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The morning star and Catholic messenger. [volume] (New Orleans [La.]) 1868-1881, July 15, 1877, Morning, Image 2

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be sat Csr v W th.e m ,,wr. "Y.
et l of the strasr are
S i r the y , sad.
-im ~ v~si g." A m m a e abad I
biserraed. he tersed rosad !eickly is r
m akb pes semadge by ie aside, r. *
+$s Jetiwm Tewuaebed Y To seak his a
str9It msts be sevem or eight maie
SI= as ht to that dltsetlon," r~ led the i
" aitlr~eag Gearets; "eod it you will 1
Ss gf i5da e, I will pot yoe :a the
m, Uaster Webb." refereed the farmes,
S Ie betI leave that to me. I tea * d. 1
le eab sad galde bthe geIoleao by a "ak t
Is ls.. time."
*Tem asy be wasted at home, Thomas." - 1
ll(e mies as. h ak y ia yoor wife. and
the leoeb's drectne-. eGA ale:i }'e a
- fep yea ti good heat. my fried * ,As
)wId iSs, be ao eneaoetely rised b:e hbanrd,
iV Ye ag iieite age, wheresr..o, -ca,. t.
apsi Iee of evrrae, t. e farner tc:. P'l .
-.."LhI dSr: it t his lipe, brt , , :rio'y re- ,
ues11m l be had dose som-ettin w'-, -tr
eM e Maseter Webb'e nrl" ced ti e
bIdeftldyar,; "f'C.h t i. H....c y
'iTeor horse is jdd er '.-.r - te er"-".me""
abespphap r |ad P.S .e ., a r*.e.T* ri.
- ass jun ger t( a £ j.,C'ra'r '(r'v a
deslist of gora1 onr $t fe f I,* o
'y wit rhire 4e ·- n,ar.eu s re :: Itr
mtp · es, &-A t peTrml.s i .e t. e
f might ra.t tF Isaa'. toa Te:- C IA r
ler sodl a r+ere..t t sr:-ead a t. f. ,
g ao ll w~e, . e" wana r",ti ..
wtie f. iettna s: Iests Err..
rvaaise w taat . t i-a frpe at , of
lrtltee, for, ano 5d t-i.e trb, a:br.*r ret e
av ide r wri e harte 1:.m 'ea-. L t..e
yell ted book; tat..y.
. h. shL e.otsC. se y r. .:, , t:. bl tare. owr. i
gml y 0o sea o ofia Liates -, + f r'?'e r:r,
S slr thea oraa w::i r 1ar, hi. spee 1 eilt :khL
mreway w olt a. s :fwe brau trave.. L toOrte
bess ealter I
Oervae at moon fonr. itae feiterd at the o.ak
h1tad 1o a neat and e.rrsniy kftcben warned
by a biasing log fire 1 a Ltne ';,*n chimnrey.
whore b oee olf baea., were haniag to te t
~eed, while others trethelteI .openpr.ded 4
hrem the beams of te c0 -rig. Wnia.e re wa a
stgatiag Mbiesi, te cttd4 r:  he p remrak.art
blL het's deferentral mariLer toward the ti ol
mea, whom he calilt. a rde and engagid ao a t
eryeoearnest ,onveresito bl the dr of an in
e Lhabsmber. There was er.sething to thIe
yesman'e aepearance wlob atrorck nor young i
sealier, san preponseseed bim in  l fIvor. r
e- was rather a/bre the Middle bLeg- of a
Iseader fltnre. slightly bent, and sea rted in c
fare, with reg ilar festarre, and ha.r crn a
S Istelygray. l eI voice was rt.facd. and his 1te
ssener peetiariy gentle and rertarktbiy
eeelreoos, and yet in is spesech there wu a I
alightly ctater.deh accent, ioca sa was $ t
lume perceptible amohng+ t.,ae cavralers war ,
bad spent oebh timr.e I t f aorec;g servcen. Hotr
frbisyeomhan 's ars., , tsaeveril wo,uil have
alaet set Ihmn dowi. as ore ,f th ,te wo hail
beL o in acite in tlhe datns tioa Cfora.men.
welth, or who btade'rve. in thel. Lrl:te. r.+,r r
tiagent goder Loisa X XIV. ian his wre a - ga
the Spaniards, but tlirt hta afportuatrat was
s oet tmicinetly olti-rtiake to w.errart aucci A ,
onelusion. Tihe fartue.' et.-aerr iial ntd
almost ab.uqu .iria ran.air r toiwart i-an waw r
also very prztzltg I"t .ior trievirlle.r. W.i:r L
they were thus rr- gage- In ltal:rig ii an udir...
tone, a wench oper.eo tbl door try wsich, It.ry
were stardnnrg. and rhipirr'l oerrithrn ri ri
ehdly, wheraeupon broth dnisappfearutd into the
n naer chtamber.
Havinr g salt.ae hie Langer, Hfisaernit was
S se·ied with a desire t, look after his horse, arid
dooaing his braver, he crili d firth rant the
yard taily made fir the h stable in whic h it.h
asge bad bhero eratul .l. Ilsr stra-l wes tI
leisorely enr.agld ire levorinri.g if. ra a' .rre . i
beans, and h we was pglcsed h to e+, tiat L.e
friend the cwt-rlrd hadi rllubbed it disi., ad
that the artiliti I , mll el-.ek tand rsea.l If r a
fresh atiar as rson ai It had comi,;.l.t.d its
' Who in the gelrtlern n that lr',f tL ril. I'
enqOired (iirvee iof the rustic aw ' r prc  a
silver coin n his Lurid in return f .r In,, etr,
"Hey," retarned the c'rt:lerd te i.o rr, kE
down his heir ian tiakonr.. itf ai" i.r w ,.r e*.ar
ag varcantly at his ri+ , e"-'i".r.. " I ,t n a
frienl of matll . t' . It tr. er, t r"i a.c -r , f
mine who lie Ire, t ttiwo a erdi .i' .a"rir'.
sad thank iour wotl.; ,.a:; tie ame fi.r ,.r
kind faver "
"Thena yoi i!innrt know t' W vt m-irn .ca
same, or w un.," , I. toa-a, nrnarm "',r.
traveller. "Mel th . rsI I r. i ', m ei. i'.nr
eall him Wetati
"Wahla. re te, iorn e,,raA I" i", .. that . ,,
ealled," ra ilit e t It . , . . ..i . ." .'" tea i
ant, ao he yiaciea ,e.t * air f e o i~-. n t:..
borese' hleadgo.r fr-irn :r p. -
n' hie Thea ai' te n itmir:a;l ..: S. r t"he
yaong getrilman.
