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The morning star and Catholic messenger. [volume] (New Orleans [La.]) 1868-1881, January 31, 1869, Morning, Image 8

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EW In JA Y 31. young wo
(Continued First Pae.) and propos
her sassy tongue, an' en to blarneyi' her wealthy,
ould father."
Honorlia kept her face in the light, but whileshe
took tihe key that was pee her hand. Sht came baeb
did not quickly raise her hea somein othoer. B
telling her (and these- presentiits dosi
sometimes) that it would be long she shouldissolve
be fondled so again. Never she felt a dissoluble
child's love so strong in her heart as t then.
She had almost let her tears flow, an toldhim
all, but that was only the mad impulse a mo- t
ment, and was jostled aside by the net ic evil, whic
coming thought. There was a bitter et source of
in her heart, love pitted against lovt the
venting its useless passion upon unflichi they
purpose. A fight that coul y end one wa it down i
when all the combata are exhausted. She d it m
t on the floor so g with bowed head, that
Michael thou e slept.
haDon't t herou sethore," he said kindly, pro re
" I'm y to go too, an'it's time for bed."
onoria obeyed, but stopped him as he left Ohi
the kitchen.
"eFather, have you any objection to my goin' stato
over to-morrow to my aunt Peggy's I I can see for p
Willie there, an' give him the papers." Church
"Not a bit, not a bit; go this minitif youn ate
like; for fear them same papers might bur
your fingers," and laughing his pleased laugh d at
again, old Michael Deane closed his door. be the
I wonder if the winter is so beautiful in every religi
other highland as it is in our lone, lone Coune
maral Mingalar people that we rae snfsring
cannot crm-l out of us the admiration of our
mother nature, even in her most terrible aspect.
Whether she comes robed in ermine, ice.-rown-. LA
edflury-eyed, and relentless, to torment us rwith a m
pinchin cold, or like Niobe, watilin, with tears,
for the pains of her children; still, there is cident
beauty in her mien, and, in sorrow, in privation, son of
we worship it. on boax
Honoria worshipped in spirit as she went
along her wet way that January morning, hold- their t
ing the hood of her red cloak firmly under her HAvt
chin. It was one of thoe ays common to our mnde
hi-hlande, which I always aesociate with acer- m
ain human nmood, when fatigue, more of spirit urng
than frame, has blanched the face, and deaden- he was
ed and darkened the eyes, and fettered the will ise t
with a heavy langour. Nature sat pale with pro
mist, still and passive, unshed tears dimming neceisi
her eyes, aund a host of muttered complainngs ne t
atifled in her breast. The moors lay waiting, Lst
waiting for the judgment day, as ever, with C
folded hauds in silence, while the years andcerools
centuries roll on, and turn up other lands rith Thcsp
their golden wheels, laying bare treasure to the from t
world. Have these moores had any talent given Mw
them, antdwhere have they hidden itt r u
Honoria liked this day. Its drer quiet suit- take
ed her better than sunshine. She paused on The o
p the brow of the hill, and looked afar, afar. hnate
h East, west, south, north, which way aid the have 1
mighty world lie? Fc r Honorla was feeling a Pr
o vague yearning to leave Lettergeseh aod h r badly
youth behind, with their past joy, and present hold
pain, and seekout that great world, of* whose
existence she knew, but of whose strife and were
surge she had never even heard the faint echo- Galla
J ugs. The outer world Where? So isolated a Fr,
are we of the wilds, sohemmed inby mountain, passe
cloud ad breaker, that we can scarcely at o:
times believe in the existence of any other kno
world than that of mist and heather, and weird Thy
legend :arontd us, except it be that of star and Gur
u,." angel, and sonl ustaining promise above . 000 e
heads. DC
(Concluded next week.) Pt
iwoers Ad I Im o53r, t aul
Among the proceedings of our Legislature. blett
In n the 26th inst., we ans the blouwmg tug: cesi
The Judiciary Committee reported unfavora- Guys
bhly on bill relative to divorces. This bill pro- miss
poses to reduce-from twelve months to three
as the time to elapse for divorcesto take effec t her
after judgment from separation from bedand th
board. t
t The magnitude of the injury resulting from the
Sthe ease with which divorces are obtained, is the
S attracting attention even from secular ournals. te
h The very foundations of society are threatened ben
or unless a check be found to stop this overwhelm- pn
l ing evil. Protestants arebecoming alarmed at ml
results which are inherent in their system. att
th Where, as in some States, the law requires cer- ea
e tarin observances in performing the rites of. pre
marriage, as matter of precaution, the o test- a
S ant celebrants very generally disreg ihem, p
a and thus throw olpn a wide opportunity for up
an abuse. A writer in the New YorkEsesi m -Yost eo
lit -Thatbut little over 60 per cent. of the mar- th
at riages solemnized by clergymen of this city are p
reported by them to the lroper Bureau forre- of
b istration, although this is positively required th
lif y a lawof the State. The writer of the letter us
an states, as the result of personal examination in tl
lie this matter, that the clergy of the Roman Ca-m
sh * tholic Church are not delinquent in this matter, gi
go but that they are careful to comply with the s
sl law, and, in that and every other way, to pro- 0
sal tect the marriage ceremony from the abuses T
which have so injurions an effect upon society It
Sat large, and the domestic happiness of its in- h
o f dividuai members.
