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The morning star and Catholic messenger. [volume] (New Orleans [La.]) 1868-1881, January 21, 1872, Morning, Image 2

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whSa he : ii
.aulooked enulrln :l
"Our little one , te amid 1 t9p hee
ueek, "has geat.sav.sa befts mie.
. mined tc-hte etoa $hat tle sl
'ii bn li r
I wished to hir beetits A
g thiS aesoemo.a~ut q I
4ýin rlh e lai t1oDoetro a teas
-" l ltawoother wita 1 sbde
Yet thsr w os mer.Ld e Into e1
tim -- -b ýtret tbron otna4i !
ro dMed aelto l
S a ,, a ms.
, tue.t m r eeo el le ledhl
, -~11 ~. e eand w lli irerper yal
Uwa ao youore an we a" na en an
shoa e pu wh o sot thouhte this a edlitabi l
oitrer the caum a
and e village 1phyalclach eos
alwea h.a this he theoteled m a b o
no diotarb ao corpe hidhinter onthe
aftra~ h s hohia-d ha, aying
s pTea se was the calmly .poke
he sarswas foil by young soldier,
wbeado tbeDotor into the imou
aet n touh the cial was te ooeto mch re
ale the Ipnos" tho et.He w afair heedt
Sh5a sorry n very sorry; be t in te ra ib
thi We met be carel-ver careful; and
hae mattee ost b mer mhined into orleoy
shqet D Tako-tr gentleman Corporal
. the T ie moo distreeaton, nd etain himw
ithee sntlifurther orders."
.ruh will this end t' murmured Ellen,
S.to' forehead, ad knoDewo whalt torterowe
proud, eeitive ho f his elonely, tear
wateh over me dead babs in his arms.
It would ale very am , en, were
Seaver matter oe
oI aost not otke withme nay itd the C,
tae, "and. te all dotousll my oild. Theared
sway. Armsean ho concedLed, you know-"
"Toh -it at your peril lou I the low,
eiat voce of theDoetowr. "It ms against the
tot be would ~d corpse waithin to helvep othem.
with be us quik thoughilt ad t yenterday."ud
"At coderpe Good Heaven o.
ans-very. The plot em toigh thike twklare,
The young oer touched the Dotor' Ellea, o
had left the way tnd the sentinel proeaeded oarti
ly sorry now that _e had Interfered in the
tkey al and thus rhisev regretom to rthe
an attrentions to blame, my young friend.
That thlek-okulled Captain, however, ought to
o ]e Mjddor-----, andlnow Ius l a oarringe
d mae through rulveA eatfIertbome
The oan mpatien was pe beintly dighted at
,hi nd hisp trnm fr pomponwegnorancel
ed wi aed lseook of lnah words and look.l
eead we itmr h owndtreed. It w th
quite at sad the Doctor would moit probth
hy bdthat aled el night n bi th e ard iNoub
a he pictured to herself hi lone ly, tearlesi
H" A1 could only help d himd a!
AJer proceeding same dietane together, the
"T op mea not come with me any further,
Elleaw. Take dpare of yourselt of my chine." The
ghtis comn bighon, bt I wfalle o hyou in the
cr11e leave forTL
with his suas swee quick thoumtal, ut i
ment decidoed on" hir. curi e et.
I willruak roud to th adr o uodt Mr ehje
S teae
teshe see e -
Sm.YoM - wm will -
. IN yeiokar •eases t or
"e, btLn did d t'm
aHo UI ho ave obesw ed; thn a d ek
o-bend yo_ dokow . -
ebl was anm evt t of astuabent mye
all bthhlitl gles arnund li. "As seea o
erd t ds. t et oo e dW h n . S
expthe. dhr toso lWd thcr
sal i
nerd h r. s o t
t  r ra will leae w-let asm sh
-hthatweea llao ubsoo
·.1 M ie"I red
wlas b it sthen e
ino the Do tesdt hdertai
to/hi ; baed"e sick man
Weary oyes and apietrhis . "h
ita. wa ke ears. I bood, bet adw
Geedl! we 'heat wis yea, .ar wh, o
" W els uul wle N eor dithoes oftend, t
o. l a tbs weo e toe
lpo en, and realised that It was the ifate o
meh wlke the Dohtor's to be mis inderstood
and itle apcated.
