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The morning star and Catholic messenger. (New Orleans [La.]) 1868-1881, December 18, 1870, Morning, Image 5

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tsity o u se t-t worth speaking who
3oI - AeanJfree
gd a gewas held in the A
street, Water- hapi
B Ish e Moost Rev. Dr. pari
presiding, for the refn
p get es to hold deni
a e'prosympatly luau
- st Hold. a-]Pope Pl s IX , in his his
preasetaon , and :to. pretest agaipat iert
th brutal invasion fhe. Ppterrity t c
Ebd, Eia `ureqiulasion with are
tattahed, was handed to age
Shim. to call a public 2
then declded to hold a litii
peubl o l e nug Tuesday, the 6th of Do- ccn1
2The rir"eins te e w W- m or'
danti blfiei the folio ctfro test
,the r .o Idrti lad riatten in Caen and
on the 18th : - aPoor Fiance is making a whi
supreae efbrt--now. Ouar countrymen, don
about sixty or sevehty, left this on Wed- Go,
neiday for Chateladqp. They were very ats
fioe able-bodied ner and beautifully ati
drilled bet they are sapposed froth this ree
and ether orcumstanes to have been Fe- e,
as. One reason is, they threatened to
aack Heiuby's Hotel and put down the Eno
Qheseps Arms. left
D -At Clara, King's County, on the An
3d November, 1M70, James White, an ofe
earnest and seous worker in his country's to .
canuse. Dyug on the very threshold of rep
manhood his nour of dissolution was em- dei
bittered ny the one regret-that he had not reg
lived long enough to witness the triumph Sir
of the prinelples of which he was a fear- En
les nd alcousistenit advocate during life. wit
The piaph of James White is a simple, an,
and, withal, an eloquent oae-he was a ut
true Irhoisa anad an honest man.-Irish- del
ArmeetOf lined .banda l.utelegrarm jut
oi" London Wst des s that ywo Irishmen, me
namdd respeotlvely John Walsh and Thos. of
Boher, ho ere arprehentded at tho
Vatoria ,mlway Station, Manoheste r,o
wlle enteriog the train for Leeds, wore th
roght  pat the Manchlester Police Court to
ehwiged with being Fenians. They had in thi
heir poasession when arrested 300 cart- At
ridges and a nemper of secret doenmente no
t phelr. Theys were remanded for In- de
Other Mentirg.-On the 20th inst. also, bs
' smt a eonslry In tue a teparislaes n of the
dioer. ofJ. KiP. one, at wich the proceed- g h
fp were of a nature similar to that of the lt
uestenreferr,.ed to above. Next Sundy e-
didertanid, several other meetings for t
he eaie pur ose will be held; and before t
anr fortal ht shall have elapsed, every
9 ot eof Irs e wa i have spoken out cl
caally and strongly in sympathy p1
the Holy Father and in condemnation m
violation of international law is
etwe he has been the vietim. lo
e Po o~atl Prijsotre.-A special meet- ni
lag of the Munlcipal Council, convened by at
asll econsider the propriety of appeal- V
all ot le'ehsre areoded ithn thunie, tn
the Central Criminol Court, on bforns,
the atrior ofu inter so a ieri, waw co n-.0e
10the Cu t, st.a
Wia Kinsla vnrbe aae
92yers H ws mn f 98 Ter
ropa E ~I·~ q.--.Qa Wednesda
J obhnbltý,y .a in the Corporation . >
of Dpilla a eseo "on to-the effect that ti
the Um ibaa come when the Government
cal istfety redeem "I Its promiie to
liberate litl prisoners as soon as
thde oill of this country would war- t
rant" such an act. The resolution was in
supported by men of all patties in the 1
Council and passed unanimously.
The Political Prsonser.s-The Lismore
Town Commissioners, at a meeting recently W
held, adopted the resolution of the. Cork
Town Council in favor of the release of the in
political prisoners, on the proposition of
M. J. Slattery, seconded by Mr. Hearman.
»aox rorO .. Sa
ROME, Nov. 18.- Victor EmmanueL--The *'
King's visit is, it seems, again postponed
until a more convenient season, 4. e., the so
Greek Kalends. The real reasons are, let, i
the refusal of the Corps Diplomatique of
Florence to accompiny him; 2d, the com
plications occasioned by the Prussian note; vi
and 3d, the extreme repugnance of the le
King to the journey, and his terror of lodg
in the Pope's apartments in the Quirinal.