Je w The New York Timeas comments on this state
tell of things :t
fro- We have taken occasion more than once to o
cesure the conduct of very many of the clergy
i s in this matter, and to say-what we believe to C
);re be perfectly true, that they are largely respon- a
ra sibvo for a great increasein the numberof t
r divorces, againet which they raie o dreadfl
lan an outcry, as well as for the maoch greater t
wrongs nd miseries ot ur social lire. prc
tice and in fact they attach no sort of import
aces to the peroemaisee of-the marriage care
monny. They regsrd It either ys a mere form,
with the mean[ng and merits of which they
Dr. have nothing to do, or as slbt of pleasantry in
of i which they may safely and Innocently indulge.
of i 'We have cited cases I a whichel egymiS_ have
themselves snpposing the cermIontobe o_
A jug more, and being led to that belie by the
Heoc rule we believe, clergymen, am a l rass _mp
troll ---1 ppayt .... ... to how t
lv wthou raquiring soy evidenoe to.howtiit
S they re fee to enter Into sch relations, and
_hus that there is no good and valld reason against
uiirE their doing so.
A As this ceremony is so lightly regarded by
th l is Protestanti, it cannot be wondered at that di
vorces are sought for on the most frlvoloIspre
it texts. Legislatures following the popular ten
C'lmu deumc. have paideiied to the prevalent taste,
t.P " and am a conseque the" institutiln"ofmar.
dclal riage is iu a inure oontemptible attitude than
ayuy other "contract." Looking at it in the
-the 1 lowest po,int of view, as a civil obligation, par
ties to it are freed from their responsibilities
It i with an ease and indiffereoce which could
their hardly hold in the most trivial affairs of lilfe
lere is a case, hiich is only one out of many,
which might be cited. A young man maried a - 7e bt
young women, and after.living with her some
time, concluded that he d-n made, a mistake, The pub
and proposed to make another marriage. Being weeks the
wealthy, he sent his wife off on a visit, and and sunan.
