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Vleii'tg ar and Catholic Messenger. ..a -
SO I. tDt0 n aS. tet.. HnoW IxW nlEL
. Tutr's DEVC..-T e is a fable We copy thefa
aiangthe Hindoos that a thief biobeen l as of the Chr
deteeted and condemned to die, hapo of the official orgat
if. aHe ent for his jailer, and told lim Churehgouth.A
that be had a secret of great importance changes of a m,
which bhe desired to impart to the kino, by our Protests
·m-6@het that had been done lie would
ere todie. Updon rece ving this piece ter, It is convi
p-steloie tlre the king at once or ered that they will b
eenlpt to be conducted. tol presence,' t the attainm
and demanded of hism to know his ret " Union" for ws
The thief replied that hIe knew the-secret i "
of eassing trees to grow which would bear striving, and
fruit of pure gold. - The experiment might creeds and cut
be easily tricl, and his majesty would not sacred by then
'ose the opportunity ; so accompanied bI Progress towa
his prime minister his courtiers, and hs
chief priest, he ent wih th re thief to a True Church,"
eotf selected near the city wall? where the words "I 1
the latter performed a serts of solemn forifthey ater
cantations. This done tl·e condemned forifthey attet
man produced a piece of go:t and declared ent belief in ti
that if it should ho plnt'14I it would pro- Dnever hope to
duce a tree every bra f w, w Swedborg.
betar gold. "But," I, uded, "hbi must
be put into the grotd o, a hand that has This is the
nevbe put into taied ' a dishonest a ithe Protestant
My hand is not 6leh.1'. i Blefoure I pas it to sued. It has 1
your majesty." Tt+. ' ,g took the piece of manuel Churci
gold, but hesitated. FinallS lie said: " I Rev. Dr. Thri
remember, inm younger days tht I oftte the •rector w]
flehed money fronp my fathet's treasury, Chnrch, otwl
.bewhi was not minte. have repented of most useful m
the sin; hbut et I hardly dae say my in the Rev.
band is clean. I pass it, therefore, to my Episcopal Ch
prime miuister.'! The latter, after a brief also retired e
consideration aswered: "It were a pity The two feal
to break tihe carm tlrough a possible rmost attract
blunder. I receive taxes from the people, are, first, thi
and as I am exposed to many temptations, ordination-s
how can I be sure that I have remained -not baptist
perfectly honest I I must give It to the York Lmes I
governor of our citdai." S"No, no," cried of the workn
the governor, ,lrt-aiug back. ," Remember city at this
that I have eltv,ng out of pay and provis- compiled b
ions to the soldrirs. Let the high priest America and
plant it." Anti the priest said: "You for- i to preent
get, I have the colleutiug of tithes, and the in which the
disbarsement . uf r sacrtflce." At length planation."
the thief exc:littietl : " Your majesty, I gy, which h
think it web-r tIetter for society that all In England o
five of us sht,ui'i be hanged, since it ap- ed, and it is
tears that no an honest ma can sbe found and additio,
among us." I spite of the lamentable ex- solely for th
pusult the king laughed; and so pleased tlng forth t
was he with the thiet's cunning expedient, unitig thde
thnt he granted hem pardon. T he order
Sflced. Thec
-r - o reversion of I
TIrE MAItTYIS or Tn1 COLIsEUM.--It is and classif
now tite extremest point of tite South of Sundays ol
.Afiris that sends its contribution to Cath- tables of I
olic literature. We miaysay wtithout rag- altered; tI
geration that, since the publication of Fibio- out, and tli
Ia, nothing in its kind has equalled in in- whole of ti
terest aid value the unpreteuding volume will be res
of The fartyra-of the Coliseum. In several book of th
respects it surpasses Fabiola. It is more tion of St.
atrictlyhistoricsl, deals withl a larger num- from .the
ber of persons, and is the bitory, not of The thirty
ne heroine, but of the Coliseum itself, and to ,tirty
of those who in different times suffered the langu
within it walls. r. O'teilly, the author, of them hit
tells us that the idea of this work was aug- Abeolutiot
Bested to him by Cardinal Wiseman's Pre- ias been
face to Fabiolo. In spite of his missionary are severs
labors in Africa, lie has found time in his God's will
visits to Rome, and in a deep and careful pent. Se
study of the Acts of te Martya--that an- troduced,
thentso but unexplored souree of Christian hee Apost
lore--to draw up a moat fascinating vol- sceoded I
anie. Certainly no subject more calculat- tnce, "i
ed to inspire noble thoughts, to lift us up slns,"has
to a due appreciation of the Faith, and to In the 1
b-eneoaerge as to pursue our path of the United S
Cress wlth gladness and speed, could be ecutive
found than the authentic Christian history also sev
of the Coliseum. It is strange that noth- them be
ing ot the kind should have ever teen at- various
terupted.L-- omodo Tablet. prayer fa
era and
Tan COL.UN VYENDOME.--The discus- Litay,
sion about the Column Vendome has ended old rites
in compromise. Its restoration in the discretio
original form, or rather its latest form, has stead of
been vehemently opposed. To set up the pryer.
tirt lNapoleon again would be a dangerous the ten
encouragement, it was feared, to the the Old
friends of the Empire. 'PiThe statue of Christ ft
Liberty has been voted down, thanks, no the invi
doubt, to the Commune, and even the pro- municat
posed statue of France has been rejected. invitatic
Some desire to surmount the column, on denomi
its re-elevation, with a single tri-color flag; old forn
but this was dismissed, perhaps on the this sen
ground that it would be too palpable an diction
evasion of the difficulty. President Thiere, stead.
