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o-**. 114 I-presl eet, amere of Ceap. "HOW BEAUTIFUL ARE THE FEET OF THEM THAT BRING GLAD TIDINGS OF GOOD THINGSrI" ' es-py" Oo, Oeams >,dIa.s
Ing Star and Catholic essernger.
4bA2 a. aWVDAr, FBDRIoAY 4. i07.
f1masz mc sOmaYtu .
fiALY.--This week we have been favored
the following telegrams, which, it should
remembered, are from anti-Catholio sources:
Bome, Jas. 27.-A congregation of Cardinals,
dered by the Pose to eanmine the Clerioal
buses Bill, unaslmously deolared it violates
s libertoy of theelar'. It is stated atheh
Pope will publioly 5O ,-._ 1Adsmss e !
Vatican wre anpaade yesterda beeed oy
lbs Pope's Indlsposgleu .I
Im s Je as2 who has been In
P05u s maday M~ abfh bed to-day I
as hor. ln 8lo s wa i endeavor to give
adionces o1 Sunda. '
Bome, Jan. s- Iltrimentane orga ad- I
mait that the Pope kept his be twodays, and
more than one attack of aseils eplplerosis.
Bomr, J.. 99,--The Pope gave audienoes
e s er etus almost entirely recovered 1
Rome, Jaw. 30-The Popes preparing an en
oal lelsos In protest against the Clerical I
s. 1 wil probaly be published at
eonelatory to be held early in Marth. I
iers Ji. 30.-Is is stated that he Catholio (
arve exobanged notes respedlg he
veotaslty of a vacacy of the Papal throne, 1
-nd agagd to make the strictest s Of
Bo.me Feb. 1.--Dfr announces that an officer I
of the ioman Coratelonsl Tribunal has served I
Archbishop Ledeebowski with a copy of the t
indictment and commons to appear before the
Posen tribunal, to answer for breaohes of Ger
ean law.
BStat.-Great excitement continues in the
Basque.provinoes concerning conscription, nd
especialy in the mining districts of Somorres
eo a.nd Oasme.es. Several war;steamers havet
arrived ar Bilbo ..nd have been plaoed at the
disposal efhae milltary authorities.
Fasze .--The Government has dismissed a
several mayors for attendiog mmse in mere
oe of -Napoleon IlL, and has decided to treat
n Jaly a ll fOahes participating in Bonsapr- v
Tesa ontrations. Gambetta has been
eacIted PlIdent of the Budget Committee. d
* Gusa xT AD sD FAyCL -Bersi. Feb 1.
Te okmi-effdal priovincial oorreeondeuoe
naow an article hom the Retv Deds Dux
n, wsrning Sweden and Denmark against
ls onvetouness, and comments there
ad Plows: The Jrench proes is repeating C
. lvoleia game which i. played two years a
"++as+P' laslting and challenging Germany a
owmtalSWrbesred intention of complaining of .
t'rite oCcoerelon, when Germany, as is nat
rla, rpel tbhose insults.
T .Tuar-Now that the Sulten has gotten n
qf foreign tuerference, he proposes to re
e thhe local governments of the prey- It
i a moat liberal scalse ad intends ap- d
t)ng at least five Christian governors.
~ negortlons are in progress between of
, i o. tenegro, and Turkey.--Tne Ber
orie po ndent of the London 2im.s writes :
a has finally decided that,the present c,
of affairsl, which is neither peace nor
shall he iondefintely prolonDea. Russia I
nks she can bear the strain of prolonged di
bilisatlos better then Turkey.
he President Signs the Electoral Bill, ;
O]aN.AI1O3tl OP TUJ couMMIasto. .
The Ceoat el the Vet om Imenaced. e
The Eoletoeil oUi bving passed the Senate of
oy , ef 47 to 17 and the House by 191 to Ce
6wa R s ally Monday morning by 0o ral
Presmat, tbeeu bemooing a lew. In his me- D
ae ommpitag his approval, the Presi
TiThe bl nept be prfelt, and the pro
Ison iesy bpe oh es wopld be best ap- H
Plicable ti1 tlr occasions; but it is eal- tb
elarted torito the peset conditions of the
question rando the oountry. The country ot
agitated. I nsds and It deser peace and eat
quiet and baos btweea Ull parties and all
sotions. r Its Industriesn yted, labor un
OfploJse, apital idle adt enterprise par- to
lyaed by reon of doubt and anietoy attend- n
ngr the unertointy of a double claim to the
Chief Magietracy of the stlon. It wants to ee
be esull that the ralt of the election will a
e aoepted without resotanc freom the sup- tb
rters of the disrppoaledoanidadeq and thatI
Shighest on e~orwill not bold his placs with e
i qltsonoed title of tlht. Believing that the
b1l eooore these ends, I give it my slgnature."
