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The morning star and Catholic messenger. [volume] (New Orleans [La.]) 1868-1881, January 21, 1872, Morning, Image 3

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lt.1iii*I'* Imleges abeea ial 0 ale
lai t~ iiaj
I ehall & H. Ia d, taujbMaila.
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PA IU O De Of the uost seriouso w l
ts against the ogis of thepoleo II.
iw h the lamiha mn ierle whiob the 
 nesý poeat on the reen rous _
tare hargeal profeetM t
li.( been. |bthoePr a-a Is
eeadamI genial hbost of the Hots -Vlle.
Stis 1pet republcanmer sple lornd a m
lilrewl .sto be departed Ifrom b" insmeas
ut. K. Ln Say L one oof bo ms
ompliahed omolals of the res et hs
iun, with an artistic and terary tad a
welt mas a h r1' dotie" to
moderate reps eSalU US 1imeug·taS&
h is b tti~i of the pswfeetstCd--S ses
onloy¶,I Ior to a cabinetprtoliol-by plr
j3eet } lAes elaborate and lavish tb
were tee Y te bie ladoultable baron bim
self.': ctty has been restored
to mubh of it ,former splendor, and a eor
respoaleit says that, were nb ot for the
burut-doWsr Tailerles, HotedS-ViU, part
of Bps eoyje, and prt of the Bae do* $
Tols o nOvisiitor . Paris would believe that
crred within the pa p. tweiveme ta.
Large-sized trees hare been planted lithe t
Champs ElY5-5rt0o epl~5 those ca.o of by
bombs and ana-bll )ls- many of the e ll
publio ediiSes have been rebuilt; an as ka
for the public gardens, they are once more km
uas charming as in the days when iugenie
miht bare been seen threading their O
pah nd the military faces of the-imperi- CI
at courtiers discerned among the gay he
groupa that thronged them. iM. Say as, he
too, a practical turn. He bhas been making O
trials with street-paving, and has put down de
a:s'experimental pavement, consisting of at
altenate layers of wooden planks, tar, and
sad, Pu-the Boulevaord 8t. Michael; thus
following out the ide of albolishing stone- to
work altogether, whichr Napoleon is said to
have done to get rid of the uncomfortable
materials for possible revolutionary bar- ri
cades. Sever new covered markets are in
process of construction in the faubourga, t9
the result of which is expeted to be cheap- -
e iuing of-ash-paid food. The police are m
still a power in Paris, which tourists at qi
least will be gratified to learn; and the h
markets, old and new, are to be conduoted- 0
under their "rules." Whether the new u
boilevards, projected but not completed P
tby he prinely HatsUmann, are to be car
rded ona, is not yet determined. The fact f+
remains that, in all essentials to the leas
ure-seeker, Paris is once more the bri liant,
fascinating and wicked siren of cities, and
Continental centre of fashion, dissipation,
and lounging sand ere very long, _f . t
Loon Say is allowed by radoicals and INon
partists to retain his place, the palaces~
themselves will be restored and new feasts t
be boheld in the Hotel-de-Ville, where Baron I
Hausamann once so gorgeolsly entertained
the Grand-Turk and the Czar of all the
Rasiuals. O
A Foift2rTb Iie muax. --The great
diamond, weighing 154 carets, which a s
been found at the Cape, nd is no on it
wa to England, is already furnished with
itsegend. It is usaid to have been found
in the wall of one of the native hutsj a
poor Irish adventurer bad reoeived-hopi
tality for the night, and, being surprised
at the light shining amid the drkness, be
hd, upon exsmination, found it to proe*ed
from a lomp of the earth of whiohthe wall
wubuilt. Of course the clump was soon
detatihed by the visitor, and this new
Koh-i-uoor, with-many other smaller dia
monds, found within.
A yoong wife in Troy cored her husband
of a disposition to aMbsent himMself from home
at night by providing him with a good din
ner and saying to him afterwards: "George,
if you find a sweeter spot than our hone,
describe it to me, and I will rivalt it if I die
in the attempt." A kiLss and a few teas
completed the victory.
