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1gge"gTo TAe AND CATLL~ . Mi M Tehe
Cusch o!. 1 teat  , T Ber Io eah try
ola.-To w a beautin l churc afh o ef
- .strict,)i way afternoon, heddi
stances. A eongrwgtiofl which rowdsd
the floor rd' galleresl 1 their utmost u
n it ,Uas present, a a4dig in Peo- Is_,
Juetion with the kchurph, strllng proof of so th
Rev. Bishpp WillUas. The Sermon at ten
son me of whom werea_ x o Pilot. outer
DsO00sL OP C t*~k -ý Nesaei by hi
Ohtweh, piyo oh. ace Pe reached po.it
anied cnmdonno . on dred mo.per- Th
soDn, some of whom were from Mlamisburygh cea
and Tippecm oe. Or t he i lt_.,' of tie
the ,ew Chuarh  ately 0ls4  leho ..a,
Christian Brothera of St. Mary'sInstatute, who
ear Dayton, Ohio. On the 23d, sixty tfT
nehldtn attached t' the ,sehool f the dm,
Brothers wear poaraned. On the 27t the
Archbishop confirned thirty-i persons in bI iv
the church of 88. Peter and Paul, eeung. tot
DIOCld "Or' Pit t'ADxEiv A. - )- Ori f-at 8
tiors..-On rid reoat, Jlune 25, i theB
Cathedral capetl, Right Rev. J. F- Wo od
conferred the Order of Deaconhip on Rev.
Daniel O'Connor. On Tuesday morning, Que
the 29th ult., heraised to the dignity of the s t
.oly Prisre tose i _.s. Th rF. Mullen
Rev. Michael J. Laever and oev. D is I
O'Connor. wit"
Juno 6th, the Right Rev. Bishop O rao is c
confirmed one hundred persons in the van
church of the Immaculate Conception, itin
Bastross, Nippenose Valley, Lycoming '"
county, Pa. On the 9th, fifteen were con- T
firmed in St. Boniface's church, Williams- Biti
port; and o the 11th confrmation was vat
administered to sixteen in St. Mary's church, i t
Cascade. Going next to Athens, Bradford But
Scounty, the Right Revo Bishop confirmed ver
fifty-seven in the church of the Holy Ghost, was
on Sunday afternoon. On Monday, June thi
141 the Right Rev. Bishop, after a most full
toildome journey, arrived at Ridgebury,
Bradford county, and eonfirmed one hun- the
dred and thirty one, making in all one in
dred and eighty-eight that were confirmed wh
in this mission.-Caitholi tao arod. bef
D DrocEsE OF NEw YonK.-Co, filrmatiosC.O
The Most Rev. Arc·hbishop administered be
the Sacrament of Confirmation on ednes
day 23d of June, in the church of St. He
Alpiontus, Thompson street to 210 per- is
eons. On Thursday, th Sune, the Lx
church of St. aseane, Yorkville, to 1p83 a
DiocESE OF BAOOKLT x.--On Snday, det.
.June 27th, the Right Rev. Bishop of Brook- si
lyn dedicated to the service of Almighty N
God the new church of St. Patrick, of
Huntington, L. I., Rev. Jeremiah J. t
Crowley, pastor.--Tabet.
Oonfirmation.--On Sunday, June 20, the to
sacrament of Confirmation was adminis- h
tered by the Right Rev. Bishop to some
400 children in the church of the Holy Hi
Trinity, Williamsburg, of which Father ,
May is pastor. On last Sunday he gave E:
confirmation to a large number of children se
at Huntington. hi
Archbishop Spalding confirmed at the on
church of the Sacred "fdart, St. Mary's M
county, on Friday, 4th lnit., 131 persons, 1
including 31 converts. On the tnext day, at
the church of St. Joseph, 183 were con
firmed, 35 of whom were conveits. On the .E
tht, at the church of St. Aloysins, Leonards
town, 59 were confirmed, among then il
several converts. On the 7th at the chlurch v
of St. Francis Xavier, Newtown, ` 3, in
eliding 4 converts p 8th, at "Our Lady's I
Chapel," 11), of whom 2 were converts; 1f
9th, at St. John's Church, G7, 10e of whom n
were converts; 10th, at St. Nicolas church,
92, 20 being converts; 11th, at St. George's,
(3, 12 of w hom were converts; 13th, at St.
