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The morning star and Catholic messenger. [volume] (New Orleans [La.]) 1868-1881, April 04, 1869, Morning, Image 8

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sa asted I Being
Ise answer
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1 ms4thd, bankreenn as
hofrom hharp the: owring
these `" nin aerkaofhcur ilight and
,leehall saouthe and gluddu, Ilhe son of
mse faoerer. 1,t A d y i reaveler to
to his wife ia itbenasnst hstdia
k Visaº w o rhkad ere on
h iISyDanel o
S 'het
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M ethe lo he ild
bee a Ir " tis g~e afs io
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eo o ong hort able atl
aTesatof the tfps ao of sle hi
ars s h "o i - . ltsnof rAec
ea ntthe  e the bl
td t nhritUia'weqtoh
"Thle art of the ' ei r it wahi "atled o
hp 'tter l in the following
hmnin honor oft roitid' Oole amblle or,
an some Uas. t esa yo W. ltan of Aleea
'pan' of , o.
Dr~l3ialron ieqsay in@ theo Tranes
1 n eL ;rishAcdemy" (vol. xvi.),
te by oo, describes thi " of
- Iri" Wthus
The rhythm consists in an equal distance
of interv and aim ilar 8saorptloneo, each lie
bi divisibln intotwq that it uhay be more
enil 'ecmmo odated to thae olae and the on -
M of the bards. It Ls not o-rmed by the nice
ootlooatiot of long and short syllables, bat by
oonrtain harmoani risytim, adjlte to the
vooe of song by he posltion ofs word which
toch tshe heart, amasnniat the memory., e
s o o -lived n ttw he net eesenr
--n tk d' oet tclarone
o- asasnse t.te tre ries. or
C Oiaater, comabining the poetic temper
- eat and the pmactiea. oeontaleobert, the
eninbt French writer y an orator, hba a
Cube hed wdlled later on in
Ea Thson ~t~rei, frehvg from Arran to
S wrote the follit meibaten sample of
M ages thy eaoa go
SrT or P S.'e g O.w,.C To T Y.-The ROF
ther Yard, in a srmon recently preached a
t at Arias isle radllaianbt.
ster ofr mercy :
e of a Sister ofery, snd knowin
r seh • 1 dmot seel t t w
tlt is owthinAse wwesta t the jul
-(faros tas to phee an tertest
to the wo aMl. de Peal iede.t ho,
O t t o sad
JuN a,heh elate much i
CsPetla , t lpa rdilh tbolaest
h world.t eers try church bens sound.
o Ale ablett! 0 Arr bitlest
ae l utd t hha$ ot m leee net theel
Them;but haelenau taty ast s wt
le deae st ats iem-r l nn i h ee.
Rsas Snmla, Uiabdteld it"enms oi gh l
S-(PFsrse did Christ our Lord tid) e
Thy mss ee eDoms toe meot ify
With fifty angels In bhi train.
To hles anew each .ored  -n
'Each Tuesday 8ateeith t gis n
eih lWt neetay ecimtb whI I:
Eac Thnrwamlny Smrlel fresh frmn o ed
Each r"idtma cosme ta e lel
To blocG tb wittbnls andti es thy lod.
Each Saturday cesaelr.i-
Corne Bahe on are '`sl4 heaenly lwiit.
0 Arran! lmh to beavten In be
-lTat hears God's angels blm thy coast, !
Lint or A rirrna fur .rnrCi.-Tbe Rev.
tajwater, EIuglbtnd1, JrInall(ling to tbc'hetat
"Convent Cane," thus refers to the life of a
Sieter of Mercy:
He described simply, but in detail, the daily
lfe of a Sister of ercy, and' knowing iow
atrange such a lie anmet aeem to the world, he
1two and 9atn .s r4 a
-*'he New Xdudh tiat. gaior.'aoaeg 4 '00
more thba'their eus·igse '~s. . .