"He is so prn tof hoom s. Brown, as
the tri W a omeward, "that I always
eewhen 'be s roowithme, as I hadustre
turd from or was b autteding aot interal
"He does i ot live meue-n -tha world, t
is tre," said O'Nell; bt at y ate his words
always do me good. I tain iowld endare al
mist ,any torte tbe were Iear to cheor and
comfrtr me."
" When I am in his presence," aid Ellen in
a low olbe, o always feel as if thee wih of
Death werbnear thim too, and I bdelote T
thres presentiment of an early dt toom that tiles
his every thought with rloom o ad sadness
Yet an of the Dotor's words efm truse.
Within ten days fom the time e left New
Orleans for es villagte hboe hite forts n the
river were ai eased, and the ble gnboate i
ley in font of the ity, amiooredm out in the
stream like se Dostk monsters that had only
adelt, were notI half so o thf Xoom as was
treidy a coquered o ity atte meroy of
What dot, blitter tears ponred down her
rownu and Ellen's oeeks they witne ies othe
mrst terrible night of the evaoeat io the
red seemed streaked loth blood for miles
aron while adrectly over the oll-fatmd~ o
aos lowvoie, "i alw ee it ewoin ou
Dethere re not thi oa moke that wello  n
Ithes esolation of ae lynoabima atstn tote
his eveoy thou lot tpmsadsn oess.
hatred of its conqoers w.ord r
O'Neil alone oa d thed, ad tinhe lt ery a
who desribed s hisg own e witable way, the
presencre of mind of one tdemoralised Conte
trat e who fled along the mostreets without bIt or
s qankly, doantng lelous twist o the
sleeves, onesrt It inte a aveaet and a
pali, weo , in wa lsmoe seeued many pu nads
of the swea tro.po. He redoated with ltam -
alte humor how otsialne so to lofe or not
so garetde n t a ied heanans o oose
aotod ot, ni oed tess pouredin as much
aos they could cw kl s the . itnset
He relat ed h weoed were the dray-o
smen whoen-riving reapy homewa, asl ty
therlo, bet as aoar smoet thiatof oraytn
onlold be . ltend emIsb i a i tant and eo
hatrltedof it Loberrs. ONl declar.
Id hfor morth o hadse meof r iod aes oi wa
weseribodA be s 0wew a hite Thao wanyuth
otes, who aled alo ther 4 a nnst tht or
to a ad ete who nd the loe pile mooly
Sare etha bad bwon the t ed am thea oh
-ot feet trp He retu h wiotrhnint
ntehumo dhow o whom dn t s eoua mo
arn the Baal. ad atl the pad insoli ued
ais tea cd toa all tres of its eist
arde Oed oel deolared, whenr three days
latrt, "to wearg oin hrety tb made an
mueles t e fooun d t e pouncedoaup
bayhade Guard"es"ad pes p sed to their
new issetes b Their own lac om bouroe ande
see ld lle thoua h eae looea ned to all of
inga was at ,amr th st te me an c in oa
all traes of
te·o when they
a o the
S thand
D ae emo adVs
i' mdotmight
ew o aUo petlom
. ".",esrenme
ma . s. . w bena
etd tre w e mre es and order In the
I bon now than wn half dosen servants
Swere eotllaelly putthbg thmLb ele in seh
Alit Ddtii r oia b oflt and res
rotI & bnntv I t rno ei.t.s
Uvrz y oe noe + maw m unepted Indslt
Sb nse - oS ttha o ily, untll
Swee it to liisnr of their fbr
b eemlls ure d $hat there
oesaR.-e. It wal a trng1, fedo
a e ot bp ts Jt hmho ie
D.llet he-nomu
i ne, might never sus
_-I were the
mei~eto the . la sods. O ane el
Sy ed oon the plains
w Noier I od for ha
bdood bnrot r
w e koit, heiten gereoo erbl arei," bo
wenttwarhdn thoe hone.i, "w
re ho nin soand old ad sder, foran hain
the ofw fi Irto owp o ; hiet
andsees and they mae ita pern nat mat
s t wran* o niush to e reive their
siv#je ells he their wheleebd plare
f b or silys eed and hppropri
OeareasI wahae metntl of a fewa pae from
his doo a e-loonkered, he od ther, who
alreltud ot both band tlokes at him, with a
rdi at loo a of ee j the ir hs eoere
befoe ero. andWil hYodl notrain hisnd
" was he nof thSoth ae tou e, frther
uexlimed Cliofford. 1 bt ohir- ip leuasno
met you fe. nWl.yof not sphe hreeoted
ith one u used to alf ou lEs In the
SNo, irf thpnder edn the old thelre, hie
blood borints dbthe oo ut, ie tfde re bor
bid I ashould touoh in L Ihe oanb of
one who ome--o hbun ua houeses o rd os lob
our people!"
