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The morning star and Catholic messenger. (New Orleans [La.]) 1868-1881, March 04, 1877, Morning, Image 1

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--_ r-T o. l_ - r"i -:icyh b eet w- sý o
S1h oyd ýra een aprner of the o ae
ArO N biEhop of r e atority the Dioo ese, to he l rah-I
Dr. J. o epof N, e Or l ea n s a nitrtd want in New Orleans, and
Wl. J. CAunPtSLoe den rinty dcvdtd to thteo Inter-et. of ---be.t
Very R-v. _. -d-r - -tion Jx.t wherein they ..inteU
Ver. Tior. J ~. K Jityx zu e atltCat olio rihts, but wil expoe
Rev. T. - iniNity in 1i gh pece.. without regarJ ,
ev. . . J. eaitMt, Clt. r n orNext to tho s l
Rev. B. A.NEITHLRT, C. Sa. it. rigtt of alt men, it will etperlly Cham*
Rev. P. F. ALLEY, ýthe tetporal rights of the poor.
P. E. GdOR'rIME Approvll qf t~ d .s. ArMeLba
Sc .We t.ptprave of the aoreaRaid nade s.f
D. II. Buc cy x skinttg, a nd citntmend it to the Cathoiles
D. N. BUCKLEY t .1. 11. a ramtsi o N aw Or a.awnsra
diterorTef. oretn, dOt le ua.uDeeber:, IL7.
Publiation Ome.-No 118Poydraeatreteornerof Csmp. "HOW BEAUTIFUL ARE THE FEET OF THEM THAT BRING GLAD TIDINGS OF GOOD THINGSI" Term.-singleCopy,bCent.; ymals-inAdys
nEW 1tLItAN5. :l*deAY, MAth(l'4 l : `'.
E(OM..-We give the following spcial of ftho
27th of Fe'l,rcary to the London 'inus for what
it is worth : It is str,ted the Cardinals srt,
Initted to the Pope on Ft iday, favorable replics
to soume quetlonts which he propntud to them,
with the ot-ject of giving the ecclesiustical
policy of the Il:.Iy See a more flicacious and
energetic direction toward a natural solution
of the various questions of the day. The
exact nature of the new poliov will be pro
claimed on the occasion of the Pope's Etisco
pal jubilee. Some German Bishops recently
asked whether they were at liberty to perfortm
acts in execution of laws other than those
against the church, if invited to do so by the
civil authorities. The reply from the Vatican
was that they might, as subjects of the Emtpe
ror, do so in all matters not contrary to reli
gion and the rights of the church.
IRELAND - ('o k, Fe bruary 25.-The remains
of John O'Mabouy were taken from the rooms
of thoe Democrattic Club to day, and escorted to
the Dublin railway station. Weatl.er fine.
The popular deo nor:stration is a grea'. saccess.
-The city is crowded with strangele. Toounsands
thronged the btrerts throuigh which the funeral
cortege passed. Thte rocessiion was a mnile
long. rte ,,i:trso was drtawn by si dr hoes,
and the c. flin ws covered with the fla g of the
1,9th New York regto-lnt, and tie American and
,Irish c',htrs. Inmmedlttely after the hearse
walked tie rcl*attves of the dec.e,,,:d and dele
gati.nt tun thbo Utli'ed St:St.s, tfollowed by
the Lelnoueratic Club of Cork and the Trade
Organ zations, with their banners draped. All
in procession were mournintg.
FI:ANCtC.--In the Senate (i.vardi in Itodtced
a motion for the dismissal of MIi:nister Siuion
because of his former connecti,,n with the In
ternational. The Senate refused to allow hitn
to procheed with his motion.-The S-nrate
has rijected for a second tinme the hill ottn
cerniug the organization of trade councils.
This is likely to cause a strong feeling againet
the Senate among the majority of Depaties.
The pree ions rejection of the sante bill by the
Senate f;:er it parsed the Deputies was in
stanced thy the Republican press as a sign of
the Senatero' determination to impose its will
on the lower house.
GERtMl~ANY.-lerr Von Forckenbtrck , as been
elected President of the Reichstag, andti Prtnc,
Ilobenloe Langenberg, and Herr Ilaufedberg,
Vice Presidents
Rs.CIA AIit T:I;LEY.-Peace has bteen doe
clared between Turkey and Servia, nt.d tbe
armistice htetween tithe former country and
Mionoteugro has brew extended to the t Lt inst.
As between IRusia nud Turkey the question of a
peace or war will not Ibe determined till Russia
receives a reply from the other powers, but otn
the let of March the London etu~r Berlin cor
respondent telegraphs that "oplnion in the
highest political quarters is that war is inevi
ta ble.
SOUbvAN.-London, 31arch 1 -The Timt.. prih t
the following extract rrm a private letter from
Col. Gordon, dated Cairo, February 17th : His
Highness, the Khedive, has given me, over the
Soudan, in addition to the provinces of the
Equator and the Red Sea coast, absolute ao
Lhority. It will be my fault if slavety does
not cease and if these, vast countries are not
open to the world. The whole secret of the
matter is in the government of the Sondan, e
and if the man who holds that is against e
slavery it must cease.
Mttxrco.-On the 2lth February the celebra- a
ted Cortina was arrested in Matamoras by or- h
der of Canales, Governor of the State, for not lI
obeying orders to report in the capital at once.