' Whyh c"ra. that, . i ie ir. C lhotice ii. cimat, , aft
to see mairier"
"Ishona .-chi fixranelt" .nini the. lang.r
"Nat so I have hear r.t , I lr.h.,na- 'i mnight.
S be anmaewhat t of ,.,a. fr airaot I eown ,."';
hbtiye heut tan. ark a.irr.an -r.r trn f.Aiiraei
b ime el yin raidl w iu.n. I h-er mnaitr
ealling fotr rue nags naw, cra i-iers
And o trtih the farmvrar rni a-.a rn hn r-a.
were i-otnd tIt.t htaWha hIr.k :.g frv aIrae. ivr,
and the servant. I he hoira lhad I an temn .1
pared for a e'wrt Rtm. ,iri-al w r..I..r-e i'
maheatI s retoa,wChi Ir.atwrn the *miareri a t.1
Ileht, evebn htrr oi ti eau. 1,: rwir. ii t t:khe.
the latter r l., I a.re iwalaiy awh .'t wi!..1thro',
him fate.'.lt.'1" ' nbut tc i it... I . tS
" te fOul," tbe 1p,",o mn . t "-.i t " tie ! T n 1
aspecies to K hceile, i u' Iw 1
der the leo of a cr, e. ir.l. of r n r ,
donted btheri Ir eha 1.O. t es I in., CiI ,r
abreast. Ir ae-,]d t bii I-ni' a'- i a u
palraerl iatrt w alat ohavr thoaded I." a
aeon sair a kei i tiat wa 'yta r'.,Joe t i
way tihe rn-o. tr a- to I tr en hai
-IB odti *lhr ihor hoi . tr-t) rai .
I feert y'u e.i I.- t 't !.* t ir
dsta-ton- " - esntl ri.' itni ai t 1 ,a
pealo n r'ra rib ;n 0 I 0 n r4'ely
isale, the ways arr - r c art - a- I var s
twelv ruethinrke. Ia it. yinr im - vI Vt ti
Yes initrdd, for altboulgh Ihi' .q e In mi y
ielation I Iiave nrver yet bail an oUiliirtinriiiy
ed testing lit la' h.pitality. My taotberimarried
agai. atd mintc. tier mraartlrge I have hr-an
A'ile thrown itrh icr family. Toe fact int
that my fanher's jI:alaria-t Ihiaastood in the way
of ble laterests trial Ciit trie i-IT from any
mother's relation.', whir mi'.h't raerchance have
been better able to help a.,. iii iai life than the
stern old otellers with wioiri I wan thrown."
"Then your father woe a tni ii h'- r'ysliit, I
trow," quoth the yeoman. "Jima lic-a Towns
bead, although afo. to Poaiinits, wS-ruVat favriar
ablei to King C'Iaarles, I wroen."
"Bt nUot a High ChurobIman or serong taron
I like nay poiaoar alre, who got iat-i rainuible
ugh bolnig more tlian once eueptrsr.t I ar a
AS to It.at, they say jourstire aaiiouilnt
jeopsantrs. I mhoalld think my nuclae iirlnt
hot water amoagsh lhorn all."
hai a keen eye that way," rjoned tle
*'or to say ti.e treth we have a
of those who hold tree to the old
--------------------- c '
jfaih .s saa . w ewIam till a-' lmSbi de
Ta me. wY e las Me wUdOaE S .G a*
terse. awahessia seen aa. is lbseaid .4
"+r uawalolr. eBiebt mmd to witI~a tae
farina's Hers sawarda these-ascsmfd ja..
""- taif h .,t to Fakr. -o.kt si
Lb. to be w-U im."i Pears s s atar a
*tpein, "I asW ratite w m· a ight as
ewer wn'rd hN~te aed peos arwaed as
I Wake dsda. aa I wen Ieash Is d 4Aorb shi
dainbm of the bemaboti by waking Nam up
}1m ai bey bad ail Tenserd I. teast'
£t Kddw.ieat thara m i e la am
are a. Haatlabr). asI· lisa mush 'saf
Stoa thqe Asrae abed., . areM sad sealcesat
Sarn.modatino, bat I I might make beod t
*'1g41 a better a.d esair cerse tbaa *other,
I .o.4 .stree ha to degn tarry at Hsrwiag
lIon wkows tlb Dam. Yat. will g adZ7 veleem.
oa acd banes you tiert he sight, I doebt s t."
"I sr odd not dare then to It ramas a
aA3,'. bospittlilpy retetrie Gervane.
