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The morning star and Catholic messenger. [volume] (New Orleans [La.]) 1868-1881, January 15, 1876, Morning, Image 1

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ornlngStarandCathoiCe Uessen g Morning Star and Catbo
rVzLisN2) WECKLY 5?
KNeo Orleans Or v .: PuAitiCtion omvoaiy, alt
1*. 0 a? R .ylr - of l rr(nanp o er -. 1 Is MOILINO tT hba bee. STARe
TeeDireOtrsof tecompany are: _with te. approval of the .oolelest
st Rev. NArOLE& J4 i EPFI PR CH ,
Archi± iop of Nnsw Orleans, -r dw! ted Want in New Grtwu, New
3President.} m.Inai:ly devoted to tie interests of go
V DERND.td. -n:. Cat holti Church. It will sot interin
Rev. 0. RAYMoNDV P po ect:cs ecrpt wherein they tetref
e wev.ith Catholio rights, but will rgpet
~~iry Rev. C. M N iriitiy in hIigh pilaces, without ree5 W
T. J. KENNT. .] pere us or partines. Nest to theaptateml
t. T. J. 8xftr:I. C. W. _ rigL:s of a:. men, it will eepoolaly ea
v. T. J. trr:i. c S. . Jp10 tie temporal r:ghts of the poe.
v P. B. A.NEa.rT C. Ss. ..
pus McCAPPREW.' e ppr've .C the eforoe6Al uzder
. MCF1. Ttek.i :an Ic mnc it to the Oathetan
. JII. BCA L ,of our D iocea e.
N. BucKLEr. .1.TI. .AoClatnI~OO oe LOA.
tIt ooem flcathioneae so teddrslsed to iie to
ttoroflh.Morusnc~taromdOoiheticifeaenper , e .leIi1c,
lOtleoti Ofiee-N-o. 11 6Poydras treet, corner o fCam. "HOW BEAUTIFUL ARE THE FEET OF THEM THAT BRING GLAD TIDINGS OF GOOD THINGSI" Trrm--sinfla Copy, cento; By maI,S-4ahaeY
ning Star and Catholic Messenger.
os.-The Pope has handed to the Bava
Ambnassador at the Vatican a protest
inest the violation by Bavaria of the Con
at by the enactment of a civil nmarriage
. It is asserted on giod anthority that the
ernzent does tot intend to notice the
ausANy.-On the 1fth the Ecclesiastical
art opened proceedings at Berlin. 'they
re aimed at the deposition of Archbishlop
chars,of Cologne. The Uatetlle's Berlin dis.
It says the Giv,.rnment has deteromined to
ae Cardinal Lcdrociowski unconditionrallv
n the expiratiin o f his ternt, but will be
in arrested if he attetopta to exercise Epis
al fauctiots.
RANeCK.-Thlte mo"t intense' excitement t. re
led in Parsa durin.g the early palt of the
k owing to ta eri*in in h.o c:dbiit.i, Itaisiet
theopposit tonit Ministitr Itlb.t to ISlintster
`'s candidacy tir tile Senati. m. a 'certain
'ket. For tomie .:a:.a it ryas 'ou ghit t' !;t a
onciliation was imtoinsible. 1. it Miiahlbnat't
toence and appeali io ohe p i .11-tO ': the
nisters have at letngth prevtaile It r* I e
sts of Ipeace.-Mcaloahou has it reu- a
clairatij',:i cottilotictg ieace aind oirler at
cotliitii el-ctior'i. HIe asys: FI-ranIce
owns th t. I ieitLer sought or drsnii -d the
werI ami vtested withi. litt ast tiay rely uponi
Sex: reviutng it withiot weaknvss iin or.i r to
fill to thei endt the nliatott cipti::stel to tue.
opn (itd will aid rue. annt that ths sIupport of
ustion w!l Ini:t fail."
PAIN.-ten. Campos has ordered lti I" 4-al
thorities to pet mit all the inhu th. , ,i 'f
varre t::,d.-r sentence of aiRllanlrt.: , wh II
either ahbroad or with theC trit's. to w. 'tri
their hotmes, and atino nn-as tha tt 'it
duct oif 'ho4e who ciutve tlci ni:l wi .
tteit.- ibe 0thi ill G.tz ite pitt
tilicatton toi forcign .lupis wort r,' .t
oil- away trown the Spanish :ua"* . ,o
tlbhn, as t-'' ('tntri itti-tiern art' ' itt .1
terv a ' ie shto o e nd ii ire' it it.i li
P1. t appr 1,rt".ts.-"- C ld anti rso'. i': yl
litary c1,. .htios
ii 'cttr.-Th : :rentt. hau- ve "
tre iou t 'i: ta. ! t:ia !i h t (' . ii11 d
aIhona.-t:. ,n tr ' t atinl te to II-
th e n t . ' tt t . , I'. " i' I tt. t tgt i a- !'l l i"
. iii,, iii -a ,s nset!M
I ell, r, -r 1 ,aurge"ns .