,t Senate andHouse then oboe their rep
r tativo on the Commlssion as follows: s
1eý-Repnblicans : Edmunds, Morton and ma
Orlguyeen. Democrats: Bayard and Tbur
tHonee--p.a4nts: Paine, Hnnton and Ab- tle
1rt. Repnbheag- Garfiad end Hoar. a
The four Jotbl o the topreme Coort Ap lh,
potited by the till, Clifford. tiller, Field, and cb
Lro , wtho it an disoneton, selected Jodge
J. T. Bradley as tbhe filth member and tins tie of
8tmmteon was fully organized, Judge
ItoZd beitng presiding officer. AmonK
the ries adopted by bshe Commission are :
BUL 3, Connel not exoeedlng two in nUm
her, one on each aide, will be heard by the
tmsl aon on hteonl of any case preusut- *,
eso it, net on two hours beiug al
i. s!'_ l ti tn wd ti s
~ lb
it erlocutory questione, but one counsel shall be plan
heard on esoh side. and he not longer than fif- req
1057. teen minutes, unless the Gommisalon allow two
farther time, and additional counsel and from
prinmed arguments will be received. Repi
RULa 4. The objectors to any certificate or vote
vote may select two of their number to support fign
rored their objections in oral arguments, and to ad- in t
bould rocste the validity of any oertiscate or vote, Well
rces: ite validity of which they maintain; apd in pans
ale, e manner the. bjectors to any other certii- then
tarlol cate may select of their number for a like He
lates paipose,baeg n ta rule, not more than whel
t the four person` a neither aide shall oreet
k0 eemapyr m. he m
hle of ' abi it a then
n in. h t e eat of the omualesia pae
shal dfr"ifg K.
Sgive ur 7l twilll it, unless Well
o erwi s ord red.ib ort*bhe Supreme the I
a ad- C of the United States, std with open why.
and doors t in onus ption, unless isna
ý otherwise roted. plain
e This room is small and ill only contain 200 but a
rered persons. Th
COUNaeL. temp
n en- The Democratic case will be protected and Made
hnal handled by the stropgest array of legal talent yeatr
4 at ever seen in the United States, not excepting ofilce
the trial of Aaron Barr. The names of Charles loans
boli O'Conor, David Dudley Field, Matt Capen- was
the cr, Jerry BiLaekJJ. Randolph Tucker, Tram. rang
oe, bl, Jeenks, MeMbab ad hJobn A.Campbe large
o &L9 gely to pat of oseat week add giving bears
t a lr whole time to the oause of the people. ten
The Republican Congressional Committee to ti
loor have employed Wm. M. Evanrs, E. A. Stough- that
rved ton, Stanley Matthews and 8. S. Shellabarger Welli
the to prepare their case before the Commission. was
At 1:30 P. m. Thursday. 1st inst., the Senate ditn
entered the bhall of the House of Represents
s ves and Senator Ferry took the chair a neued
and President of the Joint Convention. if ne
rea- Airer the Alabama certifioates had been read, The
the presiding officer asked: Are there any ob- o
the jections to the certificates of the State of Ala- iroob
bams After a pause : The Chair hears none, to.t
seed and the vote of the State of Alabama will be came
sem- counted. The tellers will announce the vote.
rest Mr. Cook, one of the tellers, announced 10
par- votes for Sam'l J. Tilden for President, and 10 throw
been votes for Thos. A. Hendricks for V:ce Presi- detail
tree. dent. lok
1.- The certificate of Arkansas was then read, Mdd
pace and the resoul was announced as 6 votes for in Wa
DyE Tilden and Hendricks Wells
nsst After the presiding officer bad asked te the d
sere- ame questions as in the Alabama case, the thatt
Ging California certificate was read by Mr. Stove obhr
ears and 6 votes were announced for B. B. Hayes Mr. D
any and Wm. A. Wheeler. The Colorado certificate in Lo
g of was read by Mr. Cook, and 3 votes were an- were
sta. nounced for yes and Wheeler. confer
Connecticy came next; the certificate was ed to
read by Mr. Allison, and 6 more p tee were an- the D
n nonuced for Tilden and iendrioc
The Delaware certificate was read by Mr. visiddre
Ingalns, and 3 more votes were scored for Til- and oi
·P den aod Hendricks.