while she was gone obtahied a divorce. he rooting th
came back only to And him t husband of an- residence
other. wnikisthera which a tie evidences
is dissolved that d h as. What are
dissoluble. the mind
Protes the more reflecting porto of were our
th , at least-are becoming alarmedl mt the
evil, which they acknowledge to be the prolific to be
source .of poverty, tain, wrong sand degradation. were
But they cry out in vain. They have dragged r ttle
it down from its high position as Salcrament, theyout
d it must be restored, withthe Church which of the
no can rightfully administer it, before the achieved
pro remedy can be found. Well may the There, t
Chi Adv.aos exclaim: cities-s
Oh, the Protestat people of the United Sint is
State o are in a great masure answerable dPaul;
for li nion would imitate the Roui tose me
Chorch inhis aregard apd throw around the er
Chmarriage r Tn all te holy reverence which to-e-ver
God intended gr it, with all hsr ss for its a- rhow
Sred ad inviola d e observance, and let death nwdf i
b Te only ep tion from as unona ththold wod i
be careflly soug pye entered, and thd t
Srellgiousl> main o I
NW mpg > spa, learning
j LoNDoN, Jn. 96. The mer Periore from man, w,
Havre lth, for New Yor, rseturned badly can be
i damsged. ixponre p ns weree killed by the - how
cident, the :pnature of whloh's unknown. A giveo w
°son of Dr. Green, of Louisvlletk y., wo owas eied
t on board, is unhurt. " - den orall;
PARIs, Jan. 26.-Parang dvicesu ydenyn
er their total defeat at Valleta. O can ca
SHAVANA Jan. 25.--The Amfercada thetll n ne I
manded t'he body of Cohner, an American tisit
h whotogrphr, who was killed by thevolunteers Cto
t during the recent riot. He also asked Dul if Loch
n- he was able to protect American citizens, other- cold
wise the United States would be compelled to thorug
tprotect them. Dale answering, regretted the denr o
g necessity for bloodshed, andrequested the Con-, will p
Amesul to furnish a list of Americans. priests
e Last night passed off quietl i
t ,,ored r thselvo to, ean At_ Te Porte, in a order
ed crcular denies that !nrkey is heavily arming. ecciesi
t h The Sla confidently expects peace to result our i
he from the conference. highc
ran MADRID, Jan. 6.-The Governor of Burgos, B'i
was assassinated yesterday when attemptingto cannO
take an inventory of goods in the cathedral. magni
on The excitement is intense; the eople generally a ee
ar.sustain the Government, and many arrests that
have been made.the
PARIS, Jan. 27.-The Paragnayans, thogh withi
badly defeated at Valleta, still holdthe strong- in ev
ent hold of Angostura. ma
o-e LONDON, Jan. 27.-No first class pabmengers with
and were injured by the Periere accident. Mr. funct
Gallagher4 Catholic Priest. Mr. Foulquier, ality
ited a Frenc n, Mr. Falconberg, second class attrii
a, passengers, and three ofthe crew were killed. g t
rat LoNuo, Jan. 27.-Trnest Jones, a well We
th known Radical politician, is dead. had i
cird The Directors of the Bank of Overend, days
and Gurney & Co. have been held for trial in £'20,- pries
our 000 each, • ia
DiULIN, Jan. 27.-A meeting of influential brI
citizens was held to-day, to urge the Govern- hour
ment to pardon the conviceod FenaNns.
Nnw Yona, Jan. .2.--Frequent earthquakes re
one in Guatarn be reprted. is probabs lref Jdb
in br°no e e as o o hRc
ibetweý n sor a anon f unsuc
cessfhl attempt was made to poison President to 10
rora- Guyman, ofNicaragu. Nothing from Cushing's Ca.
mission. e
rt Kt YWoro, Jan. 27.-Many refugees arrived
iffct hero this moring from Havana, and it is stated0
`and that more are coming. f n
H-~iAVh NA, Jan. 25.- cey Wrt.--A reign of
from terror has commenced in this city, caused by of t'
the breaking out of open hostilities between or
ed, Is the Cuban and Spanish factions wahose hatred pat
rnals. to each other cannot be descried. There is eat
tned very little security outside the ity walls. Cu- ed
bans from house tops fire upon the volunteers
'helm- pid soldiers passing through the streets. The con
nedat military enter houses from which shots have by
tem. been fired and massacre the inmates. The an
attack made by the volunteers upon the Loauvre wh
a cer- cofBelhouse is denounced as brntal and un- wo
tee of. provoked. On the same night the volunteers the
test- shouted-" kill Dule." because meaaures-were in
adopted to stop their exceases Many private o'c
persons, cltzeisns ardforeignenr have been Bfired wi
ty for uponhdifferent parts of the city. The Gov
s Po ernment will make special efforts to protect re
American citizens.