ad th li in tl' til t- iii it arl tItin t " u 'ti
al:;;"1: ý;.' :'1'w:o ' h '. l li e, Ile I, I(". ~ t~~lc lll~ji
e ,par' ~ :I ~"", w hi t u1 ...
wete r the uses of A . "' ;.A
tI t Id I t .tai pr.-grtltt'r I0 Ctar lt i
the in i i t it tir- l C itit:, l ic, i bI nIs
btedll I tt I ti; iii'- ltit t i'trv, . toi l it i i t1
Aut t^c1n 'I. to t u '1 kithn . xt e i t lll , A.lrlatit~H
y ts.Ai-I't -- I . i n cic ii' tau l4t. waitti It Ira.it
rit. i lessr tI t it :f tie 1ek iitil - rit,
, rr 11l1 u 11, 1"i , 1. .,. .,: : %.0 ..ty if m l aý;.r
mlthe ,y 1:: ll `11 sty sl minu".d trt Eng mblt il il.
erienn :, :,1er the nce l at w id ntr t 1: ,". 1t.11_
ernlng o witsed w ure vesty evto ]e',;it:eto
noi whatj usa tRb~nl~ of lii tctn.t.lt. iliti-ge
U'T11 A.irrt : i ota.-Letters havo en 1,,.n ro
ved in Lima dated Czeco, Decimb,"r 11,
ahics antioance thie co'rete r tm rcitioin by
theake. trn the 4thlai of t'e ttown of Alian
, betwen i ' . . of the 41han a d t . at: oft
ith. N'o less than S hoTks . cTured,
eratl of which were very sevein. -ii town
id to be completely destroyed, ut it is not
nown what loss of life occurred. Tihedal(n age
ao is vtrv heavy. Telegrhal-t announce ix
vere. i od in Vi alaion. Tile e utiu-es pr tl
the city wir s - nndatei. Two live' lst and
ar,5 -ofri-'tt prpett de stro ed. T of ii' Mied
tenon by hicys lainf i sint- i hit ,"of ,1itt t ;
the. 10!0 u t.
ASd INrciN.-(triut a tt s noth ine taken E. cr.
Aruigs to be I'. te 1)"ltirut lJilette of vin e i
htell. as 1 t .robac nlities that 1" tn the q- ll
cdn:oual s t i er a 1. m- s at i t t.i,(, .or
pecial" wt it made. af the ti i t, t t
a1 liti n! itt t1toI mali gnant i iintiratt
SUoio prsnes etc.Bein. hil of eogi
Awened Blam: e1 In o lof the iost ritasterli
e e ever , eIar in ( 7P Washin iton h s yin
ta on to fi es iol. 'r a w c ete. Bn,,
f 'alses aeits t, . s s e i favor of th e
, I 1.', 1).t of 1\* .t Virg nia, u.1llie. f4,,,
mastybll.nn n a coRe pblican dprecatedti
me' c.t's. arewnry, he bilwrei fia
at tl.* "" irly reports of' balaur x,'ax e
c, dono~r ltturonize wlith each wllur, til.
flo ,n , (Y4 1.1 s alild. CA esl inaillu'i ll11) to i'l , a
ouse0-Even"'ts in thie house have t'e'n of 1 i't
eot th~rill:", interest te all, h~ut inp ui -ally to
notherm( is. To, Randal 's resolntion grant hg
iniversal motnensty to tall v. o took part in :',e
rar, Ex Sp'aker Blaine, the: leader of the Rv
li caus. hall offered it substitute excludling
efferson Davis from the benelits of amin:"(ty
lid prescribing an oath to be taken by certain
artier beforeo they conuhi Ile reinstatet in thout
ights as citizens. The debate on the qnestlon
ecupied several Gays and many 11 t;4 l
peehebe wet,, made. Blaine attacked .ht 11-r
an Davis in the most mnaligrant anunm r, and
barged himn with inhumanity in his treatment
f Union prisoners, etc. Ben. I1 ill of Georgia
tzawered Blaine in one of the most masterly
peeches ever beard in Washington. His vin
ication of M~r. Davis was complete. Banks,
SMassachusetts, also spoke in favor of the
tunesty bill. Many Republicans deprecated
laine's course and the bills were finally re
ferred to the Judiciary Committee. It is con
sidered certain that universal amnesty will be
declared though possibly Blaine's oath may be
Mrstsstiret.-The sentiment in favor of ium
peaching Ames is increasing. Several mem
bers of the Honse Impeachment Committee
called on Ames in reference to the matter but
he plead other and pressing bousiness and an
interview was not held. Bills for reforming
all departments of the public service are rapid
ly being matured and some have already pase
ed one or the other house.