it is said. has now settled the matter in his "the cc
own way. There is to be no statue of the and ins
Emperor, but there is to be a statue of the tine the
hero of Marengo. Genersl Bonaparte, in says,
Iis cocked hat and grey coat. is to do duty but, al
in place of Napoleon in his imperial robes. it, the
Thus It stood during thle First Empire, and which
lduring the reign of Louis Phillipe, and tius the s i
history for the hundredth time is to be per- not be
muitted to repeat herself. anawer
The Mfelb"our'c ge says that a remarks- firmat
Ile instance of imposture and credulity has ing lis
lately been brought to light. A ian, ofthe
named Fisher, a small farmer at Nunawad- ops, a
tn., has ancounced himself to be the Moe- denon
,iih, has proclaimed that the millennium secrat
actuly arived, and by examplo Ap- _ r
. t, have inculcated the doctrine of alter
:t'\,h;Iit:: among lis followbers. ll, ;it- ihaite
t-tl t lo' I have the power of working tltilr- udll tit
''lte, oit" I;,oittg tnto dead, and of derailo'* ilg 'eOItI
Ihia e:,et.nit.- by the mere act of volitiot. , it.lat
Singulat:ly enough, be has found Ii latrge adeti
numlbner oflconverts, some of whom -tcl- pre),c
braccil the faith for more than a dozr,, and
years; but the new revelation was ottly work
made public through the detectiou of a, tittla
man named Wilson, who accused his late usefe
spiritual master of obtaining tuoney under doctr
the15alse pretenceofbeing the Messiah. .No grad
technical proof of the criminal offence was doub
given, and the case was dismissed, to the of th
great apparent delight of his followers, hithe
who thought that their 3Messialh had exer- cansi
cied some occult spiritual intluenco upon ri, a
the justices. t
EDUCATION INDtA.--'rhe educational sued
statistics of British India show that the Chril
school-going populati'on, calculated on the I uP1"
basis of one-sixth of the whtole, ought to flnd
be 25,000,000. It is only 190,000. The
highest per-centige obtains in Coorg, TI
where one in 60 goes to school; the lowest
in Bengal, where it stands at one in WtO. I 11
Nearly 106,000 natives aret now annually 1ou,,
being taught English. theo
Fight hard against a Itacty temper.
Anger will come, but resist it. A spark TI
may set a house on fire; a fit of passion don'
may give you cause to be sorry all your they
life. that
" The Vales rayer oolk.
" "There is 1
We copy the following article from the col- many passn
mnes of the Christian Advocate of tiis city, tent comme
the official organ of the Methodist Episcopal I
Church South. Asshowing with wbatfailhty A wa in
changes of a most radical nature are made variousdisM
by our Protestant friends in religious mat- " The qu
ters, it is convincing. We fear, however, meaning in
that they will be doomed to disappointment bthere hstL
in the attainment of that much desired foreignand
" Union" for which they have been so long ing the tan
striving, and for which the _ mutilate servant by
creeds and cut off articles heretofore held
sacred by them, At their present -rate of This is e'
progress towards unity outside thile "One *doubletI
True Church," they will shortly have only Mrs. Maeb
the words "I believe in God" left to them, call, in the
1 for if they attempt to retail even their pres- suspicious
out belief in the Holy Trinity, they could cat the ko
never hope to wit over the followers of
Swedenborrg. As if be
a This is dte title of the revised liturgy of phrase,
. thle Protestant Episcopal Clturch just is
0 sued. It has been introduced into the lm
If manuel Church of New York city, of which There
I Rev. Dr. Thrall is rector. Before using it the time o
n the rector withdrew from the Episcopal a prodigiC
Church, o whicllhe has been one of tihe ' Hamlet
most useful ministers. It will-also be ueed Theatre
y in the Rev. Dr. Cooper's ludepeldent actor rep
17 Episcopal Church of this city, be having John How
ef also retired from the Episcopal Church. witneesed
y The two features of the work that will immense
le most attract thee,attention of Methodists TRlma's
e, are, first, the iniallatzion of bishops-not guae w
as, ordination-and, second, the consecration bthis a
ed -not baptism-of infants. 'From the New teisti a
the York Times we have the following account he remar
ied of the work, which has not reached our "whow
ber city at this writing: The book has been
i- compiled -by various divines, both in it
eat America and Enogland, and its principal aim To h
or- Is to present to the public a form of c Irayer The e
the in which there is " othing thatne ae .r- thotmhe
gtb planation." The main portion of the litur' that Fre
I gy, which has been used for centuries, both than
an England and America, has been retain- report o
sp- ed, and it is said that the various changes upon a
and and additions which have been made are acb
ex- solely for the purpose of more clearly set- near the
teed tng forth the Christian doctrine, and for you sha
ent, uniting the varionsbrauches of the church, simple
The order of the service has been simpli- Macabei
fled. The Psalter has been taken from the all in p
version of the Bible now in common use,
.t is and classified according to the different
h of Sundays of the ecltsel iastical year. The
ath- tables of lessons have been very much Macadu
lag- altered; the Apocbrypha is entirely left hisrapi
biou- out, and the chapters so arranged that tihe s duffs
o in- whole of the important parts of tihe Bible wizont
lone will be read through in two years. Thle fight
veral book of the Prophet Job and the revela- What
more tion of St. John, which were both ecluded 'Cause
oum- from .the old table, are inserted in this. (thong
ot of The thirrty-nine articles have been reduced to a br
k, n to thirty-one, while in those that remain
ered the language has been simplified, and some The
theor, of them have been materially altered. The intend
sag- Absoluntion after the General Confession ltely
s Pre- ti been dispensed with, and in its stead ThSne
onary are several tets of Scripture setting forth foolish
in his God's willingness to forhive those who re- the an
areful pent. Several new canticles have been in- gunsp
at an- reduced, which will be sung in turn. In d wit
rta e Apostles' Creed the sentence, "He de- hittinl
g vol- scended into hell," is left oat, and the sen- publc
culat- tence, " a.d baptism for the remission of er near
s up sins," has been omitted for the Nicene Creed. t
and to In the prayer for tihe President of the set
of tle United States " and all in judicial and ex- stea
Aid be ecutive anthority" is added. There are ilg a
history also several additional prayers, among New
t noth- them being a prayer for youths at tile on t
eenat- various institutions of learning, and a range
prayer for the missionaries. Several pray- forts
ers and psalms have been added to the is n
discus- Litany, which is to be used, as under the basIn
Sended old ritual, as a separate service, or, at the i
in the discretion of the pastor, to be used in- dowr
rm, ts stead of the usual morning or evening pati
p the prayer. In the communion service besides cour
agerous the tea commandments given by kIoses in by t
to tie the Old Testament, eight commands of fea
hate of Christ from the New are given, and after u
nks, no the invitation to his congregation to com
te pro- municate the minister may also extend the
ejected. invitatio to all other members of whatever Fr
mu, on denomination that may be present. The rt
Sloag; old form of absolution is also omitted in
on the this service, and instead of the usual bene- prie
,able an diction a short prayer may be used in its of t
Thiers, stead. Te baptism of infants is termed reco
er In his " the consecration of children tothe Lord," , ur
a of the and instead of the minister saying, "I bap- b
a te tie teeithee thme of te Father," ete, be Oy
parts, in says, "We consecrate thee to the Lord," '.
