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E orn naStarandCatholoEsbe.ý . -
1 *1 g~tarandcto~E.
b a i h. # P hf ka ba ~
-i~abf - TuA koamar.e Stubabgiaa
bahsDiraotsa of the Coayn arIL" ý'iia ofb thti ~ ala~
an h t '
Moat Rev. Arohbiahop1 J.Puacrný '#
Ywst ý =
Very Rev. G3. R~tmoxrD, r ' dCat&olBh Ckr. -b
Bev. T. J. ____________
H.Rbo ale ev. T. mmSu~, C.8. B. ~" patie Nas tth aim
1ev T. J.ý .+. /u a eeea withou .t, w 110 m..«
JOHN T. G=04%.,
H ;-w . :btomm-v r _ r P /Y-L~ir -
D. H. DvcKrIZ. ý
AU osatinlntheaawotsbodadtrad to the A
Morning Stp *r and Catklqic Me senger. I~ 'agl the large ottlee o[ the North, Southeast I400, and that they were will fnt1El.A mT ... 1- 1..sý_._--i
Merningc. Str ad CaI qlic Me denger,
Telegrams receivy hroegliae s e
the Pop. as beig sgriously, though otdan
gerousty, ill. We have Ilttlesa .n thise
ms, whlob are made o
poedto us. We feel amura tb n any
thisg qf serioes momegn oqjpur ig will reach
us tbubl ,reliable souroes, saeveral Catholic
papers as well as our Bishops having direct
vommubtiption with the Vatican.
The Assembl avi n
inE" the .eBa rt i. 'Fraaee, uPiee Na
aohasuedrt to "hisaeonstifaents say
ing~t .. . F Uibk have triee been the sas
-Ic u ance. wTh 'can neydr be
_--do hepob. It is
A riot oco Chatham aO the 14th lie
twoeen the engineers and marines attached to
he arsenal at that town, and many partici
pants were bhnrt. The authorities wore com
pelled to call out the troops, who succeeded is
r~toring order after arresting .large number
The war dontinues with varying success for
both parties. The Carlists were repulsed in
their attack on Poigctrda, after twenty-four
hours hard fighting. They are reported as
preparing for another attack, though the gar
rison of the place has been strongly reinforced.
The Carlists, after a sharp fight, have captur
ed thetewn of Onate, which is thirty miles
south Of Bilbo and contains over 4000 inhabi
iBm WAR LN 8LNGAPiOlE. ,·"
A Harold special from Singapore says that
the Atseheer war continues. A second assault
was made, with a partial success. The Dutch
carried two fort bs were repulsed from i*
principal fort. Tee 'are now beseiglog tie
ittans palace. The fightig was desperate.
eDautchb Comodhder Kohlaw was ll ed, tot
getber with two hundred Mten. The Atsoheers
were badly armed. The Dutch have called
for reinforcements. Great ickness prevails
itheirranks. The pepper ports are block
aded. -
Oa the 11th inst. Gen. Cdhby; Dr.'Thomas,
Meacham and ore or two others met Captain
Jaok and a party of MLdocs on Invitation to
have a ooufeenee. Mr. Meacham made a
short speech to the Indian, followed by Gens
Canby, and thenw Dr. Thomas. Capt. Jase
made a speech, asking for Hot Creek and Cot
tonwood places, naw occupied by Fairehild
and Darris, for a reservation. Mr. Meacham,
told Jack tha it 14 p not possible t me him
what hoesked. hbonaben told MeOiUm to
Sno more; that he.) lhd said enough
do- that subJeqb anod -bile Sohenchen was
-skeing, Cspta[KJaclF got up dd walked be
hnd the othen, tprned bek and Aoed
all ready I tbeIdre. hispistola snapped
a oap at Gen. Ciby. He cooked hi pistol
again and fired, Oen. Canby fell dead, shot no
eler the eye. S logen thenbtMusMs ohast
in the shoulder d head. Beton ranlie and
another Indnlaaboeand killed Dr. Thomas.