'$avan1s· iwi4ithirgbt quaantit*ies of lm
STfe propose eonstitutional am l fag Pia
bd e.rs ted.bythee, Deawaseawte.. .. ~
A boy fourteenyeaets old ,oma ttted-suicide
it.Ringgold5Ga., epsthl ldth l t. :- .. '
SA man in Cincinnati had bamet.e ounmitted
to )ae Lunatio Asylum to prevent suicide.
Six blaIb d : srtack wa'iruldr eaeW
Every *r5&0 0 ia'Obes . hisa4 hNW30liblkin
nsuredi.icU1 property cmiters of that
The bill for soap and combs in' the4ateOon
gress wUs $1400. Still they wee an uncombly
erolC. ...
· The. aig~nrn ittsild otlspread.
of s pel ox to cats. Pos-y had something to
do ewitit.
LA- lady in Lowel), who had aeap,on her door
since the assassiit ion of Lincsol, removed itt
qpi inawtinratio day.
^l'itk8 pIs the place where a traveler either
.lses or gains a day-depending on his entrance
*om the east or west.
SThe son of Gen. Seabrook--once the richest
man in Seath Carolina--is aew a driver on a
Charleston street car.
Minnesota hadto - -an dumb legislators dur
ing the last session of the Legislature. What
a privilege !
A scientific cultivato made fifteen bales of
cotton fom three sres of ground near Athens,
Two right whales, yielding fifty barrels of
oil, were recently captnre, off Amagwaett,!
Long Island. -
Before the Illinois Legislature adjourned, a
billa-ns passed giving each 1ember 300 to pay
his room rent during the session.
A soldier still guards the house of ex-Secro
tary Steward. The Secretary is gone, but the
soldier remains. .
A keg of gunpowder ipl4ozled on a steamer
last week at San Psaneisoo, while a salute was.
being tired, injuring atwnty persons.
A Mdrmon saint lately offended ais wives,
for which they gave him a sound thrashing, to
teach him better manners.
-Two hundred German emigrants arrived in
this city ladt week. Our planters should offer
inducements to retain them in this State.
The bill authorizingthe opening of free pub
lic libraries on Snaday, "was killed in the Mae
sachusetts Senate.
The waters of the Mediterranean have been
sitcceesftlly admitted into the Bitter Lakes
throegl the Rue~ Canal.
The Bioplik idg. Indians in Wisconsin, once.
anmberlk 10,000 warioars, have dwindled to
300 men, women and children.
The report that font Protestants had become
Mohammedans at Madras, is confirmed, and it
is said they am about to marry Mohammedan
*omen. -
On tht 'ivision in the House of Commons on
the Disestablishment bill the vote stood: For
the motion, 368: against, 50; majority for the
Government, 118.
The Northern cigar manufacturers complain
that the employee of railroads steal out of the
boxes, the companies refusing to pay for the
It is calculated that out of the 600,000 men
who form the standing Russian army, at least
4000 may be drafted off annually for the educa
tional civil service. -
The Emperor has consented that the State
shall purchase the collection of relies of Napo
leon I., hitherto in the posseasion of Prines Na
Mr. Appleton, of Boston, has purchased Car
dinal Tosti's collection of engravings, 10,000 in
nimber, and presented themn to the pubnlic li
brary of that city.
A paper called the Shaamrock WIreath was ,pub
lished in New York on St. Patrick's day, for one
day only, containing a programme of the cele
bration in that city.
Mrs. Mary Magoon has been admitted to prao
tice law in thluowa courts. In breach of pro
mise cases we should expect Mary to be parti
enlarly eloquent.
As an evideaecof adulteration and dCterior4
tion, a physician says, that in his young.- fays
persons could get drunk without damage
now they get crazy anld smash things.
In New York they soak oyste. Ju.a.. solution .
of soda, which puffs them up temptingly. On
St. Charles street consumers soak them in Ibran
dy, leaving the swelling to an after arrange
Mrs. Orayson, wife of the eminent ornitholo
gist, is with her husband in MeiAc , and copies
all his descriptions of birds, and otherwise
cheers him in his ardnous labors. This is the
true way to assert woman's rights.
