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Rev. Archbishop N. J. "Sa=ýnt.
a. c 0.HoramUn. Di 1-wouuagYS1 a
*C. KOTxNXAN. wE mt lemg
polities e-se Whotls th7
. T. J. Kmyav.
ST. J. Sura, C. Y.
H. Gaweuw, C. SA. 8 ,B.Hw
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ink Star and Catholic Messenger
ORLUAs. 5WUaiN. JUNE 1, aLa.
How uWeb Christ leve the poor
How much we loais to be
Thae comort and the ewe
of all their miserwy
He knows their pteous cae*,
S all bts been His own.
Now ienh 3o leapo to shale
Nie basher werl4 e bliss
With them that have to beer
His havy orace ia this!
How plsaed he is to see
The poor about His three.!
Thes' isseends they may be,
His welom* is ther l; ,
Net any fragrant Sewer.
Nor any seling em. n.
With im bath as much power
As one "iat tear them.
Whoa iaeeeam bretbeun.
Sitpear shnlresaothes.e
-ad when Bs se them aglr..
-ergett ig their own woe,
Audehppy - awbhle
ai Heart lak everes.w
Ta prsis, s o sm;
That they estil eo day knew
The ged of being peer.
RosE, May 2. The Pope has entirely
overed from his recent attaok of rhen
atism. He received the ]1isbop of Bres
ia oniSaturday last, and transacted business
esual. On Sunday, in the middle of the
y, he received a considerable number of
gentlemen in the library, and conversed
on the toplea of the day in his usual happy
and epigrammatic style, playing with an
ivory paper-knife evidently used n cutting
the leaves of a new book whioh lay on the
table. In fact, it is no longer necessary to
give any further account of the indisposi
tion that has so happily paused away; and
it is fully expected that his Holiness will
leave his private apartments and- reeive
ladies as well as gentlemen on the 5th. A
very large number of names have been
sent in for presentation. Mgr. Zwerger,
Bishop of Seekan, had an audience on.Sat
uarday last ('6th April), and presented
fourteen young en~ a
Innsbruek and Wnruberg. "HisHoliness
has sinee received the Bishops of Evreux
and Nevers in private audienaces, sand with
his numal-esly b hte gene to his pri
vate ohbpel shortl after 7. o'clook every
morning this wes.
The frst church in Rome that, was de
dicated in henoo~fthe Blessed Virgin was
St. Maria in "r etevers. Founded by the
Pope and Martyr S. Calixtus, it was re
pired and embellisheod by S. Gregory III.,
Adrian I., and Gregory IV. It was en
larged by Innocent IU., and ooneecraed by
Pope. lIeocent III., with the greatest
-pomp, and in the presence of many Bishops
who had been summoned to Rome to assist
at the fourth Cosesil of Lateran. It hab
recently been entirely repaired and while
preserving all the works of ansent art, re
stored and redecorated in the original style
by Plud IX. There bas boon a Tridao on
the ocasulon, terminating on SBnday last,
when ' Inhabitants of the 'Pastevere
prond their anient and th* boantiff
Basilica, mbaribed to present a silver
chalice and four wax c which pre
vious to the 20th Septeiber 87, the Re
man ,enielpalty gave tru4iVasi The
sigh Mass in thU morning as we as the
Vespsi th e aftermoon were densely
ared. MAfter Vespers there was Bene
diMapsad many had left the chureh,
when suddenly the explosion of Jbomb
was heard in the porch or atrium, &nd al
r most Immediately afterwards a number of
Bersaglleri with fixed bayonets entered the
church. This enly increased the boeeter
nation of those who remained and women
screamed and tainted, while allere pre
vented from leaving the chura t oes
not appear that any one han a ar
rested for this shameful aset olntimida
tion. The bomb waspleed dlose to the
sarcopbagus of Cardinal Campeggip,
whose mortal remains repose st withi
the Iron gates of the atrinm, and who oo
cupies a nihe in Englih histery as having
been Bihop of salsbny and i his quli
t of Papal legate easmeiated with Cardin
wplsey In Judging the diveree ease
Henry VIII. 'and Catberin el o rg
The-bomb was so placed habt LUAetb
iats were opes it could not be sees
Great fear, rawt indignatle, sad asm
contusions appear to have bees the ant
eonsequeaees of the malleious saelog
This, however is o exuse for the perpe
rater, nor for te iathoritlee in'bot havws
taken a.y'seraofo steps towards the di
covery of the guilty parties. It ei evideatl
becoming dagerens to. go to ohureb dera
this and-the affair of be ouen;
It will be recollected that a the time
the Eoslsh deputation were in Rome, thi
Holy Father gave bis eppr o e
blessing to a proposed pilgpmae to eg
to come off thi simmrer; thee sbve lbem
oater o as e atra l- t n e iea, a
pa r t s ' y , an e ; A li #b t h ies s a
s stgilnl' dem t oear M .e eari
irt of the national life. 'or ww have
travelld mach i Italy ean have d to
metW from tP e uto time slseu es wi.
