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The morning star and Catholic messenger. [volume] (New Orleans [La.]) 1868-1881, July 17, 1870, Morning, Image 7

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0[l 1""ive r ý :
8m ne. ,. l;
,, . n. ,-,;
mt. w er tthe an
ablza i for eanTo
y d tter them no,1,
ob book U· lroooby.. 5oC
o r laer -hsgong f mnd ;
ther stotingose '
neee a a baute
/,:,, .- poop bM
'_ oan tth benumweak ths
·espomm prillned orh
mriy dear young aisdy
O y mat e mive sathe.
, waiting ea r you to pita
Sefriendsa hip to be fou nd
o th ayre awayseadytd help each,
"Scn, do your ther teftske paper?"
aknl the bbOt hoto Kr.r b andr
`' o0 tde. atoop' 'o
s bytnde "e on - wo that
ti boyiwt, yonn't saordy to!
* ed raoouadst a to bea Che -s an a
toA7ng wrier who wihed mom
will give me the i
ahsing the headache for a parpo
an or
riminal taobhoe fremoan and m
ghoe ha p-* hisbheirt, and f
~ il obedlean Eves
douubtsas totae Heis I
bii, nningatbbe od hs e yrve
paver t.. aoierhmind,em heael3
ito-morrow..- Trenn "an- ch.aaic
lIICttl boy, "I won't cry to- ness
iered cook expeted aompany, and inds
art to endert~ai: her Mrends s pck
isid Chloe you can meake conce
"L "ag, mimfe, how can I make prmom
apo gsobtter, no somee
- Ualng long thestreet was met Itis
ma, who, in paing tepped ouar oo
Taigto the herye- ande a
" tak up too lhrooint" for all
S repied, "ot dy;
pass, d ona. agalen,
tie ian.." It w ohen.
ho reponsleopnenled op evohin
and not atarl sinjestntiol wro g,
Chomia to betrasnd hi- ot ftan
to barm aofhrbo- thbeare
. omch Ceinas.enu aor- Hsa
it d oes a
cr agrne aban twh hu3e
l'eo nn i~otdfo tre I·sa.l
A n" a . one od
tri mu st"
Sc_ sad' hmd; t
iiik£. sr
S oEcf oio o e rlth n
aot im ehi sutme. Stein
Wt. ' ,touhin 6 his ariend in ahodela k
Nosrame oaam ruugiin. •
b on yeD 5dsra leoa from tthi Eo e
mose- = a'.1 a Y - .theI me who "
Soeobyt , te p ane
V iich a chiU ldhood
tent, w- 
aMg. el puir wh orh
kthis outh
ad go withe faiT.and hr oman
S oprdes, aod h 'diwill otagreke you
an ornament to ooe tdthe Chure.
otd bmaked as they had bsrpposed, he y
md rep3ctd him fors his cow e in a h man.g
n es in for 'ver a he is. It is well to de .
serve the honor a his fresteiend of tendel who know
a riestsit sbows, too that he d a
s "dim e ar sat do rah more if aif h Be ne ede
e oel ihos an Unworthy Catholics, been
n.m e ashamed o e ligion. Evere
Nor dear y o ngreaders loamp from this
pInk thaty you-may learn your religion. is Re
ligio n," as abreet li hoph id. b fd rethat
Wn- sucoring-power which sustains childhood
Saest. pee ourAl or repairs them. which
Inspitee us the porus regrets, the holy re- oua+rý
bed moress, ande the aecone innocence whih
ohenwe ooa wor.- Donotry aer
repetane gives not whicrhtsoese the
the iand hemidol tea uIa help siel t s fefie
)a-re supporaeonrot our fins, and f t mo e
most bee t o. aeInIe a, Ar dtheely ar axu
s Good 'mot Pray Didoees soten a nrm
r a purpose to dve d aret do e, rll ake you
a ornament to soety and the p'Carch
an d mak oe o espected by all, by friend
rt, and foe.- -tuedias AngeL
n. boy lhopes o he will be a great man.
