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The morning star and Catholic messenger. [volume] (New Orleans [La.]) 1868-1881, July 22, 1877, Morning, Image 3

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tem eS, where all seems bright.
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astey dter, seratl the mare drear.
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sea's bri htsy, likethe a mae o ham
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S e, the Mearos bee datea may tparkl' ad glow.
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.ah ods of ears-bat, afte all,
e shellw msd anrrw. how stay ad small
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ith ey' a-s m s t empty, a s Ie y ll.
le header iseorm. ad how the streams pour I
ea be of a sad the streams are ae mores
4P--l-ow the tears of the heartgusband gild !
Seme low they sever e fast, they are dried.
Thee hea b s of oers-bow wie bhew wise i
They an lir their theoghts till they teach the
hey sea sLak their shafts like a miser bold
Where wiedom's milnes hide their pearls and gold.
Aet tphey sar withunodesled gags,
Wh. the balls of the Dayking bursn eand blase
Or they dy wih a wing that will never fail,
O'er the sky's das sea where the estaruabps sai
These hees of ousre-what tools t what fooe's
ewsthey aogh at Widom her laws and rules
aUieothey waste their powere. and, when wasted.
whasthey havreqnandesd, bat cannot retrieve.
TheI s I earts of burs-bohw stangi how streat 1
let a theousad sorrows arernd them throng,
They ea bear them all and a thboesand more,
ALn they're stronger than than they weve before.
These heart of oorshow weak how weak I
Ia eta slagle word of unkiadnsas speak,
le a petposed hbaIt, like a viper's fang,
:. Thswemaslgh word loaves a lnfs-ong pang.
thes hearts of ours-bt I've said enoughb,
AS I nad that my thyme grows rude and rough;
- ll sten me sow, but tll ome again,.
With tomorrow's sun to resume my strain
>l fNht dropped her shadowy veil over Loat
and the mantle of mists that all day long
eloped the city, grew more dense and
lia beaded drops of rain. The gas lights
brightly at the corners, burt it was a
dreary night to be out in. Yet crowds
ase streets, for even in night storms the
Sthoroughtree are never deserted. Guilt
wretchedness are always wakeful and
.To real e the desolation of loneli
one must be a stranger in a crowded caity,
a sensitive nature, and a refinement that
a from rude contacts and uncongenial
In the country with the blue sky above
gad the green grees beneath our feet, there
hobrms that wo ous to forgetfoluese. There
iimaueoh music in the running stream and
bssatys in the flowers that grow upon its
Some German writer, I have forgot
who. calls flowere the stars of earth, and
the lowers of heaven Fair asld rdiant
they are and shed their brightness on
soke-wresa bed city, but in their match
softened and mellowed light eema to
asrd more pleasantly on green fields and
-^ r lng corn.
Sdlone in London! Dreary and desolate
Ityl that swelled almost to boreting a
aYnd sohing heart. The setrangergather
i 4ib_ thin oloak ar ond his shivering form,
Si* dteew is hat ower his face with a sensitive
..l~nug from the crowd that rodely jostled
i--_u him. He was alone in London, and very
-er, not even having a shilling to procnre a
Somewheer e In a dark part of the city, where
the gas lights were leo , up many pair of
sheIae, was the garret in which he slept, buhot in
ij iesre was nothing save the darkness, one
hgken chair and a wretched bed with its
samtey covering.
Whsm he entered this desolate chamber in
.a Ilke this, an unseen company sor
Ih him, the spirite of the viewless air,
Ia the wailings of the wind, they told him
mysterious hales of wretchednees and
until, half wild with dsrk imaginings,
i for in thenight and in the pelting
Thus through the chilling sleet and
b _ewlked the strees, looking into the
nfees of the paseere by and wonderfug if
aIsodeu there was another man who had
bes cie for him, no oue to love him, and
thsm lhe thought how dellciously strange It
weud seem to him-s stranger and wanderer
ort y ywe-to be loved.
