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The morning star and Catholic messenger. [volume] (New Orleans [La.]) 1868-1881, January 20, 1878, Morning, Image 4

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S 40.  es, .--J.m w.. .e ----- ---  ess
S mea. p4 e s of . .,e T7 l A re, se e e '. .c 7 -
tmiseea fr.
The crea >o i!rawoas Wt la "..d'e ,a i.,
Cbese, SI. e ,.d aty e by rve fee7C. -0 mde
--_--, - ---. -- _ -s mn b .v s m.....ad.. 4d
Alel, tsegether, w ih gal aezed iro beadse.
flied with geld lest; ineida xteadia
t heceg s th are m ama _prigha Bsaf are `s
-mmCs g-. jeta, which will be lghbed by
-me of ae electrie bettery.
Sr. Vwcarr Da Mac.' Cwscao.--We are1
plemie to isear that bhe dese which have eel
sst epdV this Chaureb aem i..s a fair way eft
mttlemest. evertbele, , to haste te adveet!
e that glorioes day whea fisacIal troubles
wi- be things of the pest, end also to aford
the pablie that innocent amosemeat so desire
Wi. after the wear ar d tesr of the w:nt.er'
b~saeons. the ladies have decidead to give a
grand Strawberry F-.tivel, oomaren g ELter
Sanday erocing, Apr, 21st. It will coubine
all the ordinary attractiors of a fair wath
those of a t.,wboa with :.1 tuoerocs pr:e.
hre wi: l &. to r terie of . oeearz. a 7d .
bi":c*-, .. wh.. arate--e of c-.:e.rs-e
loc, d .: c: o: w. take par;.
Jan -rT -T" - $-, d'T eT ret r :'.. ea. k, .
Jwhro - l" etr. ",
Eiaght E.ty. We. Ul. rrte - . :, L stop of'
ESvannah, U.. :-thae r n - tlie . f 'Le
Ima .ot ae Coc---p-,-Y , IB.rcr cstrtee. T e_ t
rabjeict w.:: be 'A .V . :: Y.: s arzt L':rzre " r
The o c:'. ier tak" t w .. lir fo-r te L:t-i:
of th. np~-ew e .,-e. N:aT -.
Baee (.rs. w. ie I, tie .-:7 p rd:at',
who w:e. Iearc. ai s l f ed • .et i;or o;n acg
relilgi.oute wte: wy:.re e e-cr taken
place oe f of tE..e: the crwrnr g of t .e
statree , t! tM " o I aets 1.-et r.- 'Oe 2.d I
of J7y 1-- T1-e t . Pers wY n as r
p Itelys th.P.e .r *'tCa .a hert. d r. I
this t,e nr,t.e ttal. , r. . e i : .. to e
M rates. aer cei u a:n tee Bais. s.e and
verinr t.e0* rary Cd fat s i.e l 1.en4 .
cetrci, am over cia tan:rd ".rcvear: ;
g1 rdte re icro i m i C ForEr :i. Eer
mad Les iter tewo w.tte 1. e ny 'atr er.t
will ospr-t. reltir , a to oaurs e oaf Iid ctare
anj .tne dentout w h catn t faz! to L- t hoa e
inte estag mad .Letrt:ve. a
Gleiral John Otneii , the F-oean P r dert
at week. Iie bad for oded a oiakie k.down a
O'Neill Ca!y, in Kebraeke, and was rakinrg eof
foote to increase Irish imarnageraon. An IriaL.
meae boru, O'Neill wee brought to America by
his parents when a Loy. ln e jieed the oo d
Dragoons ytars before the war, servieg for
eight yers under Colonel Robert . Le. . In
the wear he tok the Union side. One of i
explois wras the captere of the selebrated Gen.
Morgan, in t4, at Nashville. He was wcondi
ed severely and laid uldp Is eospital, nsd wheo
be we next heard of bad raised a Tenoeses e
battalion of Fenias. and waes " of for the
b.rder-" He croesed it at Fort Er, e in Jr e,
166. Lad a little sn uiss at Ridgeway, fet
bhck on Fort Erie, fBogh: again, and ibeh , a
Sweeney did not biog up the espec ed reeo
United Stat re athrite. Four year es later,
h-visg been elected to twedrC n Pricr dotncy,
rendered li~nisel ritueat resistance to a Uire d
States Marsal. I.e leaves m wife aod ihree
raz t.wi lurr~aia.-In ouiredvert a rg culuru
will be found the omotll anionecexmeot of ths
resi oft rdect reent election for Directors i
1his lostitoton for the eisning year. Tb. gen.