do duty but, should the parents or sponsors wish his
ialrobes. it, the pastor will say, "I baptize thee," in di
pire, and which case water will be applied, but it is ma
and thus the aim of the compilers that children shall par
tohe per- not be baptized till such time as they can mo
answer for themselves, although "contn- se
crated" when infants. The order of con- No
remarks- firmation is performed by the minister lay- f
ulity has ing lhis hands upon the heads of every one
A Ian, of the candidates separately, not the bisa- thi
unawad- ops, as of old. The bishops of this new pri
itihe AIen- denomination will be -'installed," not con- rem
illcnnium secrated, while a presbyter of any denomi- lt
chtem t',t altera etoill eli r ei, and after E tprtfieit l ilisi
I. aidoel5- ,leiteu btldtofi tleb brainctl of the cltaiaci, he
iucttoalta- sulta itted io -the taaionitry. d 'elo ewokl a
f t aitithe. ahistl i a sciecti saut af n ati Pt nctrle g io
ad Inthe uponawtico this necomo tait y atuvty
Rhom -ta- - -reer ale c. ..tt a-re-l thmroiimiit time lesig i La c
nn aoorg d bre aotea if time ganlt ir isuted
was olowes work of ereral yrs stiasly, amud coltaagieg-n in
sin . o 4grade wil he able to use it, and it will, i
nuwas doubtless, be the means of forming a branch S
sed, to tie of the church composed of those who anve ti
ffollowrs, hitherto disliked the old praer book, ho- ta
ad eoer- cause of its stringent normalities and rub-ts
that the Christian sects, but as ai entre ground
that they have no mind.
esWpmossUa . VNAL.-The biti
caD There Is little qustion that the writings ject of edueati
of Shakespeare have been made obscure in years raging i
col- many passages by ambitious hut incompe aperane oew
Icity, tent commentators, who have only appeared, anti
copalf dkass, i gt t Day and devoted t
icibty And m.fl el a s." interests in thi
sade A wag in California gives his opinion on -
various disputed points. He says: Diicaulty ex
,mat- The queries as to Sbhakespeare's real which sustains
ever, meaning in what le wrote h .ave never tune, andl the
tment been satisfactorily settled. For instance, tens.
Sthere has been munch ontroversy among
foreign and indigenouscommentattrstouch- The richest
Slong ing the tautological directions given to his with what he 1
utilate servant by the Scotobman Mactbetl, : ': -
Peldt o' t ta t eilbt; Sld then- HOUSE
rate of This is evidently what printers call a N B11OIS,
"One ' doublet,' a typographical error, without a ,
Sonly Mrs. Macbeth; at least to have her within Returns hle since
thesm, call, in the next room, and lie wanted no patronage best"o
r pres- suspicions servant listening and looking in ully soicits a c
acould t the keyhole. So he took the wise pro- establishment no
caution to say : !TUPI I.LOOKI
ers of Pt -out the light' cOtOR)S. etc.
And then. Pat !' Pictures and L
As if be had said, in kindred California ,Re utlns ana
urgy f phrase, Mr. Bole's Char
st- ut out the l.ght, thenT A
e Em- Oit upnd Kit.'"
f which There was a period in Paris-it was in J- . Elkin.
ising it the time of Talma-when Shakesepare was
siscopal aprodigious favorite in that gay capital.
a of the i Hamlet' was produced in English at the t......-....
be ned -Theatre Francalse, and the great French s
pendent actor represented the melancholy Dane. lJPORT
having John Howard Payne and Washington Irving
Church. witnessed the first performance. It was an ENGLISH C
hat will immense success, and h eal a prolonged run. We areanw r
thodists Talma's pronunciation of lite English lan- lrge iaormo
opa-not gage was very good-indeed, excellent; '.n CaRlPI
eertio but his accent, Mr. Payne said, was charac- oa to our eoal
the New teriatie and very peculiar. Forexample;
account he remarked that Hamlet wasmade to say: ALL PAP
shednore Who would b thas whist adSmerns of time ..........
a been hon h is o th time. 119 . nns
ry When he eoud his equietus makeo
both in With his bae bodin Who would fr-dei bear The under
cipal aim To grant and sweet." at. nounces to hla
f prayer The psioa for Shakespeare's plays at t es s
eeds e- this-ime in Pars had become so intense He calls ep
the litur- that Frenchmen "saw in Shakespeare more Pac ~P., reui
ri, oth than Shakespeare knew," as this authentic s atPs e
in retain- report of an enthusiastic admirer's verdict being much ni
changes pon a representation of the charaoe r of -atille e
aade are Macbeth, delivered in a popular restaurant
arl set- near the theatre, sufficiently proves: "Ah ! enine n
and for you should see the grand simplicite, the n .
