even Ahe Il
#I~ina~ssreat e~Un of sigaalobjlity. :
It A wMaow nee said to her dagh er, "Wheno
to Ie atnoe agen it will be. tmae enough to pe
to the thhghtful beauty, "for a second time."
are month. .
on A drunken lma. said Lo Judge Led- fe
i_ with, of New Yo, the other day "Your honor '
the I'm a nobleman in di ." e I perceive 11n4
Ai,"y s" h aid Simon, "what does a young o
his fellow look like when gallauting his sweet- t
lob heart through a shower?" "Wy," replied
sof Ephralm, looking quite sober, "he has very a
much the-appearance of a rain beau.
-At.4acse not long since an old lady
are-p . f-ven rz "t itf'1 h9lbi e~ sthe
nd by bet stater, espond and blandly asksd
oel- who was  o pray for " th old ewes:. i
a- A. coxcomb, talking of the transmigration of if
. souls, said, "In the time f Moses I have no a
ice. doubt I was the golden calf." "Very likely," ii
Sreplied a lady, "time has robbed you of noth- 14
or ug but the gilding." r
A wife in ari 'Franoeco lately put a petition I
for divorce in the court, on the ground that her I
ot husband w'as a "confounded fool" The court t
r a wouldn't admit the plea, because almost every
of marled ma would be liable to the same impu
wYr tation. - .
ove "John, ean you tell me thedierence between
rays attraction of g}avitation attraction of co- I
im- hbeeonP e ," sir, paid 6n ; "attraction
r- of grvitation plls drunken man to the
inch ground, and the attraction of cohesion pre
wall ventshis getting up again." ""
a-of ' ar go~m; to leave me in your
in h'wt t ".l .Sb a wme .do: " en" 4ru
i wi'd, st" aired, odnd tend of amther. I'l
ply leave you my entire stock of impudence, Tom."
" Noa no; that whald be unjust to your hairs,
p0en as it would eompri by r the largest prtion
`' of your estate''"
-A cockney in Parllamstwas rsadigan baly.
Idea written document, when after vainly fryinn to
ntal decipher sa obsople :leter,he -trner4 . -l.
neart -i tsalatnd asked, " s that odmns.
or or.lienl "Oh,"repl.ed, his neighbor "cfll
- it a he, and move that it lay oi the tabre.h
"and "Are . fo. of Hog's Tales'?" aked i city
for lady ofi"er contry cousin. ""Yeh, -like them
otit salt on them," was the response.
a' mean bve you read Hog Tales
. "o, our hogs are all white or black I don't:
Sthink there's ia red one among them."
Ba - Two gentlemen, noted or thesir:foudness of
exaggeratlon, were stating how they fared :.
the dierent htels. One observed -tan.
able hisliotel q had tea so strongIt was neeeisry
It inoan y "At m
Sthe other; "it is.lsmds .'waiol .t 1
strength run outM of s th
lat . Mudd. vo " I •hav ef ura the 1s41;
Srh edler hlya .
t t~lreag or dtes as orto .
____ t'wiohepe non w iblw.
Onw- o to, "avrm you o , mmm- "'I gness
eof A 1 gy a on in one of our yo
nllwthe ohes ot th setthr
thire , o a vingl6 one or two suits
wtthe h rit to e on el med db "Wthe honor '
'of w,, to,,y "-inen ,- ut that sortof
piyo tt.o hoyrueits isimpera tie
Ioe ofd' A tion, tin oe bofur -young
'seminaries, theothe rhe day, _cthe ues-io
bm'a h eus.5rehlr ~l~ n ~romt
n ia' ma sS bo tbnnto "_
onrh losthe
oved than to E hstt; f fhe oaoa gs
such sboew M ooking
4 on rost. o if smine alet by
Ihad--them be as tendt as~ elden.
Soating thae ne l bing ' eat, in eookingrved
S.houtton, iad the son aa is l t boi l thmoned
than to roast it; llat p ed the manneros sh s
e asrihed abonryod thfe lglet ulutton will equal -
the roast. InpI ngeat for miaoe pieos .t
e mstid'be T ao-ev
l up ard-the ill w bas tendr all chiost. ken.
,The most cot-,dish tbhrughont France is
plainly boilede et bee f,epd which the sopis
ess of theasit in sr th lhdbasbeen partly
~ ta iold t, out, and seorvugh toed
separately with potatoes and gravy -which i i14
st from the soup. The mTret is set into the i -
auloy s and bhasted with -itgiith e dihalf an
r hor, and then onup in led down our seasoned
b with carrots or cabbage, end a heliciona dish is
sred, they will soon tively small cost..
f, terior pieces- et Lecan be prepared in this
~ manner,and osses all therichum srande- ect
nes of the nicest pieces. If the wster boils
ittle hsalt. r in n old water, bt not enough to
stop it boiling entirely. There ntil tome diken
s velty itend perding erantof the desirable
g nes of this style of coolking, but by visiting
the kitchen once in half an oar we koep up
ad some rboiling poiedt, and if we are deter
SmDish the his , take ouilng shonalon;be adopt
d, they ill soon acqu ltheiese. n
ey Os. -utte.-- e-t e into gtood
d little pein old e wash adeo h them wer
it. Letit simmer over the re until the hken
Wh is very tender, and the water an in to mmered
io alimot eway; othemia turn a le onfoup omy
," in slittlewater, stir thilwith the gsalvy and a
;- let it stew witth the ohl en ten minutes. Have
ready some: riee boiled and formed in unps.