GgEotiA.-Tlhe Governors message says that
the valild bouded debt is bt 0:.5,0u. Hle says
the pubiic credit has steadily coutinued to
improve, and may now lie justly considered as
lirmly re-established. The message is a prac
tical one, and deals entirely with State ai:It
MARin.Ani.-On the 12th, J. L. Carroll,
grliiandson of Charles Carroll, of Carr'lltoo,i
was iia,'guiratted Governor with tIe .-nost imn
psiing ceremonies. It is prt-li-le that no
Iore Ibrilliant aIseniblage lihad gathlered in the
ouit chatber since the diy (ie. Wathington
resignl lhere his coninislion as Cummander
a ,t-ief of the Ameriaati army, l)eceiiber 23,
17 -:t. -
\i'A1YE.r1T ('t' TitE R.OT11:C.Iltr.ns.-The
New York Sun gives the following state
meit in reference to the wealth of tihe
Rothschild fancily : a
The icoitbined capital of the llothsi'hilds
is ittedi by Enlte Burnout, the well
k io+ a pubitlicist, to have attained in the
ptrn.A.'tr year to the aliiost incnlcuientabloe
illUi i C' itvinteen billions of fritian or
4 ill tiii 1)0001). The significance ui these
t iii' tiidous tigures nmay be rudely cni
, . -vi by comparison, but there is I:olt.ing
it 11w story of pirivate weal iii with ti bleb
!.i. c li.o i compared. 'Thi capital of thei
lert .,ithe estates of Lord ludih-y, it
.11mqiu:s of flute and thee head fit the iunmilu
tof " G erý-ven (i, hl(n( rlt elatvlýel\' to It burn1
,t"e ingory, tio which tihe city or New
oti: !~Iss c-11tributttrd Ow Ao1 1. r
>.'. ,d srilt Wii- Stn .a- irt.
I financial tresurcrs .ctttthýýre to tin*
i tl itlit - cita lest elit iea u - ti.e 13" iioi,
S ang them ii ith the i fiutei i i i i'bt. ri thel
'n' jt icinuitn, l( pi( tilet glo I-. 'iTh hr - pil-.i
i (!. -i hou- e, is l i. :.te 1 . 1?.: ,"
*i.ut tI epet to il oittl,- thoe fnd.Alnt d.-ebti
i Grea O ritiOin, lor tiIhat of 'rt i-, and
Slie- tri led 1is text t ds the natio-tal drit of
tire i o Iteit itaoti. A ini S gl--li 'itw: y, or
1uitre ptit sily tpit of' one h at to :lt, has
smii, t lr the ae nolution of tl.s fon tine,
tta1, a.nd tiot rta itcs au its rheprc- ir i tatiaes
are yit cin liakfhr no t trincipal icial dmr,
1111tr:o et EumIIpe.
AL th- pe r ilIIod at Hoth hild'I firmt deiCis
sive act lip ikonl the London tExlot ioet arhe
ustaining nllwt i-iatlloo, ltePt sixti cas agor
-Johnr Jacob Astor was alr&- dy at rich
iai . The i rea, fortuno which tae latter
bequethed is hot believed to exceedi $30,
Iii,00i-, wiaie the. in hetitance of this te
brow cont mportary hits bern etwokltlC to
more than sixty bultl- that surd. Although
iici ii I tlii i i:lt- - ic-i tm..m-tiin liii tii.
I~~~~~~I toLc i iaasltlit-itt. aicl11 rn
its trito bi rils ail nt to b loutd on anyct
toiap, and the nairn of its repreStu tati es
~ lnth Iie (tihtihtitt Ct-u- hid C CIlilt
are set t t t - ith ni o principal digntliei,
everthel- ies the House to Rothschild
snutaining and world-compelling pticrs
of the eat tn.
i-eet t liN r\t Wli'. t.otic omanii t:1,I
is tn iha-O it naly 11 n anncuii f r , tiin..ii
ti. 11. Stur alt :i' , ti N. J. tlp-i, of 'ito the
,tou tb , lt:., ablle dIvai p aestlatu-I t'r t !ac
Lcfgi".taic i e t th.t. i' tate, :e: ,l lud
i not to ati q u liticr l t u .titie i oe-hI ir
ute n reit isbursti me t. n.- ti it d '. t
dHilrned t8o :ted s tr, ea , l.a:C Ca- r
p., r: "1:: r usta t-. "rrc < t l :;L. d I,} f t.