his- thhIt wbern;,s w ere anut ebhied hee
bak, and Mr. oDudly uinto nd oent hi
ooe Own, toor d fo suev mooonu
gaing ater him, whbl & Pot f storm..t amn..
realid it wa net vs muoh the individual he
hod syorned Jm the unot of hinkh e wmu a
c t s lwdear old hoede and hot-temprdid,
e in poo .the stairway,ed thop ung to e or I
meadrs t oohlg e of Kate. t Good
ens wlt-ow ynt can, ofir wflihile I sin-'ve
o--lyn test there are not nuylike him in the
nw mistaken thd o good people irtre t " he
unsd he wevnt towatrd the housn "hWe
re iting on for law and order, for union
ad anreml they make it personal mat
i, rid tnk we wish to deprive them of
se- rdiht-d
mi stus the bell of the weme31 eembred
wor., trwondthud, hi e rod there- wh
- n ot the puumrr-by looked at him with
-ingled fea and amammont in their faes.
"The rigbmh of the South as to e prerv
Wae. tod tho leeinv oF nede pe oul h tued.
im awd dto himfn ' n o, indgeed thia city
loetk a le as rIaveyd--msd as gloom y,
a nnotied that allthe hous re n we loll i y
sherl tbut foew ipeon o re in athg otre
aod thrs lpoko only i. lowaprd mournfelv
Jin opened the does but einei then a blue
uniform anlmt oled it in in his fea-
wheu Owen eried out:
"Don't yon know me, Jim 'Men' Cliforde
of old times, u yon usd to call me."
Jim sp who it wa; but, sharking eh hiead
and not at al inviting him to enter, said
slowly : - _ 1
rBuot not do same 'u' Cliflord' now, ir.
-"Wbhnot, Jim, why not I think u muoh
ofll in thie dea old hose ua ever I did," ad I
be looked u the stairway, hoping to so or
hear soomethingoflKte.
"ITonl the ladee I om hen , interaptedn
ColonAeOw ll wl t poorimt nor themnt the a
wa itor to leae, in eaoe he should ot tired of l
*oain-ing the dresnoo of mitme' roo
onhounud tate thre wards io
she ulor eweo oen -d to his dame; u"ue
ne., the hpon hmwer no ileseit of rnesmony
worand te ratul, b_ermsay.
"tell maklee, we sid Jim, t lesto en-e i
elllh to oesun ven y the sudden nno hus -
mot of ofad bOwonse nMnt
"Then oomemesg nut have happened to
ierrow ala ralan : m nu
·orrowfully, ·ddlnl:
~w u of ;of
W hl mate
t Ysefrd 'eterm ed-t a ve a
Intrvw wih Kate and th very eve g
he rete red to the hous and wsr to e Mr.t
_ I - Gar , she , bo dee heer, and wept
hto Mr. Dutue u h bu o
uoe ed hsa b ghter, and tha she still a ',on
d to se bhi.d grey
At u rs £lded to her maothgder' adviWs
o.thaoi -r-sleh to ihv an ep on w s
aloel w, rather tn allowe hime eantep
woa eachsl s oo hnr wa
S o omet his adsa .
tr.e: the soadleber weard
Sthe insman, who &td bes Jestlessl
a.d boss her no ears Ia .3
r oneloe be ao
he rememturned to the house nd asked to hee love Mr.
the ~rth fro h as re a unreply
itdto Mr. Dn ded's e n that be had not is
aeed bk their
At t Kate yielded to her mother's adviee:
that do was better to have an eplanat with
I Colonel Owen, rather thae allow himfoto eat. 0w
starinsofu at sosnelons o fdotier;nu. IRA
Sseloet a.M tdlsa preparedo, to meeto
on er be etitl fane all welsome exceplittle so
cord une with hiown meet his, he folded his
m entered the parlor, and ledlrd himself towards
the Impatient who had
alf vs pridhe and hal uing the half s.
