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ornling Star and Catholic Messenger.
Uww t.3*aNeS, 5wUr. ARInL w. leo'
posible, to be of use to those far more closely
ntersted in it, to whom I might give advive
and ilfbrmaties. It was one tbhig to anad a
discusoen in the papers, _acorate as I know
the reporters are-indeed their eeouracy I. to
me a source of wonder when, on the followIng
morinog, I see how they have lakn, wqrd for
weord, that bich baa been oR soimtmee
with mort sttmmerlrg iUp il t It s a~eiMev
thing altogether to bear ads tem. t" is *
putting a thermometer Into the asa. Yeo
tell the tempersturo-the beater t.he o 1
public opinion; you can know what the Leg
islature il depoeeddo do or refuse; and you
can iad that out i` no wa .oa cn by pj
tiently, and I may say ion, lialog
for some seven hours of theba I .have
beard the whole of the debate, this, I
must my, that on the part of se Government,
I am perfstly eonvinced than their desire was
to do e autmost that esa could do under the
conditions of that. Parliament, asa the public
opinion of this most divided, and I am sorry
to say, anti-4athllle opatry-lbt so it is to
great extedt- They didhbeir utmost, I I
believe. I do not apenslthil a as partlP
sepporter, for I have already protestedna
am no mere of a politieian llai the B op oi
Liverpool; buet believe they did most ieoa
estly and honorably jeelsto give to the Ca
thbolies of Ireland the power of italinig ode
gree uopen terms sonsiste wit ttir con
aelesoes. And I mamt ay thbj, thb thejilldid
give to the Catholics of Ireland thbe pwer ofob
tainlg degrees upon terms better tha. ath aon
whioh Catholics can take degrees iln slant.
I will say an what point this is true. oQs -l
thollo in England can take a degree rithoot
either exposing himset to the peatilet inn
delity of Oxford, or of iln to the bondon
Uaivetrety; and at the Laoo Valvorety no
Q(tbolio can take a degree withoute g o
oined I the eies and in the.o ai '
which are taught by the profeo that
niversity. Now, i thee was onoe tin that
struck me, I may say Jrfth shaLM, It te the
way in which some members of the eseou of
Commons treated the smet wJ&nA  ust pro
visione of the bll tlaf it wasý Ie " hiag
not tobe dLba n:Lst us put two ests,
and I will say no" . on the subject. The
Afit'faet is, a young Catholio eame to me on
Baturday wek while the disnumlon was
paending. U rltld i he wau stdyin g ln
onog Universilty, a degree; that be
aittending the leeturehde the metaphysieal and
philosophical prof.1 . and that altIgLh be
could .see thb fal "_d of their eonalouns,
he could not find the iawer to the coaolu
siens-that though having the faith well.
oounded in him, he was* perplexed and con
fused by that false ph And new I
would Oak *hether this wsa at most just
reason to tzempt all Catholic yot p from be
intfored to undergo an exam in phil
meophy which is fundamentally f pot only
because the examinatiops are fae, bnt be
cause the study of false philoeophy perverts
the form and shape of the intelligence, and, I
may y, alters the jtraotare of the brain.
The only other point will add iis this -8op
posing it ad been required for a degrie in
Ireland that a young Catholic should be ex
amined in some heterodox inteprettation of
the Christian religion, would sthy man hnve
oddured it.f Everybody would have said that
to force a young Catholic to be examined In
heretical matter would be tyranny. Buo' I
would like to ask wbhat is thi -exmination'of
Syoung Catholio in the Athldo bileeqby,
in tbe phllosophy of the PoeDlt ivLe anT of
the eeulariste ; who deby that the existence
of God can be proved; who deny that God·ox
sate at all; who say that the soul doesnot ex
lost as distinct otem the material body; who
deny that there is such a thing an* oonacieu.e
no 'inctivel ullrlnoIlt obefween11rg udan,
wrong. This is the modern phil oophy
through which the Catholio youth of Ireland
would hav.bepn compelled to paus if not wise.
ly and justly exenipted under that bill. I ask
you, gentlemen, if heree in matter of revela
tion be a thing that no Christian cap vrenture
to require of a Catholic youth, evers i4 the
form of examination, beceo it is a deil, of
an article of revealed tral, what is to tsaid
if it is required that a Catholic youth should
stqdy and get up andj e examlinL in a philes
ophy which denies the trnthos religion
philosophy of a nature which ills his mind
with heresies that pubvert those trths of na
turno upo which revelation itself rests. I do
not knew whether I make my meaning dear.
If heresy in the matter of revelation be a
thing intolerable, the denial of truths of natn
raltiligion, accepted by even Pegags, makes
the matter .worse. I are not an apologist,
I am not going to eater Udon a glefuoce
of this oIIll. The Catholie Bishope of Ire
*land have taken the only coorse they cobld
have taken. 'ully recognuiing as I reo
ogulaq.the desire of the Government to deal
justly, and to put university degrees within
their reeah, I believe they would have so
~epted that even though there were no endow
.nepp. They woujd haver said, Let the en
doweonts pass as the endowments of the Es
tabllshed Church, pow disestablished, were re
fased by ms. Let them pans, but give us a
Sound nniversity educatieon.' But what did
this bill do? It extended, It cosolidated, fur
ther endowed, made permanent, and lave an
impulse which would have extended all over
kalnd to the same system of mixed nodiess
educatlbu gainst IMch the Bishops of Ire
laud have piotested since 145. 1 quite admit
that on the One hand the Government could
hardly have done otherwise than prese on in
that course which was opened in that year.