HAvANA, Jan. 27.-The Dicurio reports, upon o
Smar- the authority of official dispatches, that n
ity re Palms, arina, Cabre,and other towns, are full M.
or- of fugitives. Three thousand have presented de
inlred themselves to the authorities to receive am- iti
e lettsr nasty. Baracos and several other chiefs gve
tion in themselves up and were pardoned. ther di
an Ca- accounts from the interior received through cl
matter, Spanish channels, represent the insurgents as
rith the srrendering atmanypoints, but in the vicinity bi
topro of Santiago the rebel continue very active. cl
abuses They carry of slaves sad herrass the troops. hi
society it is reported that they have destroyed by ire w
its in-half a desen large plantations near the town. a
pums, Jan. 6.--American Minister Dx, at a n
Dis state pblic dinner said the camse of Greece was
identical withithe cause of liberty throughout tl
the world. He assured Greece of the sympathy a
nce to of America. -
Is clergy LoNDON, Jan. 26.-It is believed that the
lieve to Greek adherence to the conference will contain *
respon- a reservation whieh will protract the Turkish
nber of trouble.
dreadful MADRID, Jan. 58.-The Government claims
greater the libraries, .works of art, ad archives po
Iprac- sensed by churches. . a
import- The enforoement of this claim led to theas
o essasnatlef of the Governor of Burges The b
ireform, dea and chaplain of the cathedral have been
antr In The Governieat has withdrawn the diplo
indge. matte chareater from the Pope's Nuncio at
n Mnhave Mdrid.
partimes MiDmD, Jan. 09--The Provisional Govern
be aott- mentyesterday ibsed a transaquliing sddresto
af by the the nation, dschliniogto takactive stepsagaln
ar geieal the reaction, bntdearl ng thatthey watched it
-, a ' narronwly, and will .om .t it ifnesa ry- Al
religions questions they leave to the Cort.. .
A petition for a decree of freedom to all slave
ch|dren bern after Sept. 1868, wam referred by
a against the Government to the Cortes. Envoys here
test aainst the treatment of the Papal
ardd byr LunOio. The BishopofBurgos has. beenarest
ed. The insurgents of Porto Rico have bca|
t that di- amnestied.
Molorpro- MADRID, Jan. 9.--It is stated that the mem
pulaten- bers of the Provisional Government arcunanui
out tate, monsly in favor of Montpensier for the throne.
S erman, at a public dinner at Athens, pledged
tedethan the cordial sympathy of his Government in sn
it In the ticipated troubles.
AThENS, Jan. 29.--Prime Minister Bulgaries
Stion, par- has resigned. Nothing is known regarding the
insiblitie King's iutentiou in relation to the conference.
ich ould BriY', Jan, '29.--The .Prumian Deputies
have alsded a bill confiscating the property of
air oflife the Kltng of Hanover. The propOSal to indict
Li of many, hix'of high treason was rejected.
liar the Morning Star and CatheolcMeswengw*l ISCELI
THE g"3OD. ·MY
The publi are aware that during the past A
weeks the city of New Orleans was visite by
an unusual number of clergymen. Morning 16..
and afternoon these gentlemen were seen di
recting their steps, owards the  cfeatuoras l W,
residene--all bearing on their features te To
evidences of srious oeeupation. This often
l-whntih-a e- wheat kosw doingng at the e.
What are those -a4ty thoughts th~attres d streaet. when
the minds of. thiso8clesiastical body There
Swere our city ret, so loved, se deserve ine, so o
familiar; and therewere strangeV ses-aP- e t ITYOp a
n the outer missions-men whose sinewy tre Oeve
nwere eherbl warriors, with the marks oef TseI res
battle t deep in their intelleual faes; and
aD ter h came men of evd ago, down to a
Sthe youtht nest just m aeudto the army C4NS
Sof the Lord d Pantinga in for esus In pr
Christ other itu t ety, like to those t
achieved by ther C brot hers f the field.
SThere, too, were me of religions commn
ait es--oldiers under tli standardbeare 8.
d aint I us, Saint Liu, Staint Vince
is de Paul; and there were thea hr ular cle g- Dealer in
k those meof active energy--t4h eof the great w m
SOrder of St. Peter, whose semifcat on extend
re to-every ity and hamletrthat stalwoitth body, a
a- whose members ae abroad ever the orld, is .
n enfroutingaevty speeies of danger, meetg -
Id sword in hand, may enemy of soiety and E
id God. What a noble sta e See them eoter Rh
the or o h i w- est
Intuene-e-what -whatdevotedes-w t Iiin
learning-what knowledge of the world-what
experience, moreover, of that interior life of 'Tis x
m man, whieh has in it more of sac's rel t than FCTIO
Scan be studied from the exterior-in a word, tnt,
rc how many great qualities there, combine to FountaIn
A give weight and intereast to that aem bly! Waters.
