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Joax Eanew, admitted want in New Orlesa
y G--w Vce Presdes, maly devoted to t ra .I
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.-. J. . wit Cathoae rigtsh, b
! T. J. Sa. C.M. iniquity in high pla.e., withot
person eror pres. Neoat to he
Bev. P.BF. A , pio~n the mipore rights of the r
Jof . MClrn Uws "W e approvae f the D ori
DW . w Ar BY " t. taking, std commonfd it to uthe th
All smmunloientoae to bealddressei tothoe t to Di. oO Oe s
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{ ..l BO LUrMErlT i.,, L.of a1ll men,0 ItUMB
,lerning Star and Catholic Messenger,
saw oatLEAW., sUaD.LT.t&YP 30. Lsas.
TarLaa.PHIo pUanarT.
lRauzLD.-Dablin, May 26.-The Court of
Common Plea, to whto h.e appeal in the
case of the Tipperary elesetit, was referred,
,has unanimously decided that the late jphbn
Mitchel wasdisqualilfed, andthat Mr. Moore is
entitled to the seat. .
ITALT.-A dispatch to the London Satadsrd,
from Eome, ays the Italian Government has
ordered the removal of all bishops who have
not received a royal exequatur endorsing their
appointments. The Arobhbishop of Palermo
has already been'notifed to lIav¶ his 8ee.
BrAmr.-The governpnent troops have been
defeated near the town of Valnpreda. The
biatle does not seem to have been general or
of muooh importance.-- An important political
meeting was held in Madrid on the 26d. It
was attended by nearly 600 gentlemen,_ who
have held seats in the Cortes either sa senatolh
or deputies.- A resolution was unanimously
a dopted, that on the opening of the next Cor
e a constitution shall be submitted, formed
on a basis ooompromise pf all the Monarchial
and Liberal'pastles.
gswaNrl M J-j tti, Vf 59.-The action of the
Belian tribunal as LakLe in dismissing the
oharges againatDonohene of plotting to assas
Libte Prince Bijark causes asensation here.
It is generalyt belleed that the fibding
of the tribunal will not be regi~ded by OGr
lta~sy s a eoettlement of the tneas.-Thb Up
House of the Diet to-day poued the bill
ing Articles IS. 16. 17 and 18 ei4ttl
t u tion reguatian the relitona between
h and State in Pro~a. The vote was
yea to 25 nays.
SBerlin, May 25.-The apper House of t9e
'PrAuan Diet peased bills for the sgppressieh
of convents, and relative to the admlhistration
of church property.
Berlin, May 15.-The Goverpment forbids
the procession in bouor of the Pope''jubilee.
AvuTsat.-A special dispatch mom Vienna,
says a dreddfal ecident occnured'on the river
Mrr. at. tbi.td6n of Indenbhrg, Province of
Tyrol. A ferryboat having on board a dAmber
of Catholio ilgrims en route to viqit the
shrines on the other side of the Mnrr from IX=
denborg, sunk in the middle of tleoatream.
Fifty-nine pilgrims are known to have been
ared, but seventy six are missing, all of whem
are believed to be drowned. * a
"LaOlaM.-Brussees May 23.-As a religious
procession was passing through the streets to
day, it was assailed by ie popelace and its
ranks were broken up. The police, with drawn
swords, obarged on the Ciotem, ten of whom
were arrested. The metiers of the procession
took refuge in the neigbboring houses and
subsequently dispersed.--T*SBeqte has un
a-mously adoptedl vote o(aconfldence in the 4
Government ia respect to s correspondence i
Exue4LrD.-In the House of (bmmons on tbse
24th, Mr. Disraeli, replying to a question put ]
by the Marquis of Hartfngton, said it was true I
that the Gdvernment had advised the Queen i
to make representations to Germany re bs1ea
ing the relations between thato wer and
France. These representstlga had 'been
made, and were qf 3eah a natgtd as to horrect t
misconstructions aid insure 'l*eae. England c
had received a satisfaetory reply, bat it would I
\not be to thepublio interest to lay a copy of y
the correspondence on The table of the HIoues ]
UNITEDl" 8ATxT . a
oNING o A 9 4c Cuuitcr Ix MAia1 .