The condition of legisldtian in this country
we all know. Governmieta are not free agents.
p'ublie opinion holds tfrranoue slavery over
tht. Parliament hiuds to public opinion,
and therelore l a" o blaming them though
I lsment it,. 1ant do you remuember the facts
oftha ocmt In lda, O'Connull, on the 23d
f Jane, dunounced the bill, saying ' England
. ill never accept Godless education, -alas, and
I am afraid he was speaking with too much
confdeuoe-- and Ireland is essentially a reli
gions counutry.' lunidelity does not exist In
Ireland. lie just and donet fear. "Let there
be Preabytersiauim ter Presbyterians, Protes
santism otr Protestunta, Catholicism for Cath
olic." (YConnell denounooced that bill. lie
cald It Godles and theb Bishops of Ireland
at that tiame-though some weres disposaed from
thwereloy ofh thsecrtaad from aot knrw
ug whart judagmpent to form.o support it-olln
demned it at the $;nod of Thorie.. The Holy
Le codemued it; ant h it to be believed
that the Catholie Uishols f Irelau d In 1m73,
ar to depart froe that path in which they
have br~e,en wamkidg sin-e i9 , under the
diret _lantion ad r aire ilon of the loly oeef
They couldi not ave e done otherie I theo
eohrso of the debate a very dkstnlgsulhed
mimber of the Uovermmeet, with neinlpotiun
to woelid anybody, but a certaln hueorous
and playful owed belonging to him, said --'In
treisud we have had an earthqnake.' If there
h• Itben an earthbqnaklein Ireland, in England
therehua been a squall. It is not a storm--it
is nuts tempestt-i if not a hurricane yet--it
is a caului of wind, but a little ill-tempr oil
one side or alittle imprudence on the ether
nOuld get up a sieoom. I think we shall an
swer fur our tenper, and I hope you will an
swer fur oar prudence, I hope Oetbo will be
the saine sort of care on the other side. Isay
this because ou blundey night last i red an
article on 'ULtramuntaoiau, at Home anil
Abroad' in the I'1 Mail (iaente,. and I recom
nteuod it to the study of the Cauholiceof Liver
pool. This article tells eus that, Jaciht, is
pv~rfetly cl~uor that so lonlg a itil will boht
their religious opiniont Ullupu titturs of er prubL
bili.y about which nobuoy can be certain.
then tlley can be toleratedi, but if they main
utlt thezim to be thLings eeutially proved
abvu all, if ticrr exist in the world a body of
inh- wno claim to be interpreters of revelation
ts hat is eltolertabl and it tecemes the duty a
Sthe iaprial power o look after and 4al will
it'; betthat a bed of 'e rofeu I
teseoere san iaonfPl l e t sef slieq i
Btshln tg o uae raLt elsd
i and tbie motta esplos l In esqfel t m _ No
a gentlemen, I cefl not v 41111 ye sh
w beats closely 05on 5in e Whbi t. bPt I.
( oied to the df utlt of ou or r itte
9 drea. I new thavea statuteleI ilameat
, but I anteof70 fberoemethesba n e
e, el or oers w~i'awamele U wa Ot
sisadaja ia shrewb Ir last open end
as snoieut ass honored unt verutih fi
SIde id, 'No; ipnto the hetarodo iit H
Entland nsOatholiecan set his fIet' Now,
a CaU B lthbers and mother ofEr.lad 1
to admonished b their oBb that if tel
I ol lid ie to t hee ult the ox
to thn risk of losien tb· bi, ana
I ,Sat N spoeep... o a a l5nAS Jeel his fajt
is It csneei a a f of arch tmdl-h pee 51
Sl sme.- But where are O about ounr little
a eblldren We baoe a etateoe whik I lamest
. e tatt of 1870. believe tboeatotes won
Sunder a momentary terror, got up by
al number of- aotive-oae or them very
o, and etrers very pertinacieol--.-en wh
.larmed Parllamer, and, I think, worked mu.
due .on the nerve of the Goverlment- Then
at 9G9 sohool-bords, and they saorfed
Integity of the denominational seyst.
mue'ose the word denominational eiadu tl-
decase It is intelligibles. In searifieing that
wbat did they do They put the reliUios ed
Suscation of English children o a tn ilined
plae. We have deseunded fat and I m
alBd there is no check n that deaent. I
will tell you what I mead Dr t;n the fona
hours of the chool-day-tht d eos whr es
terive sohool-gime--ecnlaP ntt'et lopi
an betaugho . The chlildren msiy he n
ad an religion in the alf- p
which is not sahote, 'a T a a tbh
i.e--durlng which ohildro ea y -y
be got to attend witd lplonotuo·lityi--or in th
hbil-bourolollwIog Arboousf s~da._
-that Is, who a sool, relist once
Shasted and weary. r o eforo, the ~ in
f instreOtion tofce sc h pldtn Ir kept out.