Iuigoes, 106, 20 of whom *ere converts. c
ROME, June 10.-The bishops are beginning
to arrive for the Council, principally those
from the East. The Patriarch of Jerusalem
came last week. The Pope is on the point of I
entering the 24th year of his pontificate. .The
-- ustv'urayof h accicesu t'. ii this- 'd- -
Slonger than any Pope siflce St. Peter, save Pius
SVI. and Pope bylvester, Aprlion . acu r. .
The Pope's two brothers, both living are one
four miand the other seven years oler than he is,
and we may alnost hope than the univeru a
prayer of Christendom may obtain an excel,-I
tion a frox the hitherto nubrokeu rule fur our
beloved Pontiff, whose life fsens so precious I
to the Church. So far the rope's health is ex
cellent, and lie takes constant drives since his 1
return front Castel CGandolfo. On Monday lie h
visited the body of St. Frances of Rome, whichr
iad been transferred teprevious day from the 1
Monastery of Tor di Specchi to the Olivetani
Church, in the Forum, known as Santa Fran
cesca Ronana. Your readers acquainted with
her lifo know in what honor this great Saint
has alwaysr been held in Rome, the scrne of her I
labors, and her life of prayer, penance and.
charity.. This veneration continues unabated,
and the entire population seemed to have as
sion, which was joined In by the Senators, the
Patricians, and the Romus princesest after ther
old and pions fashion, each holding torches of
Swax, and precedead by the creses and ensigns
of their respective guild. The city banners
and the fire brigade celoesed the procees.ox'
whifth was a most picturesque ann eorutiful
si ht--theholdy of the r ahitt, followed hy the
whole community of Noble Oblates of Tor di
Speebi, being earriesd eoeposed to publico view
in- crystal ahrine, where It still remains
under the high altar of the Church of Santa
There is very little loeal news. Every one
is in the conntry, and the -politial interest is
aunly concentrated on Franco for the p resent
moment, Spain, too, appears to be at lest re
solving herself into two distinct parties, Re
publicans and Carlhtt. The Count of Ghir
enii, ea Reins, ant others, have declared
that they will for the future support the ei.t- I
inmate and sole possible sovereign, Dccx Carlos. I
1The ladies of Catalonis have oflred I sword ofi
honor to Tristany, the Carlist general, having
on its blade "Eepana el Rey Den Carl" o'
one side, and "La Catelonia a Tristany" on the
otber. A civil war is inevitable, but it will
range every good Spaniard and Catholic on
one side, against a sectarian minority support
ad by the foreign revolution on the other. The
Duke of Montpenster has been invited to qnit
Portugal, and will it is sid, fix his residence
at Tangier, where he has a mnaginxfcent paisce,
-where it is to be hoped he will not conspire
against the Empire of Morocco, as he has done
against every State that has harbored him.
