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o ar. t e asl P or r necany . a "tr. f thoeo "r too to
t Bev. NAod JOa J Pss aary, _.admitted want in New Orl0m
Archbishop of New Orleans, map 'inly dotot to lnt edr
n HZasso.IPree Catholic Churoh. It will atlat 
Rev. G. RreAYMD, politiso ezoept wherein theyrn
aRo ýev. O. RYMOCND, with Catholio rights, bat will "
eryE. ev. C. oro A, N. Iniquity in high places, wie*stue 
pere T. J. Lsul r, penone or partiee. en to IN I
r. T J. ru-r .  __ . . pnights of allmen, it will ~kt di.
W-v. T. J. 8M, C. !. _ pion the temporal right ed In
te. B. A. NEIrraTr, C. 88. B.
1ev. P. F. ALLarsN,,
bum T. GUSONS. Is lro;.ofe Bo.,
rOMm MoCj~rrY. mWe approve ef ho asaIf l .
rol. J Curaru ,taking, and commenda 11 MO !
.rs. J.CAerm, of our Diocee.
SX. 8uymT. It J. M. Ancasueor or aw Omsth
gd- ln_/jrsrsdaerlwe" ------· - -
araamem O-Ne. 116 eodrutroot, eorner oC smp. "HOW BEAUTIFUL ARE THE FEET OF THEM THAT BRING GLAD TIDINGS OF GOOD THINGSI" To-J ges ,om, meast; y M, S8.n '
ssrtrning Star and Catholic Messenger.
3ZW OrLZANS. TmS DAT. JA3UA[ S 18-6.
Romt.-By invitation of the Grand Vizier,
the Pope has instructed Cardinal Franchi to
inquire into the state of affairs in Herzegovi
nia, with the view O~ assisting in a peaceful
IErLAND.-The colossal bronze statue of.
Grattan was unveiled in front of the old Pat
liament House, Dublin, on the 6th inst. On
the 4th there was a conference in Dublin of
members of the House of Commons, who be
long to the Home Rule party, in order to agree
upon the course to be pursued d'zring the com
ing session of Parliament. They ,leciled to
support the Land bill, which is to he iintro
duced by Mr. Jasac I;itt, member for Limerick
City. The bais,: of tbis bill will be fixity of
tenure knd f.ir rents. Mr. ntt will al,,n ask
leave of the Hltuae to iutrlitace a bill musking
better prsovision for unriversity ,..ir eration in
Ireland. TLe oqes.tiotl f Ht lo,,, ".il,- will be
raised in the Cutuous at tho, ebt..seof the re
eas invariably tiaken at Easer, when t-he at
tention of the House will b, ca;l~led to the se
verity of the coercion act. and the qsltilon of
taxation, cattle trade, and the aulue-ty bill.
Guinxre.-The Bishop of Gneisen and Po
sen, who was recently convicted of violation
of the ecolesiastical laws, and condemned to
six month's imprisonment. has been arrested
and sent to prison to serve out the term of his
sentece.- Arohbishop LedJuhowski's im
prisonment terminates the 3d of February
next. The Catholicsof all Germany propose to
aelebrate the day in an appropriate manner.
iDeputations from the Reichstag and Landtng
will wait upon the Archbishop and tender
their congratulations. He persists in his refu
,asl teaeknowledge the juriadiction of the new
ecclesiastical court,or the validity of his de
pesition. It is expected the Government will
intern him, as it did the Bishop of Paderborn,
onless he prefers quitting the country.
SPAIN -A royal decree is pronmulgated ,)n
voknug the Cortes for February 15 I)el.tles
and Senators are to be elected by uivereil
suffrage ou this occasion only. T:ie ei,.etions
eommnnco on Janua:ry 120th in Spaitn. The do
eree fnrttter provides that towns in Hiscuy and
Navarre free ftlol; the presernce o hos-tle fac
rtions sha!l elect Dputies an 1 Sei t for the
parts of thcse provtoes occupied by the ene
my. Anorher oacecutis insned imp sing p,'nal
ties upou the Tree- for attacks upionthe King,
the loyal family adt constitutional ,monarchy,
and inastitting a tribune composed of thrt-e
judges, in ench of tl'e royal courts to tby
newspaper f< enses.