o fab at at:a :a teI r eutn nleutle
w lere Je : t! it app inlte. T e G e y n.coutr a
i'. I: r vo1 . :, < :.. d "atch - ý, 1:it, ark
to, li: 1 ,o :lmt to }ichmali d l.l f r ,.r a
St, ll t ww with ('I' e-idet1 I).1 i- rn hn-:t ess,
11.0 -H et of whch~l was tea irnp('t~ant
in h" rot.inad:td to pap. . Ile weht,
pond wnc indrted "To Prou:dit ma -.co
thatth!e" ('o frtshlate" "cogina had V.1ti1
n i revet sa r i.' i fund of :3,I:00,< 001, in
gold, to he used in Cleating ia peace scenti
mniit at the Norfth. Alter looking over
tcern whole count:, the L o fidooet d his
iseiect.d Mr. Stuart at the man tot tl
liein a1 was to rail for N;:ssau, and
thence for Halifax, tit:: the~re, filrn thle
binder III Canada, could opierate on promt
ile:,t nieti. Thle fundt, (,f ill1(11) ,00 was
I to be lit Lis absolute disposal, and he was
I rot to be ttquired to futumbl vouchers
for its disbursement. Mr. Stutatt de
clined the tender, and C. C. Clay,
of Alabama, and two other geutlenmen
were appointed. The Greeley corres
pondence and the 11 To whom it may con
cern " of President Lincoln followed this
His Second Lecture at St. Patrick's Hall.
Ru -ort. ld ir tihe Morning SItar by T. Wharton tot
lens, Jir.
Last Sunday evening, Mr. O'Connor Power,
M. P. for Mayo, delivered blia second lecture in
St. Pati ick's Hall before a large and apprecia
tice audience. As on the occattion of his first
lecture.tlhe platform was occupi.cd by a ntuber
of the Rev. Clergy antd miany prouiuent citi
rens. Ilis Lordship, Itight Rev. A. I). Polic-er,
Bishop of San Antonio, occtipield i eat in the
right of the lectrer.
Mr. Win. .J. Coateil, in a few we!-i lite u
words, inttrodte'd MIr. 'ow-r, who wasn re
ceived aitb great applIause, which hltvintg Lsub
sided, he said:
Yr. Chairmans. J1i1ht IPer. Bist cp, Irt. Itt-irsa.
Lnadiras and Gernlean-t-ltt-for,. I ay a aud a t:
SIt very important vnijn-t t,',a n h} I ,b
have the honor ca intvi:n 1:r atten-ilt. I
wish t~ any that it w::u, itt m Y I:-r,",i.l rI
appear a third tinte left-r, the ci:cest f Nit
Orlear, Uitit, sintore it waO :Iinittanttcil t hia'
was to be icy last rtem.. titt., I loa e It i I
privilege of virlltitig n vcryj excrll'te' mnt-1! al
tlion in Four maidl:, whLilh '"I :,ceo phllt" r' '_ .
greit deal towards rts-ncoin frimit ttie rt pt Ii if
usihibletintlP ROT1(e htulral~ 'II. :: :':' P !I LTr
ti-Ihtet tltrt~iiiirti HI tmcI-li It)11:: ,
it, I h-Ietve, de""in d to 111x " hi,, 11rh tli euI
IN Ait.iiIittN 'it i~i . i
1(Apjnwluso Ir bri h~ai an "p'Pntit-nI :y ofi
vitto t -ln h I''t s' l I). Ah 1: ln'u , :u. tinct I
vI ticed ta . n n. I h-av,- been requ sn ,
t applt- t wt " 'Iti I \ o ,tt i To f- lc- on.I
Ct-nit-al Earl. t ci tiit cht-i;'), ht.t t tote 1:, tItt.:r.
thiriti~ i- it t lril it antil their itttae 1wa
. imt 11t 1ti t lt 1 1i ' . t t t I the** t1f"1. Ii t "
i Cititat I~ aII ,iiit:.. I-.ý:; 1 1. .!.tttttl "it1"t
toi.. i W . . . to 1g. ' aln t t--"
p n, u t ''a .'ji "It t '! ll Lu n"i Heb ' '
HI1e Maid e. TtitL usisanerdami 8jlk ,Oi toPIICt
:L~e ,:;.l;,i1. 1.' it"'i., l~tnltiu ,_ u.t
vAud lm Irelua t too, H-u chr r -t m-to y
niy ht, IIaI,(d !. . ': : , .-no f, d 1 r 4 e lne
alt tttt I*. i st i.It LA] 0 t
li a l ti. I an l .i l ptk , t ili I t
ni a t't -1-i- t1't'
1":ý1.1:ýi 1:I ,.i IN 11:I1 J 510.