 Dish the chicken; takeoUot the onion; trn the
vys .tl chiclkenb in, and laynthe rice around
or tetr th e t
ey l~ef seee o cTs.-Ct the chicken into
n1- good shaped pieces; wash and dry them wells
eatinto a deep, yinga-pan haet a pound of
en utte -atnd-ipunt over the ir untilitmelts.
o- While It is quite hot lay the chicken In to fty
>n alittle on both sides; then tarn in socup of
be boiling water, with a little flour salt aend
,elepr cover it tgshtly, anmdsod iier over
.&e-st if Colibet.-Thngl sometimes small ,
, evils, like invisible insects, inflict p , and a
Sig.le hair may stop a 'vst machine, yet the
n chief scret of comfort es in a 'not suffering
ty ' a "r
m .N I O-Ni S.TA'UBiL.RS  -
"* '10......C. sa Stre oS . .... . |
liesrrasa withthe
- A Taes". ke u · Is·'a.el._ . -
s ni.orsdantla Mt "b,heyca
9 tu .pt 1.,,
ug - a.; ssepjI~mmisd S
3LLIOTT, u·~'?'i;.
h· P071 '*T~
Na l~_P yllllfb~~j~i~ Ir
. ..s  "a n,' i al. ,4 ' .
M esoe__s ;
r, *
. .. : 1. p ,
AS . 7.w `` '. A m ,. ,,_o.,. I
E. ae -a o.,
* Importleer adr wholesa sad et De.Rat s
at PETS, MATS, OIL THe' s,
1 I aca cudPlaraxs e ear ImatI-o.
S NEW oo B o '
S decriptoe , o a mi ae I
1 . s, 9, sad asp eee,
i i p.te or; and Wel Ad l etlle..o ale. i ,
a d Na ne or saon, MAT o.U kd. I
U pholters, upns, atnegelt A sr .ai * Saing, t.
E' C... ,. -. t ofhe o.,v G
]l CARP ETStage T OLOL de fo,
ei, . , W... Coal.. T Stove,. "dr a s
....,......... . a,-. -i----......-...... - i
olstery, wihll ng Gds, S tan tr Satein, e t.
t' RafTc S, Harantd WaR, N
n ICAE S.TMG pOes. aT"h st Soea s e de *aPinte
ethe be a. :The ov e ' mae vrhaavo,
sa larend B he astdPman of Wie tise sawsbizg orulny
an t m.oen m eitwelya i Mean iag*n. G i
g Cl sod exa Min BB ou r stack.
-to lo. int. Delaa steet. only ne bl k to old
tfrf a io s. Terms"-"Cad. Ors
-13..........C t52. it..........A S m.i
t 'er . , 1PE Cats Va ttom 46 s
rum" I 1 ? .
c asl u·ic D d llbFlt
Sral~'~ C~r~c~e·~raL r ·
w .•. . :;3sr.. -.
- , D O " . ". ;P:IT .',- .:E
We haosuwndea .head ep '~ p.t
ldse IS elastb abs send a * Ma yb i.dý e. been
-LA!OO,,: .. . ,_ .r
. m b o , ... .... . t of_"
d: B r/l; books arei A 'fio re"rIbost h
mar.msek pape r a . o -i
ae a srte. as is A.isil thsam iae.
b, ksmad. -t lai., paper. t . . ;?3
mar• t'a"i' L I oI -. '.'"
--W~.- mGOLD S-s -
Lipd , ,t- P-. e psle ,
w e ,at .lesh I-oaG ma, s '' . .s.at . :
e Lr.ds, Ae.so aoe iie u et 1
seao adly w ar .east '"t
M d;snoilthormu pattlar `eter s a 4e pokt
-a.w, eiheck o keas, a  .r a . dL h
ase. pio;., ~-. i. .
Isi Blcbnut, Ytes, D fis . ams. edlas
-tboap... - .._
W oSi ast e l -
We dairdl srty wit the Va.sows ea. ` ed Us
primsa ...low.n th se t . dm ......
.In tf South:," Cotooers wfl H , ! .
oks, ' 0 a 18t
10 . candal stree . Da .
5W` O5 L rr LAB.,
Law Medical, acd Falan ooda, School and J enile
Books. d90 30
W. . Sa. WdOLD,
Albu....ms.... and .....ancy Goods of teet....... ...6lwa o
hand dl e
66 Ca. Clamp Storert ......oo . 6
NOW Orleans.
Books and Bankrupt Blanks.,
for hi5 e a a sseOalOtosk.idljOL BOOED
n alprvte btys t lC Pub wat ,
..dsB M . Crucifiesa sad > 21el gtoes I
avtore.. General Agent fr all Catholio Newpaperes ana
Mo- Cror msr . aB e65pd
*AL .ILIP aNT! Y, -
tN Jepepiie treet, next doer to StL ma's
Seen handras l stýhock of Cahtblo Prayer
BBlbbe Lhes of lllsweastoalos, CGntroersal,
ts bDYel work. ALo BrevirlaEs Atr can.
RE aspedCes alrasa see.hseant I so d AlMhi
BE Cr .....No.s aterls Steau ss .and 1pees=
rest religion. oturo. Also only powm Ws= disfoea
old Blue Cel, mufos, attb lowertprlie.
hold " Pictures framed sn ad. m o dto
a., Also, CGmuitaorloworsies for sale, 85-he
S 0.CLARK'S J. N. T.
ads, - Universally approved by the princpalpslewisg]tdhln
Companles em being the BZST for the SewIngILMsas.
i. sed far ead sewlug hasas equsL
Hu ssay numbsr oa thisSpoao Caoksa. t zd cord to No.
beli., useot atAi uaifrm as gib, wki'ra.o
e I and asis Asm, 3ssdsý t rw Tlee
he 3Siff-3 f eu A aimQeua
1Lo Y~Q~r ·urrr rIurl *1

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