On his march to Matamoras Canales took all n
the cattle away from Cortina's ranche and it 1
is the general impression that all his property a
will be couniscated atd his followers along the ci
frontier removed from tEce. Many of them d
have already fled acooms the Texas frontier. m
Dias's authority throughout the whole of rt
Mexico is undisputed excepting in the interior a
or Senalon where Gen. Alberez, with from 5000 Ii
to 10,000 men upholds Iglesias' cause.-A man ol
who requested an interview with the Arch- w
bishop of the city of Mexico, while conversing in
with him, drew a dagger, and attempted to as
nsasinate him. The Archbishop defended tl
himself, and escaped unhurt. The servants fr
arrested and handed the criminal over t* the to
The part weiek has been one of teLo ttt r-t
citiog in the i1:stoi y of this country. AL t iu
r ,tniog of th.I ,. evsin of the lIouse Monday
Wtiriuiig II i iil to;s (t hose w hit witithlu to
delay tie Gcuti eto ttat it conld riot Ltconl
Iitetel be;'ol M irch 4 ii) developed tlnnexpect-.
.' l stro.gt. , , l at toit ItliUs it Wits thou ht ut
thb' thty a ttnll Ie t:IcCt-s.fal, blt the I)toto- tI
tratis rtcdy a-nteaatd Iby this Ieltltllic.uits I
tfter a l'i,,t litter tiniteS socceedod Iu carry" I l
Ii ntirltot after 4 ocltik Friday rtornritt, huh I Wi
flnoses Latin; bteen it: steedit all t j;iigh WYis
ti-tin, the last S`tatt in the roll waes c:lit and I at
it5 voeto recutdet Senator Ferry then rail
ntlis concluhlia the count of the thirty C: lhit si
!Gates. The teila.r will now ascerlaint aid tie- le
iver the result." Soenalor Allison, tne of the I1
tellers declarel tio vote to he Hayes and E
'heeler, 15i; Tildrn and Ilendrtcke, 184. Mr. res
terry repeating the vote, continued, "where- list
- *, fitre, 1 aI,1,cItI R. ,I !iyst.Pa and W. A. 'heV I
7. i u: t~tm C.it itrl ,rates fir tour years cllnuellncing a
"i-- Mtcli 4 h, l!::." Ticre ierrs atvituri hit. iicud t
le, Ian\elected. Preidt a icPresient i
The $te.r.te retired, anrid thie }ltoee nejolrnic-.t
and tie certain tell on o'e of to e tie' lbi:t: id o
of the a:i nmoe Iigrseceful acts in the rI.toiy of a.i -
what Luis!.
Sliatr I ysy afrined in Weshiiigorn at U o'l':,ck i
4elis Friday morning, +1., rainI talir;g inI tirrent. at i h
then the tlnit; re uo V~+r n it nie s gladl 'ltere ar-', ,
tical c elerf.l corgr:aillariar s; th·s-n w Iio i- I ,i lo: i
is sld look serrowf:l rapnear aslhaut:it. d
lution As to the policy to Ibe pInrHned towarlls the p
T'e RS'th there are conticting upitrlis. T''l c
Spro- Wlashingtd.nl corespondent ,f the Nhew York a
riBco- lrbune (Rep.), tnnder datu eof March 1, te!o- b
cently graphs: d
rforrm "It is undoubtedly true now that Grant o
tlhose intends, as soon as Hayes is ofliially declared t!
y the to e President elect, to modify the orders to re
sticat Gen. Angur, so as to require him no longer to a
:mpe. maintain the staltus duo en New Orleans and to ti
A rei- nse the United States troops stationed there,
only for the purpose of preventing bloodshed. y
l'his policy has been determined upon by the
mains President, in opposition to the advice of souen
rooms members of his Cabinet, but it is understood
tad to to have the approval of Gov. Hayes' moest in
fine. timate friends now in this city. The Hrltubli- -'
c ness. onus are greatly divided in regard to this new li
sands Lnoisian' policy, andl some of then have T
icral alrn,-ldy r Ih': to the White HIouse to protest
nile a %il.s! I."
toes, 'e oI sciatce Press agt.s in Washl:ington I
Sthe say : 1u
n and ir. i.,s , cnO'eat auxiurr otn t!,e part
circe of the tr:, :i.:,. <t Lnriviai a, t' i a-ceiinti. ;f the
idlel- appi'eaance of oun interferr;ce . v.iih the
i ley NIcholls (; Ire r lnmelt V. oull ie l.llereld te, by T'
Ilalle Mer. I tml'n iti I tbh eelit of hi t iaoiuguliar.o n,
All aod le.t l fieir:,try guarantees Ihr ., liein g ivln, I'i
astwlrigll tLe pI erllCiar ut. istab mllhl llelt of :l! I du
Inced Nicholi Govcrnmlnt.. On the other harInl, the IIe
!iuii Legi.latur., of Louisiana and Gov. Ntichiles is
a IIr- have gu:aranteed peace, order and equal j-lIicr th
r hii to black and white citizens, with toll pri.tec. co
inat e tion to the colorid peiople in all their rights he
o3n- andIl IrivIlige s. No persecution of I.epublcans pr
ocils. for past p! itical Ca)lduct, but no irnrunllio v fir i ai
ainet crime. Trio annonrlcetnerrt of the I'Pren ulenr't. of
]tis. in tetntinn to withdraw thei tr)Lopi from lack- to
y the ard's iil ilOT was illidelpe:ldlenl. of any agree- trl
a in- rnirnt. aoi. was simply in accolda:ece witL his
gn of well ktlrno views. ch
