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The morning star and Catholic messenger. [volume] (New Orleans [La.]) 1868-1881, September 26, 1869, Morning, Image 3

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pe OI ah IIbe
ry, and the only p whe the Holy Mcri- ma
Loe could has been offered. Mrs. Banmean, anI
after the deth of her $ood husband, shose to .'I
live with the Sisters of the 0oo4 Shepherd for y,
the last four or five years. din
DiOClis Oa C6LWBUase.-The beantiftTbrick Del
church in Woodafeld, Monroe county, wee not
dedicated under the invocation of St. ylveaster Get
on Sunds -6th inst. with much solemnity, the pe
Bight Rev. Bishop b oseerans omcating. The -
Right Rev. Baishp confmed thirty-two per a
sons from Woodr and Crane's Nes t
On.Monday morning, Sept. 6 solemn igh tl
Mass was celebrated in St. Johns Chureh Ml- an
tonsenrg, by the Rev. Chas. Hahn. The tight of
ev. Bishop preached in English nd Rev. me
Father H nae in German. Thirty were co
irmed on Tuesday.. - -
Dhods 0 or Po s.uxa-The Cathedral of
the Immacnulate o Coneption, Portland, was di
consecrated on the 8th. It rs situated in an ma
important position in the city. Pontiital High r. e
Mass was then celebrated; Right Rev. J.J. Jea
Williams, Bishop of Boston, - elebrant
the Rev. Fathers BarryO Taunton, as., an th
Father Keegan of Brooklyn, N. Y., being des- Ba
con and sub-deacon respectively. th
Friday morning, 10th inst., the Right Rev. G
Bishop conferred the holy order of deacon on for
the Rev. Messrs. John J. Albert, Htugh C. Me- w
Laughlin, John Doherty, James F. Mulligan. Ca
and James '. iaginn. On Saturday, he con- th
ferred the holy order of priesthood on Messrs. on
Johnl J. Albert, Hugh C. McLaughlin and Jas. his
1F'. Maginn. the
.illhitoirii.-Sunnily 12th inst., Right Rev. tan
Bishop Wloold visited Allentown, and in the ,ri
morning blessed a temporarychapel erected by stc
Rev. Father Garvey , preparators to the erec- do
iont of a new church for the Elisoh-speakitng dc
Catholics. In the afternoon the Right Rev. hi,
i'relate laid the corner-stone of a new Gnrman all
church, under the pastoral charge of Rev. E. oc,
Hiltermanu. Large dlelegtiqus of Irishl and se'
German Catholics front Reading and the- viciu- !
itv of Allentown turned out to receive the wI
Right Rev. li-lhop andl to assist at the august to
ceremonies.--SIalnIrd. of
DIOC '-E OF BAiLTIMOtln-IkPliOtIii 1'rofe.sio I' 1,c
On the 9th inst., inl the Monastery of the Visita
tion, lMonto bMariw , Richmont, Va., Sister Mcary gi
austin Doetoch was adiitted to the holy pro- i I B
tessioun. The Right Rev. Bishop McGill dcliv- in
-red thre mrn onn e n the occasio, recceived her l
voies, and offlred the Holy Sacrilioi- of thei ni
Mass, and was assisted int the circireaoenies on
iRev. 1'ather Kelly.-r-cirror. o"
RoMic, Augnust 25.-A fearful accident took a,
ilace on Tuesday at Civita Vecchia. The 4th th
battery of Pontifical artillery was 'exercising I os
a,n the 15th bastiou outside the Porte IRoniano, tis
and was-firing at a target with a piece of fifty- al
four, when the gun exploded, thefbreech being
the partblown into pieces, which were carried .
a distance of eighty yards by the explosion. Br
A fragment went over the roofs of several ii
houses, and struck one of the canons of the I
cathedral, Don Cesare Cherubuin, a young
priest of great zealand charity, who was look
ing at the ball practice, and killed him on the H
spot, Eight soliers, Pontifical And French, ca
were hadly wounded, and two of the latter are th
unlikely to recover. The poor young canonico at
was buried next day with nailit*r hojos, the ltl
whole Pontifical battery and ItS oflcers ollow- a
i rt the to leter.