Florida was then reached, and the presiding ailaed
en officer first handed the certificate signed by telegrd
oer- oy. Stearns, and whlob recogonized the Hayes u
le: electors, and after it had been read, the cert ti- upon
pent cate of the electors for Tilden and Hendricks names
nor was also handed out and both were read by These
eta Mr. Stone, while Mr. Allison overlooked the the Co
gd duplicate.
The Chair then said that he had still another if tb
certificate received the 31st of January. He eituon,
then handed the paper to the tellers, and it Retur,
ill. proved to be the certified proceedings of the place
Board of Canvassers, authorized and appointed Wells
by an ant of the Legislature of Florid, who $ 0
declare the Tilden and Hendricks electors and ,
elected. Included In the paper, was the action Cesna
of the 'Iildef eotqrs, and the subeequent re
te view of the count by order of the dupreme MIse
to Court. The latter doeonment contains an lature
Se elaborate detail of the Florida ease from a markds
44 Democratic standpoint. floor of
* The Chair then asked if there was any obJo. enstim
tlon to the count of the vote of Florida. in favo
" Field (Dem.), of New York, objected to the of the
Hayes votes being counted on the ground tivas
that the Hayes electors had never been elected. mde
Bi Sargent (Rep ), of California, objected to the fa'i
Sounting of the votes for Tilden because the fair si
certifoates of the Tilden eleitors were not an- cerde
all thenticated as the Conatitatic reuired. The M
in' Jones (Dem.). of Florida, objected pially portio
to Hamphri, RBepabliten elector, as holding will be
an office of trust under the United tates. to the
b Kaason (Rep.), of Iows, objected to the third oted a
to set of certsfid es, eassued by Gov. Drew, be- messon
rill cause he was not Governor at the time when
*P- the fonctions of the electors were exercised.
tat Presiding Offoer-Are there any frther ob the in
ith ections to the oountingof the vote of Florida? especial
the Pause.] If there are note, the certifiates and dostrie
papers, together with other papers aoempany- reoentl
e- lug the same, as well as the objections pre- German
sented, will now be transmitted to the Electo- lar
,nd ral Commission for judgment and decision. p.nies a
ur- The Senate will now withdraw to its cham- and the
her, so that the House may separately deter- preciti
Lb- termine its objections. A buzz of dissent per- b1,795,0
vaded the chamber as to the closing part of dCviden
AP, the sentence, but the presiding offcer made no these
change in the sentence.
ge The conuting will be snspended till the vote and M
oie of Florida is lly decded. capital
lge last yes
I ltls OJer, to S&ll the Stalte's otefor1,000,000. o
Ihe Most astounding revelations have been Melss
us- made this week before the Investigating Com
ing mitt in Washington by Littlefield, a clerk of stres, f
ant she etsrnola rd, Maddox, a friend of Jal,.
pwa sa o -a e s.
ill be plane. Littlefleld testified that he had been
Sfit- requested by Wells to transpose the returns of
bllow two polls in Vernon parish, taking the voc
and from the Democrats and giving them to
Republicans-polls 2 and 9. The numbers
te or votes thus transferred was 178. The originl
port figures were erased and those required writ t
Sad- In their places. I was instructed by Gev. t
rate, Wells to bring him the two statements •ocom
d in panying the consolidated statement. I agve
rtif- them to him the day after the promnlgatloo. t
like He was about to put them into his pocket n
than when I asked him whether it was not india.
shall oreet todo so. He said I was right. Whather
be or I4estroyed them I cannot say, but I saw b
them burned Wells afterwards wanted wit- a
ness to fOrge the name of a supervisor to some I
idei patners subhetitted for original returns. -
Kenner of the Returning Board testified that i
less Wells and Anderson opposed Dr. Kenneday as II
ems the fifth member of the board; don't knot p
pen why. Kenner knows that Hayes oarried Louis
inas by throwing out votes. He could not ex
plain the change in the vote of Vernon parish, o0
200 but said that is was not anthorised by him.