The Klhýgand Queen of Naply Aye
t.ire . . _ " "o9s~yýpd l
oec Iasm 'week too horofa- Englil
ble the nllsk!6fvet to be'omitted. A j ci
te teing i the 'o a , fhetar" r lies g
we es t ordi
s : te hole s w ha ve beenn rttw
as it is xtremely narrow, and crowded UIs
ge stoben h e th at ptin a The 4esen 9Wi
hesitated at the dangerof entering the buring poes
honue and removing the oder, when an g- were
abh Zebarv, Mr. Herbert D e, moved frward time
and volauntered on the desperate service. Be thi n
entered the hoose and returned in a few io- Earl
ments withtbe baeeel oa his shoaldees saving thoL
by his herote self-dtaevot the livese it, is lm- allo
possible o sy how many persons. thej
The newly res oish College ws re- it we
occupied by the saadesata or sad is one andi
of the best specimens of collegiate aroiteo- oes
tore in Rome. Monsignor Psea visited it a gg
wsek in order to desoribe it to his Rolinmse ryws
who takes the greatest interest in the prog were
of dll lie seminartes destined to the edacation .o
of the missionary prist -'a the Usihed King- th
dom. Coa
The Roman prinoesses have joined in em
at Spoleto, where such wonderful favors have ship
been recently Obtained by siok and af0ected hown
rsos, that it is ibecom' famous throughout
Very baor accounts have been received of the foni
, een of Portugal, Viotor Bamnanauel' young- imp
at daughter. Her Mjestys in a dyings state, said
and nr-ble to underta e her intended journey onl
e confinement (
Is aunounced for October. She is at Monza coa
with Pirnee Humbert, and will, it is said, re- his
', turn to Naples for the birth of her child, but it yet
a is scarcely probable that events will not inter- that
e vene to prevent any of the housl of Savoy via- ilg
iting the Soathern provinces agiii present. cro,
London Weekly Register. the
Tad CATIIOLIC CHunci I I nAA.-H. L. Cat
Bleho Menriu, 8. J., returned from Goa on ano
Satray even ml-hat; so that his stay in the tha
venerab le cpital-of the Portuguese dominions ant
, in the East was hardly for twodays and a half obli
But his visit thes waA not for pleasure; the per
d very season of the year would tell this. There the
was a sacred object in view, and as soon as list
,e this had been accomplished, and most success- hes
t fully, his lordship returned. The journey was fro,
made for the purpose of procuring the relies of sun
certain Jesuit Fathers, who were maMssacred for fan
t the faith by natives of the village of Cunoolim fro
in Salsette near Goa, in the year 1533, and tes
whose beatifleation is now under consideration tie
before the Holy See. On the occasion of his wh
Grace the Arehbishop of Goe's visit to Bombay in I
before he left for Europe, Dr. Menrin received ha
his permission to obtain these relies, in order the
. to have thee conveyed to Rome. A considers- ha
ble portion of thee sacred treasures are now lor
- in his lorddp's possession. We we but too wb
be glad to only kno wn ot this cornmpt an
83 snuccess as to the objeet of his lordships jour- Cb
nay to Goa, but also the satisfaction with tor
which he speak of the etreme kindness and uno
Sdevout repect which he met with on every
side dring his stay there. It was Canon Jose th
ty Nasario.ereia, the brother of the Rev. Vicar th
, of N. . de Rosario, at Masagon, whose bospi- in
J. tality his lordshilpenjoyed, and whose labor it po
was to show him the many objects of interest
he to be found in the city and neighborhood.- On
his visit to the cathedral his lordship was duly on
received by the canons, and each morning re
me when be had the happiness of offering the es
ely Holy Sacrifice at the tomb of St. Francis e
er vier, every attention was paid to him. His be
Ive Excellency the Governor, who was then at his ti
ran summer residence at the Cabo, ;kindly invited es
him tothat pleasurable spot, but the expected th
arrival of the steamer made it quite impossible pr
ev. to accept the invitation. Ip brief, we may la
the say that the visit of our Bishop-th the great M
.'s Metropolitan city of Portuguese India has left di
u, many happy iuntresaions, which, we pray, will tl
in due time priduce fruit. hi
on The TUita C(dttolica, of the 12th June, publish, tl
the es a letter from Cardinal Berardi, acknowloedg
ing the receipt 330:,(H) lire, (£t13,.0,) which ?