i t word th n t ts,'bont retained dq
in the fnr bous, though they contain 3D
ei' e#eeti ataaiemdIa ponetruotlon, conat
e agreat deal otlietsdu d otion and Chrt
Ian hisbltory, so tbat elt dre sin them In
ensibly Imbibe a greet deal of religion. What
I o reeent state I The ether day, a Goern
melt Inspector objected to e hymn in a Chrch
Iof England school. bheeae lt contained the
Sameof the Seout of the wid. Within the
lat three day.thve had 1 letter from a Ca
thole Bisho to i me that  m Inspector at
oranef the sahdel objected s tora behaptor In a
book} so Itopoka of the goednes of God.
)y, o adce would have passed it, and Cicero
w nld have taught it. I have said Ms much,
Sbeaouse I promised you bcwoulm peielltohe.
I hope the next general electi I ghout
Sthe kingdom whe taken .pon - not
of Import or exnort, or of Inoode.tax,
or extension of the suffrage, but on the
question of religious educatlo Never in the
days of my life have I mixed In a political
election, except the one instance I have given
you. Never since I became a priest have I
spoken a word or done-an act to influenoee
Iolitical election. cince I have held the office
haoveprefedover and over again to write
even a note to any electoral body in the king
dom. I have said I am bound to be the pastor
of a fl.Ek divided ntb Whigs and Tories, Con
servatives and Liberals-divided in olitls
and they constantly come to me with their
complaints and say, 'You are too much of a
Liberal, or too much of a Whig,' and I say I
am not too or the other. os us sweep o l
Soies thinajls ot but I Atela itLt,lime rome
et the maer eof Crisilea edueolilo., SI far as it
Liu my power I will be wanting In nothing.
So far as I cnn publicly declare It, by word
and by writing, I will do it. You have made
theocoasion for me to-night in Liverpool for
me to agy so, and I hbare taken the occasion to
say so. - Now, gentlemen, before I sit down I
f u at answer the Bishop. He has provokaL me
~youd endurance. He has told me I Tust
come down to Liverpool to see what Cpotjelics
are, and to see how the laity are attadhed to
their Bishop and their clergy. I acknowledge
thpt I find a noble example of that which is to
Sbe found nowhere in England but in the Cath
olic Church. There is disintegration, dismlsbu
tlon, dissensio.n, separation, crumbling, mould
ering on every side; but in the Catholic
Church there is a unity more tenaclonuesore
Solid more vigorous, more freitful, moorex
pansive every day. I am bound to say tlht,
e noble as is your unity, woehave some of it in
London. You took away our commerce and
the Clyde ha ken away our ship-bnnning,
and Nottingham took away the knitting
frame. from Westminster, a I do not. know
what we have got lift. a 8Ipitlfields has lost
itselk to a great extend; but Mll we have
Sgot on tn-London. We make slas, and some
t lme they are not good ones, We are the im
perial city after all, and in that imperial city of
3.000,000 are 200.000 Catiblics knit together by
the life and the love of theFaith. Generous anod
liberal, as your Bishop has testified, they are
deing great and noble works. In five years
they have added some sixty-seven new schools
r to the diocese, and in the last seven years they
have added, I think, some eighteen or twenty
chbnrhea, and they are building four more.
t Therofore! 'a bound to say that, though I
have learned much from you in Liverpool, I
ShavelarnedmyJeson already. And now, my
lords apd gentlemen, I thank you with all my
heast, s all Ehall go back to London bearing
with me, Iauet say, a very fervent recolldo
tion of yaur affectionate welcome, and
the perfect confidence that if I have again
tim happiness of being in Liverpool I
shall. not only dud myself surrounded
with latolligeuo, .zeal, and industry, but
with Ibth ith, and charity, and piety which
auis tats op all, and I shall find myself
once more in the mi(dt of the: :ptholic
Club knowllg what it Is. Lot uothed'take up
as the results of the too many words I have
spoken a firm resolution to appeal to the peo
ple of Edllnd in the next election. I thnk
ast nole thing that the Bishope of Ireland
have raeised thUi rooies for Christian educa
tion in these tbe kingdom. Standing is the
breaeh, and at the heed of the colnmn, let us
be with them. Let ut appeal to the Eaglish
people, for they are Chrsi e still. There
hve been Shool Bmis eleted ever a ur
faee of the coun try whiceh repreente over nine
millions of the English population, and not
one of them has deded for ecuhtar schobol.
Every one has decided for a shoold4- which,
at leskt the Bible shall be sad-and the Bible
is the Word oflGd, after ll. Let ns, then,
appeal to the Lmeple of Eglend. I mn ponl
dent that in ImIand amongst the Protestants
and the Preebyterianse, there are C arieti
hearts that knew that the BIshope of Ireland
are right, anud they stand wih them in this
co-et. Is am oe eut th in -land, in
t-Ihrrect iaybllired Cr, there me thon
sands of itsminisse of thonsutds of ita
people, who would s eror thing in the
world rathrr than deetrorjis tstan euocation.