The following is a suaeinct history of the at
tempt to sell the Electoral vote, as given by
and Maddox, who is an old friend of Wells' of 25 tl
lens years standing, and has been a special revenue y1
tiog oloer, in which capacity be visited New Or- p
rles leans. Acting as a confidential agent, Maddox a
en- was to come North; and fiare endeavor to ar-.
um- range for the Republican party to put up a hi
he' lafe amoi t of money for Wells and the
ring beard, ad 'ith this vie*t letter was writ
ten by Wells, which Maddox was to exhibit IN
ttee to the Republicans in Washington, to show a
agh- that Maddox was authorised to represent -
rger Wells, or had his confidence. A second letter as
n. was written by Wells to West asking West th
to co-operate with Maddox. Upon reflection, tr
witness decided that it would be imprudent to it
late delis the letter to West. A third letter was bi
na- writng by Wells to Maddox, which was to be
ua need and was used to exhibit to the Democratse E
if negotiations failed with the Republicans. m
ead, The purport of the letter was that Wells relied me
ob- upon Maddox's advice, ere, to settle the aD
a- trobles in Louisiana, and of a nature to imply
me that Maddox hbad Wells' confidence. Maddox ai
be came to Washington, leaving New Orleans wl
ate. Nov, 20, 176. Wells was to hold matters in of
10 such a position that the decision could be frt
10 thrown either way pending negotiations. The In
details were to be left to Maddox, Wells only fuo
looking toward the main point-the money. fri
ad. Maddox visited the President upon his arrival sol
for in Washiogton and advised the President that vii
Wells felt the necessity of bayving protection in ana
the discharge of his duty, The President said ju
the that the board should be protected in the die- tat
)De charge of their duties. Maddox called upon 'U'
e" Mr. Don. Cameron end explained the situation "
ate in Louisiana, and Wellb's propositions, which 'te
so- were declined by Mr. Cameron. Maddox then '
conferred with Col. Pickett, who was instruct- ial
r' ed to proceed to New York and negotiate with shi
in- the Democrats, and was fornished with a letter wit
addressed to Hewitt as a credential. Piokett (be
visited New York and called upon Mr. Hewitt are
i1- and others, presented the letter from Wells and ell
explained the propositions to Hewitt, who de- per
g chined to consider the matter. Forms of of
by telegrams for safe communication were agreed jud
es upon between Wells and Maddox-fictitious but
names being used, and five, six, and test per ly l
ke cent. meaning $500,000, $600000 and $1,000,000. pa
by These telegrams have been produced before dae
he the Committee. von
If the Democorats had accepted Wells' propo- and
er sition, his plan was that the vacancy in the the
He Returning Board was to be filled by a Demo- 'mil
it crat, tLat he would get mad and resign and his alr,
he place would be filled by another Democrat. my
ed Wells stated to witness that be wanted at least I re
ho $200,000 for himself and as much for Anderson, too
irs and a smaller sum for each of the darkise, And
" Casanave and Kenner. frot
no Mssisasir, -Jackson, Feb. l.-The Legisle- mas
an lature has adjourned. Its closing hours were ron,
a marked by ste colored Republhcans on the met
floor of the two booses rising and pronouncing will
c sentiments of the most commendable character enes
º in favor of the economical and jest government and
he of the Demoorats. Thes colored Represeata- ig
ad tive represented that the Democrats have hi
d, made a rmarkable improvement in the gov- of s
e etnaent of the pate and its affairs giving a I l
he fair ech to colored men rarely, if evea, ae- wo
. corded by the Republians when in power t.a
The ill authorizing a new Representativo ap- that
portionment in the State, so th each coanty the
will have at least one Representative, has gone si
to the Governor for his signature. It has *- eam
d cited more debate and feelIng than any other fols
e. measure presented during the session. dan
1 D HAnD TImi IN OGaxAurTY -Those who think io
b the times are hard here in the United States, tyrs
especially as connected with our leading in- them
d dustries, are invited to a careful study of the the