I was collected by that journal to present to his it
lt Iloliness for the jubilee of the 11th April. h
rclh Where a people who are impoverished by over- 1
it- taxation, loss of trade; and reduced to that
y's wretched state of misery as Italy is, can come "
-tsa forward and subscribe such large sums of no)" n
Som iney in order to attest their love of his liliness
rch, and their fidelity to religion, it is a proof that t
' those who conspire against the Pope and re
t. ligion are but a few compared with those who i
so nobly come forward to attest their love and i
." veneration for him. The subscriptions for the (
jubilee fund was first proposed by the members
of the Catholic Young Men's Society in Ven
ice and then in Bologna. In the cardinal's
letter this is mentioned. , He expresses the joy
ing of the Holy Father at receiving this mark of
hone affection from the Catholic young men of all
ioeun Italy. Would it not be well for the Catholic
Of young men of England, Ireland and the-United
Th States to follow the example of those in Italy,
ptc ted-Il g Ci-.i..5 '-b fh, ny t
Pi of Protestant England can do.
trsai At a meeting at Birmingham on Monday
e- night, at which Mr. Bright's letter about
otr the House of Lords was read, Murphy had
Sx- been expected to speak, but was arrested
e hi, before the proceedings began in the interest
,y he i of the public peace. Placards had been
ich I posted, announcing that Murphy intended
a the to be present, and "claim to speak as a
-tans ratepayer." The bills likewisi contained
,ran- an exhortation to ,,Protestants" to attend,
with r and hasten "to the rescue." At the hour
-lcStr I named for the meeting," Murphy presented
anda himself at the committee room door of the
td, Town Hall, and, accompanied by some of
as- his followers, attemplted to obtain admit
0- o a- n ee- - nt ndAnt C r hpprd, fuased
, the Murphy admittance, and referred to the
the chief superintendent for further instre.
.es of tions. The chief superintendent comeuni
signs cated with Mr. Holland, the. Mayor, who,
nesi apprehensive of a serions diasturbance if
nifu Murphy presented himself to the meeting,
'the ordered that he should not be admitted.
or di Murphy protested vigorously against this
view refusal, and insisted upon his right to ad
mains mission. He was then desired to go home,
Santa but he refused to leave the place, and still
one insisted upon making his way into the
-t is orchestra, with the intention of getting
resent upon theplatform,declaringthathe "would
t re- either go to the meeting and speak, or be
Re- locked up." He was then taken into
"hir custody, and was for some time detained
alared in a room at the Town Hall. Murphy was
egib I bro.ght before the magistrates at Birming
ar' Io ham Police Court on a charge of attending
ord of the late town meeting on the Irish Church,
viof g with intent to create a disturbance. The
n the evidence of a superintendent who was pres
t will ent when the arrest was made was taken;
li on but Mr. Kynneraley, the presiding magIBR
pport- tirate, decided that the arrest linad been
SThe improperly made, and dismissed Murphy.
to quit
dence A house without children is like a lantern
ar and no candle, a garden and no flowere, a
s one vine and no gapes, a brook with uo water
n. gurgling and rushing in its channel.
homt ihswh. him,, ,an b..i en mE
uEnglish wantr A taar pýy . t a 'sd -w
tM s Pl M·tl tbrpaolt oG fltrl was commit
uheantoe UMo t we.a TheRomsa Calhall Mstte
Union, g it a a mer neho y thing ... ni oadm
werbye b.. o bseeeedaed him, end b sisbe- Q4
quest oive'ment for many ewha t In to
ted ventuedto e esan Cath at the t Bois Cthe
thUnionle t I a melancholy dthi sahoald beom
aowed to tas* to bse. The ad.ema Chbolis
the prl t eated desoided, and some
it waimes kept one sns ut never wa -
b gioeor 6ha And een whon t late
Earl rey ventured to propoeethat Roman Ca- wi
~tholi e of in the army and navy should
slowed to ire to thin e s a dsad
the pr AStion Rie.s th son t mish the salt
it was aE l once dlami rcnh tider atlo am I
O'attotsks wer seesd. Ma ub/ r tDl- t
172, when he was Secre_ of Stt, thats e .
