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The morning star and Catholic messenger. [volume] (New Orleans [La.]) 1868-1881, July 10, 1870, Morning, Image 1

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39. miz 1(, ýQ r Y,10, 1870
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SCdthoJlIc Messenger
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Saopened imn lWord The i
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.AWgP, srow b an onud do-land
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_eb, I ea! t yoq would wa t
III a to mos pl t
S - 1'5 ase&t Wsmetime unswo
8 Iw like teadher. buoofrne
Stll continued days.
, mo asprty, "like the atty
rest& I'm grown an oud do- old wt
taret feaies ee thga that naever got u
w world -i r
I , aS bi black The >
e m the world, dear mightar
-at .tnn m ., omsisrs eagerly,: Di
Ie n to IAst sensible rand as clear- wsge
y pfd y hnotc-a e me tow ra
to ý a , ikEw I havL e leesr s with t
K bsv. leese te the living." saints,
s I would," said `the man be
nto moan -pull- s' tor
sP i El shterp s to.of ara
05*6 als a iwyonial
*. ea a .'id.wb7h my a scream
an` ºLe Sthe ShouldI
us AU d thiee to byetes
g the aby Fergi
sp lin oaa as temet at t
Shlre, with were not
" wss, a big black The hi
Iwo lt I horsesel ui as thereat
bat went round e Akction.
l tabto# for s brie.jj w On Fri
d het SOjAexiae o It very accurately, interior -
t eto tallyubetoo natuall bt
5 ughsdtol so sharply at it." daeit 5
tha, Ms e a hai.m, at j darker at
sto get the world, an' wiy worlda rgl
I uldn't take my eyes of the.hn silence e:
R-lthe ure shakin in undher "Bus,
fut surely, Ratty, there was bawl Bor to-nigl
t eaughIo you to ese evey1thip oa flor to -Y
U1·i~-clt, iu Ekm Aeg r "L ynleh
aol owrd o rora~~o olgt
£31 ore. aetstall that thsere wa; six lmes
rm . - ... horss man; a an' .could see the
---., a ,ek.....,_,, pruuve undbel,.·f "tb
sa al .0,-- the rov a er u rr d .e th
reihiarmm one inad of the oaeh to the
other.. ,od forbid it should mane t
awhse thin. abou ~., poor mastbher."
SAmenn -..ently responded her mis
knw -"Hush, Mirss Ellen, dul,n isn't tt a
noise tn exclaimed the terrified old wo ,an
. why- and, flinging herself on bher knees, she be
gan to pour forth rapid but unoonneeted
Sprayers and ejaculations. Her fears were,
howeveir, greatly disproportloned to their I
S cause at present, a the sounds that hade
alarmed her were but thoseuof the withered
letes in frot of the cottage, displayed by o
' ligu and fatiou footsteps approaching
th e wl , on Ellen o moing to the
door the wipering tones of Frnkof gl
|d iadmission for himself and Father Bar- b
nard. od
t .Insiantlj they were admitted, and, after
at .k a cordial preesre of hands with the de- w
lighted girrl the priest was proceeding to o
soothe her farther, when gaty, reeoverin
from her terror rther screa than s
_as she - eged from otf her knees," A tA
is7I yo ure, afther all, Father Bernard a ly
hgur, an not not the ooae. bowe.r An' to
you're not kilt Stilllblessed be the Vergin ax
'-rfer returnin from foreign parts an' all '
ie the rummagin' o' the thro0per and cursed an
Shawa-the divil lay vy hand on him,
soon an' suddent, rs a Wirro (amen. s,
mM ni)..aral -er reverence's pardon for
H 19ash_, my ol fd the
"ow, to h10 iprsiee, lt .no
oonm~er- IBiIeinBi
spoke atanI An' ow course, Fatherzer. a
maid, an"' me not seein' yot thJs seven 'Fi
yeas, you, no more nor another, wouldn't seli
think it worth yer while to give yer ies- yen
i dar ts in' to an' ould colliag. • to
nund's With a smile, Father Bernarfedte wre
rda symbol of Salvation over,. her head and sail
S'the puassed on, while Kattn continued to maut- and
Ste sr with something o aP ent grumbling, o
but with as mueh real gratifation as she r