Ie Heee ish buon and does not intend to re
main for ever as he is. It is welltode . B's
erve the honor and esteem of all who know
od us, tobe spoken of In words of respect, to
i beheld high In men tho ee th. So, boys W
o ltiate' grtnessd of soul, greatness of thL sat
: ncharacter,s hore all other kinds of great- for
dnessn Be noble and above a meanness or d no
deceit. Be brave ndar removed from allh on
ad kinds of ewardhce Be honest never p rassm
Ssei untruth or acting a lie. Be ere en
oncetous, be trustworthy, keep yyour i
. pipmses as sot red things. Be eager to do
o0 some good work. -eDo not try to appear
what youe are not.
it It is a sweet privilege, before we leave
Sour roomo in o the norning, to Po God General
Sndaskhbim to golve us help and strength a
ior all that shel happen to us dring the Pa
It day; ad when night oomes, to go to Him
again, shek pardon for our sins, and g toiss
rest at peo e with rqdutd"-protecteo .by
eening. Whenevs er are temprlted todo
* wrong-give way to bad temperu or any DLk-t
h~ut, we can lift.ul our la to te
God, amdhe heill hearad help s. Lettouth
thehn, rsolve to be more prarldle, pry J- r
As oe for ourselves, our enand -o]r
, those who have done u harm, if there ae
it deus not move rwhlmeyur noes, hor a yoor
your eye towabrdes ry _ th ltnogwethout
t.bqu *adin bth. In tMe two eye of. a k
- sr " ly
i;a 7 toh ,
!o h l , Lila, and ]r y to Mng
Idomlofl a
or eary a ý--de coarprer ý et`une .
onr TAXo NEWo, ba woro, os o
Eew em, m m~m qad es. aveneer
e S w . - e." ,e o.,mr..
SLightBanni' ua b EastoMaade
enoe-Ee, ~ .aere. m
me do vxm anonzawo o
"  o T E. " OOPE -O.
-ree Grap alndusy Iorkthan eany labma an . Te
o.i EPigt SeGing aEhLnEy tNo ManaE.
e d aod abusesM . won- a ýh. J _
- n e d LAB ANAD sTTiEo R wor"k.
Oeh er Tn ke ny Machie G 1 a aaon e ste e et
thig and vreoy c.. week tan ancese, i eT
Mre mNoin e. SHe th WITH m N FTT " R
dig *-LOS AND TO T 8Ida*ET f
that Light. unening, achnd Easyo Maagded ,
een " - .... Ate
r e- enerya Mlachns u aranteed, Tex alepaese .ed. Naow
lR e- ses - -gday worf.
Iat njx'u Nsa Mahione, Ai la f, e e ,lla re uced
iothe A eeor o e adre ed. E.
-e ato*o
SOile.N o. 7 (le slry e, e. New Oreanr .`T
t P IE ASge tTLsE SE MAeCHS r)
e Na................-,.N 6atreet. ............. - :::
wakeo A fuasan
si .s x Aa-.,, , a t oyy
o u ,-. .A.,
to P. .Na n
fi hee e asy as oe wuon,, ltl M i P .-
or W emine eelmuSpa et eatentic aepr ere
o thve bechioba.ne wherevnl ehandeted, a oee She theatee e
n th a masrkvedt
der Gen eralgentl Empre cewin eMachine and
* Or csl Pre
t -LATEST ANDO abESTr Assetsf
Od~oq o, 8 ~ rgbpercentletl
'7LiCrtb *8qmma gc~tac
litbww akLm wr as
-su -T--- -. UK . Il '
.'f.E J++ ---.::...ay .. ...'r*.
bum 1M, 76 ...`.
* - o........o. .......... "+ A s
r ]i La 31, 18'10- .., -
, 1*** . ....... ....... ...-- .. 8 ` ,"
Te , . s... e.s.a .t
r~ ......... ... ........ . %rn a N- A
a'd ---.... .. . ,al :
,, 4 , I o. ........... s7
i s ......... ;::::: a
aI " lroESlr l rt m e sf the s mpa:.::::::. e X1
. Un::a o:t b:la a t. 1 ,1
Lij une,· Nava at R o
• ,E S a o pr m, n,e ealeme ise e
S. . .- n.h.. .....me .......,... &M N
S: . ..-·..........o-.......... . I. M
tx PU r...., I
G.W. New O BS r .etary. . /
v8 , o' Or............. . ..... .. ...... aa, St a
At a rn o the ole t -anc  e h
Doifsrestoe Oto
of F_.FaY, C __tyn on Nh-- Ou is
--- -sO .
d ay ofAgt, -t.... _a the
an P. oar the year eding thrl JOas Sn y
e e a , , n. o a e
N.. a.. ... ... .
.e .... .... . .... .. ... . o , , - -.1
fly mv es ly
J U-- .r . . .. _e, Pm dt.
a. I. inauuoag. '
1L ,B, I A UOKZ6.L".O.J Lldg. AIw " a
0r lnb helmore Mo t the abtesoe d
AT t A ro . eeruaoea o if l d on.
Arin u sor FiDt D H of La
ý to ýe (r of No.tb a, Vt gla lal) H
mn. . 7 aj d... .. ..................... . La .