Is thus , asmy own belov tu ed v
. His risoe was low; sad its reprosohfal ton
n her, your owner oeamthust alone ber youeer
n guided have done, whatevderig her for e a on
meet asea y through yoneon.t' l "
your fathei towadares are "both unchanging
D ghsam le end brea, i
'e e heekis gathered back their a
wsdone arm to sh w her tol east.
only as n v as frien ed I
Sbut you divow an dearer to ipse that I
fosprings allrothe om anes of doing rit s
" Yesoon she answered A ly. When I promi
advaned you y band o were my brotheresin
eon her beautiful ac hs emy. Yo welittle inmy a
other's dane witrymh iown feelings, e folded his
or. You were m ideal of sth and gaed upon her
ohalf you pride and half in sadness. of tyny sad
Iswroug! Then ous we me entitled tbeloved love
H-wow you canno ; and it reproachful ten- .
dter, bitter words fore than any other for himeet
to bear!
"It sng could have done, replndering her for a otly. "M
friendship for your farothis nheavinged, andst,
anmy devotlon g towards the gracefuotl, be roopinge
in words. I am notuan enemy to yoer 'cuntry
figure, ho bent his proud head before her and
as you are esed to draw her tohis heart. -
Unio I m" she exclaimed, sprng, ing from
him. "In thaturned upon hirm loan nterabcknowledge look of
"orn, aiend her lrepe atrled witterly. "Friend! asshe
"DAnd you disavow all dearer titd willing to ya
forget all closer ties!"
"Ye to-morrow tshe answere a old firmly. When Ito priso.
edor to at dw wh you were my bronetther
son of his old a enemy. You were my
or. were my deal otrth d honor
Syou are the personaton eemof tyranny andr
wrong! Then you wer homes antitled their harts love e,
iter, answer woruld not satisfy our for himw. B
to bear! Ru
what mynot se," he replied earnestly. "My P
my devriotion to do with our m ot be expresed h!
In words. I am not an enem to your 'country,'
as you are pleas iven d to a this section of the
SEnough ! was the preud loawer. "I am ar
SUniorn maidem oppoed oshould to asorn to waste
Sopinion, both unnatural and unjust."
She turned upon him an unutterable look of
orn, and her lips curled with pride as she
Her sweet reole trembled for a moment, as
questionked nrather thane with yeds t: t sd,
"A o a prepared and willing foer T
To· be ettin ud.).
Among the nor dwith yoursaree bhayonets the
Yoerrupting What the Souyou with orCertsly, " Ex -
tempts to, allt you should deem it your dHe a
to desolate both her omesd w hen o are sati
led e answert woundert notd saything about i.
e repeatriotism to dexactly with our mutualhere is no
my darling do not make me believe that you ea
have cease to t e th e gentle, loving maiden " r
whose heart was given ogee to me" us
aEnoughy," whenas the matterproud hand I am Dr
SSrouthnded by then, greatest pould scorble to waste
so much time with ay country's enemy. My gt
heart is mine ales. and-God'..' Ys.
Her sweet voice trembled for a moment, as s.
she looked into his face with eyes that said,
"farewell forever." 5
of be ncertaeinty.
Among the minordlaagreeablo things isthe e
man who, in conversation, is constantly In- e
errupting you with "Certainly," "Exact..- asg
tempts to, all you are about to say. He yis
says "lI understand," when you are Y ati.
b rd h don't under stand anything about it.
Odlege of the Immeonlat. Ooeooptio,
This lterar Iaeatla iaoapoe bytith State of
dusted bytbe ese sSb. of Jeu.
tingedl at wll aarped t , tateo
darsn ats 4 , t r thepupi, at 7aM
rsli.d dr d.a.,topeaooiat
selue en 7rAaoateadid. seat~r seusteeg,
wales tth Gee man I aZ.gnm
eae w z dadtt. - nles the, knew hew te
The amoal aad reloluetrrlaning of the etadentel the
leadnaR eojeOeM o the lnet'ucteoe
shrtrrrbnt parestl q
Uasez7 Beath eamotbelsenttomhJamato. ebtettg age.
Tpe~el er begines. dn the anse ood.
Osebes, sadendeabst the iithe Bat a
a s. payeble in adeenee, end in Va"d
epiC y nv. 3. GATUZLUP, Prrelet.
! a seseaa e4 ar o ar "tn.