Hooker Jim shaisd, Dyer for some distance
but Dyer turned upon him with pie in hand,
and Jim ra. An mi knokeod t
of Riddle of hqr ba and tokl atheu
another Indian claeg dle, rsnd s oi.
The troops wore im eedtely marhe the
scene of the massacre found eon. Canby
entirely stripped of clothing,. Meacham is
apidly recoverlng. Gen. Sherm an os
eei-ving the newsrsent the followls el n
'ie err o5 Atumr ae U. S.,l
[Oatt, P. C, A ri113,
Te Gea. Gelnm, Heee Camp, vYreka, Catl.
TYouar dipath annonueag the terrible loes
to the osaty of Gen. Cany, by the perfidy
f the Medoeaband of Indians, has been shown
tthe President, who authorisee me in
struet you to make phe attaeli so stronfaud
persistent that their fate ma. be eommesunu.
ts with their erimbe, Yo wr be fill, ,us
_ in their uttet eWminatio. --
(Signed) W. T. .u wne, GeneraL.
A Cemmlaiener statee that the dmlsb of
Nodoes entrenched in the eave in the Java
be-ds me women, and children, were y+
seven. The Federal troops in the
abered air hundred. The Comm
tri utes the difficlty to the bad faith of the
oevernment in violating the treaty stipuli
tions made with the Modei ninoleea ago.
The Modoe dlfficulty le new eSirely in the
hands of the militry and an attaoeis daily
xpeeted. Advies!from Arisona, to April 4th,
liavshn received. Major Randall, of the
231 Infantry, had a fight with the Tonto Apa
chee of Fork Verdo, in which he killed forty
onewarrors and captured a number of women
and children. Propsitions to surrender ha
been received from a large number of the wits$
Apaobhes n Arizona.
Tie !.AnnO Taotinrts aaRtr.
T he Besto 6asda rkal Is ormed by;
prominent mlmber, f, the. UnlldO e 6fr
American Crpets ad an d tYi alga
mated unlone, that the eommoten of the or
ganization in New York is bhat thepremonitory
symptom of s general Uphvel at an early date
. in all the large aites of the North,' Southeast
and Weet. lThe local branches of tbhor4, in
all sections, have bqpn holdin largo a&I en'
thualastio secret "meenp, d .nerml
of action for the governmen eof it national
organization is about completed. Z:he funds
now in the treasury arejargej and snfficient to
enable the members to hold out, on a strike,
for at least six months. The associatiou is
a- more anxious to secure the eight-hour system
se an increase of we . But if the strike
in Rf usd by non-comp1une of the employers
Sto reognise the ei plan, then the in
crease of pay will be demanded. It is stated
to that in Boston and the neighboring cities, the
order has a large and influential membership.
It The fraternity,in all sections, when everything
is ready, will rise simultaneonsly. The ma
chiniste blacksmiths, boiler makers and me
4. tal workers, it is understood, will also com
a. mence to move soon lh coanjunction with the
iron moulders and' Eight Hour League of
New York, to carry into effect the great object
in view.
the Troubles in Grant Parish.
e. The unsettled state of our political affairs
o culminated last Sunday in a blood Jght in
n Grant Parsh. The Alexandrla Demoisat gives
a the following history of the origin of the diffi
wr solty and its result: -
The Lynch returning board ignored the elec
tion of the parish officers, and Mr. Kellogg ap
ar pointed a set of men to fill the vacancies, but
n who did not qualify according to law, antl al
ir lowed the time to elapee in which they se
is reuiretby law t ad o i _ Mr.Kellbgg coTm- -
r- missioned all officers whb were elo ted includ
. lug both Republicans and FusPinist., white:
r- and olord, except pari judge, who h
Is already qualfldd and was a Repnllcanq.
1- Ward, a member of the D 4um atreei Leg
islature, learning that Mr. K as going
to issue these commltlions, bhatened to Col
fax and took violent and felaible possession of
it the court-house andoffiol with a mob. There
was a proposition to hold a mass meeting of
the people for the purpose of expressing their
o~pdemnation in a quiet way at the course
pursued by these men, but when the day. ar-.
rived for thle meeting to have been called tb.
gether, there were such violent demonstrations
r made by Ward, Register and Flowdrs, and the
armed bahd that was bkiog them, that the
few white people who bauh e tter it hand.
did tot pretend to dd an7lhidb t quietly
returned to their homes without going' near
the court-bonee, or assembllng anywhere.