SM' Ohe M # YSirmoens, ICD . o U - amt,\
__ . ........ ... . B B--.
s .. ..t...i na P T..
Asees of Compny A ta, .....
U ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ o Ommeram Nacem,·
SD-~a~rPce* -a-m~rHII;rfg
UT. 3 rr,.
i' .e It;;_~.li~lYrlib';~~'j~~q
j~eaa, 43 HIM imý n (lo lb~py
No.4 amagMSoret
44.47 Mt --w a. -
~' '·*S W64 3*..
0A so N~o.~ 98 ,3 Camp o**
oe"C~a. Rame. Pa01037. IL A.T~so, 3*Idmoaty.
S.g mlthi 00
nlisos i humNny
Saloa 54 p~u., Ewa. L: ire
S - L~ Tod, F.4 Ggumat,. LN r
ArhrZn .y T. ILta Jr,gm. A
.· ·,: p I5·u;IUU&O
A1.nasl~r-ae , t a lat Ease., i
u~a~m is
Tw o. U Uw. Camp str -
s.Oass at fie m a raw oei.zaam. Copn ta9o 6Sdo opr.a eM al
f AOU, ft1g: E A r S sa
Comp1an of N lew Ourlean
I . Ocoee, rrb. 3 han m se
Mno.S N8ok-MAR Z-~eRIVmR
M& Mirk Tak as LoW a.061 Anys Obper Companyag.
sead B. the CU Ped~
Oi, Corn. BAQnU ,n Como e
A0.ALfmy ' ru .P..
SloP Mloten, 0 Drue.,. Oh. 5JLead..
l&UAad O apkyen, P Nn
m llA> B o $ 5
8 mmasan. EBedyai-a, D PLm of .wee
:0.~~ ~ Sie. Iwge. .P 117
Firs Bv:1:z: adMrn Insuranc __ny .Cn
CASK AnxsT aEEE i Tit
W:. Record of Losse Paid........ $40,000,000
isiS Sitho.t Careo a u' I
lase on l [ B. sro 57 p
HOPI Sf34103Z CO., 03 L NEW , }3,
Offe, No. 91 C(mp mtWpt.
Cash rrtld at mar ....... ...... rd
RJobs L A eud. acr . m asVOeIs i
Cas. $aof PEnTY PEU CENT 36e.
ý. oe C to amino "mi..t 7T Cfm oAMM me L
PIII) rAopey OS
O~es. D Camp itome. A' / 1 i
IU Re eo . , C OI .: . I g. I
k dDR~. 7 - Prlra
4r N.V N . bUI. gotvWPzOlea
Aoot1mehamenroo. blL~d
.14?53I~arNr~m, lmrey6W. SWan y u
W~orkiagmem' Mutnal Innanee oiey
N..u Bis lamp stetuetis
Offlco.,N.1 Ex~~uchageAi. I On
R~ive is. aadayveaag Serape hskengSSh 3 Iye iyd pag
L D POTmaddIL Vloe.Preald.... . t login sea
YOtv 0 LASAUX. Ufrretsorebsa~bPv
No5 Cm otet Newgi Orleans.
Sl~e peeseoro t Ae ..se 4Choreh, A
~daieIua.Av"__p~pU....,,3W _~ Sags it, 35
~~~~~~~q9 DiinPad otn
ouanmbs ~iiieji Lrrc-i f
I O ILg~c
; r,.'..
la · ALL
NOU*5 a. UW·~. O ..
pee.," ALL D·'·' O3~! .··g;
' Y 'K f'". f'ý +ýr'
Jr.. , w Lis.1ý brTaJy.uO,
meesey. *
ObihtSWUMZ as
Jr., eea baiUUea, .
sid owake.7~ a,;
tail,. f..(W.. i .a ·wi.i iihfrt z ar
ubf wiles 1 ieaoinRw'i ''*
O 0.0km ý' ". q
Ost e Ilwmu, YC O·--e ~a
Wný..eIdarw fe' ý .
Mew~ uE~n~ 3eqm ·i We - ·~
p. Hi~r 46uag~IL~
our 10i 100
erilwqk mL4Wi bebaw
*' wY I hrta" e
. X~'' ",4
br .*'Lt 4
B.: - *
WA a7
B.o '*W, XAUo~ Iuu
Agolm mpaainmr .a& Maiuy
S . * LZ U~ C16-BI
api taN
i~D ifmllf
Zeeblee Iarl IP.
hat. 0 ~ tm; nbrM
vmiwDlrii - '4'' ''
I~~r m.-u'~ ·.

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