At a meeting in New York last 7reek, Parson
Beecher advocated the right of Cubans to self
government. During the "rebellion" he advo
cated the planing of Shary's rifles in Yankee
hands to suppress self-government iln the South
Seoator Spregne in a late speech stated that
the prosperity boasted of at the North was tic
titious, If manufacturing establishments stop
ped, which seemed probable, thounsands of per
a wonld be reduced to starration in two
Jose iiguez, who attempted the life of
Queen iatlla some years ago, and had been
imprisoned fothe offence ever since, has been
set at liberty. Wonder if the authorities would
as lenient to persona who attempt to put a
teriod to their own existence t
at& ctizen of Rome, Georgia obtained an in
etion to prevent an engine obampany from
ig a house opposite his dwellng. The
company'retallsted by giving him notice that
Li\ house will barn down for all any member
Sthat organisation will do to save It.
jBath medt ss spsrt t
pesion as l
taern. i a d ilt
e.....r en eseeks squ~eem ,-tra.,i: .,
armaeit i-shnetsesatothigt i't s 9 4
Miss Hosmer is executing an order givetfs'f
the site : asserts +optkr h a~ tat*idiet ae
seating her in the identical uiniform she w6*r
apo the -amsepage aofWet lore j eh her
oot and spurs, and her cele rafif lrh' lib'
ing in a commanding positiona har'tg at her
feet a pile of eatinen ble iad--other idaitial
As might be  peaeed, e . a., lfsh iad'
Irish papers are largely occupied at 't&a'
eek in Parliament. c  pd4so qe thl.q Il
OwIq uqt4lýAt fiig~ F 'Ulý. thsplia ?i'
which seems to be tolerably well4eIedIst
with-te..Pemiee's method of getting'4 4
the meastre ity wklcn6 aiid Yog liteie
the Irish people:
Col. Adair, one of the Royal Church
Commisiloners, states that the. oje~tor the
Angliean Establishment was to make i_
Irish nation Protestant; but he admi, SI
so far'from unithig the two raies .' tli
Irish ~olI, their asepariatlb mry" stiIYi.ie
traced by the more rti line of ecoleiastl.
cal demareation. The- truth is, that from
the first the Ahglian. elergy reversed the
principles of Apetolle missions. The Apos
tie Paiel mid to the peolile, "I seek not
yours bat you." The Angltan missionaries
said to the. Irish, "We seek not ~e but
ouro."' If they and their. Esglish follow
ers got the land, they -ared little for the.
people. It is true that front timeoto time
spaswodio efforts were being -made to force,
the natives into uniformity, but evop then.
the Gospel of the Irish Church was the sta
tute book. As the late Dr. Chalmers ee
marked, even in her work of Evaugoliza
. tion, she put on the armor of intolerance
and took up the carnal weapon. "'Accor'd
-ingly she was struck with impoteney. In
giving up the warfare of prtintiple for the
warwae of politics she lost her power."
Mr. Gladstone, in his"magiiftcent speech,
states the simple truth cwhen-le 1 says thatL
through all theeail yeass'otrp4ene ala
tion, the authoritsse of lrte Established
Church stood in the foreiesg. rank of those
who enacted and executed the cruel 4ode,
and that so long as the Establisbhment lives,
"painful and bhitter memories of Ascendaney.
can never die."
The severance of the Irish fron the,Eg."
lish Church is no doubt apainful operation.
But the separation is pot the cutting of a
bough from a tree or s limb froui tii cd .
It resembles more the severance ofa,bend
like that which uaitpa the Siameas-twins.
In the ease of the twins the operation might
be fatal to either or both, and so, perhaps,
they have wisely resolved to live and die
together. Ben the ai.s tile Chhef rc, e
the connection is, happilyk o t vital. It
is the effect of an alt of Partiament, which
has only to be" repeded, and the qonsie
qenees wilt be beneficial for both parties.