Not all the water in the four seas of Italy hi
will wash trom his hands the stain of noble D
and innocent blood sacrilegiously shed
daring the last ten years of rapine and
tyranny. u Pilate's wife" Is said to be re- cc
presented by the Contessa Miraflores, who, pi
in spite of past errors, is a Piedmontese
Catholic, and who does all she and her
daughters can to dissuade the King from it
coming to Rome, and is said to have posi- a
tively refused to share his lodgings at the
The. ope.-If the Royal visit is uncer
tain, the movements ow the Holy Father a
are equally so. If the intentions of the
S.Engsltovernment in his regard are
Shonest, e presence of the newly-arrived
g corvette at Civita Veochia is a_ matter of b
e reJoicing, as it affords a certain means of
his leaving Rome at any moment it may tl
become necessary. The xmparasale, of this
+ morning, states that a mob demonstration
is being organized to drive the Pope from
the Vatican to the Lateran. In spite of the a
n tremendous injury the Pope would inflict
on the official position of Italy, there is an
0 other and undercurrent at work. I own to s
B- faith in a miraculous protection of the Va
Stican although humanly speaking the
f Pope's situation is untenable for any length
d ened period, and it may please God at any
e- moment to withdraw it when it has been
o sufficiently displayed, and when it is well
ly that the Pope should be free to rule the
ie Church in exile and abandon the Revola
ie tion to its inevitable consequeuces. The I
u- sign may come to him by day or by night,
et as it did in his flight to Gaete, and he may
as go forth and leave Rome to its fate--the
at fate which has never failed to overtake it,
ig when the Vicars of Christ have not been
free and sovereign within its gates.
he A Free Church and a Free Press.-An an
,r- happy man died three days since in the
)r. parish of St. Maria del Popolo, obstinately
he refusing the Sacraments. The curate was
ld denied access to him and sent away with
hy insults and menaces during his illness. On
i his death, the family insisted on the curate
pat performing the usual burying rites, which,
ay tof course, he could not do, and the Giunta
it are about to' ilstitute legal proceedings
to- against him.
dic The Roman CoUege.-The work of demo
--- ---- --- A k mmna a huiaily
ccupied in removing the *t.'ue escutcheon t
witll the name of Jesus. l2'ihy will be in
to destioy tihe second to-untttrow. The
Foreign seminaries have signed as joint pro
best apainst the suppression of the lower, th
and restriction of the upper, schools, of
which a copy has been forwarded to Lon- e
Ion. It is suspected here that the English id
Rovernment was a warm snpp~orl. r of the
attack on Rome, and only counseled rapid a
nction on the part of Italy, as did the rep
resentative of the Republic of France, M. *
3enard. e
British Policy. - Sir Augustus Paget,
English Ambassadd) at Florence, has just in
left Rome. He was received by Cardinal
Antonelli, and is said to have renewed the fl
offer of Malta, and of the frigate Monarch, pl
to the Pope. The Cardinal is said to have
replied that his Holisess' departure would
depend oe the attitude of the Powers in tm
regard to the transfer of the Capital, and 6(
Sir Augustus hastened to observe that the tt
English Government twas too cordially allied
withat of Italy -to lend her influence in -
any sense save that of the fulfilment of the ti
"national aspirations." This, at least, is di
definitive, and Catholics have no further
excuse for deluding themselves as to the
intentions of the present Cabipet. Local w
measures are as nothing before the policy
of our rulers towards the Holy See. I
.Latest.-The King's visit is indefinitely
postponed in consequence of the refusal of It
the Powers to permit their representatives p
to accompany his Majesty to Rome, and of h
the protest of Russia, Prussia, Bavaria and
Austria against the occupation of the Qui
rinal. The existence of this note is officially 8
denied, but it is known to have been com- ti
municated to the Italian Cabinet, and to 0
have caused the postponement of the Royal
entry. Sella has given his resignation in
consequence, and Ratazsi publishes his bid
for office in the form of a letter to his
electors, putting forward as his programme
thie immediate transfer of the Capital, the
assimilation of the laws of Rome to the 4
rest of Italy, and the abrogation of all de- a
crees to the contrary. The elections take
place on Sunday and it is feared that a de
monstration at the Vatican will take place.