recently publbshed statistic of the iron trade of
Germany. The capital invested by thirty-two of ft
the largest iron and steel manufacturing comu- of n
p.nies in that country amounts to $78,0:Lo00, cent
and the net loss, exclusive of interest and de- His
r- preciation in the value of property, was re
r- $1,795,000. Only six of the companies paid anyChri
Sdividend whatever, and the most fortunate of U1 o
these six was one of the smallest compasies, of L
which divided G1 per dent. The Prussian Iinw
to and Mining Company of Dusseldorf, witi a Sine
capital of $2,70K)0,000, actually lost $6O05 Ot on mid,
last year's operations, and $215,000 on those of solel
the year before. The net lossof the thirty-two Evei
companies in two years has been $2,770.Uo0.- theb
0. Philadelphia Ledger. the I
0 Messrs. Stanifer MoCready & Co, 71 Canal ts
a- res
Df strest, effer far nest two lens on Gareds5st stres, en wat
ft lls. with abetss all Is saer, ssethtlsle sepsassse w A
aid pelaters.They als ert hllbe a ts eeslry hsmes. hiss
' * oawt4 aea R .# ** lk 11
( [La Revista Catelles j dl
sTie event of the return to the holy faith of t
the Catholic Church of Paul Feval, the die- at
Ow. tingauieed French novelist, is already well- m;
eve known, and it may not be necessary to men- pl
on. tion here the fact that this eminent writer is th
ket now engaged in the sacred aervice of his Re- me
deemer. The oircumstances, however, which go
aw brought about this extraordinary conversion
rit- may be less familia to our readers, and, wish- Jn
me fug to please them-as we always do-we pub- t
,at lish the following most touching lines, ex
as tracted from a letter recently addressed by on
Paul Feval to Father Rey, wherein be briefly yo'
x- relates the incidents connected with the change 8
bh, of his faith. th
Paul Feval writes thus: at
at- ott
by I am besieged from every side for a sketch of be
25 the history of my conversion. In case I ashould m
as yield to do this, it will be by reason of the prc
)r- pressure of the demand. At this present mo
or ment, however, I am engaged with a work de
ar- scriptive of the life of a saint who in her time
a held the exalted position of a queen; bit to
;,te be value of, a royal orowa seemed to have
it. W f less eoa equeesor than the dust under
bit er feet. The history of imy own life must wil
w remain a subject for future records. Yourself,
at my father, ms I understand, would desire me to
oer say how this event has come to pas. Let me,
tat then, tell you the fact in a few words. It
,n, transpired in a most simple manner, for I was hem
to indeed unworthy of the manifestation in my fro]
as behalf of a miracle. stre
be I have enjoyed a tolerably brilliant career, wat
tse and was considered an honorable and happy bar
,s. man. A multitude of my fellow creatures did lite
ed me the honorof holding my name in high esti
ue mation, but I kTew and despised myself. O, i
ly It came to pass that I was caught, quite un- t
x awares, by the mania of a financial exploit, tlfy
us which, in a whirl of excitement, carried me tOer
in off with a board of stolen Ire:s-.re. I te I, not to I
b from any preoipitous height, still it was a fall. of t
oe In my prostrated condition I looked around me tior
ly for those whom I always believed to be my hol,
y. friends; but it was in vain. In this utter de- Yin
sl solation a few helpless, beloved beings whose n
It vitality greatly depended upon my own exist
in anoe were my only companions. And at this edi
d juncture I did not possess even the courage to and
a. tace pov-rct., or to reconcile myself with the of t
In unevitable, for the longing to die grew strong pop
iu me. Wtill possessing what once a few called the
'talent," I panted. Bot oh I the sad thing. tore
SShortlr before I fell this talent's value was on- I
. impap but at the hour it was ffered in ex-.
hb aades for bread tboe hearsless speoulators
tr with our talents closed their doors against me
It (but ne4o one, to whom my heartfelt thanks geth
are doe . I commenced to reason within my- and
d self, maybe talent had deserted me also, or Cere
. perhaps I had never possessed it. The buyers han
,f of this article, I opined, are after all the best o'M,
d judges as to its value. I continued to work, Rev.