sufond gest oman Catholse oces onld remne to he
oyreward of their brewe y and pa .'e
ooiwere told last i of hight religion t o earl, n
his fllow-cf the Dean of the same fait, and
tiet pe was liablemto imprisonment for lie for
that offence ; and he went on to say that noth
- iig but the exercise of the clemency of thea
crowrelead him from teshat penalty. Wthe ll
the ease wps the iame in Ireland. The RmOuln per
i Catholic priests were hunteteated.d anom one place to
anhips will er,nd it was wir the greatestdw this
Softhat taby could obtain access to the poor peai
1728ntry who were sick or dying, that were
fobliund to hide in cares and. not allcondemned to
e imperforment for life the oenes of their religion, while, at
e the same time, they saw the ]Protestant Emtab
lished Church in great splendor. We have N 1
Sfrom thesonof Mr. suchGr statn, of the immensethat r
t (sums which rotestant bishops left to their no
r families, and which they had aecnmulated
a from the Chamr. There is ahistory eligion to
tee4nt bishop saying to another bishop, a rel
n tis flo -ountryor of the noble e arl sittingnd
s whetose reativhave been dimpristnget forsh ed othr
in the chrch and in the law, saying that noth
had aved the sam40,000; on which the reply was pert
that is priarge were huntedm for Chrstin bishop to
n anlordships be urprit was with the great est difficulty tr
o and pom] sad gra__nd o' the Estalished
r- Chatrh with the condition of their own pas- the
f. obliged to, driven from one handt to nother, and to it
od great dif8culty, in some mad cabin, being able
ry to say Mass and to pesrorm the ceremones of
Sperform the offices of their religion, anwhile, at srppee
tt the same time, they saw the Protestant Eatab
- ing of esentment amongst the f Commons, if I reme Catholicmber the
is population of Ireland (Hear, hear.e)
Sfamilieso or Wo.-hich the"Marrid accumulae is the
Sonly acthal C ondrae knownto our law. Thereo
Sremain of thlegal noble earls, except the mistre ofand
he every hoaas.l
-a- o' says Mr. MilL. This slavery must, of course, ch
is whoe abolished at once, withot any compens-shed
his tion to the lave onerhurch and the position of
4 every wife must for the fature be remulated by
ed the relative str£240,000; on whichf her intellect as com
a- hare with thaccumulated in a er husband. ReligioCn your d
Slaw having been in the meantime swept away,
Mr. Millwill have to decide between each ian
so when dividoman Mr. atholicnd Mrs. mith which of
the two is to stay t home and nursegrandeur of the ba-hed op.
bies, and which is t o go out herand watch over
ry the ay Mfairs of the natiorm n.the ceremonies of -
Amongsr that all thiends nlonntime there is an feel- t
i menut of resentmope. Consir a a merely Catholicuan
it populnstittion ofand a one olaly nduide (Hd eary humn, hear.).
il. la , arriage is certinly lbl to M arrage im-s the
ly only actiual. The ae inowntllct of lawr. J. 8.
g remainill nbut tke somlaves, exceptlain anthe mistrne ele-of
he ntary work, as, fol r instance, tile catechism,
s beof tabe Coulished at onf rent, without any come short
hist time to the slavudy of twne teaching of th Catho
reli Chrch relative streing th of sheacrament of matri
bleho , he will find that the gosb dnesi of And
y law havt Going, pbeenkin the meanby time swmoth f Hisaway,
the Church, long ago provided for tesen each rfin
Stion,he two is he reedies hich they roqhomre and nurse the ba
bich, witho iut that id, cannot be discovered
al's by ay force of logic or philosophy. Once re
SAmonilegsd to the Cnhuronse and a good Cathn olic,
Mr of hope. Mill would, under her guidance, become a
ll truly great and as one only a
Sotasnmu directs the attention of its compa
triots to tmarriage st rtling ly lessns which are to be
er itherto ions. The acute most of r r. J. S. on
tris, will but take some such plain and trlne te
Stwo sister kingdoms," the Iricsh proprtion of a
marriages to population being a,4hirtd less than
the Scotch, and not much more sothan half of
t time Engto lih. Moreover, that the belief in theo
re- lprdnChrch of trespe Irih sacrriagesnt is matripopular
std error, will that the lrortion of nales rry
!rest ing under age is in Ireland not half as great ars
een i Enigty d or peatlking . The rate of is Srt
the Church, long ago proving result. In Sotlhese id it is
aers a tions,' t per centi on the population; ir Ei g
en- lad more tha: t aid,r cannt; in Ircland les
inl ' by ay force t. of log t it is phoopen w Once to
the proonilportio of illChurchgitimate to otodher Cairth
allr that the omparism beec es most startling.