It is under discussion whethefra 'iPresen
tave of each Foreign Legation shall not be
lodged in the Vatican to insure its immu "
nity; a circumstance which will suffice to
show you at what point matters stand. The
Capitale of last night contains a violent t
reclamation against the immunity of the
Vatican, and calls daily, as do all the
democratic organs, for its surrender. An
order has just been given by the Italian I
War-office to begin the fortification of
Rome on a vast scale and on modern sys
tems. The Commissioner will arrive next
week to make the necessary inspection.
The Singer Improved Sewing Machine-al
ways popular--has made most rapml strldes in punblio
favor reeently. This is evidenced by the numerous me
iale awarded at the State Fairs latety held. Indeed, if
not a monopoly. It is feet approaching that point-sd
hat too In the best fanmiltlee-those able to ,mman the
host, at whatever prCC. ThIs. of course Is .ine to Its
mnny excellences. I would occropy too muchspce to
go intodetails on this head, or gIve a list of tlespecit
testimondals. for is this neesary; fo those interest
ed muot he familiar with the fact that the Singer Im
,,roved ow stands d the very apex. among all who m0
interested in the matter. At this oltiday season it
i should be borne In mind that nothing can be more ap
proprult and, serviceable tha a present of one of these
mmabicls. Such glft carrie, with it its own reward.
for it beneft the recientnd aeps the memory of,
the donbor in daily remembrance Thmue st makes|
while in operatttc Le ween of praIse The depot is at
7 Camp srget, and Mesinr. Wn. Z. Coopet a C.. are
the eaets.
a' 4 A-. r - i -o
has a pojpulp
-y tools. I
A a yieaio4 f 'his f-fourth I
tý,met h sYork, has a woman driver.
One-halt of the oil cloth manufactured
in the United States oinme from ain|e
Nine men were publicly fogged at New
eastle, Delaware, on SuBanday week. Whie
was Bergh I
Welch clergymen are holding alove-festt
in Ne7r pr. They call it the Dwgymnd
gen Dyrdgwyle.
Peru has a surplus in her treasury. Uncle
Sam should quit boasting until he can
emulate this etample.
Baltimore has got up to 2083,375 on its
secoond census, and means to keep on try
ing until it can count up 400,000.
Rev. Dr. Stone, of .San Francisco, has
visited all the brothels in that city, to col
lect notes for a sensation sermon.
One hundred and fifty thousand dollars
have been raised to establish a first-laus
Democratic paper inSan'ranMcisoo.
A student in a Michigan agricultural
college has invented a gat0. latch, the,
patent of which he has sold for $10,000.
SA sporting gentleman in Iowa has y fight
Sing sheep, which he offers to match against
any dog of his weight in the country.
s At Bluffton, Indiana, it takes seven min
utes to issue a license and marry a couple,
r and only five minutes to divorce them.
e A Bavarian oBicer in the neighbothood
e of Orleans writes that his detachment had
of burned down five villages in twelve days.
of Mrs. Yelverton, who nearly perished in
Y the snows of the Yosemite Valley, is still
so low that her final recovery is uncertain.
n The speakers at the rece-xWoman's
e Suffrage Convention, in Cleveland, nearly
all bore the outward semblance of the male
o sex.
'- A Boston coroner states that there are
1e more deaths from railroad accidents in
v November than in any other month in the
in year.
'11 St. Albans, Vt., has a female butoher,
ne whose trade is extensive, especially in the
ie hog killing line-her fee being fifty cents
it, per hog.
ryThe London 2~mes presumes that there
it, are not ten Irishmen in Ireland but that
en think of going to America some time of
e In face of war prospects, $ngisll ham
Iy lowered her standard for recruits to fiv:
rsa feet four and a half inches-few available
ith at that.
ate A ragpicker was lately killed by a loeg
cl, motive on the Cincinnati and Hamilta
nta Railroad, who haa accumulated a fortun
"g° of $15,000.
no- In the villages in the neighborhood a
aly MIets there are 20,000 poor, utterly dest
tote, who will require relief all through *
the winter. - " E
The Chicago fImes, in reporting the fact
that a man there married to get out of jail,
remarks that "some chaps have a queer ti
idea of liberty."
A Boston book agent was repulsed with 0
a kick, which landed him at the foot of the ,n
stairs with a broken leg. Hardly polite, a
even though leg-al.
Mr. Headrich, of Wytheville, Va., has
invented a six-barreled gun, which will li
fre four hundred times a minute, by sit:; I t
ply turning a crank.