s but it was insignificantly small and desperate
r ly bad. One day, juost after finishing the first of S
page of one of my miserable attempts, I beheld
Sdark despair settling by me closely; the de- and
vouring fire of her eyes was tixed upon mine, Hole
and fear completely overpowered me. It was who]
then that I raised my suppliant voice to Al- Roch
Spighty God. He did not come, for he wa last,
already with mat In the innermost parts of the I
my soul I beard his answer to my petition, and TL
I realised the truth that he had merotiully
touched the lowest depth of my consooeion. sorr
And then the first lears of repentance brst form
from my eyes; these were even sweeter to me thdt
than the morning salutation of my beloved and,
mother, who in the days of my early childhood eeedi
roused me from my oradle with a kies. The of tb
morning following these events I consulted of be
with a distinguished gentleman whose experi- the G
ones was great, but who made no proseneious, of i
and who loved me. OGasidering his age. he
might have been my sen; however, I ealled bn
him s, feather, He instreoted me in masters 121th
of snoas vatnem and manifold greatone, whisb to ret
I learned to comprobend. It seemed to me the wisdi
work of a r..oment, when the isuonleated Ril
traths had passe from his heart into my own, the I
that I understood how to remove the veil from e
the depth o.' my poor soul and, sonfessisg my
sin, obetin threough him forgiveneo of the Pr
same from our Father who is in Heaven. The lag, '
following day was Christmas. My wife and was
daughter sondueted me, in a trembling condi- of tb4
tion, and my heart strangled with emotion, ed th
into the manotuary where Soe remains of mar- its as
tyrs of our own times, and where more of and
them will Join them, are ensombed. I joined wbon
the holy supper table, and oelebrated my sec
ond communion fortyseven years after the couso
first. Thus have been connected two periode Chris
of my existence over the chasm of a lost half- catac
century. God be praised in the greatness of tbe it
Hits mercyl I arose with new vigor and pated
strength. With the help of our Lord Jeans otretr
Christ, I shall live and die so strengthened! at Icn
Upon our return to the bouse, the happy faces watelt
tf the little ones greeted us. What a feast it
was l they almost devoured me with klse*. il
Since then cheerfulness bhas returned intocur At
midst. Doring the vacations we are bavng lI sie
soleLtdid times. We number, all told, ten. addre
Every evening the eight obildren kneel around all wL
their mother, and I, before the crucifix, read
the prayers contained on the firat page of the Tho
oatechism. Their volos respond in varioe
keys- some are alreedy. mtly, others still sy h
swee sad youthfaL O e t a sMier fo to- Ada
Sameth., a st sa met yew. That dyge
sfts six tswed
rEED less angel proposes to plead in twelve years. i
L. One is amonRgst them who works already for
her living, and who but yesterday declared she
did not know of what use her studies would
ith of ever be, She Is the eldest of the other three,
who will also have to work. They know this,
e die- and are proud of it. May God bless them all,
well- my father, they are good children, and posses
men- loving hearts. In former times their greatest
pleasure consisted in distributing alms. Of all
iter is the pleasures money affords, this they miss the
is Re. most. Madeleine, who is seven years old, for
which gets herself sometimes so far in saying, "Our a
good God must restore to as something, so as a
rsion to enable us to makeiisla lte paor." t
wish. Judge whether I coauld >1 annoyed at this a
pub- sentiment. Yesterday, bdeever, I met her a
quite happy and reconeiled by the discovery b
ex- which she professes to have made. In a tri- 3
d by omphant manner she addressed me theu: "Do
rlefy you know that to have only teon eons and to t
donate all of it is worth one thousand frames" se
unge She has only ten sons, and these are herone ti
thousand francs for "ber poor." My father, I Ii
eannot remember the time when we loved each a
other so dearly as we now do. They will never a
oh of be rich, this is quite certain; but whatever II
ould may be in sstre for them, may Almight God's g
f the providence permit me yet to be cheerfufol
mo- _s
k de
time Dedication of It. Vianeat's Church, Iobil. i
at to - st
have (Condensed free the xZz.1.)
uder This grand and imposing Aemony was u
must witnessed last Sunday by the largest gath- 5
'elf, enag ever assembled on a religious occasion
eeto in Mobile. m
nm At 10 o'clock an immense procession, w
was headed by the Cleburne Guards, started rf
my from the appointed ground on Government H
street to the new church. Every nationality he
reer, was represented, and all marched unoder the tb
IPPY banners of their respective charitable and w
, did literary associations, followed by a large I
eas- o)ncourse of citisens, who, not having time
on. to organize in regular bodies, came to tes- f,
lo,t tify by their individual presence, to the In- a
me terest they felt in the ceremony which was all
not to place a new temple under the invocation rei
fall. of that name which every creed, e;ery na
me tion, wherever Divine charity was known, kn
my holds in loving reverence-the name of St I n
de- Vincent de Paul. el
:1st When the procession finally reached the
this edifice, the long array of prelates, priests hit
a to and acolytes issned forth from the residence An
the of the Very Rev. C. T. O'Callagban, the abh
Dug popular pastor of the parish, and througl the
led the croed which opened before them, en- the
lAg- tered the enclosure surrounding the cbhurch. mo
on' In their ranks marched the Rt. Revy.