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poralaye law ota e lat0ane, es emapowera
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autaamad gern, wi e spoer a . m th as at
Ocoboer. Tae auder th diesst. it th Nerfat
tah sl.. $l m anm alseeianya .e.oedamle. taese.
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pas" n " eal,0 lamw of ...lea..r. S.. .eab. wn.e. tl
Wau as in V.1I. eamwsm e e rlf oisebeme,
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Slsu sasmd asdeb, wi dsy a w idt
Oat bus I de On Sa. mte. I
ieel are. the a eh e t, New Ordeene,
s rily . tea Greer a, o deeaa.
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l opea as the w..S 0I tRBRAY aw. a
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s ne eane rad b nu Bo t he S o Ogial. I
toare I 1, I ime l+ or i de anatLeptad aOdca.
dauota vr e v. eiltfo ae
t .y o o.data. for almeinam , not ina m fly to.
T. LOsaUIS a UN a IVI T,
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Tie rctea oa anth of the Seuea
om. o tel1S C OtEhoILo pT o o.
Su nan the a$ s OF teaas ao d .he $e . th e
Beard anPd slINS, novi the higher
Tas Sae fonr daye or ma`ie aoat . ped i ao .
usT *STI s . IRO IG
iatreal r 1sa stnra ua iao em toPa
p oat f arl s tuder t woill Vire a t e on r app I
Cat .ctal,,ando omr,,. a Educ tio.
he art- e ...{. tis, tmem wllo .....e. on oe
•urdiaEa of b aa. ZoAN. h. rla. so
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Th Institutan ioar a on eaw er te uteod ean 11
ta Moi a tr .laray Bmard n pl Scho otr- ,
aitua foaly s r the o ar erd a o ... so ts
"-"eaa u , at i a mu be ad huato t> t o
plaet.ig11 . idn oadome iard t tn a unk asul.
thero ghn oduei0tab  a th Mget at tvaety u arLi
-m aýaa na, al botg thoea witileo sat, wt pim s
.I _ J ( W 1 J s
(a a orerly of the peaa e i South . Oaa34ap
abenrautseoflo teab quafed tue rathriaa therMoth ti
S.hn ilr at I.. Nsd M. BADY. aaa theet U
in insquence ndo ce by thoe Brtha of the o .
Scred Hearpt.itoew hm in reuisiiepa C
Beard adTeXI IIc par e payabe hf i
a _visee. - If00
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eel. be Preedast. a so
ltd. -yOW. m.
i.R1- I~qs2~a~ithdw 5 -~n~ip
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W .liai dfiofata biz pOJsowý.a4 • rind
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ea. wer.o ambm  Sues, Star , o
Thoemurw. ishdg1€ ap qvey o haad a vt1wt,
am aded al boe ad~-a ' ade~~~oI
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yetis ~allr~i .a- alite
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wife mSOý.ýba ae shrm w iere rih
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hail! with lw ..5 a suaalt-bwld ad.
' ,,,lzfll,,m,,mhmdm
"ltk aebor. a bwoirS a mtdltoi ]r'RS' drawee T b
Of wedya Stlls.basr and a m.ael wero asea. wilt
IMPa (llwmele.ee- Vleita aem buled to dulajs »l
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hatYpaswvzaLe fer 3th e
hal pwltwae ~tl bla !`fereiv lat rl
n reb.dda f.r.. M.... *
Slic at the pere. There A. a early el
which omm.ace abeou te middl ci Septemb r,
sod.acn thedikh of Neveubar. Pant.l are re.usle"
Olrt t ,t p ethat dim haed=1r that the
ramme tiBr uSer tdi.i t Ih
a* hab e loser a llwed·rL iaeý(.
saw lT fref.'r
p Under the Direcilem of th Simon h Mrteatlee i Hely
a llj qkam. r~- ~ rh
10 -
a aewrerf bampartwa Ceagrem. airele, Third D.1dels..ulllll
·r. New Orleam.PU Iih· ~ua.ulu'
Tsauga/lce at ta I utlee washteredusa
!. 19Mee Its aitmatee tna grafte and heelthybaiy
thertvrltlavercdlcua, thereeahlyeti
wad aLoria al them advaotegee w hlth bee Me
the lth aa~d.o mityaf ouitalam
pme·tea of eir andresale all aire bolidWet.
and Ow ppaý.a ala nd ccmtuam So the rate of
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