proceI se·writh tbo/I litl eOuLy
their their proesesieea i enrmss ad
statue patron .list of the locality,
wetdI their way to some spesial saneta
Sryi Ntas Inw thing, but has existed
and still "or ' over the oPstlepesi .
It ao eagev,To and mS have bss held
traope. Thee. ploventd ssm ei iro
ser, ohrf.ver ethey have beem pmeted.
Os. is North Italy wsopr oeuted by the
Syndic ordering the suaetuery to be loesed
for four days. As regalrds that of Asid,.
the freethinkers and freematone of Perugia
have hsld a meeting In the theatre of Met
erva, inm Perelia, where rthey passed re
nlulons to oppose, if necessary by foroe,
the propedpilgrimage to the eity of 8.
Francis. The Government either freom
fear or favor evidently gives them a tacit
support, so that while noisy processIons in
honor of Mazzini are held to be ianocuous
if not " patriotic " and meritorious, one to
the tomb of S. Francis, who at the least
may be said to be one of the moat remarka
ble men Italy has ever produced, Is threat
ened with interruption by violence. Not
withstanding that the railway and the road
are, or should be, open to all, It Is reported
that Signor Lanza has already instructed
the Prefect. and other authorities in the
provinces to prevent all plgrimages, the
one to Assisi among the rest; although the
approbation and benediction of the. Holy
Father had been obtained by the promo
ters. I bear too that the annual prooes
sion to Qenrazano to the celebrated shrine
of the Madonna del Boon Conaiglio, and
which Is well-known by many visitors ti
-ome, has been dispersed by the police,
though consisting of none but the usual
assemblage of thepeasantry of that and the
neighboring villges, o and fro the iiprely
-ieo oirSint o view m no mher -dangerous
or political than the feasts or wks eof our
country villages In the agricultural coun
ties of England.
In all the principal churehes the month of
Mary has been Inaugurated with speelal
services and sermons, and the attendancee
has been large. Besides this, there have
been very large assembliesof people at the
Minerva on the Feast of S. Catherine of
Siena, whose body reposes under the high
altar ; and above all at the ehurch of the
58. XlIApotoli. That large and hand
some church has reenatly been under re
pair, and en removing the high altr with
a view of raising it by another step, the
"loutlus" containing the relies of ff.
Philip and S. James was rediseovered.
There hss always been a tradItion, santbeNa
ticated by documents sine the sisth en
tury, that the bodies of thoLo apstles re
posed there. They have been examined
by a leairmed ommission, and by thr semi
bare of the Cogregthe m orf the bsae
;rebmos oy, three bom, oael, a
ther Seeef, Baron Viseonti, aed se osm
mendators De Roesi, areol Euwpem eslo
brisy and the rest me of ileeriad and is
tegrity well lknow In Rome. Thee gem
tlemen have drawn up a report the result
of which is the proelamation of the aueton
ticity of these sacred recbains. From their
examination It appe-rs tlhat B. Jame the
Lees, the cousin of Our Lord, was a man
of robust stature, while S. Philip was of
smaller and slighter build. All the relics
have been re-epolosed in new urns, and
only await th-eompletion of the church to
be restored to their lfeper position. There
are also the relics of other martyrs of the
second, fourth, and filth centuries. These
likewise will be placed in a bhandsome and
secue reliquaies, and will be lodged in
the crypt from which they were token.