luring could allow herself to exhibit,
air so Thei nall .d awok scalmly from the most retw
ig the placid slumber he had enjoyed for many "B
Sap- days, while the priest and his daughter was
S. were engaged in prayer by his bed-side; had
lienand having been prepared to expect the -beg,
appeasruae of his formem soafessor, Ellen oft
saw wth delight that, thorugh her father by a
,ia eomgd rthe presenee of the priest with scout
a hghgratitaon in lookand xpresion, he pants
I was not overpowered by it, as she !hared most
m.igt would be the cuse. l a
m), Protracted, as well as deeply lnteret Fm
ail to themselves notwithstanding th.e pries the
frequens entreaties to theL invalid not to takin
hint overtuk his weakness by ralkingto much, path
nd was their converse; and the almot smoul- leisu
d in dering hopes of the poor girl for his ul- i
timate recovery, stirred up by her father's otHe
mes; unwonted liveliness of eye and tongue, the m
, burned brighter than they had formay shore
,ed days. Those hopes she e0mmunlcate-di voice
the Katty in a rglayful tone, that sounded to the snatch
do- old womet ar like a dear, but half-for.- The
v.er gott strain of rich music, as she "p
fron roe maom with Frank that the Ftrank
... • 6 ru.[ a hepriest Ihardb
lear might confess and shrie'tp-ij inval d
rly: "Didn't I say afore, th- et'enin' th tswe w
arl- wsgettln' betther, h ees EllenI oily what windoi
our signifies an ould' 001110911' talk ? And as ctaltld
o donmeshalways r o by their contraries so wih
less with the help o hie Vergin an' all the steoppe
Ssaints, will the eons boweurr too. x with hi
_the ma be inteaoud h funer, its' a wedin't
ror we d have in thJumly out here ; God Gdatoni-i
an Wll to and every pl a porch." 'The old disting.
!g woman glanced with a comie expression person.
 of ar)nes in her rhenmed eye, at Ellen, the eve
SI who blushed like a Mtay morning at the al- ti"al a
at lesion.
he h as spealrng a low whistle w fo tin FOG
wriven in the rearinf tghe o ad whle therbar
Iay wa ona w as more exerting her lungs in as wl
y a sream, Frank, telling his cousin tat he nor myS
he should be absenf foranorornt~, on ~
, L---..at hioh arn or two, letutheoc
' cottage. tHe found the givetr of the signal other,
I to be,ashbe hradudged, oneofj hiS .omo then a
to FFgo told him that he had been dispatchJa piuion a
e by Fargans to tell him that the boys had pne a
in met at the rhaunted barn, and that they braee
I were now waiting his arrival. u-ph
k The barn was considerably detached to residen
Sthe rear of omeshattered cottages, in a hol- Lady L
t, low, in front of which one of two scouts, kind-hen
k located there, questioned Fral 's guide under he
t' Zsieyin Irish, andapparentlyto his sati- serving c
On Frank's entrance there was a movre- wtt
Sme nt; and Feiaus darted forward from the Ffolliot,
interior - to meet him. But therewa selws, li
" neither shout norýaclaantiorand, thouash slfsbh1d,
dark, fere c eeenanc ooked- stl herteda
i darker and fercer,-in the dim and flicker- timacy wi
r ing light, the assemblage closed together in terwards,
silence, except it might be that there were attachmea
a few low remarks, " he was led to the the oripha
upper port of the barn. Ld
"Boys," said Fergus, in a lown .b ener- moher's d
getic tone "we all know what we are herer tion of aln
for to-nig't. . "
Jhnan.s. as Sir Er
:' "-Yis. We want to have revioge o' Sir daungh'tEr
John and Ffoll)hiot, said a main named rece-vin i
Themmanah, betwe~en hia claenched te~eth, hisown II
"An' to na'ake it more sari,," rejoined caresthat
Feigns, "I'm goln' to give up (be conianand So g -e or
So - sdther Praon for a time, if ye awair knew bhd,
,oy tohi "" -- mnatin oi
L yao for over--well take the vest- [of mis. p
urlsee the eane hl
lar tht ** - a h o
isbh to th lot. .