will -- -- . -
rne, Mr. R. I. (Retnrning Beard) Hayes, the re
ergcently cn:ntied-iu Pliesidltt of the United
doe States, ariived at F'rerllont, Ohio, on the 25th, Ti
tho and en i:nprrltioptu retcption was given ,i.u. I
and Hi was intrildoced by Gen. Bocklaud, who n
n of said : ' I"iends, I ihave the plePsure of intro
asia ducing unr President elect, as we believe." Mr. cot
it on Hayes then stepped forward and del.vered this rf
car-e .1 ,leer t and dignified address : le
evi- Frierds and Nrighbors-The manner iv which bit
I amll Introduced Iakes it rather easy for tule to pri
r speak with1ut1L. ch enmbarram.lnii it. bilt we
ro thad better stick to the olhl title until assuredl co
i of omellhiolg inw. In thsles times of tincer- pIle
tL taiuty we iIre often dir,,sppointrld. The gool Itr
the news of to-diay i. t.llrte dilpelled by thel evil Y
t ews of to-umurrow. ])li:II, the few moIths the
an since the 7:h of Nvetmber, I have scholnl-dt ry ard
doe self so as iot to bi very Iinch down nor very of
not 1mucl up. but toi try to keep as near the even the
the line as possible. This kindly nleetiig t tis Ii
tinet evening I do not take so mnch ashbouoring mue, rec
as a congratulation upon the manner in which and
the strangue arid pecnlar questlon is now being aha'
bra- settled. No other country in the world c mid L
or- have oendured such astruggle without sllering out
not lasting calamities,- rigl
nce. In the event of remaining among you for the the
all next two or three years, I will attend the next of C
I it Pioneer meeting arnd bring a bnidle of letters goi
rty and notes, many of which I am constantly re- N
the ceiving; each as cnrions sketches of knives, erri
em daggers and revolvers. But I have notr. lost lily
eer. mien sleep from any of them yet. One of the the
of most amnnbing was received this week. It was law,
rior a knife about two fret long, one edge hacked tiere
000 like a saw, prebably for sawing the bone, the goot
ian other side for cutting the flesh. This was clues
ch- wrapped in several thicknesses of paper and
ing inside was a note as follows:
as- "This is the knife with which the editor of In
led the 'etpitl was to assasinate you as you went be a
rte fronr the White htoise to the Capitol. It was dire
the taken from his pants leg while he was asleep."
Wiltl, friends, I think I have talked long 1'I
enongh. As I tmr in the business of shaking the1
hands, I woald say that I am enqjoyitg ixcel. falim:
lent physical healih, and if any of you wilh to into
shake hands I will b,. glad to do so. or b!
- Theoe ptesytt then conlgratulatcd the Gov
Serneor ad tile asse;bl;hag diispored., ,v
r1 Since the abl)ve sil'y slp:lhl was )lpt inl tvyp1 . '
to r. Ilayeci has deliverid anotther addil res to- cb I
i tally dll'terent in toune, andl "". t nt: is, we t
Snhigh[ ad', worthiy of a .tateust:,al. Jr wan ad
o- ressed to the ctitz:tns f Newark. i(),i,, who I
i had c;t el' ,rel ,t tht, railroad t p .ri t 'I her1 e.- 1n
, ija to lee- L.,n I.s Lc. pa-c.. , L w..3 to
ti I Iiashing-io:". !Hf ealii :
it- I have t 'tng:;t ar I lioked o11110 th;i- greut [ ilir
.d Iandtence, an.l ue, to-d:y I grze on tihe pI(el te. c
I: " h o tl~ronged our roulte to this depojt, of a5 SNicr
lt siuilar occurrenco sixteen ye'-rs ago-a little ordin
e- less than sixteen years ago. I marched down J107u:
Le HIgh street with a thousand men to pass to the sistor
ed East and to the South to do what we could to Angel
r. restore the Union of the States, and re-estab- of thi
e- lish the authority of theconstitutiou. In that Lille.
Whir- I -olk at wpre riirientl broc**fnl., r fi.r a s Dr
sridetnt it wot;r pro-il be to r b rienccer ofl' l by r t'.ce of
encing rrirms. I sin rot thre to aay a word in r'ti
it arid Iaragerru. int of what was accnmpi, ed iv I t,
SIraru, tr In, ,b o l i etit ullt will lineo tru. i diril
urn,-.d! f-rr.nt tit- f t!. counltry. (;: 1ry e v-etadrile Ii ti
-t ato d : ;- thirtd aii, ,vn r irnever it-untld to, tier iia I
of .l - ,i inrrs; t heyp litnshxi, te~diL hrcl:rg. thirrr Iaii
dutl y tt.at tre rr:,loulc might live. hotu tIltru f "
r'cl l s slo , - is fne' t lfret" e nrr ot l ,,. W rt l ,'e ourid i
nt-i at. hise, onr l'nion ito Ie ar Unitrn of h-;eat, tard i
or-, , e wo d havt e  a cot er:sr ion tbrier, t.l ot f i
.1.i sti i erelt be at,seof lfore ,hat r o mpelt tob.-dierce, '
hut ortey d l1..:ta se the people lhv, Ito prs ci- tt
is the p!ea of tl. ecoistittihtin. A dt to d yt, if I Slln
T'l callted to the work to which Abrahari;n Lincoltn ha
York w:as called ixteen year- a o, it, is under in
it-!,- brighter skie-s and more favorable antipices. 101