Well, it is a od. It is a -body ofpriets . LT1
united under their Bishop. And this acconts
y for all; for under the sun what bod of men ee
can come togethet and bring with them half gr
do- the learning or half the other great character- chambers
-an istie that ennoble the riesthoodof the Roman he Pa
er Catholic Church t hnd
if Looking on that assembly of last week, wea
me- could not help giving wider range to ourwa
1 to thought., and skirngewits mu'at be thegran- Thepr
the deur of Rom thisear, when her M wtori we
on-, will press within them not only thousands of . EN, h
priests gathered froPm. the ends of earth, but CENT r
the Bishops and Patriarchs of the world, every Inpro
in a order of intellectual eminence, every grade of aloon Ii
ecclesiastical dinity that make up andadorn tatien
ut our llustrious hierarhy, and represent the wo
highost interest. of every people on the globe! Mana
S But; for the few words we ye to may, we .U bel
gto cannot indulge our thonghts on the coming
Iral. magnificence of the Genera Council. We have p
lly a meet maificence at home with us. Would propri
ets that thl-whale people were able to appreciate PH.
the import of what has been here exhibited OT
nigh within the last few days. The Church is great I
ong- in everything! Not alone are her Councils
magnifieent-not alone are her Synods colored PAPE
gene with the sublime. Even into her quotidian
Mr. functions she infuses a solemnity and a spinitu
uier, ality that proves her great, as God exhibits the lo0
class attributes of Divinity in the least as in the
lied greatest of His worksl The e
well WVe asked what the clergy of the Arclhdioces e rge
had in view in thus coming together. For eight Goods
rend, days before the opening of the Synod, the egnie
£U,- priests went throngh the exercises of a Spiritu
al Retreat. The great truths of Religion were
*ntial brought in succession before their minds. Their tto
vern- hours of meditation were devoted to consider-Chat
ing the creation of man, his fall, the hideous- andpr
akes ne of sin, the benefits of redlemption. Deathl Coj
bable Judgment,. ell, Heaven-all the principal J
athoe '-d se i's. r aaseo 1*.. J ggcet al
mident to oulr iiiiiiditetiiol. Ties Roy. Father COlsen,
bing'sC. 88. R., was charged with oofldictii then
Retreat, presiding at its exercises, aid preach-'
nived ing to the clergy on the various subjects offer
stated ed for their meditation. What a consolaetion-
what an encourargement to the Most Rev. Arch- ~
gn of bishop-the venerable Father of theseFathers
edby of the people-to see them united in holy pray
tween er under hs own eyes; and how often must his
batred paternal heast have sent up to God the tender
one is estpetitions in behalf of these prieets,his belov
. Cu- edchildren in the Lord!
mnteens The Retreat ended, the work of the Synod E]
The commenced. Its deliberations were.preceded -
Shave by Solemn Mass, at which the clergy assisted,
. The and the Church was filled with faithfulpeople,
Louvre who came to supplicate (od-inafavor of the P
nd un- work about tube-anugurated. The sessions of *i
anteers the-SyucdI4ceeded one another on the follow
s were ig days; and on Thursday morning, at nine .
private o'clock, the doors were again thrown.open,m
en fred when the people filled the pews, and the T
he Gv- lengthy procesiion of clergy, issuing from the HI
protect readeuce of the Archbishop entered the Sane
ta nry. The Prelate occupieA the throne. Sol- "D
Is,upon oass- was celebrated by the Rev. M. Me- D
, tat nard. After Mass the Vicar General, Ver Rev i
are full M. Perche, pronounced a discourse bref in- Ii
esented deed, but in which he blended all those qual- B1i
ive am- ities of the preacher, the thinker, the pious ,
and learned divine, which have so deservedly
ther dsting hedhim among his brethren of the
throigh clerngui
-gents Finally the statutes were read, the Areh
vicinity bishop pronounced the Benediction, the Synod o*h
active. closeI Athe clergy disresd- -ch priest taking C
troop back with him to his flock new vigor for the
ebynh work of the ministry, new lights for the gd
he town. ace of his people, new graces to enich tm,
Di, at a new confidence in God for the perfection of his
-e wss works, nd new power flowing from Heaven 19
roughout through the sacred channels of charity, unity,
mmpathy and obedience. A Vo s.
that the Moralists declare that a man is known by 1
Sontain the em y e ka ps.a t a _sttt ae o -
the OO· ·dehabss owed :ach of
it claims kiari sr e egameeties with the dislnisSf K
.ves pe- at.Swithen. Gee. Gat, as ose period of hs tlie a
€voted his ' -1 ,la1atb wh requir the 11
e is The strse m Cvebo t eo'tm Pesisr rus~s
•cm with th stht .