Let uS stand side by side mi them at.d if
Noruoeqnforms Le thea te, s~ a sorry to have
learnqd--I did not bilieve it and I wouli tot
belie.e it--hen vtoee iplitiocl. aMimuotitie
against the Catholic Chetru, eiini whose,
-I mas say--hatred for the Catholic rmLi
len .hice'ee aejive" than their love of
methans - th ifstihere be emen who are molre
politiOaI than Christian, I laient it; and 1£ s
sorry to sy I have arrivid at that ci~cinsioun.
Bitt Inu cinvioeod rtrit aetiuog the 'ong0o0n
formials of ]Lnngid thee aere men who wilrnnt
sacrifice the (lbrtst au education of their little
ones. Oenllenen iho question is thin-never
sines St. Plarich Ltlluiitsated Ireciad with the
Fai:h has the Uhristlsa education of Ireland
of een roke. has n o f
teb end Goide s m
bIe ti¶bn .l itina4 is apo a where
e, the i a tineisl i
. bsee in eThis e thenq We t e
a it obe e •e h m" every e
seen, gre h end 'hosod
ye his ibt att b nest
o- the trial se a J deon
oI we shall know w bewe am, a
Sis for aus, we habell hae retarded I
it know anot how long; but whdtewv t
my iseue let ns e a a toiselI as Chrst 1 ,
- may God defend tth.
ad .,a- MM o
S, Ce rrespadesee of N. T.Wt a's i ea n )
r oar lady or 4rdes.
le -,
SPtnxamaua, Wasr VA, April 1,187L.
D Dis hiwame- eve to-day to int toyo
Abingdon, Y arai o5ne of the reoiset d
o elons in tba dilgse of Wheeling; for there
e also has Notre Dame do Lourdee pj scatter.
in her favors.
SThe crin this case es that of a spinld a
fction of long standing, and the subject of it
* -- Miss Qigley, twenty-seven years old,
ghier of 7.,rg Quigle, Esq., a well
- ow.ad high rly esQetd itie nl o Pi_
bn Psan lvania.
SQ will be remembered by her on
min ited in Pittsburg, a a h brnio soaf
r ferer during ten years and upwngdsleIm the
above disse.
As I am afvbrmed in A mattds(and, my
authborles r dlreat), the maledy, diring the
p hele im f its prevalence, was character
l bdolorous, and often intolse,..palis In
e epn and head; which slrely knew ilate
At one epoch, a determined effort on the
.i part the invalid to resist and conquer the
n pain, superinduced irritation of the b ,
Seich bad well nigh proved fatal. asle g.
, w.,fedt or this attack"" Daaniel
Sl  Pitabeurg. From thWi tmne-*
was now the winter of 1868 -] Quigley's
Smaladyofthe baek and head beooaid aorend
more distressing. Two years later,dn the dly
Sof 1870, the Nuns of the Order of the V
Sion, at Abingdon, Virginia, adtd our sb
Beot to probation, andsubsqeuentl to th&ank
of Associate Sister, in view of her Otherwise
Ssterling charaotr td. n ny virtues.
For s time feists a'de 8•inS (iis Q ullte
name in religion) fell into line with brimmiw
Sisters in the discharge of the gelral.n.m
nity work, till her health soon and4 visibly
o sinking, the Saperiorees had iets her of
nearly all her duties, and call in OGreen
way & Keiskell, Iwo of the mos ju s phy
sicians of Abinlton. enhfppil fore art, in
t this instance aen ll l evions attempts, the
remedies auplied only added to tbdpaiunf the
sufferer. Such was the misery of the patient
at this eo -which runs through two years
that ra.lnoald she sit up over at hour at
a time, nor was the relIpf derived from rest
more tbhan tgo ry_.
SBehold, dme f*!Ft esi the state of Sister
Mary e Sales Quigley, up to the hour of her
s snddeband permanent cure in the August of
1872-the on] remedies used being confiding
r sa well-sU nmd, prayers, and applications
of the miraculous waters of Lourdes. Here
let ns allow the fortunate Sister to speak for
"Sinoe I entered this Convent, in July, 1870,
my ill health bad been a great obstacle. Yet
oar dear SisterS" admitted me So the religious
e profession. in tht rank of Associate Sisters;
and thelfkind heaIts prompted them to make
a Novena (nine days prayer) formse. Several
Novedts we made, .but galy: the paine jp
my bk and hea grew w o6te and waormse.
cept during Corpus Christi weak, at the end of
the second Novena), when, contrary to eu om,
I was entirely free from paid. BnbD ext
r day after IthbOctave, my pains retormd with
more violence thga ever.
"At this JunctuE-July, 1872-the third No
vena wp decided pon, bul this time to Our
t Lady of Lourdee. 4 took, every day during this
Novena, .me on the miraculous waters of
Lourd ead praiscd to procure a large
e statae Wlsbe Imnaculate Conceptio fotr our
"Finally, the statue arrived, aiot not thb
are, otprbich it was to be.the .oto. I had
,.orderedlt in the full confidence that I would
welcohle it in perfechiealth We too
"But the time was not yet oi. We took
the new statue, and placing it i
our Oratory, began our second Naiv-tloI.pn
Sadyof Loardes. - *.