And at once, and without law briabhadow of
authority, they (the negroes) Indalled and
a proclaimed themselves full masters and pos
in sesors of evesything in Colfax. All being
tarm - prpared for the occasimo, pro,
a k w up intrenchments, and all
neci  IiMaona were at once inm
j vi Ts and opponents of law
n- oa r i ey pF'ut miles in the country
ia g andseouttl parties, and made good
, f $b potery a band usurped powers.
SNothinsg Ws 4' undone to deprive peaceable
Speople of allTb6r horses, mules and pro)i
h stions, and thus matters went on till last Sun
S a, when fearful tribution brougibthem to
Sgref What occurred we have gathered
, from 'any and many rumors, allof
Swhich we ed and set down na t
I but what relra ce can be placed in. The Wvfqe
affair, as' we stated last week, is the teach
l ig and legitimate frait nt i .gneg R'adicalisl
d inL,onisaana, as taught atn i' .v:,.d*l.d hmre for
s the last four years. It is a.,,ly, w., a,,r and
w regret, a war of raes,wholly inangratar d and
f, forced on by the negroes, wau from,  th, aselt
w have been arrogant, dictatorial and willingly
dispesed tob hundownthe white man :at all risks
and under all cireumstianew ppolitics is ioely
the excse, but notthecaue othe who air,
and we know and feel tt none but th hite
people of poor crushed Louisiasrtbolld have
been so long endurant, and we may n r mee.,
a nuder the many sad continued tae nsalu s
and perseuations they have best rced tq
bear from an inferior and deluded race. Bau
so it is and so it will be forever and all time
the best Jasen-- , and conduct trill
a hbe virtues. re is the inoale and sad
ites of tho srrfonding country ou
a- theoe wronge had been heaped ith
pd v in e time and time again, were at a
i- * ,$ ghered and banded together3
- s en a in the protection of thl
es anid illee; and in tbatjus sA
~latilled into every mai
S , at last struck the loun delayv_
a ght was abort, quick and deoiaivs,1a4
eueans 1hed up the bander Of the jeaa
and wnlltgtdoers and Uarbtreus rlosera
and tlaws were made to e penalty
une terit of their llv bloody
conflet over eighty of the riotts ere killed
and the balase aed in alireted leaving
ea Colfaxdeedeof all her maloaneg poula
Stlbo, with her cosit-house and warehouse in
ashes. The casalities among the whites were
e -onekilled and seventeen wounded.
. We forbear a eute details and descriptions
- of all tleha iUoat coming to us this of forced
and lameadails affair, for we consider it
bad euoals orded as we write it for the
Sguilty anI men who have the terrible sin
on their souls to answer for. The whites of
Grant were driven in pure self-defence to aso
the part they did, and in the eyes f Olsd and
m an were Jltittable in all ano every pstican
f lar. I tthe awful and terrible responsibility
- fall on'lb guilty alone.
rro- m otr published accounts we learn that
a the negro rioters numbered between 300 and
400, and that they were wallfortified. The at.
tasking party of whites numbered 195.
Though all has been ehiet ·une . he fight,
oited States troops have bhen asked. for by
Mr. Kellogg and will be sent as soon as trans
portation can be procured.
PLAquutiNK, April 14th, 1873.
Te the dittes of the Morning Star:
No very great event has come to pass since
I Wrote you, nor have we manyjery interost.
lag items to ll a communication.