The Pope went yesterday to the CiniirahO -or
San Luig di hFrancesi, and assisted at benedic
tion. Ile afterwards received an immense I
muamber of French residents and visitors it the
sacristy. His Holiness was apparently in ex
cellent health, and Was warnly cheered on his
arrival end at his departre. -
One of the chiefs of the Garibaldoiau banlds I
of e1d47, Marauzoni, of nIutun, has jest died
in the prison of San Mrichele oif a rapid attack
of fever. In health he refused all religious
offices, and to avoid importunit. stated himsef aer
to I, e I'arotestant. rVhen ie lound, however,
that his illness was a dangerous one, hli seat
at once for a priest, and, making an ample re
paration of his past crimes, anld exiressig the
leel,.st repentance, received the tIst riles of (
the Church, with the pardon and blessing of
tho l'ope, which he deasrid in his agony.
Another death, far more terrible and sudden,
is that of the alpostate Dominiican friar, l'adre
i'rolo. This miserablie man, who continued to
say mass and dishonor Lis religious habit by
wearing it publicly, was the life and esoul of
the "EZiancipated Priests' PCeiet-Ufl - ,al
and never mssed an occasiont of inveig hing
ragaustol oCir at the arime haldiii cdemon- I
otratious..Hc dlied quitne msioiia ly tu the nigrt'
alld was not found till next day. when lifo hai
tiven extinct somie hours, with his stiffEenedl t
fingers grasping the bell-cord by which he had
vainly tried to call for help.
Mgr. Charvaz, Archbishop of Genoa, worn
out with the hopeless struggle against the re
volution, has, to - the regret of every cue, re
signed his see and retired to Savoy. The ulti
nmate cause of this decision is said to lhave been
the sacrilege of the adorable Sacrament com
mitted very recent at Irgli, it is feared and be
lieved, with the full connivaneo of the police.
A league of honest men is to be established
in Italy. It is -ery certain its members will
- eot,axagenera t berm of the Italian
lionse otrLegislature. or of soverne. odic
The .Lying Club," in Florence, publish most
circumstantial details of Gea. bKanzlers' pas
sage through Italy, ond the insults heapede on
hint by the populatii, the fact being that,
save to go yesterdqy to Civita Vecchia, the
BMinlster of War hae'npver loft Rome, and that
ito Madame KlaulelFWctot by sea to Marseilles.
It is impossible that her passage would have
caused a statement based on nothing save the
inherent love of lyiiig of revolutionary news
Tqhe Patriarch of Lelitnon who, in conse- /
quence of his respectful reception of the Pope's
letter, has been dismissed from his see by the
Russians, intends, it is said by the A,,iiiai, to
attend the Council, and to influence his suf
fragons to do the same. Their conversion
would, probably, induce' many of the Emirs to
follow their oxanprle.
A new~runtrian Ambassador isrspoken of in
thE person of hi. yon lIach, the old representa
tiveof the Empire here. His Excellency has
held long interviews with the .Emperor and
M. von Berst lfily, and has, it Is said, strong
ly remonstratedwith them on the recent sets
ofAustria with regard to Romq. hi. von Trant
nmsmdorff returns next month to preeen lii
letters of recall. He will in no way be regret
ted at the Vutiecn.aa ekyeJ-R~gt. -
On the festival of St. Louis the Pope visited
the French Church, where he was reeeived by
Viscount D6 Cray, Chge dAffaires of France.
The Pope prayed in the church, and then en
tered the sacriety, where he received the et
of the eab.eea, the priet of the huch, and
a number of (oreignsr, who were admitted to
kiss his foot. He-said some agreeable thi-g
to the foreigners prtislarly to the ladies.
walk on the Placto. The Pope has lately been
spending money wrth a liberal hand. H hass
constructed at his own eoet some new roads in
the province of Vitterbo built now walls
round the little town of Nettuno, and given a
large sum towards the endowment of an insti
tutTon for blind children, the ,ouodatiou of
which is announced in a circular from the
Iw.M 7 ,t...l_:_t-,om ···  t:
- g ifts. .rlo ie l o ndWohed.
mmrbl of s e for the deorber ao o
or ew Eolsa W a ~ ibto oh-rob.