The crypt, or subterranean little church,
Is being repaired and etly exeavated
ad a handsome staircasue In the ceatre of
the ehurehb will lead to it. • All the pillrss
it and walls of the erypt have remained on
f tir, hat for lan_ y ears there was no ap
. pserace ot ies exietence In the eharel
e above, ozeept from a elruniar openias
. coveresd bra grating and surrounded bj
0 aslron rallng, at the toot of whbieh was air
y ancient Iseoription (of the sixth eentury),
. jg ng the names of the martyra whose be.
ite repos below. On the let May, th
SFeast. of. 88. Philip and Jame, Mgr,
- Howard, Archbishop of Neo-Cosare em, r
Y the liah Maes. In the eveninl his Glaoe
r ve the benedietion; after whleh the re
Ies were e.aried in proceseson round the
ebureh bsd itrium, four Bishops in mitre.
bol4lng thi cords ot the campy under
which haey were carried, and Archbishop
Howard Immediately following. The
Shurch was. brilliautly illuminated, and
great ombereot the faithful, io
was aadles jolin In the .processIon. The
hahrebl was illed to overflowing.
GaaskAL NKws.
First under this bead I must give the rr
mr th L has given I bis we
slign wer Chamber rhaving
vO a Iinons of lire for san areenal a
Taraeto. 8igner !Sell would p j ceonse
to six millions of lire (a milliew bel-g
bonut £40000). He we oeatveted,ud so
er isa minrrterelal rlais; whereato, one,
lpidtd. The state of Italian flnanees in
b e. We. ye not e iso ny s
or sat longtime, and now fte J0e
in Ghetto hive been for same days
esttlpg bold of nearly all the bon, for
l eathy ask 4 per cent. Small .lhane
 satdo alt to gt. BeidM;e th tl
agt osa gld is 17 per osent., that i to say
the Eglish soVereign is worth .89f 38e;
and there is a general mpreasion that it
must go-higher still, as Siguor Bella has
just authorised eight millions of paper
meney to be laned by the National or Sar
dinian bank, and ten millions by the Bank
of tuscany. Of course all articles rle in
price enormously, as the value of this pa
per money decreases in proportion to Its
quantity, and all the plunder of the church
property of all Italy having failed to stop
the gap or rathor the abyss "of Italian
Soanoies, it is not likely that even the
" bome bouche "of those of the Roman
province- alone can do it. In fact if all
were seized and sold to- morrow it would be
but a drop in the ocean. Everything is
heavily taxed. The income tax is 13}
per cent., and though Signor Sella might
reasonably object to the twenty-three mil
lions being thrown into the sea at Taranto
the whole affair seems too hopeless for
that " flesbite " to make much difference.
All the taxatioen, all the.plebiscites, all the
spoliation and confiscation of Church prop
erty, has only tended to give another ex
emplifcation of the met of a witty French
man that liberty, equality, and fraternity
consisted ia liberty to dti, equalty in mise
,-, amd fraternity in crime.-London Ta
Some of the foate set forth in the ceases of
1870 as to the origin of our immense popel.
tion of 38,558,371 souls, are highly carions.
Thus, while 33,000,000, or nearly seven-ei ghths
of the aggregaste population are native born,
it turn out that nearly one-half of us are of
foreign parentage, on one aide or the other, or
both. Almost ten millions of native Ameri
cans in 1870 osme of parents both of whom
were born abroad, and over one million meore
have a foreign-born father or mother. Here
are the Iur=-, which we have reduced from I
the offiial table :
Perses brsi abroad.:................------ --57 1
Perase beth elf whose parents were of oeliga
bi th-...... .. .. ........................97345
Penes nlselaor war of foreign birth...... ";.388
P ros w s mo rner w a of erln biryth..... 370,789
Tet .... .............. .............16,4 44
This dovelops the remarkable feet that sir
tees and a half millions of our people, ent of
thirty-eight and a half, are either of foreign I
birth themselves or else in but one degree re
moved from foreigners. What a eommentary I
i. thus farished upon the wretehedly narrow I
and -p tv spirit of "Native Amerlean- I
sm, se-celied, which has at dilmre.pehe
attempted to role the country by playig upon
s unsworthy prenedie against foreigners.
