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The morning star and Catholic messenger. [volume] (New Orleans [La.]) 1868-1881, January 02, 1876, Morning, Image 1

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314 _T .Noi i ~ ,
andi M eolll e i. Meissenger.
asassa, i i
ýU OLD Y&E& 4 AN tE NEW.
t lt. A. 7 . .
With iewla aet weu4i;
And t e tL eaume tem. ai
Ir derhset et ghts w*sed sboewl slepee
-eb the a ae a ot si th/eie I.
ir e-ss-i y dles n whe .tm heammlem _
asi ee tthetemPst., the shadow of loos. a
And arl we pray" I
With a grief e drewr,
That he SerL may n stay
Whenthert greomatlear:
Sboeon. of Teamerqw be rwas sb right,
0p0pd with beautsy,$th life amd with light, r
S l o T Trgrdeepl.d ea the le. f
sihat earievths , T ae eve rrdear.
ltr h ne se trea a
Q T T- I Toea T s avi
hp t- rntl aues t I an e
*mauldrumr "beer- U
tlash *eereue d our Past ears hve.
Tel tmen wll lian
Wlthl a loen to the Ilasa;
oet , Iit m hr higher pe
boe sts that Maskh oat ham the Paterese bright
And why net s i
The di. rtd Teat..
They haew and they know
All hlpee andear fears
Saket by their usde, ead we told them seh grief
ihey latf our tern while ey wMhispered
he hden o hebrta that may not be reveelod
Let the NB w Tear elag -
Atihe 01 Tear's grae.
Wilt theo w Tear being
he beogee Tear trlls oer the mow..
his hjerw s trwiehed with sany a ree..
eseey rthereas d the usse emoeol
- tLhe iasN wLhe whed sehaiU seen oreveal I
Let the ew Tu ile
Whe t no toidear al
S Ina hew shorta while
ebalitheemilesbe lghse -
I p.eer then hbst many a hearm,
thyeas le fair sad thy greeting warm,
dearer then lea-in his abroad ot snowo
e frrow fael tf the Jer that Ioes
Yet, bright New YTear I
O'er al the earth
With oog sad cheber
They will ball thy birth ;
rwill tret thy weir, i a single hoar,
/ will love thy soo, they will land thy power,
be ew has chbarms wohich the Old he not,
the strager's Las inahes the friMnts frgot.
alatead for the oren srform the Wrench of
be wonderful period was drawing towards
lose. The Blessed Virgin oontinsed to make
presence sensible to her oberished child.
e crowds that Sooked to the ebrine from
trlots twenty or thirty league, distant,
rays oeld befoeie their eyes thbe same an
inge eiidgy, whichb, on each tmpetltlon,
pressed w e nde emotions en the opota
s, etseeoerp into their sele, and d..
i in their heart. the preelea gere of
riae grace. What was that prdiy
I lhguictlemefhehsambles eblld: he tr oe.
*I*uli*meshaahbed these hsentled wa
ttsa5, spell-ei& admiration. thing
Matted to pas 4ith ntIIotr d order.
apsigw . esatatly amsed
wee slg= the of prays.
lhe ,a we thae. adt
amore abegeast, MllI
em nise tlm e *riem M
;nne r~~.thi n.mhAi
At each of the app.tos, Bernsdette re- w
newed the a. Of peenae and- humble self- an
abasementawhi web"ve notised above. In
obedience to the earse of the Blessed Virglt, pa
she weat regnlsa$ i~ drink at the spring; on tb
ertain days aeb wMeese to epeat her draoghts til
several tib e. t
Darlmgd.8a fthoI unoaveldable swayinge, ac
to which the esses.uu wee subjected by the w
edforts of those in tht rear to eatisfy their pi
ouriosity more fally, the wild rose-bosh was w
for an instant shaken. Bernadette, in the .o
greateet alarm, straiehed her hands forward, w
and moved hastllyy-towrds bhe niobe. Her It
eyes were bathed in tears. "Who has die
turbed the ros-treet Do not toueh it " Sbe w
looked with aziet:triato the cavity. After a Is
moment, the bush .osmeo motionless: the hi
ognenasee eof Bernbdette recovered its so- se
etally-the happy juli retornpd t~ her J
eteaes. T4cllgit e1bjestof wendarthat O
Bernadett*, n1baou be1b orbed -ain ecstasy,
so lost in a .orld ec and mystery,
ao nat Insts&on rfteranse, to so b
load aor y. IAthe s oftl day the pei- l
mam who had t bseik lbreansbs came to 1
mach. Whe saw the hai. dbaea, I aniad b
that the Lady might far i 8he was ssaading j
on it, ad she made me a sign that no one p
should apprseh it.. t
The person in quetlon was struck by the a
feeling tha b1tsyed Itself in the words of the I|
child. She-bad so far edtertained very little I
belief l the vision; shenow, with all her soul, q
s accepted it. reality. The thought of having
failed in respect to the Queen of Heaven, by t
displacing the branches on which her feet d
rested, caused her eatreme grief. Prom that t
day, Bernadette was the object of ber speciall
affeotton. At each suoceeding apparition, he se
Snever failed to be at her side. I
Snlue the tourth apparition, Bernadette
would, on her arrival as the grotto, llght a i
SI blessed eandle sad hold it in her left hand as
lego as the-Blessed Virgin remained visible.