do hope, I do fervently believe, that by the aid ni
Grant of Divine Providence, we-may do something in
clared this day of peace, by works of peace toward t
era to re-establishabing in theheartsofourcountrymen t
I;er to a real arnd hearty attachment to the conatitu- Co
sut to tion as it is, and the Union to
there, . err
y t he MfAIVA.IXALV.a.T,Y.47EIGO I.E-\,MI:TT
s w ,te ,
rtooil Corpy of telegram dated Washingtoa. March n
,at in- .r
tpubli- , 1-77, sand received at New Orleans 3:1, t. M. tui
a new March 2: 1
itve To Gee. C C. A .afr, Comn auding Depaltnlrret, New
rotest OI leaie, I..: K
The fu, lowing rdi-patch ha., gone to G .v. 'it
gton I'ackard, ar,: : ht·errby cent you for ), or H
formrat ion anitd govrrnenllrtle
fr the ]Lxr 1 ct it MANt1-N, /
L te V.r- rgtnr, M rc!:, 77.• ;t
to I . ( . S. i. t.. iri. e ear ... l . : rt
at:l)rn, IU a!nsa.l r to your dlrr-1i .tcor f ti'rhi dlnte, the . 1
Pier- 'sider t directs Io to nay that Ie rr'ls It his til
if n!,o dutyv to stati fr:,nkly tilal hre dlores not believe the
1, the IbIilio ;ionioniel will lonrger enpllport the rmarnte- we
bOils riaucre of Statle overrnr,ent in Louisiana by lan
islice the use of the military. anrr that, he muit co:n
r,tec- cur in tlis rmanifert ieelinrg. The troops will to I
igbts hereafter, as rr the pant, protect life and did
cOans proplrrty from nro vltlerros, whell the State woI
ty fr .ll thlorlr e fr.il; hilt. undller the rlrlailrig days ian
lnt r'S. of Iis tliicial lhni tihey ,'ill not Ie used to ee- ine
arck- tablish, or pull down, either claturar t for con- lesa
gree- trol of the State. One
Ii his It ls not Lis purpose to recognize either 'n 1
clauiant. r (. . INtIFN, Secretary. 'ro
WI. 1'. bIrEI:IAN , General. prej
0111 :ial copy : re
G. (I. ii. Ress.r., Aide-de Camp. to c
Sr.- I'RUC'L.IITIr.m'IrV (ii TH" GOvFER.VOJI Qr r
nited iie
3-th, Tio the peop'e of I.nLrslsu.a.
Aij.u. I congratnlate yo; ui on your law atlidirg .;,at
reondrct during tbp patI,: rontba of u!prtece- l
who dt.tedl anxiety and trial r
ntrr- the history ~t that period, so fir a on fr ire il
SMr. corcernred, hea lce.i lrrt the steady CC lIn Iin eao
this of thze hihutst r .Vc vir'ures. a
The aituatili ri 3our affaire at ibthis rruorent coati
rtdemands, eUoru thanl ever, the exercise o(f coia- tii
Lioh biutd riro . ete, ir.deratron and devoluon to ,nira
pc to Irinciple. but
ir wit 'u nowA have the ah.-rance that outr grert Ih I
nrel Comlrnonwealth is about to resamnre tier ritintlni At
leer- poeitir n rin tihe Ui tln of States, adal in the co,
r 1 trot of tier own riternal aflairs. tine
evil Yoru rmust, thlrrefore, couutinue to maintain itrih
ths the I t.bl t peace. RI:lrain froml all violesco A
n ay ard leave to thoe a ho are chargedi withduties
very of goverrrUrent the rsepuonibility of enforcing
ven the lats .
ttis lu the future hi.tory of our Stato let us Edito
nie, recognize uand respect tie fact that all lass t Ia
bich and race dn;ioctions refoire the law are and reat
ring shall remain atfbltabd. eat
mid Let ~s hrrnertly accord to each citizen, with, other
ring ouat unsy dsltinctroa, the fall measure of his have
rights and the tequal bent-it and protectiont of knoa
the the law, to tho end that all, under the blesis deti
ext of Gdn, may contri bute to bring about ar era of
ters grott feeling, perace and prosperity. Ga.,
re- Now, therefire, I, F"raorra T. Nicholls, Gov ous
ses, ernor of tihe State of Louisiana, do iesue thi
lost rty proclamation, enj-oining upon all peracns jomut
the the rrmaintenance i f poac., tLe observan;co of whicl
was law, and a propur regard futr the rights of all I had
ked persone; and 1 recooaunend the cultlvation of
thegood feeling, and aspiritot harmony aong all tri
was classes. FRi ANCIs T. Nrcnoe.rs, tribut
and Governor of Louralana. bishi
Iof In a recant pasOtoral letter on the lrarisic. to withi
ent be used in )ivine Worhip,"Cardiral Manning whicl:
"H directs: years
'1 That no mric;e ti.ketn or adapted front ratisfr
ig tie theatre, tihe per, oera ir criert:n , or becanulse hi ll.
4' fain:liar by setrrl r ncag',, shall be initrodlun.ed e, ;
to into the boi"y hLatr, o ur t6,, R i:e of Iereiodicti , slf
or by way f stolun'arr-ntj orr intitrludrs. "lT e' lf
Cirarnr ha- its nan ' .is ,a: to tthi- rYl ,t all it
that all orga5 u .-: er Ir.r'y c tin.eC t li- short
'2. Th ;at ; in it".l * 'ii - l . .M e : organ shall d ath
not'L+ Le rs ; :.:,, c:,e u us .:t~all be turc l, v !,in, 1rI
to- i
It r,: } I, u' C !,. rr . r
1 " htit ::.-th is to t l , J , a,. ~,, It r v .. ih.- . ; " t
1 . l " r Ft;f (., ; i 't . . n Lt 1sl 0. r.- b ip f il.
