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The morning star and Catholic messenger. (New Orleans [La.]) 1868-1881, February 18, 1877, Morning, Image 1

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, Inn StarandCathollo M asa ,aer $ -. =-t : - _t-e-t
t N w O rIg a n waeit r P r*tt ,
a s.. C o ,s,.o g_.  .z,e an .on , .. -. " - : M Iornlng tarandCathollelll
he ilreOtorsoth eOompanyare <tr e
r. ohbishop of New Orl nea, i wit th apr i o the beol, d
Wx. J. CASTaL.,r. ahoriy te Dio e, to -
"Very Rev. G. Rs.MOND , roe Pre;idet. . I .d it, d want in /ow Orlen
/ ý Mornittra angtaanchM Or 3, .l e
Ver"i ov. C. MoPae,   Co Clurlih. It will not itewre-a
Rev. . J. K r ANy, poliioi 'xorpt wher in they In
ST. . - N-iniquity in high places, without re
e v . . A. IT R , . i il Cat ho li o r i g ht, b ot thill o
e. .Aorighta of all men, it will especill e .
P. E. o AYM ONr,. "a = e.`"
D . . B u c r. ONW e approve of the afor esi d ua
Somm o tobaddreed to aking, and commend it to the a
"8slteor n O CAgold3M asse. I our Diocese.
t J. IR. ARcnilSnop oP NEw O1.LaJ
Belv . T e. -- No. 116 ydru street, eor er of Camp. -to g. i e . . ..T J.E I. ..
Moning Star and Catholic "eisenger, Commiseion was dicHsed, and Fby a--ti E ... - ...... i. th tm
D- a . . . . ...- . 1, rty vote it waB decied that the findin a A D
Moning Star and Catholic '-iienger.
ROME.-When the bill recently passed by the
Italian Parliament for the oppression of the
Church is promulgated, the Holy Father will
masue a bjief expressing his disapproval of the
Rome, 'Feb. 15 -The Emperor of Brazil
visited the Pope, and expressed the hope that
the Pope would, in accord with the Brazilian
Government, remove all ecoleiastical diflicul
ties in Brazil. The Pope replied that the
Church was rather accustomed to smooth than
to create obstacles. HE, hoped to be able to
restore the religions harmony which had al
ways been the glory of Brazil.
Rome, Feb. 15.-The interview between the
Pope and the Emperor of Brazil was marked t
by extreme cordiality. The Emperor showed
much emotion, and threw himself at the feet
of the Pope. The Empress, also present, was t
received with great kindness by the Holy
Father. The prtlates at Verona, Lyos, t
Vienna, Rheims, Salsburg, Saragoesa and San
tiago, and the Italian ecclesiastics Moonsignori h
Nina, Barretti and Lingi, have been cf icially
notified of be Pope's intention to appoint them
cardinals at the approaching consistory.
FRANCE.-A coalition in the Chamber has re. s
cently bean frmed againlst the Duke de Cazes, a
Minister of Foreign Aftla:rs, and his position is I'
determined to strive for the restoration of trial S
by jury for Press sufferrrs.--A terrible oex
plosion occurred in a coal miono at Oraiseeseac, i
in the Depaitment of Ileranlt. Fifty liv are 1'
known to have perished. Iii
GEnRANY.--Rudolf M)eyer, editor of a social- .i
ist newspaper, has been senitencedl to nin, '
months's imhprisonment for pubtlishing a libel IC
on Prince Bilsmark, rcharging Lirni a i1t stoole
Tt'ucrlct --Ytrvi.i has accepted the ter 1rt 1
offered by 'I'iikt.y, but as the iirticlesJ at, .,r
signed Set, peace is Iy irno lmnelns a srLetiei f,:r
till evert.i g is detlilittly arrtianged lh.n-i. al
intrig , cI. , .a caitse fLirt ie,,p nir+i g ef hhrlsil iii,
The I.. '.,u: 3ins of the 1lo.u, so.,h: " . Our.
correhpon:: ;t a,, Pera d bCIlbc4es tI' I. pielrp .
tlione Is : w.,r, t! e efiectof wiich is, it.at " le an
they Itin ti:s StIat, i,-lirs.etcj , tl.e v brti l i l
large airmle. ftc,- i.t, I: turipe .il ti I ti ta e
Ipronmee a!nu,- iln.1oe lut. Every ! ervt. i".t
strained--every fartiing is lavished to n iake ,.