ci.ctLsrrs AND Loba vFvrrFv lavaBs
en'psgiled, May 29. --sk Fredeh Catholia
Chnuroh in South Holy'pe uied. A opudle q
on the altar fired the drapely. Most of dh~ge
in the body of the chubuh escaped. Of those a
in the gallery the majority perished. Drvi &
had nearly closed and veepe were bea n II
ere was but one exit from the tl
which extended roupd the buildig. T s
were seven hundred worshippers se n ft
seventv-fivf wh m perished. Tet of
people tto W es thme oburch I rhebo. their b
thends inre s the congteion and added to
the disaster. Penal ovtot&mltEb'to be "
used in several inesto wea from
nh a nto the fames to savo their bhildren, el
in th h iclded ll Freme Catholi
ntvoinit numles 'heeborhhehd td
two deoorssh nofth ad.vtibtib. At
a tnear andd i whtch few p
oin ttbe brea al
o t uipntg of the b
ps ighest window don on ae d
bevebekng uan ar butt ds o l
cbildr n o.erwsle d I ed wilaot
.and e e o ~r fm t"latop r
SV C or W t
Lionoi of e .
elie Dihce of to took t dsl T
e A~ s was filled eo
nttehda met
ate t twas hl; Bishops
iaaa tld •l h of Pennsylva
mP Qibolmm of Ricllsmd, ia., u
Assistant Senior Bishop, and Bishop Becker of
Deleware. as Junior Assistant, Archbishop
Bailey as Consecrator.
PmaesLVcNIA.-The Republlban Conven
hba renominated Hartranft, for. Governor.
Among the resolutions adopted was one do
olaring against a Third term bat eulogizing in
the highest terms Grant's administration.
Terrible fires have been raging dBung the pas
week in the forests in the Nort. of Penn
sylvania. The towhs of Oseeol Hartsdale
Evergreen, Stoddardsville and dsborough,
besides a vaat number of smal tstltment-,
lls, etc., are burnt; sevesa tholasnd people
losing their homes and ob furnitere, eto. So
far tshe loss is estimated at $4,000,000.
Tae G oaiseoPPrs PLaom.I-Myriads of
gramshoypers have appeared in Jaekson ouanty
Mesoort, and started on their way north,
destroying all vegetation in their pth, and.
thus reduoing.hundkeds of families to the *rge
of starvation. They penetrated to the heart of
Kansas city, and though trenobes were dug and
millions of them slaughtered their numbers
seemed undiminished. The Governor has ap
pointed June 3d. as a day of prayer for deliver
anee from the plague.
MIsCLLANR6us.-The Papal envoys visited
the President on tbh 27ih.-In Selms, Ala.,
on the 24th, the Indep ndant candidate for
Mayor being supported by the Republicans,
was elected by 107 msJority.- The Secretary
of War has given formal permission to the
Southern Memorial Association to decoratp the
graves of the Confederate dead at Arlington,
June 1.--At a toeption given Cardinal
foCloskey'bn the 'S2b by the pupil. of the
O~nvest ofMouutSt. 'nce , on tl udeon,
he was preseMa d with . et o con
tainig a dra cross. . was d
diamonda,,ih two top I firth $20,
ot wirn t .of
carried Iheser ueoth; V. 'ltiiens bn t
7th----Ot n tba g nd o.f si o ency, Presi
dent Jertt lAs been appolni tvboeiver of the
kret Erie ri road Compos It is said that
'for severalesrs the -ompaf xepeeditnre.
have exceeded its receipts ate rate bf $3,
000,000 a year. *
Rea old 9?vernment Java, parched or*
groudP cents per pound, at the Tea Depot, S Camp
street. "
The Censorip Law in Italy"
The Rendln correappndent of the Londo
Tablet, under'date of May 1t,'writes:
An immense number of petitions has (tne
prepared for presqntatloq, to .Vlcter Em
maudel and the Senate, it protest astainst
the law which would impose on Catholic
priests and candidates for the sacred min
istry the penalty of servingiin the Army.