Iran ,T at he m a .rtrtuid wi a Is tOC5,
l G novern- In'irs5'i'5 of ga·tnd5 atha e. ofther sadsm
o d dress to ___er-_"
he "The PhpiMutual Life I ace Coi
mere - Ea Casnas t.ees StUou rt a
toe so tmiawo rld noitatim- sin ite |e.onry. The lsth
_ te C.uan. sthm whie . it ha bar ebra thb ea |onl
hhe Papalo . /
senrretn- The Cremsen t Citr Musou e, 40 and 42 Saint
havenbeen Chnin street, is a iaaSieb fan- ,o-rts"d is wel
 gar es not fce Paresal iaapqctla alonean do
ar aenaini- theI Menu'in hwatlC s, n t o
o he throne. em
ietsrTarr- The membersof the Emmt Circle, Foulan
a, pledged Iioth-rhe-d.wi mby noteis - another olu that
al to iitiict Atantle.;8 dirsetd.to as adrertmsenut in another
oilumn headed, "To rPnlarsm."
A ..- -- D
167.......--- Poydraa S treet.. Ar.....t 167A w
Between Carondilet and St. Chbrles. your Liver I
ase will be
", Wold that God the gift woald .ae u os,.
To e ourselves as o e us. sound, and
This oten epressed wish may now be reslmed byoall.. All persse
ing st the G allryof Artk Aewly O e O st _ • Poydr - a
street, wheo for ` =Ll.
$1 50 per MeaS. ptjUnbe
PHOTOGRAPHS may be had unur ame I for FIDE ith
a ITT OF LIKENESS and Beauty of __ a J-SDTPl
Itres ever taken
B The fubllest sati.sfacti guaranteed, or nop
Th fai 9 legal tnoj t to judge for them- I
147 of ART, 1PevPdras street.
sd am ARCH 7. PALMER. Artit. They o
United Ste
8 8...............CanmpStreet................8 (1....
Dealer in Fine WATCHES, JEWELY, andISILV Tu n
WARE. Also, Guns and listols. of C a
Manufaetures and repairs every description of work 56 0o
i4203 Itwill t
- Iwho appl
EW i HOIInunder his
In t ble of the Academy of Music, an be 140...
hhat tHPn ouse and Academy Entrance. Ofc I
S This New is ntended as a PATRY, CON- EXC
rd, meat, and will r fm a Mammeth Rebtgerator
to Fountain SODA WAT the diferent Miner PRO V
lyl Waters. suc as VICHY, SSNGEN, CONGRESS.
ts ELTZER, ad BLADON, Cool Lager BEER ofA
the meet elebrated Brewers, every known Coo- Athle,
f everge The Fontan contains r forty ooling "llia.
*r- chambers.
II Theo Patry and Confectionery Depuetmnaled in dom
the heands of the moeet experienced cuisiniere, wi Bell
we from day to day prepare those delicacies four the t Caik
known as HndLunches- "
a The proprietaa. toplace Cool Drinkwithin thereach rk
So of all, have redaced the priceof Soda and Meadto FIVE ~
but CENTS per glass. Other lxurles in proportio- C
ery In presenting to their patrons the mest eOmpleteSoda Ins
Sof Saloon in the world, the proprietors especially dvWy at
orn testion to the Fountain. the applicatio anddesitg o
the which were uggeated by Messrs. Waterman Co., Soda ol 6,
b! Manufacturers of this city; tLhe buldingandmhbaia i7
ine skill belonging to Messra. Mores & See, edebatd md
Apparatus manufacturers, of Boston, whe have most aSp -.
otld propriatel) named this, their master pieoe, "The TRI
siate UMPH. ' The Saloon is now open. - jalT Im
s OT ICCE ........... . . . ......NOTIC.E..