ready as if t,:r all i-c',itable coslt s'. T a
Asiatic prvior sl hL:e dbel fr a wlt: t'o nonth 't
draiccri.o , h't .L-.,:i,.l it.n.; i ,muskeits c .si.
from Anirie tI lundr s f tt nsio sat!ld, l : Ii
metallic c.lrtridger. by titlions; tthit lh it i !
itinpos~ibl to re-tue ear i.uli:itaIttoi ti It t-eepls I
who thus rpiare to dinid te t
c anr n o t fo rg ~t t t h a t t i.- a re °' 0 1ru I " r, , I. i Y t
tites by h ii,. laui t e t h, e t: r:", t .
ar:d seell to o I,:-ltcti,ntg a:erilou rto ruggl s iti
miistakent noti(tns of t1h1il Ow . ,1II c stlel o iIl h all t
the relationu of the G othler poAwers towards I ::;t,:.
We cannot apitr, achis ta tfiial' ct-aita t t I::r
regards thiings of the o'r iiu t ti , ) .
were previotusly ini dcoou,:, hre .av, im i du.
hight, dtgree of lroatibty e ",t. It . r
lotuik oy has done. \Ve c,cn pal)Cak 11l 'I . ,
grceates cot I-letICo of oullr on Ctls r \. i .Cs ..
tlirtsl Vo know wl at lsuia n a i' do. lV t'i, ti
piolicy of G,.rlnuvt aitl Austria is (dltlitin it- t
self. ,u'iilu it c onilt to flis, that taklri 1 :.e
Political itoii.ti.:n i-, it nper cLtil Ontt the is
eoluticn (1i tile c oLferenc, there is inll :inec tit
danger of is great a-ar hetwtnn thle u ,liHiatlh
and Turks, in which the European Govern- relic
meats will leave the Ottolmaut power to its fate, tio
reserving to themselves the right, of interfering
at some future time, should the disposal of the tug I
occupied or Conquered territory nttlet their Sacr
interests. rel
.RUSIA,-Tr eoi London Daily Verc' Russian folio
correspondent telegraphs: 'L ie Russian army po
St ichr<enegeff, whoch wetld irot niove agaiont 1,
the Turks, numbers lt0,000 infanutry, a,0000 Vitel
cavalry and .12t guns. It would be immediately 7th
followed by two corps whioh are now at Odes- near
a, making the total of the army of sdvanos |threa
1t0.000 infantry, 120,000 cavalry and 720 guns. re
Sar as I can ascertain everything is ready the
fo.the army to take the field at a niomnt, De
.otice. The bridge lying here is capable of Advi
day. am assured that, despite rumors to the of tt
-Srtnigder. intttes the t the Czar on thh e i4r h Port.
will order the obtilization of six toree aroy lonig
corps. t Rus.as sa alreaiy decidel on fior lare it ri.'
Saction. v the
o'l Brck, .- 5. --at n to l t toH da ra fi nr [ i
cti-aco fl.1oit i eRepulc, e Bit h lt.
'B__la ictilt h tl-g ntcr whr et trc g' -i . -. G. 1i r i
derlof as frtotieir.
Frcgrc,a an the Count of thle Electoral Vote. . .
CI~ANA (;t\ tsN '. itAs-i'S. lii1is
ost ofr the "iet ther r + '
le0t tt . '(. rl t3t'i o (t ` o f a h e .i r s ) . .I ttr. l : s
misioneiv the four . o fitl I ice
thr ,yes. &nhat twO Ilonses then ega.,,da t
sad the SenatP, by a party vote If 41 to r
us, IloIe look a recers till Monday a I ten e ed be
'clock , when for two hours the action of the Dtrap
t~ ~ el . " o s l
nger, Commission was discussed, and by a strict
party vote it was decided that the finding was
1S77. not correct and that the State had gone for
Tilden. The two Houses then met again in
Joint Convention and the concurrence of the
Senate and +on-concnrrence of the house
reported. As the Electoral Bill requires that
by the both louses should agree to reverse a decision
Sthe of the Comnission before such decision can be
r will aid aside or reversed, the protest of the
f the House as of no avail and the four votes of
Florida were connted for Ha.es. The cnot
then proceeded-Georgia, Indiana and Ken
that tacky for Tilden, and Illinois Iowa and Kaneo.s
for liayes. Louisiana was Shnll reached atl!