FRANCE.--On tIhe .-lt :le Asnsemubly adjourn
ed after el.tigill a lertll'lnet, cot)nultnlre, cnIi
sisting of 18i tneullbers of tl-. Lott, and 1:2 of the
Right. Billet., Camsaguae. Ollivier, Ttuh.r and
Canrohert have annlloiollcet tlheaselves as cat:
didates for the ý,enaute, the latter being HsU
ported by the Governmert. (Gambetta Lha an
nounced hi- inte tio, elI comoing forward as a
candidate ir the ('ilnibrr o,f Ioinltie,l in
Paris, Lyons, Marseilles, Lille and B ild-a ax.
His purpose in doing no is to ascertain the
judgment of the large cities upon the poliel
of compromise which he espoused duoing tiol
latter part of the session.
TuaxaY -All infoimation from official and
unoflclaal sources, confirms the opinion that
not only is Austrian occupation of insurree
tionary provinces determined upon, but that
some foreign occupation is absolutely necessa
ryas a precaution against most probable mas
sacre of Christians wherever they are unarmed
and helpless. In Montenegro the greatest n
easiness prevails. The reigning Prince, on the
adviceof the Great Powers, maintains neutral
ity between the Turks and the insurgents. His
subjects are all in favor of taking part with
the insurgents and a conspiracy to overthrow
him has been discovered.
WAsHIroTox. - Congress' met after the
Christmas holidays on the 5th inet, Tuesday
Senate -Morrill, of Vermont, on his own re
sponsibility. introduced a bill for the redemp
tion of legal tenders. On the 6th, after some
disonssion. the bill was referred to the Com
mittee on F;nance.
House.-The President's message was divided
and apportioned out to the several commit
mnittees.- A resolution to appoint a commit
tee to investigate the allairs of the Freedmen's
Saving Bank, passed.-Carson (Rep.) offered
a resolution recognizing services of Union
soldiers, recommending them to the people
and, all other things being equal, giving thent
declaring that the House is In favor of giving
liberal pensions to diseased and crippled sol"
diers,their widows and children and their de
pendent fathers and mothers. The previones
question was seconded-142 to 9-and the res
olution was agreed to, amid laughter on both
sides of the Hlouse. Fort (Rep.) then propos-d
that ooleers of the House be instructed to give
preference to Union over Confederate soldiers.
Previons question lost, ?7 to 103. Mr, liarri
son of Illinois, offered the following resolut ilon:
Resolved, That in the distribution of the pat
ronage of the HIonse of Representatives and ,f
the Government generally, those duly elected
and who by law have the appointment of sub
ordinates should regard the Jefferson test : Is
be honest Is he faithful t Is be capable I
And the recent events in the Federal Adminis
tration give peculiar strength to this Demo
cr$tic sentiment. [Laughter] Adopted
A resolution to appoint a speelal committee
to inquire into the disorders on the Mexican I
frontier of Texas, was adopted. House then
adjourned till Modday.
MassrestrsL--Tbe Legislature meton the 4th.
J. M. Stone, of Alcorn, was elected President
pro tem of the Senate, and H. M. Street, of
Prentiss, Speaker of the House. Governor
Ames' message was read. Its falsification of
facts caused much ill.feeling. In the Senate,
Fewell introduced a resolution to return the
I message to the Governor and inform him the
Legislature was ready to receive information
on the condition of the Government anti rec
ommendations, but not to hear political cam
1 paigu documente. In the Ilouse a resoeition
f was offered, asking the Governor to give dates t
and places where violence and intnmidarion
occurred during the election, anl where ·.oe
- courts were suspended. In the Senate a rile t
was adopted takilng the colluit.tee apl,oilting
tpoer trout the President end toi ki ikig tic:
pIowe tr rest in the Setlate itself. T' iimii:ltpeach
tlluit question will not corllo up ft frri t . ii .
k ard will embrace Gov. Aniez. Litlirn. (GYov. I-1'
vie and Superintendent of E rn:a'iin lardoza.
t,r, the 6th Fewell's resolutlron t,- Arcsn's noes
s" a:g wt.ere mndllied an I ptesir I h the Senate t
' .'it' charge that Ames. actuatted by a pirit of r
enmity, crgendrred Ihy the result of the late t
election anit the deft-at of his ambitious
sbceuzes. itsnisnates, if not directly charges, a
that new imemtbers were elected by intimida- t
tion and tradl, and appoints a committee to
investitrate the causes that led to the late
n Democratic triumph, and to obtain the data of
o alleged frauds. In the Honuse, Featherstone I
d introduced a resolution to appoint a committee I
a of five to investigate the official conduct of
Ames, and ascertain what grounds there are
Y for charges against hint of coltmmitting high
0 crimes and mnisdemeanors, with instructions to
r* report the evidence taken as soon as possible.