After Thanksgiving-day in New York,
there remained on hand next day over
600,000 pounds of poultry-which shows 0
that the article was not in great demand.
The artesian well of Lincoln, Nebraska, t
throws a stream of brine six inches in
diameter to the height of over fifty feet- t
having volume and velocity to turn a mill
i wheel.
Miss Isabella Smith, of Waverley, Iowa, i
recoverel damages from J. T. Campbell,
last week, because he wouldn't fulfit--his
promise to marry her, and making Miss S.
d Mrs. C.
The punch bowl of the late H. P. Star
y gis, of Boston, sold at auction for $1020
the purchaser was influenced by memories
A of past joys to which that bowl had con
I tributed.
d Now that coal is selling at $1 50 per
s barrel in this Crescent .City, people should
1e avoid the mistake of putting too large a
e quantity of coal in the stove or grate at
- one time.
re It is propdsed to erect an hospital in
New York for the cure of tobacco-chewers
and smokers. We've a couple of patients
e in our eye that we'd like to place under
tie It is reported of a farmer in Orange
nt county, Florida, that be realizes $125 per
he month from nine banana plants. Wonder
he if these plants grow near the springs that
renew youtl>I
of A physician in Toronto has sued a paper
'- there for libel, in asserting that le was
,t formerly a coachman." Twenty thousand
dollars-the sum he craves-will enable
him to own a team.
Mrs. Rachel Rose committed suicide at
f her residence in Sullivan, Ind., last week ;
t the only cause for the rash act was that her
t mind became agitated about the division
i.c of her father's estate.
In his last instalment of " What I know
't about Farming," Greeley says, " Precisely
i how and when the winds which sweep over
r our fields shall be employed to pulverize
and till the soil, are mong the many things
,e I do not know." That's eanidid at least.
n`a.. "
- ~ '.
Ti f aT.he Chicago 2Wbea. isha O
benae o t ma.. Hear him: " We bare 14
published one doituary neeotlos4 -Pries- it
dent Andrew oinhnse, aidthal be willing
at say time to publish another."
Exclusive of the numerous iastitutions
under the erae of the Com osers of $
Charities andorreotion, which oost over w
a mil iq d * 4half dollare per annum, at
New YostJif aeventy-aeven charitable '
orga by voelntary con
tributiee I
Among the artiles of value in the United
States Treasury is a large bottle of attar qf
roses, presented to President Van Buren
by the King of Siam, valued at $800." It
can be distributed to gre s advantage
among the .Afrioan Senatorrand Repro
sentatives who qre s(c)entto Congress.
A GOOnD 'Woan oe lmaen GaLs.--In .
these days, when the "hethen Chinee" bid
fair to invade even the hallowed precinets f
of the family - when people are not
sahamed to recommend them in capacities
" which ought to revolt every delicate mind
-even as nurses and lady's maids to wives
and daughters-when.:oarse and vulgar
t minds show their mock gentility by slan
dering their iuperiora-it may not be amiss
" to give the following testimony regarding a
' clasm which it has' become the fashion to
contemn. _-A is taken from the Womeas's
d Journal;, o
d Much isa recently been written of the
i. trials housekeepers endure ftom the faults
n of the servants which they are at present
able to procure, and many writers would
have us believe that the Irish are, as a rule,
•l slovenly, drunken an4 dishonest. They
'a speak of the neglect, waste and bad condi
tion of things generally in those kitchens
y whenm Bridget reigns, and long for the day
le when WeLee shl il-l her plane. Now, I
believe this qnuetionlike every other, has
r tw9 sides only-one of which is usually
n preI ted. Ofthe virtues of Wo Lee I
n know nothing, therefore will not speak.
Ie That the Iris, as a race, have their vices,.
net;be denied, but they also have their
virtaue jnat as marked, though usually
r, lost sight of. Things will certainly go
be wrongin the kitchen where Bridget or any
,td other servant is left able manager. House
keeping, like every other business, to be
successful, should be looked after and dl
Sreooted by some interested person. Would
at a man be expected to prosper who should
or start and branch of industry, and then
'leave it to be carried on entirely by hired
help Neither must a woman, who is not
'as herself mistress and director, expect the
ve comfort of he family to be seeured, or
ble econ to bebserved in the management
of .er atfis. 'Permit me to narrate some
otiy persoal experience. My home is in
c- a smal village, four miles from a Catholic
Co nobu~h and my family inciudes several
sutplldren. For both these reasons it
aue js1,f diiuoalt to prohure help, and I have
frent een obliged, for short periods,
of to do without the one maid of all work
sti which it'j my custom to keep. During the
nine years that I have kept house, I have
ugh emplyed a dop Iri.glrls, some of them
- .i'it'qn bUid Very short tine, most of them
act remaining many montb and one livin_
with me nearly three' yi-t. Out of thst
all, number but one, to my knowledge, used in
Leer toxicating liquor, and she was a Protestant.