Hehoed the bleesed light would dawn up.
ea him, hut in the darkuses of this night It
semed a giest wiy off. The cloud of poverty
and gloom that wrsppd his heart was too
eat and dsep, he esrd, for homan sympathy
sadilove to penetrate. Be seemed to se he
ge him, Fate, with weird fangers weaving the
mte web of bie lonely desatiny, and as be
usehd the pheatom's hands with feverish
ty, he wondered if at some future day,
S a atle of brightness might fall upon
himsteled of a pal. A strain of sweet, sad
ado broke in upon his lonely musinge. Over
resfed nastres musio has an absorbing
wedand though It often tullethe soul witia
e, it casts upon it the spell of an irreelati
l. fseclnation, saod the stranger paseed in
desolate walk to lieten to the song. The
lidows of the princely mansion were bat
)ift veiled, and he could see the happy group
lha$ surrounded the pleno, and the fair girl
ta smug the soft minor air which sank into
Swas a Poet and bad written songs of ten
daea ead love for others toeing. Himself,
be seaM not sing with auch a weight upon hie
temu his mluso, and the pdir'i iaadve 1-il
with astote eageres fbr the
e deht of bome and the blis. of aim.
Thesong wadever but still he lingered
watehing the relights fitful glow, asu shed
its ruody sheen upon the bangling group.
Again the fair girl took her seat as the piano
and sang with inimitable grace and beasty,
tHHome, Sweet Hoes."
It was his song.
. He, the homeless wanderer, had written
" ome, Sweet Home."
He stood out in the darkness and night,
listening to his song, the child of his own
beartasd brain, and looking in at tbe window
of 'Home, Sweet Home," knew thatin all the
world there was no home for him.
The song ended. He sat down on the stone
steps of the stately mansloa, with the rain
beating heavily upon him, and burying his
face in his hands, wept in the bitterness of
his heart.
Years pased away, and atill be was a bome.
less wanderer. Often in the streets of London,
Berlin, and Paris, be heard "Home, Sweet
Home," whioh in all lands and all hearts had
become a household word
Later In life be became Consul to Tonls. and
died a stranger in a strane land. Never. save
known the bliss of "Home, Sweet Home."
-Prelsmaties of the Heristy of the Virtues of the
venerable sr. erard Njea, of the congresga.
ts.t of the mast Naly Rss.
esadn Tables)
About mid-day on Friday, the 8th of
June, FPeast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus,
in the Throne Boom of the Vatican Palace,
was read the Decree, by whleh the Hol
Father declared bherole the virtues praeted
by the Venerable servaatof Bed, Gerard
Majell, profresed lay brother of the Con
regation. of the Moat Holy Redeemer. He
was born in the Episoeepal eity of Moro
Iueano in the Kingdom of Naples, on the
6th of Apr1, 1726, and died in the Monas
tery of Capoeele, the 15th of October, 1755.
Our Holy Father, Pins IX., signed wish
his own band the commission for the intro
doction of the eaase of beatification and
eanonisation of the Van. Gerard, on the
18th of August, 1850, was passed the De
eree, "De non cotta," proving that the
publiq veneration given to the blessed,
after their beatification, had not been given
to the venerable servant of God. The De
eree regarding his reputation of sanctity
was published on the 15th of January, 1852.
That approving whatever writings he left,
on the 8th of January, 1868. Then fol
lowed the examination of his virtues, and
the three congregations mentioned in the
Decree of the 8;h of June. The proposer
of the cause was his Eminence Cardinal
Luigi Brlio, Bishop of Babina, and Prefect
of the Sacred Congregation of Rites; the
Very Rev. F. Brixius Qaelos, Procurator
General of the Coagregation of the Most
Holy Redeemer, was the Postulator.