At t a Il ady of the town lent her one; after
wards her ansts, one after the other, gave up
the tapers they preserved for the solmaitls of
therlt edality.
Ose day, towards the elose of her ecstasy,
Bernadette arose, still suffused with the pale.
readnee, eand leating towards her younglst
sent, whiespeed to her: "Will you give me
your taper, and permit me to leave it in the
grotto. " Yea, yes, take it, go and fx it up
right if you oan." The child went to the bot
tom of the grotto, and planted the extremity
of her candle in the ground, leaned it against
the rook for support, and, leaving it lighted,
returned to her.plaoe.
On the way homeher aunt inquired: "But
why did you ask me to kl my candle, and why
did you bring it inside t' " I wished to leave it
burning in the grotto w1en I went away, and
as it belonged to you, I could not do so with
out your permission."
of Several pious persons had already placed in
the grotto their little offering of lighted
, oandlee-touohing homage of reverence. These
first tapers were the forerunners of th6usands
of blauing lights that now unoessinjly illumine
the rough, rooky sides of the Massbisble oliffs,
to the greater glory of the Immouilate Mother
of God.
a The. devotion of the blessed candles is
he traceable to the primitlve ages of the ohurch.
Jd. The lighted taper is a symbol rich in myste
om rious meanings. The pure white wa of wbich
,nt,it is made sembolises the sacred Humanity
an- assumed by'our Saviour in the meet chaste
on, womb of Mary: which Homalty, -by its
ta- hypoetatio union with the Divinity, has been
ie o sitated the light and sunshine of the
of orld. Like the untarnished wax of the taper,
this human nature consumes itself before God,
in Sames of love, adoration, thakagiving,
rds suppelition, penance, msaile~* The berning
leg light that gleams only the brighter whea ear
ler. rounding glooms are deeper, typifis the
sed Divinity of the Sen of Mary.
S The lighted taper may be alo considered
as the tre of the Christian, who, all abe
iter with thS ardee of faith and lote towards ear
It4, Lerd Jess Christ, eb himself bahy the
1I thrae of God as a vitim of penans al
1- ! . Yasil pi Maiakbd, p. maitsaa
wishes that a samtnary be built at te groWoS, of
and that proceseions be made toh th e i .
Events had beae hurrying on at a apid o,
ase. The wonderful spring had lsuoed -itr Gri
the deptbhs of the rok ; miracles of lauostes Tb1
stblo authentioity. had added the weight of 8
their authority to gesertoes eof Bernadette,
and to the reality qt the apperiltios. Not- -0
withstanding hi. prudent roserve, thb ood R,
priest was ionvicesl that the inger of God edj
was bhers, that the Blessed Virglin was aalan t
manifesting her power by a fresh delegeof if
wonders. The same opinion was earrent Hc
throughout that region. tie
"1 believe you," said hbe to Bernadette, "but .
what you ask in the Was" of the Lady does ad
not depend upon me. The Bight are.Bisbop w
himself munt deesidtbhe ýoita  , have d
sent him the minatest inrett tastepiag ' eti
all that has occurred. I will new treat
go to see him in pose, adl h-y befo:re h P
your request., He aloaesam aet." p
Mr. Peyramale weat witheot dsy to-rt
nbe. te Stted all the teft of the ease to
the ,ene ahi s Bishop, Mgm.. Lames. T .lls t
toipen of ltseiL Foi the t iees t wit d
jodal inveWgatie. b y whipl ft5?tº ýi
preset and- to some, sboesI1 tbpta I to
tbt ordeal of a meet rigid . - e 0
aminaoion would be s oodd - ees aplos (e
impartiality. Thus wolld hd b ltn, r
ly prepared for an ooiMelt on the
question at euanse. h ,;
On Wednesday, Msrh 3d, hetlng at
the grotto was a monster demoniration. In i
depite of the piokets of rogular troops, and 0
the squads of gendarmeory with whiob the
oivil authorties had stupidiy ised the road to r
the Massablellle Rooks, the erowde cae poor- b
ing in from all quarters. Tbo wse h6Lad of n
the admilistration wore evidently under the b
influeno of a night-mman: thb fear of a riotllt d
The approhensions, nay, rather the hopes of
hese short-sighted men, weas not folflUed. c
Daring th whole day not the slightest symp
tom of disorder could be detected.