Attention is direoted to our special notie
Sbe o
 ·es _at.i ,n
rorn CIout . o as of LPeas osaý.
Bishop O' HR por .lg out hiy s _ordr
wherebtdy ose9 o o T' l°f mNov elste
by wbleh i'Ezhibl A,'roemovd h
erl ghtsan r r ist men. That ue
aware of  y a dom orduty o loft udosa
by which he isjustlPy iableo sles tl
eel censure or punishment; tlst we .lar
i rranted by the law of the Catboli
Church and contrary to the law of te
The injnotion was u te. On m.tio
of the Biahop'LAOslaw to dlSolve It,, arg P
ment was hear.and -the Cout overruled
the motion sad connu the ie unction in
full force. Judge Campbell- ha that th
canoelaw apples to bthis country, sdthat
Bishop O'Harwas neonsaril required to
follow a "'eanonltl form of procedare,
and could not take the step hbe attempted
untilaftertrieal.• He admits, however, tha
" f this ot were in the ju.mdledi tion a
authority of the isho end aaU thorised b
the laws of tbhe C *toe Chreh, then the
eoplatsDt woald be bound tosuabmt, of
seek redres in the judlesteries of the
Church, and this Court would have siMth
the powet nor tbe incllation to Interfere.'
This admutlson lmapiui the whole ea
tise to sa igle issue-bad the lho th--_
r requisite astdliy to remove se.sUto
Stlse la the muaaer edo sd i Judge C m
bell thought me.butwe will s.-,ho.
tat lisbo U 0leloa
and autri and was "ha th d b
laws of the-Caholic ChurchL abeelate
ad andoubtedly Iath proceeding spgins
Ise. Mr. Slack. And r lot us sse who
.ti ue ..u.... t.jtllw .asi-in his order of re
"ev.. -. SUsaS: •
ac. er--Your administration of the affairs i
neutd with the Church of the Aunnota- L
ties hua bees such thmt I el assJtf eempeled
to remove yo and leave the Chure vaoant. ta
And now I oGrbid you to exewre onyjPriely sa
fuaetion in Willasport, even to ay ther.
This 1pehbltlao bn s . ruu. Youl mayC
of myo flrther intention in sa efd nta
ow o e lieerl ,shod i wp, M ason.o
evo. 5 g 1L - -L
oudge Campbell-gve hie deeison in. to
qssaeth opinion, a ed attempoud to hsave *
the tof toa adbw Bees
Plenary Coonoil of Baltimore (II . oa sr
argued that at canon law Bishapa deab ao
remove olerlk withoutb ees and undtil f
tr a hearsing. It is not necessary for the th
presenot purpoe to enter Into adisertaton o
ppn the canon law of the Aatholin Church, hi
waioh indues llihops with powre and an t
thority that Judge Campbell aoe e6 un
quainted with (he surely would not have f
suppressed the truth bad he known it). It le
is wholly needlesa to touch this branch of '
the matter a all, for the plain reason that C
canon law is not in operation as the ecoie
iastieal code of the Church in this eountry. ,
itse-nflrenoe all theologians gladly ao
knowledge, but o--r canon law is made by n
Plenary Counecil of the Amerisan Church, e
and sanctioned by tloe Holy See. The-De- n
crees of the Council of Baltimore in 1866 w
have been sanctioned by the Holy &ee, and a'
here Judge Campbell should alone nave w
sought out the warrant of his remarkable 
decision. It is true he undertook to ex- is
amine this Church code but it is simply a
shameful that he should Lava allowed him- i
elfto accept that codeas ide and then
to have perversely deducroed from it a rule
in fat an flagrnt entradiction to its ex- u
Slcit Deroeees. Secton 77 on which he re
Sieo, decrees nothing, but se eimply an ad- |t
visory generpl -clause. It leaves the mat
ter purely to Bishops, and is not in any i
sense directive. But section 156, pa 96, 1
meets the very q usestion' qurel and nne- l
Shivocally. There, while the certcis eI- ax
horted against giving scandaltnust ll ch a I
L case as this Williamspor case, e is like- I
F wise made certain that it be carries a I
Spurely eeeleeistical questton before the I
oivil tribunoal, on any pretext whatever, he
falls by the act under the censure of the
Choreb. He is absolutely prohibited from
the toep.