:n the two sets of certificates read, as alo a set of
th bogs certiicateP, showing that John Smith 1,
than ":3 etc. had bten elected, and had cast their
le to votes for Cooper uani Carey. These last after
d al- having been rea.; were thrown aside. The
Vice PresidentRl then asked if there were any
he objections to the count of the Louisiana vote.
Irked The Democras answered affirmatively, stating
)wed that the Roetrntin Board was an uncOnslitu
t tIoal body, that it was not legally organizedl,
a that it had acted corruptly and illegally in
inl throwing iot ten thousand votes, that its ac
IO tiYn was tainted with faud and that several
o of the Rtpoblican electors were ineligible,
holding flies at the time of their electiou.
Trhe papers were then turned over to the
hei Electoral Commission and the two Itonss t
Since Monday the Commiesion has been in I
a re- session on the Louisiana case; It has heard t
izes, arguments from Matt (a'rp-.nter, Judges
in is Trumboll, MerrJk, .and Ca bll for tle
has Democrats. rd of Shellahborger, Ivarts; and
trial Stooghtr i fur the epub~l ans, oni the Tqeasion
s- if atlrulttir:,g  idenei. T e vote ,t' toe Corn- t
ac, miibion was s aktalke Friday evening at 4 'cloIck. Ii
are 'l'The eight Ret;.. ictin letbers v1-t,. agatat 0
the livu Diumocr.itc prolositioi , th i!, ii a to
.j- rindietion ; secohid, as to the nsIiciiency i f
, i inu e ; tit hird, showing neo ccin latin "I
el etre .; fourth, as to ineligibility rifthe, Tgrit
th J u l a d, t r fr e, l ra. , ~y .l
Lk era, itrolutitn s to general hatters. Alt~ aIi h
then. urpuitioL'S had been ejected, Jiudge i
lh,.art r ehi tiolt z t Nint t h 'Vt e be r.received i
h "it cd-I il by anght to sUiven, Just ice it3r. d:ey
f ,I r v 5 t Icgw t: h the .Iep itih ':ta s ,
fionit of th l al l ieg tof .r eltesnn l itcianl e tt
Adie oi tih bacr lon' I Irat on of R<.
a M heol, oitl 'n5 y D h.,tri i. r i , th t . i, i t r CI
o and tle l ,f the R,-n r;;o g .,-,o d ,e:t, a r d t i
OV i itoal h c- iv-r liou h.t"ein i Vri i t A d- c
I° I n t i I i.:rl 'Y ; _ :; m P
i  Teiir c nliy t h e ; i" I ' ,ctle -ioith : . .
u, relial e itiforaiiin is i- , no ti t ', ithe . n I I .,
i ti i ftiltt Ili ly t.th rl i in re .rd t tllt ii, - tl
ti ,*t •- 1. iot.,h, . . , itT e! l..o t i l r :lrnard d , d e,
e t, i oitpI of't. lacn cica lio e 1 xistai ia ttL
S.Sacrtd C lleged o. Car~dinals ,,Ie:to, , . f1nu I, al a, ' ,
,trel , at o t, are n ,ed for ',ront.,tiu t , t e .,,. t :
t 1. ! osig i r , , Lii- i , rafi i, the isi, n,, of the
o Viterboa 'loscanelli, tii in Ma~liato on tOerder
th l ' .ruo,,, Into , an~U, therf,:.r,. alriay >
'.. is Iutt ItI' y, :| :1} ' ;: ,l sl, J)li "l, , - ,
S`nearly al ra it-ell to the c ri itural Ig t O ' L ,r
r l TMnigh th I lorezi( Ninre the ars testiR c',tO
Ithrelb informatin iad gI iver asl Ieisto t:, i I
teons of the College of in regarid to tlliea :- cri
iug up of toe vacancies now existing in tho Gov
Sacdvier of the fcred Carongregation of IRitaein s
3. Monisignur neaigi Sarratti, the BSeoetry lof s
cViterboe lhose ha fr ars tainb a pliano ton the
nearly iatprtoaeiing to trevie scriptural agoru, t car
Monignor Lorenzo Nina, the ae nsessor i of see
Deacon of, the Colliege of irelates, and titanl prac
f Adviser of the Sacred Congregation of RiteY. ts i
of the Congregation of Bishops, a learned tc- voie
clesiai.tio who has for yeoars taken a promine nt jdutc
ptrt i, farthattheh tel ievision of the liru'n- theit
clal Co(cclis. all tl
Portogrnaro, a 1, t01'Oo1d tiluohigiau and a of . l
F+'attier lLrrubatdml o w e I',oenratot ( ,; .r.l f' iH
Fat, b r, li s lthe N r.'!:,, ;., et'ctc d iuctail uof ,
the I'ratCiscsii Ordler. i it
Il!:lc r p,'ra lnages oft gi't-t t i ,.' , t I N , :b .rc I': ii
" :,' 1 cm if lt -y ,1 I, I"
,tai 1N;:g been rais(.'1 to, t, .. nr ic 1,'" I t-; l,.;:•
it c llt , ',, , .- d b y n I / I 'iv.