" I [email protected] veoeb for Joan wetei) .'r repiied bi
eonpsaios, ad - 11,.4 eO Joe31 avail
Syoraeelf of It no 4'es3t -)f Ohn 1ate boor and
:ftic cJ of rte .an.l ?,atvrotbehee, it ebra1
be "o you de. beat "
"' Are 70o R,:& to }ast dame's t' ezqsised
"Ys, I fy'ioe it'i2.tg bars muse:'," re
afl 11 tot " '-> iW0dt er,5 tt.4e p5a.
a7. a : '? f j wi' l: a fuej s'".rt T ,f
Y- Yn Lao- r o,'tlaeq t:aLe ltd in fotr'ar
at:7.-"' a:.. se0 ":.re, of t e woi'.d ? r" c ;oq:o'
'!r:-. "'4.T:. ,:n t ý ý. r2':a': some .:tlrP a
t 1 . I 't er:c05 r.i' L
Y ', I 0hIC roese Li"5"1- ar a~j - *r ,ii
M4-, }tare PIG;,-,- r.; iote t'.) of ;"r o a tootC
t -r. La as I am zow b,. .?i - o Hfa s.t'.:
.'r -:cre 7" ' a' ; at t ce i r rpt'ab ) ML;
ocra a at r'te ..a.~n woatod w:...O57 y'y~ graL0u
I ;. ea. l'.ixt n raste t`.ar. )rea 3ru to
Ffa:.. r tIaLd a .tOi fld t'.. Jp;Z· f.
war: a a h-or gr', ar . wasto .1t
:. re t ,a r-'e sri .,toh:d tt.:r *seed that
esi" -r. t.&:..e4 t,. ren~ew L-te C4LYrf
A'. j'.- 'A SC.. we!O'.'.'a 1 w,' 0, .
tath ;i1 as ,4tL. myat 5.t.atrta at
. in "y L,-yet :w Lobe..iy Lot& otr rko, -rO
jrc T"
"I taws etr P'o'lra Toe r.s'.ecd." redad L a
e 's.I t-.o;',, "a t I £Lace no at' aoLta''e w~t'
<hit.. He~ ist 50ftIva J2.tit4 o~f she P.hsot arid
'1,. L a di'"y e-tcid r-g ro S itigoe. for he a
a atar.ib std L;ttIr foe to recosaota.'.
Is t tr good dame at Ilatvi.go~no a friend
if L a f-r epared Gervae' in a toLe vacl l to
tr·ayAi a ea cueon of betI oyalty.
, by, as to that I e yoren Jlrcbanee bare
warned onI thaIt tIhea is no great intimacy
hetwot' themz, altboirh toot near neig`'b".re,
retardeod the other. "Y~nr ktnamas wrg'IItt re
a-it Saarlodgi -wI(~ ith one whlom he would
onaidtr a ter.oeat. If so, I woand oot press
you to niter on )yoOr Irod, but rathe; r Srg
iyon to speed ronward a far as Kiddermioater,
Woert you will fiod a goodly Ion. N'leCrtte
OleO, If 701 be wtindd to accept the lady'.
tI cheer, yoz wtl b.le bet not a whit less ole
posed tol toLrtitai. yo tL.pitabLy a0 accontl
'ol your kionslp wIth lte J.atirae, for the dane
I ,-aiotr o'o ii:-will to any morotral Wight, ard Iid t
ail i n~t'2r et so fleb'llly to a1: rao."
'" Tr rn ttiA DIante Ytao is a J'.p.rta t n
OIt,.ra !i4.tlooverlAI.
a faitth tt~ro~nth c:.1 an'd giot iI'p--t, sx 571
h i.-' rete' eak'," ool,.oiycd tr)cLr en ..:mI
+ "lot ti-it I thrik thke woreea h.-tr It, 'L. t
r f« I Lroh l betelond Ly .3 y 5.}1u.1'.a pre
v j~'ae 'se alIt Ia.tipa't.ire . My proner 'it.part.
"it- l tat to 1o'b itIslmn, and to oy tro, trutb
I atea'a It a larkking eyrrra.;i.t'y f-,r :te Cath
oiit". I t.oloria t oenu'o that j,'l. ,r, aie
aof L ice a roie peteoaatI f'
I' I arN a Catholic," ansewere Lin companion.
. "" Watbat farmer of tbe sawsr faItr. I' pot
e ! .toed t'.c or"r"g "·~a ·
* rlt'n.A.. t.r. -;r, that w e I: ci'n .o a- wic
i !~, isr r . «. ".! a Carneo r at to .r'.::r a bear}
I *lrrt a:' : ' r.';,.:d the "o't-, e'. ' acd tbat
d' r! ~. ",etui rt. y Inwii;-r. tirba rr.y own
r .lt,,Ia. tnot lIt, warisotr-d itn so-latoge;
Y' n 7r.ej r1"t to my h-,rrhr as a gttr.tlerr in
that I w.!; r.~roatrtiy yotI to my k.r.-:niu ro
a ;.ruy one e a.- r'aorid ithe yonth eageily. " I
" I need not' say where I have lolged nu my jonr
Ioey for he k'.owe not, within a week, or the
r~ pit", an lay '.f ny arrival."
Trans c.00ecc:r.g tel.ey teactl.ed a~m nmore
a ov.- 'rnnr.:o' ty which tiCe yeoman pr~ fitld o,
,f pepes f Iwor- and no avoid aoy forther diw
,-r"". A'.'t a brisk ir'le tyry reatoed so
r e wr l- riverhadowcd the e'rnll Lao.
!, prrrrtt r.r tI n roauion, acid btihever.li
oil a~ro-a'; r.'atern the niaik tnirete of t e
" e ronMar..r-i.,te., wbiart proes:nily lrr~nerd in
,r "an nae-o *o.."l rdi, ar.rm wan rel-.attiA to Ith
w: t .fu ,r '.,..:.d rat'-. Throe wa , a'.air f i
* Now, g it ,r'·T oho t L!plCOate , w Ir rr-t~"
+r- "!l " r, a.r ,,,", 7'. 21·h i!. e~r:·:) ~ ) I.