'OTACls------------o--- - - - - l
diean GLASS.
sthe 105.....-- -.....Canal Street.......-----.......105
ithe -
The undersigned bas received, per late arrivals, a very 151
oce' Large, Fresh, and Well Selected Stock of the above es
eight Goods, all of which he is now selling at Greatly Reduced Wors
i thefgres.
wirit- rtiesin want of such articles are respectfully Invi- b
ted to call at his Store. No. 10u Canal street, between A l
er- Chartres street and Exchange Place, and examine goods meet
Leous- and prices before purchasing else here, BA
loath Competent workmen furnished when required. d7
cip jal7"Im M. WHEELAIIA-. 14 Canal street T 1
8 LAepS ....I........IAM ................LAMS.
offer of 2very bescri'ptio, i
sathera At Wholesale and Retail.
rpray- tag
at hin HILL & VEAZIE, wei
ender- I
below jaty 74 Campstret. -I
jEs cana sr -- ------ --- *
-isted, 95.-.. . ...Canal Street.............. v
people,(mrterd Deled in WATCHES, CLOCES. JEW
of the ET LVEBand VAPLOATED Wppl to-E. to t
ert of CRONIC DIEAa , to undepairiWa the drec w. o
Dons . etc. , nde by n experd iencelver Wre madeForty Ytoears
follow- o9er. and all work dune fully guaranteed. mt l
rantthe HOT AIR and VAPOR BATHS applied to the treat
S no. meat of CHRONiC DISEASES, under the direction of
l[. o- D. ANG ELL, guided by an experience of Forty Years
Dy Rev. In Hopstpit and Private Practice. S
orvedly DER, etc., they CURE where MEDICINE AILS, re
Sof the moving Internal C ogestion, restoring Healthy Circuls- 4
SArch- ic, and eminatIatt from the system Mercurl and
te Sod other Polsome
it ng Offe 1 Julia street, between Camp and St. Charles.
for the DB. JOHN G. ANGELL,
on of his
H aven 19....a.......Carondelet Street............ 19
S A5 o eratios in the DENTAL ART carefully per.
formed. itarous Oxide always on hand for the PAIN T
Down by LESS Extraction of Teeth. 3. 4__ _
&. .GIted, . -
AL---------- --CAL- ------- OL eI
mc of C .. ... . COAL...................c O
re t 166............Poydras Street............16
Over 50,O barrels Best Pittibu COAL fr rale,
wdnk? vbolealeseSa retail. deiivered or tIo.eest rsove or be
lwbt mtaerity.t th w t prios. Alo.n H
mar eBY J. J. CLARKE.
0 . OAK.
sue Corn- 100 . FAT PTNE.
o1 z - -a DRY PIN. hesan .ad retal.
e L onl Breonlcee 30 J lia see ja.l .m
Wholesale and Retail Dealer In
Land is vel Corner of Camp and Girod street.,
2e7d in NEW ORLEANS.
J C. T Blevl h street, corner Maalat,
e , Felan Dealer in COAL, CHARCOAL, COKE, White SAND,
o olumn that ead IRER-WOOD.
Liberaisa A Ordier left at the Mechehlan Exchange Box 13-will
athif* Past ye prompt attention. dzl ly
SOAL -............................... COA
Whoiesale and Retail Dealers in
aoe 3s New Orleans.
AreJust what most pel edt a dgwese.r tSwvwif set
your Liver to work, and te result will be y3amrus s
aohe will beprsed, yearpstLts restored, yui w1lee up
sound, and wake up d natured. with aR t wo
All persons are tred at ime W BA.
McIVRB8 LAUfO _ usr what
tbhey needy . out s tMer, and
/u moyru e Tat Tdri , wire y willnever
without a box in the l5ho.
a asrrum You- a
Dar. C. MOanS 1 xvIU rW!.A.
Prepasedby PrLMING BROTRaSn.
They can be had at any Drg or Country Stse sb the
United States. naD ly
|a. JULIU .HOMYrGeRn .
8 (Late Aiastlent to Dr. SiohL, Pad)
140........ .....Canal Street...... .....140
Offiace Hous.-ll to . 'clo k.