Dr. O'Brien, Bishop of Ossory, has just
published a pamphlet, to-prove that if the
Irish basaoh be cut off, the BEglish tree
muse speedily wither and di41, hopg by
this appeal to the -fears of the Eigll
Bishops, to carnsethe rejeetion of Mr, ird
stone's measure in the Hounse of orde.
But, whatever may the fate of the English
Establishment, the severance of.the con
nection will be liberty forthe Irish Chnrehus
This liberty she will soon learn toprise be
yond all trasures; and despite the doleful
anticipations of Bishop. O'Brie, .she will
find that it will contribute materially to
the development of her financial resources.
The Irish Church will not be turned out
into the cold world dowerless, to make her
:way like a poor anprotectedfemale. She
goes forth. with a fortune which, though
dimltnishgd ' by one-half, will still be the
envy and admiration of Continental and
American Churches-no less than eight
millions sterling. And then the corstes,
whom Mr. Gladstone was to consi n to
starvation. will receive the magn cen
sum of £l8,00,0(
Considering, then, that the Irish Church
has utterly failed in the accomplishment of
her allotted mistion--considering that she
has not Anglicized the Irish--that she has
not -Protestantised the Catholics--that she
has not loyalized the-Fenians-that she has
not streogthened the Union-and that, not
withstanding her rich endowments, her
ample subeldiefi her invidious pricilegesi
and her great monopoly, she has proved a
complete fatiure, she ought not to complain
that her affairs aie wound tp in a manner
so udvantageous to herself. •
..- Mt.-Tnortoxo. - This eminent jurist,
whose decease was annoanced last week,
was born in 1795, and was thus seventy
four years of age at the time of his death.
He was a practical Catholic, and received
the last .rites of the Church before his
FliscAI. AGENCY.-We take great pleasure in
referring to the notice, In anotpr column, by Thomas
Layoan, eq., Predete the oethra sko, that thai
institution w llla on prean2lr ofl the prst de
ooupons of the .tonolf thi_ cty, hU-ors d by the cor
portloes thersin named. ThIe citiars or New Orleans
Ia~reet|,y indebted for this msngnanimoas action.
"Trae adl~seorer pureted by this noesey theubheet tse
wirthy o commendatton. At a time wree the city's
credit was amoslt o bytword--Jn vampires were en.
deevoting te at litbiioll~ttnhig vitaly-it
[z.teeomsty , lforward and roamed na fron die.
capeopld n oet-cr forget the noble disinter.
estdneesof the Sorthe, Bankd sad Ita patre Icresi.
D onieL Gotten, ~ rtine street, in addin
t1a n toh holesa iaat. hm rtl depatenn
James p aean, Lfafetto Marble WVori.co r
nte tlat etd Ws. l e tt. con ats terut marl,e
and hua on held cemeit, lime, ritctkLetc. ce aces-ri.
tisement. .. . .. .. ...
The altuention of teachers of public and pri
Srate sdLta is dlretoed to the notic publiahed els
wletqhtJg competltleo for dsx delemedaj, to be
eompesmd f by pulb~ht +mow tmzd timr. schg
B. Clndon, undtteker, 943 Magaiine and
se - Chir treet, keeps eosstaetiy on. 5sd metadl,
cash. Dlsdmtet| aneemlbalsei bolies atended to.
lo e to know i s4 M estat'aPt3
rsayati &anth .o
qpoe 4,l  aen d i L e Pve , of
.h . e a4', . te the onoid
nenttduaai the w.ekb h eh we hope,
F. for th'ie eator, of+: all. the roydl
family, is . Iistr attab qid atht, on
retunm ron the east` inseAriesa fraste,
his BRoyal 1Jsib e be Palace e . or ales
a da  wheitnh ith $ of Aeleticwhich
t hes rowrt evss*hiUi ilshono
tphesst, t de -iU 4 i - anl he ithe
) np a twheat diVmetask of dke
C hasi : ismebat Reya . We c otheieve
thatt~lbrssr ut * ay ý rt. -It
seennu m s i go An h B T lead <$d so
e ear fo si el mple ty oi ey Csolnties
the aasY m ay.v he ele day
nnoe be uos alot fro otwhei
h poeys tow th4Me hbrs f rd ii-he aesy
hasIef aEin i~t, ba t wA e wirstIOhrlbst
-iiestia: of-Jaiiavotatlmai Tlasss , m.o. man
iaurldbZS An ha. be padn .lei
"i Dnlid hl: eua mWd uCatLholes s
than I.t ftriaort t eof e e What
will A etsme osey ts" tI tt -l
tome day be tbs te amof herad of-their
Church, pays to the l. ns irit-the very.