notice lquartoI s t s all blit sure of being I'tidc In-' ;t,
Princes cof the Church liy his HIoliness. T:,h.e i tat:
are Monseigneor lite, the Bishop of Poitiers, I Jsto
and-one whose name has often been itention- Tea
ed before in the same way-Monseigneur stor te
Dapanloup, the illuatrlonus Bishop of Orleans, Hstsla
L .....u~; ..... -
g was CIHURCH.
me for
ain in Reviewing the English Messenger of the
Southe Sacred Heart, the London Tablet saa s :
s that The first number which has been sent to
'cieion us is singularly interesting. The tale
ran b biought out in it, " The Problem Sol ;ed "
of the promises much aruusement, and will be re d
tea of with close attention by those outside the
Kcen- pale, who are still hankering after an
e:ao0 en 0 maginary union with the Esitern Churchl
Sand which tallacy stail blinds the eyes of maIny
s,+t of good and tarrnet men to an extert which,
ith 1, to thoue who know niore of the Gicrk and
their j ussian creeds, seems utterly i.credl be.
after 'The writer quotes an anecdote, which An.
T'he glican controversialists on the subject have
o ant carefully ignoted, but which is a well
vot known fact. We w ill give it in the authol's
slitu own words:
sized, A good and intimate friend of mine, whose
ly in word I woild as soon trust as nmy own, once
ts c- went to Russia armed with a copy of the
veral IThirty-Nine Articles, which he Lad translated
;ible, very carefully into Bass, and then went to a
u. certain Russian Arobb;shop and presented
the them to him, telling hlnm that l.e would see
.tses from thetn how trnls Catholic and one with the
Eastern was the English Church. The Arc.-ng
ein binslop, not considering Ihimustlf infallleh.,
ieard begged for a little time to look at the Articles,
idges and said that, as there wonuld shortly be i
tle meeting of several Bishops, he would be glad
and to lay tt iet before the .etIog. "My frietl
tionu could cali aeiau atd leaR:I theirdecilson." Oin
N- tilhe appllointed day I., "'aIud upon the Arca- E
(C,-. bishop and + aterly tle.i.I,,ledl the opinion prto -
'rot not,.nced iupon hs b .rlv,l dltt Articles. "' i "
to aidt tiie Arc-hbishop, in ti i toui tshm it ti. e
t f I uvu looked at ui tw,h utinti.elest and t itd i
of t!;eui lorty-two herestle! " ' NothnglU.
en- aIunted, iy trietld purtisued hisl travels, w tilt
a;i his Articles carrululi tirc lttred up, till ho cl"
ldg to a Patrirc;i' se o. le pit,.. h l t hi ll e
t tit li e t i i. t h o l . r. 1l. b llrllllt '-h
IL,, te a' iimtiiis t Entot h .d
n11 ct) e t l .t v t.i to I th .i r
,.I t + tit:u i ; . : t t i ; it
I,.- "i11i, N I u /u:".,11 t. + 'la ,IdII "h .t , I ha 'll T
i - t-O upl ' iI,t ( i te : ,, e W ai
S h i , , , t ' I . t t" s l t ,
"t. ti n 1. t ? I u h: ,l , I . i l ,.t ':, t
tit'," ltixt etcl.no h
• stai i L h it ,! , I, s tlf t l ic w f t ,
I. - i e " , t ic th .l
t• hl i f i nrl , I,, ..... . t cr ",t 1i .tV "t t 't r: , rt y',
ti i n -ay : : .ll
>it, To..ly grittn nl Oln whitich citiz is who It
have Ito chiiilen can t`hus he conipelr le ti jao- liit
tId te Ir the , C:lt ctiOt of tie children l, tc it
' other ia that it is recr a: ry f,r the stfety of I r,