mane any t
iher ms> - orh rheFln
o raisa his voice tosomewhbat ajouder
tt dah, th ise ou ezeement, ." ' isn't he by.
Id wont, blood o' thoe thot i stck an'ht to be
Sshe be mastherse I not to talk that he has the skill,
an ma be, ahelp us aidsly to thpe powd
Sthi bea lo-o tair' boys, teeo, at a pwiere,
that had --e looked to the sailor.
thered by " Yes, my eartle," said the latter,
Iroaedbig yeU ethe captain if ye want to have a
y to the eroal. l* tsered trough breaker and i
gtothe soa. es te bo can saplice e a rope or v
k claim- pointa gun if ye want it; an' maybe.the e
her Ber- boys' of 'Te 8Swallow' won't stick to him e
on land or an sea." t oo n
ad, the "y , n at oud sto for ever
aO nd g"Bul, boys," exclaimed Frnk, gettin
an an opportuony o being heard now, er
s A two or three inefhtusi attempts previous- a
d a ly, ith incere thanks for your kind n
I# An to n o rp ent rcumstances will come th
'Vergin me to delne .the honor yo. Intended or tr
s an' all me, as I am obliged tospread my canvas at h
r cursed ·an hour."
m, No, no Captain Frank must not leve bei
S(amen s, till reving 1 agot for all as,"n exlaimed
deon for pgs pla g hbi band on Frank's.soul- ee
am rom e the ,wth the om'&t"L et ..
bay di must n er aty ,de mar a sll some
days,, or brleialsr .> .o ý&oL
t ltno treuaero wod.p -
splerso ee yu met eavia lboys
seven Franks, egsry arril whit oy lPledg a i
)Slda't selves to aid me heritreor in aeon ear
lyes- vengeance on those wo hav d en yo
anie wreckd my ancient family I pledge in
and sailo word that I will join yoa, heart evea
'mat- and soueal, and risk life and limb to achieve v
bling, our common object."
s she "We'll plaedge oursele sol an' bod, ers
m to work by dlay an' by nightr till we have
Imost revingev d F i G
m enge "Revingeon Ffollotan' the two Srhawn
giter wa repeUtsed thsame low aadnce that B
sidei; had qheraeerld th np roeseallp oabe theou_
tEte b Ding bat with a sUI oerese energ MO
Bie. otonq, a wlen' the meen wass iternote s
with sousab th e ah
l, be pnts of the bord mtade their egles in therCana
ared smost anoerease om an imb, and a oe v
ly as the narrow door would p oermit. B
SFrank anod the sailor partedjustl wthout
ets the barn; Hanlon, even a t a I e
t to taking the-to him-well known moWtain h e
uch, path to the csst, whle Frank rec ed c
clu- leisurely by the lake side to the cotta . I
, ul- He had not proceeded tar, when thecause l
er's of the interruption mrtly revealed itselfIn it
gaO the measured ound of oars along the near i g
"ny shore of the lake, and the rich, mellow earnern
Sto voice of one of the voyagers, ehantin low there
the. snatches of song at intervala.