As soon as the Holy Father was seated
on the Throne, their Eminences Cardinal
Billo, Proposer of the Cause; Cardinal De
champs, of the Congregation of the Most
Holy Redeemer, Archbishop of Malines and
Primate of Belgium, with the Cardinals
Asquini, De Laca, Borromeo, Rardi, 8bar
retti, and de Falleux, took their places on
the right of hiis Holiness, whilst about
twenty Bishops, the prelates of the court,
and the officials of the Sacred Congregation
of Rites were on the left. The most Rev.
F. Niobolas Mauron, Superior General cf
the Congregation of the Most Holy Re
deemer, with several Fathers of the same
Order, was likewise present and knelt in
front of the Throne, daring the reading of
the Decree. At a sign given by his Holi
ness, Monsignor Ralli, Secretary of the
Sacred Congregation of Rites, read the
Decree, of which we give the translation:
"Cese of Beatifloation aend Canonisation
of the Venerable Servant of God,
Brother Gerard Majalla,
Professed lay brother of the Congregation of
the Most Holy Redeemner, appertainrig to the
Diocese of Muro."
Whether it be proved that the theological
virtues of Faith, Hope, and Charity towards
God and his neighbor, and also the cardinal
virtues of Prudence, Justice, Fortitude, and
Temperance, with all the virtues dependirg
upon them,a were pra~tised in a heroic degree
in this case to the effect in question.?
The Vene-rable Servant of G d, Gerard
Mej.ral, was received ationget the lay brothere
of the Cor:gregat.ion of the Most Holy R-deem
er, by St. Aipboouune himself, the Founder of
the Institute. and as the lat:er was pre emi
nent amongst all the members of his congre
gation, by the sanctity of his life, his zeal, and
doctrine, so Gerard was a perfect model of
simplicty of heart and wonderful obedience
for the lay brothers B1rn in Maro, on the
6th of April, 1726, of poor, but honest parents,
and brought up by therm in the fetr of God. as
toe wje endowed with a happy disposition,
from his childhood ho gave unmitakoeable
signs of his futuroe anctity. and advanced with
rapid strides along the arduous road of Chris
tian perfeotion, by innocence of life, applios
tion of prayer, abstinence, and every kind of
maceration of the fletsh. During his earlier
years, spent partly in learning the service, be
need to share most charitably, the wretched
food he had begged for himself, with the poor.
But burning with the desire to give himself
wholly to Christ, undertbe sweet yoke of obe
dience, he was admitted amongst the lay
brothers of the Congregation of the Most Holy
Redeemer. Daring his novioiate in the honse
of Illeceto, be was an example to all in the ob
servance of the role, and in the year 1752, with
fervor of spirit, exalting in the Lord, he made
his profession of vows.
Two yesrs having elapsed, he was sent to
the house of Caposele, where he employed him
self indefatigably in the humblest duties, with
all the more pleasurea, the lower they were,
and appointed sometimss to be oompanion to
the missionaries, sometimes to gather alms, I
wherever be went he worked, acording to his
means at the salvation of souls by the exam
ple of his life, his assldoonus prayer and exhor.
rations. Walking in the law of the Lord with
out stain, he sought Him with all his heart,
and whilst by the austerity of his penance he
offered up hise body as a living holocaust, he
continually sacrifloed his sool, as a victim
pleasing to God, by his wooderfol obedienoe, I
wrhiboh perfeots all other virtues. Thus, indeed,
be ever remained in God, who is charity, and
God remained in him. Perfeoted, therefore, in
a short time by bhis labors, and already ripe
for Heaved, not having completed bhis thbirtieth
year, he was taken serionely 111 with uoneump
tione, the paios and wearneuss of which he bore
with wonderful patience, and strengrthened by 1
the ssaraments, on the day and at toe hour be
had foretold, be pesoefully rested in the Lord,
in the year 1755I, on the feast of St. Theresa,
whom be bad most piously venerated as hrs
The precious death of Venerable Gerard so I
confirmed the reputation of sanctity he had
won for himself daroing his lifetime that st.