t I le wh:ole eojlie unit.er our form of govern- d
Y uent. Our instiiilonrts by tieir very theory
Sarry with tiem the IS:Alpt.Au of a c rtoit r
 grade of intitlligence anolot : the cit:izes. It t
eoi t's, there for, to be t te duty of a St to iIt, fl l
see to it tht cach arn d uery cittizn, ,so nfo a t,
Ii practicab le, shall be ediuctted to ench adegree Iwteli
as sill enaile hliimi to rea I it nt-rtta-d th
Slaws, the Constttin a;lt ain the ballet that I '
votes otn dlction dayl. ofthe cho in wich ta
educati ton is given I.t this telt ft alfts  y 'i't
their liute of instrnelio, far teogirl to trrlrtce frniy
all t .lie bra ,icLet ons,,,y t, lit li . o r litt -tlton
.chools. It ees ti e i, ha cit-tr o aiitttiin
I of porottnthl Ir gfl for the St atioae ti go !1y,,ý
eeto it ha't each an every, so fa .s tag!,
SlGaws . the , a, tltuu, , i e*,; the ballo t t h he A en ly,
''utatoin i l ien , bi t a U
I Tsteu , will aso rtly rii e tao Ro nr . tol ,i
Teae and coffee , at e Yorati pri eu, at tlre e th
Tes, hn c.erefe, t bo phicdty o , a, th t to
pr act iab, l e, , s ha b e edf ted th nch. a de re f B(+h
storels of lenb ret hng Kong Crpary, nd-rt City and wLI
tlaws th9 Potrh o, tat h1 le
" And mow aeideth Faith, Hope nd (Cba'rlte tleseo
( tie thrne; bnt FIe erratmet er ILesa in (batity."-- t. I'ctail
I C it. 'eet,h,@ . n i ... 33.
ittOi See, by the Crono tho tnealfl enppllarat kneels,
eel, AArr d ca dps her arlm
1e Around its rugged ferln, and hopefulll feels.
e tsee And humy pra... -e'en though her tired brain ree!
S Sie feels th- chat rl
tFr iti Of Faith-that over-livini, bright, glad promise glven
ure o Iher ; ah ! yen, to all -
Ile iley Tliling of joey, anld live, and peace In heavsen.
el li, When fronm thI rar tih the diunnler a oul is riven
k a d Dy the Giaet Ste i.r l
• See how b ibh tront and pao ald I.ly, her tfo:
IAcela peow . y h
lave Calnetd by the epromise of the heavrenly grace.
well- With her fteed mind in hope of sweet s cela'.
lHer hon e is o,sind.
'hone Like the lane a, lor.,e t he e t ner lold
onie This t i tec rare;
loted Dearcr than n::v, r or than bright pIae gold,
to e Ilit her than diameonds er thac jew-s oln
ud teeLloud compare.
1 nue The recreant sinier lifts hie theughts on hiigh
Sthte To. God above:
trel- Oh!Ileraveniy 'the r !Learmn 'woefel,';y
holel , Give nit butt I.e;, -oh. eave nie roe I die,
les Through tgine ow le
glad (HAkIt'Y. I
lndtl Alh Loe eI ' . !nope. Jy, I'carce all i .an c the-- l
Oil "'.nu f eand t al ,an. t
rcl;- lnrblenm of I.ov, pervan,, m iy a,, andl be
pro- L liued lea n le ) heare ,1 il in thy pu-ty ci
il n Ihouieartr ine o An. It.
O h ' t h o u l io , : a i i t r tu e . la u n ta in o f l ,v e , a l, :,h t ,
Ctill I lrneihe In my n. thy ci ih nuax ts noeelt, t iiue iln-, eigiht Ii
eiile h rh y c.e-ret e. h! u mh l a thou u It akel,.l,,,r" I]
"e- My i g hour; ii
II ,l
t cI Ic e'iele,, : sit cI (I I  .i' t
t,11 TC' T-' ° .;l I1e- 1 ,,,r Yrl, l : fejat II11\· irt n t t i
i Pll Ltci Rrrrc w ull, lttOl'hilttce Iellc Ice te ic',c
. ' llit, l I,' I 1I It l Ii, et c nI R e ,I , I'
(:i ' mI , ' r 'el"'c' " " ' c ' s+ e *,c, e c e. i} , f te r '
," :" / /, I . 1," , i'// / n,l .