I.J .on t. !A;" a (a 81 v of that t-lli
j e,'' andt! o c u a"t on 1;th : eatet- gI 7r
Atidl itc t I~nelatid too an.? thi-riab11 }ii c .teit,!i
* i titm depa 1rtgled triots. the-it at. tho
-niory ribcaue titel wef Irelatnt.
faith one cheis thehir metors hi-actic they
wer:e, ni of exaltiu l hopes he etirecisd timer
meet iti,'r" mails by the pt rtplr 4.1 lIel and in deu
otet ,o t icaus atin the hot I tf trp : tl:nce.
prvWhen t, tiercere men A cct-ava had overrt
Central };urope', and whLen thecy hlat conspreied
thle ptoud Gaul r1, well a, the chumah~i Saa I
toa~knowIe'Ige thern rut crl quesure. they mail,
a final I tltat in :bj' agae tlho ~e:t. Buitlhistory
telns ius tI'at tilts %;&:r of liiisn cum~frontred
th~ets ol itl t Ir1'+ ti n'u~. and their power wan
,hatteted by' tilt Ir'.+h cflarmuen n ut theshort".
if Cloutar I (A ppla-., 17. L.,terst 11l ca ,' t L''
Itall clad N imaln, a !., cntendal <Innag f~ou
1luralred yes:re 1f. t. c ,:nnmea~rn "f the untor.
,I.ezed a ut I~r...gime al the aoce-,i
t , "f t hi.t pi na, :,', gle, gallailt Ilr-1:
w tp th t M . "i t . I 'a ,~.!11 i:"t I I I:, 'd -t
1 t, ;u, t o:' r ai"~ . .r f 1 1'" 1',c' O g.,n -t
L~ sc lie 'f f 1'' !.. r. I';1t.4 <an 0'<: 1. t'
IIhn ' I:tn ,;I .
sa t ysolog r: a'i :.1 1 " II o I~:a . 1;!11
to tuness. nero no tl"'"rr th t".I 1 Je" ..,d to ,I:
I k n e r, fur.,* 1 a': . i :' r!. '1 :.r ,
1,,,,k 1:u kwaard onr t:' , *. .1' ", b~ll 1::
tore. 1[ ,, i s mt,- I." wa.th the o, a
I loof W \ o y generalia .11 I." I but it 1, :
rec'"I' "t roard e- :. . n a t r.', / 1t
'1ha e I n"I^ 't : at. It t . .' + ' '. t ., ti.':
'as 1, 1 A J I L
Il nne Ali ."!!. r-a n :Le r ua of 11,h I" an w t
1.:'et, 11: th pa s n t i. the Tyr , a d it
gallant Fole mrint albere wit!, vrera e it~, II
with .***1ow, tha t 'freedoml shrtekedt whc:
brarve Kuscutusco full."' (Applause.)
And it, Ireland, ton, we cherish tie niulenwr
of our departed patriots; we cherisa th~e.r
usernory because they were met) of unbouudeu
faith : we cherish their memory because they
were men of exalted Lopes; we ceeri t. the:r
maemory because in the hoot of tr:: stot.
I proved that they were men (Al uacehyers, ea
fortitude. Alpplauise.) Iheir love of liberty
shocte int to illttine sthe rnight of slavery in
r tdarkest hanr, and whttn liaistir threatenedl
the natioU:il canas, it was their courtageostt
virtne adl perseverance which sstainiied in
the I sith heart the hope of a brighter destsay.
Applansel I knosw somnething of the Irelandl
of to-day, aid 1 tnt s-ntitledi to any tlhat we
have reachedl a period in the history of ielansld
when the pnhlic spirit ot our country has riseti
aboive the sordid is-traintls andi higoteld ens-t
snit-ts of the English Parliamsent. We have
istnihed at perioI, a bright and happy period,
when all sects of religious and tpolitical
upttiiti a hliae ltptnied hands it a grandl
utriotin unioni , i wtt v b t is ldestisned toi ri ilemove
is- our i- it st the civil tih-it ntions, enges -
delis (,v inisgovensitenl.nd to rear the sdiiitse
ot ocial i-peace upon rhi foundation of siational
friestomi. (A plhitne )
And in s-tcl a time asthi inesly it s litting
it i gtood, it in Pauintary that we shouiil pltose
for a littli while in the progreasot orit ps- in eal
agtation. ;-autse little while to cI.:it-t*rlaite
the great lives and the lit-roie ctioi:* of
tilt MARTYns Fit- t t1iltti t.tlt-:I 'IT.