Nor did I ever have reason to believe but
one of these girls guilty ot theft in the
.ith -....  ', re thou it has always been
my custom to frequently leave my house
alone with the servant, and not a closet or
drawer in it ever locked. They have, al
most without exception, been fond of chil
ldren especially the baby, never neslecting
it when left in charge. Being made to feel
Ithemselves members of the family, they
have been interested in its welfare, seldom
presuming upon the favors shown.
THEn EID APPROACHIN-G.-The beginning
of the end is appearing in Rome. A private
litter from a well-informed person says:
"A massacre of the priests is expected upon
the first opportunity. The Mazzinians do
not stick at trifles." A great Republican
demonstration is to take place in honor of
the miscreants Monti and Tognetti, and an
armed attack on the Vatican to follow is
considered highly probable. A correspond
ent, under date of November 12, from Rome,
begs to notify all English, Irish and Ameri
can priests not to put on the cassock on a'
i riving in Rome, as they would run a good
chance of the stiletto as Jesuits.
The receipts of the recent Catholic fair at Tsantno,
Mass., were over $15,000. This is a great sum for a
country town.
The French and Prussian war has effected
man) transfnrmatnons. Not the least ot these is that
whlcb interfered with the materials of which boots and
shoes are made. It ppearsu that owing to the condition
f bath le skin trade. French skins he vanihed from
r mthr llhemarket tanere of Fran are at stand
still. Either the men are engaged t war, or the oner
cannot pructhe manlfotoreo Besides, esoif yte
were in full blast, t would e of littl, or no advatae
to us. nu the Freoh Government has absolutely furibd
t den the exportation of ip or cir skns, all Bch mate
rial being requltd for thm f te Soyarm-y .t h,pp'
y Mr. .o of 99 and 101 Caa street, prior to te
otbreat of the war, through their agents hreed. laid
n In alarge stock of this matel, and i. thur enablhd to
Sn ply his eustomere with thae see t le both In matoe
t ra' w--'h heere. has he hretoore characterised
their hooat, shoes and slire The idies will heoaFin
Smiond, thatthe " Empire' ewing Machine cn be found
ir t the samsetabtishmsnt.
It appeare from fanlhin reports, that the
8 style of feet gear is this year to undergr a remarka',le
change Whether it will be Iillowed in this city or uot.
" rem s to -be - . B[outs which hve hbad a i e*ars'
leaseo public favor,senmdestined tot vwhiih h uagit
r era take their place ut huoweer this uay .e, tLlre is
Sone flied fact. sod that Is, that at lsrtlu's O 'ld Stani. I
Canal street hoots and shmes o,,fthe tat.at style. biet
material sl ndexcelluent manuilactur, may always e had
Although fashiuns change. here Is no chanlle here-e l
cept for the better. Not ory so, hut Mr. Puwer wili
Aommodate ladlis said rntlemen by ex-chautinLI for
te mornst okS splendid boots ai shoe, tiost ircnhment
A ppealaueo
le In these times of high prices, it is well to
remember that children aan he soplled with shoes fur
Ieee than half the aeusal asnuai co ot by war1.ring Metail
at Tipled ilueua. to syr nolthing of stueltiigV teaslroyedl and
h,.altl .ildanUgered by wet I.e,at. arleing (roli the child
like hahitof wearing out their shoe' at the toee.--Broton
ºn The Wilson Inmprrvedl Shuttl' Sewing Ma
chine, the first great so-eesfnl uewingemlaine ever
masnufactured in the West. ie now fully oabhli 'i as
the great sewing machine of the lele. lini ved
iw onl a family frleii~smciirCd. or thbe n1 et iolvty iewing
nacihioe obtalned by simply porrImulht one it these elm'
ly pel rapd. effective and pererc macinhfes Price. $45.
il'ies and saleeroom i. Canal street. corner of Blr.