" , 'cec' , ,, ei l tr:ve - I .
ci te , W i, .+ -' , , il h t. '
" ' " ', ,  , t, c-.., : i t ya,. r
i. ' 'i'r' " ' '  -e . . I te
t ' t , " .l' e e t. tll ,l " ' e-t Ice etll t c.ee,
It Ie u ," '1 lete, c, e c,c e,.,lcr c t, , rec ,i, ge tl ! ,r 1i . ,
eItaG h (fr ,dl eetN kr .' "' di i '' n ey e lon of aIn l .ats
Siree t illte h-I rh , 1nt e t of I , l ;satee c itory. Ill- ,
t ic t woule uptiri o r I .le t their rII' e igc tlborae tei at ij te
let ,ie praeen e l Cret l c naturnl a dv'a- et
l ee..l... c t i 'tce inn t . ttteinen. ts ef I)r. ever
ee irOlte ea d seltl rh g le fi-tlel tce reil
t olltlr l es i ecl Ncil Sie e it, HIb c teen-, I cv re-cl wit 1h
iel e e'i I. oe it i to r ce, " a e teed
liea- t I i "ca i ,ti" lelli Ili S ti er a lc Ic wi t l , ei
e- i l", e eL, Ir:e, . ci,. li,' + te I"- h , '.e' i:c tie e c' .1i- .
procarad aro ,, their own rivers t(o Iurvey the
w1hole oi Roseia. I, -pite, oor er, o" the r.,de
d ws.teIlol proce t, c i llod, 'h fiht'iertl Nei
lIe lr ci ,ll ,,'it of nice t "c, a%' '., and e se f
I y eoJI It
cleter . ()ccr ttai er .~(l , t -ei pc-i lrced ( rii ef
reand whate fl proceew filowed, the fiherlle rNewl
mtatkell Sthe. lew-e club. 0O. of be bus t-sn. air
groords, for txl-ggipte, Lake Saisan bIelotngs to
the Co,',sae·kg and is farmend out for an atnnual
v hi.ste atipeitl of I lU00 rtlbles; til& each of the nill,
c. at, ont, raotorM drawn from it every year a prollit
Sinral to the eitiro rent. "Ooll. ill short," Dr.
tiehm, tells us, "lies broadlcast throughit Si
berla, on laid nit ii the water, lnt the natives
'oily thiitk toi wig it by walthintg sat I or critah
inig jtiari , anl taik kiilt t o ti ii lemI nt
reels except the pick ianid shovvl."
SOCI.JI.. A.si'EF OF' I,.\I. 1I. DIvNG; IN
t ii fI.'.V /..4.1 I.
There are altog t'her :i iiti,t0i gcren of land
in Engl.tn andl Wa!h i , of which two-thirds are 1
otwned Iby live ihisad juiprson,, and the nunm
ter of latudow-n.rs ii gradually but steadtly
decr'aling. T'l:: f.ict was published Samie
3yeirs ag , blut wa,, sternly denied, the I;stm
" Dionensiay It.,,ik' beinig qlaoted as authority
for the ntnyturit that thi number of laud
ihotlders apprtuoxlatilt a million. IBat recent a
ii veNat igt iors have proved conolusively that Ii
tih lastl lt 'r:llenllt In iincorrect and that the h
authors of the bok t'.i,.i, ay they oiadit, con- u
iidere.t as i,n'l unpatu es hollding lenses for very t
iorig titr:tis or with the right of lperpetial re
Mi. L J. .J,'iruinga, for muany years editor of LI
th Now York lmi. anotl now the Iouldon cr- ta
r" reslpoid,'nt of the New York It orld, ref.rring o
to this in:iljit, eavns ill a recent letter.
'I ie tiii i lro p rity Ihat boeni grict fior
it-'i tli i th ,e a itllld l cn no btri a, lle ll l ty I
h I thit'sI Ii et to i hi.ilatid- nloi' that I, ill
gj-,g id l ivii iiiiiu ,or at lair pricem Aiiil teensrt 1,"
t riuo'-',t. i"a : it ii (" nl teyl 3 '- withdrraa rtlii g1: , hti
iiarket aiti a a ' i gold pit'e. would tie w Ih I 1l) -
iei' bhy f il ri, g ia i i ti e cou nttry III it,", thet A
,l' ·lr..r jicI , e . I, i t, is . ll a ti, ,tV r,;' e"
'it ii..i ~fi, . ,i, ittt, it.