K Both houses adjourned early to give the com
*r mittees time to work. The members, however,
are too much excited over the Senatorial con
" test to work much -L. Q. C. Lamar, was on
the I;tb nominated ?iv acclamation by the Deam
1 ocratio caucus for U. S. Senator. This insures
i, Ls e lection.
DEA.I or A. M. HIoI.onooK; , ESft.--Mr. Alva
M. Ijfll1ook, for many years editor and pro
a prifior of the I'icigunc, died at IBlld,ou Springs,
Ala., last Monday eviting. rh· , l'ial/ltne in
Ii its ieanuo of last edtieslay, gives the li!lli
e ing sketch of hii, life:
A. M. Holbrook was hurb a* Townhend,r V '.,
on the °'il day of Aoge.t. 1`'l. In his tvett y
4 eighth 3ear hie ~.irni- to this city aIl cast in his
lot amlunu the iltpeopI with whom all lia inter.
:c eats lnl Iilpes weret eve'r afterwards irlntlt!ind
y lie nats then ill thi. ptrimne of life and the full
nei-s of his strength. 'lThhre ate nort ntny left
wiaho wer young, mioln with him in rNov Orleans
.o long agto. Tthose whdodo reiieitiber L.i-:u will
fd fair-haired rmarl, with bIright lizn teys and a,
pil.onirant mile. Tl'hreu years later, ini the year:
. 1:i', he izcamrite aasieuatetl with the icoirie
n- taiy firrl of the l'irayunre. then known undellr
, the estle of La:ms,!en. Kenid:i'l A C.;. IIs
in business c.pcitly, steiady thrift, uintirig tin
. lustry and greattt practicatl good sense proved
s invalnable to the firm of which he was now
:v the ,jIuior partner, and the l'inrquiit grew
steahily and srurely in the public favor, until
it came to take rank among the forenmost jaur
nalsof the Uanitedt States. After the dleat.b of
its senior member, which occurred in 1540, the
ct -rm was known as Kendall, Holbrook &. Co.,
at and after the death of Mr. Kendall, as A. M.
at Iiolbrook & Co. Only a little more than a year
a ago Mr. Holbrook became the editor and sole
,d proprietor of the I'icayune, which position he
ti occupied at the time ot his death. The journal
n- to the prosperity of which he had devoted the
- best years of his life was his, and with a firm
hand he was guiding it midway between the
b dangerous extremes of party fury when death
, relaxed his grasp.
o December I1.-On the evening of the
ay 9th (Tuesday) Monsignor Moran, Bishop
of Ossory, was received by his Holiness
e- in the private apartments of the Vatican.
P- Bishop Moran laid before the Holy Fa
oe ther the joint letter of tihe Irish prelares
n- assembled at Maynooth Council. The
ad Bishop brought an offering of Peter's
it- Pence from Oasory diocese to the amount
it- of £850. About 240 French pilgrims
's from Rennes arrived in Rome on the 5th.
ed The Cardinal Irossias Saint Marc, Arch
on bishop of Renrnes., had accompanied them
ile part of the way to ome, bulint was seized
Ma with a slight indisposition and returned.
r Carniral Brossnis Saint MarO is expected
o. in Rotoe about the middle of I)Deember.
he- The Holy Fat her received on the Feaset if
us the Immaculate Conception it depntation
eR- formecd of ladite belohtgiaig Iii t the Rorman
t aristocracy.. whvto btonght to his H!oliness a
tt collection of rich v sttni-nrt for tl!, service
of the altar, intended fto Ir~setet Ifor the
ri- poorer churches in Italy. S--vere.l forreigrn
i: ladies of rank were also prtisent, and not
am- ably the Marchionress de Stint Chnamans, a
of lady who brought with her from Paris a
ed pair of beautiful chalices. exquisitely
i- wrought. The health of his Holiness is re
Is markably good, and be seems more than
o usually bright and cheerful. A slight
redness or rash, which has appeared on one
side of his face, is of no consequence, and
Iee In no way Interferes with hisgeneral health.