,These petitions addressed to the King are
coached in ,he most impressive terms. It
is hoped tiese petitions, jogetber with the
solemn reibnstrances ant ed by the Holy
Father himself, will have ee weight, and
}hat his Majefty VictorEnm sanel will for
bear to saga ,dereO wlmh woeald tend
more than a 4,yet apeodjto destroy the
Catholic Church in Italyi Tuhe Commit
tees in the Senate have t'ready rpjected
the eleventhb, the most d~ngerous article
of the proposed law, whi h forbtde 'the
paying a itam of money 4 bauy off the
young clergymen *trom. ailitary service,
andb thus made that serviceeompnleory upon
all. In cbnnection with his saNjeet it
may be remembered that on the a1th of
Auognst 1871, the Pope wrot~a letter to
.tarquis Cavalletti, Senator of Rome, re
quep beg that the sums of money collected
for the pprpose .fspreseftilng to his Holt
ness agildes thpone sbould be applied to
ransom young priests drawn for the levy.
In that lttr Pius II. said : "Qs regards
the golden chair intended' to be prc hlsed
for me by the offerings' 65.Catbolice, it has
at onbeoccurred to'my mind tha(it would
be good to-apply thi money to redeem the
young elagymen whomn p cruel and on
be)rd-of.lw. woeld conmpel to enter init
military aveice. The elergy are te gold
eh-cbair whih snsteris the Cgroh, and~
bonsequeatly it is sLnet the clrgy that t
the eftofte are prlncipailyvdirected of
present doinliators. .JB the slpoiatfob'
and persecution of thbelergy, and wave all
by-rendetibg dicult the vocation (p the
qaetuary, l1s loqght to redoce the means 4
of'IHng up vacancies in 'the eoeselastlcAl
Hiprareby, which 4beimated every day by
death and uflfering leaves continual gape b
which canaot bes spplied, tp'the immense
damage og the Church of Jesus Christ.;
The fMwv Jti *idh bale alte dy elapsed P
nlace the entry ef the Italians into Rome d
bare bro e. terrible midfortaaes opoutbip
th_ Ca tlle clergy, Whose ranks havebeen s
yillxytPispd. Mqny religievplorvlc es
__'ibeenddlaoontioned for yted prisath
The attacks i Ile AGoGerosfo$ uo epo the
CatbollsQ iestitotes,' h foreign C-Cls , 0
tkaP q a itstrag a fised d
tift'ed limerly the Ih e
op oif Ogt the
Gachen skta at 30c. and ood tter doue.
Sp s u 4 ebn L. Lavelle' greeery, sit Uryades
stnset ~mit cua a t9imesa aseP:er.
f rom Our Own Correspondentca
DUBLIN, May 11th, 1875.
The struggle over the Coercion Code for Ire
land was to have been brought to a conclusion
to-day. After a nine days' battle the bill
emerged on Thursday night last from commit
tee--all the Home Rule amendments having
been exhausted. Yesterday, the bill was "re
ported," but not till after another tough fight,
In the course of which the Home Rule members
moved several new amendments, though un
f sseoesfully. The Government, at the dieta
r tion of its small band of Irish supporters-the
15 or 16 Ulster 'ries who have seats in the
House-withdrew one of their most important
concessions in the direction of iberty; where
upon they came in for an unmerciful whacking
at the hands of the Home Rule members, who,
however, could of oouraedo nothing but ex
pose their treachery, deceit, ani4lnonsisteney.
SA eneational incident occurred In consequence
of a remark made by Mr. Downing, member
for Cork county, on Thursday night to the
efect that, at the close of the contest in com"
mittee, be could not but thank the House and
the Government for the codrtesoy nd consid
eration with which the Iriseh party had bAen
treated. Mr. Roo ne.and other Irish Nation
alists on the m u mj repudiated Mr. Down
Sing's lanagq (Vu)ihei been, by tb& w'ay,
used by Mr, Batt ii94.d one br two days
Sof rWaIerford,
qguirlng to knowan what s au
buadd to speak fr the Irish memab Wel
r esterday the incident was broalg ltip i the
ddeate, the result being that Mr. D6twliog'l"e
plained away hiseassertion and got wh
hammered by several Irish members who
boldly asserted that though they had been
treted wit4 courtesy, they had received do
consideration' whatever. Belieh I eland, the
efeet of the whole ffsir bas been ggeatl~ Io
lower pOpular esteem for Mr. Bupt and )Mr.