SotherTay.oleon wo d : e ebat ateiv of
s VBo a da thegr0jra whom headtesed olnrtho
SDele+ al to te oer aend laryded tpro
Snounfes. is ie Is about to send on.tmpeo.
a- Duks of eas Wcitnfainrsome mpagniftent
- marrs of tamont returnedf the decoration of ,
a, anew Roman Ca toli ohfrb.
o Tspapolen a lete ws celebrated I.at Civit
Veuhor deitne gret ounlat, nd at the oemcial
dinner opns~ior bSo Jettsa the Pontfioral
SDelego thpiri, allaud to tae centenary, and pro
he noqn ,ti. elogy on the great Empoeyr.
r Gse ', iotmont returned the complimenat' by
diesg n a ke of strain ownf ior ws IX .
.Je Ch.pmphlrt imas lst appeared herfrom the
penof athWe Aada and bearing the title
of he o20h lt., the fonlls.' It heabeen of the
Stbted profustely amo ng f di pota iet of the Ca.
author dwice ines town neCouncr Vil us, greaetve sebly
bt of Bishops inspired by Jess Christ. He never
Smentionf dthe Holy pirit, and declby are that
n the questions it will debate are beyond the
Swhicof his dteeo to apnd that ithere his dutyno
of Catholies his pChristian, to repress all perd
as diema ooucluslons of his own, or which may be
n mthat since 18noraoe,p other parickedneshad been
Sreceunited the decisioand o the Concil es hosw underof
. Jesuhis ChristHimsetion 2600 Catholics. On receivng
. the orr.t aWe find imprisn the J ourf Poen, ousf
Sprthies 0th ant., the followint specimen of the
Steadussian who wilysteing. of deputabhisit of theo theCa
thol Churhent. The parish priest of church was
) owce a town near Vilsubstituted arist received from
hisduties.Genera PThe poff, govmeor pastor was thennia, a
on form of declaration to be signock, d b him, in
..- whicb it was goude to appea;that there was no
, Catholics penalties to exrish. The riest relied
- that siallyce to bp ftizve other pnuriy. The chuad heen
. unwhitend to his, and that there were now ovnder
at . his juriusdiction 2600 Catholics. On receiving
that reply the governor s iued awarrant for
v. tihe rirrest and imprisonTiwi of the courageous
le iriest, and at once. a)ointetd another in his
by stead, who willingly plt his name to the
B- dcunternt. Thereuino tie palrish church was
rig ciosed and the soin ited -priestac rolievet:d of
. is dtis. circl e militar pastor wes then
n allowed to returnss to his tlock, at go found his
e. occlpation gonae; for ece was forbidt, not uwithder
ni isevere pet, t wi to ex kud orcise his ministreny,
in- especially to baptize or luy. The churches,
Germans, taken froand the Catholic, arve made over
similar circles. uritog the cas. Lately a decree
of transportation whichs issued vasait 30well
- tuI.Cated r.-ThO Screoine relieiJcse of Tolrnay
gry giver the hol budildingtrsting accoutinthe recrU The
ro- all t gan circle is a military circla established
iv- in ionue less than two *years ago for the
r Belgdispatch from Receivowed sta frst, not with
son dici plof the, it ebit so convplenly triun phed
ov liber tll iby givis that the u Dutch, the
GeThrmanse o, and the Br have since founthtde
similar circles. l)uri gthe past week General
Khe uzolne inister ofeVar, paid a visit;t. our
estalblishment, whichins a vast pnlseet" well
io cnatet fr the resort of lln t.r soelders from
ithe Co tuncir difl. Tret arrackpetre. Tche Genomeral wen
ug I over the hole building, inspccting the recra
no, tion rooim,-tharradiag-mroo ,B where he found
ty- all the Belgian Catholic publications.
wa5 dispatch from Cracow states that the
oe superior of the Carnelite convent in which
on. Barbera Ubryk was - conifiad hba been sat at
l libert by the judicfll authorities, together
ok- The Jourral de Brsrellc states that his
the Holiness ordered some time ago a quantity of
ch, carpet at Berlin for use in St. Peter's during
are the Council. The carpet reached Rome lately
ico and the Pope was agreeably surprised to Ana
the that the Catholics of Berlin' had paid for it
ow- and for its carriage to Rome.