Hard times, is the song all sing. Every one
in this section, even a few carpet-baggere join
in the chorus. As I wrote some time ago, the
season is still faumtble for a crop. We have
an abaudanes of fine vggetables, and our
planters, who are at work, have some fine corn
although Jack Frost was pinching it last week;
and'the plant cane is beautiful, but the stub.
ble is not good; and fears are entertained
that it is much worse than people are willing
to admit. As manydrere depending on their
stubble, its failure to any extent will -cut
ehort the sugar supply from our Alts tis
' We are waiting for the railroad" yet, and
from its present pogition be)ween the efforts
ofe ' bulla and bears" who hold the stock,
communication with Houston is far off.
Itloal matters do not improve, and Awe
a twelve-month of ugly tiuths is before us.
.e would wish otherwise, but " the powers
that be" do not consult us " Southern people'
right or wrong i· these matters. Truly thA
chalice put to the lips of the dear old " Pellt
can State"is a bitteeoue! We cannot, how
ever, look for much better1w il we become more
united than we are .to-day. Thews will tib
egood time" comr
Church matters in this section do .bastr
thanihe times generally. The Redemaptorisb
preached quite a succeassful misaon in the new
ohore at lIou GoulGo ho e lower part of
this p rish, about tw8-g se ago, and *e are
to have a mission preasced here nexzJnoath
by the Doslhirei IIitits, now, I bqll e, it
work in ly
TJe imp r eremonies of Holy Week
.wrie well ate d r p hile the
glorious feast of er crowd to
St. John's yesterday. . ' '
Our parjth judge, Hon. Jas. G. Cle, tells a
rather ugly story Jdhimself, something inftlaht
wise : Some two weeks ago be h
night a disturbance in his wn-roost.
lied forth apd fired a shbot or two from h
volver. Not seeing any o6e, 'ad thinking the
damage done might be ascertalcid best with
the aid of a light, be went bW Ito hib room
and procured a lamp and stared ot again to
investigate, and, approaching the hen-roost,
he was greeted wjh a brickjt and informed
in plain terms to olfe himself, or the liie
weould be knocked ntfa him, and the Judge
judged it advisable "to abandon that case,"
anud ild so at the expense of some fine chiclk
enns aiei tsurkeys.
donI, pCople blame the judge's political
frien:ts Ar thifapiliarity, and when we re
umember the isAitll disposition to appropri
ate good thlis we can concede the armsise.
--h P-o-- ".. ..
MlmOazs m rtEu Pastan o'v Sr. J -
Some of the Redemptorist Fathers from ,the
Conv at St. Alphonses' churob, have just
eemp a most snocesefel mission in the
parith' James.- The mission was cos
menced on the 30th alt., and eontiwn S
Easter Sunday; the parish church, whieslt sit
uated in a raral district, thinly pop ltd,
being erowded every day from early in ~ thi
morning till almost,}idnight.. Free masonry,
which had drawn spny of th&ýebildren of the
Church away from tse il,'%nay be said to
have received ite.teath-blow from this mia
eaon. Old me,r teme of whom for fortp-five
years had not knelt at the confessional, here
succumbed, ad the population, always Cath
olic in feeling and governedsmore or less by
Catholic traditions, nay now be said to be
practically Catholic. On Easter Sunday, all
the little girls and young ladies in the parish
accompsal by all the parsleioners, followed
the Missiolartes, which was carried In pro
cession by forty itisenas from the church to
the conveun-tbont half a mile i, and then
back to the ohurch, wd1Ma it waq placed as a
memorial of thogreat hleeUslgwc ouobsfed to
the pariah.
'4m -* J vA* w ia a. -
We regret that the folowing letter was re
too late fooine issa n in our last lssue
gen at this late date it cannot fall ii
Interest to the great majority of des
". VZcresUao, April 9, 18: 3.
I attsended last ening lteetlng of the Irish
.vo L Asso one oon Vieksurg for the
eleqonf officers to serve the enauolg year,
The przesident, Mr..ohn Hartl ,"aving ell.