e church simple gran r of Shakisphere in ' Mosu L. U T E I
an simpli- nacabei-il' When cry (cai piei ready, FECH
from the all in proof):
tmon use, -'Comeon Maceadufi! Fine Oil Pal
different And d--d be he who iret sy, Colors and i
ear. The Bold up-Enoffh!' sai Sqjual
ery much Macadull'f come up. lossan Macabless d)raw ,int
tirely left his rapier. IIe make demonstration; Maca
d that the duffs pink him in de stomac. He says, e
the Bible wizoutdelay, 'Enoffa!' Drams belt--dey TaaGls
ars. The rfight-he dies! -Voila le grand simplicite! C00 o:
hoe rovela What for Moso n Macabeso say 'Enoffo ' el i
I excluded 'Cause he got enou;l, he got plaanty; and rb ly
erd in this. (though brave) he ms not ashamed to say so J. DO
en reduced to a brave antagonlstical t"--t. . Post. J.
hat remain m e en
, andsome The United States army officers who super
tered. The intend artillery practice in New York, ad who a3 Girol
Confession lately sent a loaded shell within a few yards of
in itsstead a passing steamer filled with men, women and
forth children, and langbingly explained away the
etngforth foolish fears of the frghtened passengers by Witr e
se rewho re- the announcement that they could train their t
ve been in- guns within a few yards oa steamboat crowd- Hotel, Co
u turn. In ed with people without the slightest danger of air and
e, "He do- hitting it, have just given an unppreclative made toori
nod the sen- public another evidence of their skill in gnun-IRPET
remission of nery. They have sent a solide sot whizzing
icane Creed. through thE jibeall of a pilot boat, and, strange 9.
ent of the as it may appear, the pilots on board this craft
soal and ex- are quite as unreasonable as were the
al andx- steamboat pasengs, actively remiontrt" A. BROU
There are i g against the artillery practice of the CARPEo
ore, among New York harbor forts. This captiousness OIL cu
uths at the on the parto of persons sailing within theAte
ing, and a range of the cannon on the United States CRUIB
everal pray- forts is really reprehensible. Our artiller- CUTA
dded to the iats must have a target, and what more inter- FeRri
a under thie Aeting on could be obtained than the sail of a Ste
e passing vessel, or the flagstaff of a steamboat.
e or, at the I the fault-finding people that sail up and
be used in- down New York bay will but exercise a little
or evening patience, the national artillerists will, in the Har . F
S besides course of time. be able to knock off their hats ,0
by Moses in by the ricochetingof a cannotn ball, or clip the
ommands of feather from a ladies' bonnet witlh the frag- Steembom
n, and after ment of an exploding shell.-PI'tilaoddphi aortsa
in, and afterdcend ear
owht es. or smenl
ition to cor- l're' .
'o extend the An instance of honesty on the part of a deletstre
oiaohatever French priest is related by Galig.6ani. Mess.s- or smll
'resent. The (thenglish journal in Pars) and is going well care
,o omitted in the rounds of the papers as if honesty in a the met
e usual bane- priest were something rare. Thecircuntanee r 1
e used in its of the case are sufficiently crious to merit I yth
ats is termed record, though the fact itself has no novelty,
tohte Lord," During the see of Paris by the Prussians a MISC
ying, "I ap- b left the beleaguered city with a
tiher," etc., he voyager entrusted with a nliseion to purchase
to tre Lord," arms for the French. This gentleman had fi- G AS..
o the teen millions of francs, or about £600,000 cn
sponsors wish his person for the purpose. The haloon fell in
eptia thee"' in a district of the Meuse occupied by the Oer- toer
plied, but It is mans, and the envoy immediately songht the list-us
6children shall parish priest and placed the immenise sum of aletll
,e as they ca t noneybe carried in his hands. The enemy misrelr
ough "conse- caught tho agent but found nothing on him. (,T w
Sorder of con- Now that peace is concluded the announcement curtons
is iiadle that the money has beenia restored in house.
a minister lay- full by the ecolesiastic to the French Govern- thprel
a of every one ment. We really see nothing astonishing in repat
, not the bish- that. The surprise for us wvould be if the 'PUlut
is of this new priest had not given back the money as he hlad AFFIN
aled," not con- received it, not a soe wanting. The Catholic 'ei
of any denomi- clergy in France have not be'en eillceatcd in ,crrect
certified, will the princiiles of Con manunisni. n__~al
r exp r tnSduii g I.i.sh -
'the c ittrcia, be 'I'lat Protebtant 1" ]sllo ' oIf M;ul itattc'r cOro
.y. 'l oe b l, in ha blten taking hat' gilt oif tih,' gRi get.t'reail ti-a ii
1 errvict'a, ,c- ini stinei rect'•it ddrtC.e 'ia tIi l:IInC' ahit'e :itad
praise'td• I'l,'. orrkkiliit wairkingmtnl. lie j'oiuatetl ..nt liatn
,in l iiiu e il 11t1ht, tliuiglh it is not g ieu tlly tholaiiit . sit lir i,
htomt thlt' Ihut hi thi ciiti ato t ill laboring cliisas spoi tlit'ir the ir I
itotila. Ittiiancl h holids Ituch bhtter than thI' samie( classes 'uialic
taud oigtt'g~t- itt Englanhl. lie particularl' dswclt tun tie? br'e,,
itu diseovt'r I habit of trlinking to excess, ahlwiis itiuch I our
,general ilo it is nlatO jt'eivalent htre' tlinu abroad. Intern
of almost every pretlte, lie sail, wns spreading among
it, and it wiil, w'otien, amniong young 'irls, and at~ong
rormingabrainch Sunday -cllol sclholars, and the sooner
tlhose who have tlhey give up thinking thcmselves better A
rayer book, be- thau those of other countries the greater
aities and rub- would be the probability of their improve
mad no forms of went. Very good advice, say we.-UUii- :.M
none applicable 'ie'sc. T
•. It is not is- -- -.I..O
developing new A correspondent has been figuring up the CE
entre ground wiles of existing telegraph wires. It ap- L
imon faith may jiearsthereare450.000milesinEurope, 180,- eei,
000 in America, 14,000 in India, 10,000 in Sponi
Australia, and 30,000 of submarine cable. farrm
-Total, tidl,(10 miles, to which there are ad-- CA
lt were invented ditioun being niado at the rate of 100,000
itaian monk, in niles per year. At tlls rate of increase it L*-i
luoical notes is will not be ninny years till all communica- of
,irty, Suxony, itm tiens are made by lightning, and nearly as puore
cheap as tlh.y wereconducted years ago by tg
imail. fonn
why some people ..... g
ness. Oneisthat Divine grace, like a sunbeam, will pens- den
i, and the second trato and illumine wherever it is not wil
fully opposed. .b
NAL.--Te bitter eontvoreTl on the sub- R-.---
n years raging in Holland, has led to the
, appeaance of numerous edostionlal jour
nalsas. A new weekly Jonrnal baa ately
appeared, entitled Onagt S (Our' ight,) isoserormfc tl
and devoted to the advocacy of Catholic theemnpn
interests in the matter of education. Prsflnmareee
In on Fire ýý'
Dificulty excites the mind to the dignity n Marine
al which snltaios and inally conquers misfor- On River k'