Te be sCeatised. I
lreom Our Own eOsrespsemlsal
Oam msis= zxuz.L
DDara, Dec. 7th, 187.
Mr. Butt and Professor Oalbraith--epeelal
Ily the former-ave Sir N. H. Bosch, the
hief Secoretary for Ireland, a smart rap on the
knuckles at the last meetingof the Home oBle
League for bis insolent speeohes to the Bet
fat Orngemen. Mr. putt hibntd .prott
broadly that that offloI biwnt down t ao elfit
to fanbo tshe Sme of go bigotry, nd that It
is not his fault if oe streets of that town are
not now in the Ion of riotous mobs.
Tne Nloo a have taken the ame
line, opd tb are pretty oorreot. But what
takes the o i out of the government mils
most effsotually is Just to state eeetly thi
I strength of their following In Ireland. They
have only about thirty of the Irish members
at their back, and after the net election it is
.ertain that they will not have twenty. At
p· reoent, Belfast is about the only place whore
ia British minister of any party could And a
hbearing 141 poblo meeuog. The sinia
owon of Sir fl H Beach s appearanceu at
s Belfat bout the same as would attach to
Shis appearance in Scotch or English boarough
to Lk on Irish affairs. But what an Insoult
to t nation, and bow great proof of ite en
r slaved condition, that one of its rulers should
down to one little corner of It-the only one
a rnwhlohbho oed dnd a 8ympetlslng audi
ence-and thore declaim against the poIitics
ý* of the rest of the eoontry I The strangest
Spart of the story, however, is that,. thogh
t tBelfast Orangmen e the ony t o
Irbhmenoln Irelmand who anbogIot ~ welrsme
" coeuty, yet oven they are ith leo rnn
a treeted t dly by those who u them Ls the
PoroP of keping Iriibes divided. Neot a
Sins e gsmsn Is awed u indde tbhe o
Br, sehhimolfit waswho the oter qlatthe
bouquet n fat offered his-Orange guests
tI  tos L lt of taioktg hi.IM s and
Su ing to answer them while ti psases
fIt followed his own we in N e The
D .a.game are eneeoragsed t atitok their
N have been gies them  he abl p .rpos be
" svemi ther rerpept tlhey areo oi_5, -.. £
oter IrishLen, wih eontempt by the ]aish
- events east their sadows bebore,
W wn--. h e  "-- l
' se4 me t1ý
Yi i
o paritamenth. The ime xed sr the coon s
_eo Ies the 4t h and 5th of Janesay-te to Tb
days immeodiately preoeding the day of the oa
uwveJliog of the urasten monuael in COl~l t
en--and the place i Mosrlison's Hoel. ol
There is every likelihood that there will be a e
ood sttendaneoo, though rnly there are a Mi
Lo many members of the party who, at
SWhigb , like identiflofg thesI lV M a -e
soa0 ns possible as ditinetiveli Homo a
ulers. These will be compelled to attend by
Sforce of publi opinion a by the kunowr- I
edag they hove tbatbhey will be ot rid of on U"
to rat opportunity if they do not do their a
duty. I may add that the resent demonstrsa 4
oon of the Feniso leaders in New York against go
Ho Roleo meets here with very little aoten wi
too. Those politicians did so very little.
when the were at work, heyond getting them. o0
sdol and their friends into prison that their
dieloe to abandon a oonstitntional polioy at
wbi so fathas resalted in no olittle ood to
, t varlous w yady d which i it be
# to promisesbefore long to compel a
tleostof thbe Irish question by producing it
sesdbsk ito the House of Cpmmons, is - TI
iCe ass to sy the least, osowhat wrild.