ft c' aph, yolto ceak.rl: n:. af.t o .l.o r,
Kio.de ~t, "a or? If".:;~ yi'o og'."ie't tt~ lattr
i- 5ra..1t. ewyLta
` t,, te, uOht~rid~ ;-obo.en to. lIy imasit
ft r".I.,:Vn yo1 t to re-kin r.t- 7 ":r rlot.tl ` a rirly, >
y ..'wI a-llff nro tn'r.f.-I.-r-- .oi to thieii kew
ar Scary Ya., as t'.r g-a;r, it .,otlae. n oa Iwol I
,t prrfir to pri,? I~rrrrrtl al·,r·g yna part, ,,'arrl
K~ddrto,;r,""«rT If yna .',note the lattere
; CrII,. r .iIo~'I- "'t~ rpht Y
or r ii i ron ti T r, at toid ,..o rte:,t t tearry tr,:;·
1 ' c·· r.h :.a ii r - tr."tt - ru o a }ett .;
I hie " :..º1,1,1 Ol'lO I yearoip Iprc~t ICo t I
cIi I· I)'·'~· h· I . at t,"1 )ai to rev1o ke my
" s- .'.t to y'r, It t'-td oLh. .er, T ti ain I rI nr!ra
r'.po-olit.,a ,f tti,'" grand a u,a laro:,ria led Cool
go.. I : I i'll clil l
'-' nn Q ha -- "n s"1.-".l't I, ir n ro ,t ". "I~ root~
I, f .atr; :. In ried -a oa ran.I, 'i ' ,-t, lei r.il 1 11(1
yr hiot..I-r, ',l r,: aintL- «.".r g t,, ..f~ i~t-r1i~t'.Ie i
Ti, t . t'loA l i, ~ II a-al l. wratla l~avItl"l' r , tl uaL.
Ve srinil tait lnly II,-i'or-l'.-t with tainietrier labn~z
heo inIt4 i:ui~ot..ly flr~ro!l f1, i L sene fiOril hiltl
·re- ba~ckd n ..i1' ongugat' in rtntriolit.ry wi,rk
or' aid an t the -l~nee trift tlrll,qL hI n olvereati,fl
TIle oti ne lnrat obil-ly·l matrIohI ircseed in liii
to. cocitiwe of Chicle? It IIaye-3 still, atraigll
tIe budiolat and Otilple aiom "C, uiol a cape attn-,·
a nniit'etalclrglet graKy I',t:I ~, th~e otliet wan i
Ii~ tfltiltat Itt her prion'. Ii tiC i' cetnrn Irmmtr
la) 1L-II d by) irI Peter Lcily, whICh cit. fJCth WhoI
IlelIuoaGo ohana of her tirIltb atlil attrcotlii
hle o-iuntenannce. He amet l·a'ii olt Irn e contacrrt
au ao plowoae~.lnlj i the brown eye. sod danl
,Id eyebrows, te eryr eootraai lnpsrtqgplpq i
i es. t bt a lss Ied «m res i
tb et the eler inMssu eakse a bes
eigst The e irmeeSdlsswau prested4S t e
Mfres a-se aig lbs-re 4e a e adlthe new I
merm, bet the girYe qgatter eat speed ly do -
tessted their arrivaL
" Her smetIl Pbee Jembhim," she aid to t
the Cheaelaie, ad he brisgtl a straaier
with ktm,"
Is Ma isstest the metae roes p to reectve 1
be priest (fe eeb be was) sad ez-laised as
be s[presssed:
SGJed Father. what hbeL deeaed yoe so I
late I was is fear and smmblisa lest s4ole  
meabaeee bad heaflee yes-- he .moms as
tiers are evil sidiags Is tbe wiad."
"My Led YeTe," rsersed" shte dsesie'd I
Pother, witbosr apareanrly betiesg her mat
wards. I ave made beld to lbrsh biher a
gae for she arght,- a belad travelr  res i,
waj to his hisease's at Elmley-one Mater I
Gervwase $ekevrill, oa of Derbyestare, who  
·raves year Iadyajirsl/heepitelity. Alth.ag I
not of our faith, his late ather was. I oder- I
stedL a fiteed to Cathobies, and he w!:l not
bearay as to te fe.' I
* ere, yes are weliome to Harnington. qsotb h
the dame as the extended het bard to G-: rase.
The latter thanked bile G~-eee cordlaly He  
wa too much rap ir. admiration of the s:a:eiy  
matrot and tri lovely maiide at her C:,'to I
pay m'a't aiter.tioe to the anezpected rec&;a
r f, ]z e aer.ty and eemtdr- r . a
e r.rade: a:on to say the trttn, the fastf c ( , '
oen a C-" t.c ;, rest d:4 cot cae b:n ase
mn-a .:?.r ae ae M.A 'a' -tbeer anti: paFted. t
ITe c.ara-'.r .*Lei to harm.,r. ze w:: L.a
sear ty ' I 't- 'y of manrier acd to M:
for oae r (hca fatl d-mvaor of tie f _er f "t
- If Per re:at we at E itey is q-:-re Tr -.r
" e.-:r_, "! *re fay : " .Y :'s wt . 2.o: ri ;r - "
-s 7 a: !':. a . a -. I hiae r-ac f.r '
wi:: " =::! f_'. M Hr L$;" :, O0 his wa;
ward Far. klr," *' e p."**.d, tnrn:tn g :e '
prs:t. a. b·ricea :t s ble.tidige of :f.::t
it. Lcdoc. 7te ;I .: we'th was deemed '.- 
have ,.ovy ,yer a&* 'eeo revived. GClre,. a
bmardr i, . 4 -.te Paptse, and the K- g ca.
lee.r-. fTe: into "- a proclamation o.d-r
;r a Ca ;.-., ' at are not hosehohd r, "
q . L rdc.O frt w.sr.. an" even a .i e%;..t
reg:: . -:.: , . b-f3f me 'tbhe-"d o to a d:'i': c- , f
f-rt, :. s !r,m t:.- c2a;.ta Lard .tsle.
bry fit b--aC:g e err, and Ti it O. es,
ToLj*. sad aL. trer crew are the heroesf :-e
" Le, G-atin.s: I oghb; tcr say from the Lottom
of ny nert.' rejoined Farer Wall, '"since we
pne-as eshal seatredly be the first v;rstm of
toe pesecut:., and Gi grant et as an op
portarity to win an etetnal crown of gKr.
witLost d lB:atty."
'"O Faterl" xrezaimad the yontg lady. who
bad hither:o remained milent, "do you rei::~
think they will martyr the priest. T'
"It is meet that we should be the fr-" to
stfler, srsee the good shepherd is he who 1ey
eth down Le i hfe for the sheep."