- 5
[Translated toe the tnorning Star from ihe Presot of
MIgr. de Segur I
(Continued. 1
The last of those fifteen days, during which
Bernadette was to honor the Blessed Virgin by
visiting thugrotto,-the day which was to close
this long series of prodigies,-was the object of
varied asnd conflicting conjectures. All wished
to witness the final scene; as well those who
had fri qiently assisted at the daily ecstasy, as
i. i.e- who so far had not beheld the spectacle.
Tie day happeLed to be ':'hursday-a matket
d ty at Lourdes. f)uoing the whole morning,
fronm the first faint glimmeerings of the slowly
approac:hiing dawn, the pathway to the grotto
was j ammed with the moving masses. At seu
rise, twenty thousand persons were stationed
around ; and new accessions to the number
were pouring in at every minsie.
Never previously-never since-not even at
those great solemnities which have been noised
far and wide over the land, has Lourdes wit
nessed such a concourse. Police, gendernmery,
soldiery: all were in readiness "to prevent
One feeling rose uppermost throughont this
multitude: the vague expeotancy of onin
wonderful spectacle. It seemed apparent t.o
all that the aeries of Apparitions would lhe
closed by some extraordinary ocourrenco.
Some opined for a miracle operated either by
Bernadette or in her favor.
Bernadette, a-ci ding to her cuIstom, heard
Mats bI'fore setting out. At. the head of the
deciviti,,ns path, a gendarme stood in waiting.
lie walked lfore the child with bared sabre,
and oil,uned la way ti'roughi the press. Planks
had ',en dtispos1.l tc.ir trh, grotto, in order to
f.,ci itate hl-r pasa,i. W~'ithout these ipr
cautl)un , e, bonted u, ' h bl for lirnlladette
to rietce I lt c.lol' .e' 15s5 which shut up
eve-ry lietig to th ,ihai.'
VWhen tlPehild pti..ra~,+:d hterself, the wh:olet
assemblalge, y one cnmntoi impulset, tell ion
their knees. I ':lroke:n sil:ence: reigned arunuttd.
T"':uo ecl:y soon began : peaceful, radllat,
as ever. The childL went to drink at the tount
tai::, and iertored tier nacestolted p)enance
for iininerd. Nothing , trticular marked this
Apparition of the tonrt, of March. Bernadette
recuive.l the order to speak again to, the
riests, tand to renew her demand for a saotc
tuary. and for processions. She begged of the
I Apparition to tell tier name: the mysterious
Laldy gave no answer.
By the repeated bowings of Bernadette to
wards the niche, it was seen that the Blessed
Virgin was on the point of disappearing. The
child received the last smile of farewell,-the
aureola faded away and died out,-a deep sigh.
1 Bernadette had returned to earth.
bShe arose, took her mother's arm, and with
drew; but a cloud of sadness hung over her
heart:-wonld she again behold the amiable
The crowd slowly b)roke up. Daring the
wholeday, hundreds of pious visitors succeeded
e each other at the grotto." At sunset a great
p number was still there, examining the spot,
praying, drinking at the spring, or g:tatherong
from the sacred precinct some prec ous tme
But the Immaculate Virgin did o)t allow
s this memorable day to pass without ai signal
t manifestation of her gracionbsnes. A metne i,il
miracle wonll fitly e!ose the prodigies of lir
privileged fortnight.
A child of two years was d3ing in a hoi of
] Lourdes. lle was called Justin. his father,
John Bionhohorts, gainied his bread as a day
laborer. Affected with a slos consumuing
fever from his birth, :L.e cl:1il hadl never been
able to, walk a ,,:t . Ail remediles were tr.eid
in vain: life was fJat , t,.. away. Tie dr:: L
it agony was iuon L, i : i1t fae btr and iiiLit,
despairing and p,,wti'ess, were toe-ute Lia
cradle, ad beieui liu :nkiitg into h:s grave.
A charitabi negii;.!,ur was already Ireparinug
the little win':ug-sheet. From tinme t, tsime
a she spoke a few words of unheeded comfort to
y the wretched mother. The eyes of the child
were glazed; his limbs cold and stiffening.
n The breathing was barely perceptible.