(ipplause) I tan ritvtl nio sor--- iiip-trtant
ev ienit in iol:tiS l l-,i.,.. v t" a SI-t lie.s.ch
r-volutii oif 1'a9, -i s I 1 refer to : " I' sue
Irelatsd trat t detll y ntiv a-it it-iti i-p-itt i'-that
m Itrsard-Sary i il' s- w-snc rvrci-wb ttp itis-ic--'
Sis r -ito'iitrencS-t'd itcslf ti- ini harr5.u'*
ans rt e theskhi-ao-i-sthe .li ity of sw :ts it
with a :,Lott that proc!n inwd thet" dayv: :r.al: of
!i tgcrdt untd a trio ny and told the untcll.lom ed
n,1t ions that the 1". ' 'e of Prance w le leforover
frrc,. IAppiatn <"1
tut lt - ti9 yevs-t after I trotse -tinitiind that
ttitile hiti, :t the vear 1Y91, a legal issil
i--i--S -5 tfitorioti i-s-octiattitn wIvias 5 st1n (I in ithe
!t +' a tf It' ir :: I setwrthi . f L ln . This
:týouci).'ion wHa+ banrlu'd for the d1 nhl, 11111 powr"
of ::d men ting" 1.-: (otrm 1 t}'"" { i-t: 1"."r' `, ment,
atid religiont liberty ti:t Irish :it; I. lit-", atil -
aitmntgst the til o who on that itSli .1t- ' ,III * s-11i
ts-il thetntislvs witiSh 11.si t-nss- 111 i- a- i r!
r"itni iois fsom-se- , thitti t. :i'+ - i t s ; n a
propsrl-s i e is- t- f.Pt S rt. r Ii f t - I r-ls!
.: 11:"' 1'J 1"y. 111'.' nr r.1r a" I " I ., 11, . . fl "! .
5 -.5rr I tt- Nn
':I.~ !;~ · l 1 1""1:: N ·· ' · :' :"'ýi'~ ~~II~
t I t1 Ir..:" : 1 itt-I It- I it - ."I-- I t. -
t ,,--l a> a ! .4 1i ',.) I I t 1
1 "1,'" ..tlt.,-- - - -il ' 11 , .i-t1111 I · I - i ii
- I:.. - h - -- I - I :l .
It a ., : "I I it' j 1.' -.s . r" " 1. - -h
II - - - n t 1 f b I . stTa
] t ad I . , . , 1 1 " 1 ! . " . i. t r , . I t o,
list ie : C i. , .- I I '
.-r"1 r - ,l kl "·. II1 ' 1. 1 "~ I I-, 1,.'1 1 :. - -
- .- lid ii lAi-li r -
vv- T i ti0t-c ll Suit ate siittil
las- t th - o l' I. tist -it i-, S - 1 ti
-irh t II i a . L l 1 si- I -
itslt I-. tit it i, t -e li t I T1,). I I, 1 c ' l
siot is it a tousit ti slm. v tvn i 1 1 l t!l Itr .t tI
n.1$ I'll ]]torch thatt ";it ast alr d wabh 11"
%:re* *I hlogtrt , and couratir~.e , then'f r."r , 111."
.ccd.+ of Its u.v1 decn and 'tll.ln e 11
l-i. .i piiitie. lint 1- f - 1.1- 1.1 , :I -n -
-i -s :mo '-t Nmsi- t , i - I " -it-tiad 1- i 1- "
t o t: . ,t all I l Il t i i l rl..,1Iiw ' )% 1t . r' a ýI. t rugge111'
whoi Ii w-as then umin 0 11. 1ý-.n; i u
be clcar to tooe t;.at 1t t!e .... I ,,' t I rishnso
1' Ii n pe-- it,.! to 1,"1. t - or 1': il -
Awsr .:n a ra .* a 1i t ". .
:ut 11 . toi g 1 . s , ,, t 1 1o t, ,I : t-- ft a
t at
to ti'i
JI r. i . : ( . . : 1 ý " , 11 " I a ' 1 t l
--1.}I u st 1". it I
id,1 -t, o) -I' i-i i. t- .fti i d 'A .I-s---- , I.'
- I i-i- s-r~t~m-tt a-san
\ils lt-s te t-a u-tie -f 1us ln-tt
lt t 1,i1, itiicltetil i thh Is-re u 1y. t i at I
c ii 1 Its- Itiiia iiaft:, that a st. titir
T ealbutr rp 'uts of I mitlu y t "", A .' 1*'
.,1en) o 1.14 i":1-s uid 1"o .rof** .