Aaethat fet or impertesee, but wbl M
sever beea before demoetted by any a,
.d ha eonssquetly esaoed beneg stated, Is I
that onur foegn population em a whbole, Is a I
highly intelligent tpe, sad ot, em oumetime
_esnded, lw adn degraded by ilorane
eme of the Northera 8ates which meet
abbnd in a foreign-boern oplation exhibit 0
more natirve who ar unable to write thasa
foreigalrs. For example, Illinois has 90,095
native inhabitants over ten years of age who I
cannot write, and only 42,989 of her foreigon
bore people, of the age of ten and upwards, I
who are unable to write. The.ease it even I
stronger in Ohio, where 134.103 natives ca
not write, aend 3S,070 of foreign birth are in
the suae prediesment. Indlase has 113.186 5
satives who have passed the age of ten with- i
out agqerlnig this knowledge, against only
3a of foremgn birth who-a destitute of It.
It is true that these agcregate fgirse do not
represent the ratio "of iliterse to a gliven
member eof Inhabitaasil, whether native o*.for
tiga-born.-CIaeMsmie Oaamwe "s
r,- Fanecs.-The crisi. has come and, eaontrm
Sto all foreboding, has puaed without taur
n or. bida . At2 o'clock on thb 23rd, e -
asemblay met and afer an onerrstfo
by3. Ceamir Parlr, Mibsaltmt ner n o
, raust, by a vote of l againet 346, the simp
adre of the day oemanatg froma the ILeft e
uppted by the Goveonmeut. Au ordr
the day, proposed b- tbi Night, deelmnlo
ht t5ae presnt frm of goero ment wae nc
eadr disemain, and regretni e thiS the 0ot
Seaseion of the ministry did e not afoot cnmae
Sv ve guoarasea was adopted by a ot
b o 3414. TheRBit inistedthat the Go vern
P ml abshould promptly commulon·te it deal
* i to the Asammbly. After farther debate
S.ad reat excoitement, it was deideod to.hav
* omight esion. ' The result of ee orvt.e ea.
so tene nexmci onet. At the night essilom Du
fai announced that the Mlnitels hadPi r
aItd and thast Thia behd eleptosd their. ;
slagu aons. tA measage was then hended t"
Phesident of the Assembty from Thlen delim r
ll uac to the lsembly the Aglleb funct
i adiataly appoint a eueaser ea ed a .
!U".e mrr.t. The Left moved ha Thies' e
thic aue notoeopteadtwhioh we releled by
 owteo 36 to U. The resignatlon wa
aacepted. The mtmberm of the Left on
to seor an adjoeraasms, while the
re t·he e shaboming a Proeident rf
of c ahd MeeMabo, wheo eeevirad 10 voles.
heLe]Lft abtalned fro voltingr. The oha
wasee aompliht d without thoe eseligst
tlane. througO h the oaty. Ahsetcg the
ofe M Ma,ho maya: "I am ainit w
apeas for your wish.., mad will salIn sru
lo exeato them. The e atironal Aaamhly
ed tw great taha-liberatioo . of ter tory
and retoe tio of order. The Bat was aly
condnetod by m predeueisao, and I rely o
you to acogopiah the other. I shall follow
the foreign policy oi my predeocesor. I wish
for pale and the reorganization of the army,
desiring only to restore oar strength and e
ai foer *rance her rank among the nations.
The home policy will be resolutely conserve-.
tive. The administration must be imbued
with a consorvatlve apirit. I will appoint to
oc.e reepecters of law, defend society againf
factiones and atand u sentinel to see that your
sovereign will Is obeyed in its inteprity."
Thiers has taken hi se at in the Assembty ad.
will act with the .eft.