dtaion selected are among the best known mcd
most responsible morchants of ihe South, as
may one ml all conrersant with mereontile
Geo. K. Preston, who bus so abtiufaotorily flled
the positlan of Preeideit sines Mr. Morris'
resignation, was annminaously re-elected Preel
dent, erd Mr. Emila .1 iuche, Vies President.
f onurse oar talented friend, John G. Deve
rea, Esq., was re-elected Cbleri.
of the Hibernia has won for it so high a plmee
ia public confidence mod favor tht even the
nmgerous mad setowuding faluare. at the North
and West daring the pest foor years rever
.anmi even the shadow of a docbt to be cast
an It, mad now that n new era of peer. and
prosperitysnemstohvradawned for the South,
we predlut tor I1 each saceue in the foture as
will eoxeed the most eanguine expectations of
it. meet ardent friends.
TL heRan C urch Amoeg th Freed
The E4oat Waners Prefb teriue of this e:y
eteasaoally has aa ano latg sti-Popery
art whbich am.e is landy for a as a
"abj" we e topi.e are aers. This
week is s.ks up t.e sboe q,e.e as the
iaeigause of "a reopectd miisster is
Oio," who is also "Chairmam of the
Pr byteris Commitse. tie Frmiede.
Be wishe sto know whether its i tree that
the Memst .' Cht is very acmTve amtg
the sorud eop:. of Leami
Lot ao boe opmrstalate esrtwasa r
e.r growth in resp ablity. lasitad of
being she Boramih Cberth, we have gasse~
to be the Rau Church. DoIe tis iaut
ca a clhage of ed:ram o r a i sesiag e t
oetempt We hold tso he lSoter epa.
for the artic'e laset oa eihibets the fh.ow-:
tag iat.naie evidaece of rioers:
Fcr or part we 6. ete iS.: k t .eta:I.ble
or w :e, -e * na.ea na7e reci.:a.ta 't aor teo e
i' i setme.
If Grasbchmee. is nei to g.akiter, where
doeso :.atea rac t Era is e e prine
rIog a coues adern t of ae d-a ts is
cf ea:que:te. and we ::irtk th rtnied
ge~tenet .t 1^m e  ravate soght ton et
be becrd yrFu-gas is the zeamies of r
str-fe. Sti:.f the Preayter.ia Chrntaoa i
 a e re itre to proler :Cse ickamses
'"Ea.s' ad "Pop.t to k a.e asar d a ri
Led dh stora. tities e Bamaa od Cate-o
hli we deI t rot thut the Cattcu. Chrch
can bard op :nder the  arfel barhey stit ,
i Preebyteriariss sai b dave "played oat'-
ay ee ten years freeom this data.
This is aboe the .oet serioes resecsdte
sagetted by the article in gstio, bat
there is aotLhe perhaps wri msieaei .
In its reply to the "reopet m .iaister" o .r a
eigbhbor comes back at himn is a style
wh.eb myrsties one as to where the re-:
spec comtes in. First, it virtatly my.
that if the Bom s Charch wante to oder
take ouch a work, it is ocme of that North
erm brother's bsinsea,; sad, steedly, that
if "tie said Chrrt has found an excebeat
opportunity of incrti.Dag it.erf with the
colored popratioe, that reanpts estirel ny
from the me4fd;ing irtpertinee of the
Northern : otte,'s are: re:re.
itHere is a part of that bi re t: F
Terte are tw. ctan-idte:s Ti .ch s:" :d
g ie ,:r t to toe.r a, re:triec,. One i. ei
-t st ty tet r pet.e[tL: i-pse. c: ira. - :
s.. tre bar via1 ae c: rte oijtbd :e
s;e .s- 1t: a t wte.a e trioo ,t , Let Lai
o rte. to d-epre .t of tw. to
- ' .i, rterrn Cbrtera=e ar e ra
..hA: !eat tth cas Cr . Fe m, bLn th
reprcnt.fr::'- of tri' Nrthtri. jd p - io : the is
rath btae reatly strake t enf : dc-r.abes th
:i- ctt trdee Of ; th c-cre ype of Icn ra:r
- e of 's:eined p0-fc ,as  'n
T e rtopct.rg a mann. a we es-,.
nraey rr:ot : .-:a:kiin to Lr-. t.ti war. I.