S.-l'.11~ t i;, lit , j+ ;+..i+ "t I fal PI l' Il~l~ o g 1 . ++ r I
In i
I `1 rt rr : K ' I, at in
Pf 7l t wi. li I< +]l;i l• l.t ":, to n s t~ t 1l,, i, tt
,L 1'" 1.1· 7i -.u 1 .o n , '" 1
Sl,,,,t ,y ,, , r , ,,l,,t I,1 tra
., n a- 1: ,1 r t, .ar ,1 rIte:,. , r1 li, I, bl h1, ,la
n-. 1,iliii11g11
1!t 1. bt 1. • ." , ' t, 1 . . 1 , ' f t . i" e ' ." I'
lu- te'r i I, tiXi ,' I e i u... , t a , tu , t ,w n 1f all
I,, €,uw i 6 u
I]i- . 1i"l r abo.t t , ' r e vr. "I'+. I !Lro ga +ro l tl, +.
'itiles ar ,, t. i " hi i-rntnug a tii.h.'t it er1i line i r1eai
'i "iiat i l ',1 n.1 , ai i g1 i , a t .i r ai' iilIlli't istr r
law5e s, ;sa! the lke Ahey igiy a1 g': r
' ns wa il l ia-'i , i ", r . an: '.i h i1 the tia. na. sttucek
\ ' '. t 1 .. : , ' " . ' I.1 1 1I ' t' · Xl;:, :e n,':. 1"i ,11 I
I- 'I if, i . , I. ut ,n laIo+" i+ ,r . " 1r l 7lnl t u l ti p
r, I .,.'r ll lt,- i. ' tifty lears. 11 wiul l to..t sititt
n it ' u.. t i, \i . ! 'i i tI r 1 in1 ij LI
,ii ' ] , - i r. , , r , I• l l, 's i n+ , i,
',I .d, , , t o, t i,, i , •
i i .,,
e a 'a iiiiijv i- si
,, il r I 1o 1 '
t in I t ' c , ,i u l u' ' - I m r t i . t Im: '  . 1
t 11r ; '1"d 'i r right ihat s-iii,,rw nis , i. to l s raw
t ,, o r '. 1 n: ity ,I h'o,i d t iolel hilt wlthy a ,lam . - aI d i
1-il-t lf -ir-tie. lI ant uau i:re certin r that t will, g d aii
not alwa',rs corntinue to bea tlyd in England, or cne g
Newi ri rigood. at I . H. Adamtg!, o, 6 ter veag rea
1 lai y s toree , .-",:, ti:fi and t elr f lit -- l£0tre
.la' , d the k. hey my gi
is ,'t' if , , Int , a dow r would thb p<,"u
Srei,id ILeri- 1,-1 fifty • ears. 1I,, wiuinld iot Nit, mtt
t, , f I,' r l *.. ' 1k tit l ;ii :1 .a certni- t.at .li r iway d IcIk,
K " l 1 . r evenar1" " v.'1"] - if i If L [ t ': r+ ; , 1 tr ,
i,) +I, :1 1t , , 1 ,. '" il it " i
"r ,;I ll Ira '' 4. . . if N' Y -e aft- " '".:e
.. . I  .  " , ' +. r " d. . -
crush"- T' raulatel froin the Original Flemisi.
( IHArPKl1 I.
Not lonlg tlico, I paid a visit to the farm
hlousl at wkicIh tl. isory I art about to tell
oenw a. It standa Ilt w.ten I)re'chel and Mil
if lrid Ktn" eastwardl of Artwerlp, i theLI great moor
Io Ktelrllm p; arid ol theo proelI who live there
rd h are iardlly une rerrreltbera h thIane Of Jan van
3 sru- h) rl.
a i.t 'I house anll its irrineldialt belongingl
taitrike the eye pleaut:ary ; rather, however, Ia
1rirre the way of picturc;yv1, rn-a than of beauty.
a last Thie roof is old asn coive.rnld with a rich growth
hority of Iorneleek and gol l rilolaa; the crumbling
walls arr hallf-corrcealed by a luxuriant vine;
land- the yard is rnlivrened with fowls and pigeons:
recrnt anl ri a tabrle three cowa, shining with clean
y t that lilrn , rlirnicl tle soft clover.
t the t the lanlecapre in which the farm lies
t t has real beauty, aftr its kirnd. In front, an
riojl r'ilen l rret lcl srehern away to lile horizon;
r very behtcd the little liower -gA:rth: , a silver-brook,
fringd a ith willwa ard de green nappy
hsarliking ailirsn. tihreadn tlhe moor, andl further
f lr of Ltr Iblein valt of h·trveni archer irn tile whole;
all riorrr!d, rthe grasaloll, ri chi rl rlreon, and
hur li, brirdr thrill a rrrrrirr noti about this lfair
ririg oasis Illr tile t lrlie waiitr if rl;lllrl.