iihe I lo tI tiiI f i 0 i- i rone lr i
to t . . i : . . . . . " . ,'+ r+,,ur w t
ret.*d r Kl :r, t iii lei d. " i: AIl, MIore.iru, Iu I i l
Stiilry ei ht c..-" a l s'tl1 Crite of St, le- and b
it ii'tia, D) j,,:. I :.u AIb Ar.r aln, mr!nier of to trc
" 'c t!he. c1,apel oif 'i'a r i6 ala of n crre-lihle at.d 1
a Secrertary-Gener:al of that 'dio "e'e. For extra- o hial a
le ordinary ser-ne s reddured Iu ring the war of to BaD~
en 1,70-1, Pastor (Goguel, P'resident of the Con- ably re
tie eietory of the, Church of the Confesio of talen
to Argsberg. tlerjamnin Lippmilan, Grand Rabbi taken
b- of the I/-raethto C insstc.i:al Ciraunscriptin of duties,
at Lille. the ene
r as Death of Father Cullhnsa, of .avanaash, Chaneel:or
a iof of the Diocese of Savannah
I ` '',.imbus paper, l-tb '.
de;. II t da, l ,y of t ei,, tve'al I of this ,Ived trie l . i .t.-.
heilr l ling of ial.ees in 1 y earts, r
Itheir ia gnu a .: l a to ia (l' ..it I . a. it ohs, lIat i "r
)ir, f i I f lovt~ ft r i .,tlnt iry, has lproe,i. aoiu i i
r.d 'l " i -ias 1 i in the eatatyIv dif Kilk.Iketo v, l s:.
ino- I Ilein 1, l; aaieu a'el in Jal Ctlana lt . II . 1
'ui, Iw1s i r r,l.uatl l s priest in av" ,noa 1 to l:,
c1i- al c:t in 1 Iit .lil as Ls¢itg l d t" (alian )I , I
aian tStlce that i:mIo the gwater prliaii aia ha lfe
cotla has lhelo -Jpiloyed t. ouir city, faithfully ad
uder nlilisttri g Io the eliiiituasl walts o!' i.5t It lek
l. I +nd saiarit g toe jys aitl sorrows of the co n
eti i o lieny.
r i Jin iis deathai the Ctorch bha lost one ofi le i
ward a,,t divines and society a mtt inseful lnd iti
men teot nietubir. It will be difliult to supp:y
itu- Columbus with a priest who can he so nwa. o
loved and respected, nolt only by his parishioi
eta, but iby the people generaelly. All knew,
"- and knowing loved hbin. The cat holity ;,
1. Father Cullinan was broad iano ugh to ca over
every sect cuodl cte-ed. I'.al hfll ta Ii hs el.l
arch :tid teachings, ihe owned ivry true ti aso an
brother, and hl.s charity was ,tnuiin deld. Fw
. i. niiters poses~s the tre nobility llat undel
lay his priestly robes.
New 110 served us during the entire war. Manv
will recall his acts of benevolence, his ailtiIe t
.v watchinii by the bedidle of the sick andt nfl er
- in , is lliel , t unost.en tatiois yet devt" , ei
s t..rs with tie Lobltle ic n and w imen of thi inl
ti nes to allevIate distress lanld e nii , i . Witi
the olther inirilj itrst he alcted fully a. a fr.'ely,
" i attended their mleetilgs and co-,periteil
slr tily" in all their lahbues of live,. JoI, . r.
the J I. . I1)el\ tic, :.r tbat tUtie pastor if t.ie :il,- I
his t let church, and Father Ctillman, aone llloig 1
eve the warmest friends and ardent, adliir ere, atlnd
ite- we know that the Protestant friend will sadly
by laelint the loss of his Catholi tbrother.
c t- Father Collinan, while an ardent, adhere nt
will to his Church, was a man of liberal vieva, atnl
and did not hold himself aloof from the uiltsilea
tte world. his kindness tf heart and charitable
lays hand were ever opened to thoIe il diaste-a-s ir
es- nered. An incident of his desire nota, a the I
on- leaat to wounad the seneibilities we aiil rtla'e.
(Once he was chousen'by the ladies as ohallain t
her on Memorial l)ay, and accepted. lie solugtlllit a fi
y Protestant friend, and stating he knew of the h
. rejudices against Catholics lby many, and de
shred to know if the least huntble would object
to certain prayers-among otherle the one for S
the dead-olasnal with the Cthurch on such core
Sai ame. li'e friend, kindly langhing, relievedl
his appreihensions. Huw many exu:hit cuchs'
i t aag llUn tial t cnsid'ratiou i e
ktei'Ir Cbliluaralt has oftea expressed a witsh
l,;ost ..t ail. ht ite in Caljoulub . asoing whosea
iop hJli I ll.al lived o loi a n d .ii loved l aso well I
b lh,Ji traae thas r e atiee, ill n I i. il, and the g
ire It alu is a ill be aiteurred ait our ae-lietery ta,
in I nia tor alftrnoto. at t o'clock. l$shbup Gruoss
and svera.l prests frot Savannath will .lil 5
t olate.
i- Ile hal blen .ick only a few days. 11is minda
to meotly in his last days lingerled ii deiiriunt,
but bl ooai le ar aitd uolh tad td to paritlake of
at tie last alCililftlIs.
nil At tl . l tnie of his death iFather Callina:i
a ccupied the high polsition of Chantc.e l, aof
tani Diic.se of Georgia-the one next to tl en
Ce A good man hha gone and the people mourn. r
Moh4,<Mutiit, AI.A., February 27, 1-77. i
us Editor MIorning Star: N
1 I wish I could write you this time about some
Sgreat nlission we hail, or naite fair held, or t
Ii. other pleasant o :aon, but in lieu of these I wi
is have ia lsa ainoinocement to make, which I res
of know will be grievious news to you. It is toe Or
death ~f dear 1E ther Cullinan, of Columbus,
Ga., whom God called from his sphbre of arda.