B:t wL::e tne 4remoh:Led.g Lrtiern f pe
Protestaot;_mi a-t .avin 'iortE d the bad -
parsi-no of td cr,:c-r-d race."cur ntihbor
'e.s .a rt r- tit , c r ,ter z- rep a: ti A
Cit:L' E. : cr. t! atat - aret -t war tee o
Cant e C' ,.ref `s" tom r " 1 :a. 3 to to P
Frar act :e c. e.r:t -g a.d ed.ncfrti;ng
.:e c-.rcd -; .'Ie, and rinad, ti e. .rte -
!trot g-, a., ardrig to :ta averment, :
was ect the ca.e '.fcre the war. T be.:
Cthrch, it fa e, crny fourd m o t that r te
coied car, Lad a sent when it fo•nd out Fe
that ie had a crete : that blafre the .ar ert
dt re, eted L entire;y while every Pro- le
tetirit setct was Active in evangeLizing im. e
A.td it aid : ca
b ievrer read. history kcows that the ho
Sqo e..:do ape was bscoled a poritnal quea- o,
t: ";. ~at carefally concenting-stoot:J emyý
·ug-thathat scorch presects steelt to toe I
oowutry ow as a moral 0eder and reformer. 'b
All this onunde odd. History teaches as at
that tLe Catholie Church has been the ni
aDifaiing, rnbesitating friend of the poor cc
and en.arded everywhere. The terfs of in
feudal times bad no vote, yet the noble of
Lard bad tt strike at them bacors the, h
Bishop' craier; the peasantry of Ire lad e
to-day, and of Scain and of oant other in
ErcOpean coantrzee, bhat to vote, bht be
they do Cot c:mp3ain of reg'ect on tu. of
part of tie Cureb : t.e ar.ioins of ii
Japace.e, CLiccae, Esu: ICd:dae, America. w
ladiace ard c:tere rec a:r-d f:omn idc:aeu t
by C.Ltb..£A a: te rAik, and oftet at the
expense, of Ji.. ts arC nare :rr rre.- Ce
airisoa ci;me ;:. it
RctarnwVt t to the sce~m a7se ae*tt . p'
Ire Slytrvice, t :.. then, .'tk at .A a t-te a'
critica!:y. Befre rts war, cd4at on of ute a
bleatc was st: t( :ie 'jtestfr. Ps far at;
acbotinrg west, .r. wa jrohinedd. S fe as. is
ousy it arsetur asod I- ttre way of .1ber. 'r.
of action on tie pert of the aiave. Eves. roew I
the Churcb does not go from plantation to
plantation hunting up the negroes, because 0
now,as then, there are notcergy enough for d
detailed work of that kind; bet now the L
negro ia,at least, free to come to her. Her 7
achoola are also In place open to his cbil
dren, amd here ia all the diference between Li
the two erac. A live'y iragination can see it
"vot~es" in it, bit why ehnuld our neighbor it
object to a change in that reapectt If the b
colored people sbould rranain Republicans, it
they would be no worse than now; if they tI!
abould become Democrate, how would the u
Frcabyterla.' asympathy and irtereata he b a
woooded! ti
On the other hand, why were the white a
Proteatant preachers more active before the a
war than they are now among the colored Lu
people Cf ear seh. Then it+., we e
ekiekeas; now the- are Sme, Chice
have disappeared fben pFiattis life. Ia
tbhese gaId, !d days, the Seatbhra pewt
er, kntw. to be a asave helr kiusse,
was reseeved with et by the white
family od ay plastar whom he migs
viAit. He was ciaed as to pray with ad
fr the darties, al to perash a bue to
them. His eat ea were rse wrdead w- a
qsep tiee fer weeerfal hmilsisy sad
eat, hdea a byrka ni dis ier ad,
gats emmdessutw geesfally fee, wesa
a.d Iark
&oes the war, hew diists ! Erv gasi
iag the t-s.bred peple a phbetate. i=
as lenger a work far wuhih the whase pro
prisorea boi tsemelres rasp m:e!. Ta.
mimisary isa rt trested as aps ai.e, >R
yet a a S it, e rtise a be sampte*"mly
esteortaicd. The diekee have din!p
apperss~d That havimd been eee auz4er
" ,as. the .'ew diigmppeared at d lsie
rthe aia to some tasky barther e the
g-wa. with a crminiso La peaLet
frtmu Wa meh cr Keraiog.
In See weqi. fired P?'rer ea .y: -r
s. ~ sarte drouped t1 e*, r. .d w-
ter 'o ctm . 3 agai. baclne 'he @s por
ard :ana e rich ferd: the Cidste f God
tses rha ge of Ls bereaaa me s ;.o -r a d
Abe anse ore has a c arce TO dc s.