for- The beat was somewhat in advance of our
med Frank,. and when it reached the little creek, "Ei
lest hardb which the cottage was situated he iatn
saw, with surprise, Aman spring from Itand thitnk
the approaaihig the houe p gently at the refusal
hat window; hesaw, too, thatthedoor wanoud
as atantly opened and that a female.* iclous1
so which be know must be that of his cousin, s t
the stepped forth and, loiling the man, mov c lBuy
six with him toward tie beach at a little d
in' tance from the boat,while, to oomplete hs t t
god satonishment, he thought that he could at the
sld distinguish that the male 4iure and thlewiths
n per he had met leaving the cottag on e
in, the evening of his arrival there, were ide- en ing t
l= tieal and th of a
A toS & A wh.. lnd -eda Frank rauin S yo
wonrL undeaieid hat pat tosat durin more t
s wie teorview of the parties, we may tow in
n as es by vontatn neither reserve a rt
be onc : s Itmwit our ri& efll them at
Theoat Arthu Pfomewh it dv ne
al other, bd esplan theo them w uhy h d h l
a then atertohobject of Frank's ean p-e
pion, and t heunwittingo disturber of the tat s
d rapparee meeting.
Y Arthur Ffoliot and Elletn Lfynch had hve b
been playmae o oma childhood, as their vi iea
w residences chance aso be contiguous; and T'o Ii
S.L nch- an unasumig, matronly, t
Itknd e r womano_ was inclined to take tst, i t
Sunder her wing persons she considered dle- yt becu d
- servilg of patronae, and who were just tLe
then struggling to" rras lve Iwenvre the hon e"
world," particularly or or the ake of Mrs "Th
SFfolliuot, who, In pointed contrast -to her
Sselish, loose principled, and ambirious ou
Shusband, was as eekhmindeh and utre - o
I hearted a being as ever existed. This in
timacy was fustered too, and increased adf
I terwards, through the motherly carre a d
attachment/ extended by irs. Ffolljot to iss bot
the orphan girl, on the premature death of boat
Lady Lynch. Indeed, Ellen, after her cot
mother's deoease, spent a-considerabe por
tion of almost every day at Fwoihioi's Grove
as 8r Edmund ws delighted that his B. Bai e
daglter s,,uI hare an opportuniya or a thout
receiving Lthe iustruction and Weis eda. les, sentence,
his own Iudoteren, and tinc hrt.gareasug more: the
cares that began to sesail him unLitted binh bring It
t gtve or superitteud, firm a lady who, he heap set.
knew bhl sted fuor year. so higin ote e- tllhough n
?'tisah.-"Isis beloved wire, ti, the dt ftil wesab
of- rs iet aI,~mrPca rea or fear years a saPele.
rhi -.swb d ot hewe,
tit en 1-e Thaediopn +~~~d~I
...RO and.i ,o a~tre
l t t PIZ kro~esad a
m'b. n-aee - oes e
Araud r -was. seat to a pa i4 'sh
ItrJooller intienaa 3.. n p ° fo ii a asm I
sn't be ov Botos hi ristet oý d for a time.
o rreu from vtnib
Ion afrhs ih ons ben
ýBttobe.e h hni. ftr ,lirsw . tbk 1
lheyell, hid doquan aamaiu theree 446S ause at
the  eM befog.
lwi um di. hs), d forothe
a pines; and 0. g1 him aYI, arffpreer abdor
' utnl ow to _pwt Wewdbefor
Slatter, Int ba atedao bed ofn
to have .poker, w1a` eeh T t e bee
her and spoken; said he hd sg~z~sl~ sola I
tbe thme 'cottaig tmdite prroe -- 'h
tb e or'atonbe, mould t rr alsu , ",, "',
tv e of the miita -
change of scene would wean kiln faces lia
Hado rev forbidden t b, woen~
getting the eatreovii be hdedto renew
~, aft 7 several t esd
avionf- repea, Elen woukld aonsent to be
ind united to him, before the eorps to whieb the
55ne wata hod d h blhe reroved ifo the
dad foi the d whetia, is which cafe, he ermr tim
ysust t e, ould be no doubt biit a s
would be speedily recoaciled to set
bWe hile all amnoya ce. frmherta s
ihou- lffq; "fa nallwerm li
tuem rs, weo even my dssslfagh, out ofok.