ITALY.-ThO Pope in a speech on the Wed
nesday declared that he had ever prayed for
Fiance, but would uqw pray with greater con
fidence. The election of Marshal McMaho he
-said was a guarantee of order and Justice
whicb bad been threatened on all sides. Tho
Chamber of Deputies dually pased, on the
16th, the bill abolismhng religious corporation,.
'The funeral of Manzoni, poet and historian,
took place at Milan on tbe29thb. The town was
draped in mourning. One hundred thousand
persuns were op the streets to witnesa the pro
SrIAu.-Tho Csrlists are blockading Mon
res, in the province of Barceloim, andDarrS
gardy with a large force in marchbing on BSa
grona. The national troops are onseatratlng
to attack him uand a deslsive esgageomest I
expected. Theo Captain General ofr Jame
hus been oe.ia.lly notiled to carry into eect
In March next, thsproeiamation lIberating 10,
000 slavee.
IaKLAln.-On the 28th, in the libel cuae of
O'Keefe vs. Cardinal Culien, the plaintiff was
awarded one farthing damages.
following bill passed the Now York Leglsla
nre on the 29th : Every husband, wife, child,
parent, guardian, employer, or ether person,
who shell be injured oin person, in property, or
in the mse of support, hy an intozicated
rnsoo, or is. e•enaee of. intoxication ha
Citaal or otherwie, of any person, bllU have
right of action I hi or her name agaiinst any
-eroa or peruos who shall, by sellinglr giv.
g aswayi esicfatingi liquors, manse Istoion
_Mon In whole or part, f seh person or per
eons, and nay pesn or patis owni-g, ret
ing or permittog the oospation of any buld
igsor pramise, or haviar hknowledge that in.
-.o..g Uqos are-to e sold therein, shall
ha liable, sverallly or jointly, with the pseuda
e prersslio or giving away intoxicatia
,_ e aeretJ, feor all damages sustalual
mad for eveln damages; d all damages,
rcorrverd by a minor, under this act, shll be
-paid itheo r-o sh minor or to hia or her pa
t u.siaa, ef nat friond us the sort
nall ; t bthe unlawful sdlae or iviag
away of intoxictis.g liquors ,all work a fr
fater of au right of the loseso, or tenant un
der any i e, or o.traet of rent upon the
C-anrmn IKfIoGTTow.-This question hu
become one of leadiong Importaneue to Califor
nlians. On the .th one steamer arrived at
San Francisco with 900, making 1800 arrivals
for the wse. The local opposition as takingo
a deiuieteshape. Tbs Board ot Spoervisrla
,will pa ma duemtee that all Chineoserm
--ssed go the oaay 1,.j will he -deprved of
hirplg-tele; levyia tct a $15 a qua. er
on Chinese laundrymen, and prohibiting the
removal of dead bodiWles to Chie. The repro.
sentaves of six Chinese companies have ile
grphedo to aHoe o o prmentiig athe aate
md__ II ) Ts4, 'Cc.s05 tSi
A istrao D suuasrrmou Prieas oror.--A
8 o'clok. Friday worbiogC Aire broke out II
the busins part of sro on. When iret die
Soovumed the io wee in the upper ooer of sl.
B/Mons d Co.'s werbeoa - ame-g the wo
he shopu, ad e. iames ane iaiegrom tr n
Sm i Th. pIo of oliht matrial peha" a
th wer e wike 4mueh tlerase d beifoe ie sisal
Smoke r efre rising. T e at e Hnerted .
lntense , ad In d wetn alnoL utes .. .r
soitoatories in twentedy miuta the app
s -tori of the bu.ldfn , from hon to rear
Sdierne oe twr o bandsF tter wbunee ha usas
r glowingh erod stro feier t weasblsamewn
and the s* e tHods but wae do-,
fnde-r ooritr oat mabout 1oacur rio Th;~e CL
is estimated at sayersa mllloos. Amn thew S
h bo  ...e lldf t w aoe thlh be Nat rle
be Ths n d rodi  g.