The number of pstients eatted in Dr. -$tibsrger's
herofo ton 1 ot Cataracts 46;f fi Cfeeyi..
rk 5;. forLchrymal PFlols, 16; for Atapylea., dt for
Disebse of the L fdo.wae et .
twill be a pleasura to Dr. HOW thti hose
ro ply ickor htratment to patiets b
D l. od o B ArD.
S14.......... Canal STee T........140
Office HorsSfromlto 3 dlt
ff EXCHANGh E........ . -. .. .3CHARfGB.
fto -o r-Buil
Atlo-int O VDregnheda, d ido le.
i . PI e h  O OI1OD
willB, f LEnnis, Sliboreen.,.
Cae n P. F. GlOGARTY,
W ..C . caMr Temr...................
Clv ogh, nlodoeond thry. Wtelr.,
Sda Caicko mI, Mallow. ouhal
In sums One Pound Sterling up.
1at DUNCAN, SHER . Z 'N N k.
eMost EClae1 Comfortable. sd Secure Trus
o n Use. Ci Omtruc No Cm an en et. new Orincpleans.
J g W' HE3II & SON
d ap mro.r...... 'PcuiOuJPirt S oREET...9
S It Ip s orrs end I idn
Frious presanri st the beFk, Rat tiesa, bests, ndr
iCE. ~or m1101 Cotton Presess.
Al the abdome, Oilsnd relehes and are of a o Gnds.
weihtvery 151..............CA 151
above saa tor sale rras' General History rof the mtChurch
obsthlate a well ats recent caef ermis qualitlep
duced Lv byes o the Roman Pntifs, Fbtes n have worn thsl
With orks Actan eeres of theSan tPlen yary Coicil
ewprme more perfeet relief, comfort sad security, afda,
of altiore rapidimproves ofmet the Saints enbe other Stadard
ii other person orst appvliance inauthors. A the olath, without rest
twe e l eess le of PAYER and SCHOOL . s
goods te te geothe patient, or lesth of time aested.a
bIal A, or ad re with stampes.
d37 3m P. F. GOGARTY.
ST. in a. r. . ERIRS ,
The Meet Efficient, Comfortable, and Secure Trnus
in Use. Conetrue ta.l a aes enstire new principle.
RETO, It hasach stings nor iron bends, thus avoiding all3
tog the abdUmer sia relie rnt-hLeaitu of all unduer
Itor L, 188. Thiruss than n eonmnily Eosb the moper
1 obstionate as well as recv deptcesof eGold qualities p
I trammet a, Genea Bankl T.ag
seIe d by no other Truade as the who haveedin worn the
aries kinds with springs or bands can testify.
EW With en e.-xpsiease of more than ten ye. s pract alt
the treatment nd ce ofowin pture and ernimea wI can
mad to more rapid tmprovement thn can bthe obtained of sa
Sm other persono a n . S,without regard
to the age of the patient, of the ngth of time aolicted.
CaTHllO. Lor address with stamp anim l
he Ds. TJO. G. C. RRIS,
ty Years Hours-From 10 A. Y. to 4 F .I.
DISOR- trans-At a General Btnking of tB e o
I Da, re- D ded Ptd r s-Wnuer nmesd, ds of Sa t s.
was eorgcare payabld e made on the pteedin- daysn
aril end al 3m THOMAS LAYTODN.D PeV resident.
Charles. , 1.-At the eleti45, orth Diro w trs Bak, ev
..19 W. T. cEP, . O. . W. B UNS
fully per. And ate meeting of the Dosrd of DiretorsU This Day.
Ike PAIN. THOS. LAYTON, ReQ., was unanimously re4lecn
. President. JOHN r. DEVERmUT,
t JaOb t r1orr e Cashiern .d
..COAL ,t .er-At a meeting of the d of Directors Th
Day, a Divinded a Yoor Ioers per Shaere, bee of tatrk
was declared pyable oen the 1 lth ert,.t.
hov i orinu bn y sple. b Wahe o .
sdtisab eeon d eSe and
SOeln ti fro m . te roo every taWENs-AY.
* .Qentrn.. THURSDAY.-------
UDld h enn oI? tAOiOt P- hAT... R Bn1" •
Let rea Yodrk................... C....., . tlee
des streets. t Ca 180bind foumlework." n -
t ow n.......................~ CurEn
meems by themselvsr . e Prol ve he lnlons . of~ehL W

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