,: ee . b"e"h ba to
aura - h baTh
se woul a,ees earn told her, do - Kpp
$enn Elo, for  own bty anddear-o
,i and ,u_..n,. io,. ndear- se. see
Ett i snmieitn Arthsur, yer ' o w aun
ge hat patia feeeg Bot B oe it t turn outan r
hieven YO U i would ill become sb moess
hi .ber of 1r srsd rm beh-to e m trd beatn
hersmf Into any family, like a sedodieatg i
flyj peirue~lnlj repre · en~~hlarotve
ave seekibgtheir co mmliserion .n.
Yoe would then, beloved Elen, se Chai
flc" lc triaed gbetlion to mipdeja as- d ditt
o pr ipeM" he said, reproaemlly. hbrat-e
 tea lna evil blas tf of mlsdrj tu ee _# sweh
M oe saoLsee w ite IrOPo be mo pve IYDIsI.· fell
can~ies theevi blast of midoj.sabl e s be-i. z
pid- over U."pn • -
"Bt my own, own Ellenu, would your should
sense allwuw you to tbhink it just that sese
w the happincar of * both should beforfeited sob.
ned **f e'er, to 5raiTiy the Indulgence or pro rav
a eltghowever unnatural f? m dMc
sdswouldno" -- bt
not.' vitf hinot~
dodemn sMe zloliued, turning side, l&- as
salt he could hv
tilfn d.slbe oo Wve seen, fn the more than a
ý~ twilight darkneb, the tears his passionate soon re
I ow estes had started Ireel s, " were
ow ee n aother obstacle, the differnc of tbionkls
oour creds would, in these unfobtunate Olnan
e, , be aperpeteal sprint of dilpalet-"
he "Elmlen my' own and only love;"he said, es
d in un he eaerly, ,don't make me "Mini
think that ou rre seeking out carues for tares.
,su, nal tas you leadly regret the de- Een
le- heions avowal you 'blesd me with d Pso lne,
Ssrtly ao. what are oreedsi toCme, whoe mstat e
,tolatry Jis yourself - folded a
Bt, Ahuir, y do notknow bow you t
Smightbe galled by the sneers of the worldwhite ma
ls ant the persecued faeit wour ad, one., o
t ndoss pel"eul, conOf youe w4Se
yldo(us audeeld eodInitia eadde
w ithe tuaas m, e e muelyh so wa
M" clings to tev itl, # 5 hot bWt wa
- even to that fait, Which for stab stw
or fedrlteor o reb
e-j or vdone." w ith ste
" I~ '6uldeaes Elea,v~om,~Ljto1~ eslatee,
itin the lmeove of ear ,a too a
Is think it eould be i osdbbtedie .j of
aheartiesworld. sea ts ,oI illI
1o. or >< ,
I myu loesadpatc ti tm, hr to a ear
tea. ,,.,4.-- t ,-1rms
;t wa- st be sc esh don eSý ahd b muao_
" ptage mysel b ' si othde o in ! Pthe own li
°b thaIe blleve dmovine toward-M , otb wt
tensfth t and dar o p s ase it beyond
I l h ave bouthless eootdsios that ai theah
will teach you~ to be1 trans so SAW-" T e(
The loarone f twodbell te otb own bea
o tgov,he arri, raspin e hand. sn riale
"oond ngpht, A ur-o snd oseD" Urt ae outis,
'issthe bellapn d m betooen t hhoi'serhtft leered
I .. " ..... will hav a daruk pasr g ifbeo nd ,_
ýt furthe
h Tbo maer ne ad seaen eor enter the d tus g e,
yug"beaigapnhehad anatceotto-night,, Artlpr--dee Arthur. not been
Good ni ht, and G~od send you safe," not lbl te
ai o dbt, nay preious -love"-he It ms ý
pressd me little band between both his, XAoria 1oq
treed~ it repeatedly and betook himself to OL,.ered is
his· boat, after be load seen her enter the it further t
cottage. nd that up
To- b owere works
e be · Cemud) i . and that tl:
- thatb-pUart o01
Be Basr.-TWA ancients could exprs that sooner
a thought so perfctly in a few worde or libh her Id
sente nces, tus they did not noeed t dd  s.ed
more: the ~modm, because they cannot Ipulultur
brinogl OIt6 o mcleeIy d completely as one I "Judge
heap sentene a in esntenc----ti.. that - were
thnough no ealnle sentcetoexresse th. with the se
to11 weanIt_l, tit, whole together mabg-.r TIs meet I
a a ucsnu$.lo of e t d-hougt". aO, ng-I"
..h It eeds not ho . e,,eorded with what
.tm _' 'tl, W eward's lst ceder wl e .