I- Iawraovaxurirr IN Bovrrtalaz Man,.ozra
sas.-One result of the Peetmeeter General's
t vsitl otherloth, wll probably be an
- f thapeste_ ear _esevce. Mr.. Cress
p. Well hieutrused his eesooateeiotaot, Mtr
a net the quw l·Lsddot o*, **l * m s
the t k sh, oe. o with ehrai t o eveas el
I roMe !fr the eatesion of this eewee ian' as
Seodaoe withthe ,provieise of the sot of
Marsh 3d last. Is many bieef tbishee e ta
Sletters will re their destleaton a woras
earlier than nader thn ld eysts, and i s. s e
pula from fl toSS 36raeaoonur.
Mass Is dte r ebers. ofth e a:
thoe. e ho sammte* o r hae
t tees oths,. ledes, who, upon their ews pee
o~ba es and aums in eand hav started
eat to eaptes Oaptain Jack. Gies. Davis is
atsied of their idelity.
Tao. RLa INTO Ma[sico.-ahorldea has uaat
a telegrum to the Secretar of War saying:
S"Ge. Augur telegraphs that "the Mezlonp on
the border are well pleased with the pznish
oent given the Kiokapore by Msaeoule. The
remainder or the icka.poos threaten retalls
ti, but we are ready for them I they come."
MAlo rAcoasoIr s. Mntss sppL - Ws are
pleased to learn, through the" medium of
our exchanges, that the manufactluring tinter
esat of East Mississippi are progressing I the
mout .stisfactry" manner. A late number of
the Sotern Honmetead alludes to the three
cotton factories in Lauderdale county, and
aye they are doing a better bausines than at
any other period since their establishment;
pay the stockholders a beadeome dividend,
anod are taurning oat manufactured fabriHs that
will eompere favorably witb the beat mille of
the country. The people of Laderdale have
certasily isoown thmelveM to he enorgetei
and enterprising, fully alive to the wans of
the hour, and we hope tkhey will be rewarded
by the largestL mesure oof suesso. It is great
pity thnat a sInltr spirit of enOergeto industry
do not prevail in other sections of ear Stale
We want to. se factories, foundrie, mllii,
forges nd all other preotaleal and proltah
improvements in snccessfll oberation from our
northern to our southuars, and from our eastern
to our western boadaree. Every oant is
the State should mkLL it a point t. develops
and eatneelally Prooate oat least one of
the.eo trlin. We need nothing so much
be factories; the eperies of our peopIe esa bhe
directed in no paeth that wil lead more surly
nd speedilyf to substantial oomfort to all I
classes and oooditions, and to the establish
ment of our domestic independeance upon a
permanent basis. As we have said befor.
these enterprises always pay, and peyl well, and
constitute a wealth whioh neiLther disasters
misfortunes can sweep away.--Jska
A declaration has recenetly bees published in
e .Nts'es Mordl, of Montreal, signed by
nlnety-etI of the most prominlst professors ofI
modioline in tLhat city, giving their opinion on
the use of Intoxiotingl drink, liere it is:
We, je p.udenrsigled members of the Modi
ol Pr slon of Montreal, are of the opinion:
1. That the us of alcoholic liquors as a
bevelege is a cause of a grent pat of the I
human miieries, of poverty, of sinese ua of I
.. That total abetineneo from Intoxicatling
drinks, rwhether feru anted or distilled, is sot.
nly favorable to health •ad physical and
metal vigor, bap that it eeseilly cosi
bltes to improve them.
3. That the health, the morality and the hap
pines of the people would be greaWtly favored I
y aetinencee from itosioaUlag liqauoes. I
There are many more ery small ohildre I
employed in our manuofactog" establish
ments than one not agqun ted with the fcoto
would suppoee. fA sWeman was pasing
across the common a few evenings sincs., bos
ealf-puast ten o'cok, and meetoing a littil girl
ocarcly ten years of age di ne ail i huad,
he acceOted her, and asked her If it was nt
late for hob a little girl to be osi whereupon
ehe.rsplied, '- Oh, no, sir tbis i the timei t
gsra_ly gi emso, fr I work every ther I
wr hII ten orelo*. The gentilman se
Interested, and asked what time abe hbaga
win, sad learned that her daily tlht r beg.
at hII-pest . si Is the mirlag, ead tha the
little r 1pail eootised her fd for the da.