TPe Jazaary s ~ber of the Ametaree
Carh ie Q=aew, y Revtew ist tbhad ulr i
scme shby wrirea sad easertaiirg sauter
s far as we hae been able to examie its
coatesta. The rat ar tice, by a Keztatny
_esait, Rev. W. L HiL', is upo the ubecs i
·brve desiteased, a we weald reta
sted is. s ae peruaso by all Catheics
rho aspire to an iats!irge.s fm.ilarity
with kse leading gaetioas of the day.
laoeg these, Commaseasas ataial hods
e promineas p Lae ir ai' the eldrer ontresa
A Cristeedom, while ever in tbis coentry
:t i beginning to s tOe pripoT t o:r of 1
rome importacea.
Faber EHl- shows that Ccmamtrim is
ot Lased or con.rect fire: petcip a_, tiat
I, cn either .e ,satEua! rgte Cr the .
I:brse: erizte:cry f s.li ri.gs t-e t.e.d LE.d
oat soch a .ea.e v. d e'a:'y b a 'ceze
rastei ard pe: rt:e th'n t .a: cfi.
e ,. g ,ti-e -d fo r-.'
-0'" 3 e :3:: . ied r iear fr . r. berg:
be se nra  : y atarge. flu- L 'abor
s a rene ary et .tt of tecilr life. Since
he faiJ; f mse Lit bw i: to et bread in
be sweat of ies Lfrc , but like tner lava
i der arced r atre rebel Pgainbt ttis. hd
So:der t:o brtg i:cn up to it end to per- F
etiate tI.ur opn Ae, neceneity, ambition,
varic., vario'n pas&ioe and propensiticsa a
1i con:ribute a stinulca. Thna we hare
!ojl to t e" e hand rejerctiengall xert ion, a
n the : r.-c: ir.d tLe ite.ncc of s elf- t
irese r a,r, w:th iti var:el extremrs of p
elf-eeeilr.g. ireg to Actie lebor. A n
ore sense of ibr will never breog Oethfoi O
.en generatlu tu create wealtb ticL must e
w divided wit! others, whLo the same
ten in the cane of their own exclnsive S
ersonal interens might be spared to grest d
tertion. Tthe worle would sink to the
owest 'eel of non-production and non
zertion if ever thing must be heldliD
It is trine that in certain religious com
curitiea all property is held in common,
onformably to the more perfect condition,
mt there a sense of duty supplies the v
timulus to eff;rt, which elsewhere is far- A
lated by self interest only. In a religious A
ommunity, if a brother should become an It
oveterate sluggard, be could be thrust
ut, because there is an outaide society,
ut if all things were held in common by
verybsdy there w:ald be no "outside"
uto whict the objectionablemember colid
Sejected. The; remcdymight be Suggested
f coercing every one tn work and regulat
eg is task : b: tis would make all the
rortd a east o lanat en and a. ites ina
Fat.er EllU admit, h.wever, that there
Sae m:xtre of trah reLe lhiated Comil
:. ntsop o e. tea.: at lesat a:: men are 4
a ried or a 7g, ard- tat sot..hing:,
bhold be .taks- frome those who hate so- I
.:'-tr.. go.-4. anld given to the desper-n.
bey poor wi o ac:aily alferof want, He a
ss in stis con tection acd as regarda A
duasioeea men wom cannot get labor: It I
, witc, t Jr y doubt, tLe lleme dnte of r
ab.:c aiteorty to protact them in their
etfanl hansrr to the neremary means of
In car opinion thist is the g-eat problem
nf the age, and we rar-a that Father 1Hill1
lid not stop to lcecidate i'in some degree t
Laboring men have a natural rigl to labor *
Tbhey are not suppoInWd to have esaptral.
The property which originally did beloang
to all men in common, ba giadua!y found
its way into a limirted numbe of hbands, bt C
it Lever was intended, it never could have
been intended, tbht private dominion over ,
it in any hands shonlf become so absoulute
that all other men would have no rights a
rLatever in regard to it. Tie first great i
aw is of God: In the sweet of tin brow U
liou shalt eat thy bread. Tie law of pri- .
rate property is only human, and second- '
Ly; it cannot be permitted to subvert the
former. If government aecure. the right r
so eroperty, it mass al seuoe the rIght
as -t br : i: mast ot permit the eowerhip
la of prperty to becme ao exdeteele as to
e- vee laboreir utwtllirgly Idle. Capital
y, 'site aiad pprietsrs owe empioymest to
Ibi Eat Law. wte., to hat exteot
l hop Gries' Lerure
On zwed. will t ksh as sor t e repert
,wkx we etrewhere give o the Right Rev.