towads i _ad
f or tt - ' anlve n iu. - seTmhis ssadeXs,
ad bon igrn Lite ry Ii whc
ta+t e k, J .s t --za s q U e .at the
_s aos at doo t 'mr.," l ,wihsm
wanpdo' s nanes
bfore oaeOn- Pinins, s e gn to it.
feumi bees2
I o,, 10,..an ,ccpte; Paline L wooedan a
w ds of "a was Mos te atoi ae
a b e n tit m be es in ora iit d i r thga rse eb,,'d i
o whic the nnveeaý chr isf
id hm tne subjet oifs adr thsov s,5l~o *' o4a~si al
mlsle 55Zue.pem 4 hmc,~
sahs i Airp~ Pý ltrsR t dintus - w_ law ar *"Y
pbru. du stab "ungns " tvel to hLe daughas. m
'l's omo~ntei oan'ai~r, rinadu
91 ha bmd·Blleoll1~1 ~l h~i~~D
*r t ,5 ' psl inis lo. Hnen a ek>our',
orO ld ge en acPted; PfUi n Isw and as wit
bts" Th " Wlke
ida! reew ~evýie°s ta i tiSe .h
dag oe .r.~d > wllh In asiia c
rl~ar viYt. "oai+ y~rblrind~u~~ll 3
rt to be P 0 ul e egd hen wi there inoe ates. e
dstboesbea wantt aould i
0l. hatboken4 wife t anld JlitleI Mad, oul t b
. .hich heh ouldie t she wshr ee ' blet, e
of a Ab I Herhead bcame dlsy, an ie wU
,ever e ob aldover- herdey as isae a
wi ltberN fod ito a sed - -7 io ai
;bl L Oi.?eaeb coninaued. he'-. rblo~
whtich she isetoaa6 have ware wio
b e. o uld..pp ear s  did notoo
ýP s aeretrir, nor ,ol -I-r.,
arise could be ;,v lost 'to ' vq 1.,- " - w
ouie c. He was o h ho e_
travel --lief .-,-J i , , i,, m. ha b .
a feetin that tbo onhP ,et ka n- be2r
h,-me"titinthi o - Vf hav Wlla
rgh e wr. The lette s dted -,o
ft Ou teret "g ARS-US. re
d e,. .-. aond runs thu- th-y - is- th,-,
l ast ste5 lem-5 know tht sh ou wilaI l
reeeee~erqua drlhethm ofti M.d.' It
into soon return, but knowig bow sad , you must that i
,are beaway frm me ad our peciousbabe, ad, Jes thbI
o thinkiongf that even mlaitd, theWy f
als aryitnhy, but this hiae efr ot, ies..
macri- Chales) Do· n ashavubing/ uMei '
Iad dibeof some nd ow.t; youl thI haend I to
i gheart- h with of a o ur litt l iove, which was th pp
d, skes, on the day of. her baptism."
me "Mini.at lures:' exlaohimed P-uline, "minha om
Is - ohuonlde wa tartled aht w he r swt ht .
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