I Ti NNESRPLUM PUBEN> E moonwans ý"
is -A ;i,
1 CA..M....: .6... .. cAMP STR-ET..... .. .-- 16
NeW Orleans.
Roontnp. Gnttering, and all kinds or Jobbing done
with dispateh.
rr, A Ai asrtment of TIN WARE alwayson hand, I
it and made tarrr
- KIWAOI, O'OOViLKE. es-T£rriw M&GHO'i*.
i -4 Non. i3D and 1.55'nlton, and 213 New Levee etirete,
to I between St. Jn eih and Jul18 street.
i Low prenure. wLorisionee, knled and Cylinder rol
ofera. o laritlecas, lltern and Juice Boxes made at the abort
eat notice.
-Will nmhe eentractafOr 3olle.M and all uweneary con
g nertione, such as Fire Fronts, irate Iar Sitem nlodl
Stad Pipes Valves, etc. Chimneys snl Breering, all
ll workr done at thi t esta -Imeu w .
Steed eqal In point of workamsahip and materalto any
0( in the city or elsewlere.
ad Planters and Merchants are repectfully vited to
call and ,xamine our wrk and prices mhc29 lV
4G04...........Magazine Street...........464
Between Race and Robin,
t All material In the line furnished at the I.owest Mar
ket Rates, and competqnt, exporieneed Mechanics on
-e. m. o--- 14 I
oat J.o n'lNTYX5. M. H. APlLtiTIAT
tIe Dealers in Cooking Ranges and Bolers, Bath Tahs,
[int WLi-r Closets, Wan . Stands, Kitchen Sinks Lift
and Force Pumap. Ale P'imn, Slieet and Lad d'Pipe.
S Bras and Plated Cocks of all pattrna,
the 14...............POYDRAS STREET........... -14
N. B.--Agets for Colwell's, Shaw & Willard's Patnut
isw I Tin Lined Pipe. ed. s ui lr
is ilcrante pat up, extended, and repaired. Rle pairing
: nonfly dsrn- __ _-
,to c C. HARTWELL,
io42.... ....Baonne Street.............42
Between Common and Oravler, Nhew Orleans.
F in Hot, Cold, and Shower Bathlng Apnaratus. WVater
t-C P pae eciptiono a. Sia and
I Water h. nsad andelers. Brackets etc., caretlutly
afitted p Jobbing attended ow u the most reasonabll
and terms 1031 ly
a- No. 38 Eriito street.
While returin theake far the patronage be
Tot- stewed upon me. taJtw this opportaulty of informlili
the Pubttc that I continue to do work end repair on ail
kind ofmachinery. Orders eonted with thgates
ited nare and disatch. - - - -_
e PH. 'O LZEL.
d to 966 end 270.TohoapitOlas Stret.68 and 270
e- `~law Orlwnas, La.
ik a Co°"x&&I es bees ROPg-C~oýu and Cow
been yIED. Orders pampy aitcnded t, ad . delivere
5has fee ofoebase. l
-en a Plaquemine, Parish of Iberville, La.,
net Will give his attention to the sale nd pulmrcehe ot Real
So-E-stae, and all business relating thamto,, throughout the
te orlebo IbTerville end adjeilng prishes ail S
aLndi , o ..ua a o Wasd. wbmo
I te "be emf the a
np l line~m sa " Hall ate a
tdian ba" ,- ilb n-. sare a
Th i~._ ithea plo of ar ... , .iess.. oe acea
or d meanTthin t ripe 3cohst ealk s,......A-. -
pe Sessiont . .................... 59 0 eA
MF o firTies and i atiea Mry at st. , s
tPresid*a*nrf th~ e Coe a ba
Partn Fuel ad Lights elrinue by thte lasti toar. Re
naie an l. tHap, with ms oatremnt......- ooh 0ost
th oa bln.ar.s lToaa per oeahe.o "m de o
" "' Gaitar.. ............ see aI=
vensl-taila.te. l.o I..n.aa ore . . , e.._tensi"e. 40an
wreallr and frathtulge-a er inds ... . .. ..0
em bratodepy. Tapestlryee. dermga e E-..