W roop Grsr' eray eusoirasisig lerste,
I Liewed las Seasay easig is St Al
pbsseta Ckuzeh. Theegh writtsa out
hfna memory by as amateer ,epotert, we
Scam rvocw fr the geeral dekisy to oet
I aes is or akcca of the diseoer s. ThB
-awsracre ewey sad v rid wamaer
Sthe rase, et o eras, caatE t be repredtebd,
Sbat the clar. "aci, oarioaeg argameet
e i ~s- t, ery Fnerved to esabish Iie
aft: :.he t :ruas prperita=-that every
Ia . a mnar r -ow poor and wre·tced, is a
a. c4 of Go , and stu w e. ver is dose for
sei a en V d se r C treC t isneerd
:: tdct -.e s esp'ai n and en;frced
a.d .. err1' rlw , I> sry aerodotre
:tt. t<t- e t: car is fiaod to be
a e &rtet* ri__ as it is iatraret e, as
d cni i:. zS st is cd earioe. We ootfee.
--` a.ts s. ,e of pk p : e-sjtence t i to our
tashe. A chnrch ae ieztr ptee•nts vrioose
syadee c! i-t.` .eea to mneb of wtieb a
ea, seovee argtment wol be dry or
triteclighibt. Inored a pleasant illustra
I to does not come amies to the most pro
[email protected] pkh.ioeopner, while peroes of less
Slogica training awe ae aas!y wnab e to foel
l low c.roagh a rapid acceoseion of abstract
Gyve as a preaecher whose narrative style
will be ucr to keep us awake, and, thocgb
he may not travel through so ma:b theol
ogy as aoother is a given period of time,
we shal1 at least be able so keep along
with him in his journey.
1Ai al geirt e"th tereta y of st Jsesph-s t *ci y
of the Latas of Car.:y, f:r t.t yea. 177..
Cl'. w.e ,. atael e..... ........ .. .
.... ... ........... -
a"-"-. f'+ s: ". -.,1 . t e ...................
f r -t co.. ._ n. .ri - y I:. ................ . ~- 4r
I -- GLzp- .-Ca.. ::-
ac-.- p.l: r:z e4 _. . b, - ; ;.t. ] e o. tL "
Y ~iz~- ~.=k e: . . .l ref.....r:........ ......
T== ir .+--s;:-._~ :r r = ". :  .......... 1 -- +
SOac ... az,, b. + 5 : ;. ...... ........ 4... . .
e c3 l .fL a--.i.. .re.ticn d..ered by tS
poo: Ztd the ,: r td t,. t'.he vii.. '....
. .em .ers. . W te s -.ew t. ., ... l. i t... z. a
f tieasd-eeefh .. ngr.... .o..a..'o.. a "ofa
I even tn St.Jnlp s'e ptris wh. have Eere:nkr
held a.loof froma ti cet, we p ha te............
S Faternent abot-e given, o o:d tert c, e as od ay
socire fi cae binr:! bematin n the ssrject tay
tLe or.`fur" a-r' cc-eo. .t::n Ereoed by ttv+"
poor tod we tL apply,,f";-J twee viaird e . thef
E ember.. fyle, C. M..to Spiritua.tintretezea
of teMr.les P. M. Jc, . Pregsidee. ad omany
e re= Joh' Perisb:who have Ver:e Prere de
Meld aloof from Cathe ersy.tr, we p,:s tcrtr
Statemen-At tbove givt ee, nd the Beech snt
desire aonr irmof the Loci o the Divisiont maof the
m to Norern to pplrn, e adlected the follt ow
Soroe for the en:in yer
Fra . s T J. Do C. . piritr;E Drr.
LOr. B. Ric- J. Pridet;e P det
Yr . Joa FPoer. Vice Preuwe t.
nWi . JoB.k Maefer. Eard. r etary
Jon. C. Mecray Treaurer.
Vi vl.--At its lest meetig the Beoevolent
The Aoitioa of the Locirsa Dvlariog of the
Army of .lorthern Virginas.eleted the follow -
ILe cripple for the cnei ofg yeSor :
1Pnm:- T. 61ikelhL Pre'4dnt ;
Jd,. n pHood.sn boad been P.imade f ;
r. Brad e, Therd Vie Prse ther ;
Sates. To enable them to asist al te old
J.lder who a re in need, and to secure a
W iitale re.,tg place f'or thee who dery, the
ipa nting of Lee and Jackwon whil will be
Jorafind on the nd of March. The painting is
Jn h. t Camp treet .der the
e re t electio for D itore d O er
,.of cition. wll be een nearly all
hagts being the ubtittion o Mesa.