" took the waters of Lourdes
them as before to the parts affect , and-en
thank God, I eujoy perfect health. I am eatrely
freefromspain, and up at 5 A. M. each day, and
t can perfeor all my duties with ease and pleas
are. The first night of the cure i oaold
Sscarcel realize it-I thought it was all imagi.
i The cure above related, dear reselsa, c .
Yorred in Anugst, 181.
d Letters fres to hand from the Superidrese
at Abingdon a8irm its permanency and com
gplteness up to the hour I write. She says :
"As to the cure of our mister, Mary do Sales
Quigley, it is evidently manifest that she has
been cured through the intercession of our
Lady of Lourdes. as shbe is stilt enjoying the
'y blessings of excellent health, and fulfills all
her duties with ease, though this is now tha
seventh month since its occurrence."
y In the reading of the aobove account, the
' reader will notice, first, the exceptional ex
emption from all pain of the patihnt during
the Octave which ensued at thenund of the
second Novena-an exeonptiolq, merited, it
would seem, by these first ineiplent efforts;
secondly, that the two last Novenas, which
t brought the cure, were conducted under the
special patronage of the " Imenacelate Concep
tfIr." *
For what else does the appellation, Our Lady
c of Lourdes meant than " Ias the Immaculate
I Coaepl t."
Since the memorable 15th of MeAb, 1858,
when this most admirable name was declared
at Lourdea, in the midst of signs and wonderm,
believing Oatholies have had new motives ,t
Cbhurch decisions to decry in*the evont~.a· u
opeuing' Of an era of renewed faith and ex
Tie me-new only il ,lie eagust
tferm dd4s theaChaureh, what slee is it but
the Ist word of Heaves, a iB·eit noder its
broad nre, In one and the sae persen, all the
gtiz'rd trutta tha: gtlv Chrietlianity a els
and a•lsle Vramon.
re Union, slad leaer of that
gratesLt of all the lboritationas of modern
times, wields more po to-day prbabM
than ay other man I aland. Hie ha p:
duloted himset with g a bitYr, firma
and discretion, keepiong Lis mavq out of
the hands of political demagagneea, d ale.
inog I Irreeiltible on the points open which he
conoeentratel its force. He is abooluerty years
of age, and Mr. McCarthy doserios him as a
i etout robust, florld-cheeked, dask-eyed man,
with that cri.eas stoop of the shoulders
whichb, somebow, one esema to identify at once
with the Euglish agricultural attles.
A French oomumilssin, appointed to investi
gate the subject, have advised, eas the result of
a careful examinlation, that ibesiuthe be inclu
ded in the list of poisons, and thatble sale be
intordlicted excepting on the presoriptioo of a
physician; Not only does the drag itvua( pos
sess Ioisononus properties, but itras use is always
aaeomiIauied by an inordinate consumpition of
aloobhol: and it is stated that some whoie ate
addocted to it have been known to take thirty
glasses of abeinthe a tday, the greater part of
whieh is abeute aloohol.
[am  >t . seam
eeae in Beast. The j g s
so. This pea was *toeswy
uader Lout Pa ist and Earl RN
4 ar t I e o r
.n ý &(ha she dvJ ow fr IM
t as ad e good atas 0a1he
' Petestant..tood Inhis way. ladstonea
sanIou to oonciliate the ris Catholics, a
so be made the Catholio O'Hagan Chaenalloi
sad afterwards even a Peer of the Unites
[Kimgdem. This easpersated Lawon, and to
We fe with the fact that he has naturallyi
l bad drop" In him, has induced h as severs
L to timselace his accesslon to the bench to breal
out into viperous attacks on the Catholic ant
hreN slr caese. During bhitime at the bar and
iter. arliment, he kept his bitternas under,
but that was becanuse be had an eye to thl
I af- bench, and knew that the best thing he oueeld
f it do was to do his "doty"-earn his. salar
old, from his English masters-as agoe ras po
rsll. sble. But last summer be gave a indlaos
its- eson of the stuff of which he was made.
He was one of the three jdges of orteoi
un- Common Pleas who held that Captain Trenchb,
set- altbough be received only about 50 votes
the against Captei:iNolan's 2600,- shbouk re
turned to the Hoase of Commonse a epre
my sentative of Galwihy; and oultlt he
the made his judgmens on a t"i * the
ter- vehicle for Paaling d the
1nn Galwaycle Glwy--or eriving. they were
tea criminals not only legally but morally ! Well,
he did better-or worse-in Belfast on this
the day week. He was charging the grand jury of
the Antrim, and alluded to the Belfast riots. You
will remember that these riots were altogetber
and entirely due to the Orangemen. Judge
l Lawson insisted they were due to the Catho
Slies, and pronoun0ed tbha aiefl Cathelio and
sy's Nationalast proonepon to Eanabstown as dis
loyal, seditious, and, therefore, an unlawful
jaiLr. Et added that its promoters should
have been returned for trial. In fact, he de
liberately and in the most disgraceful manner
ink falsified the whole history of that business.