"Nay," crnud the elder da-e, "but you soho.d I
reasemtrer, Father, that on your lhfe haage the
salvatiors of Uo a'I, ar.d that if we lwse oar
prieqi we I,~e the tho!y saMment., nat rtat I
hundres of poor sonie will suffer for lack of
your nlr.ieiratiloe. I hope, good air," she par
sIued, turning to O-rvase, whose presence they I
sernel to have f-,rgotteo for the mormett,
" that we may re:. oon: your bot.or, as a care
alier sod a gerte,:,an, -.t to betray one e1
lable of w-.at hsa n.lrrn froen out lips, acd
:La; tth, IF'rex's stritcewillrestaprofood
itcrrýt  )your h..ar. Your kinsfolk in tltose
parts are, I grtrve to :eil y)o, among the o'a-,t
realo " opp ,.'.na t,,o ,,ar religion, and if they
tad the n !g{r'-t c us to his presence in this
tLoune wo -:,,. fe.i an ine'ant prey to their
partitrle',ts atd coflcr the direet penalties of
the law.'
'Madlrm." retr.rtied Saheveriil warmly.
o" ou r.ray rely p,- s moy secrecy. I wouIld not
for the world betray either this good prinet,
who has so k'idly c'.ed as my guide, or the
noble ,,al-n whom I "ee before ue. Indeed, to
say the trath, altl iugb I have been brought
np as a Protestant, I tave never felt otherwise
than favorat!y incli;ned towards youer faith.
aod E ar. e o.ioy times secretly wiseed that it
haft ;tai-d G:,: btcat I should have been born
of C.r..''ic pal.rert; and so bave been trained
I l ti at rsi n dCrepite the oblcqiy and t,eree
cits n, 1b t'-c, s ,rofitesio etiails upon ile
Sad beret,"
" An. my g' d friend,; answered the lady,
"it is nr.t io Ia:r to embrace a doctrine
whbic-h, h.,wever b o.d up with the sufferings
r.f the r;rose a·.ureoiy leads to a glorious
crow,. ; at d o-, Imay take my word fir it, that
what -:..r te:p.,:tl :r-s and pain may re*nit to
yon fib nt boc-,ping a Cao''i| . rt wil niost
certar:. gain an hundreI fold even on earth,
Sir peace asld j .y ar.rl hravenoly coisolatios,
twose the lie everiasting wl.iet will lbe iO
et--re for ton hereafterr
Troeet wern.,C. nttered in a calm and imrres
s e tor.nn trrt!lled through the -art of (Ger
vae, w . ,.n .fti.g his i yes, met those of
t.i - L,'auitrul y)oog maiden fixed upon him
t C.th ain auxit Irtereet which caused the
l ,...1 to, rise to his cheel:s.
, Where he had ,ntpp.d and retired to a chum
t.et i-pr redt fr i.t,, piidering " cr c .,
r .trani' eire .t, o0 ti,+st evening. he f-it ter 1
dered at tie n,.vel'y of };e stit ,a' )n. I eis
early ediatzriit taild rnbtiedl him with re.pect
r 'fr the old f..irh and an abhorrence f,,r the
.'t ,rratsoical pirit i.f rlie rectc -ie~ -n woo has pre
1 vlnerl r!t ri the Coe rlninwwalth, and whose
I tener hbud lteavened the Tr.ercantile clauleisof
r 1:. c1 rtn nrtlry. Its 'ahler had thi:tn as a!ready
t etared, a II h Chnrcar,man,andl hila othelr had
S .,ro ,:! l.i., p in a peruasiort that the Churct.
.rcit.lit-rn rtrttain dl a trine siuO, try of the
(Crrirt:r flith A erir Il* ather' ideath lii
*.,rviv.,r.,; 1ar nt i l married a mhan of vtry
y flerretri pr, piecs-a wealtby laordowner it,
r tt, I .etihlia~l,l),d of Ashbto:rir---whose faoily
i had tv.ada i f,.rtln' ii trade and who Lad be .t;
huo:lct I '.tr.lurneCntt.iatn.. lIt was ba'ricgly
" i-.C.r .. I a i' the vsi. w if Ilio,,be-. a:.d m liltro ,
S "ri! ""1 o mth outwardIly c-tforaorinit to the
E0-ti it- t.i(d [th. et, 1 :mr. n, t ieta' f1s tere Pres
S" I , t ri.tr n r:, I tII.:l d,1 : r.r nu t's irrf ,r le s
,r,: *1,. r . w.y I -f pia t i :l ii r-ni.; floCa Lit
,t .l" , i ,a ;.t; i t . t '" I. I i-i, slt 'e1 t o i t hem t,
iiarrirtl i-i a f t xw l.:Ofir.g t ;inei teon i
S b'rot+ ctit f."itii . It Ws I ta'. C! r- ttf i A i, li
e : I tw, ey th . i't-t-' I ,e m.i ,.-,. rel.n atf ion
a wire wi+r , ot wn r, their k. rii anti-Catholicr,
kt -i. il ift., ti t at ho sv, .at a lie eamt time o
i. 'ilo r Il,,iail ivn Igbet ros'ttnin and Wclim,
S :,it at iH ..o ah xtrl.tie digil.t to t he petr -
Sc ,ld intih and Cr.acalier teondntrined hico
.ic:-ra rile ao ri a rtiinoti r tio n of fiy. It
- . r.Ca ltr, t, irol, ty~ , -m' bwits node .f ea tiitrriaeb l
it Ein Iowf t(-risa.r rewuld wonit l i toKvet hin
m itrrtied t, a w .i- , he bonegirit g toy ine stannhro
r- sr- twas a lraiich WIi1 Weoreetlinrwhire wh
i werto well know rds r their ktrotn stnti.Caholat
a mortimlonti, aid who w rlt, e ait iipated froam time oli
t. wentle blood andth in ter. ostio.t and oaentserti
SInto Ther uownsbend's ,i alwynd it aben loyal
t rupeil that yanule tue otped to the cztrae.