Thee. J. TBrown, M. Pi. Wle, and W. B.
caster foe three of the old directorl, who, be
many riplod n the cte of lotr fc t rr e r eman
Sageint, b the ome te w inll onte tnue to rn
a4. that eoCtses which has marked ite Oild
tory in thdre past, and which mst, at no distant
raiy, lead t.o theo e gafor thion oo d;e, ttlar
seVit oio te dthe beefit of workh. The ntingme is
c.etrks, atd iJ:Jn i:t bo. rs a desire to, onde their
Adamin & BrosB ill Be boend te tondlt on
own omee.
ILY 20, 1878
s. Henry rm.I
D.ed. eSoay. Juaury 13th, 1878, mat 63
oF. U, asElmer Darkee, wie of Beary Gries
Saged J7yewr.
lEismer Darke, was bhor I Beltimsm, d.
Newember 11th 1x00. Bar fanth, Capta
Pel Drkee, was a Pasebymisa, bLtLet
mother was a m esrvnt Cathels. Whe
Elamer ws r .dly eighl t yea dgs hber mehe
disk and as hoer lther wasm es abest -a at
She was emalfe is to he meat hord- e
M. M Davi. Th es mseat mtralag d ibt. a
timahle hady.m ppsesmita by eaveral yearn
o eentual seduat , eaele tpe ra
aatie- of s~iA pied ad aet fier t.h .i
at ned mad wei eo i of e adgbL r, whie
a-abrqematly inteill hr ts. At the same
time bhr har aed iom had hmas me lly
Sforwasrded ad aek bsemre pe tciseet i the
Svatiss aseepliskesa eof mats, drawing,
wawr , embraidoery, etaS
SOn the lh of Septmber. l 0, she maeie
SMr. Hfary Orea, who ortly afterward - was
S,eted hert ed Baltimore canlty. see.
childrem hblame their aloa, three d whLom,
Showever, died In ern'y yoth. Dariag the
?pnwid of hr married life speet iS Ba3imore,
M--. Gree was a lealling member of all the
Catholie eharitbl orgaiz stacers.
s In 1 Mr. Greea moved to New Orleare,
which be left a few atens after his arrival for
s Vekharg, Yse, thoe one of the meet lawles
i pacre in the eeantry. There wars the no
r p:s, church or echoo', and bat few Catholic
Sthere. As once MrsDBrees, assiesed by the late
Mrs. John Cramp, set to work so organize the
oegregatien aad to moore the attndamne of
a priest. As a remlt Father Maemhash was
seat ap rem Sew Odesma. Be at premaobed
from the Court louae, mary Protestoan who
for the lat time beheld apriest, aing peaemat.
Stortly afterwards moeey emoegh was weaeed
by fairs sad private colleetieen, to whish P.e
testiats eastribated liberally, to bay a mall
frame buaiiag whish was calle 8t. Mary's
Cha-eb. By dgremss rvtments for the priest,
altar liam and all thiage needful for the
proper oalebratioa of Mas ad the deeoraties
of the Charch were pr.enosr.
eMri Gree mad her children formed tbhe dt
choir of the little chareh. She baked all the
altr bread sad washed and ironed ll the altar
linen ad laes with her own bands, and even
helped many a time to aerab the door of the
edifoe. She helped to establish a sewing so
coe'y for the Church, and arisiting society for
the po!r and sick.
It was here tat shte tal the happiness of
see-ig her husband received into oar holy
C=:cu. Before her 4dpartu:e from Ticks
? burg ise had sseo the piessnre of witnossing
I the alyrlg of the foundation of the present
C.tholic cdrwcn..
I_" the fil cf 1-47 her boetaLrd removed
wi:. .: famiiy to New O.leane. Here Mrs.
.Gren lead the saa ac:tve'ife in the cansecf
ire: g anod charity. hbe was an active e"m
:.cr of S: VIncent de Faul. Society of S-.
Par c:ck e crehb, and in v situng the sick and
i nor, ard he.pin; to build churches asd auy
1i Ja;a.by as-:etirg at fairs, eic, she was un
i tiring.
WLi:e thEl actirely engaged it works of
charity, ehe never neglected any home duty.