Downing; the forkLer of whom, it is dbnsidered,
g qitt too prone t9 attempt the task, of
placating dud conciliating the House of Coclk
mons instead of denonincing its coeduct dd !
obstructing its boeiness. But to return to the
Coercion Bill itself. To-day 'it was to bhe
been read a third time and then sent up to the I
Lords. The Lords, of course, will pass it with
the ntmost possible haste; and farewell for I
five years more to even the slightest vestige of ;
liberty in Ireland. And yet Ireland is .1
mittedly the most peaceful and orderly country I
in Europe I As I amen Parliamentary matters,
I may mention that the whole English and
Itlsh press (with two expeptiqps) onqfes now,
that Mr.'Disraelr in thq matter of tt1e relations
betkeen. Parliamept and the Prqps, has been
unterly overthrowh by Mr. A.'M. Sullivan. He
invtted humiliat!in at the lnds of the mem
bgr for Louth, sayq the Loadon 71iatsAlself,
received it, and deferved it! dud the Iojry t
is liklly to have A permanent efect q'n his y
reputation es Cosesrvative leadbrl it will be rI
so disagreeable for the Britlsh Tory barty to ae
have it ereafter said in England thai theis J
decline ctes from the well-deliveredkattack of h
in Irish member, and he the editor of the
Toe f'rades Societies in the various provin
cial towns-Galway, Clolmel, Wexford, Drog- tl
beds, eto-are alrea~dy making psepa nons i
for the O'donnell Centenary. Most of .tbaie hi
bodies Intend jouingi in the metllpolitan
'demonswation, rather than have local celetra- 01
t-ons; and it has nor become quife evident -
that Dablin never will have witnessed psuh a 'b
throng of human beings as will visit it in sl
A.ugust- IIptel-keepers Ere even now making. TI
Mrir prieparations for the event.
The bill for closi&g public houses on 8undass it
has again been opposed on its aqgond reading e
by the loternment and has, consequently, H
been aaitsthtown out of the House of Com. as
e-s. i I. Mesrnot, indeed, teolhniclly voted a
down; bet when, after an ample debate (In C,
the'eeorp. o which Mr. Glgistope, tlhe lIt
ier.Il lpder, unpported the measure) a vote:
was ibout to bi taken, the ptblicans put ap Y
member named Wheelhouse u talk the matter
out. The discussion took plae on a RWednes4
day, ad os~C thewoles of the House ofCom, ,e
meltis that a debats-prolebged to a quahtr
tlr otx that day mst e 'adjourned ises *
. Whselholp esins =tLkid till a quarter D;
to six, and t as resdltI has happened.
The Prime Minister h4l ,e ted to fix a ba
ie) for the t M ti@ tas j+tesi ead ao a
doubt if he did not refuse the English beer
sellers who have put him in power would soon
withdraw their support from him. There
Scould be no more flaprant example of a disre
Sgard for Irish wishse by the House of Com
i moas. Irelaml is practically unanimous on
the question of Sunday closing-has declared,
g indeed, for that measure in a singularly em
phatic manner; yet she cannot have the boon
because the English publicans and the Irish
publieans do not like it. It is true that the
bchief speakers against the bill on Sunday were
Irish Home Rulers; but the reason they op
. posed it is that they are representatives of
e urban conslituencies where the publican ele
ct ment isvery strong. The work of the temper
. ance reformers, notwithstanding all this, still
g continues. Last Thursday there was a mag
, nificent temperance demonstration ft Kilrush,
the Capital of West Clare; and it may be
. noted here that that very district, since it
o became the theatre of a temperance props
ganda, has been amongst the most peaceable
i and orderly districts in all Ireland.