Judge Campbell will no doubt feel deep
11mortifled when he reads this section of I
Lt iheDecrees of the 8econd Plenary Council I
6_ of Bsltimore--should be ever read it at all.
is We forbear for the present from going fur
s thoer into this unpleasant matter. The fol
lo extract from an editorial in the New
d York buxe puts the question pointedly
,e from an intelligent Protestant point of
view. The Wbunae, while having little
sympathy with the Catholic Church, has
too much brains not to Oiseover the utterly
at untenable attitude Judge Campbell has as
sued. It says: "It is not easy to under
ts stand how the Court of Common Pleas of
th Lyooming county, without arrogating one
d of the prerogatives of the Papacy, can as
a sume to reverse the sentence by which a
SBishop forbids one of his inferior clergy to
Sperfoim certain clerical functions. The
e prohibition is binding only upon the con
a lience of the Rev. ir. tut; 'and whA
l has Judge Campbell to do with tbatI As
00 for the priest, he went into the Church
ow with his eyes wide open, and vowed obedi
Ia- ence to his Bishop, and if his Bishop uses
him unjustly be knows that hisonly appeal
md (from a Catholic point of view) is to the
higher authorities of the Chureh, and not to
ethe civil courts It may be hard that he
in- should submit to such a rule, but be took
age, the obligation upon himself, and should not
c oomplain if it hurts him. Of course, if be
chooses to cut loose from what he regards
as a tyrannical Church, he is at liberty to
do so- but we have little sympatbhy for men
who- will stay in a society and refuse rto
,tis obey-its rules."
sr llrolsrld s· l N.,w i
qtr. #kileeh..4 -. i wpt .s·
sewkrl ew ? s leljlri h led lleiý
ai fai olanrlldp.ku~~ I
,ir m t. w. mat so. i S
* I
stn. u. bi&&imr..S adwbhh4sr
se iei ,et k. on, .:" j
eat s 1 .eri gtUg eep-' 4ee.hlelae
this and an iotki_ O b `IiiPUEos, a rgs
iced Sb - 3ff- . ' ft5; Of-aT
Bonsoladoq s -.'t. - Qor"I
Ismdeolloml, et .MPS m She.'
to in o he ork Osi te
Washingtet' lbirhdy a brh
July, a thre o the-four days et fo sell
leanigh a. for tLHe ilebn of inba
un'~a'ion.. 4.,: , . !~ i) Itf~:'i
thsoaf l ot~Qhmki Uhklensi,wgiu
lape three asksoefor the f y ettfr Sf
our resctsf Edent tbie~wsekt,"le
- ,inkr m _ _r.kern we.e _, .S
s- s Therowill be. e udees dIagt 
--srnupos wleh the Uaioi will masteeUl
S.b ae reti so aeerdaucjs aI
She fouorum ircg'd Weo wet soa
SisW vl t. A1575mu rthe otUan
heeae A semeble fanny sechuaib, or
at Tot Ther aoner be ~s dinut otl tYi
tee, poh wl co the Union will olk ut Ib
tor ensh ,"Iaeu, ingl,- adn eaies_ l
thnnour mneee-the year Wi t e. h
a dtn,"raw or,, wuit no I
ati o.tb o a ins me latSe
-as cUl r---sb Ia o owundlee, ol
anu.asthe.aeo b the citoy fl
em emding.so tab w.1 ts own Inees ra (
The e Cathol union o Ir York e non s 1
toasesivioe a aele soealsan tioal
high. The sope i ranotmplates is not
terd-ali of them. yet tis is nit the
"Catholo Union" to whmic the Vicar of
eOer tedoo spich to amit that it is a mere
notion. It is the beginning of a grand
work, or which we canno foresee e re
sults. Therefore, like every work God,
whether in nature or in grace-like every
eadrrag work, it must begin in obsurity,
in cont ion, tn apparent feebleness
labor and uaerjlce. The fratfult grain o
corn has the ged of a new lIfe within it.