'er andy. -
i The Hilernia Bank of Now Orleans Is draw
gi leg Sterling bills en Dublia, payable in all parts of e
land, is som e suit, from one pound pwL. See no
S as e tlumya J ,
Os.HN YýrARN wbs f m t m te
ad ,. s~. ..,ra smed. Mu. .. +ini m
oKeller, ueis I aabewl ymglee whii Ie
w hbeld lrames., S.o aM ba ailma e min WasIU
ibe JOerio Iim*l. wu. eaI eOa * e. Ms
rsi. Abf. a bter ~ass > the Mad OM p****
5e exteedd ber, who wi be graSeti to learn that US
Patrick's table retaras two t e e hundred del
Zara "IS It
ROCERIES.................. GOCE
of the Fieest and Freshest Importation. at Greatley e
duooed Prices.
Strictly Choice YELLOW GOSHEEN sand- WESTERN
Extra Mess MACKERIL. In kit for tiEly use. Ne
M No. " " and t kits "
* No. 1 " in bhla. sud ble.
Extra Large White CODFISH.
Chamberlin & Boe's Fulton Market REEF ead 1PG
LAYER RAISINS, is while, half ad qr. bems.
SPRUNES, in jars sand cartoons.
Shaker and Northern PRSEBRVE and JELLIES.
Cantos GINGER.
Atmore's MINCE MEAT, Ln S cams.
Together with a fne lot of FRESH TEAS eof the
crop of 1870.
Colee', Choutean end Edwards' Bes, ae d P t'e
Creole Mills FLOUR.
Wallace's Pure Mountain Dew sad KeliXe's 1Old
Boarbon WHISKBY.
Jeffey's String and Pale and MoEwan's ALE.
Bysa's aid Guinness's PORTER.
Which we'will sell at the LOWEST CASH PRICES.
All Goods guaranteed to give eatisetie, and delivered
to any part of the city ree of drayage.
Corner of Jackson and Rousseau streets,
dol8 It Fourth District.
NOUVEAU ,E8..............NOUVEAUTE.
We have recently received Large Involes of
Made-Up Lace Goods
Also, Full Lines of NEW STYLEB of
S5 asnd 58e.....MAGAZINE STlBRET..... 08 sad
SCorner St. Andrew t "s8 ISt
*A A CA". New Oi.3h.3s, December 1 1o.e
t"W KI!' rsaz, Tressurer of Hiberniua Benevolent
it WIdsabit:iAid Aesolatlon of Letsilsa :
e Dear Sir-I gratefully asknowledge the oeolpt of
SFour Hunadred and Fifteen Dollars fem your Asees
SMtion. being the generous cotribution of yeour aeble
r hearted members to the widow of yeaour late brother
member, J. EGAN.
I am, (ir, with great respeot, yours. ..
dell It E'LLeNr EGAN.
Sy A CARD. - Nw Ou Deember iS, 1570.
ai WE. Ka-.asu . Trearer .of Hier _ns nevolt
and Matural Aid Association of Loulana:
Dear Sir--I am much rejoiced to..be able to acknow
Sledge the receipt of Four Hnndred'sd Nift-two Dol.
Slatrs, being the voluntary cotribuhtlion of your noble
S: Association to the widow of your late brother member,
SD. CLIFFORD, and prey God the pray of the widow
lo and orphan nay he heard in behalf of yte all.
in I am, sir, yours very reOpeotfully,
All the lot owners or their representatives l: the
a bove Cemetery are particularly reqnusted to meet the
SCommittee who were appointed to dvise a plan for the
r- Improvement of the Cemetery, this (loaday) evening
December 18, at 5 r. n.. at 194 Careodelet street. Dv~
eon's Row. di-it
SOCIETY OF ST. P TRI :--YLne omeo5 -11
bern of this oSolety are notified to attend the Regular
Monthly Meeting SUNDAY, December 18, at IS ,' look
m. A fall attendanc is requested, busiss d t in
portanoe will be brought before this meeting.
By order : JOHN L. LAVE{.LE,
de18 It Se.retary.
Now OSLAucS, December 15, 187e.