Pl on. olwrk. grat s.
IF ML--T' s have benen uudnad to tender the absr II
Sadvantages available e .... m a0
Cy -a G1AuRDzAU. MusvOLPail
Thaiinst ition, onduaeod by the Priest ..f the Con.
Sther iation of s. Vincent or Paul, I
y o v. the Mtsttpl river, forty .ile,
The College buildings are Ia e, omtmodo G afnd well pub
r ntilat. The groadns aroe eaut fulnd exthreand
roht .irardeau ohsIIIMON, 1G1
The du-tae tise, an.tbison the FIRST MONDAY th
ol' arti II IAth and es s o Sa ot the ist of July Acis
B arolrd and Tol.one.r stcholatioc yearr.....-.--.m
SWashi·ng, and foene rofn artieles waie....... ll 8
e Phyiciat li hig, a dict. er neea...ioh. . 40 ase
nuestromnoptal Music... ...... * A*
f For further infonmaticu apply to o
RI ev. ANUTHONY VEaIA, C. M., par
otrtle lOdlein t y Colleger,
Sthisinstitu MAn IA, RICHlOD, VIGI t A e rf
I'0 ed Lf r •, sulhoeen in mc o t ion sn tic.
The dItens of thins lentitutnd will he oresmed on the eae
every ahdeanta e.i
SealtAhy tite in fe Suth. with Ia e rouendtcahid fn
ta r and ruct trc situatiun, It 51fO-la, In acditc on
every facility for . acquring an educat init, men
hi t MAuRYmnt. JTEFROp e a Co nis o [me
r smorall, ot hgh grad. Large additions have been
l ma to the buildings to meet the icnreasieg applitf - bet
tlons for adeisaion.
Sstreet. _ yrýG ts
d BnT ST. LonIS, Meahlaefl.rl.
This Institntion, ronducted by the Brothers of the
h Sacred Heart, es been n successful operatEn since
isg all the advrntages f tice sea breeae and bathing t
StheSummer atnert t. r the pupilA a gre, t idneent to
f healthful msDniueenb The Commercial Course Em
prises all the brancheeof a good English edcucation.
B reared and Taitsurg, srion out, payable half yearly I
'- n s oni. asn s stte ato
g, mTI TRalca:ea r
iadane.ilin, p t- e. .. R .. .. 1 0al0..
i arsing, pert Im bnro i1d 0.lc- .t 4 00Mon s t
p-ra't by ItWtoMhyaocc.-r-.- ooryi if lhe
sor ano, p Trinoeth...l.s1 : lb
Brass I .trfldtn ut .per mon th .. ...... ---. - 1 M F
Spanish t d lngerIs la t guages, per mounth, each. 5 00
For further particulars, apply to toLi o l
Se Conducted by the Sisters eit Chrity,
td , This nsrirot.tio too t pleaantly situcateie to healthy aw l
ietcreeqluepnrt cls Fredrick canui c, iMaland. halfhat S.
mile froc E-P nity b t. ad two coan s . lie i tor t St1 .
oorcted by rthe L.gltsitcro of Maryland in 1081. The
TFr chlarge pfcrtlciur apply Ttoio, inrlprcic e nerd e
and iccg aind iccrc fen , ihr seessin..... 125 00
AWashioglan cI iT A . t.t.......... 10 00
Musc, Drclted bya tile Lanitgean oare etr chags.