But, if is Insists on making noisoe forth
wis i muss go .to the mi, with many
sienaiar grains of corn, and add Its little to
der. B, oe oo bear fr i mt be plat
baying laudableobjecsa In diew. Su as
in Lau Uar., .w- --v -r---m -a - -
little leaf, and have no clam tube, closed at
the top, plssed over it, to tell it which way
it must grow, and where it must top grow- S1
ing. Otherwise, the Sleaf that buds from
the ground will never become the healthy
stalk, bearingthe ear, that, in its turn, will
produce the ripe corn is the ear.
This is the order of nature; and it is the
order of all that GOd:does on the earth. I
And one purpose we have had in saying
this, has ben to suggast to our respected
correspondent, "W. , that too much
harrowing of the earth that covers the
seed-corn in the spring, will not sonduce
to the production of a eatisfactory harvest.
Our correspondent etpected to have
found observed suech days as the Immacu
late Conception of our Most Blessed Lady,
in place of the Paritan Thanksgiving; the
festival of St. Joseph, Patron of the Uni
versal Church, in lace of Washington's
birth-day and the feast of 85. Peter and
Paul, in place of the Fourth of July. He
expected, also, to have heard of geseral
commuioAou, at an earlier bour, on the ap
pointed days; in place of attendance at a
High Mass, towards noon, when the dreary
soloe, and other less or more undevotional
performances in the organ-loft are endured
with more equanimity from the fact that
the #orshipers have substantial breatfasts
in their stomachs, and nothing particular
to do for the rest of the day.
Our correspondent elaborates argamen)*
againat the selection of the three days with
much force, on the supposItton that they
i were chosen as atiosai hoIdayN.
l In the mind of one, or of another, some
such idea must have had weight. But the
S'. Catholic Union" set forth no such argn
Sments. If our correspondent will look into
t it, he will see that, on November 30, the
t Catholic Union celebrated, pare and aim
s pie the Festival of St Andre A t
| an& Martyr, tot " Tbhanksgtvng dy. o,
: on the Twenty-second of Febrhary, it is
a not a Mass in bonor of George WashigteO
- at will be celebrated, hut "St. Peter's
Chair at Atioha." And, n the ourth
e wtI g l a s
t° her are oipuno s,
as ~ks~ws :agsilt
"UIghly 8 at 6 A is . s wh a
'' .i n ...Petsies ~ hatto . .e.t._
Jeesebm c hbroaht togatgmd *a'ele3
ear s thes ll hiVo[ lS. Peerss% Cadr
ira mM.,V witv ol i.Mto bI
te omi ns asI d.n ng tI
Saseem an way 61 tinm , .amr- lI.amb
f .ute aothee we ee ll. . ,alwi .eSO h _ r
was t than ma we sm8 the e sad . .Mt them
a .a  oa the 
Ie iu Fy4Mas ar st r dSI.
ai p n seeout ko n se o~asd li
We T aarebiI p thes open, t l
sieeo sM may o viay lass . . *ssn r as
Sda£, ni o our tamnaeahe of the Imam o
fsto vanls . Wh s at wsee oeaf fabalt. e-e.
Noss.'It tond beat 6te annexor
of Rats Ooneeptlona week or so later
d wans nt J urdoia ta
mm, zovZ , T DAn AXaIWrUIEG2
In One HuBandred TYads., Qarer0-0e, Raif-Oume
and On.-.aS.-Half-Oance Spools.
e -
1- - C
A WE. E. CO0PE-N &CO-., -
me89 .......... Canda Street ......... S8
.,y. , raj .. ..
W E ED !,ý5. :W1$,Q,, .MS C :H'r.L:P 1 E: Tt:
." * Yt -a *I.J 4si im I~.
* bl I~~l aj r"
* shm.3wta.s.ik.m~ eh aau dbwm.
` IsawN S..j.R ea.Wlitý.ra·aIt. ;MN..