er tune, ant the ordeal refines while it cbas- TgoWrm
(, tens. Lees Uearnes
- The richest man-lie who is content Los.ePatd,
ais with what lie as. on Fire Elasks
--on Marinie ICU
_____ Totial. ..
- -- Taxes.
w JOIIN 110N, Reinsumtnce
ith 291 ............Caamp Street...-........ 291 s .....
lf eturns hin sincere thanks to theb pnublio ror thelbe Deduoct iutere
no pstrone bestowed upon him in the peat. and repPect
in HIall ioicitsa continuance of the samea guaranteeing Proft..E....
i-n ll ases t", ive fall c aatione e shad his
establishment LIOI)'OUGHLLY Lt* ITTEID and RE
PAIREbD, uand now offers for sale aiine lot of FORNI- Th m
CORDS, eta.
Pictures and Looking Glaes FIrcmed. Upholsterine. City bonds.-.
nia Repinting ahd Vsruthifg dens in the best ma.nnr. hotesktan
al Furniture mo.....od with care and dipatc
Mr. Boli's charges are VERY set. 3ar Notesll nrelv
- W E U . - Gier Wi . N
in J. 1 Elkin. EL I F Stringer. M .00 v onL C .b
.tl E Stec n of Ha
the 8.........Catltl Street,. "...." -/-: . 1tS St
nch Near esionno, N'O-rlcns. Morgage Ba
run. arenow receiving from England ant the rotth a
]an- large assortment of Veiveis, Brnsselsa Three-Plis and Total sale
ent; agrain CARPET. Also, large assortment of CU  Lee-Unols
SWhite and Colored, the whole of whch wil interst p
rc- offer to our cueosittoemer t the .very lowest prices. mn al on
AN Sople, rl s , cmpay.ou,
119............ Common Street............9 Uhe9 edp
ear The rsied, formerly of 105 Canal street, an
pounce to his friend.. tan he nubli atbe no Theabo
loat oted at 119 COMMON STREe T, etwet Camp and
t SCharles street.
tense He Wclle special attention toO his secl of WLr
more PAPE n n rie rom 10. arollars O W N
tnie stPR an g5t ,H OILS. GLASv . WINDOW
:ntie Hs att of- - rc - WALL
DS , eta., being vry larg. and hi expenses
rdict being much lower than formerly. he is enabled to sell
ar of alIrticles nhis line at Greatly B eductet Prices.
urant Cal and see lor OW H ei.AfAN 119 Common at. Sworn to
O"Alt Gennini English W 'ITE LEAD (B. B) aiwso June, 181.
, tihe hand -.--- -
SL. U T E, Importer and Dealer in At a moe
ends, R GLASSES, third day
Fine Oil Paintings. Engravinge and Lithographs in Scrip dvi
Colors and Plain; Chromes of Publications. Oval picpati
and Square Portrait and Pictunre Frames of all
sires asd patterns; Artists' Materials for hich
a int 1' int g I Oil, Water and Pastel Colors; day of At
taca- Ca.rpes, Mats. Matting and Bogs, second ]
Lace urtainu Window Shades and ('or.
B3, Pt nices, Curtaln Helders. Picture Cord and forthe ye
b--dry Tassels. Photoraph Albums, Pra)er Books, tent on
liciteo CruelaIes.Carved Wooden Goods. etc. Fine French
noffs :r 135 CANAL" STREET, (Touro Row),
y antd ml97lLy U A R OrireanE.T P.F onmr
0anuf0cturer of o
) tngor- MATTRESSES ar
,ad 'Io ,4s3 Girotl street, bet. Rampart and Dryades, -
Bec and New Orleans.
y W ill rkeo onstantly on band a general assortment of
in their Matrees at the lowest factory prices. W .
rowd- Hotel, Country, Steamboat anTd ity trade solicited. SJ
ngorof air and Spring Mattress, lether Pillows, etc.,
ative se to order and repaired with dispatch. noo lv T. S.
strange 19.............. Chartresstreet.......... ...19 INS
his craft the A tIal
Oore the O- f t rr ft
ionstratu A. BROUsEAU & CO., Importers offert lotw priGes er
of the CARPETINGS English and American, ofal kinds. Etra
onsness IL CLOTHS, Floor. Furnitre and Enamel.
thin the ATTINGO-500 rolla China, oloces Coco. Ass
d States WINIOW SIIADS. Table and Pano Coversa or
CRUMB CLOTHS, Drugget, Linen, Felt. 000 he
srtillry- CUnTAINSa--es, aor Wo ted. DamasOf, etc. ou
re inter: FURNITURE CO.'I~O G-Linen and Cotton,
sailofa Stripes. etc. n iv A
eaENoat. Cc-isICER, hands. Pins. etc. a ~ e!3 iy
amo and TILLIAM EGAN, Fire,]
anlittle ufacturerand Repairer of Sprin, ,.