. The Catholic Union of Ireland has resolved
d to present a44zreeps of congratulation to three
. of the new 'Cardinals, riz: to Cardinal Me
n Cloekey, Cardinal Manning, n:ad Cardinal
Z- gioho wski.
a- Zst Sunday a remarkable fpneral prooes
l, sldns pesledthrough the principal streets of
1 Dublitn to nevin. First came an open
, mournin ,with the coffin on which was laid
the lag ljnited statee and the Green
e abreajt as tsro g green edged with
Smourning. Lastly, there was a long row of
I arriages. It was the funeral of Mr. John J.
Malleq, wqtehmaker, Welliatp Q`o Qay, a
Sgoung man who sid roed in ti United
States N a, e.d ) esh.be i f the Shles of
the * iaa party. is pablio.. He was a tie
ogbhl brs spirit, and he did more than one
diotable deed eatitling him to the afsotionate
regar'of his odehpanioas. Mr. Thonas Sexton,
Sone of tZl tditorial stag eftihe ilpaky News
hav beest qeeested to deliver a fhaeral
vrtio/ s!~ grasp, pfrmPr that dety in
avery toubling mandbr. Theisormoasetewd
shortly afterwdrds diaperse4 in the utmos)
good order.
Grattan Bridge, the ne'w crytion over the
Liffe,a ating decorated lis i meet beautiful
Splis Ug prevt. "the greate. of ]!rglish
tenors," has just been sigiog to ?miea
rowds in the Ehibilien Palsce n this oily. I
bhave heard he .reseeid £150 for three songs!
Most of those w isnt to bepe him wele disap
pointed. The tat he is an his dselihe, as
Scould hardly helpbeltg 4 eixty years of
A priesaer was last~tsek tried at the Re
corder's Coprt here who had been eighty-tres.
times in prison, had spent altogether eighteen
years in Richmond Bridawell, and had peet the I
ratepayers'600. ' He is 5ow. sentenced to I
seven years' penal servitude, and Whea the
Judge was announcing the fact,;he swore that
he did not care if it wire made Iwepty-eight.
J. J. 4.
• EsPiencies of dpaeetansed us to postpone
thbe publication of the follswing interesting
items seat up by our D ilin corresponudt in
his-letter of the 3rd inst. t
The programme of the et/ to be carried out
o- the occasion of the cblebration of the 'v
._$~onnell Cetsenary wa settled to-day .at a
Meting of the .alsmittbe ohr ed with that
:b sto~es. The meetlnu was heId at the Man
sloe Hosetuand the ,God Mayor was in the
olhair. W&ateo have three eondlrts-one on
Tiunrsday, gat 4th, sotber.on the stb, and
45 thbýb on dth. We are to have, also on
the 5tli, a gt banqued or two, a grand pro
ession . Sha,sretre and a tervlee' is a
pi CstaWdral;. ae4 Cardipal Cfla is to sale i
L olla  thbe Pope, to give as all a dispe- b
rstiba 'iroa'latineooe on that day. The com- i
mites who haveomew a goodly sum of metay i
at their diaposali is$esd inviting dtstingdabehd
Catholics in every part of the civilised world I
h epritbip e elebration. " I a
oatee by e late Mr. FPaley 1
gogR evdlIt before tle Q'pep. Ii
6Getiebra , It has been most n
,o e tr - fa eshon th , T e
*Qen mlsleeoeauow .`nwb s,;
sad oelsaoly, Is iMse a b a witss. is
DPtp-n-the ape sgap fa ( Gbase. q
Maw Tinos--asht as Madealra set Ham
bar ass, p gaes , .sps , ste. ,-re an
r- I The Women of Warsaw.