ccl Thise Academic tltron ti dirled l n two te it oi of e fire
l lettern cis tquirydir.L( -cc- to ec t c t tu
a il \ciO"ly rllglthalmh iI r tE t RIO e
n" vi , j . ^Is St. re chped c Ac-eab lcits .hr g ,e s hncg. Ido.
uThe Maist Fathers, wh o have charge of the Instrtue
tien, are provided twith all the facilites for icpartieg a
th,ouigh English, French. Classical and Mathematicale
464 Educateion.i 1itr
TFeia PaPoyable io edvance, eti in geld, or lts snul- I
ralent, for the half-session of fve, months.e
ite- For further particulares, appi y to the President, or to
on - iESSES. POtl SINE & CO.,
I au2 i1v Nto.S3 Natchez street, New Orleans.
Directdcl by tle Christian Ir --hels.
aoehs This institutioe transfermed froze e city of Newr Or.
Lift leans to the capacious, airy and ilorenlthl adapted
'ipe, ,utlci itegi hith ukn n - as the Pae Chrc..i.o .it. el,
.."48 c Fccltcieo hle, o icy unsrpassed icclv t . . ... of lees
eiue. as well a the soidc careter of the studaies pccr
-eotr scccoLdmr oi Ii tot.e Jimtlcrs esre.
irl J8y The rangeof st --ic-e. esittd Out byan pcrioc'n.d
glaze ounre, literar nd sAieztfO tgOthe
i~rct Mondta . of Otober in eryyer, and r in .
the First of atc-et.eet-ru-nieg Inw.. however, of
..4 2 c ccrlovcutions e offerings desirable opjoe-tuzity to pa
rezts esue-guareatat ani tevLrel ilg the e iercises of lie
fatem the reess. Inm eb ev, the mat..c.late. white ee
lev c-c to ilt them fer meetng, at opes. abe req,t.rmella of
- 118.NS~ ~ -
mder the Bess.r 1Issis g
aTo f m
el~ the ·irradvtnta
-Tes use s, " "i
l So¢k aan  -., QU .-.
se-ri e . da. ..tb.. . t.. - -t
Ve stxmwat a .. .................. , o -
S ...............
I-P ýýan +s so 3 I WADS QV.. ..L................ • O0
..l .. o m. . .... ................... p g0
tsta u tor t . e w " .................. e a0
ohaonel .. ................. l O
The esmr o be shocarea4a t the ruastiobe A
dem0by h of , .-th--...sgy A a
p A n n o. bt i o n . . t ho e o
- ooks, . ma . p Led t o at
canltas... s . a .. r. .lv..... 30.
ht6rsen mad thoe d8 th an ....... r....-.. a ot
tl. .ationr. . .... ................ o.
.ecal.l. t .m.--7". n o. . .
r fcawing wl r .0 n o ]OX Y,
Teinuo ag re .s. per connsd..c...... 4r t ie o
The otrsre omm ae abou t the mniddle oPitembsr.
ard cloeby the end of Jily, by an ers palsn toarn
0 p  le.pxt ton. c the
i Bootk, etc.. may be procured at thte Instituton at Ti
modsrtef r prics duri tey. a
SPupil are receised at any d n tha a
charges node from the date of entrance o . or
Sor further particulars apply o the Mother Saierior,
Arnadeny of the Hooly ancgels. a.Si. am
3 ltlAnnulniation ttaret; between Thalia s4Madel
Soaomeo tra tiot 'bil Inalitution (conduted by the
Si ters of Chanit) will reopen on OEmOa t
A A Egust, 1800.
sI l, taers- onsider thesra ves tensce ti osnly
bound to reetpand to tyhe coftdene etaod in them by
parents and guardians, by giving to sir un Ce tthri
ttan iaod virtuons edocation; atictif ·niing to their
intlleyctul inptroveaentl end cultivating that ry n
meet of mannor which wrll fit them for society.
Tia course of lnstructin (hased pon thet phsasateast
St. Joseph's. Ettasteburg.) embraces Orthography
Hoading. Grammar, . Lhthrnamn P. soatl. rk an
Oruanental Writing, Prictical and Rational Arthbme.
tic. Book-keeping, principles of Alge and Goosmer".