Pneaeg f ins delity, tl, e priment which
he would pay bt.tot iEwR ish eblemen?
Sthnif he report is tslt, ana the evil in
flue -.in that diteetoa of . a aertain duke
now th his Royal Highness does prevail,
it will e plthe simple duty of every Ct ol
in the agen to hold aloof fderom cNo.rt when
the Prie~ woes the hoe ran for her. Majesty.
We re E ishIen, btereete we are first Christt
ians and Catholics.
CooL Darxsa. 4Tbsn magn ioent ladies' sods
and pretrysal tbo vestibule of'h Academy of
Mplcndidsoda, with ne fru most "yy
and soatd, at five eenot pe lws"-. te peost c'k
olncael wetes azd thobost iagerba
Tratiit Cooitie SrfovI.--Tbe bakinqg oonve
sl. aco of this stove barn hoc cel, tis. approbto of
all a heo eavtied them, essltbis qI*,ltt istidispensable
to ei'.ytoive that Is wocihyolm we 1a s.aDeli s Besids
this the capacity of th oees are greater than ssally
ibwnd in similer sines. Auth &gtbbe. ]IS roydrse stret,
.will take pliesare a ehibliting ies avantages.
At the agency of C. D. Elder, No.-21 Com
msacel Place, will be seen l11t1 of thebeet schoola is the
country. Parties intereeted will give thIs matter atteis
No 109 Gravier Street, Nlew Orleans.
This REtablhment is now flly prepared to eeczte all
kinds of JOB WORK, such as
otBILeU s BIL FAlcMas
PROMIS8QR(T'NO2 RYr , 13. B.
La P S ...........LAMPS-- . ... . ...LA.MS.
Of Every Des5iptlieO,
At Wholesale an Retail.
jo24 ly -74 -Cupstreet.
ber 2, ISM. -This Bank. ontimlangits Rchange eperas
tions, willreceive deposits of Gold and Cerrency, and
transact GOeneral Banking Business.
Discount days--Wedsesdays and Saturdays.
Offerings shold be reade on the peosedig days.
feslB 3n TIOMAS LAYTON. President.
Msrch T3. 869.--Tli Interest on the _MTLThIOf LOAN,
due by the city of New Orleans on the Ist proximo, will
be paid by this institution. - mil i
19, ld1O.-The .udersigned will pay, in GOLD, the In
terest coupons on the Roman Ronda. negotiated by this
Intitutlion, doe lae April. 1869.
mhll td THOS. LAYTON. President.
On Great Britain, Ireland, -ntd ary part of the Euro
pean Continent, i sunn, to suit.constantly for sole by
tulS-nm . -b Co'nnton street.
Of Ile, AMBROSE MA TIN.C.C, forerly Chap
hlan in the Confed'erate ctatoe a-my. When lhat beard
from he wea passenguer on the steanship Vlrginia. from
Liverpool to New York. In April, 45e5. at the time Chol.
him wll be thuanlfuny reeelved by MAUIRCE F. UR-
PET, IndLanla, Tesa" .
Keatsck$ ppers ple copy. ihr 44
COAL....... ............ ............. COAL
Moi~LosSxY, MAS9 N & CO.,
Wholesole and etall Dealesr in
16 Gravier stma't,
fell 6m New Orleans.
C OAL..............O.. AL............. COAL.