) VWhether order continabs to reign among
re the haberdasbers of Warsaw, Ky., since
e- thirty-one of its matrons and dasmels, in
n- convention assembled, with preliminary
,, whereases duly resolved to purchase no
, dry goods exceeding in cost twenty-ive,
I cents per yard during the space of one calen
dar year, we are not informed, but the said
in matrons and dasmels did so assemble and
ih resolve, and are now on their probation. Bit
is ter constraint and sad occasion drear must'
re have impelled the ladies of Warsaw to this
harsh extremity; but whatever the cause
of it is not possible to regard their resolution
with other sentiment, than those of appro
C- bation and respect. They were doubtless
r- moved to do penance in calice&r previous
ill prodigality in moire-antique an gros-grain,
w which textures of price, folded unusedin re
, pentant wardrobes, cast a gleam of mock
ery upon the povqrty which, since they were
purchased (or partly because they were
it purchased), has everspread the land. For
a- some years preceding the panic our im
le ports exceeded our exports by about $100,
000,000 per annum, and this mainly because
the ladies of the land burned to outshine
one another in braveriesofapparel. Their
ee lords were not the .men to say them nay
c- while the bills for the same could be put
al off. We sent all our surplus wheat and
cotton and silver and gold to pay in part
for these braveries, bdt even then, the
monstrous bill was not altogether footed.
* We had to send the balance in bonds. It
in would stagger thirty-one ladies of War
id saw, while it would tend to conflrm their
,n frugal intentions, if they could kirw how
mtoy boeods ofourEurpe holds altoetber,
htb m have p to
a aoortee * Fa'?id' te" g bes
. themselves. Now bonds'at home er abrod
meausa mt le odall thelabor qm il
the prOSetioa all the land until the ut
termoW faLuting of them, prineipal l
asane is tpaid; so hands not y eqfqur
n mast toil to- pay foy the gros-grasi and
e the mdfre-qntiqqes, the laces of Venice and
Valemeilepes, she velvets of Genoasand
I, pnse.wieh already crowd the wardrobes
of Ameriaun dsmes aud demo eplleg or,
L beyond forther polite use, dotter in dfaie.p.
l ored stride in 4he alleys. Is is theretfoe a s
a very wholesome and sensibli halt wild4t
d thl ladies of Warsaw havb Ued i the
, march of fa'hion and extra aooe.'We
hope they will lave the ootse to s'tapd
,by their principles 'during the time ap.
I pointed, eveq longer if ecesfary," sad if a
the castos should takL wind and overt *
pread the land. as did the spelling Pala
u qpd the maniu or closing lager-bee oQs
by mesas of prayer' while it would 1
to clipple the tuhde in dry goods ua'oi
asion souide'amoag ieeble-pinde4 jarede- i
sial habsrdtshers, there can be no leott a
that it would brtng a solid leemsse of Id
s vantage to the Pation. We mast learn to
Sconsume less and produce more. That is
the road to 'wealth and "prospadty and A
there is ae other. If bow the men of War.
saw would assemb scndi gree to drlbk no '
tilir-pryleed drinks anod ebew only small a
qsids of t neanht tobacco for a eorres
Sprn1nla period, tlS town would be 0 per
fect lodel f frugality, such as would have
delghted The heart of Joseph Home or
Benjamin Franklin, and a hundred years It
heaes would ed rve a contenoia oelebra- at
tion.--. X . W o*. it
No tea drinker shboal fail to visit the Tea
Det., Camp street.
It is very amusing to read some of the
proceedings now taking place in England r
about RHi allem. Every inch of ground, in
'other wdds every scrap of ceremonial *e
usage is wrangled over a s Sht about as be
if toe amoe vital primn l of salvation 1,
were at stake. For example, read in
an exchaye lately, that " b ry of
Kent bad Just ee.d, by of| IO
twentyrtio a Proctor pledged { .t l t
ward posltil." What this means, btat w
signideeance liee i it, we are Informes by a 't
letter from Malcolm MacCell who ought to I.