ex' Bishops Fitagerald of Little Rock, Pellicer hin
me of San Antonio, and Quiolan of Mobile, to bel
aks gather with the Very Revs. T. B. Buasen me
my. and J. J. Keeler, acting as Masters of wol
,or Ceremonies, the Very Rev. Canon Moyni- wei
era hen of New Orleans, Fathers Brown and I've
eat O'Meara, as Deacon and Sub Deacon, the our
rk, Rev. Fathers Imsand, Serra and Deynoodt sed
fa of St. Joseph's Church, and their brothers old
ld of the rder of Jesus,PresideDt Bandequio. in
de- and Fathers Antonio, Rodnit, Anticoll and T
ne, Holainde of Spring Hill College, amongst a vi
ras whom were found Father Smith, of Little sile
Al- Rock, Father Kerwan of Tuscaloosa; and gan
'as last, not least, the prince of Southern poets,
of the Rev. A. J. Ryan, of the Cathedral, him
nd The ceremony of blessing the grounds easi
surrounding the church being first per- waj
ret formed by the Right Rev. Bishop Qoinlan, Wh
e the-clergy formally entered the sanctuary, peoo
ed and, in conformity with the ritual, pro- so
od seeded to the puriflcation and dedication thei
beof the sacred preciooncts, by the sprinkling till
of holy water on the walls, commeneing on b
the Gospel side, reciting aloud the Litany t
of the Saints, and with suited voices And
d cheanting the grand verses of the 119th 
ae 12Uth and 121st Psalms, so well calculat ed s
sh to remind man that "the foundation of all in I
he wisdom is the fear of God." and
iet Right Rev. Bishop Pelliter celebrated rani
u, the Pontifical Masa with all its romp and Yes,
m splendor. Right Rev. Bish, p Fitzgerald k
b preached a sermon, which in taste, earn- H
t iag, eloquence, and true Christian spirit h.
ad was never surpassed by any of the princes Ipe
it- of the Christian pulpit. His words breath- bets
n, ed that true Catholic charity which throws
ir- Its azure mantle over errors and ignorance, can
cf and brings within its ample folds those sima
ad whom the world has bereft of any other say
consolation. lis picture of the primitive dan]
do Christians, meeting in the datkne' s of the sboe
If. catacombs anrid cortnfesing their faillh under bed,
of the fangs of the beasts of the. Clr zs, com- this
Id pased with the modern temples and the se reas
ns oirity o~ch to day-in our ,s'n country Irian
I at leait-rurrounde tbeezercise of Christie will
es ams:hip, wa: a garm of toouchirg eloquernce, fne;
t eimple lpats, and beait n:, :sag logic. miles
' At the conclausio of the M1:sas -grht Rkte. 1k
II shop Qruio!un made a congratulatory react
,.* address to the pastor, the congregation, ai:d eed
,d all who contributed for the object. se.
-- room
SThough located in the "neighborhood of Th'
a y three cur ceh ls" te people's sad. Mr. S. B. pavn
. Adams, esys thbs pleasure sad pesit el faerishtl dirge
, eAs mesebem-m Inrali eies s a-. . masi
s !~m.  ..,..-l+,m,+ , i iU
are. THE
all, roxt THas oRtIanL. r3sraL
the ICetaens d.l
for- One morning early, In the midde
Dor second week, Tbye was esiting b he
a aot the Abbey arm with a goodr
or." the berth. With the belpof a paire
Itis wee broiling a pieceoftmeatps
her plnt it every now and then lea plod
ery baer; in the embers on oooI deo.f
tD- stood stesming an earbter piphtIm.