. the meeting to ordr, e pteed
aed wuthm reading to mnmta, e st
i~ b ronwh a ec ed flwgi
Moser letter of therl
CIRcULAS LTR vcao me KID "Aoci
b .ll. cestrymmeca--avian be eoapen by
lerattauiuious consent as-President of the
Hl abdt#of the state of MliuslHippi, unao
liolted and unexpected, I feel a duty devolves
upon me, that of remin iog. yoh'ýof the ap
proachinganniverery of.aPtrlelk'e say, anm
bad I recev* tuhe censtitutla sad bylaws or
the State Asociation, l.it prumia aetlon had
been taken as totbeir adton of udment
and- feeling senibly th amellora ng san
ify" dnfuqn~ce .f .wr togan owe
Dish feeing would come orwar d as dour-.
ageo me to addree you.
Hewever, 'llow-eesntrymen, we have a
tdrsl o thankful for.Y. Previous to the
Sr pleaisantnep we had bet few advoeates
ins is way q pewspaspe or periodioale, but
to-day they are numers, an4n udtil recently
Ireland's banner was lpow I ght say,
in Mississippi to-day it leats att epital of
the State and In tbhis hiis r c ile other
associations are ready Iu it. Eng
leadt the oppressor of or n try ha
oig Ireland subdued, addAqdi it in these
United 80tee, sent forth bisoL campion advo
es, FP a, tso subdue as here, ,bwing
what lihe capab e of g.
I irm y eli, thrtgh the Jatetdeeldno
thI whose memibry will be oelebrated'i
, t March aext, our divile Lord stm
he Jo meet him, and the reIt is
dt t Mloeeo eimbsted our en y's
ve., but' botlls too namerous to
at of different creeds and nationtlltip;
and to-day Ireland alone claims the hcsel*'1
though subdued fos,even hundred eers-.
never admitted toebe whipped-hence the rea
undolariag i late war in this country Erin's
ibbs showedatbirappreelation of a Republican
form of gonamena and were true eitseas of
thekr respeoiveadopted States. Again, the Rev.
gentleman before ablNed to-Father Burke
aid not come to thiaountrya e a nobleman, or
the son of one, as did the son of Her Britanio
Majesty, the 'rIaae of Wales, or Alexis, the
sonof the Russla Czar, did. They camne with
their ieste, in a ltheir dignity, introduced by
the Governments they were heir to. nad the
reception given to each is known to all.
"Glorions Republio of Amesioa, in these in
stances well and.truly bast thou done their
duty," and in time of trouble in the future,
Erin's sons cannot forget a noble act, for they
were never known to forget one in the past.
Therefore, I say. follow countrymen, in tho
past few years we have a great deal to be
thankfrn r. At present we find an approoah
ing on .between the Russian Bear and
British Lion in India; and while our associa
tions are not of a warlike nature, still let as
be united, for an Irishman is always ready for
war,sn4 needs but little if any drilling to be a
soldier-b is one by nature, as history proves
him to be. ti .
% . eonusir belg of you to Organise for
the eomi.g e~lebratdon. Sho *yo relves a
men worty of respeet, and at your aseocia
tion elections discard all who wish to seek
office among yee for notoriety or ganl. Do not
countenanme amy in your midst who are de
scendante of the Island of aaint sad debolars
and attnapt to deny it throeegbai pride or
want of national patriotism. b et beeoming
members yt our asseelatle Eeeanige aill
jouraals perlodteals adveoati our eoun
try's susane fe they are the medibE by which
we can be united, Do these thin, and when
next we meet in eonventooe, tlrloda'a bless.
IngS I h eavitbe plesetn f toreport ra
large I ý+sats 4.b·ot n assoos*
tions, all workiLg barmoniously, and eondnet
ing thesseveso seb a wa that they do not
e e.-k mspeet, by their sote eormead it,
. ,ad thereby the glorious hertlage be.
queas ton hc it is our duty asrlih
f'I Oternally, your obedient servat,
Fineherg, .Mia.