be a 8otch OraungoapuI by lhh~.s ap, who
informs. a at succe"s in this wward
stlhon battle is to dec1. wl. t
Chbreh of "Chrrt 1 a' 4libe li or
miet. To think- ol-oibt 'WeIN
toewait form Sew w Eiwgl '
Nhis gal ! i Taraig as e a
we tad till ap p nsirs -a-p
Bisbhop of ,Lasdas.sayr that
aid eglAtos, lale bnine
Sd thN ss to a h"
' vals to be m s js ý
st, , eteps IsadisS dlowaes  d
DBisaop of Sta. Dtr psw 1
1" ordered seaaoorgin elsgy
sm  usea a bath "disgrIead as much s u
Ma l a." ".," -
or tea
(From the "Month."I
It wad a clean, bright, wholesome, thor
I oughly lovable house. The first time I saw It,
I fell in love with it, and wanted to live In is
- at once. It fasoinated me. When I broeed
its threhold, I fel as If I had epend a book
Swhbose perusal promledanehbanmeal, I felt a
a passionate longing to have been born hereo, to
JPave been expected by the brown old watbchfl
walls for years before it had been my tarn to
exist 1l the world. I felt despolled of my
rights; because there was here a, hoard of
wealth which I might not touch, plaeod Just
a beyond the reach of my hand. I was tLtal.
a Ised; because the secrete of a sweetly odoroue
Spast hung about the shady corners, and the
sunny window-frames, and the grotesque
hearth-places; and their breath was no more
ome than the scent of dried rose leaves.
It was my fault that we bought the Thatched
Honuse. We wanted a country home; and,
hearing that this was for sale, we drove many
Ales one showery April morninog to view the
place, and jaudge if it might suit our need.
Aunt Featherstone objected to it from the first,
and often boasted of her own sagaolty in doing
so, after the Thatched House had proved itself
a incubus- a dreadful Old Mn of the Moun.
taine, not to be shaken from our nooks. ones
eas bold *Negh to tell ber tat toys' ,ad
I o. hb S eet hhs dsIh
d son
on her tik tees Coums rlW
auf of hudiuvthb everythbInglded
pronoonead rp, to upon the purebaoe at
Thatchetd iou.
I was a spoiled girl, however; an4 I alghi
it bhard tinat ! might not have my oe way
In this maettr osian vetblhin eles. As we
drove alooe soafyrro agres a wild, open
oaentr , I b".rorsP thbe brLkee~,gold
ee1 i.c a bills, with their
waving li'ne light aud their soft tribg
ahadows. I had caught bhi shower in my face,
d, laughed ; and dried myllimpp.ur with my
Fooke.-boadkesehef. I was disped to love
averything I saw, and clapped naj eds whoa
we eoppef before the sab· lookig old goes
with their mossy brick pillde, and their Iro '
arms folded acroes, as t mouoruflly forbiddloeg
loquiry ntldsome lodg hbshed-up adp forglol
oen mystery. When we siept aleg at
avenue my heart thpqd up in the
grand old trees, that rose towerigifral y a,
every curve, spre ding their masese of grom
foliage right and left, and fIuglgg sbewesm ot
diamond drope to the ground whpaever t .
geese lifted thutresse of a drowsy bough, or
a bird poised lie slender welght upon a twigs
and then shot off suddenly into 1he blee.
Aunt PFeatherstone eaelaimed against the
bouse the veJy momentwe oane il Iht of it. "
It was not the sort of thigbl we wsea a diel
she said. It bad not got a modern porch, ad
it was all nooks and angles oslise ouve.
The lower windows were too long and uaqlV. +
and the uppet ones too small, andpoinSl6 thp
above the eaves in that old-fateioag la la.
0eoient manner. To crown its absurdities, tho
roof was thatched. No, so, Aunt Fedt4ssbs
said, is was eaeoery for such old bod ee to
exist for thbeaakl 'f pictures and romances;
but as for people of cemsen a Ose going to
live in them, thaetwas oft i eion.
I left her still oestal h be glassesl
levelled at the chimneys, and dartedidti the
boas6 to explore. An old woia
wil a itlaglin boddh of
Ibs do oe ope
letting sIi of ap;>
a fed £oors" !It wasa.
; the oiag isle
9w abibf Ilike
theO" drawl."
lolm , tltd-a'ss'vw
ehamers of il ibtps
o O+t'snbatother, iad h,.
tbosAtnod of the ; abeyi da
Ltd. lfg aid on sUid ' deg
h waiste of ab r
Bader eqds down

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