ted I Ireland generally the attroenortion of itllegits comps
the mate ithe start i 3- pr cent; sons Engwhich lared to-4 er
ofcent; in Scotland 9-9 per o ent marryi n of coer
t.words, England is nearly twie, and Scotland
haed nearly thr.ce worse than.It threland." ut fnr
the ther owfc i t foIrish martholic Ireland has
to be made. The proportion of illegitimate
res births which gives the average int halfve stated is
me in Englally distributed over Irland. In
who, Catholic Connaught it is only 1-9, while in
ided gives a cmi-Presbytrin and emi-sult. In Scoth Ulster" it
ais 6-2a early ther ordsent on the polattr i three imes
more iad mmoral than the former," which correland lre
this of pondl says the giotimate, " wither bionderfthsl
nd IccUracy to the more general fact that lcoi -
land, as a whole, isa three times more immoral
d than Ireland as a whole."
the tIhNEPDoDwer Pvrrc'Hat.--Lco on earth,
ay an English p raper, wold be a dlsenting
roireacher of th te Nonconformist persuasion, it
oute could oily get decent living as a mrl esmIng
into swe-eper, asud beg his bread without changing
atned his opinion every time he touchs bt bat and
a d h adsout his hiand t A corious exrample of
tg their sastem hejust been presented to us an
the CmirFt of Chancery. Mr. Gordon, and In
ding dependant minister, w l voted ot od oitee by
rcl, the congregation who voted him into itp e s
The had been triel approved, am appointed, Iut
pres i after a time e was not admired exoept by then
sen;! ladies (he was not yet married,) and the con
n ig- setqueie was dismissal. He appenaled to the
been law, &nd the law declared that he must proach
b not the gospel of Christ but the M gr o of hirs
i congregation if he wished to get his bread
|nfrom them. Th tey maay rmged as oen as tey
,ntern wish, and he must change with them. The
er, a congregation are truly "iiedpeudenta," bhut the
water poor minister is a most miserable "dependent.'
[ mrl'crc.
 0  na a r r ,  n P -I
Pe, esworn, maisi s. ', s -
9. They are the rult La. comblstion of al mut s
Sla tava >, a ane m:s tw .oos
t th oe mio.n i _. " f
Ants wseaat t smao sa  .
rete ofer itoe o c
.tIs has areao t r
1. Thfesau kethe d .M. g. -M awing
onthan a
4a y onna owns az as .
o a Ohpersod aend.m i sle ya nowaenr
before theopublic.
H, e easily learned end kept in oe r
it s. They will s--e te moey, suaoe soa a 5iate
s e wing a a n, d from us e h f-a " An
tdt of work -N
SThey are the result and combnatio of all tht is
their eapness ought to a them the favorites.
perection. OTaM t.
5) - . O COUSTOIIE, ! % .
' Three doors from Canal stre t adaner ostheU
. the Bank of Amdric.ly
SAgentseral Agented, with smell capitalfor in the states of Wi's
t apie 3m SIwing . jeh m
a lwsMssinrdrn .ryoi ..sian a en,.twhm
per c hoiesoit m ll an T
se re the fautsan l
Ir now weit.t a wnd er
ro- better anad ie-bet- r le Ia
tertt Mia ahisor nil. 'sed-ulorel
i and' reliable-with
a n h ewiwgn Ha lth chbAn tiw flr al eted. the
be f greater espepa
or other besoIt e e or e pbn
ed operate it. Ini
This mahine will UStels, geit. hems anl. Coen r
the nte. ol Machines warr nvelted thatret s o ther
Sr Urnd Embridterlnue ad taety Aue, t ol .