He also lisIened so tee-old story or a fneUes
we eter chilldam a weok in h mUL-L-Lw
eses (ml.i) . rm .e .
Li ° a rx in 'lBSS
7 .J k asbr the pct weL. am emir .Nme
-the day, buti rW 'elesh peg evqy, h of
yslsmay t. have their luest haI -i--
. The had made uabseate ,li e mt,
*eeealu , hr.iue** * usa. Os Si .rnssM
m shade t edMly ete ed the eIp , u
the pubaiti r o sessmaedaleu o 5* ady
Mauds. Their said lade Muals, 0 beam.;
. smel oit i goiodey smbebk- q se
Beut the telahble rats samute-st Me
--lam, that &i amus. sep, otepas.
basabt bat thudsn·i f wi -r ?k '·b -
b p.. mbst mhinL, I Iee e.
. ..a t he sim,' svisai t Is boy
h, "e.ap slu k. " " eem id e sbast
bu"t a tres at d mso sfbando t htebs ish
atsed. Tie re llkesy topvsrs deasa
bWie4 h. -t gums. aUqw sof
tkh bropre are the haet ins.: whelmeg ,
the tide of edvesrley, aed how Uk. she g s
we the harples that feed pL their sub.
Thee has been qi as saodus of puists
fromthis ty. Bhop 9tlh has left as on
his Nieon to solicit funds for the, emIpeimn
of the Cathedral. He bas ommiesloeed a eslp
number of fair lleuteonas to proslese t e
work here durinog hisb absence: of coorse, they
will take iq a large pantber of o nlkel., lse
"when maidens se , mes give Ite aods ol" a
ther TreIey, of the Cahedral perish,. hs also
taken his leave, sad Father (O'Caghs, of
S-. Vloa'es, is alse "seleking green Sels sd
pastures new," his misl lsbeing to rae mesy
to build his now churc . tather Lorrigas, ef
Whisler, has not left te clty, but is bey at
work her aug fund. to rebuild k .i ehureb,
whichb was detroyed by .a tornado soee time
ego. Propeals have already been aed ed lar
the building et b Oiserch. dU that aer
Lorrigan ooatmplstes oiniang the Soley of
Jess. In addition to these ebmorsbe ther
Browse, of St. Pailske, is buldindg a oee
sebool-housa r.en will ee that we are g
1.ad a remarkable siatemeug ia Se s
of tbhis moring. It Is that theief of ps
and all his subordisates baveadres a e
the ity t dollars e of their smlasedear.
log the summer moaths,4 s ".eadaMalwe
the Anaeal embsarsesmeut ef Nheilty. Mis
not stated whether the etN i perlw elUstsry
and uneldsh or net. IIut 1s, easideealg Oet
their salaries are not large, satat ot ass
paid is city serreasy, whieb is ate 41seiat,
it is certainly an extrerdisary peeedas
this ageeof freS.
Nwn COvaa ro BtLm aMnas.--4 eeg
ago, Prof. Nagel),( t Tbl ,b
w e ma ,o
eo. thlkl iha, reored tetewageu
weUl kei sad psm eisd h Mt Yd.
a wonderfuledtla a ntl serves
nad Prof. Nagel haril ealad i
th opta ere whetr ýsisuOr
it, its ereot was sIee pss yam
e'antity used is efesret
ueoedioOs i stmall, olo feetis ilf a
mirred wth water, ade s bessltfm his
Ske of see of the armor see eisr
t6 result the moreematka
led about. A few aspate the l eie
tion, the fog hle daruted his be
ese lose dease, and - Imp Heeies h of flit
was perceptible. After t e days' of
he remedy, (au Ilgeetion aIht asd morn
l,) h sat make out the furultu of
the wart with asEless eearesa bs aide
bititelt about wishooet feeliag ad otd
r.arth day of mrearsa t kbst. p, see
through tb oborougbfsees f elity to
peramse that eneeforh the member of
ie of blindaess will be lire'r 1 l-

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