The reading of this letter was frequently In
terropted by applne,-.. The next business in
order was the electi, .n h ofiters to serve for
the enting 'year.'" The President suggested
that sou rmp ber propose a recee of itee
inutes ,ý order to give the members ample,
opportbnity to determine among themselves
who shoul be their choice for oicere, and in
order that the officer, when elected by a ma
jerty of voles, should receive the hearty oo
operation and support of every member during
his term of service. This proposition being
waived nutil a President was pleeted. Mr. John
Hartigsa was proposed, and his election car
ried by aecltmation. The President, being
much affec. ed by this signal token of the great
esteem and affection in which he In held,eoold
scarce speak his thanks, which he did, 9low
ever, in a few brief but eloquent wordse After
the election of President, it was proposed and
seoonded that -reces of fifteen mintes be
tak en Darla the rweg wit vv les t
Sms tbegay good humor with whicoh the na-uvas
uwas cendusoeL. At the expiration of thitims
re- allowed ter tig was again called to order
e, by the ani .d and -botoin for the
oh, eher omohes € sened ooen h ing die.
posed of In tdn and the ? lt ro.i d-with
o- reantuest. After the rlothe . of rbloni
for nn of P e
wo e ed wa.
Tho bseb a m te a vote a -
tion oasto eti . I rnever wltnoe
Ls tro ilge qTge.dBO humor then e
n rlala meeting. ] o e reolly gr tifyng to
/seo affectionate venaeiou the member
a l, hie or their President and the considerate
as aorde wnoe tir eacl other. The result
Id- o tbese is as follows: John Hrtigan,
it- Prssident'Y M. Hall, let Vice PresFdent
St- George T. Hardy d Vice Pretldent ; John
Mulligan, Recording Seretary; T. Eu
Sright, Financial Secretary; John C. Kearney,
Corresponding Serotary; David Walshb, Trea
bj The business of the mesting having been
h| concluded the President, with a few appropri
Sate rqearrs, introduced T. B. YO'Connor, tie
-s votog Unt of the o onrmo uSTAR AuD ot
p-. NratOuOe Osrc on s. Mr. O'Cona tosaid:
- "Gentlemen-I assure you I aesumes now rqle
n attempt ng to address you. annot, how-l
rn eceref r m beun returning myie onree
td its pe 14 o mblet
, gorro U n ,a boErlaot ,gena that w the
Sle p epri .i llud e with
" F oru hersh eWvert oe u ka now, aieo
s should bl e regularly inform of the ioenet
a that are newaffectidg so much the Church, and
Ie all soiety, in various parts of the world, and
"s that they should understaed the 0athoUjo view
at of questions every day arising. You need not
ly doubt but that the STAR is well informed and
. hable in these respects.
uf erow me, genteomen, to congratulate you
So the progress of your organization, here and
here. I had the pleasure of meeting, a.
v- short time ago, most on the members of the
eNatches assooration, and am happy toseport
i- t steady progess. A few weeks ago as in
SRouge when the association ofthat place
received thei beautiful new bnaer of grsen.
,w th its golden sunburst. How emblematic
o a gloriose sunburst of the genial warmth
at dte true Irish heart; none but a generous
is a I are wshe y of the emblqp. Persevere,
Smhe, in ar d s. Wht can be more worthy
to i. oiatiolf Irishmen than the attain
s; of benevolence; t is eir charaterLtio,
-. for it Is said of them in soao
*Ifje Isprstrssgs hU fer espe r,
L Bl.edVrn tio you sate may n mo
an y esit d.Is bel oJbll e3 e
f Conti , therefore,re, good Wetrk, and all
v. the blessilSs 'tbpt good works eresure to bring
- will-be tlruwar of you andyours, now ansd
r orever. Again. eutlemen. I retorrs yo my
Ssiore mtkes for your kind reception. o.
HOBARI or TiE AeNosLrrzp o PeAYc.-A
v, ery beautiful and edifying sense is witnessed
in St. Mathew's Church on thebrst Sunday af
ternoon of every month, imnedMely after the
ir Vesper service-the oaesiod. Uog the meet
e, iug of the Society of the Living ry on
nected with the Apostlesip of rer. There
are now in the Association, of w h Rev. Dr.