of - GREAT
o TE IGHEST PREMIUM was7 anw ardeda slathe
Sate Fair to the Wheeler A Wio Loek Stitch, 01
eof Feed Family Sewing and Butto et ew Orlean. ,
A lae supply of these Premium yaioLely Sewing Mas .
re, chinpes and e at our sea lesrooda, 150 Canal stge .rk
Iig --L -~llb
f General Agent for Louisiana for Wheeler Wilsons a
tH e r, terinvend thatderoider with-
t piS 3m Swing Machines.a
ee 1 r................ e, $ _ CO
sew. Sule is ibr e mpl and A
i ai- the ease with which it is order
an stoo d, th..t the child of six yea
trRand the grandmother E of sev Rnct
can operate int succesfuly. The
eI omnr lers, furniserhd wi h lie d
i m- F lr and Braider. Ail the dlf.1qrot first-class
SSewing Machine for sale. Sot's celebrated liptic
i and the lE- Swing t cinthe fleet invented, the
To e o DneFrtwihaohe their o gin. All kinds
rho- of usaird. Net ls, Slk broadand
tri- press with the hill tohe colleted o delI ery fMs.
H Sewing nlein and Varietyo. 17 yras treet
-e rn t. S. ItIoiaiaiCK, 87 and 11 Canal t.
and Ageats wanted. Idea Salt New Orleans.
qltc, Is the beat Sewing Mschine ever offered to te public.
o a It Hems and Fells, Braids, Cords. Tcks and Marks
and Embroiders, with such elegance and ease that the
finest needlework would look mean ti comparison. It is
-The the only Maine ever invented that embroidr. with. I
has a greater range of work than any other. It is used
e_ nlneterclu slvelvb a the d y t nl t er Uh the
O et C the greatest carc mo
than the moncy if it does not io so. JOll McNULTY, 1
itho Wholesale end Retail Ageneyfor Louisiana, Texas, MiI
rbiun etaeippi. and Alabama. and agent for George Clark's
S Celebtirated NEW TH hEAD.
irtts Sewring fahli Twist uni Flax Thread, of the bi
It is qualityo fr Dresm Makers. Tailors and Saddlers, cu-o
I less EW YOLK 1itlCltS . FOl tILUVAI in BAKER'S
e on-l=-z~----
EsCaim.Wa atMrel-e ab .li*WSii
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.o- l mu .-m
S**-. m e ra e::c ..:: .--. .....".. .. . ..... . 
Swen r sretana 4nd
n A**.so Ai v no sOI- .6 P.oC .l is 1 8_:
PON w l taye Beet ae Ti4 n lln-el aIL r;l
hbeet that OT r came i o this marke.' Jeet try e
Srememrber that we W ... solee toit te i. m e
, t oor we wl_ refund the money.
atn r Pl i Ios guarantoed to work admrirebly
t naekinds of Portable Gee Lenm otrtealeo m um
tihE' uO. 4 ai ng  I iforlso bS seU.
sely11io t  brie o _e.. _l --a eit T
I r ..th o . . jTbr .ET AS .
15 Dauphine street. near Canal
Orders f eir .taeo ti y5ue, a.d goods ie&
l m J. P.
honarfld.t aw ..........n a· a aa.
W riwaeen CameneoS Tasde, Ce9w e 7 tfe, aSe
In als it astteeYin teas a largee ainewS a tn ta.
mds , n atrtRtptlee. 
,steadsad 0 Iss to ýste.
bb a Traar beot mae aide - i. - +"
sp oatr sates had aa large Io e aw an ad sad
had PuInIt sitey deD OI pt CO . W lh he HO 0iB.
Fr ............. pnal Stree t .... .......168
ead (Oppote Christ Conitne.
iArs re  ad Upatonrlg doa e s the bt ntlty,
Floorni otr scaTISafrom a tood os wi e.