IShe wts dto:ted to Ler fnmily-a loving wife
sad mother, and a warm-hearted, generoms
i iend. Her fervent faith, her £delty to duty
-2 all the re!s:ions of life, and her great
cofriy, were her prominent characteristics.
In ell she did shbe wao modest and acaesuming,
never aching notoriety, and working only for
the greater hbnor and gloty of God.
On the 1J:h of September, lt0,. her golden
weddirg was celebrated in S:. Alphonasu
Choreh. The Church wae crowded by the
numerous fr.ends of the family, which then
included four generations, the venerable
couple bsaing the rare pleascre of seeing
arouLd them their ohildren, grandchildren
and great grandchildren. The great and good
Frtter Dcffy celebrated Soiemn High Maa. on
the occaion. and Rev. Father Giemen delivered
an addrem of felicatation.
In her Iost illness, which proved long aad
painful, lasting over three mor:he, Mrs. Green
was patience itself ; she never murmured or
complained even in her greatest saufering. She
warn tefsacrificing to the last, thinking only
of others, never of herself, commending from
her death bed the poor and the orphans to ber
children. She retained her oon.eiousnee to
the close and quietly pamed away to receive
the glorious recompense promised all who
persevere unto the end.
Mrs. Green was buried Tuesday morning,
15;h inst., from the residence of her daughter,
sMrs. . E. Williason. The funeral omream
Irne at St. AlphonPou cht .h wereimnto:emn
and impresaive. A Hihb Mama of Requiem
war sng by Rev. Father Girardey, C. 88. B,
misted by Rev. Fathers Lamy and Mnrphy,
as Deecon and ch--Deocon. Father Girardey,
her spiritual director, delivered a er: touech
ing and e!cquent funeral oration.
It is not often that so consiatent a life of
rivid faith and realous piety, maintained from
early childhood to dvaooed old age, ufolda
it* pure page for a closing epitaph. 8bch a
life, orowned by amuehb a death, is an ornament
to the Church which guided it, and 1i well
worthy of being presented to public attention
am an xanIle ad enoonragement. Like the
mother of the Gracohi, and with far more rea
mon, the Church points to sooh a child a thia,
am one of her brightest jewels. Bhe weepe not
over sno a death bed, bet wreathes it wit)h
Lowers ad sioge hallelcja a of joy over it as
over the triumphal ea of a great victor jes
enterist oupn bin kierdom.
A gentleoan of this city has a most eoeel
Ilat liaienm of the great Iriehb patriot, Dan!iel
O'O(nnell, taken in 1b47. From this a numher
of copies haeo been made, which are now of
fered for sale at Mr. Wmi. Joyce's, orner Con
stance and St. Andrew strts. The proceed,
wi!l be donatled to the St. Alphonmne Orphan
The remarkable cures effected by Jargiele
alc, a ast-rbrmatnuc oture have so tr extenEd its
reputatlin that "ho abitity et Messrs. Pers.ew A Co.
t mest the demand ftom all qoarters is put te severs
*'t. Prlce 1 5 per bot *; for ate by aI drgis:s.
TM---. a Fa OA CNr , -
" voiag Immy , 13.i3
uses peems, dsi.hes tae d hems
whies weaeM eae If e en s wets
Sits Pes ia the eese ha i
me, dwerly isewes. a is a,bi
whome semoaea w d P~es is ama
S dimegrmss as e asn taes bye t*sg
pet ia his seam Ts ietee m ss Th
d BS the werld with i bee ifal e
berest wirteosIfm. I we ews laes th
of the family, oe we Na e hm w aims
eheriLtie of a maeteah love p e s t
meshe r- beams t e sew . r u
of theni has elplIe ss e ated ,ei .
trseted with prsetem csemes by oa
ito the re of a mothr LeVs-atk los a
e.dars whi ill. exist ad which is emge
than ees death itslt
It is a remarkable fast that R
BRem, with all its wealth ad pewer, wigj
its elogence antd arts, with a d its a -
of the great, ad all its ppreation of
beautiful, never knew the aseauig o t
word-Charity. Among its many peblie a
asenta, reared in bhoer of itsa Lren a
itse kingsthere was not one edifme eested fr
the benedt of the poor.
Rome placed her warriors apes the b
cles of fame; bat leth er little ease to a
upon the road-id he had m s a"
laurels for her philosephea sad ages; bhts
compassion for she poea, and so sympa±y is
the affitted.