in the Hair. Feather, Moss and Excelsior MATTRESSESn
heir hats Also, Pllows. Sheets. Blankets and Mosquito Bar, CASH
No. E5 BIENVILLE STREET. between Royal and
r clip the Bon. bon streets, New Orleans.
the frag- Steamboats Hotels nd Boarding Housee supplie t
iladclpie nhort notice and low rates. Also, Storage recelved
end carefulol st ored. - e3 HJ Iy d
itart of a Poydras street, between St. Charles ant Caroe,
r deletetreesa. Second hand Furniture bougnht In large
'5 a ftaen- or emall quanttities; Furniture received on store and Hart
Sis going well cared for Office nd Honusehold Furniture sold at
y in a the most reasonABle rates. Also a lre lot of Iron The
It na Bedsteads. which will be sold cheap. (te and saes
ns rosmn ,t167 Psydras. between St. Charles and .arondelet.
to merit illy RnIy
o novelty,
o purchase
an bad fi( GAS.......... GAS.............. GAS NE
600,000 om
oon fell in
the UCr- tnder this very appropriate heading. Mr. W. Pren
sought the Bowman, Agent for tbhe Iairbank' ea est is.nes Loss
nag sum of advertisment In which (perhaps unintentionally) e
Senemy misrepresents facts. The Custombohse. PostoBce and mu
n,^,|n him public buildings ARE NYOT FURNI.FHED THROUGH.
luncemect curious can satiefy themselvres by golog to the Custom. J.
r |storedin house. etc..in this city, where they will ends variety
c of Scales in daily use. If the Fairbank's Scales have
|lihG Gven- the preference, tbhe fact can be accounted for, when it isN
hin in remembered that under the present administration,
ano he had AFFINITY."
Cathlic In relation to time STAND tRt. any person of coin
b mn sense will understand that there can be bot one
|tlml 10 coirrect standard, acd that Is FIXED liP LAW, and
ll Secals manufacturors throughout tho Uuitedt States
MIUST COMhI'LY with weights in hie Patent Ofia at
-~Sli Xrsngton. We are alwa ready for a fair and square .5
Istl'cater contest withl our competitors, and are not to be din
ii'tllreltl] e mavcmi yiv IjdNCOMBiE and misrepresentationsi .
'iianliireti i " 1,l't" in il.'e where our Sacl's have been cstabliebed. F
yt ir ltl t t1 vatavi harve giren natlsfaction. and, although we FE
oilmtt'ti itit Iar, not., s yet. been blore one year. we think we can mal
• i~tat period with tie lZairbauks• notultbtldti"
iio( ' classtts PuliicWeigherhast been called in to test miiirrepemo'nv
" oi" .t | between the Fota)thm atni Fairbanks' Scai,.e. Il-!
dt'it tll thitlt , kflSYTIl HAS AI.WAYS I'itOVED R (t)}II :) r
. iiVS I tIUC I Our Scales are tml l STIIONGEST. und we ale reayly I,
md. Iutern- 1',lovF ALL WE ADVEILTISE.
lng among --!c
n ud aisong FOIZSYTtI, ELLISON & CO.,
the sooner
Ives better Agents Forsyth Scale Works,
h greater 4 MAGAZINE STREET. G
'ir improve
we.- Uiti- N.B.-Onthol at of October we shall remove to Mo.
FT anufacturer of the
irer. It ap- Lemon and other 8yrulp . SodA Water Syrups. and deal
:urOPe, 180- era in veat Indian Prodouce, Florida and Bahams
in 10 000 in Sponges. etc. Depot: ill Magasine street,corner Puy.
e of 100,000 ' tnseaned not to buy the spurious imitatlons of our
Increase LEMON SUGAR, now being palmed on them by us.
omnner a lCS f n mithts oar tebels ant our style
f altr We take this medoim of inTorming the
ad nearly as pbulio andthelarties abdve alluded to, that we have
ears ago by ogton, D. C(., for our prsntd and Hithograpbed labels, (
found buylsnor aedling such goods, in any way ofring. ]
ing on our COP..F.IGHT, wull be proceeded against for
S iwll pene- damsges, accrding to law. D. MOFFAT & CO.,
t is not wil- o. 266 Magazine street, corner Poyfasre. I
Jy3m New Orleans, Ls.
t) In oformity with the requiremento at il shortr,
oh the egomony publbh the fowolslteisatw $1.......
pomumsa received daring the year sendin ?.lS.311
On Marine .......................... 0 35
afor- On River Risks.. ...............5 __---
thus- 11,391.002 are64
a Totalrominma ..6...............4. - .
et earned remium May 311871 ........ 1 40 t e
Ltt ose Padr Amount 0a
On 0 ie isk .......-......... Hý199 3 1 
On River BLkL..:.............On Marine
Total ........................$ e 7 On River
Taxes ............ .. 46,531 71
ReinIsmnce and returnm pro- Ad
alminous .......30059 7 ....ntermina
t .......... ............. .
,oeing Profit o. ........ ....................... $38350 04
k orE, Nt goa.310
eal o atae. .. ... ...... ..... 006* 1 .0re o
snae, Tanhe aond retiatee stoks. ..- 2456691a 0 coree Mat l
Notessectured by mortgage . . 1035690 Tnaiver.
c4 3 Nores teared by pledge ...... ...... 57.75e 43 es
Bills reciablý ................... . 5 3 ena
[oUSE. .Prmium r o eolleotio.. ..... 000 Intrest 01
state o1. -...".. --.--- ............... 6,119 50 BeWbmm
Ing ri of oter oomai o..-......... .. .10 . Amou
ine toc o t ette DryDoc Cmo ...e ...'.. 9,36 00 lasof te
Leve k one Levee OStea Cotton Pr o ........