White Is Spiritual Direetm, fl g be sdeas, of
Sfifteen members eadcl, tlb agmgate number
h, beingl  members. Of the. la [email protected], about a
doseo are eomposea d entirelyat men-re ro
mainder ladies. Five of the bands an made
s up exolsaively of olored people. At every
or meeting the several bIsds are · ared I the
a church aocording to number, and being
le distinJuirhed by eahansom et bearigl
t asi of r thed num
or e the bad. ;One p the Rosary .of
athe Blessed Virgin Macy tis recited in eommou,
sd prayers are sid in honor $he leered
Heart aod for the ntention o m th, at
y memberof the is furnished
tates on dail whir e reciting one dade. On
this eard t e of eed work s perorm
o- emed ofEerd for e intention presribed,
h deso noted, ad deposited in the treasury
w of the lSred Hearte me end of the month.
a Thp generl and parfinlar intent aro e an
Snosnoced pbhiolyeT month. ThebAsooia
ti es sheu, i,, ,' d t .er put o, b
the asmeroae -eoate of e n AueJ
t sblp of Pre.er throughu.t theo i Ma
t, speTia Dfavrs, beth spiritoal and temporal,
Shap. oe .n bestowed tlhroegh their iltercesiton.
b Atthti oemr g this afternon several acknow
Ilegment BLL gratitute' ir bene l e ivredc
SthroEoa the g Ci erns le AdodaisB were
Sreed freed a  h e s devrotion v oery
populaur hee. liilar sesoslatio n been
established Ailleesis' parlisand moete
n- on the thirdu ay after'no of oevery month.
in r. Fither nob, ofOonzsgaColeg, ts Bnir.
m ittl Di Vsi sse Cor. B2smore lr
ad rm.
on ' - "
sI EuS an Cs CLCAJMD ManMUl is free from
in uuptkoemItasts, sad Uit stostb of the
a eommo- eed ened * . T dhW ld's pailr Msw
and Four First Premism iedaslaave bsenaarded it
g bet. agohe blot in the market.
on - orlbysohs dr1K ga .qdt essa terokeepare,
anr- d by I J. aeet & Co., ]few o isa roe 3m
01 " -'-----.---- -
i Beur AND Owssr FAMiLY Mwzcxcm.--Sx
ford's Linr sInsiperir-a ptlely Vegstable Catbrtie
er I nd Tosie-fer D)jspela, ComtipaUso. DebitIiy. lob,
]d Iaseta, Billsu Attacke. aid all derssgmssts of
b lver, laab ant Bswels. Ask year Drelt hr it.
qtD.ID ADD b'rl lRCHISlHOP or
On the 90th of lereh, Ile Grace the Moat
Rev. Hepary Edwr ManniugArbbrshbep of
We bdlag Ins verpol, addressed .
the et the Litirpool CathellI'Club
__ h uMhio and Gl ,n O ts..- C n
aeure )y, that w a I aentered Shie roob, I
bad no oconce pon the welRom that yoga
had prparped o moe i knw mLd that the
athuolic0 of Liverpeol ro ttuhed te thLir
Bishop, and, thro Lb theolr Biho. attahed
to the, h le hucs ao'atta chdtaron
ouo t hle i ld ba t I did not know tfat
you would habvrreeved me on coming- here
with ouch affection and nhlob teatimona of
or eonfldeaoe. It is qite true that the
3ihoplE f ln, in o eea of whomi the
Vicele O Lorf , ns etin at to plac .ts
;yl-t,-, •area body of memeinite
tohpo waLh a unity c o teniona and, I mio
has o4olulu , that e terheior Leo re hd the
Iern hq lier manner are united to tohe by a
bon llwh. i oti can brek. . The reason
f .l n toI itiO Sit Is not w lo -..
flos we bear, b.t it itbovo w In the dlose and
indlioloble unity of obediece and fidellty
whiql unites o to the Holy Iee and to the
Vicar of Onr Lord, It is besoae no man can.
part-e from, him,that no power upon earth
can part our clergy from os, nod no empire
l art our clergy from our people. Mr.