S'Tnai s in01ker ··:·eb1 sg. e
>Mewidtadslaw... .. ..
7tý .n.eit,ýM' alt air'lt.'h "vrnr i .
Rammes asu mI**.l.
est ust. 1 .mqsl hss. :l.
i.,~·crucw~rrr* ~ glib.rr 1
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J RUNSO aa CO.,elbsal
I, ai .aps~W nhe, "sbuw
* lbs ......jc Nsib. .. ei M b....N1
II1WW hu·aatni5r mdbtsuiis.r
.,C9?·t~~uairbr elet
dg~cl~i ,~lea Nw (I~k~~iea.lauie
it I~~rir~ 3~IY~w.
* .
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, beeebp~Ua Wb.5WUQeaLIlbI SI5I·inS el lb
*el we0 e el lb. TUXAS STAT3 lAIR,
p ~mI N.Yis.Mi0..1lslmd MIUIPl STATU YANS.
It I.oeaoa.01Oa~b6. ISM'
Geneal gbb Emirell~in$Machaine Co.,
Ne.. . mad 10 o.1 atu.sie,
ma71 ly MsW Oa.La..
- SAVMv$2O.1
,h1 Wued. mnºslibet
m j.
APUS1VSMS. swF.Wi emja. ,CHIY
ORo. sanl aleeroom, l9 St. Charles street,
- Gva. .- ui U l i
TMabl awd aster To, s as m lrsr.Tl
a Ie Tr Y MAKIRS: t
in Twol to Twoe-6 r M.hl, Paymot. witho M
eoad for Cirealr. .
ooI o..S ...... L ..,e  .i : to IAOSr
BIsL Laa f0 aLal S .511 mlTi) Banr
ol ahtl o MlUrs oaro, traeswr. ll.
- UstG inr .
PT.. at;l x, a nu rf:,-:;tnrrYr ::
ý ýýIi wlf, M $lid.·**·r!~ C~
?i ýr All I `i' ýý
?diii T *b: qdjA9mps
]rr·Q r arwd*awn81Irllil
m18 s. ;:. 17
Iw nv .
iU·p~4 --7
1 - - w .t. I--- -
RS OhT3OZl iih I .!la . i a"
41ubIIS; w th.Id. Nm-l. Up' .F
SbtsIo ~, .Tob ý
s1 . a i 00= aMagU ; a. _ : r. o
·au -I ·:r
_I_.L 300K5 I·----
dl aroAt bu A *· JI b
Cmi Cmt b.m -shm
¶1130 S - O .N * i
gy inIWinE.
I W. . T a: s e4-ate,,.'` :. "saw º
sbo GyQN swum ]0"1d!Is terzty'*
a17-' blwiaS
ElENA'Su~i 3Lux3y,~,Lmun3 AU
am'l 7 tbzmubsmth.bSMI.. r t a
-e. e :.sn Cwrs.
Tb. - .MOYY,
aw, J. Aeat..t
tbs .be at.. em . ..s ..m..
iA~ U.~I~ A. Gm s cmaLUI
Tk ~ai N uW LCis.: L~~________
-H 9O!rrVuAN LOVhL · O3 !
T. AXSRWAII i rro 033.4 . -
* A Glemin Auget tltri aw PE
I.66 O " 8R40owal"~;~~
*RAT3s , NOWS3 PUUNnNMR3 6905
6II;=&t rai. Ots N R L s rr
3 . A1T~5 s ION.
3mfee, vied. DesOul, ýý'a' .
so Ve swmmbe sdeum. Gr 3
h Bufliers' Esriwa e, GrIU d
DOW6Lýi ri /aL rASN
M. old BudbU mim
iI g ....... .. . Com on O erei Dwiw - ifi. rt
T CUT SING & CO., No iS 30KhZ 522
(4prta0·~r hr OOI W °r O C40 r sWrO.WO
CO.. of Sam F~Imamo. (L)
M Are NAC 090t.. -rMnre Y'_ý
le.iN em I tr *gb i - b
,r Ll wia
..ON f Ikr r ova I~
no r so t o.

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