re 1tths i eStoris.; of a pksir a, l 30-i
getit udlotworthfati rm of s-s-cis-t i.f I
(iatrtl St is11 nsseia ro poor ails tIi tlle w b s
nigate. (Ary uf ;v w
Wolfe Tonze, t pe -ot apstlea of l Ian: Ir:
Woluf~ Ti:e, ' ti n* m t illustrious mwar )r of
lrttlh ma~o~elter<iae, I care. not to-nigi.,, aid-n I
tag ont the political platform, what a ere )our|
re.ldtoua convictlons. I ackuoa ledge. your
genanns sod tour worth, for the recrl'r of Irseh
patrlotlarn to Inseparably bleud""d w:1h the
!,right memory of ton. who wets indeed a mar
, rr for litb ishert; . asp: lazar ,
W.-ll. Wolfth -rite cunt lerite Iill fit 'lit I
citieer on a perfectly legal and conitit(ti oat i i
jp!latform. Revoilutrion has not been the thole
of Ireland, it haa been IrelatIf's secessily. I
(Applause.) She labored for years antd ail o
rated peace-a peace that should tin foundled
oil natilnal justice. But when Waif,- Uone
saw tihat pirotestations were utterly fruitless;
whein tie auw official outrage irpcietrated in the I
name of law, Iheni lie did what every Irishmant
of spirit would have ldone under similar eir
ellIllnstatices: he songht the eutaicitpatioi of
his coiiitry by the light of gleamtiig swords
auol lashing bayonets. (Applan'".) Andi
all the enirgy which characterized Wolfe
T'one aus a cuostituttotual patriot chartIctirieid
himt wh le ie ellt ried tin the ipath of revolution.
n- il not may that within the narrow coat
pa:ss of toe evenlcing's dluntussionl it in isnpos.' le
for mulh to go throitigi thie great firats iI the
men whose taume s aIm going to uitter.
We fitdi Wolft Tome labortig t ight aid dlay
in the iiirt toii assrt thie religiouts ft.-nihdttt of
his Caithol:. couuttrymeun, appeahuIg to thle
Iutirntl titcip-s it irnth and si justice. Wi' tind
hlnl It lengtI i expulle df(ruin Ireland wt :uon ount
'of hbis sympar ithy %t wit II the Iprtisrsd t (;.11
iii, Th C:>'-·
t tiIcr tiltl to tlhetltity of iilaielphii til . li
year 1 siti, w ther th, 'ii'i 11111',i ttt i :ti. t a111
toulch(.Itheo H'il . f the treeu Re.puble',. .bet,
("ornmen("ed the t'rose".:Ii.t1 ot hI': der;sy e..
He.in11 anxi~ous to o fleer all a n'al ', li1 Yout.111,
1w pr(.,onts to tlhe F"ierinc ((( 1,1tox li A~n .: 1.
Inen l~ okl the sttve of Iri-l.t l . Itt iticr!
is i :ttusl ii I tiltittai!i. It lin ary, 1 :.,
we th at 1,11 ill P'as I, ."xr: ing 1': dlpl,11 s1on
skilll it t- int rust iof e Irish ftipulit, tut
irout, tli, I'irt"-lt War Mlt ttrt the "orgait
utlzr tit txi tr -it"t' as II Isi allidl. lie is i
raged Ili ;,oi tsIr tng waiti init a pr1 j.J t iteiiiu
111 toiti-r-c the aiied-lm uf Ireland, Iho tIo ihnt
tii of Enyglao:nd ant the glory of F'raino. (.i1p
I )t~~ The ultimateu risult of Nvolfe (,
-'(atiiti-aiutis was tue organietuig of a poitieifil
1iri th lipetition, with directiouns to Ind upon
th.1 I1r11 yeast.
1 Thait ex1pedition neve"r r."ached itals,tln:,t11on
and~ i"(::u Coth mi:1 preserclt at pp1rt1 it 1111. 1,
I is p-e- -'tt-h it-i-f :ing the la,; I iiiht Ii
Ir(:.rs l ..nal(h 1r til l t;.111 p-ttiiii li i t :. ' it t
1; . , rs ,. 1,1 .l n I11 aippl'IO::n("11. 1 ~1 111 ra I apa h
s. . I . . l ii i 1 .
(.l e 1' i . II , ''
~1a, .. !. .t . t ' " " (" ý 1
hk \ , I.
h., rty-,N .ile too· '.1, a p ' . .
It I t' rei I it - . 11 .11,
11 rbid' I ·t in ' I ai . '
i - hi lt t ti I r p a , 't i I Ii .I
I.g i r"..: 1":es and I~'l,:'" ,'' I .. h1..
tl, 1 "'" ' 1 1n . 1 .0 .". I .1 1.
h nti i i.ti i. It t h in I "1 n ,
i I 1ti 11 1 - i ld ii . ioi titt ' It i1 -i n : 1
:.' - Ir 11h1 g' r m r1'" 'I r r, ''1 'i th! 1
ulrn o I r!""(11(:1 (.".
Ihiv--i tt a -
1't 1t ( " I t.1 . 1', '. 1k ." 1 ..
Y- ,
h it iii t .t-I Iit.,
Ibri t h l ti f il tl g
:, T i } 1, 0 12 bIn Amoný1gst t.'e 11,.;
I here ut the( HII t I,":, Ilrhat.: g I,.' sty ,/t glut
|vi-tirabll 1itu-Itt1tt tunere waas a yuniig
etudentiw wlt s dcxi ti-ied t1 eitrid! lii na its
in the list of rtartyrs for Irish freedom a- it to
traumutit that istite to a glortaoh t:rnmortality.