n moh - --e-ord-sure w-ih ]r. -tatonnt, an<
5.raued that young Booheverill ahoold trate
Irnmy L9*WS
Gaerva was eas t mbt I selq Sem I
with Hw hea6.lK, sIIs Sa a fl e s t
a voied w t sei e I fit li w triwm s press
avelve blemIneaalag b er tseaf
-wt by Ias le msai zts lmateu. aud s
otably by . esorai Miss Dub.w fus Kidder
isUter, who bad spet sees me st wish
bea ma Hlelmweood darui lthe o vs year. /
Wdore leavig hesm thas weher bilipeesasd a
pes him tOe reessity sesalg bi· le eava- a
etr preclivites. sad makiung bimif agea
U. to his Weesletrshire kaiml t, sad
he bad almest perseaded him ths aessm
astio weIdW be bie beea peliey f the isame
salag. However. all theen woridly-wiss cme
sties were saddesly nipped is the bed a Id
•.pelld I the i vrely ey* o the feesselag
essg laxy whosee nge kept rsarring te his
agH_ aer hbe bhad lai ham down sp hi.
,e, Nevertvhetes•. eves this spell of b t (
.id o lt beg resust the bodily figule which a
A bad .adergoee. and be soon f-ll ate a pee
sead elember, oely dlatorbed towardedawa s
y dreams in wihis his beeese came is In r I
heir share. He was awakened by the rayas l a
he meoerag sea open the dainsid paoU lf I
he lattice, and he aose snd l. ked was apes
Sslrge are we!-kept gar'tde with lipped yer
at box edeea, iterstperued with wet-mews  t
lets of gr-asL. err·taded by the broad waisre
f-tae moat. byi.od wh.ch was a park, thickly
tediteel w irs ca l v* . ia-, f * !,llaei .
ree IcitLg wilt the g'dea aes cf arseaa. t
TnUre were socde of fimeer-s b.treath ce a
rinf..w, and on p."'erp a bow he tcaw
Sar rj ~f t!meI, oeJ 7 ai i me- and wccta. i
hreadin ri r wr t tea:ls- a tLarow dat inI
ttoretr. wh ca :te) e"'t:e d h7 ctae. He
arried a t~cor- ag -~t. i.a.; : r Mat: 1,
aere o cr+.t . .L f. f- .:e w Le t ta ts
t .r.!-d e -":i ..-:mmm tr:_ .ae-_='- w, t-o- .
e rads.ec ad- after Wi I.-r- a,61-i;: afa:
:..r:e :me jicetred "t gase ..or thro: gb
r_:ei t'e peasants had p , UOpeai.ug it,t i
,e arre-d a narriw :a rs tas- 2 troe ate, I
red peren*!y overheard fe , : dcaods overbeaed.
.:anety pre ote.l .tin i t"a-rte hs searchl
-d i rn m·r at .rLte t  e ir at? :noachapel,
there a deCvco. e grega pon waros aesemxb 1
ard a re': es a Rt g Mast a: the h -mble
-ar. Iae sad Lever befors witnee ed a Ctho- I
c serire, a.d fodr an sts:rant stood eotem
S,-,t;g ,e nrve. e ene i O mate ast:occtine .
1:r ectraneI aidpeare to have ieen enobcre ed I
y the wor tper.a who were sh.rbed ino their
letoitons. Tne preeit had ost fiaished the
tffrtery. and at taet in-tat trned3 rone.d sod
aced t.e congregation as te Orese Fratres
,ervase nsantdr y raigcizd d hte face as-that t
.f his comlpanion of sue previoas evening, and
aneed t at the latter minst have caught eight
,f him as be stood near the door. Almsot In
rtre ively to knelt down, as if in obedience
othe sacred sra· onr. Among the foremost i
rorstipera, he ceold d:ccro toe stately form
if his vLerabie hoetess, and by her side the
traceffl maiden who bad itprassed him so
avoraby on the previoui night. Both of them
eemed rapt in their devoirtia.s and he could
lot help leeling a secret pleaore in being, as
t were, united with them at that solem tLoor.
i"s thoughts were mlre sabom ed in the fair
lamsel than in the divine msdetriep , and would
save wandered on, had be not been recalled to
he service by the ringing of the Sanclsa bell.
noen he looked apat the priest, and was strck
ny the novelty of the scene.
When te server sonuded the bell for the
ionsecra'ion, he -Sw the people before him
bend:ng their heads, and then came the eleva
tion of the Sacred Host, and a thrill ran
through Lim as, amidst the silence of the ceo
gregation and the treble ticikuing of the little
bell, the r.rtest raised the victim on high. Re
lugon had never come before him in so strik
ing and majetic a form. "Is thiu,' he thought
"tie treireredoes mystery of the Mass wb:ct
he had ficrid derided and reprobated t WLh:
i it Wheir t doe it mean? At all events that
beautifnl maodet believe-s into , and to all
these fik around him it is truth itself-a
troth worth the sacrhfice of their lives to pre
serve and mnaitain." Such were the thoughts
which occurecd to ie roind as he longed to be
nsoetsateIe in the fuIl meaning of thisa strange
rite. Toe bell tinki.d again for the comrnn
nion of the tira', aid tuen some five or aii
apprj".Act e tr;e altar step., rmoerg wriom were
Lady Yate and ter fair c'oparnion, and Le vow
ti e Lr'ai t-.re, rour ii and give themn the B uoy
of our a urd ' r , toui I cmrlo be saortg them,
and kreL i by her selde!" he tihoght When
lass was over, many of the rnogregaiton rose
to retire, but tohe buried bie face tin ie Iands,
and knelt oz., calling on God to, enli u:tv hit.
lit aw thie priest unrest, and conie deon in
front of the altar, where he knelt to make his
thar:ksgivirng. As he d- s ended, ho fancied
the oil mar', eyes were fded upon hui, and
thre thter fisihetd across him a e.fse ""f his
po-ition. li- rememnbered to base heard of
spiea who had intraded tremeelves in Papist
banee, and had given Information against
primes for c-lebratrwtr the forbidden rites, and
had can-ed their app:ir,.inin and conviction.