Do The plioe of me esokedp a
to table and devoored it wish a [alil'
ce" Slon of glattonouns eatetieoan es
one tenance. Then he pS plate
r, I in the cupboard, erehlly wiped his
Lob and again took his eset besde the iso,
ver after a while, makaing dlp wlsh the
ver the boiling pot, he fetched up a
d's grees herbs. eyed them for a e anea
them eck again, and presenatly
" ' delnty looking mess this of V
and muoeb god ma it do bat --s.
etomach was to be ohete
wander wlast'ss 'Ii
ran whleb be Ands all thee isa
h. and watercreses to pet iolag
on Inoe t I most go out and gather
ore, that tbhe folks may take
well, I have put in a couple ao
, suorv.y-gres too; that will pela4
ed for him I MIerly upon hie
ant However, that's no afhlr of aIlast
ty heretothwartshlm. Ifth is
be thb experiment of living wl tht
ad with all my hert, and good lack dk
didn't think at Iret he sould have held e
ge long; but he has as many live as I a s atr
H ere he paused for a momens, bos his
' fixedly upon the Are, and sank away deep
a- a reverie, doring whblh hiseoentecase -
as ally darkened more and more. Thea
)o resumed his muttering.l :
a- "Yes, he bh as many lives as aeat. Ad
n, knows how long the lamp may usher e
t I'm regularly made a fool o d ar
selling tho okin before the foz Is caught.
very tsgornlg Cisa the fIrmer tolIdmes t
B l barguoaater and the reotor bhd be-
tS him after Unole Jan at the vestry
: And then this confounded woman that
eo about everywhere abislep me sand
'I the world against mel it she --
. that's the ease of the folks hatin s -e
morning I did but step out rouoond b
r e$ osome obleoory--ot twenty psem
ouse : there she sbtood wat!b g m
r bled the ooppleo. I don't know. b 1K
help feeling as it some alephif 1 rLd
Sme one dy or another CtroeLI
f woman. I the bargomaster Had abe
Swere to come bere and wanot to mse UIsle
d I've a will that leaves me everytb
esure enough; bot that they know a w1i M'
t and who can tell what they might ey to
old men about it 7-the reetor,
Smight be talking him over.and puttlng
Into his bead
This last r. lotion evidently threw him
a violent trepidatiou. For a while b•se eat
ea slenes, bhis eed reesing on his hand, the
I gn again :
" Cost what it may, no one mst some
him t As it is, he already begins to thick
s easaly about what he's been doing, sad tl
ways talking about Cecilia. It woalda's
meeh to make the old fool change his
What to dot Bomethig I most, to step
, people's meothsb: bat what I s my I' m
Sso quite alone with the old man shad
a bonbhs into their beads. If CGaila wai
still here they wouldn't eoneer
about what became of the old eilalsf;.
that would be a stupid tris:-to leek the
Slate the oupboard to sake wa of ate l
tAd yod the only way to keep thIgs
with the rector and the eg e and
Sreestf tbhe busybodies is to hare mes
I In the booe with so,--some e, it
ouder the pretese of doing odd Jobe
I rMeds, s hat need see h old mwa
SYe, so it m et be; of two dea
lee 1st Thea, wh'ed it to be rthasi
queetion, agailo."
Ho boCbeoL himself a moment, shek l.-)
bhead with a air of annoyance, sed the se-.
I lapsed Into thought again till St lasIt a sI.
bean slowly to steal over Lie eoataa*
S A capital Idea hbe eolaimed, " e lt
cano bring it to beear It will oests eeh '
martisheb, thoh ; for promlame msst be h
say the asmpletons. And then, oc, thbes
danger in It-fair .nPi'oliy ; don'S lt~
rash, but think it well over first. Well,
should think Uncle Jar.' .scoarvy-rasl wonI.
be done by this time. Now, then, let me h
this matter one more good torn in my hbaL4
reasonable enemy Ia better thano a stp'I
friend. Perhape, after all, the beggaIr-wom a
will go into Ihe thing more readily thbe I
nancy. iat cjme, I'll take the old mai
11i took the pot from cff the ADr, and, paselegi
out a side door and along a dark peasegis ,
reached the toot of a staircase, which he pL,
aced to monot. Then aganlo came a Rlng
ssge, at the eod of whihob beat lasteatere
room ocoupitd by Uncle Jan.
There Ia the nohsppy od me,
upon a Ja the filthy ae ot whisk.
have mode a beg tar awe  -en
diguest. wted withle
left ci

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