rise But that wasaot all. The trials of the alleged
rioters bqga on Mbnday. Several-Cathob-s
and Prostaute-were convicted. But V.
of the convicted persons were sentenced on the
no- spot except teso Cahoics, who were doomed to
bly scren years penal seruilsde for the alleged, buht
r of by no means clearly proven, offence that they
en- had compelled a Protestant to quit his house.
b This punishment was, of course, seven times
in at least as severe as it should have been, The
the following day that courageous and honest
the otgan, the Ulster Daily Brasser, had an article
eat pointing this out, and on the following day
e- in it had another article In which it showedi
r at the effect o Lawson's ast to be that Protestant
rest juries would not convict Protestants, lest heavy
sentences like seven years penal servitude
ter might be passed upon them. It farther said
her that if Catholics were to be treated with sys
I of tematic and deliberate injnuice and partiality
lug -alluding, of course tho4 not in words, to
one Lawson-they would take agyin to the moun
kre tains, and there defy their enemies. It was an
for imprudent article, considering the summary
pewer of dealing with such things possessed
70, by our judges, and considering further that
Yet several of our judges are partial and corrupt
ons ruffians, like Keogh and Lawson. But it was
irs; true, every word of it, and was an outburst of
ake the most natural kind lp the world, under the
iral oironmstanoes." However, that does not avail
i jp with L4wton or his minions, and ascordingly,
ex- pn Wilrnesday morning, the local Crown pree
I of eutor called his lordship's attention to the
Dm, article in a speech in which he pronounsed it
ext a contempt of court, and asked that the re
ith sponsible manger of paper should be com
pelled to attend in court on th follbw day
No- to eoplain and defend his conduct. rsom,
Pr f course, agreed with every word utte~qb
.his connsol, and made the desired order.
of the manager or proprietor was toenske
ige pearanco before "his lordship." What hap
ear pened I am unable to mention in this letter.
But I suppose a heavy fine and imprisonment
bb was inflicted. For there is really no justice to
had be had here by men who take thepopular side,
old generally speaking. Least of all can jastice
be had by a Catholic lh Belfast I should not
ook wonder if therrwere gret plenty of Orsage
in esoams henceforth. lwson, by his ruw anly
partiality for them. hai induced them ttbe
lieve.more firmly than ever that they alone
have right on their side, and tha$ whatever
o, they may do to the Cathoies they wi not be
rely punished. We have only to hope that one day
aud or another eole weep maybe mnde of such
uns- inrnal vipe r d wson ont a reformation
aid aSttbo same tiaadeted of the blood-thjty
Ogi- Orange party.
' amentary roqangsa now proceeding
o. in ane. One ofr tb two otatlves ol
that county r. T. H. y-died the
ces other day, after having, ented it for
am- folty-two years, You may ably a4 why,
a if he dot-lle, bewas l1low.
le ed to ~at.aI e. The answer ised
has course, tbatih'I the nominee of the land
our lords, and they, under the open system of vot
the i g condcorce their tnante torvote any way
all he pasd. Now thR we have voting by
tb - Lt, things are changed; the landlords are
eager o uipotent; and, accoordingly, an
the nent hasbeen found for the landlord can
er- ate. This candidate hap s to be the
ing ephew of the late member. ]name is Cap
the taio Lowry Corry, and his princ ples, if he has
,it any prlils at all, the same as his uncle's.
rt; He is ser in the Guards, and knows more
iob about blls d flirting than about anything
the else. The r, of course, does not make the
sep- slightest difference with his friends. to long
as he says heds a .Coasegrative, and will pro.
ady mise to vote agar every reform and to vote
elate for coercive uills Ireland they will support
him. Anil this is exactly what be has prom
B38, ised to mu. Beyond issuing a written ungram.
red m mal address, he has not uttered a word.
er, I I.deed, Ilke most army offioers, he is not abl,
ii cud, moreover, does nut care to do so. He and
i: , his friends-a few landlordsand grand jurors
ex- think they can do noswa ts ay have always
dons--crry their pol hilmplyJ isoiog an
rust edlel to their tenants to ogd their votes In
but the tray they and not the tedapto theumselvs
its plase Captasin Corry's oypohent is a Mr.
the Macartaey. "Kr. IMmartney a prineiples, ex
asia sept on two points, are not vedry different from
a. C(aptait Corry's. He also is a Ceonservative,
abut he ges in expressly as an anti-landlord
oul- man, pledged to a thorough reform the land
:st laws sad grand jury laws in t t' nte
an eat, oand as such he has rallied d him
tj whole tenant class, with few expmions,
tM atholie clergy. The Home Rlers acep
Shim in the absence of a Home Rule eandidaj
Sof ad for my part I have very little doubt tha
ai re will be elected. The Home Rulers habt
e t een seriously considqring whether they shoid
aar not pnt forward a of their own, but st a
be 5 meetiog on eeysy they finally resolved not
an, to try theliPht gth p the present occasion.
la It tpea· at at the same meeting a nephew
o of the Irish-dmorl en queral Shieldsjoined
the Hosme Rule party, asdiaid his unole took
the liveliest interes in the success of the
sti- cause; an announcement which was received
of with-rgrut oLeering.
au- The esoonlrital of Bub-Inspectnr Montgo--
be cry for the murder ef the benk clerk at New
i a townstewart--a horrible crime, the details of
on- whieh I[ last autumn gave you in full-ended
esy like the firt., in a disagreement of the ory.