" He is dead," moaned the father. " If heis
d not dead, he will die in a few moments." said
i. the good neighbor. "Retire, and weep at
your ease, my poor friend," suggested she to I
the mother. After a while, I will envelop the I
body in this winding-sheet."
But the mother wept not. A wild hope had
sprung up from the depths of her despair.
" He is net dead," cried she. "The Blessed
Virgin of the Grotto will cure him for me."
" Grief has crazed her," said the husband
The mother seined the inanimate body of her
chill, covered it with her apron, and iotd
terred by the resi,,stance of her hushandt and
her i ieild, butsris frm:r the Lou se like i maniac
runhinlg forward at, the top of her peledl, and
praying alitdi " I go to the Virgitn." she had
exclaimi(.1 on( leaving the house.
IL w.ia nIlatr uiun li, anld as NM Iti'.,.h 'idl,
hundreils ,f peoploe wer. still toom ini g ion:l tt le
netighborhod of the grotto. The sarih:ken
mother asct. herself on iher knees bif,,re the
grotto, prayed with all ther soul, atd draggied
herself towards the little r'oerv.iir intol which
the cnrrent of the sprig- flotwed. She disen
gages the body of her dlead or dying child
from its covering, and plunges it naked into
the miraculous water. The weather was ex
tremely cold; the water was freezing.
Exclamations of terror, indignant outcries,
follow on the deed. "This woman is crazy,
she is going to kill her child." Some endear
nred to interfere. She knelt immovable, hold
ing the body plunged in the water. "Away,
I away !" exclaimed she with energy. " I wish
to do a!l that depends on me; the good God
1 and the Blessed Virgin will do the rest." The
little Jastin was livid: not a limb moved.
SLit'fe seemed extinct. "The ch-ild is dead," said
the spectators. " Let us leave her alone. The
I poor woman: i± crazed with grief."
L Tbis razed mnother held the loly of htr
son iniiiereed in thit frieezinrg water for a full
quarter of an lilro. lie would have died uin
ider such Ireatmne:.t in live mniinotes, had he
been in perfect liI i:th. Prayers, entreatie',
- angry rellonstranci as w erir t-hrownl away on tile
woIiiati. Tre tbody w.:aS icy, deprived of move
tnetent. Fl:l of faith ouitwhtatMtiidiiig, she
witl.drea it frot 11.it. water, tfoldted it in her
aprou, andu tbrou st, it. h1lorne'. In the meritt
tiMime, ailse coltit alo t~ a s.ull !e- ven 1," bI 1
ardet pr:sei s.
"I Cttn ,oi not s,e hie is deild," sa:dl lit.
father. "Na, to ; lie i, ntot dead ; the :e,1. r" d
Virgin wil! restore him to us." -!:o tail the
child in hi t crib. A n.oiient :fterwardl s cli,
lea::s ,ver tem. "lb' is reat.irng." The father
hastens to her ride; the child was truly
breathing, l'lhe eyes were closedl, but no
a longer by the touch of death: a deep, peaceful
slumber weighed upon them. From her throT,e
in Heaven, the Blessed Virgin whispered to
- the heart of this woman the words that Jsus
] once addressed to hier of Cihnnau : "Be it done
e to thee as thou wilt."
a Through the long hours of the night, the
. breathing came estng and regular. beneath
the yearning looks of the mother; abe slept
- not, but prolonged her loving watch until the
r morning hours. Justin awoke early Iisa com
e plexion was fresh iand rosy. Alone the traces
of bin former leanness were visible on his
a countenance. Smiles of recagnitioe greeted
1 the happy mother, from eyes that gleamed
t with health and life. lie asked fir the breast,
and eagerly drauk thereat. Thbeu he that had
never made a step, wished to rise from his ora:
- die. Thie mother, all tn at fright, did not dare
to trust him on tue gruil. She gr ld. dii not im
r prehend the follntes of his resurrection. The
day passed without inc(:ident. The child, fre
I ltently and with avidity, sought his usu al
r Ino:iriLment ; I.e wiuheld to regain iost tiue.