It was a fine ro rinir i* n the year 1i07. The
it fr nr i wau rtill biceath Ir le I*lri/,ll ; hardly was
tilte hilnliCe broken by IIthuu alnd there a stray
hilri I rl lrielinlig to till trIll Ihlrlla of Natures
rl ir -riinUg ecir,. I tlr, th irie aun yard all
Sorir ill tli , ornly in Oeir trn hlare burned a
n ila rrrill tinre, lightly rracklinrg In fler wide Bre
Iflacl; t I!'o c:rlck tickedl or alirl oii, arir from a
rthl Ih-l-dk r:orrllr war hear till ii, miootonone
i, r h buzz. of inl r.riirg.wlrt el.
thi At tine whie- atit girl. llnr age , to.jrdge
h b L,.r looki , right It lfteeu. h-t:o did not
ri- inl1 torI-ave t ir, ow lO d rrrirlih l:ine ri i her
i t ,- -rathi r t , I u r errvr : buit her franttres
La: d il if t, i' h - t,? rui 'rl I; l out o te OnIlrlrriIn,--.
n- t' mg ' i f r. rwi"iiit , w lili ririit well flx
1.ii ,i rl . bnut Iownty
' , - ,1 in I .i" or. I i~ li t,i, f(iir site waa
S ,i rl i.v ita l I r-in ,r airk eyes
-.,. i t, i i r ri rat i i t1,r trlnir i rig laliea with
S i i, lrtlllr V xnratl al i . And yet.
,i i r! 1 I*a : Ir r in, ii"ti ii i iiwh(lh the black
+ '!11 , "arv r u ·I • a ro , if I i l l hr',rrruiel3y rp and
S. r ow , :it / l -' r ht lti lighted op her
A l I I iirirs an in ur-, in,,, r, i f io y had suddeo nly
li, n il ,it h-r I e.air thiou hrri r iglht irleed
rhi, itu .iIo - -en, • uiri t--ir a ir t d tl eof
t l-,.l ,,,r i li, , rlr,.ly , l ,nrg awtay still
i rut s I -s o I, the o rir w, I d." i eorm bat
i t:r b A.irlk n i, lh r l ill il t t d bi-s on en sit
t ii or 1 r h a i, I rl 'al;.iin rym h r nssirg the
",n I tx arI in t h r y i ,,k rt A le-Ij reverie
S 'r , r tii it yi! a.ii iit. An ioieo-atirlyjoy
u':fh rn th Urk rin
" i , "! "t i:, I'P l p ite'. , 1 fil W rel o th t air
l ' ',', " t, ,t: , tl , r I ,:trt I ' I it Pi o ir,. i nro t
Au. ar ciii an tne ir ae nirri iein
, "" :, il Iou Itr- i ,el:rly winl, i come dorn
"ct " ", ;r it i u ltr l .tile rrn. Tierelo o that
. f -' I ,lar, but, low,
it li,. Caint i r'Or i h inlririg tire and the
e rnanirr i 1 trIo ruentr fowed at I eric the
, ritn rnr i. tir hun t Ir eye an t ridwih
yiiri g-r; he dlartir ritirir the : pioier, ard
antrk tr i violt a I nrra , o f tIe ear thatre
re "J I,,, ~ ,,, , .o ,,, ,
it i rt i thin, wiyo iii"t , r lmr n rae, ye
iA:, it etar o- lif t. wczp likn ar st llig shee ainke
i t- iur h tt li tsi oui t t her wheel o ner yi n iot
S;iill arlrit Linr, iii elderly wyouran caime down
Leo gtLirl gout f in ae t i e.,t iro the look that
ri sCil earnitv asp lo Iherr,li ti her ire and the
o oi e, r lb h v el i t lea ear that
d he poor g;rl had near.y fallen from her chair.
S"'hat,'a this, you ]zy lumlI Tihere yie
nit., staring; Ief,,r,, . I ; a stuck pig! Maken
n til u. lireditectly, or i 11 be after yonu withal
rtivk, anIoii. itii Ulnl, ryon ood for-no-ihr
TIev girl got i ,p r , ,l it t.f to the tire. ahe
or c i him a aonnd-hearikr, it t her onlstres'
it ble ses, fr rand og , air l , r gave nothim athe
,iaI l air ol of od-natre, whi,:",' In tr
~iIg:b.i-I ' ome
ll ll -l , , - . .a

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