ie tad beer present at ti.e H'rish Mol, and
had tihra-t himcielf lit a traitor Tito the very
(arrita of tie prolltlt ri:Jiteries. liecoald
not Lelp fe. ii g that I.i Lo-ts would regard
r: at c da to-bc:, itLP, ad imore teipeiaily
as tr'-y knew Ltim tr Ii- r1,e kinsman 'i a hit
Star fie to their Faotun. :u Ie c,ir Lfmion be
sca'ce knew how to act, ir"r even if Le now re
tirel as he lad cotme, le as iir-anadled tifat he
had b:en seen by the lrinet, and pirotably also
by the i rtidos ics of tee estate Iiument. N>, be
thootgt he would wait on until thi priest had
intiaihed lis prayer. aitd wea!d then go and tell
him bow it had happe~ed to hint to come
thither, and that he wasi gn::ties ofany pur
pose to betray what he an i .witr eased, and
rathe, longed to be instructed ii tue meaning
of t.e "clean funct:on. The Father was long
at his thanikgivin.i and before he rose bit
LIcdy Yate and lecr fair icruljipini left the
chap'.I, ia..,:OEg cl ,-e by hir. as trey exept
thrUoai t'ie entrance. hlis cee were Ibit
domle, itit ie Was con lin'et. tliry limnt ha'
r u nti:-ly rn t. At" l nr igt Father Wall roi, too,
,rd ii lnt aprunrti to obvIrv Giarvase,
i.t H a I:: ,- toward tl( door et hen bSat:eve
ti l - r," . r ofin a i id h nolt.e, 'Ir ut
el ihn to -h- wichy peoner ce iu tth: Secrid
MuLe t YC l vI t!.ink e ifrn i.1tridtr, and in
tri- l --ii filt tuitry · fi hrii-vib o the
weu r of it watn.tyo if h u: njt sP- uze to
S Ie i M rtoiied the driesh , " on are ii
.eary to rhtlai we liee and toizi av.e hut
iv al- t -suin tho Clthe llc rwisii." is p-u
i-e a- i lli n to:.:!. lIre. or, fe t pc:i into
ciuto'iii siil cI v-rricy 1 y t: e vi-l circuiiistsa:ces
.f r. l tivi* What -t i h c wviinessed to-dlay
ishI t nslf ui H olly ociii t wh ich iwiofier d
ihi ivry urch i f il cut rbril of Catbolic
Eirilp. ini.udling St. pretr'e in orm:e, and
as I-aniriiv tifditl in apll the gIOitrIab old
ioUit:v- :t.r I yarivh wrchfrches of our owh
c natry. [ucre is nothing new in it. St. Arm
breas uanl S,. Anugrstire offered it at Milarn
atd at Hippi, and 8. Clement and S. Peter it
the catmantorb of Rmine. It is an old traditior
in the Ctniteb, which conimenced in the Saon
acolom tail was once for all consummated up.
on bloont Calvary. Yet, for all that, if yeu
we·e to report what you have jost seen to voai
oncle, M,. Townshend, be would deem ii
necessary to starch this house and to have mu
arrestcd, noid your evidence would doutitleei
sufflfe to send me to the gallows."
"O my good Father!" cried Gervase, as ii
s .eized his hInviii, "do not fur a moment dein
me to bsit and vile a wretch as to be capable
I of repearo h iv list I have witnessei to a'
i iortal vi, .1 E con if I had not reea es*l
c iible of ti i Ini snity of the act in wlitii yi.r
I wre ru~stid, the respect and grotit !I
i which I f.--l ot only towards you, but to mv
I gricions btcs*ua. tonl- prevent mny treathlin
a syllatie if w'hst has paesoi in her booue
I You can trust my word for it that not awhlsp
i llS '2 t 22 -
s tlar ef lbssises w Meb eMs .d m
" A, my g heMs a, aseI she suher;
I wesM s so y at. P.al dii lnng
SIpLr , bsSt I wmdal th ansme e yFs, bt
Il ~eseuM  s b Lagbt sem s, e Uas
is we de, as = 8s - a en as swe .ers
tu ee Ihe perse nd  m sad I 1Lj
whiesh os h ea r s . Remembersea es
were taetrted is the Iath yei might hee
t ge Ight of meevem sad ha she tt ea
eJ mwold be far grartr  f ye rjls.e ts
rass; bet h is a seeplg it, o sesept
Prleesuipee and wer.esss a.e ses are
sp ie CGram :n very serars."
Yes I would williagly have beas born a
heie. with all the dagerse yer metsioa,"
resrsed sebeerilL
-ase are hors Catbolice, eves atobeugh as
hiltdre they are bptised inato the Chreb.
B-t it emt is year troe desire. e oe amre mo far
. ru t kfm the way ef life, for ia all probe
hi Sy ps. hee bees duly baptised, sad if so.
ywe wre s messh a Cakolie immed ately after
tar kpsit. as y of these whoa you envy.
rwr emssst hesrsetctl traini g needs that
oe sehes. su rea.me ILed"
T hin e -verr~o.na te at pwae in the alleys of
trrms htdgal per-. g the dtses 'ion with
o aces rm snrtese >.Vi edies that they
i-rros tae eer tr.e were reiAed to the
asi of «heir her a; tezs.a:ee--d tr- hruse
t*.i rei asiee by hea : r a htt; sh:op be
-_dt: n, f:iaosn d by aisv: adt gentie
Fscer J.ac*_a, sLary Fte i' Yt' -ye a i
'-J.On'er :or ,a e de :~ ±L-_ me i
' that War den esf thte ecoas ;ad -the
",-cribe turneed hais:ly, at clre-I as h-s
es decrog ed tre :relvy t ehe g ..y when,
.e shead teh.twniht itefore.