The iext morning, March uth, bot.h fatter
f and mother wento:it at, an early .iour to their
work. T.ey left the child sleel: g quietly is
- I cit i. Alter saluec honre the mother return
eJ'.. .-:the anlot fainuted :it the sight thLt irlet
!her e t, ai bhbo opened the door. II bo-.
I who ha,, so far bieen pl tierltcs in i-i et'. i '. i)
S.iaralysi ; who, only two i.days prc,,",, wium as
S.d7 .;g, if iiiot dead, wan tilping ar. d n tia-::
I around the room, ritntinig frosm t e O, aitt
furtriture to another, full of life and pt, ghtlt
I. e-. She was obliged to lean for  ,l)'urt
e againust the trae,'tif t.e door, s overpowering
o wa' theenilotion that seized her. What a burst
d of love and gratitude iiust have rieno from
that mother'a bosoom, and winged its way
straight to the maternal heart of Matiy. Justin
is threw himself into his mother's arms. Bob
d biug with joy, she clung to him, and embraced
it him over and over. "He was fully cared yes
terday, since he wished to rise; but I, with as
little faith as a pagan, I prevented him." .This
was the thought that passed through her
Her husband returned after a while. "Well!
you see that he was not dead after all. The
Blessed'Virgin has healed him." The kind-.
hearted neighbor, who had busied herself
about the winding sheet, could not credit her i
eyes. Again and again she looked; she was a
telmpted to believe that she was dreaming.
"It is ilndeed he. Well! WVell ! ! Well ! !!
Poor .de;l ,usltin ! ' They all fell on their I
knees. The miother joined tlhe two little t
thIilds of hers abitl, iin order that he also might a
share in the fervent t hanksgiving that nuntlt.i si
-d1 froli this ptor hut to the throne ot the t
Mother of God. t
Justin is now a tine looking 3)young m nt
Since his restoratii n to perfect health, ho heas
tnever been visited lsy a relapsu. "ile is a goiod
boy," raid tLit carate of Lourdes to sle in 170, ,
"a real good boy, at times light-headeid and
frolicsome, but with a good heart. Dearly does
he love the Blessed Virgin.'
This miracle caused the greatest sensation
both in Lourdes itself, and in the neighboring
territory. Its reality was attested by three
physiwann, no novicesain their art. In their
eyee three circumstanoes contributed to make
of this cure a miracle of the highest order.
tat, the length of time during which the dying
child remained immersed in the freesing water;
2nd, the immediate and happy effect following
this immersion, which is linked by no thread
with that reaction ordinarily occurring after a
bath in cold water; 31, the power of walking
manifested by the chill on his escape fromt the
'"The nis,tl:,r huolh her clll, plungl  l in tl.d
water of the. spring iover tift"n ninIi tiiIi . tShei
thler-,fors l,,ook dlt fr I'io c It, of ,'er h. to
S f ·' , t " eh : 1i L'.i n I I I . F" F ' 'I ''
?i: ' t.:,ilT d 't , l l ,TU . . I I h . "1,r
l . gi11+i i li. F. i'., F i.I"
tF."..,iF "t i ,i 11i' . I ",:i lF" wityi II.l.. ,r,,:h
,) , t .,. i, ! 1',1 . ' I' s ,'. I::
,.mvl... i.I 1si , 1s. ".,. i , t; e Ir ro.st It, comu
rp;sailoate I it:east of M rtr, thant trino tte Coil
1 -
Iltika i)t tile rock.
A writer ill the Boston Jour, ,al mlentlins the
fact of the expulsion of the .Jiusti from China.
and the confiscation of their propel.rty, two
a bundredl years ago Ililr the arired (College
of the Propaganda carefully pireserved all their
title-deeds and other evildence of ownerabship,
and when, lately, France entered into a treaty
with China, she demanded the restoration of
the confiscated estates. Thi, Cthinese mrinis
t ters, supposing the piroperry couli not he
identitied, formally yielded to tle dlemand ; bit
what was tbrei amazrement when, a little later,
the Jeesit Fathers appeared with a great
bundle of title-deeds, yellowed by time and
imould fromt their long repose, irl which the
location of theu property was acrcrately do
scribed! T'ere was no help for it, and so the
Church is now in possession of immetnse estates
in nearly every capital of the entpire. Frtom
the pIrotits arising from these possessions the
Fathers are bnildinglin Canton a cathedral
which is to cost $3OIO,00(UF. anttl anothlier, il1 ite
as costly and masgntticent, at Peain, while
churches are rapidly going tip inr every ism
portant city of the enspire. 'T'ln namelr writer
inuforIts us that the French Misninrtr has Iob
taioed frot thile Chinese Goverrrtlnelt a lder ree
pertiltti Lg the priests to ldecidn all i(1, antionIs
of law between Chinese Catho:cllils uand thise
who still adhere to the Chiun tsi religion-a
r power of islnmernse implortarn. . The p arlFsi
aH!J pick nit foundlinges by the lnsndlredl a i
thintastd, and buy the nslildrein f ti', poori r tf r
a tretl , to train thelii fr the Chlitn .