Alphoosus himself, having gathered together
tshe materials, was about to write theb life of his (
fellowservanrt when be was called away to hise
heavenly bhoms. As this repsattos of saeti- 1
ty was more and more connrmed as years went
oble BHellaes, Pope Piss IX, on the 18th of I
 ,;, ,E , __. - 
tip: swie
ilthi, tbes iai ofthi t of the
vIrtesf the Veaerable Geeard was epe
md in ate-orepsratcry assmbly om tie 11th of
a 1s873he The foleowi ear, on the 4th
of Maral, the ozeellene o bis. virtues was
agailAeesed in the P Oprt - Cgrega
tono. In Ane, on thblet of pril, 1874. in the
General Asembly, in presoce a hba Holiness
Pope Pies IX, in the Apmtolio Palase of the
Vatisan, his Esmiaene ardinal Aloyses Bilio
Bishop of Sabinae ad Reparter of the Cans,
propoeed the queestio, "Whether it be oroved
tbht the Theologieal and Cardinal Virtues
were practised in an heroio degree by the Ven
erable Servant of God, in this oase. to the ef
feet in question I" And each of the eonaultors
and then the Most Rev, Cardinals superiors of
the Congregation of Saored Rights, gave their
enffrages. Bill his HolinesM, oetsiderlog the
gravity of the jodgment, before pronounoinog
aentence, again exhorted all to have recourse
to God, and to implore the assirtance of His
divine light. Having, therefore, in humility
of spirit, again and again renewed his prayers
to GoQd, his Holiness resolved to pronounnce the
supreme judgment on the Feastof the Most
Saored Heart of Jenus Chriet, the fifth day af
ter the glorious oelebation of the fiftieth anal
versary of his Episopal Consecration. to bon
4 hish multitudh of allyrims had frluked o
Rome from every part of the Catholio world,
thereby to give a publio and unanimous testi
mony of congratulation, fdelity, and devotion
to the esof 8t. Peter, anod to St. Peter's soo
eeessor. The Sovereign Pontiff, therefore, after
having offered up with the greateet devotion
the earifice of salvation, alled into the throne
room of the Vatican his Eminenase Cardinal
AloyasiaBilio. Bishop of 8eblna, Prefect of the
Sacred Ccon a of Rite, and Reporter
for Propeeeasra o the Gaes, together with the
Rev, Fathr Lareanties 8alvatl, and in our
presence delared: "*It i proved that the The
ologial and Oardinal virtues, together with
their depdent virtues were pratised ton an
herole dlgree by the Venerable Servant of
God, Gerard Mejella, professed lay brother of
the ongregattion of the Most Holy Redeemr,
so that the Causs may be proaseded with, and
the four Miracles may be disonsed."
His Holineas ordered thleDeeres to be placed
among the Aets of the Congregation of 8aored
Rites, and to be published on this day, 8Sh of
Jane, 1877.
(Signed) ALoorYms. Bisiopoffsabinl
(Signed) CARDINAL BILIO, Prefeot of the
Saored Congregation of Rites.
(Signed) P.rAoDusRoL.I.,Seo'y8. B C.