oasetan, IUr o nd friend and brother bea
0-ht me my nlon. Rad I should be a bad
scholar i I b not ojrued it well. When I
asked tohe Cavolio Clab of Liverpool
was, I not t.b pportnnlty of knowing
te c Aor. I kow It now, and I will never
ask that uection agiio. And I wiU accept
what the lhop has told me, and I will make
ae of it. 4e ibaa told te that be and the Ca
tolio Club are neither Tory nor 'Whg, nor
Conservative, nor Liberal, but Catholl. Now
that reminds me of a feet for whiolltl caq,
vouo6., A eoicao 4nerleca entleman. who
s fromIn the United fitese hs make an ai
eIulra Cout in England. abouteb yir t 1B,
when  ir Robett'Peal had itrbdnead his fit
for the Queen'. Collegeoy wa dining asu the
hence of a very dlctigngisitad pars i whom I
hew, ian the reeenes hs. Into 'Me. Shiel,
and this A rlean gs tlem sm--i n ha feoerd
oa of spe· mak whiceb helmtg eto bib l~ate
to ours--aid' I mnotia ProteatanL a4 JIb
not akow that I 'am Chrlestlan- fea; f
do not know the at om anythigI; but there Is
one ellron that I hate, and that is the Cato
olilo.' Mr. 8hit, who was .sl ing oppositeo
id 'he ag.oy, pardon, sir. Do y know
Solriebert eet ' No, sir, Ido not.' 'Do
you not.' 'No, air.' 'Pitty sir, pfAy. sir; you
wonld be Jat the mne for his bdleo col
legem.' Well, now, o Ui not introdoee the fact
without a malicious intention. The Bishop
has told as that neither be mr you are Whig,
Tory, Conservative or Liberal ; so neither nt
I, cud therefore I am Jut the man to talk pol
itiea to-night. And as I ive ealways made it
a rule-and I tbih it is oa oldn rule -never
to make oocasion , but, when they 'ar u ped
by others, to take hen, will take iL Cmd 'I
protect beforehand, t I d not sel c a
politicien, but I spea bmplras ac 5hboio. 1
nave vad a rote for 0e Parllmn sure
tion for thee forty years. I evetr a
vote but once, and that vote I reoerdeld  e -
cause I cared for the candidato who wb sue
esefonl, bet because I wished to beep e eome
co else. A more supreme disrelgard fee party
Jlaueoa bgon b thfir bous-s'eo mU is ths
ru.m can boast; cir Tage AaM oavail
iT OS wHIOn Acnu o rouTLTarL, As or
few yOprs ago when a doatinguihed poitieian
_asked e wha line the Catholiee of this'coa
try would be libell to take in the then im
pendiln gasml eciou, I acid ' We ease no
tlhing hst you ae r polities; bet there
are two things wi wn do ea for. Do
not touch either, !hr it. you toh them ev
my Cethlie in gret Britain will veto aginst
you, ad thes two thing ar the Holy ee
sad uC a edscatieion. Wellsow, sir. I will
sy ulthilg about thebo former otbese two
points. Divine Provideeo bhas taken that
quesioton into His bands, ad we will wait the
isoe; bt the question of roligous edestiou
Is what may be called one of the qbeItole of
the day. I will symors. It is thebo quertie
which at this moment bes eausef enieagr-.
nd wbhich, I hope, in the eat gelneral
Ion will make itself felt. Wo have lately
beard-for that was my fato, and read--for
that was tbhe fte of you all-the lonlg debate
pon University Eduecation In Irelae~. Now.
llow me to say a few words en this which
cannot be remote from- the tboughtsl of thoee
who hsar me-firstly, bscause you are al Ca
tbolics, with hardly cc exception. If thrre
be an exception I rejoie we have amongst am
some of our good English, aound.heartec
friends, who will hve seen theo manifesteltio
of qalety which ou have shown to-nlht :
a .eoadly, beanue you belong, you drew
yOur orgin from, or have been born ie that
"for whih that university educaetion i
Intended. Allow me to cay I coauidered it my
duty to hear the whbole of the debhte-no:
with itohlng es far le that I have a politt
el itch to take ma to the House of Commons
Serrie Ieelt rtw-. my duty t watch

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