T l7':rFiug il oa i it! . i h i itiln t of l'r. .tci th"i
y , t1 , I., ,Ai . o. . ntF . :y .t p rt.r f tiui m
n l,,' a,-":tJ ; t. . re l., i, t'h) veý. ..* blel- or tl, .
S,'.t :' I - . itI. .i ,i " A I rei ir l wr. 'i; r l:F. ( an ll lill i 'N,
t' .. . i t 1.. v , ' "t , + ,,l. "h+' ! i "ol ]P) i'i ssilr l
r i .UI" r I ( ' 'l . t1: l. 'i/" urn (l 1,ll . C PI t h. K yi [.tll II
i ,) ..'re. U r t . , t a:r e;,l lt artit- . a ,uri, dl
S.. - et .f :l.: low. IJr, Spa1 i, Cenitral SFpain)
iat .,t 1.st l] . P lile In % h,, ,. lh :j] al 1, nhl:3n ah t
fattlr ih , p.:t lt given t!.u %i&\ ireir a, r'ink of
S lsii"I .inoi r Ileat water, hi. Ittia.r in many
, p:we'Iy I.'TIg dltli.eIt to o tarti,. :. having to
It e , Irsiu l t frtn great diietarncis in that bigh
ald tldry countsry. Ilut a drunkard Is a nine
" ldays' wonder in Spain; a Spaniard would no
y more thitik of associating with a drnnkard
a than he woubt of sleeping with a mangy dog
of venerable sears. The name applied to a
drunkard in Spain is "pigskin."
I-, Ask your grocer for " aish Soap."
--·- --- -- avvetryrw ste
[Continued I
Lucy entered the lower room as Rense wa
r sorrowfully informing Agnes of that. to whish
t she as sorrowfully listened. Bith turned So
wards her from wh..om they expected an s
planation which could not but be painful; the
suspicions of both were, however, exeited i.
r the midst of their grief. ond the disphlewle
they felt towards Lucy dietlred only scoordI  .
to their relative si nation. Agnes, aitolug
t nxious to hear her daughter peak. could net
iavoid rleproiching titr--"'l'o say nothingtothy
"Now, I will tell )ou all," said Lucoy wiping
her ee.e,
"tSpeak, speak! cried at once her mother
and her lover.
IIoly Virgin!" .exclaimed Lucy. "that it
. shonul olne to this!"-and with a voice later
i, rnpted by tears, she related that a few dal
it previously, as she retnained from weaving, and
was lustering Iehind her companions, Dos
IRoderick came up with her, in company with
another gentleman ; that the former sought to
n engage her in idle conversation ; that she
quickened her pace without lending him Y.
ear, and rejoined her companions; in ithemia
Swhile she heard the other gentleman Iaegho
r and Don Roderick say, " I'll lay a wager with
e you." The day following, on theirretre,they
met them again, but Lucy kept in the midetof
r. her companions, with her heaed down the
g other gentleman bnrt into laughter, and Dee
" iRoderick said, " We will see, we will see.
"iHappily for me," continued Lacy, "this day
K was the last of the weaving. I related the a.
*d venture immediately- "
" To whom didat thou relate It ?' asked
a Agnes quickly, indignant at the Idea of any one
i betlin preferred before her as a confidant.
to "'To Fattiher Christopher. in confuolon,. '
Smeamma," lpliled Lucy, in a tone of apolool..