Sof Ten, it is maid, were for conaviTon. He was to
se he tried once more to-day, - I believe the
fly ose has been postponed till sammer assiase.
Sof There was a great tenants' rights masting in
Maryboetmh, Queon'a eonty, on Teceday. It
isaaCr calld s Hw Bol dusllwntw
Oj ly UI¶ ll7 the 5.k. xu, di IOItDS1,
eoh Yrond, Digsb , B ., and the Very v
Da Haq . ,fhuly dee.1qPd for HoaaeIsle
The Iad sat uq' oa oiegnzwndemu aa
w hboUly Iasdegqusae nd n1 of Its. Ji
r equitable wei wenreoted'in abundance
1 Queen Vlobro br had as by l ab~
s orrbion £150 to A - 'od for the "fly of!
late~k John FrsQQs' F yes o
'..J.L·a.h Ire.. Ibd1 'kS
ean uch eaki InTamaI' u doem, it b
in v er t ltited wSbumre eon
f aidbed. e be Ued as ued
stance. - .ý.9"
For .eve ps" the Valentin o'?hpb
assemed I it~ee v in
calendar.Nwy ,u
I aVlent tiine m
on the 13th and 4th of Fe
l ratio ofinoreaee double that of the
MSoo barels Becker City Ohelee asemay FLOWR.
O16.0 "- Litte Ilephasut . .. ..
oco -- Tem Barke
400 Baln Patriek .
400 - Hlaolpy  -l .
10 -- .Gels.a .
400 ewysels. Rslr
000ooo aers  rseias, s grades..
t00 tierees John Bnags LARD-aGuasntoe Beast a
150 kegs do. Md. do. de.
150 tasks BACO--Bbeulders, Clear and Clear Rel
50 barrels Heavy Mess PORK.
0 .. . - Rump PORK.
1000 soeks Choice Galena OATS.
1000 " Patend Packed BRAN.
3000 Choice White and Yellow CORN.
100 barrels " Hen Fruit " Fresh ZGG&
For sale in lotsto suit purcbasers, by
75. 77 79 aud aS. Peters street,
api Im (Late New Levoee nusr Poydgae street.
BAON...... BACON...........BACON
100 O. 0.AB RIB SIDES:
s90 ." * A.MS.
50 boxes BREAKIAST BACON-Unoenvysed.
5M tierees Choloe bt C. HAMS-RShain. e
10o -- C"4"" Cnvvaed
In store and for ode by
mhielo 86 Boydras street
00,000 peunds DRY SALT SHOULDERS.
50000 ". - HAMS.
50,000 ....... RIB SIDES.
300,000 .. ...- CLEAR BIB ID.
300,000 -...... CLEAR IDES.
10,000 .. ..... READS.
10,000 ........ JOWLS.
500 bbls. MESS PORK-new and old.
300 kegs Choloe LARD.
150 tleres.. • - Refined.
SO GOBBKEN * Choice.
95 tubs " -
In store and for sale by s
mhtbi l 86 Poydrs street.
186 and 192..Tchouitoul4s street. J86 and 192
Smblt 71 le aor ara.iara.
H. ooery. `. H. Nmnge. E. Caenry, Jr.
E°OE sY N A CO.,
Commission Merobants and Dealers in Western
no19 712 ly NEW OLIUrs.
Sole Agent for and keepe constantly on hand the Col.
brated OLD RYB WHISKIES. fromth
welw4 n Bonded Warehous of DIAVID GDIL.
TIN.. Oorner of Fro. snd Dock strees,
tmi hA, which I will sell ct the
Thankfui for the lberel patropgs heretofore bestowed
upo. e, I hope fora conion of t sae, t mp
old ctnd. No. O TCHOUTO hle
I will do my utmoet to esthoe
who may fihvor me wit50 W.
Pleas cll ad eamle  1 re
SUNDRIES ........ r ._... su: Z
We odr for ele. in lob, or quantlee to asuit' p
ebasre, at the Lowest Market Plsi
50 aUr C. St BAOOSN 8DES.
50so cbaeBAC(1 N SEOUL
900 bbls. HEAVY HESS PORL.
58 tiersee Hughes, Gosles & Co.'s "KENTUCKY
100 Kames Choice Refined LARD..
100 kegs Choice Rst~ LARD.
5) boxes Choice BRSAKXAST BACON.
50 frkinE Choice GOSHEN BUTTER.
50 lrkineChotoe WESTEBNBUTTER.
95 bbLe. CelebrstedlAGOOLL WHISKY.
5  6.. New York GI.N.
Ilr Ve. New York BRANDY.
No. O6 Poydrse Stree,
Oew Ores-- .
V' 61,33. .. New Levee Strak. -I',,
3 1yTJly Cerner Poedrss.
Wbo.i ` Liquor oaleer' and ee
ko. as UwOTIrroULAt RENRP.