166........ ..Poydrn s 8treet ............166
Over 900,000 barrels Best Plttbg COAL for O10,
wholesale ad retail. delivered o tlhe above orbt
low the city, at the lowest market plrie. Also, nllh
CANNEL and ANTHRACITE. Spedcial attenton e
to city orers. jer7.
- c5 cords of ARE.
34 . OAK.
1000 -. FAT PINE.
1000 .. DRY PINKE Wholesale and retail.
Office and Yard comerne of Julla and yades streets.
Branch omfice 309 Julla street. jal7 3m
9494 Blenvllle street, noi'er Maralt,
Dealer in COAL, CIlARCOAL. COI. White BSAND,
Orders left at the Meehanla' Exchange--Bon 53-will
receiLe prompt attentosi7 d~l ly
COAL ..........:........................... COAL
Wholesale and Retail Merchant,
Oi6. No. 164 Oravier street.
Yard 39 Danphine, and doot of Ba-m a strea t.  oI 3m
Nf ueendat a
S'Seya Alhmw r MAId. .J .1 - +
01 ' oyig aa a lift re ý d
Hate Alie M e r
Nave psa'zwwbe ;
, asEmslioa aduo i1tt e =igt 5... . - :w;
kviite }tat.PgJgiaV qlirite~geld[i(r U3Iý,h~13Y i
H cave aa<1,:]iý-'za's, ,rs's. Raml. , +
Hare;rear ar
P*CVI C &.I dlm
1" B ,.y-OOD' A.'s, - - , L.
we propty eaS ae n qlWat
short otLoe. f.bll U 
rrk-osy S bannoFrrves du o ew h
LACý C 3ItelAIlauptha.
onables as t Peino heuB. h ew h
.ind sfor d sewin htoe no ee L
wietryouth tipatos_ý n 31 se WWW*ott
.. owtars , rom rne aiPawn Sotvikoes ar , w ee.m
Plldo yiere mofst W ielaheq nd tat hlm mt e in
CUlTAm woN o enavtkad,
LCAaCH CAYnw O;rle a I ilt]e. ,
A prmtled tN de StToket-IRISE LINe N, aA earJ
n eecptro , lcadon ofutn e It
ota ilet bern, theroui tathe odN i Mtagwe,
m porta ers of and otiri ,Isalbnd 3 ampneeqi' . ,
3 .RO. Mltl L mtd oi Co tHSe i
rdr erwit witlt
the cleand Piano COER S , Sen S. 9 er a, " -
bA Stpler t tte  toc, a anI some IM o uve o a t
wheor scriptie. foe b1 In.r
3ni.. rosa.le pro .O ed ... ......ete............ M
wadfor lPud.wow l h- m w aneo equal.
Orer with ic, s moot and u aorm u of the loith in.
re t superor o alto oBth erds rs. te at
od he ten Ite. n apelhe aee at 1be i Demi
the c .,t, r atiagoera ,aenatom str C a ontt.
Six Crd Soft I a
nATrl 3m Phor A bge t, fleo e wret, Yloraik, ve
YOanieOs a. bein .the. .. fet S gcn.
rst Ca nd ok fom ndew York...... 1aan6 ..
Eopr ula r Pi thi sSpooo , sot tpion i cr te Ni ,
ie e blst t New oork fom at Li orp
town . .e..l.. -'15, d o
iSt ie to Nwe York f d Mt vepoo o
Steed t to New iOeersaline viwea i eab e New York
nth e 3rhti e A. gn td oe p d b e
fomthe Young PondR te ; o techidcedn` w $L toel Atcl
Corld uIa be thw otre e -ite t rl apre atm of s
.Meictwill h Relootlrd. ;ad·I mllo amar " Itb,
a nt erpictorial c ve ahan ew de: on
This tcmonerlitte tato v le nseeadiamtl& e Peet ew- g
Per huadret re to S iada Sohetel wad thetr ted , ap
neropyeal pictrialmcoer, hadsoe oodin onth
lresone wel Ilee teemnafeui fy o rk iergset odei

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