" vt1 him i a', :c last time you and I wens-ib
Sih c:hllci of tie convent; you mly perhps
o recollect my ,cntiivances for delay on thab
ii nii ilg, until thre shol pasesnome village t
" l whon. etpany we might go into the tre*t
i'e 1lls, I was s, afraid-"
.I,o inlignation of Agnes subsided at ones.
the inent iln ofi a nau:e so revered :as Father :
t '" l'Thoi u didst well, ly chabild,"
. i' :5 ,tlt why not tell it also to thy
I r, t hi.. Lwc' Ilhchadu twa very go.lreaaosJ
, .,, dcir, not to disturb aid frighten ,
' n:, lerr wirth is circnmlllstuane she couldY noM
," , e I, rv, .neidl; thle olhler, the dread of
,.,. 4 n ,, ,.t, Altl h she , ,hed to Ihe hurled
1, ,.r 'n I ",, in ..ti r, 4 r of iiee.*tniug
" all ti ,' vllla. : s of Ir l~ TA w Teiason
I i e Ily allegit the Iii,.
"Atnd could I '" ra. sit'. Ilr lin, I s0 i l e,u
ill a gent!o alti reprtioachili vole.., "could I
'peak to you 'if this ?--Ala! that you should'.
il know it now !""
"And.I what did the Fithar say to you?"
are dl Agtis
lie I ,hld rne to enldeavor to bhaten my
nuptials, and in the ueanwhile to keep myself
he within doori ; to tr~y uinch tnod; d;and hbe
a. hoped that if lDon Roderick should not see me,
ro tie would cease to think of me. Atd it wan
Sthen,o." continued Ishe, turning again towards
or Renzo. without, however, raising her eyJes,aI
Pi blushing deeply, "it was then that I comopelle
ty myself, at the risk of appeating very forward.
to request you to conclude the marriage befos
is- the appointed time. Who can tell whatyei
be mnst have thought of mre l But I did it for the 4
int hetar, an from advice--and tbhis mornlng I little
r. thougihjt-" She could articulate no longer, ",
at and urest into a fl idl of tears.
ii " Ah ! the scouudrel I the villain I" exclalmse
3n Itozo, pacing the room in a violent parozyal
e- of rage. lio stopped suddenly before L .
1e regarded her withi a countenance agitated by
es varlous passions, and eald, " This is the les
Sw.ekeil deeid t laii wretch will perform."'
"' Ah ! no, lIenz ', for the love of lHeavea r
al cried Lucy ; " o, no , n for the love of Hleaveal
to Ilere i a ilGod hi, watchesover the oppreesedt .
le but d , ,' t!.ink he will protect us if we de:.
- eI i ' (lri
er , .,,, ftir !!i !ve f H eaven!" repeated
b- Agnes.
l ]tlts t," . tit l.,rev, with a more resolved'
Sand trau nil air, " you have a trade, and d;;
c"' kn .... how to work: let us go away lnfto -,
I istatint p!i.i, 'hat he ilay hearof usc no m0r
' Alt, Lnoy ! ut we are n3t yet man sa"
1 wite! It we were' married, then, indeed-
ur I.ty reial, aed otr, tears, and all three remained
V;ient; thd.-* tp rdeslondency of their ioato-,
nrance' fr.,;-icl a mutrnfil contrast to She
fe ( *v. ', , iraseter if their dress.
" II.-ro lie, my ,h llren ; listen to me," sald
A. s, if: ra fI.w n.,oments; " I came intothe
Swerll blfre you, antd I know it a little better
I th1r1 3'i Il, The devil is not so frightful Ia
ti teer p . him, To us poor people the skele:
appl",ir es 10 entangled, becaLso w, do se-.
in know where to lutk for the enil; bueint me
it t u ei alvi ,, fr(ou a learned man - I kaI 
of what I ,ies'.u ti say.-lo as I tell yon. Rease
iy go to I.scn.; find the Doctor h.::;rca e;arbegg
to relate to bim - But 'Iu muosat not oall
bh ly this noone-it, isa oock-name. Sy toS -
te doctor-what do they call hitm Oh 'Il-
o can't think of his real name, every one
rd him .tzeccc (;arbugli. Well. well, Ldd
i tall. stiff, uald doctor, with a red aos, sad .
a face asred-'
" I kaow the man by eight," aeld -
"Well, very well," eoetinteod Lse.ý
a Ialn for you! I hey, ssIn- l .
_-- ', t;.

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