1 adq 9,74 sad ' Lahtte·s
pJU n OURB 1AN nd fRYE ,isno efreY as e
MO., utirset fr&nK bon tL£ Eroen.' d * D ll i
j- Pt ci tot. or at Btlacmsre Nudetreeo. 55
,-m w 41 rwer doee lempt saPdwime ae.
l~bs lowsa s. uhiSaly
ooNaTI UTlnnewuo3r'OV38:OW H
Great Award of the HbihestIdeg
A.kahave left alPrNal hr bWWt4 thet,' w1*d
o the 6 SUYeaBIarrTY 01 t a
ML ACIRIN ever adethem.
Retar. or the Twenaty,.tp nlebre
compaale, fr he yewr 131, hew as
umber of Machines 8old to ae .. 61jo
f whichgbe Sluger old . ..... :181
uz4r ONE-THltD HEo TOTAL Uuar
The C~,CAOO EU.!r coMxr T3Z-' rsTVfas
dw a no liereenM.l
Out of 2941 Machines Furnished, 422 w0re
Singer Machines.
The Applicant n every case deelgaated e 4ki
MeeMae deeked.
There are now 800,000 n~ Sewin.
Machines In galtj. Use.
Call and Examine, or Send for Chreiar
and Sample of Work.
RACanx3 TWaIT, of anll er sard ab etse peen
JOlIN OLARK JB. & 0C.'8 COTTO. ea blkst
epools. at wholeesle and relil,
............ Canal Street .. .....
4F gsecs7s uis.
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d a ~ -ourn or ,
nltWWA INsaRav~ nts, STI s asInc.
Publisher R Mst U a A4mnt for thlueblratMl
Steiawar. rmbs. ]as1_o mad
TeOyPi5no mold I. fully worsatod to vdsMtlrbdtlm.
TRAYSUB ORGAS. mmuohturd a SmPtAt
erars.whicor dooilal Od aeldt s uur.
pammi A~ttm.ln I. alm clld to
Chuseea 's
46..............Boyal Street.............46
S(Between Cotombose and BRienwUlle,)
uha0 nm WEW OXLUAWS.
Zetabllshed in l18g Ik
uoperlor D[ells of ODPU 6d"
-r. oanted with the het
ibm. Court Honeem FlrsJarms
Tower CUook Chimem, etc. Ps
I-31trated Catalose sent ee.
i0l and 10O 31st retC
ihn 23 |ly u15 md 1127 Mmis ,ne alt. flw Ol414as
B. -' W T, DL
1u5 and 117 Magaslne Street,
Poole & Hunt (Baltlinore) Stm n1na, Saw llS
-. ,laedy (eneavllshle) e oem Inilasmeo. Saw
a. f5 Pne& Aees xn N ew o er)a aSt .a Na
Geore L Squelts A o. ( N3ew . rtlNew
SMill., Hme Powrs ate. w
1B.l IA ltCat. Ohio) eWoriN and "Oho" Yme
- etlod Mowero ald ernie ombined.
D. I Wiborme & o.. "KLrbyVIowmrm, etc.
1. e. Tajleat. Hay Bakes.
" felhwt" sod "nonre" Palvorislag HarrowS.
"Bxwoel Io Xorbswr.
lug hSt. -' "
a. Su~ a b ero , M-dagmshstte Wood·L
H. 3. mlib (dlItlivel. "Mew Jsjrey) WeodWorklra
achionery. "
Ameorican Saw ,owpansS*Uw York.
n nootHL akewrell & Co., aws.
ql~o almuypr .Iows ad UuItvaors.
"Boke" ]rouadrJMkse
&d Sb.t' (Alaa.eria oton (line
B8..J. Wince Cotton Used Kullos.
B. J. Wen "Improvd Pelton Patent" OrstMllld
_ ConU~b ..d Shook Crombe'eomnbed.
° - , erogL" ,Pt m _M
R. "osy'r
Oyster Saloon and Bestauras
Noe. TO and 73 81. Charles street.
~ tak pleasre Is snoaeyaelmto my farlei ~ t
l ee tat Ibm's sobadadratcLme oIdIT
asLOON t sa5lnTAIRA oT at the above phea
n atcloar m sile o, "ad o
Idles' sad .GtUsmnea'm Salem up sta ts
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b sheoet of Wsm. sad LiQllOti aldoasrm Mh"d=
• 0-7 an Am .. H350N. Mmcear.
lasmr a rLEr r
COTTON. D. CK Agent. aonatnrem oflery> Do
soropla.f TINS. T%*IPAUmeJIII £aWtmgeS
ete. so Demasuta all it~lme md Qualr ies of
FiANJr HEI TARti6 D lti' P UB
WhLemi mao Mial Dealrs In BnlmgBr ls~
05ooo eae md qualltles.
Flas of1al l(mdonr mado to ede ranrd em bsyl at i
durahue. l our Snls dneILl Ple s or ABN .-"
Iohefiltin ad ord, eupertene In bsarlmorejslfle
or L··oe, eeoC workl th. ·r~I~I rtgnt anythIngI 1
per lses· guib ms~rat · LnL imos sod u~
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ow1l jt babe,4. Cap ems Vagal~s.

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