And do we not see the same thintg edy is
pAsa Chias, where tbomasade of iamoe
Lobs we tlrews oat upon tbh reas to d
Charity ameate the world with Osrb ,
Jess Chrias; an m e thu ioe He isnse
has conesaU y iseleaed, ftraem at iq u
tes, the soe ditinm Sad meea eourligt.
Chriesnity "aa bne
ALL rst nease O canrMy
It bids ps ee the peerese, lwlises ,ho
a prince of the elatial kiangdom-ea heir to
the throne ia Heavea. I ksw of eo kettg
way to make ye .e this than by telhalg yes
the story of Lsares--that poor, diseseed sal
fi.tby wretch who knew not what kisda
meant, except snh as was given him by
dogs ' Those brute-frieuds of the beggar lick.
ed his esors, but otherwise he was neglected,
abandoned aed forgotten. And yet beneath
::tfe rags whrch covered only loathomne
sort., beek that imsh so diseased that er.
min lived upon it, yea, in that repisire beg
gar. di eg ro destitute of al human com
fort that hls on y restinyp:sce was a darg
ile-ia tbeia pnor wretch the ange saw
g:ohios sono, crowned with esnctifyeg grace
aid beaatiful in the eees of lit Creaor. Tot
thggnr was a prince for whom a trone and
crown were we ting. whom arngea were pre
pared to ascort into the ourt. ctf eareo, and
for whom a glory -se reserved, far eurpsenui
(il the pomp and splendor of an earthL king.
Acther story wbich illhetrates IL's phase
of charity is that of Colnmbiai ard the beggter
whom he flund bef,r his door. The Saint,
who was a married men, mid one wbo wel
knew al the ecntliaritims of bite pous, s
sooner saw the mieerbl:e plight of t.e si:c i.
scEoring wretch who atsed Lis whip, thua e
resolved to bring him to his owr !::.rs
home. Tenderly lifting io his a-me, :._ preu
tog againat hio rich garment, te ptor nan
whtcons fo rags eruaely corred he naked
ness, Columbiu carried bhi bone, bore hin
to his own room rand mid him down pea te
own rich and luzuricua bed.
While the Saint was cleansirg the sores of
the beggr anrd washing his emaciate I liahs
his good wife entered the room and took insl
a single glsnoe the w hole condit'ou of atima
(We will not prmame here to report te
reverend lecturer's words ; for the exzellst
humor, the quaint intonation, and the tdi
cross suggestlos are beyond the reach of sta
written chareters. But after describing tIe
torrent of indignant eloquence which peosed
from the lips of the tidy wife sad careful
housekeeper, mad making his hearer's sa
pathy for the astoiashed wife almost eqnal te
tbe:r admiration for the Saint, the spesLe
continued :)
The good woman, having exbhasead he
whole rocabulary of reproaches, went %? to
her own room and sat down to meditate stpo
the ruin of her ebsheet and the desolation o1
bar counterpane. But bshe was a pious Chris
tian as well as a moet careful bousekeepr,
and her faith told her that her bohabsnl Wt
doing ight-that he was performing so sct oI
virtue, and that she ougbt to go and help his
Acor dirgly she descended the stais, went to
the room and quietly opened the door. Cols
bini, having aubbed his charitable act, wt
engaged at his devotion, while the bed, vhoS
silken sheete were whiter than the driv.
scow and whoe sMately pillows bore no b5ia
from putrid wounds or bleeding morse, behold,
the bed-was ersply! A perfwo e of heia.
sweeatnes Siued the room; and the gOd '
man knew that in that loatbhsme beggarh.
hrbenod had served an ol openware 
But we need not go back to the esoY 5f
I of faith to see this sime sweet ehstity o
ordesid towards the poor med lonelm IN -
moe giving a mtasion in the Biog o iasier
rwhen I received a visit from a lady reqopti"l
me to come and see a poor, old sIre who ha
long been a faithful servant in her fsoUT
The old man, he said, owas very ill, be !
thought him well-disposed towards or o.
Faith and ohe trated I would prepare his for
the iBoeraments. I went to ee him with t
lady, and found him oooopylag garret ro0S
which was reached by a ladder. I need not
describe the room Itself; but you can nude
stand that it was very humble and aninvitiso*
It was iiposuible for me to go every day, tie
coaue I was then eoadooting a uission at 5
great distanoe, and I fell unwilling to bspLs
the old man uleeo hoe eoeld receive prePe
instruction. As soon as I eapressed UP
plexity to the lady, abe Imnediately offai
to instruet the poor man hermelf nd prePr

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