Trinity Co.leg Isn. that daik Amy was the
stronghold of caase pre-hicees. In our brighte. I
tire I lor grveu tof the national parn in
IrearrI n Crroo o.f ito sItanichest apholnders am
we!! an itr brighftent irnaumonts. In the time
of which I isperak, it was the strougholdof otaola
prejirlI con and that stronghold and powerful
co liporat orn irret with an intrepid aiHatant im
the rpernr of Ithe oung and outhursiartlr
(Apprlaui'). And while Ernrorrtt's mind was
fesht with ituprerrionr derorived from the pic
turing of doeoll of Ancienit t:ivultry its recorded
in the cluasre pg.'. then oani was revolving
onhrlruen for tthe eloev-t rol of Irelandt, echemes
whiclh he findtly lir v u'ed would rendter the
rorperi ig of t ho' tirteenth CenitlrV in that
irorntry anniu to the mooot heroic period of
ioitiqrioty. Our not ionar pfooet, Miore,. in speak
rig of K rinnert In tio Ifen of another patriot.
roinoR: Wor rt I tri iooefhnr ihr oinatsinoun gall
Irhave ever known, who rp jrlro'rroo to oie to conm
Ir iiO i tInih highent ndegrooee pure mfloral worth
Ni Ith ry'ellictuiiil oixle iollfer. I tihoirtd amihou gst
h iwlrrent of the tr*w prie R oblirt, Emorumes.'
ni:'nmo'f ron expelled tr 'to 'tintry College in
1 r. i irl irin t of hI n uatnioriil tprinciple, anol
:t hillr latir wre finrl that it coorOn cfrir-i ofn him
ail 1 * 'reor toi 0 l fir the n oa r ion l ournr, e ,I orrrotntrelled
tro*I1;1 lio ni loinn. InC riJo ry.lly. In 14loJ we
f fri a t Iil Il0 t eoi weaS nt the It rnt refugees in
tir i rtv ri ritaO, iniigrorrrg rand devinring new
feal rt t'ii olrt-rhrow oi t'rngltoh despotiront
lii r un
And nlwy in lr"J7 Won r sriloron after the
r rlrr.r of Irr It11 rtrrot 11rro borrr Trrown. rroit the
,or.rt of Ijrrirrotin (1 trn tind tone brave
lit ted 11or troriati g trio r r, lr. orort rtonpalrrng,
f it with fr. i her in of )rro ajo cortE idrnr ce r Il
thiir eyes, and will heart'f proa iitatirg with
ithe noir throb i o ir olo t ' Why, because in
th ehnrn tiro 1; irirrervened, one of the
hir e oIrkit cri 021 v rorr'reri1.1 rrI tl:e Irstiory of stat.
r nif.nao I o ir. ro i the to.or of tr frreh
Ironrlir r it, I f irevm. Writhinr that
frhorl s I a ntii t : v latei
h t h11,' " l' , e entallise, alren they
lrir k in , . .r tio l lbrttyof Ire
.I tritl, a n I ' I or It fir, Ian hitnery of
f, nt. l I-i an 11 r Sail terror
Imple 1r I: ri rtrooi-ent-rs work
N wsu i, t t n"e loi ril m nrrl-tut
ii i i·' i e n. Ira* n
ai r riorr
* JI '. ' I re
. e
. t: . - " ,ael , , N , , '
t.. 1 n ,,,. `.. 1 1., 1." ... ( r el e r I .1 ."ll
! . r . ti " . . . . . . : 1: I ..n ~ , t. . ,* " , otfh
r I i . :I rr I I. oL W II II tic*
Io I , , ,, u' n I i .." l
fit : i*** ·Iad* I rl**** · .vi h e
. . 'r uroro tfror
SI^ . ,,,r 'Of 1"41 . 01 ,epte
g orlorol, ' ir ri it on oin
roroa~te'- Ir ritah
r ,
t '' h' ionted I irm
, .I. 0 n i. . ti rina Ii I - tor sh
i rouitwl, tr.e .: b y i I f r o t icr,
w rugring froireul ariywoOu re enrtinit
tL reopfrct, ird trO. grli toet for rli
Sts .y end h e own cou ntryo ntri-ab' it
Or in a cii t0o ir d craIsl 11i .ole r.e and found
nttura.a.;. wo'rd atdle. arired brrver :Iberty
,n woiri.. ric, wborener nelr priLe natonatl
hIonr, trhere toe naerr of Riobert Etmarnt:s rn
tionired w:t' reveret.ce and received w:: r
sp e'. iCr:ai 1t *i lr g'th pag .

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