Ancient and t.loero Geography Iwith the use of Maps
Sond illolea eti'aonomys Sacred mad Profane History
nliohropby and Mythology, .Natul History Natn al
'hlnosopyly. lutellctual and Moral Pho ospeey LogtIe,
Botanry rd Chemistry French. MusicL on the Poane,
Voc Msic, Plain and Ornamental Needle Work.
S Terms per Montth-Ptayable in Advan
E glrh aluasoea, from.............. ...... 00 to 10 00J1
SFrenach Classes ..................... .. .se00
A Entrnce-psad but corn................ t00
Music. Drawing. etc, formu extra charges. a
. wll he considered a month completed no deduction
Sbeng made for absence. . Books nd tane. fur.
nished lby the intitntion at current prices. 3. a tote
i are earnestly reqouested to ail only on Saturdays he
,r twon the houre o 1o and o'clockr, to prevent the in. p
terruption of aholetse exercises,. da
S|o further Infuoration, palse inquire at the SthmoL u.
d. l w
I P.
d ounded 1 _i .
In COthe d CAMP AND COM-MO--- D.--B
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a siudn sa-ot tattea, studt en  to
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' IA 1) of its iluadtca area in Proaperous musinesn
r- Tie City and ever the South.
be _llaaltly - -
8O and 82 Camp street, corner Natcheo.
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nes education practically, sentfically and phllosaoplhi-.
iica By this course and system of work the Student so
uires, in a lew weeks or months. se experocince of a
life tme. ve known facility is maae-nee of to mnet
qul. the demands of the bssiness cosrmnulty, advanuethe is.
terente of patrons, and render this flourishing and popa.
lar Institution superior In all ltedeartments.
' to ieholarhips aMined by Sules Colleg re o eolin forty
co operstlv Colleges. This ean advantage that is enot
anjoyud. and wiah ounot be extended by any other
The Commercial and Exchange Cuation
ment remains in chergeof the Principal, wbestakasy,
philosophIc, and rapla system of work Joseen forbnsey
er reccilvsdwith unprecedeonted favor by a dlocore
tures ari retnlarlvftven by the Principal and able
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all CBAPt APatri O$ ttit .,'"
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"a ate es tn Bt a *-o&
101 Chartres street, beaqa S. ...oni I·4
_ . 1mpftted - ."..ais"' iL aootlh awtW!º"
3L L. aru r ar
PARTg BREAD of s68 Baked la S 1ARITERi OAhK!I
PRIZE -r IEAD of 18e0 Bakmls htl a CHAoTER OA
PThe CHAbTEr OAK wa awarded the GLD 3
MEDAL over tohe at rielant and tot-er ftO at
the Louisiana State Falr of 1980.  .. [
is-, -
PThe CHARTER Ar O agai defeted r
Gold Med al obve i etl t s -
onThsstrte Yeiarsgt T oOthe BrePe
" Io street,
in' 9 ani thu Camp, and 5€tpdo_ no streetsa
Denlumber ta h dwave, b e ls, Cutlery h-. o- 'g t b ep .
Javtoe 0 4TI1 1 . rise
kg it o ` eraiav s
sesr........T tnn S te ........
ass. T - RnOT AotI yars, EaV RTewE OA
PRIZE IXIIEAD of' 10610 Baked In a CII.tA1tTb· OAWI
MEDAL over fr ale the Brit and all otr A1otmea at
the Louisiana Statr Fair of 1c06.0.
The CHAe arel OAK nt i the defeated tldlrlat
thdb Ie.TexF 10 PaIr,' IM D e or oo
Gold Medal aver t-tOl N , ma TU
to 17 g4. ....... o... x r .xsawrs --*.. . 1
.eT1- -,eweOuizaens e AwotlS 56
laks "I here cuertify that I puhsd from e-o.
l- Contheert 65. m at Char (i k 8See t
-tt THIRTEEN Yt ed 2 bs
124 Washington strest, Pew Orisgo."
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Cto Presses. -
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560 ...in Tb.SP 5 Cb
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