'I amest ap rg'e for my ra.ecssa," q:oth
N ey. tot rather I shou!d own myeft the
ctpri'," interrupted Fa:ter Wall, "aeeing
hat I had no excuse for forgetting the hour,
Mre Fech.? pursued the priest. oI should
have presented Mr. Sacheverlil to you last
n.;:ht, bnt -hat I then weas rather shyof his in
r-daction among a nest of Papistb, but now I
-.d that to declares that he would gladly
have been a Papist himself, although not 3et
bold enough to take the leap."
Mss Finch looked no with a smile of aston
jshment at Gervase, who felt at that moment
as if be would willingly onfront the rack and
the gibbet to be f the faith which would on
sure his becoming the accepted lover of that
paragon of beauty.
"I hope," said Clara, "that I have not so
tierd my interruption as to hinder your con
ference. I saw Mr.SSachverill in the chapel
after Mate, and I felt sure he could not be a
heret:c at hear.t"
"Not knowicgly, or willingly, at least," re
joined Scheveral, faceinated by her words,
and an:ones (like Roth citnging to Naomi),
that her people should tbecoe:orth be his peo
pie and her God bisGud.
" Bit our lot as Catholics is not an enviable
one tn a worldly point of view," pursued the
youong lady, "'and therefore it were folly to
hope to convert anyone to it by any human
inducements. It can only come from God's
-I am afraid I most difer from you there,"
Miss Finch," answered Gervase with a emile,
"for I maest honestly own that my chief fear
would be lest I should be drawn into the
Choch by a huoman motive instead of by the
Divine call alone."
" What human motive culd repay you for
the oblrqoy and persecutic. s yWu will ses ired
iy to called upon to siffer I" she asked in her
' There are visions, which even though hope
leee, might tempt one to cuffer every torment
at least with some faint hope of winning a
grac:ons look, a sigh, a tear, a kindly word
from the tuman being who is adored." This
was uttered in a low clear voice meant for
CIars's own ear, for Father Wall was walking
forward and had already reached the garden
gate The young lady probably understood
sie allusion, for she colored deeply as she
replied in a voice wicob thrilled through him:
"'Bt srely, Mr. Sacoeverill, you will be
com a 'Catholic from higher motives than
in reaching the breakfast table Ger-ase ap
proached the Coatelaise with some tim!dity
being aware that abe too must have noticed
his unexplained presence at Mass, but her
cirdial reception, without the most distant
alicsion to lece topics, placed him completely
at his else. After snme general conversation,
Lady Yate turned to talk to Father Joachim
on divers matters connected with their poorer
neighbors, and CiGer-vaee found an opportunity
of renewing his disconree with Slies Finch,
whose knowledge and iktelligence delighted
him as much as ter sweet countenance and at
tractive manners. Daring the morning, while
Dame Yate was occ rpiel to the affairs of her
household, Sacheverill and the y.n"ug lady
were thrown togeth'-r, aid be then questioned
her nro-i Cath,",ic d,.crines, and s1 a short
time found hi s.-lf :waSirng wonderful progrees
under her: ;trnct;ou. Sho was naturally most
anxious for .he ci'ver-ion, and covseq3ently
urged l i u t, dilalay hie visit t) El!mley for a
day or t a-., f.e!ing thiat any p-srp-inement of
his ree-ptiun into tol anorci mightug be attend
ed with i-rious concei lirC-r- t i his s80ol. lie
bad no great d flnal:y in 3 iidii g to her en
treaties to stay at Harvingt~ i. lii. uncle bad
not beenu muade acqiitod with the precise
day of his ar:ival and he could eaes y find ex
cases for the delay. Thu~ be lingered on from
day to day, and tho tlrue yassed pleasantly in
conferences with Father Wa!l, and in strol!e
and conversations with Miss Finch.
;To be Continued . I
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CflCInrNaT, OtIO July l9 1871.
As Mitchell's Geogrpe ro bi m o ighly Approved Id
by the mos t minent tatholc educeote of thecomntr .
we recommend their uoe in all oursehoolen prefer
ence to soy other text-hooks on the ontjoct
Arohbbishop of CmeInnUa. .
From re Riit Rev. Bishop of Ric~hond, Tirginia.
Bicnon, Va.. March 16s, 187.
We cheerfully concsr in the excoellent recommeeda
tione already given by many in favor or Mttobel'
Geographies, an ervterd n4correcte byM R Keegas.
v[ Gnlcaao.
Bishop of Richmond.
Fra.n Ue laterian Brothers.
BALTIIOIZ. March 18. 1870.
The Xaverian Brothers have been using Mitchell's
GotograpLies s·ce re54 in their schools. Tdal, I thtnk
is tlu v ct recommenuation Icon give of them.
They lave received simi'ar leoommenrdatlonstrom
tl:e JeTui:e., Christian Brothers, Redemptorist., Fraa
ciscano, e:c , etc., and are rs.d in the loading intiltt'
lions cf tLe country.
IIon. Ncwton Bateman, BoSuperintendont of pabIlO
;nltruction of the State of Ilinoit for over wt(wes
yJars, ears:
itc::e1i's Inlormcd t1, tn aatn. form, Is sbolatsl.
tie Ist et CCo,,l b.ok of ',hh I hive any hknowldg°
..ld i consodler it. In t.atl clrar st a posltilre blel
to t, r lducational i;stit.oiOLO.
MITCIHEI.L'L GEOGRAPHY do.s not ocnudt
Itto totes or objervatlote of a traveclr?. which in
torj with hit knowledge, mrttelor tph~sbOn condit4
but of the standard raccounts of the worldsand its
according to the latest sod highest aithcritie4
Lracing a thorough a3stem of Oecgraphlcal etalt
facti as they exlist, for, from the day of iheirf
appearance, they have been year by year slteretd.
retted and improved, so that for many Sere thOa'h-r
been ·aknowledged to be by far the most acurst '
and relleb:e that could be bad: and the new edi -
even on the old one.
d For terms of introdnotion addrees the publtshebelS
r PilsdslpbhiS, P
r Or,
* jet' t. . 457 s *.

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