Stockholders of this Bank are potlled that an eleotlen
for Twelve Directors. to serve the enasing year, wll
be bheld st the Banking House, 47 Camp stetL, on
MONDAY. January 16, 171,. between the bounrse 10
A. . and r.. . JAB J. TAILETON,
del8 Im Cashier.
r. vilDs IICOX. J. U. eLShZ
139 ...-- .........Canal street............ ..13
Touro Buildings, New Orlesas,
Keep always on hand a fhll snooty of l ooe; ?g
lnling to their line. ricth a MI I INF. i, W -----
Comnetent Clerks to attendance at an baors to ee
pressiptuon epatIenL
Naw OLatAs, December~5, 1870.
I parts of Ireland, for sale at this Bank, in sums to salt,
from One Pound upwards.
del 18 0m JAS..J. TAILETON, Cubiter.
pAUL GRANZIN,Dealer in
Gold and Silver Wgtohes and Fine Gold Jewelry.
counttt. All rrpllr iln Ialcbt warranted.
d k~ctlesu orders to PAIL ,lKbA7ZIN.
spl7 ly
A IFE SCHOLARSH-IP in Dolbear Commercial
r- College, to qualIy yoSr son to make his own living.
SCall at the College, Noe. 144 and 166 Cal str
delt It
" ý . ez * yý. 1,
.5.;,,-nr ~ . ,,'.siZB~L;YiP~~ L~:i
.m-m..a.4 c,. . ..
eOztid S- lpn 11ls. s qso . ' se e,,-_
'a o
i sa Ce ursesa ,, at . , . " .- .
e nd seast.
BRIDAL VRILS, st hbaelfi S . value.
T3 a _ p es. . o "r r: . r
1900 das Ledles'. Mistsi ' a I .'
the litS.
*I doses Ga ad Da t-tl·a
aPlata LIsa and Dam .skT .sis . . ,,
eadso at ever d p , e,
to b foud x n r· as
I a o f , DOMESTICS is aselmat .....
S O'IEIL ,L dA. GLrAS ON, .- -
- and Boys' and Children's Clehling.
(n) oGaNU GcoLD MDALD 4. :
(5) WV SLVaERa a MD anl.
() TWO ltONE M ..MI.I, ,
ain loma Bor ' sad Clmden's ClTe-ng
Dlva ) Med sODMao AL ,, "'d."
D ,iore o e  .l
rfpe r dlw a oSs. Baehue.*ele
Eab ns MBo Me" edan far Boys 3eusel-Yeamr'U.
tSilver Gablet for Bet MNn's P ?4IBHIUN } . 0Dt
Silver CUp Aela hrMaeNUB PUZB INGO
Over bus1 the PramigUm Awarw to ha 0ý
* New Odes ZshiNt.
if All the abave.
At the Pemium isirt-s-. S'a
At the Preminm Me'nes ml
At tie PremiM 3spYU a .M bef °
Aso. Pseo odlaChM's hch _n1 1 te s
No. 110 CIStrea%
Now. S. ause ..sIest, la ashmes.
A eari amd laspeetis at Mock is reseesd.
us iI B. T. I. . .W
dole t li
The ante dltm et One Reandie IPmd lfý
OF BSEDS AND MLORAL GUIDE, tasp aslmei t xe
ready to send out--I peges, Men Am hpemngs
almost every dop-irb Flower mud VegabIs. It
elegantly pri nte ae tinted pepe.Uuiw trMid wi
hles HRedied one Wood Eagravian p Emw tew t s
fal COLORED PLATES. The moms tlemetiai aem
most Imntractive uidel euide published.
A GERMAN EDITION psuiehedr a a im
specie sebmn fs te Englseb.
Sent fee to eli my ouetoeqers of sar, e r I
peseible, without ppllemlob. Seat to eteene
order tem for T Cent, which ISet heM a thoeme. '
Addreee. 5ANR o1r "C
dole It b , V
. .....................N. ...... ",._.
r V.nZL -,
Ailym in (oemo~e d Reedy o slew.
183 Malngasine streetatkSw
( Teanltr J plac. arw oshiran *
l AU wrkw ani m arrs o d gve e t.i re
A knlade o f Cimhnder made to lmI. T _ + i
Order optly ttended to.
The epeolou and wefl.urulabetd Meetin Roem.
1 3 crd n steet, w e ent, to
(ns, etc., by the oeraa m th, e
AU terams. d o d
Al hApply the o oeeof the Mo se A.
at Deeler in
t N. Iao $ Ot, omb reed to br
dm16 lyNw r.

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