When the Deeree had been read the
Most Rev. Father Manuron returned thanks
to the Holy Father in a moat eloquent ad
"His Holiness, who had listened with the
greatest interest to the words of the Father
Generalr and had accompanied them with
many marks of the liveliest approbstior, re
plied in a sublime discourse full of love and
benevolence towards the children of St. Al
bhoneas, the Congregation of the Most Holy
Redeemer. Grieving at not being able to re
producoe, word for word, this discourse which
they who heard it say was one of the moat ad'
mirable ever pronoonced by his Holiness, We
will give at least the leading thoughts. 'I
am thoroughly oonvinced,' he said, 'tnat this
wonderfol exhibition of faith shown by all
Catholic peoples is owing to the mediation of
members of servants of God, glorified by the
Church in these latter times. Without doubt
the Immaculate Virgin Mary, and all those
glorious servants of God, have prayed for the
triumph of the Church. And indeed is not the
Church triumphing now What else is this
apontaneons gathering, these joubilant demon
strations of the faithful, who come in number
less pilgrimages from all nations, to show by
their sats, even more than by their words, the
liveliness of their faith,. the liberality of their
love. What else is this, I ask, but a triumph of
the Church 1 -Yenl this is the first triumph
that the Church longs for. It is not only by
their pilgrimages and by their fervent and
pionus prayers that the children of the Church
are displaying their faith and love. Their
sacrifices, their generous cflerings, their bound
less almsa, speak louder still. We have In tbis
a true univereal suffrage, not a bought and
venal suffrage ashbas been witnessed in certain
places. This is a atffrage that comes from the
depths of hetrts ruled by convictions, which
the light of fairh has produced in upright
minds. From all nutions, even from those
that in former times have shown themselves
hostile or indifferent to the Chbrch, from every
part of tLe world they come, men of one heart,
to venerate in my poor person, though I be
quite unworthy of the honor, the Roman Pon
,iff, te'seucoessor of St. Peter, the Vicar of
Gd. Whence does all this Catholio movement
proceed ? It is a real miracle which, I repeat,
toust be attributed to the prayers of so many
servants of God glorified by the Church in
these our days. Guided by the Immsoaulate
Virgin Mary, they cease not to pray for the
triumph of truth and jastice. Amongst those
powerful intercessora, we cannot doubt, is your
brother Religious, one of the glories of your
Coogregation which is doing so much good in
the Church. Yes, the Congregation of the
Most Holy Redeemer devotes itself with the
greatest zeal in evangeiising our peoples, in
converting sinners, in procuring perseveranoe
for the just, by directing souls in the paths of
virtue, and by exciting the faithful to freq: ent
the Sacrameuts. Thus ever doing good your
Congregation deserves well of the whole
Church. I would wish to say more, but the
time marked out by the actual cironmstances
does not permit me. Bat before loisbing I
wish to bless the Congregation, in order that
the true sons of St. Aiphonsun may ever mul
tiply, and may continue to work with success
at the conversion of sinners, and the sanctitloa
tion of souls. I bless the Father General, and
all the Fathers and Brothers present and ab
sent. I blese you for your lifetime, and for
the hour of your death, and I beg Oar Lord,
through the intercesasion of the venerable ser
vant of God, Gerard Majelia, to deign to re
unite us all in heaven."
"Beuediwtio De, Etco."
Thus atter thirty years of examination,
discussion, and prayer, the case of Ven
erable Gerard Majells has progressed so as
to receive the crowning declaration of tbhe
Viear of Christ, that his virtues were hero
ie, were those of a saint. The examination
of the miraclee worked by the servant of
God will be commenced at once. Number
less are the graces and favors, with which
God has glorified this his servant, who
here in Italy, is especially invoked, and
always with succeess, by mothers in labor.
Glod grant that the four miraclee required
for Beatieation may be soon proved,
and that Gerard, who ia already glorifiled
in Heaven, may ere long be venoratsed as a
Saint upon earth.
To DIsraracT Rooxe.-The dIfsinfeotion ofa
room is not oomplete unless the walls have
been thoroughly oleansed. If they are paper
ed, the paper must be removed and thesurarce
beneath carefully scraped and weshed. If the
walls are painted, they should be washed with
caustic soda. Theoeiling should also be sub
jected to a similar treatment.
The race of manklind would perish, did they
oease to aid each other. From the time that
the mother binds the child's head, till the mo
ment that asome kind assistant wIpes thedeath
damp from the brow of the dying, we caunot
exiest without mutual help. All, therefore,
that nseed aid, have a right to sk it of their
fellow-mortals; no one who holds the power
ograntinlg ea refuse it witbout gult --iFe
tar &iol
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Pear. Plumb and Apple 1Als A reearhoue and
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