Sous labora here below to conime to the full en- i
joyment of that heavenly bhiss and happiness a
of which ies promises to all slia good servants Oc
I I bad the sad pleasure to participate in h:e t
t-'rial yesterday, and be present at the last wi
tribute of love and reilspect paid him by all, t
bishop, priest and laymen. They laid bia boldy is
within a few feet of that itear little chunrchi (tn to
g which he otliciated so faithfully for so tany d'
years), where his rn ally friends can have the
i · atisfaction to kn,'el at his grave and pray fur
, him. The love and esteem in which tihis .ood I tif.
d Onlil aln priest was bell by all manifeeted i'a
itself by the deep gilef and sorrow shtwn iR arr
Sall ,:e et. T.o. warning for deait i'-a very a:
short one: d a few 1.313 ,slkeasens l. I ; n wl.hn
lI :.iath;l bit, thank G <l, t did r1. n'',l in On
I It1 , 1,ke i ti. 'f in tt night, '1, s :s. r at r c:.
dis tr,}-r f,,u .,l Lim pir arn ,l .t d ,I ' ;il ",-. n
I si hi , , . i nrray eve efore l.s,, ia  s .
;-i, .dirt, ,, 1 Dpr:,r.t, being. too "-'o I-, .,..,,
h 1i. l, , ."tit for those who were in thu ." ,
Si. tia -irus to go to aca.nflbir, tti his b. !" , ,
and b a'd thew thins', thie tre-- to ,'Us i :tia ý .,y
to tle endl. lI tl :bhen a -onl.ocr wi hi nit i
olaiual tiaection for everatl years, and bad been
Ito Balf!taiore to eflect a oure, and was consider- tIr
ably relieved when ho left there, Lut having wae
Staken a sovere cold in the discharge of Ihis eral
duties, it affected the old disease a: J hurried Seor
the end. gre
el:0or Itla g,~', Il. h hopl, thLe ighlt ,ev. W'V i. II.
1 nr,, , : ,.l !.. :v. i.' thler .1 ,hn I1 7rh,z both of
l St a,.lal,!, .,wia  to oiii r prIen lt f ui thl|':e
t l' ;lt h ii ,een d., liU ed, aire thlo o ly priests
n i > l)ii m 1, llo" |'ee . prl'set , tUnt ti + i ere ably
i ril ii ari " ei l.iy i*.,*-d by tier own g notd puriht
tl , ptri i, 1 i.-v. I avaig e, ahi, th.,l:glh vni in
year., t it h a hrle hot of Pria,' iin hin--lIf. It
w tai I, who t, .l r:ihrated the I qi l.ui i[l gh M;ie
! 'I, l t ,r t'he rep a ,N" of hilt 1 lie Ir oi.
T Ii, orI t I'n or l the litlop oi the ii 'i lit, of
ail the diep: rtd during teht hligh SMatn onil Mon
Sk duill, only wnilt to siho.o that hit olt llock loved
nm- hie lio .. il ir ald ho1ld Limt in ino higheretteeni
r than dini hii Bishop. iTo give you eve the
ti. Moiupni'iof tii at el iji-ii t ser on lwonld ri llore
mnt rInie epiluo iun 4your Ivaluable paper thal:n I dare
11(0 I aek for li0t, but ualy in lny n-tat ask 3) itl to
ew, pablish it. The chiuroh itself anid itatle,
Iy paiuting., altar al il everything insidel and
evr ourisie were hiuiitnl tiaely draped in toia Furling,
Sand the i iai iitely beautiful catafalque, be.lfore
a the l igth ltar, iLow id from ita irotlsion of
fliw t rierl and drapeiry, that his friiilds airron
i the adic iof hhi ti ongril'il;Ihtion wert, not fi,
leiThe lrIpri-,silot, w'ith wasi foriled in the
1 c I - ni.. lr i d iov -l d amitlllio idl tbu roie n te r l.i. in
.1 I ' it!uirtt, oif wit:il thei h rtl ti Ie l was Jliia ted,
lt wat lheadid i l t lynligi iadiei ofi thel Soda lty I
it i ii liorn aciiulite, Cocic- lption; then thie
,r h Su li t e ,f the, "L, ,ttle" olty Angl; , followed
hp- by the h e3 of the St. Aloytajiuio Sciety ; the
ig 11:r.t.g n-eid of the Coa .lnbus Catholic l;nionl
dlferic-c d by the band of lad it-es andI gentlemen
foirming the chliir; thiei the Lalies' Altar
Society precodiug only the Rev. Clergy, atio,
e with the choir, were ienging the faneral pesalmn,
lt and inmmediately in their rear the body encased
,r in a bieautiful metallic cltin, b..rne by eight of I
e his much loved fietile, and then, two 1ad11
tin two, icameo his congregation arid his lProtretant
t i friends, folloiog hinm in Horrow and grieft to
h his last rIltinig tplace-. W'e. that knew Itur to d
lot wll ad loved hlim s ni .u h, have inot thei
or lightit, ildoubt that he is ir:ow er jiAwig l.ine
r- richly menittle reward ith bhirn whori hee
,i nerved son loing anI hl howli fiithfully. II
ert itin y a notice of his dol th ariallolucie by ,
e a local (Protentanti) parer :it Colubabui, whiich I
b I , I ig nou to head thin with, and when I ,ll. , t
he gir, for the lengti ofr thin art 'e,I I't-el tlhat j I r
Lave rlot said thel halfof thedeimandis of tht a
si autj.jets, biit ai'1 chlo. with the rlutit.t oif
yulir pra, ir s for him. i-'pl ot flily, 1. . p
ifNYt I INvA. itr i A Ott alisii,' , it! Iri I 1'I. J rl'.rII
ItI i n I II ( ' 1 It11A I 0; FOI IIlERIN FLI' l is'.L ,
I!rý,ular I'or:el po.dliert L ,hl I t il
\i 1f (ilee,., l tiiii,.y I.-Why is that un s
nernirily teois iof late yeair ltirort to I"loriIa g
dlring the r:ut L el fruin October to April uil aI
ilirsuit oif toalth or io avoid the riguret' it a hi
Nirtheri t olt lllte, a hi;, both of there, oljits ti'
in ay I, attainedil i New orlans coil irotlod wit I di
ithe alila.itagie which a greaI t ci y al.ltls tin P'
icoin;lhrslun rlait:i country vilig, or iia nea llde w
I wateling place I It niy' hie mtcrtetil withou t tb
x reserve Itiat as far a's "imate s ciionceriltd New ti
OrleaiIns does not. di fer materilly Itrn the of
u favorite Itlotiurl rie:ortil-Jtcktiorla. lle and I'. hi
I, Augustin.' at.