pibln is to have gran d muial festival I
Ait Utlmn n the Exhibition PalaJos. We ar
td onoe elseueal sad polar; Mr. Joss p
---Wsl iae twelve meonths a iswho
th o sflthe mim s f e r to a t
S *rodet beqadoeis llto a·euin bo ha wtlsa 0s
1- mbe irlttes si ama Mo1 I n
rhse C l soer lledor ba. P. s n th
tbs hei tbl thonswad egtof (hste ad t
e onod bsPteSlu d to Dorbdo by Io wll d
I ho, wto m tlme Mn rs other ds e Le.a I
Oe abottrtyof the Ore o f IdoGres, sT Osi a
,he Ilish poeIsr Ms P.ls m ) o at *
Iseto tseilum to ho ory, and euoo, he l
I of Plus IX nof the aondMa me o met db
lian rwh am e esiution toe lhae g nd
d sropsof the iOrder ratorf srmountng a
Sthe moem I rooed Tud o eraress tori to l
- t A ase s s havig bee
Sinae thea bt so ts an LConll tmoe exs I
o asee ess CWboir rasotn to n ate a oeO a
t draped she o the ibeator suroountII r
a tn mr-bl sot Tue oridl rainsorlution toi a
ha ays 5e d fonw there s eo s enowbie g 1r
oft O eniOselt ban e oa f TiUtd bopot eg
bi stdt aos in bof nrthi mahe tisa I
'si~ ohuteH e was ant LL. D. ir tUo New. .
cwstIle Ws"Whýboo i n inmat, a .etle-- , :
,n maid nitio, Ol oIsto rd aIn Gato i edal u I
le idan ato ad fo and lserei, and hoorary t
Isber o ste aScet . D. of ,iniety ollnges o I
osblt, and and tvaable msoonticartcls at I
Mono. He iws now in sane!ne wits Lload 1
orJe""bt madnss neor allid b but ha feeorinthd I
ase the insanity was brought on by wanto ofl i
was patrageon the the part ofT. O. .,
whpipooroll05 had a right to expect and t
whiob a trune dum ]leter would hare readily I
e extended. Another undoubted genins-T. C t
t Irwiu, the Irish poet-is as this moment in a t
s loosto asylum in. this oity, and h, too, wasI
Sdyiven insane partly througbh negit on the
. part of the Irieb literary patblio. The proprietor ,
a of the Netil. proved a generous friend to him
e I have hard, hot no ons ma could be exeo I
t todo th part of a whole people. 1
fl will contoudet by givin lis olof the Irolh
(yI a llfr 14o6, ll o ho:IIha.s been no1 i-,
- ! sy ecied by their ra s- sO
l tions. Dublin ho e ohoen G. B Ow .,
h I)_,1 Cor Alderme heorose.
11It s -rge Wi Mý. Won
' ta3d 1455 resd
_; gllo P e (_ -" __ IR e
- the borloraus, hitwo thw ie o
an su smo mayJet yo Crof thejs4
* FUCs.IS the Assemblythen Sto
di was 4slm e ratea ofmte7 t . The
V, Itch.sosed Iagse sdM*5aly
W *l ybsss M S I e3 s. Thu e s
uul paspeel is agssd teal-ý
iw a.tsdadoL~h Fme shmss
a to hl. Tl to he lo"
so shsto tohe i tJa s eli.nl o -A is,
es* cApmiodsv or-iee hav rpeab
lt omenas ts e shoato
sa .p Gsssux' 30 t has bas. Ir
Sabhoeee 1Ilellrnmw Is 'thsom ad Io
od tsteIpseloto M o. lesn wtlo m
id; d .tw nd red  f.__t that as tof
a. is te odos .atat
ep Tbao oThotr e TaS soo ise moo !a *
of Aerican oell ar oa i Wt ahe so beset
-0 GU ,M Y.- e I, I. . ...L. .
al ol met . t "s -Op te . t
-sbt - p; od ohe wriL ris hs
ree.-I ie4 r o
O I netral p B ew D TI • m
ý t · vipw. w lsum ofl e .
Die Pmumm dminemm -.-A 4 . ha.ziose
tbad tIokAPIS in tihe Phillipine em eOth
Fill of aovember. Two heodoer a eAp. lives
on. were lot. tbbrtyt hidb L dr~UO
hi were deeioetrarm oactt ledo sd he
º>- Cue.-DL UfrOolvlft5eO buaond eotra
uiods havebenes weur k eR it} impoe.