13 .............nal Street ..... ...0 168
(Oppooste Christ Church.)
Are r-elcni Lew Canton ATTINS oWbat quw ty,
WnLto, Nco Cbck ad t o.. w a o ny ' tt rna
Floor OIL CTOTIIS. from 3 to 34 foot wide.
Manila and Cocoa MATTINGS.
Window S11A)ES In every variety.
Cedhlcc8. Curtald.-Goods; Hair Cloth, Tah. Crd,
-1 l........... Casnl Streest............10
in. I watOUS U of Im porterl, offer at lo pilba.
SChartreP street English nd Americ, and oxamlne goods
Sand prices before parcbrd ng elsewhere.
Jn ml4 . Wrttare nd Enamnel OIL CLOTHe.
IT C -am China. lee tries.. Cocoa.
WINDOW Sh ADE , Table and Plno Cose. e
CRUMB CLOTHS. Drnggt Linen, Felt.
CURTAINS ,sew, Bepý_"W7-stodr Danmask, etc.
IVgCant inen ad Cotton.
1. CORNICES. Banda. Pins. etc.
rea. Street:............106
l dsallof which he is now selling at Greatly Radiant
Parta In want of snoh artlolee are os0peOtfhly Innl.
QI too to cail at his Store, No. 106 Canal street, between
La Chartres street and Zachange Place, and ezamine goods
aand prices before purebolsg elsewhere.
Competent workman frnished when required.
emss . WHX.LL4HAI. I5 Canal streit.
l"S H H p UTHo8 FF,
ith 155 Cap street. oppoek. Patr Chatet, Hew
Every deeesoptieh ofURNtITURIU r.oumtis tothe
Rlibhet and oat l laboretoe In Design at the Leweet
Mlrkei prkets. Country merchabnt w nl doweflto as.
amine my stock. Furniture carefully stored. JaL ly
ACO :. ... ... ... ....... ........ .. ...
Wbolhuale al Bati DealmrP In
rrrrsavao, A a 8-r-. s, ·co-.
f. em - New Orbes.
- C. KI,'AHTl-N,
. KAT llle street, efoeee Me.aa,
Orders left at the Mecl~nl' lkcabgEs --B· -
srea e omps f*emeto. . ..
aow Ut Chba, sew 4L.
Cabinet Pier aa Plspbr Slabe ma . to ornr.
N. 1L-Marble and Brlok Tombs built aer te lates
daeigUs, and esxetsed io a worlk SU mama*
cheap, if not cheaper. t n by ~ a Xar ab
liehment in the city. aSie ly
Deanbs ial
LUMB1El, (no D
i m aý.y' ý... riu in . ":<<,. .
No. 9 Camp .tree, ea ad gl s
i ealtai , ' a
I bog to inforU my m naidgatin o the ote
My atock lua beraeh d with the greatest cam and
bed. I beg to inform myl Wuaaser attod t and the aws
give me an early aell sat&1ko their 1tie , am I ltni
to dclse out I aoa ad. ena . S eSe r to o y tlsew
S ees ta d s t,, ,
- ..an. al.. , . . wdr .--gmie
Maanufaammaas sfa Dealers s e
bod.l og to s.e TNS, VAzLasE aNDtbs mass
maE AmleAdeaHG
I - (,'a,.d,. .
ooIin in t e al sr t I 11 r, .an,,dl 5 ( rtr L
Mrae to ,raer at tse Shortest Hoes..
h Manauetar t g mS Dealer la
m Booms A" SHOES,
to ............. o sm~l S. N t.............
. ...a...... . Sho  .am
,,NsUWr : Wm M GOODS W
rD, S a V T1I
, 171..........P.. a" as Stot...... ...*
Daseees eaS. Cetweasom e Oe rs.. -.
pr pll'New 0tb.
"b- arumas di wdlI is of 6- sooe as
T H.NQR 10*, r

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