lu coneidei-iring the climato, th!e iltlii neuoal tb
temIlperature f in lilttle cotnte ul;erncr al Sout h
ern chlroute8 are sought by ins'ldid,,aiid ton.'mts
5 a. a geieoral Iulet oiny durini g ttie ionilia fromi
October to April, incluaivi. Neverthelets, it u1
oia 3 be ael ru tate that the atunal tempera- Ca
tire tl New Orleans is 7J degret o ahrouth-it, C
t within oin degree of ttat of Cairo, Egypt,
situatel ion the iaiilrt ptarallel of latitnile. The )
isltthertl.al lieN b letwe n the cul in entt of Si:
Tl i:lrop arid AceicI , which are greatly coii-i 1
S trtotd i0 Nortiern laltitudiles, aiiifeCtL a ten
d, they to parallelilant as you (coiit Southw Wartd
liirl; i latitiule 2t i they cill tll- fo.ir ptlaces TIi
ia' tit li-ovl ot thte tea. The ioil l y t I ua, i cI
r Ut te liii,* of tiInial wiIntlr tmllil ralt re, al!
1 tiough i l i ,th. e r ept- tili , iv r , gl r l Is l iO ,re i
in, rkled tolaarla th Northii,anitt, ,c.iti odtrl- , 1
a rot attaliocl uitil yt u reach i lower -i oth-t
err lilt a .tde It it we-re ne' for "he o;r a t,; tal I
e/c r,*-' l iec oli evr'-0 e, ' 'it. ' I l- l a ii es I ,
w cI n.! w .eep L "an I ni I,.r , r, i . elnot. Noti - I
vi -'tr .i a:, ; ea lt-l I t, I"Ii i-"l,, t-" .lri .,'" li ai I
Lr l, c ,!. 1 l , .,- t t rt: T i t i,:t,. 1.l i:' , t i l!.i
So n ca tv 4f c a' :tl oIt ra -te m- T ' r"
"t, t,. , h:l: g n~ ;i. .! "t _t,', r ,t l y ti 1 ,,
. , t it ii. r.it - ht tt I :t, . , o
.orall s thed a- warm te r , a nda t. itac r t b
we-t, aid a i: ia ient ,a dry woot. It ;t-- me
etally etuctledl a warm term, and lowers the Febi
mercary to the neighborhood of Jt d oegroce-in
solite cases to the vicinity of 2till degreee. The rece
greatest cold recorded to New Orleans was on hav.
II. January i , 1541, l whoi the therrmlometer
h of I arkedl I lt' Isr.e. I' rrhalps t vlice in twenty
3e,'eirs +hi. Innli rtilinl ,if l i iilcgri eisin reached.
I lcll Ia lill 1sebu a. oi hee In llt 11111 tnn ,I - is 1d ogree.
ati 'liii .u;anIi ll il irlalllOi rei se llVrle wl lter. Thu
tblyj d lt C n+llet-a, nIII ly tei ly, ait i1 wasvi very pro
tri.e! . la i,I i ttiliei t oi,iitIc marked 25
t11eg~r "t, it i I vil, ice,.unt, ig dIring lto
Siln l c , 1ub .J Ii aiiiry. andt t ul far In Febhruary.
It there i but i ,l . 3 V . ligytsl lgar Iroert-not
thel 4ytii I. i t., llt t im I )ll i l llib r IIs
-r nl 3by tie fa1ct, ht.iat atiwbetllli which
'nflil4t Lo hfIi tih l l iiiad' atiO their aip)earance,
altr ll belnt fr.omt our iesI kLets, and the nmespilues
olr .Jhepa I lI,. the iroduct of a treO which ham
vd tlHe sirainge habit, lof bhlh.ominK in the autumn
rei and riipenrig Iul the wilrLtr, and which gener
the ally brgKl lili colme ill .lnlliary, i nriot yet to be
sen Lt clio frulit-atands. llowe.v'ir, violets and
lire tIyacittli 11,ll1, calmlllias of all colors are
lace abuulidallt, the peaih.-treea have Ibeen In blooml
i to ifor lmort thlan a eek, arid Iliany of the forest
traee are covYli'l with younIg green leaves.