1 toek of Mparine D c andh Yarde 0 e
a1 ..borProto Comp....... an..... 1,5 000 Loss:
Morgage Bonds Grand Lodge of Louisiena o00 ic
F ] eoirtgge BoadsTureTo Assstbo --- ...... 000 00 nd
Mlogrtas Bonds Odd FelorwsBl. 5000 00
tok Opera oo e Asso.ia iý........ 4
SETC. e ............t.......... 3,0000 Ne t
Jaslou han.--.-·,. ....61.W 6 The Co
hoasets .......- .......... 1,43S3,l thelovs
of ll L--unolr tited interest a
inert i0nterest bl July next onthe 1 Ct
a h03m arl' oanteiul at i lcrip of the 44CtO
company .. ...... 7,45 90 41.0
t S. Etao IEwoes of18i6ftholsr1, . Mco 1lf
1s4 and 1865, p oayable in Juy 179,89 0 0 . 0.
.....119 . pmm on :y3, 9.42 00--48I,057 90 2 Shari
1871 ...·· ·".............. 250 Shar.. .
trert, anL -.1,002.13t 1 97 13She
eis now The above statement is aust, true and corret tramn.
amp a cript from the books of the company. so Sha
fWALL p. FOURCHY, President. Sh
srd. O. W. NOTT, Secretary. Los re h
IN. Parish of Orleans. City of Now Orleans. t
ma st. Sworn to and subecmkbed before me, this third dsy of p
le nne. 11. JOSEPH CUVILI ,b Notary Public. To
At a meeting of the Board of Director, held on the
SSE third day of une, 171 it was resolved to delare a The
graphs in dScrip dividend of THIRTY per cent on the net earned cripi t
us. Oval participating premiums forth yarending My31, 171 TO:
for for which eertifcates will be issued on and after the et
ir day of August nex Also, to pay, on and after the
second Monday in July next the Whoe issues of Scrip
Sand for the years 103,184 and 1865. and IX pr cent in o
Boots, terest on all outstanding Scrip of the Company.
ie French
i, IIRECrOI: cent i
p. Fourchy, L. F. Generes, P. Maspero, on an
P. S. Wiltr. D. McCoard, S. Z. Relf, fifty P
EM . Puig. Joseph Hoy, I. A. Chaifraiz, 1871,
Charles Lafitte, J.1. Fernandez. jell 71 ly per e
ssortmnt of Office, No. 28 Carmndelet Street.
S L Jhn
. W J. JOHNSON, T. . eWILLIAMS. . er0
olcited. ecretary and Treasurer. resident. ~.W
Pllos . etic .. etc., nioucrota,
T. S. Williams, W. C. Shepard. W. W. Walker, -
U. W. Newton, .J.. Johnson. NE
Against death b accident or disease upon s and
price aferai deathS ll ps y losse within ZITE BAYS
,of all knd Etrane Fee-norse. and Mles. per bd ....... 00
amel. .... ........ o Cs30
000. Assessment in event of death, per head (either the
overs. SOreOs, Mles or Cowv) .............. ..
It. 2000 head Horses and Mules and 1000 beed Cows (with.- Prn
mas, etc. out regard to valuation) to constitutes c las. se4 3m
and Cotton, i nire
-pv. A. BARKER, Mar
rR Fire, River, Life and Marine Insurance Agency,
TT~iESSB -- Lea
as supplied at
oS 1e.e3&7 7 TNA...........................of Hartford.
HOME.......................... of New York. a
teP o e. Socurity Life Insur .nce and Annuity Compsuy,
uhtof New York.
n storae uad Hartford Fire Insurance Company, of Hartford.
r[niture sold at
Die id ofIron The Leading Insurance Companies of the United States. Pt,
d C arndelet ecord of Losses Paid.............. 40,000,000
P. A. BARKER, Agent,
EENETS. _sLy o i 5.6 aCnodel street.
Office Cor. Camp and Canal.a
on. Mr. W. premiums received ending the year 1870.....367,901 57
W tes, isues Lossee, taxes, expenses, etc., paid during same 2 0
ent lon ally) he period ................................. 13.. ,510
. Postoffioe and Assets on 31st December, 1870 .............. 2,74 07
8D THROUOGH. J. TU"TS, President.
Those who are
tto the Custom. J. W. RINCKS. Secretary.
1i find a variety DIRECTORS :
-'s Scales have Gee Urquhart A. Itocherean, T. B. Blanchard,
ci for, when It is W. B. Scbmidt. G. V.a
POLIT.ICA.L. l|bcockk M. Payto,
admlnlstraiLOn, E. Milteberger, Aug. eichard, J. Tuyes.
:H I"OLITIC L . .. ltie uetter, . - 
FECT BAKING QUALITIES, it rivals any Stove
made in this country.
is tile BJEST- COMBINED Fuel Stove ever offered to
the public.
A General Assortment of
Country and City Orders solicited for ROOFING and
se24 Gm American Stove Depot, 100 Camp street,
236........ TCOUPrrrOULIA STREET -........ -
Iron, Steel, Copper, Brass. Lead, Galvenisod Spikes,
aSlls, Bolts, etC.
Brass and Composition, Ship Hrdware, Builders' Hard
ware and Fire orate.
Locksmiths' and Bell Hangers' Materials.
e Together with the greatest variety of every description
* of Mechanics' Tools and Hardware to be found in the
South, at reasonable prices. Je44 '1 ly
*< DBALER iv
B G PITArD, Dware Ir
R Builders' Hardware, Grates and Mantels1
349............ Common 8treet.. ..........34i
myl4 i Near Claiborns Market.
-ýý I r
l...............Camp treet ........ . ..-------- 1
84 Naw Osmhes., January 2I, 1471.
S In3 cenformlty withthe reqliremnts of their charte
64the qpeo publish the oliowlag statement for tb
year endiS DeanbUr ¢i, ll, 0.