;l.b me at a ol. en hoer.
hi. tU-Tsms h tlEmetal ion hoilig
f lpyea Ieels _ose o Lerl meaesed" OseO Ie'"
moet desoaslog Beeeval7 Fieho dopliolty. asd
. ti, eeoda totoa emll orf ulo e way i
It# Nd ·de ti vmw
We bebalfof the Pd ldleltd =ee t
bold to ho te salomo aad impawioal. The
ee Preldet oornfl rsef to and aid*f0 l ýg
e a ory Io rdmed as propoed 1. the Hes he.,
hwill nt hove abmeleot t0hre to aswier the r
ge, doary rqrliremoio of the comnty. m
loyd thut hso ill ealld eOpU th e Mioo .Oa
o i byfollowiag the moamdoo 10. Me if the
eodT heveroin0O eoeseLd TheJbupg,
Ia. t to this, Mr. nte tes. Nta that the
aro pre the United Bute woeotiagese
this pubic esu~thOUt in favor of v sad
it of vi po peliqem the part thd its
D., aed the aewlý.mut b tlhe GeoUamauL,
and of Mxi os 0-lis lsaoWl r t a ral the jaw-
dil laea" of ito own Oi)etiO woold aou the
C. strongegt p Iargama to all advooatoe
In a of the seeqa of toriory there may be In
the AnranoE-The Legislato mat on the 48th,
Latr whom the govomoot's momma was rtd. Oo
bt'O the lotheb Comussist appted to lavosi
Ssate thes fe'os osenootd 0af LpesmO's ele-,
sloe to the U.al, t redes. Terport
Is a terrible lidhomoat alpenoer sod will
JT. who pblis do the a0 o t
nodded by th Io omit,
.eseld not etoetot hi. Arned
M U both", lly egfrom afy t etyid Ave,
fssetbeam remain In todlvslei. A
lbeu- esumise eicer sad twomty-ie soldiers,
Un ft at Llhert?. 1 Li ot, sad Ia
I elithe adl binfor hirt day, or an
bed .s ad have good sobet." rsw
appeare that the diE0altl we. simply ape.
,a of wel rev that Rodmoed oat Iseo with em
Can young men as their C6 r smee.
The tows of ser Lb we.a ll
gHi HlckmO15. iiioo bre ] r a
wooe .tie , 01 al oprrir ses tothe
e Wyomorg eodt suglem bs Sea or bee wobo
Ith The Marosho e *atWOt t a
is 1legoma .6Wb 41166
UT sNU wlO
That brasob of the Lake .1 e
Ss t oward the mUth b#*aeees twS s
ibaubw ofIr a -mmq t `
mad am sinwaid eietagb
rn-ue Se insea sowsrv..
lion drotop k MA
5bba~s= .s ehmlbedhPaRt LI
o~e 4WN pw t i
wa wk t Roanobtw 't
ofY the SUe de
.aavm Nsesa
rrkla nly4 Y~tif1 4
name be th
,eimseeto vesinb s~sadlt
seeslt IagR at esr ul t
OMN b ._ .'jL
b ugtrf the noaa
bI~YLabobM ILb, t
sea thsseko
o u talon tm
tltsl>ea hes wese th to
eimwais, boan yieedeh w m b.o~ 3
o leg sa thea sehaor sasspen,~ ek
n maste yalbloed ofl
'inshsoa fý lanfeds indee~t5
m Imea aesh of th in~e lasks bahsSI
ethers Shed pAMa, wels, . lewleg bewat us
ahn douadl ng~. ed be lbea te two i
toglwr b\o an
b Ucsditel laspetash.
adL 4of m uy nresfa e mabs, seadmt
a tleri mrnafl bass hmshe Em
b tlis b ulng, weam the t'hIutsfJOWg
ýtwee hsr, add be a
ii tiles before sbbid ton (hu .tth.Ua >
5. wh ,n of the hone~ s ead liaeg ef a"
' vleS~ we ar stImrud. e
a. etewli thewfard his emh, - ofs
febm fs e e bedr zpsdt Jietla sdmafip ei?
m~ttheg toanes that he j,5.h* aes r
e above, ae the eoar via almdmte
1.N"mk, bsemb. dhargirhl oaral "
whl thipe othe sth N5U'
wher t bevaj e of ta tk? wua m
P eTow eeds saes te Tam
t at wh1iDnb. ldh rato ma .sllel
panbe; thoe ulg eded to(a ee h sMe
th Ssel . ea, d o lbe boos e Ithe f1$m
s wmte lof sdee iafbtah as
slowly towars his Lena, oa et 1 y~
arm th ewa neezits
,s is the fL·b r bb lw hs bas w
Se bth tswll se stools that f /pnam
Soloing bid bed w b ·9rbld
of M/sa hi open a atesaiitYltnr ,
patbe 0. rl ·bkst ab jl;3r~
she ned tal sad 1M so b
In, sad es ·lU1 lW aidsL~i~;
If tbo two sa eaw I wtO~~k~Y'P:~
d r tl kr of i~XI
.,4 lrBl rrblo h rrS dh -

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