343, For vegeta lilli to arrive at a., advaanced aatage
anit am lies by Iu 11 llrb tf iFebruary, it nrust be sa
ng, I urnid tha;t iliters have ibeen at least three
i wre I Nveks of genial spring weather. Anld such Is
tils Clice,. Fu'or liearly a wontl01f!l p)revLou to
of Mardl (iran lie sky wal clarurllld t lihe tetulplera
ng Lre averagieId about tlc degrtee. For the last
t Iluee oir iour dam ttle wrclher hias lieetl cloudy.
iL to, (,aIi -.IIal rllina 181c lutho tlerlmometer
thilai int I.ilili below 4, degreie.
l t, 1, rl niien fI r thlsl two wiriter L 't74 and 74
I :lt.;l degree.. I, ii. t., lbe uliotld that the
Aitgi' iu r tl inL.an l ti i lpralturn o f lthei Ill th of
the I FetblU1t)y is ul iy olu de-lree hwer thin of
rest Aulghut alt I)ilbllu, uiid that Ithe ct l tlulter
t"oilIu iat lire at .'New Ohlenriel is blit slightIy
tie lower ltiia thalit f Maly at lulos,oi. It Is L4.4
1n, ilPeglye" tiiigher than the w iLuitr teIpiler:atlre of
on llllllu . i'.ivii, ' llltadua d lI"i lba lildy igenerally,
tar andI dgree.i higher ha thl wrtller tepellira
"lille of l lcirctie acid Moutpiletier.
to, I thilk I have thus a.lownl that itr the e.seo
us, sentilas of a mild winter climmats, New Orleans
oil ollers fur greater irodueenents than the tavorlitl
treilt lt ii eaitlhieru Europe, tIcli asc Nice,
if ilillitpil :er, (unona, Milano, Florelce, R1,ome and
od Napieri. 'Ilie really aevere weatther, If eaoch It
nt can b called inl ccilupairrin with what iscalled
i cl4l iu New York and New E1ngl-and, comes
to with a dry, btacing northhwest wind. The
eo da..p, cIald north.ea.terr are rarnI a1ndl not severe
tI ie to teolperature, and they are not by any
in ltEa'i lc t Iuplemlaot as the mietral of aont'erfl
u4 Fi'auce, or the Iiercing winds which soiietimee
he sel1ep' dowti from thti unsuimiitl of the Alps or
I the Aplenttilta . Iti thi'en Imarticulara, as I said
at .hlii blginnlg, Niew Orloans stands on an
'3 eaihliiy with I.ickeouville and Sr. Angoaline.
,ih alt el ohers it i greatly ti, he irtferred to
Lthicea rovorts. It rimr the ch.tracteristire and
Itle rsmourc-s o 'a large *1ti3 -glvod livyting at
I rciotati+lbr rltac, theitrre, ciurolri, libraries,
al alrnxtclln.lt eto liol et nreut-car., and anUate
tif c1,-lLe aitctl to all tante, asrid reqlroemnets.
1Il, haatcld l f t. l "if iit rii l clm coast are cur
pietd Lby tlil rtil silllller, the pc,liii'1111, the
raroutla, ti.,i croaker r l ld it inlly ortera of thu
SNew u llci i narket arka i ; all l the tlortritu can
h:11 1he plciurle s eJIrt wiuticI two iolllra'rido froUn
.i e c:tL olr thej Mobll ir the Japo keiil otr the
Oin.li,uan I iilway. 'I'inrkey3 are tl be found
all ll 4  t.i, s,. caillil Ji, ke c iloe, a Iiltle dis.
Ia grese noil i d1I duckso our Itioly varetleas are
ii al finlit. i it ie ot lrinaual flr an amateur
a Luititr to lirglK tlfty or si ty clucks and seve&ty
a live ti, OLe hInlled clripet ail the renult of one
II la'a y llhiiliing at Millet'ia iIayt, the Migolelr,
n f'eitl Iiver or Iluyiio dia Alleuiandd, all ot
S Lwhich etauiiac are within a frew hourf ' ride of
t the city. itence I ask again why the toursat,
Sthe prleasure.aerker acil te Inoollil, In search
e of a llild Cil ilat and desiraus of liviog cor
Irtably or of rijou, IIg tte sports of the wore
archl lai lilid, l s, hout 001oo0 to New Orleans In
I hi wlliter iii sltead tf going to Florldria.
e 'I'akiig the Vote of Florida accerding to the
oliriion of the Hopremie Court, that of Bouuth
-'arolinia accortilhin to the report of the louse
Coiiiiiittee, it wl.ich the RI[ulubioeau and
l)ctinucrata coicurrcd, and wh.,h give. the
f ~i'al to iltayes, ard that of Loniciana accird
I K to the rturn, uof the cumloeseioners ol
election at the i everal poll., which gave the
Si'ullen elcctors an averagio uf oilU majority, the
actrual liiuihber of vute, cait at the last election
fr the pritcilal c n liniaittesn i as follows:
'id" l,en ......... .. .. ............. ý.',,tel,
S1:. in .... .... ..................... .....1.rftiS.j
I cn' true vuoi c Ii thie JI ctor..i Collhgee,
tun F .'ti i cia al :itc >m ci t.a, to w hich
ii," -a:i, ,I He y etii i.d, was i ', arinl giving
I)l,: , .- t': t Ia tth. L ,it a. P e li- ncy,"
~ . ".'I i ., ., IcalL V ' ~ ii' tih ut Ii 1e ii',.r
ity r 1 ...e :-,ecr,rl (o.Jle.,, P.:..1 ,1 .J
'1 t. .e 1 '':i ol f I- clbruaJy over 1 'l u '.U !i
taxt. !.all b. r: paid to IhI, Ilarul:lJ o i ( cern
itent in Siutht Carolina ;on one day alone,
F'ebruary 71h, the large sum of $2'2,ui4 being
received. Chamberlain' oflllialu meanwhile
have not been able to collect one dollar.

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