Amount of Prelsinma for the year ending December 31 'fe
I7os0: N
OnFir e .....RR s......... 10... $102.0 ..
nrar ake...------ . 49,4664
Add: .$. 4 l6
160 t Deua t
murntted risks for 1870.. . 5..461 00
104 Eurn Premiums ............ ...94 46.566
Net earned Premiums for 1700.......... A29,816 A
S 11 .Lo0ss paid during the ame period, vis:
00 On Fire RSlak........ -o 00
00 964 89-150,510 ($ -9
80 Tn ver s ie. .......1. ,13,t uf
¶s ....... 3,114 38-117,507 P2 , gr
0 amont reserved for n sted 6,759 e04
6 o lowsles de aving............... " _
1000 and e .........e .. ..... 57,580
Disoot end Interest, andr T
140 Net ................... .. .. 6
8The Compa hare the floVng Asset e.tlimated s
Sthe lowest market ash vauis. via :
i . . o. as..... e .:. .....................0.01
3 Grand Ls~e of.. ".. ./o
NN. oTan. s n.............100
600Q haros u . o. st LimetCompan. 99 000
190 4 OShAree ANi D SOn tAay.... 11n.00
350 Shares Union Bank
`31tr 67 SlSh SiA C inB Bank 1,00
sent 30 SBhares Barber Prototeo Company'_.. 1, I
5 Shares Merchants' Bank ............... 3
Loans onPledge .............. ........ 450
Loans on Mortgae .........................
BSipot other.Insurance Compas.-- 3,437
te, ...... ..........
day of Premums in coursm of collectioti........ h. .3" r c
ash onhand ....................... . .. .3. 1
bie. Total................. ................. . ..6 o,061
o thea Including Divideods.
elae a The above statement is a jest, true and correct tree
earned cript from the book of the mm 8L, predent.
H187Ms THbAS ANDERiSON. Secretay.
SScrip parish of Orleans--City of ew Orleans.
cent in. Sworn to end subecribed before me, this twenty.
day of Jaunary HRO, J., N Public.
The Borsr of Direotors have resolved to pay six
Dent interest on the outstanding Certificate of r
o,, n and after the second Monday of February 18 11
fifty per ent on the anc o the rip .fcthe
tet . ayble on and after the thiL Mond. in
lSS., 686,abtelyhave declared a dividend of
Sly per et on the eet eed5d .Part11ipat .embiums
Sthe ear ending December 3l, 18m0 trWhc-eUat
-r~es denTeOh .B tLSo rs idAynot tra
ONPANY will be iss.ed on P ar t sdet dent.(
TaOMA s-NDESONU, Secretary.
John . sina.e, R.J J. Hart . Bi.str oe,
' enry Renshaw. I. Nh. Mark, W. i. SeylonI
sident. JWe.   . A.. Kent. I
Richard Flower. Hogh Wilson,
R6m ly
eas and '
0 00 In conformity with the requirements of their charte
vs (with- Premiums received during their first fiscal year. ending
se 3m December 31, 1870:
ire Premiums.....................". 1.376 0
Marine Premum ........ .......... 194,776
,iret Premiums ............................ .... ..
Agency, Total ................................t,0
Les enearned Premiums ......... 6 108,455 '
SIXTEEN Returned Premiums......... 1
Belate.nc--------............ 16,47. 33
_____ 141.338 51
a atord. Net earned premiums ... .............. 9,568  9
w York. ire loses .............. . .... I 97' 1
pn Mrinenloases .b..... ....... .... ,574 89
River losses ............ 475......
Hartford. 381.996 1
Expense ....................... 53,85 62
ied States. Profit sand loss .................. 8
Reserved for unadjusted losses.. 3 001 00
40,000,000 6359,934 59
Less interest ................... 3, 762,9 3
Netprofits .............................. 93,34 8
CR Cox- Cash .......... .... .... ............ 149412 29
Notes and bills recelvaleo.................. 9,96 !7
Stocks and bOnds ..........;--............... 10250 00
. Premiums In €course of oollectlon---..........- 91831 10
..367.9010 8433,'779 W
802,742107. Stock notes .......... ................... ,0 0
The above statement is a true and correct transcript
from the books of the Aaoolation.
C. CAVAROC. Proeldent,
Blanchard, o. LANAUX, Secretary.
oyes. STArT OF LOlrsoANA.
Parish of Orleans. City of hew Orleans. -
S Swor to nd subcribed before me, this fourth day Ot'.
ERAG ylb G. LEGAIIDEUIR, Jr., Notaxry Public.
At e meeting of the Hoard of Directors; held on thS
d day O Jannoari. 1071_ it was resolved to declare /
F -I - divi of FJ.-FTX[ PEi CENT cash. pafeble on an.
P ter the 15th of February next, by cl:tiem on st50
FUE, notes pro rate to the amount of earned premiums l'5J
o. CAVAROC. President.
F. HE. BERNAD, Vice-President
O. LANAUX, Secretery.
:ha. CnFr.c. E.
Chrs. do Itnyter, 1. Camber,
A. Relchad. U3. Marouii.
E. F. Mifloton. Ant. Lanata,
TINWAltE, W. Agar, J. Egle. J.aS.
OOFING and ow
Cmmp etreet,
Insure Fire, Marine and River IRisks at Lomst
SunrSedS..e.. .......crb........
A. ELMER BADER. President,
taetrials. CII ENGSTFELD, Vies President,
- er r description GEORGE STROM.EXER, secretary.
be found in the
Je4 71 ily sOAs OF Tn.I'ST5P:
A Elmer Bler. 1l-Freak, W U Schmidt,
Theo Illenthol, Ioul Schneider. Frank toder:
J M Schwartz, Hermann Eleke. Fllckert
.nd Mantels, C H Miller, Jacob Hassnlger, Ch Enifol,
8L Nests. H. Pohlmbnn, Loots h
EENTINR. G L L Mayer, H. 6elg. X ,eisen'n
PPAPE. H Gogreve. W Davis, N A ilaumgedS ,
.........349 Joseph Holler, Iac Scherek, E. T. Del Bordio.
borne Market. jell 71 ly
" I ~racy an n U 3 w tm0oadn, Xt, et Vatel 1,,

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